Golden Age of Radio in 2006

Monday 10-2-06
The Whistler, "Practically Foolproof" 9/3/44, crooks kidnap a midget to use in a robbery, not knowing that he is himself a murderer
Charlie McCarthy Show, 12/3/44, guest Don Ameche, Part 1

Tuesday 10-3
Charlie McCarthy Show, Part 2
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons, 3/9/50 "Melody of Murder"

Wednesday 10-4
The Green Lama, 6/5/49 "The Man Who Never Existed"
Duffy's Tavern, 11/16/51 "Archie Composes an Opera" Part 1

Thursday 10-5
Duffy's Tavern, Part 2
Casey, Crime Photographer, 1/29/48 "The Piggy Bank Robbery"

Friday 10-6
The Campbell Playhouse (star/host Orson Welles) "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" 11/12/39

Saturday 10-7
Jack Benny Program "Jack prepares for London trip" 5/25/52 (last of season)
Box 13 "Book Of Poems" 10/17/48

Monday 10-9
Stan Freberg Show "First show of the series" 7/14/57
Stan Freberg Show "12th Show of the Series" 9/27/57

Tuesday 10-10
Fibber McGee & Molly "Fibber's theory of Aviation" 2/11/47
Speaking of Radio "Jim Jordan and Chuck Schaden" 7/3/1973

Wednesday 10-11
Bold Venture "He Who Laughs Last" 4/30/51, Bogart & Bacall
Eddie Cantor Show, guest Humphrey Bogart, 3/5/41 clip

Thursday 10-12
Mel Blanc Show "Earning Mr. Colby's approval" 2/4/47
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel, guest Dizzy Dean, 4/11/47

Friday 10-13
Gunsmoke "Billy the Kid" 4/26/52, a young boy is suspected of the revenge killing of a man (wait for last line of episode)
Jack Benny Program "Jack's birthday" 2/13/49 clip

Saturday 10-14
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons "Man Who Invented Death" 10/6/49
Red Skelton Show "The Circus" 5/12/42 clip

Sunday 10-15
Charlie McCarthy Show, guest Judy Garland, 6/21/42
Bob Hope Show, guest Martha Raye, 11/1/38 clip

Monday 10-16
Bob Hope Show, guest Red Skelton, 11/27/54

Tuesday 10-17
Lights Out! "Cat Wife" starring Boris Karloff, 4/6/38, a mad doctor tries to save his dead wife with a cat/brain transplant
Speaking of Radio, Chuck Schaden interviews Arch Oboler, 8/5/1976

Wednesday 10-18
Gangbusters "Triple Threat Bandit" 12/27/47
Baby Snooks "Trip to the dentist" 9/7/39

Thursday 10-19
Life of Riley, 4/27/46 "Riley the Gambler" hits the jackpot to prove to Junior that gambling never pays, then bets it on a horserace longshot
Jack Benny Program "Kentucky Derby" 5/7/39 clip as racehorses

Friday 10-20
Suspense "Madman of Manhattan" 3/8/59, a man put away as criminally insane escapes to find the real killer, his ex-partner
Philco Radio Time clip: Bing Crosby & Groucho Marx sing a duet of "Lydia The Tattooed Lady" 4/30/47

Saturday 10-21
This is Your FBI "Ghost Town" 8/31/51, a couple scouting movie locations find something more dangerous than ghosts in a ghost town: angry bank robbers looking for their hidden loot
Jack Benny clip "Violin Lesson" 12/7/47 (Mel Blanc as his long-suffering French tutor)

Sunday 10-22
Fibber McGee & Molly "Checking into hotel overnight" 3/30/48
Eddie Cantor Show, guests: singer Judy Canova & Arthur Q. Bryan (Elmer Fudd's voice), 1/13/43 clip

Monday 10-23
Jack Benny Program "George Washington Slept Here" 11/22/42
Jack Benny Program "Sprained ankle" 12/14/47 clip

Tuesday 10-24
Our Miss Brooks "Cure that habit" 1/15/50
Speaking of Radio, Chuck Schaden interviews Eve Arden, 1/31/75

Wednesday 10-25
Inner Sanctum "The Girl and the Gallows" 5/1/45
Fred Allen Show with Allen's Alley, 1/20/46 clip "The Meat Shortage"

Thursday 10-26
Have Gun, Will Travel "Return of Dr. Thackery" 2/15/59, Paladin helps a female doctor with a smallpox outbreak that could infect all of Stockton if anyone leaves the ranch
Arthur Godfrey Time "Morning show segment" 10/21/53

