Golden Age of Radio in 2004

Friday 4-30
Sherlock Holmes, 11/6/39, Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans
Blackstone the Magic Detective, 2/13/49, Coins of Cleopatra

Monday 5-3
Dragnet, 12/14/52, The Big Eavesdrop
My Favorite Husband (Lucille Ball), 8/13/48, The Kissing Booth Part 1

Tuesday 5-4
My Favorite Husband, Part 2
Fort Laramie, 2/12/56, The Woman at Horse Creek

Wednesday 5-5
Arch Oboler's Plays, 9/20/45, Rocket from Manhattan (is anybody left?)
Jack Benny Program, 2/3/46, Fiddling with Isaac Stern, Part 1

Thursday 5-6
Jack Benny Program, Part 2
The Third Man (Orson Welles) 5/23/52, Murder on the Riviera

Friday 5-7
The Shadow, 4/8/45, The Little Man Who Wasn't There
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, 1/30/56 "The Flight 6 Matter" Part 1 (part 2 next Friday)

Monday 5-10
Hopalong Cassidy, 11/25/50, Buckshot Badmen
The Bob Hope Show, 12/4/45, Guest: Jimmy Durante Part 1

Tuesday 5-11
The Bob Hope Show, Part 2
The Lineup, 6/10/52, Hit and Run Accident

Wednesday 5-12
X-Minus One, 1/9/58, Grey Flannel Armor by Robert Sheckley: a man signs up with a futuristic dating service that guarantees results based on brain patterns & telepathy
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, 11/20/49, Children's Screen Test, Part 1

Thursday 5-13
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, Part 2
Adventures of Nero Wolfe, 11/24/50, Case of the Bashful Body

Friday 5-14
Suspense, 5/6/62, The Second Door: A man (Bob Reddick) discovers he has strange neighbors - they & their house are holograms being projected from somewhere else.
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, 1/31/56, The Flight Six Matter Part 2

Monday 5-17
Adventures of Sam Spade, 12/12/48, The Bouncing Betty Caper
The Charlie McCarthy Show, 3/24/46, Guest: W. C. Fields, Part 1

Tuesday 5-18
The Charlie McCarthy Show, Part 2
Red Ryder, 3/14/42, Frying Pan Valley

Wednesday 5-19
Exploring Tomorrow, 5/11/58, The Happiness Effect: A nonconformist (Mason Adams) comes to the attention of authorities in a future where art, music & unhappiness are outlawed, by brain surgery if necessary.
The Fred Allen Show, 5/22/49, Colonel Stoopnagle Skit, Part 1

Thursday 5-20
The Fred Allen Show, Part 2
Philo Vance, 8/9/49, Deep Sea Murder Case

Friday 5-21
Adventures of Superman, 12/17/49, The Diamond of Death
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, 2/1/56, The Flight Six Matter Part 3

Monday 5-24
The Lone Ranger, 2/18/52, The Lawless Lawmen
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, 1/1/40, Dinner Invitation from Man Ozzie Can't Remember, Part 1

Tuesday 5-25
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Part 2
Adventures of Philip Marlowe, 7/2/49, The Dude from Manhattan

Wednesday 5-26
Dimension X, 7/14/50, Man in the Moon
Fibber McGee and Molly, 3/28/44, Gildersleeve Visits, Part 1

Thursday 5-27
Fibber McGee and Molly, Part 2
Tales of the Texas Rangers, 5/4/52, a felon enlists her "Little Sister"

Friday 5-28
The Whistler, 9/11/49, Brief Pause for Murder
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, 2/2/56, Part 4

Monday 5-31
The Green Hornet, 2/28/43, Corpse that Wasn't There
The Life of Riley, 2/11/45, Riley Trains Junior's Dog Part 1

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