Golden Age of Radio Online

Tuesday 6-1
The Life of Riley, part 2, Originally broadcast: 2/11/45 "Riley Trains Junior's Dog"
The Cisco Kid, 1/28/54 "Beyond the Frontier"

Wednesday, June 2
X-Minus One "A Gun for Dinosaur" by L. Sprague de Camp, 3/7/56
Jack Benny Program "Frank Sinatra fills in for Dennis Day" 5/2/48

Thursday 6-3
Jack Benny Program, part 2
Rogue's Gallery "Blood on the Sand" 12/13/45

Friday 6-4
The Shadow "Case of the 3 Frightened Policemen" 11/16/41
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar "The Flight Six Matter" 2/3/04

Monday 6-7
The Six Shooter (Jimmy Stewart) Cheyenne Express, 3/7/54
Abbott & Costello Show "Bela Lugosi's Haunted House" 5/5/48

Tuesday 6-8
Abbott & Costello Show, part 2, Bela Lugosi's Haunted House
The Lineup "Drinkler Kidnapping" 7/22/52

Wednesday 6-9
Escape "Leinengen vs. the Ants" 1/14/48
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, Frankie is Hired by Rexall, 3/13/49

Thursday 6-10
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, part 2
Have Gun, Will Travel "Maggie O'Bannon" by Gene Roddenberry, 4/5/59

Friday 6-11
The Lux Radio Theater The Day the Earth Stood Still (based on the sci-fi movie), 1/4/54

Monday 6-14
Dragnet "The Big Guilt" 11/23/52
Fibber McGee and Molly "Fibber Quits Smoking" 10/8/40

Tuesday 6-15
Fibber McGee and Molly, part 2
Frontier Gentleman (John Dehner) Aces and Eights, 4/20/58

Wednesday 6-16
Beyond Tomorrow "The Outer Limit" 4/13/50
Great Gildersleeve "Adoption Dilemma" 10/20/48

Thursday 6-17
Great Gildersleeve, part 2
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Case of the Forgetful Killer" 11/7/48

Friday 6-18
Suspense "Cabin B-13" 11/9/43
Vic and Sade "Dull Night at Home" 12/3/45

Monday 6-21
The Lone Ranger "Contraband from Cuba" 5/2/52
My Favorite Husband (Lucy Ball) Is There a Baby in the House? 11/27/48

Tuesday 6-22
My Favorite Husband, part 2
Rocky Fortune "Little Voice of Murder" 3/16/54

Wednesday 6-23
Exploring Tomorrow "Speak No More" by Gordon R. Dickson, 5/11/05
Burns & Allen Show "15th Anniversary on Radio" 2/20/47

Thursday 6-24
Burns & Allen Show, part 2
The Falcon "The Case of Everybody's Gun" 7/4/51

Friday 6-25
Sherlock Holmes "The Case of the Haunted Bagpipes" 2/17/47
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Educated Dummy" by Walter B. Gibson, 10/31/48

Monday 6-28
The Saint "Death of a Cowboy" 7/1/51
Fibber McGee & Molly "I Can Get It for You Wholesale" 12/9/41

Tuesday 6-29
Fibber McGee & Molly, part 2
Philo Vance "The Full Dress Murder Case" 6/13/50

Wednesday 6-30
Arch Oboler's Plays "The House I Live In" 4/26/45
Jack Benny Program "Jack Donates the Maxwell to a Scrap Drive" 10/8/42

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