Friday 10-27
Screen Guild Players "Call Northside 777" 10/7/48, Jimmy Stewart reprises his movie role as reporter investigating 1930's cop-killing for a scrub-woman offering $5000 reward. Her innocent son has been in prison 11 years for it
Charlie McCarthy Show, 8/1/37 clip with W.C. Fields & Don Ameche

Saturday 10-28
Burns and Allen "A job for George in Washington" 2/21/46
Command Performance with Bing Crosby, Johnny Mercer, 4/5/45

Sunday 10-29
Lights Out! "Poltergeist" 10/20/42, angry spirits don't like it when 3 young women dance in their graveyard - a grave mistake
Life of Riley "Halloween Haunted House" 10/29/44 clip, even ghosts should buy War Bonds

Monday 10-30
Fibber McGee & Molly "Halloween pranks" 10/30/53 clip
Quiet Please "The Thing on the Fourble Board" 8/9/48, later redone as Star Trek episode "Man Trap." Come on in, the wife would love to have you for dinner

Tuesday 10-31
Suspense "Ghost Hunt" 6/23/49, a radio shock-jock (Ralph Edwards) spends the night in a haunted house with a ghost hunter as a stunt. This recording was found the next day. Aren't we devils?

Wednesday 11-1
Sealed Book "Hands of Death" 3/18/45
Vic and Sade "Miss Nagle and Lee Street" 12/7/42

Thursday 11-2
My Friend Irma "The Professor's Concerto" 2/16/48
Eddie Cantor Show, guest Phil Harris, 1/15/41 clip

Friday 11-3
Rogue's Gallery "The Ski Lodge Case" 5/9/45
Bob Hope Show, guest Rita Hayworth, 1/5/43 clip

Saturday 11-4
Jimmy Durante Show, guest Dorothy Lamour, 4/7/48
Baby Snooks "Jury Duty" 11/23/39

Sunday 11-5
Inner Sanctum "Musical Score" 5/29/45, a lifeboat survivor sets out to murder the 2 witnesses to his suspected killing other passengers
Fred Allen Show, guest Carmen Miranda, 3/10/46 clip, Fred & Carmen do a travelogue spoof

Monday 11-6
Screen Guild Players "The Babe Ruth Story" 10/21/48, same stars as the 1948 bio-movie
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel, guest Babe Ruth, 3/22/46

Tuesday 11-7
Aldrich Family "Teenage troubles" 10/24/48
Speaking of Radio, Chuck Schaden interviews Ezra Stone, 8/28/75

Wednesday 11-8
The Whistler "Brief Pause for Murder" 9/11/49
Bob Hope Show, guests Vera Vague & Jerry Colonna, 5/13/47 clip

Thursday 11-9
Red Skelton Show "Junior is missing" 1/29/50
Vic and Sade, 1/7/43

Friday 11-10
Walter Winchell "News, gossip, opinion" 3/27/49
X Minus One "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury, 8/4/55, what are those lions eating?

Saturday 11-11
Nightbeat "Am I My Brother's Keeper?" 3/13/50
Command Performance, guest Victor Borge, 8/30/45

Sunday 11-12
Fibber McGee and Molly "Fibber the Fire Commissioner" 10/14/41
Philco Radio Time with Bing Crosby & Spike Jones, 10/23/46

Monday 11-13
Adventures of Nero Wolfe "Stamped for Murder" 10/20/50
Baby Snooks "Afternoon with the baby" 10/26/39

Tuesday 11-14
Great Gildersleeve "The Picnic" 5/21/44
Speaking of Radio, Chuck Schaden interviews Lillian Randolph, 8/9/1976

Wednesday 11-15
Fort Laramie "The War Correspondent" 5/13/56
Fred Allen Show clip "Man in the street" 1/31/40

Thursday 11-16
Suspense "The Yellow Wallpaper" 7/29/48
Red Skelton Show "Clem Kadiddlehopper" clip 6/4/46

Friday 11-17
Life with Luigi "Party for Luigi" 10/4/49
Philco Radio Time "Bing Crosby, Burl Ives" 11/20/46 clip

Saturday 11-18
Have Gun, Will Travel "Homecoming" 6/28/59
Jack Benny Program "I Was Framed" 5/30/48 clip

Sunday 11-19
A Date with Judy "Oogie and his Hot Licks" 11/3/49
Drene Time "Danny Thomas, Don Ameche" 9/29/46

Wednesday 11-22
Aldrich Family, 11/26/53 "The Last Thanksgiving Turkey" the grocery store's out of everything the day before the big holiday
Bob Hope Show, 4/8/47 clip, guest Al Jolson

Thursday 11-23
Suspense, 11/25/48 "The Screaming Woman" by Ray Bradbury: no one believes a little kid who says she hears screaming coming from the ground in the woods. Agnes Moorehead, Margaret O'Brien
Eddie Cantor Show, 9/26/46, guests Burns and Allen (clip)

