KNX Golden Age of Radio in 2002

Thursday, August 1
"The Whistler: "A Helping Hand" A perfect crime isn’t so perfect after all. Original airdate: 3-14-1951
9:30 PM "The Adv's Of Philip Marlowe: "The Final Payment" A man on death row requests to speak with Marlowe. 9-15-50

Friday, August 2
9:00 PM "Suspense: "Uncle Henry’s Rosebush" A newlywed decides to visit an Aunt (Agnes Moorehead) with her husband and they notice that Uncle is missing; but his rosebush is flurishing. 6-29-43
9:30 PM "Escape: "The Adaptive Ultimate" The story of a girl who lived a second life. 3-26-49

Saturday, August 3
9:00 PM "The Jack Benny Program: "Fixing Jack’s Sidewalk" Fearing that someone might trip on his cracked walk & sue, Jack mixes cement & fixes it himself. Guest: Basil Rathbone, 4-9-44
9:30 PM "The Red Skelton Show: "Spring Cleaning" Junior gets lost in a department store. 3-3-42

Sunday, August 4
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour) "King Solomon’s Mines" A safari in search of a famous diamonds. Deborah Kerr, Stewart Granger. 12-1-52

Monday, August 5
9:00PM "Gunsmoke: "Gun for Chester"
9:30 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers: "The Hatchet" The Rangers investigate the brutal murder of a high school teacher. 2-11-51

Tuesday, August 6
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" (Edmond O’Brien) "The Bello-Horizonte Matter" Insurance fraud is suspected in unexplained railroad accidents. 7-6-51
9:30 PM "Dragnet: "The Big Trio" Sgt. Friday investigates a traffic accident. 7-3-52

Wednesday, August 7
9:00 PM "Have Gun, Will Travel: "Ella West" Paladin finds himself involved in taming an unruly woman for the sake of her new position. Head Writer Gene Roddenberry later rewrote this ep for Star Trek. 12-7-58
9:30 PM "X Minus 1: "The Moon is Green" A housewife has no fear of the radioactive world outside the fallout shelter. 1-2-57

Thursday, August 8
9:00 PM "The Whistler: "Murder Arrangement" A parolee tries to find the person who framed him. 2-25-51
9:30 PM "Philip Marlowe: "The 5th Mask" Marlowe investigates a beautiful woman’s murder. 9-8-50

Friday, August 9
9:00 PM "Suspense: "Don’t Call Me Mother" A mother (Agnes Moorehead) and her son share an unusual relationship. 1-4-59
9:30 PM "Escape: "Shipment of Mute Fate" Passengers on a ship are saved from a deadly snake by an unlikely hero, for reasons of her own. 3-28-48

Saturday, August 10
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" Guest: Louella Parsons. 4-2-44
9:30 PM "Red Skelton: "The Great Outdoors" Junior tries to help the painter. 3-24-42

Sunday, August 11
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Robert Young, Barbara Stanwyck: A congresswoman pursues her former boyfriend. 1-14-52

Monday, August 12
9:00PM "Gunsmoke: "Passive Resistance" A sheepherder refuses to fight back or press charges when he is beaten up & his herd killed.
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers: "Loggers Arceny" The Rangers investigate money missing from a logging company after a fatal accident. 2-14-51

Tuesday, August 13
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar: "The Barbara James Matter" A wealthy contractor’s wife is missing. 6-29-50
9:30 PM "Dragnet: "The Big Run" Friday investigates a hit and run accident. 6-21-51

Wednesday, August 14
9:00 PM "Have Gun, Will Travel: "Food to Wickenburg" Paladin seeks the return of his things after being knocked out & robbed in a saloon. 11-30-58
9:30 PM "X-1: "The Reluctant Heroes" An Earthling stays on the first moonbase.. 12-19-56

Thursday, August 15
9:00 PM "The Whistler: "Man in the Storm" A city official resorts to violence. 2-18-51
9:30 PM "Philip Marlowe: "The Soft Spot" Marlowe is hired to search for a missing old man. 9-1-50

Friday, August 16
9:00 PM "Suspense: "Five Canaries in the Room" A man encounters a twist of fate at his bachelor party. 6-8-43
9:30 PM "Escape: "Misfortune’s Isle" An adventurer seeks profit on a mysterious island. 3-21-48

Saturday, August 17
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" Jack Gives a Swimming Party, 3-26-44
9:30 PM "Red Skelton: "Gardening" Junior 'helps' his mother clean the house. 3-10-42

Sunday, August 18
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater: "Laura" A detective investigates a woman who's supposedly dead. Gene Tierney, Victor Mature. 2-1-54

Monday, August 19
9:00PM "Gunsmoke: "Letter of the Law" Marshall Dillon solves a property ownership dispute with help from some old law books.
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers: "Blood Harvest" A murder over stolen bales of hay. 1-21-51

