Golden Age of Radio for July-October 2009

Wednesday 7-1
Red Skelton "Meeting People" 1/10/1942  

Thursday 7-2
Murder By Experts "Two Coffins To Fill" 7/4/1949 
Calling All Detectives "Two Clients on the Same Case" 11/24/1948  

Friday 7-3
Nick Carter, Master Detective "The Echo of Death" 7/5/1943 
Police Headquarters "$80,000 Robbery"

Saturday 7-4
Cavalcade of America "An American is Born" 1/19/1942 
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel "Independence Day Broadcast" 6/29/1945  

Sunday 7-5
The Abbott & Costello Show "Bud & Lou Plan a Vacation" 7/7/1948 
Lum & Abner "Doc Peabody Gives Advice" 1/2/1945

Monday 7-6
X Minus One "Bad Medicine" 7/10/1956 
Unsolved Mysteries "Mystery of the Black Drakes"

Tuesday 7-7
Command Performance, guests Fred Allen, Benny Goodman, 12/20/1943 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter #2257 "The Mystery is Solved"

Wednesday 7-8
Escape "Blood Bath" 6/30/1950 
Studio X / The Player "The Professor Goes for a Walk"

Thursday 7-9
Our Miss Brooks "Budgeting Problems Pt.2" 7/3/1955 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest big-band leader Paul Whiteman, 8/22/1947  

Friday 7-10
Adv. of the Thin Man "Adventures of the Passionate Palooka" 7/6/1948 
Speed Gibson "Trapped in Robot Plane" 3/6/1937  

Saturday 7-11
Fibber McGee & Molly "Getting Ready for a Camping Trip" 6/22/1943 
Henry Morgan "Advertisers: The Bringers of Words" 3/21/1946  

Sunday 7-12
The Green Hornet "Murder Across the Board" 7/5/1941 
Hop Harrigan "Wailing Witches - Part 9" 11/26/1947  

Monday 7-13
Blondie "Alexander the Actor" 2/16/1950 
Baby Snooks "Chemistry" 1/18/1940  

Tuesday 7-14
Screen Guild Players "The Glass Key" 7/22/1946 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter (serial) Jimmy's 1st Day of School 

Wednesday 7-15
Escape "Drums of the Fore & Aft" by Rudyard Kipling, 7/14/1949 
Blair of the Mounties "The Case Of Lieutenant Ralston" 4/25/1938  

Thursday 7-16
Jack Benny Program "Gets A Parking Ticket" 5/24/1954 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest Babe Didrikson, 9/19/1947  

Friday 7-17
Dimension X "Courtesy" 7/26/1951 
The Strange Dr. Weird "The Man Who Talked to Death" 12/12/1944  

Saturday 7-18
Adv. of the Scarlet Cloak (Audition) "Origin of El Diablo" 2/15/1950 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Maharaja's Gold" 10/24/1948  

Sunday 7-19
Duffy's Tavern "Cultural Singing Contest" 11/9/1951 
The Couple Next Door, 1/1/1958 "Hangover" (no relation to the current movie)

Monday 7-20
The Hall of Fantasy "Treasure of Kublai Khan" 7/20/1953 
Unsolved Mysteries "Mystery of the Marie Celeste" 

Tuesday 7-21
Family Theatre "Pinocchio" 3/31/1951 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter (serial) Mary Meets the Teacher

Wednesday 7-22
The Shadow "Bones of the Dragon" 1/11/1948 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Deathless Shot" 4/10/1949  

Thursday 7-23
Red Skelton (Rehearsal) Contests, 1/3/1942  

Friday 7-24
Hopalong Cassidy "Black Grass Fever" 11/11/1950 
Speed Gibson "Barney is Safe" 3/13/1937  

Saturday 7-25
Nightbeat "Mentallo, The Mental Marvel" 5/1/1950 
Police Headquarters "Laundry Truck Kidnapping"

Sunday 7-26
The Weird Circle "The Oblong Box" 2/18/1945 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Perfect Crime"

Monday 7-27
Our Miss Brooks "Connie Threatens to Quit" 7/31/1949 
Burns & Allen "Movie Mogul" 8/5/1940  

Tuesday 7-28
Screen Guild Players "The Little Foxes" 8/6/1945 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: After Dinner Conversation (#2260)

Wednesday 7-29
Suspense "The Black Shawl" 7/27/1944 
Chandu the Magician "Robert's Ring" 9/14/1948  

Thursday 7-30
My Favorite Husband "Quiz Show" 10/23/1948 
Lum & Abner "Broken Engagement Trial" 1/12/1943  

Friday 7-31
Broadway Is My Beat "Harry Brett" 7/31/1950 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Vanishing Brooch"