Friday 11-24
Family Theatre, 7/27/49 "Robin Hood" starring Edmond O'Brien (this time he's not DOA)
Fibber McGee & Molly, 11/2/53 "Prowler on the loose"

Saturday 11-25
The Fat Man, 6/8/46 "Black Angel"
Mail Call, 10/1/48, guests Rudy Vallee, Frank Sinatra (clip)

Sunday 11-26
I was a Communist for the FBI, 8/20/52 "The Red Record"
The Bickersons, 3/2/47 "John's new suitcase" (originally broadcast as a skit in another radio series)

Monday 11-27
Murder at Midnight, 12/23/46 "House Where Death Lived"
Baby Snooks, 6/15/39 "Going to a baseball game"

Tuesday 11-28 Great Gildersleeve, 10/25/42 "First day as Water Commissioner"
Speaking of Radio, 4/28/1971, Harold Peary (interviewed by Chuck Schaden)

Wednesday 11-29
Halls of Ivy, 3/3/50 "Fifteen-year-old genius" attending the college falls in love with Mrs. Hall
Jack Benny Program, 2/1/48 clip: guests Ronald & Benita Colman

Thursday 11-30
The Whistler "The Intruder" 10/29/50
Vic and Sade, 1/7/43

Friday 12-1-06
Let's Pretend "Beauty and the Beast" 6/5/54
Fibber McGee & Molly "Burglar nabbed" 11/3/53

Saturday 12-2
GI Journal, 10/20/44, guesthosts Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, with Roy Rogers & Frank Sinatra
Red Skelton Show 1/21/49, Mean Little Kid clip

Sunday 12-3
Bob Hope Show, guest Dizzy Dean, 3/11/41
Andrews Sisters Show, 11/28/45 clip, guest Abbott & Costello (who's on first?)

Monday 12-4
My Friend Irma "Irma's Christmas Party" 12/20/48
Red Skelton Show "Junior, the mean little kid" 6/4/46 clip

Tuesday 12-5
Screen Guild Theatre, 12/7/1941 "Norman Corwin's Between Americans" narrated by Orson Welles
Speaking of Radio, Chuck Schaden interviews Norman Corwin, 8/6/1976

Wednesday 12-6
Charlie McCarthy Show "The Oversight Before Christmas" 12/21/49
The Bickersons "Insomnia" 3/16/47

Thursday 12-7
The Whistler "Decision on Christmas" 12/24/47, a doctor falls in love with the young wife of a rich man with a heart problem (twist ending, what murder?)
Vic and Sade "Scrap Drive" 5/6/42, Rush collects recycling materials for the war effort, while keeping a list of reasons to punch a friend in the snoot after the war

Friday 12-8
My Favorite Husband "Sleigh Ride" 12/23/49, Lucille Ball "borrows" an antique sleigh for caroling and they all get arrested
Fred Allen Show "The Mighty Allen Art Players" 1/31/40 clip, Fred as a hillbilly judge

Saturday 12-9
Mysterious Traveler "Christmas Story" 12/25/51, a hitch-hiker decides to change places with the driver in a fatal car accident who appears to be heir to a fortune
Ripley's Believe It or Not, hosted by Ripley himself 1/18/44. The Senator elected by just one vote, whose vote in the Senate later broke a tie to admit Texas as a state; a woman who has 12 children serving in the military; Argentina's first dictator (1814)

Sunday 12-10
Family Theatre "Lullaby of Christmas" 12/19/51, narrated by Roddy McDowall
Eddie Cantor Show, guest Judy Canova as a hillbilly singer looking for a husband (Eddie's not interested so she takes the Mad Russian) 1/13/43 clip

Monday 12-11
Radio City Playhouse "Twas the Night Before Christmas" 12/25/49, two reporters are sent out to find goats & a wagon on Christmas Eve for the boss's wife
Fred Allen Show, guest is boxer Joe Louis, 1/31/40 clip

Tuesday 12-12
Gunsmoke "Christmas Story" 12/20/52, Dillon meets a man on the trail with a hidden past who wants to hear all about Christmas in Dodge City
Bob Hope Show, guests Blondie and Dagwood, 12/20/38 clip

Wednesday 12-13
Life of Riley "Christmas Club letdown" 12/23/49
Red Skelton Show "Willy Lump-Lump, San Fernando Red" 11/14/51 clip

Thursday 12-14
Big Town "Prelude to Christmas" 12/21/48, a refugee girl lost in New York on Christmas won't go near police because police in her country made her mother disappear
Bob Hope Show "New bandleader Desi Arnaz" 9/24/46 clip