Tuesday, August 20
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar: "The London Matter" Narcotics are smuggled out of the country & Scotland Yard agrees to help. 6-22-50
9:30 PM "Dragnet: "The Big Building" Police search for a missing wealthy woman. 6-14-51

Wednesday, August 21
9:00 PM "Have Gun, Will Travel: "No Visitors" Paladin finds a mother and a baby in the desert, left behind by a wagon train. 12-28-58
9:30 PM "X-1: "The Sense of Wonder" A huge spaceship fears landing on Earth. 4-24-56

Thursday, August 22
9:00 PM "The Whistler: "Spell In Green" Emerald ear rings foil a writer’s alibi in a murder. 2-11-51
9:30 PM "Philip Marlowe: "The Eager Witness" A model citizen testifies for a man on trial for his life. 8-27-49

Friday, August 23
9:00 PM "Suspense: "The ABC Murders" An epileptic is unsure of his guilt in a series of murders. 5-18-43
9:30 PM "Escape: "Action" A man learns about death in the Swiss Alps. 4-4-48

Saturday, August 24
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" Guest: Barbara Stanwyck. 3-19-44
9:30 PM "Red Skelton: "Daylight Savings Time" Junior and his mother visit an army camp, 2-17-42

Sunday, August 25
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater: "People Will Talk" The story of a philosophical doctor and his patient. Cary Grant, 1-25-54

Monday, August 26
9:00PM "Gunsmoke: "Lynching Man"
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers: "Living Death" Unrelated killings are tied to narcotics and the same gun. 10-8-50

Tuesday, August 27
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar: "The Arrowcraft Matter" Johnny looks into the sinking of heavily insured pleasure boats made by the same company. 6-15-50
9:30 PM "Dragnet: "The Big Imposter" Police search for a missing 10-year-old boy, but the one returned from out-of-state is acting oddly. 6-7-51

Wednesday, August 28
9:00 PM "Have Gun, Will Travel: "The Outlaw" A chief witness against a killer seeks Paladin’s protection. 12-14-58
9:30 PM "X-1: "The Girls From Earth" Synopsis: Two men scheme to bring girls from Earth to marry rich miners on Mars for over $1,000,000 in fees, but none of the women are as young or pretty as advertised. 1-16-57

Thursday, August 29
9:00 PM "The Whistler: "Treasure Hunt" A man overhears a couple talk of hidden wealth. 1-21-51
9:30 PM "Philip Marlowe: "The Busy Body" Marlowe searches for a rich girl’s fiancée. 6-18-49

Friday, August 30
9:00 PM "Suspense: "Will You Make a Bet With Death?" A man is hunted like an animal in a contest for $25,000. 11-10-42
9:30 PM "Escape: "Confession" A man is tormented after fleeing a crime scene. 12-31-47

Saturday, August 31
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" live from Livermore Air Base, CA. 3-12-44
9:30 PM "Red Skelton: "Christmas Gifts" A photographer with a pony visits Junior and his mother. 12-30-41

Sunday, September 1
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" The Phantom of the Opera: A disfigured composer worships a young opera singer. Guest stars: Nelson Eddy, Basil Rathbone. Original airdate: 9-13-41

Monday, September 2
9:00PM "Gunsmoke," starring William Conrad: Lost Rifle
9:30 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers: "Bad Blood" A money dispute leads to the murder of a family member, 4-18-51

Tuesday, September 3
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar," starring Edmond O’Brien "The Calgary Matter" Johnny gets a mysterious call after a payroll robbery. 7-13-50
9:30 PM "Dragnet," starring Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday "The Big Bindle" A high class hotel serves as headquarters for a drug ring, 5-31-51

Wednesday, September 4
9:00 PM "Have Gun, Will Travel: The Teacher" A man has problems with a teacher’s approach. 1-25-59
9:30 PM "X Minus 1: "How To" A hobby kit-builder is accidentally sent a full-size experimental robot, and it doesn't want to go back & be disassembled. 4-3-56

Thursday, September 5
9:00 PM "The Whistler," starring Bill Forman: "Smart Boy" Impatience leads to murder. 10-15-50
9:30 PM "The Adv's Of Philip Marlowe" starring Gerald Mohr "The Covered Bridge" An orange-haired man tries to force Marlowe to drive to Mexico. 1-14-50

Friday, September 6
9:00 PM "Suspense: "The Spencer Brothers" A true story of murder and escape in the Old West. 1-26-53
9:30 PM "Escape: "Taboo" A werewolf runs loose in Eastern Europe. 12-3-47

Saturday, September 7
9:00 PM "The Jack Benny Program," Guest: Dick Haymes, 5-7-44
9:30 PM "The Red Skelton Show" looks at Candy: Junior wants some candy from mom. 4-11-44

Sunday, September 8
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour), Robert Young, Maureen O’Hara in "The Fallen Sparrow" 2-1-44