Saturday 8-1
X Minus One "Skulking Permit" 2/15/1956 
The Unexpected "Legacy" 6/27/1948  

Sunday 8-2
The Great Gildersleeve "Taking Up Singing" 2/23/1949 
The Bickersons "John's Wrecked Car" 2/23/1947  

Monday 8-3
Tales of the Texas Ranger "Trigger Men" 7/29/1950 
Blair of the Mounties "The Naked Truth" 5/2/1938  

Tuesday 8-4
Cavalcade of America "Storm" 5/13/1946 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Mrs. Darby Stops By

Wednesday 8-5
The Whistler "You Can't Trust A Stranger" 7/27/1952 
Chandu the Magician "Arenia the Spider" 9/15/1948  

Thursday 8-6
Phil Harris & Alice Faye "The Circus" 4/10/1949 
Lum & Abner "Cedric's Trial Comes to a Close" 1/13/1943  

Friday 8-7
The Green Hornet "Paroles For Sale" 8/6/1941 
Speed Gibson "Heading Back to the Base" 3/20/1937  

Saturday 8-8
Philco Radio Time "Road To Hollywood" 1/29/1947 

Sunday 8-9
Pat Novak For Hire "Marcia Halpern" 2/27/1949 
Police Headquarters "Telephone Suicide"

Monday 8-10
Suspense "Sorry, Wrong Number" 8/21/1943 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Yarmouth Sands Mystery"

Tuesday 8-11
Cavalcade of America "Continue Unloading" 10/4/1943 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Miss Moss' Motives 

Wednesday 8-12
Escape "The Footprint" 8/18/1950 
Chandu the Magician "Curse on Betty" 9/16/1948  

Thursday 8-13
Gary Crosby Show, guest Frank Sinatra, 8/15/1954 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest Hildegard, 10/17/1947  

Friday 8-14
The Falcon "Case of the Silent Butler" 8/21/1952 
Police Headquarters "Antonio Moretti"

Saturday 8-15
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show "Julius is in Good with Mr. Scott" 3/12/1950 
Fibber McGee & Molly "Fibber Builds a Footstool" 3/10/1942  

Sunday 8-16
Lights Out "Sub-Basement" 2/7/1943 
Strange Dr. Weird "Journey Into The Unknown" 11/21/1944

Monday 8-17
Jeff Regan, Investigator "The Diamond Quartet" 8/14/1948 
Blackstone the Magician "Mark of Crime" 10/9/1949  

Tuesday 8-18
Academy Award Theatre "Jezebel" 3/10/1946, Bette Davis went with the wind
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Henry Foster's Good News

Wednesday 8-19
The Shadow "Murder on Approval" 8/21/1938, terrorist tests germ warfare on a US Army base
Chandu the Magician "Ben Ali's House" 9/17/1948

Thursday 8-20
Baby Snooks "Donating Daddy's New Suit" 10/17/1947 
Vic & Sade "Victor R. Gook Fontanelle" 10/11/1943

Friday 8-21
I Was a Communist For the FBI "Exit on the Left" 8/13/1952 
Speed Gibson "A Stop in Manila" 3/27/1937  

Saturday 8-22
The Mysterious Traveler "Devil & The Deep Blue Sea" 1/6/1949 
The Unexpected "Museum" 7/4/1948

Sunday 8-23
Burns & Allen, guest Adolphe Menjou, 2/8/1944 
Abe Burrows Show "Writing Successful Screenplays" 8/16/1947

Monday 8-24
X Minus One "Martian Death March" 9/8/1955 (inspired by American history Trail Of Tears)
Unsolved Mysteries "The Washington Square Mystery"

Tuesday 8-25
Screen Guild Theater "Michael and Mary" 3/20/1952 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Planning Trip to Chicago 

Wednesday 8-26
Inner Sanctum "Death's Little Brother" 8/29/1949 
Chandu the Magician "Opening the Letter" 9/20/1948  

Thursday 8-27
Meet The Meeks "Should Uncle Louie Get Married" 8/30/1947 
Lum & Abner "Cedrick Wins Double Grand Prize" 1/14/1943  

Friday 8-28
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Trans-Pacific Import-Export Co." 8/24/1950 
Police Headquarters "Bank Swindle"

Saturday 8-29
Life Of Riley "Riley's Dream House" 12/6/1947 
Abe Burrows Show, 7/25/1943  

Sunday 8-30
Richard Diamond "Mrs William Baker, Klepto" 9/3/1949 
Calling All Detectives "Numbers Add Up To Murder" 12/27/1948  

Monday 8-31
A Day in the Life of Dennis Day "Betting on Baby" 6/23/1948 
Baby Snooks "Male Secretary" 1/11/1940  

Tuesday 9-1
Family Theatre "The Long Way Round" 2/7/1951 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Off to Chicago 