Friday 12-15
Suspense "Dog Star" 12/22/57, two kids find a dying dog in the wreckage of a Russian satalite and want to keep it
Family Theatre "The Littlest Angel" 12/21/49

Saturday 12-16
CBS Radio Workshop "All Is Bright" 12/23/56
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel, guest Ted Williams, 5/19/50

Sunday 12-17
Burns and Allen "Santa and the Pirates" 12/22/42, a wild fantasy in which they ride a giant duck to the North Pole and are attacked by the pirates from "Peter Pan"
Command Performance, guest Clark Gable, 10/26/44 clip

Monday 12-18
Lone Ranger "Three Wise Men" 12/24/54, the Ranger catches up with 3 suspects during a storm, taking shelter with a man & woman with their child in a stable
Sergeant Preston/Challenge Of The Yukon "Christmas Present" 12/18/45, William Preston (Jay Michael) helps a man and small child when their cabin burns down along with the furs owed to an old scrooge

Tuesday 12-19
Fibber McGee & Molly "Best Christmas decorations" 12/20/49, Fibber goes all out to decorate his house and blacks out the neighborhood
Truth or Consequences "Christmas Seals" 12/20/47 clip

Wednesday 12-20
Radio Reader's Digest "Room for a Stranger" 12/19/46, an injured veteran is stranded in a small town near his fiance
Charlie McCarthy Show, 12/14/47 Christmastime clip: Charlie claims mice ate the Christmas candy so Bergen says put rat poison in it

Thursday 12-21
Duffy's Tavern "A Christmas Carol" 12/21/45, another of Archie's fractured fairy tales
Baby Snooks "Do Not Open Until Christmas" 12/21/39, Snooks got into the closet where presents hidden

Friday 12-22
Screen Directors Playhouse "Miracle on 34th Street" 12/23/49, Edmund Gwenn, narrated by Willard Waterman
Jack Benny Program, 12/12/37 Christmas Shopping clip, Andy Devine as voice of a talking doll, Mr. Kissel as store Santa

Saturday 12-23
The Shadow "The Stockings Were Hung" 12/24/39, Lamont & Margo (Bill Johnstone & Marjorie Anderson) investigate the disappearance of a newsboy whose father's business was stolen by a real Scrooge
Charlie McCarthy Show, 12/14/47 clip: Gary Cooper as Santa for Charlie's fake charity

Sunday 12-24
Bing Crosby Show "Traditional Christmas Program" 12/20/53, songs: Come All Ye Faithful, Sleigh Ride, Chestnuts Roasting, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bells, Fa-La-La, Away In The Manger, Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, Noel, March of the Toy Soldiers (intrumental), Dreaming Of A White Christmas, Silent Night
Bob Hope Show, 12/23/41 clip: Christmas with Madeline Carroll (his movie co-star) two weeks after Pearl Harbor

Monday 12-25
Dragnet "Big Little Jesus" 12/22/53, the most requested Christmas program on Dragnet: Friday's on the case of a missing baby Jesus from an inner-city church's Nativity scene; borrowed by a little kid to ride in his new red wagon - will he go to Hell?
Jack Benny Program "Cactus Christmas Tree" 12/20/53 clip, Jack saves money by using a cactus from Palm Springs as his tree

Tuesday 12-26
Phil Harris & Alice Faye "No presents from Rexall" 12/26/48 (continued from last week) kids saw Santa but Phil didn't, then Frankie drops a wrapped glass present that may have been from the boss (Gale Gordon)
Eddie Cantor Show, 5/7/41 clip with the Mad Russian and guest John Garfield

Wednesday 12-27
Mysterious Traveler "New Year's Nightmare" 1/5/47, a single man is hit by car and wakes up a year later with a wife he doesn't want
Bob Hope Show "New Year's Resolutions" 12/28/43 clip

Thursday 12-28
Jack Benny Program "New Year's Eve" 12/31/39, Jack has no date and leaves the show early
Bob Hope Show "Salute to Show Business" 9/24/46 clip

Friday 12-29
Suspense "32nd of December" 1/4/59, a small-time hustler is given a watch that can stop time
X Minus One, 12/26/57 "Target One" by Frederick Pohl, after WW3 a survivor is sent back in time to murder Einstein

Saturday 12-30
Sherlock Holmes "New Year's Eve off the Scilly Isles" 12/28/47, the British ship Gigantic is sabatouged
The Bickersons (Don Ameche and Frances Langford) 2/9/47

Sunday 12-31
Red Skelton Show "New Year's Eve" 12/31/48
Fred Allen Show 6/27/48 clip, takes guest Jack Benny to the dock for his trip to Europe, in the cheapest possible part of the ship

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