Monday, September 9
9:00PM "Gunsmoke: "Sweet and Sour"
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers: "No Living Witnesses" A small town doctor is found dead in his office. 5-16-51

Tuesday, September 10
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar: "Henry J. Unger Matter" A man he sent to prison threatens Johnny. 7-20-50
9:30 PM "Dragnet: "The Big Cliff" An elderly man awakes to find his wife dead & can't explain why. 6-28-51

Wednesday, September 11
9:00 PM "Have Gun, Will Travel: "A Matter of Ethics" A killer hires Paladin to protect him from a lynching. 2-1-59
9:30 PM "X-1: "Sea Legs" A newcomer to Earth finds great changes. 5-1-56

Thursday, September 12
9:00 PM "The Whistler: "The Wall" An old wall surrounding a house contains a dark secret. 10-22-50
9:30 PM "Philip Marlowe: "The Dark Tunnel" Marlowe is asked to help find a missing girl. 8-18-50

Friday, September 13
9:00 PM "Suspense: "Plan X" When peaceful Mars sees an experimental rocket ship on its way from Earth in the year 2053, they activate an old plan to deal with the invaders. Guest stars Jack Benny as a factory worker put in charge of making sure the visitors never return to Earth. 2-2-53
9:30 PM "Escape: "Ancient Sorceries" A man finds himself in a strange village. 2-15-48

Saturday, September 14
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" 4-30-44
9:30 PM "Red Skelton: "Camping" Junior goes camping. 9-10-48

Sunday, September 15
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater: "Hello, Frisco, Hello" A music producer gets a big head. Guest stars: Alice Faye, Robert Young, 11-15-43

Monday, September 16
9:00PM "Gunsmoke: "Snake Bite"
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers: "Paid in Full" Greed leads to the murder of a Mexican sharecropper. 5-13-51

Tuesday, September 17
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar: "Blood River Matter" A wealthy policyholder is murdered. 8-3-50
9:30 PM "Dragnet: "The Big Love" A woman and her child go missing for days. It doesn't have a happy ending. 7-5-51

Wednesday, September 18
9:00 PM "Have Gun, Will Travel: "Dr. Thackery" A doctor needs Paladin’s help. 2-15-59
9:30 PM "X-1: "Wherever You May Be" A woman can move objects when she gets angry. 6-26-56

Thursday, September 19
9:00 PM "The Whistler: "The Intruder" A woman poses as a nurse so she can commit murder. 10-29-50
9:30 PM "Philip Marlowe: "The Collector’s Item" A valuable coin is missing. 8-25-50

Friday, September 20
9:00 PM "Suspense: "The Man Who Cried Wolf" The dramatic report of a man’s desperate race for freedom. 2-9-53
9:30 PM "Escape: "The Scarlet Plague" An inexplicable plague sweeps the world. 4-8-54

Saturday, September 21
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" Dennis leaves for the navy. 4-23-54
9:30 PM "Red Skelton: "Sleeping Bag" Junior tries to get grandma to leave him some candy. 9-17-48

Sunday, September 22
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater: "The Letter" A murderess claims self-defense. Guest stars: Bette Davis and Vincent Price. 3-6-44

Monday, September 23
9:00PM "Gunsmoke: "Annie Oakley" A woman loves to have men fight over her.
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers: "Joy Ride" The Rangers track a robber and a murderer. 5-27-51

Tuesday, September 24
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar: "Hartford Alliance Matter" Johnny investigates a suspicious fire. 8-10-50
9:30 PM "Dragnet: "The Big Sophomore" High school students seem to be robbing neighbors. 7-19-51

Wednesday, September 25
9:00 PM "Have Gun, Will Travel: "Killer’s Widow" Paladin is hired to find money stolen in a bank heist. 2-8-59
9:30 PM "X-1: "Honeymoon in Hell" An American and a Russian honeymoon on the moon. See title. 12-25-56

Thursday, September 26
9:00 PM "The Whistler: "Warm reception" A murderer thinks he is safe hiding in his old home town. 11-19-50
9:30 PM "Philip Marlowe: "The White Carnation" Marlowe searches for a missing groom. 9-22-50

Friday, September 27
9:00 PM "Suspense: "St. James Infirmary Blues" Violent people during the roaring 20’s: 2-23-53
9:30 PM "Escape: "Affair at Mandrake" A British officer leads military research on rockets. 4-15-54

Saturday, September 28
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" They do a Bob Hope Show parody for his brother in the Army. 4-16-44
9:30 PM "Red Skelton: "Washington" Junior visits a department store. 9-24-48

Sunday, September 29
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater: "Red River" A cattle drive creates family clashes. Guest stars: John Wayne and Walter Brennan. 3-7-49

Monday, September 30
9:00PM "Gunsmoke" A buried casket turns out to be just a "Box O’ Rock"
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers: "Death Shaft" A murder victim is found in an abandoned mine. 9-30-51
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