Wednesday 9-2
The Whistler "Practically Foolproof" 9/3/1944 
Chandu the Magician "Sonya Shoots Nadji" 9/21/2008  

Thursday 9-3
Command Performance, guests: Bing, Frank and Judy, 9/6/1945 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest host: John Garfield, 8/8/1947  

Friday 9-4
I Was I Communist for the FBI "Squeeze Play" 9/3/1952 
Speed Gibson "Arrival in China" 4/3/1937  

Saturday 9-5
Have Gun, Will Travel "Five Days to Yuma" 7/10/1960 
Tom Mix "Mystery of the Vanishing Village" 8/10/1945  

Sunday 9-6
Jack Benny Program "Jack & The Bean Stalk" 7/25/1954 
The Henry Morgan Show "Foolishness" 10/30/1946  

Monday 9-7
Adventures of Sam Spade "The Lazarus Caper" 9/12/1948 
Police Headquarters (syndicated) James Davis Killed

Tuesday 9-8
NBC University Theater "The Purloined Letter" 9/17/1948 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Amelia Has a Premonition 

Wednesday 9-9
Escape "Evening Primrose" 9/12/1948 
Chandu the Magician "Betty and Bob Run" 9/22/1948  

Thursday 9-10
Duffy's Tavern, guest: Jinx Falkenberg, 6/8/1945 
The Red Skelton Show "Local Department Stores" 1/15/1946  

Friday 9-11
Lights Out "Lord Marley's Guest" 9/7/1943 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Witch Doctor"

Saturday 9-12
Fibber McGee & Molly "Fishing Trip" 6/30/1953 
Lear Radio Show "Orson Welles Commentary" 9/23/1945  

Sunday 9-13
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Case of Vanishing Weapon" 9/18/1949 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Riddle of the Other 8-Ball" 4/17/1949  

Monday 9-14
CBS Radio Workshop "A Pride of Carrots" 9/14/1956 
Lum 'n' Abner "Newton's Law of Gravity" 1/18/1943  

Tuesday 9-15
Free World Theater "Fiesta" 4/18/1943 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Mrs. Darby Drops In 

Wednesday 9-16
Suspense "Voyage Through Darkness" 9/7/1944 
Chandu the Magician "Arenia is Shot" 9/23/1948  

Thursday 9-17
Judy Canova "Getting Mineral Water" 9/7/1943 
Abe Burrows "Brooklyn" 7/4/1949  

Friday 9-18
Green Hornet "Underwater Adventure" 9/14/1946 
Speed Gibson "At the Doctor's House" 4/10/1937  

Saturday 9-19
The Mysterious Traveler "Fire In The Sky" 8/28/1951 (no relation to the James Garner movie)
Mandrake the Magician "Highpitch & the Little Red Book"

Sunday 9-20
Columbia Presents Corwin "The Undecided Molecule" 7/17/1945 (Groucho Marx, Vincent Price)
Lum 'n' Abner "Searching Party" 7/2/1942  

Monday 9-21
Gang Busters "Case of the Kidnapped Paymaster" 10/4/1947 
Police Headquarters (syndiacted) John Flemming Confesses

Tuesday 9-22
Arch Oboler's Plays "Holiday 194X" 6/10/1945 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Who's Been Shot? (#2268)

Wednesday 9-23
Murder at Midnight "Murder Out of Mind" 10/4/1946 
Chandu the Magician "Message for Nadji" 9/24/1948  

Thursday 9-24
Charlie McCarthy Show, guest: Hedy Lamarr, 9/26/1943 
The Couple Next Door "Madge to Help Decorate" 9/22/1958  

Friday 9-25
X Minus One "Soldier Boy" 10/17/1956 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Aztec Fire God" 3/13/1949  

Saturday 9-26
Escape "The Fourth Man" 8/18/1947, escaped convicts underestimate their Indian guide
Mandrake the Magician "Princess Narda" 3/24/1941  

Sunday 9-27
Screen Director's Playhouse "The Big Clock" 7/8/1949 
Studio X / The Player "Jack the Giant Killer"

Monday 9-28
The Great Gildersleeve "Talent in the Family" 9/30/1945 
Lum & Abner "Meeting at Ulysses" 1/28/1943  

Tuesday 9-29
Screen Guild Theater "My Client Curly" 2/4/1946 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Tom is in the Hospital (#2269)

Wednesday 9-30
Inner Sanctum "Murder By Prophecy" 9/27/1948 
Chandu the Magician "Mirror of Life" 9/25/1948  

Thursday 10-1
The Bickersons "Amos' Deep Sea Treasure" 9/22/1946 
Abe Burrows "Purple Phantom" 5/22/1948 

Friday 10-2
Hopalong Cassidy "Case Of The Last Word" 9/30/1950 
Speed Gibson "Ambush" 4/17/1937  

Saturday 10-3
The Mysterious Traveler "Fire In The Sky" 8/28/1951 
Mandrake the Magician "Highpitch & the Little Red Book"

Sunday 10-4
I Was A Communist for the FBI "Rhapsody in Red" 8/19/1953 
Unsolved Mysteries "St. George Club Mystery"

Monday 10-5
Fibber McGee & Molly "Best Kept Lawn" 10/17/1939 
The Jack Benny Program "Sorry, Wrong Number" 10/17/1948  

Tuesday 10-6
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Finding a Printer (#2270)
Family Theater "The Gold Bug" 10/5/1949  

Wednesday 10-7
Molle Mystery Theater "A Death is Caused" 10/12/1945 
Chandu the Magician "Roxor is Killed" 9/28/1948  

Thursday 10-8
Frontier Town "Marie" 10/17/1952 
Blair of the Mounties "Clover Creek Mystery Solved" 5/16/1938  

Friday 10-9
Boston Blackie "Disappearing Plane" 6/11/1946 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Lorcoe Matter - Part 1" 11/7/1955  

Saturday 10-10
The Whistler "Partners In Crime" 10/14/1951 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Horror of Bene Debele" 4/19/1905  

Sunday 10-11
Life of Riley "The House Husband" 1/19/1947 
Edgar Bergeb & Charlie McCarthy: 10th Anniversary Show, 1/19/1951  

Monday 10-12
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons "The Silver Dagger Murder Case" 10/13/1949 
Police Headquarters "Mrs. Smallwood Killed"

Tuesday 10-13
Our Miss Brooks "New Principal" 7/19/1948 
Baby Snooks "New School" 10/9/1941  

Wednesday 10-14
The Shadow "Valley of the Living Terror" 10/13/1946 
Chandu the Magician "Exploring the Garden" 9/29/1948  

Thursday 10-15
Cavalcade of America "Bob Hope Reports" 10/11/1943 
Ma Perkins "Questioned by Police" 10/7/1949  

Friday 10-16
This is Your FBI "The Hostage" 10/5/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Lorcoe Matter - Part 2" 11/8/1955  

Saturday 10-17
Gas Rationing Special: With Jack Benny, Eddie Cantor, Burns & Allen, 12/6/1942 
Jack Benny Program: Pick Up Bags At Train Station, 3/4/1945  

Sunday 10-18
Inner Sanctum "The Murder Prophet" 9/4/1945 
Unsolved Mysteries "Bathurst Disappearance" 4/19/1905  

Monday 10-19
Frontier Town "The Poisoned Waterhole" 10/24/1952 
Blair of the Mounties "Kittilake Lagoon Part One" 5/23/1938  

Tuesday 10-20
Meet The Meeks "Bessie, The New Used Car" 11/1/1947 
Lum and Abner "A New Chemistry Set" 2/1/1943  

Wednesday 10-21
Suspense "The Nightman" 10/26/1944 
Chandu the Magician "Family is Reunited" 9/30/1948  

Thursday 10-22
Screen Director's Playhouse "Mr. Lucky" (Cary Grant) 1/20/1950 
Ma Perkins: Cleared by the Police (serial) 10/10/1949  

Friday 10-23
Rocky Fortune "Insurance Fraud" 10/20/1953 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Lorcoe Matter - Part 3" 11/9/1955  

Saturday 10-24
My Favorite Husband "Halloween Surprise" 10/28/1949 
Jack Benny Program "Trick or Treat" 10/31/1948 clip 

Sunday 10-25
Murder at Midnight "Wherever I Go" 10/7/1946 
Police Headquarters "Tommygun Murders"

Monday 10-26
Frontier Gentlemen "Emily Bracket" 10/31/1952 
Blair of the Mounties "Kittilake Lagoon Part Two" 5/30/1938  

Tuesday 10-27
Milton Berle Show "Salute to Navy Day" 10/27/1947 
Baby Snooks "Night Football Game" 10/10/1940  

Wednesday 10-28
Escape "The Time Machine by H.G. Wells" 10/22/1950 
Chandu the Magician "Explosion" 10/1/1948  

Thursday 10-29
Screen Guild Theatre "Babes In Arms" 11/9/1941 
Ma Perkins: Mayor Complains (serial) 10/11/1949  

Friday 10-30
Hall of Fantasy "Dance of the Devil Dolls" 2/9/1953 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Lorcoe Matter - Part 4" 11/10/1955  

Saturday 10-31
Inner Sanctum "The Murder Prophet" 9/4/1945 
Unsolved Mysteries "Bathurst Disappearance"
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Orson Welles refused to rehearse The Shadow's live broadcasts, saying he wanted to be surprised by the plot along with the audience The Shadow knows

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