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In 1974 KNX brought back radio drama. And it has met with great success! These exciting, action-packed programs continue to be a popular listening habit for all ages. For those of you listening to the Drama Hour online world-wide, please note that the programs you see in our drama hour listings will be available one day AFTER they are broadcast on the air. For example, Friday night's lineup of shows will be available Saturday, Monday night's on Tuesday, and so forth. In some cases, they may be available to hear online the same day. See below for program schedule dates.

Golden Age of Radio in 2007

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Monday 11-5
Broadway Is My Beat: 11/5/49, Mei Ling
Vic & Sade or Baby Snooks: 3/31/43, Brainfeeble's Housewarming

Tuesday 11-6
Sgt. Preston of the Yukon: 11/6/50, A Friend In Need
Sgt. Preston of the Yukon: 6/20/46, How Preston Got King

Wednesday 11-7
Aldrich Family: 11/7/40, Fixing Furnaces
Ripley's Believe It Or Not: 2/23/44, Sense of Smell

Thursday 11-8
Family Theater: 11/8/50 "Hans Brinker"
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel: 10/18/46, guest Roddy McDowall

Friday 11-9
Sam Spade: 11/9/47, Bow Window Caper
Unexpected, The: 8/22/48, Sweet Sixteen

Saturday 11-10
Suspense "Make A Bet With Death?" 11/10/42
Strange Dr. Weird "Picture Of A Killer" 5/8/45

Sunday 11-11
Jack Benny Program, 11/11/45, Rochester Recruits Joe Louis…
Abe Burrows Show: 5/22/48, The Purple Phantom

Monday 11-12
Dimension X: 11/12/50, Shanghaied
Ripley's Believe It or Not: 8/6/47, Presidents

Tuesday 11-13
Phil Harris & Alice Faye: 11/13/49, The Electrician
Bob Hope: 11/13/53, guest Burt Lancaster (clip)

Wednesday 11-14
Lone Ranger: 11/14/45, Choo-Choo for Chicago
Sgt. Preston: 7/3/43, Caught By The Button

Thursday 11-15
Philo Vance, Detective: 11/15/49, The Little Murder Case
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel: 10/24/42, guest John Welshel (Navy's Coach)

Friday 11-16
Life of Riley: 11/16/46, Music Brings Them Together
Abe Burrows: 8/2/1947, Boulder Dam

Saturday 11-17
Suspense: 11/17/49 "Red-Headed Woman" starring Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, she thinks he's a killer
The Unexpected: 9/9/48 "Silver Fox" soldier meets crazy lady living in the woods

Sunday 11-18
Screen Director's Playhouse "The Uninvited" 11/18/49 starring Ray Milland in a haunted house
Strange Dr. Weird "Death In The Everglades" 12/5/44

Monday 11-19
The Shadow "Shadow Returns" 11/19/39
Strange Dr. Weird "Dark Wings of Death" 2/6/45

Tuesday 11-20
Gunsmoke "Dutch George" 11/20/55
Frontier Gentleman "Horse For Kendall" 9/14/58

Wednesday 11-21
Fibber McGee & Molly "Overdue Library Book" 11/21/39, Fibber has to pay the replacement cost of a book he never returned and can't remember the name of
Superman "Batman's Great Mystery" chapter 1 of 11, 2/3/48. Batman has disappeared and the only clue is a recording in which a man named Jones says he knows that Batman is millionaire Brcue Wayne

Thursday 11-22
Great Gildersleeve "Thanksgiving Time" 11/22/42
Jack Benny "Turkey Murder Dream" 11/30/47 (tried by jury of turkeys after Thanksgiving)

Friday 11-23
Suspense "Strange Death of Charles Umberstein" 11/23/43, Vincent Price as a member of the underground stalked by a Gestapo man in Nazi Germany
Kraft Music Hall 10/2/47, Bergen & McCarthy clip with Al Jolson, song "Sonny Boy"

Saturday 11-24
Jack Benny Program 11/12/50, guest Richard Widmark plays a giggling psycho in Jack's diner
Mail Call, 11/24/43 clip with Laurel & Hardy, marrying Lucille Ball

Sunday 11-25
Crime Classics, 11/25/53 "The Killing Story of William Corder & the Farmer's Daughter" in England, 1827 (movie version of this true story was Murder In The Red Barn)
The Unexpected "The Mink Coat" 7/25/48, ditzy blonde steals $100/week at work to buy mink coat & ends up in hospital from a certain alergy

Monday 11-26
Our Miss Brooks "Driving School" 11/26/50
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel "Orchestra Leader Frankie Karl" 11/26/48

Tuesday 11-27
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Empty Threat Matter" 11/27/60, is the client suicidal or is someone trying to drive him crazy?
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 5/25/58 "The Midnight Sun Matter" sent to Alaska, Johnny has to land the plane himself when the pilot is disabled with malfunctioning landing gear

Wednesday 11-28
Philip Marlowe "Hard Way Out" 11/28/48, Gerald Mohr's 1st broadcast as Marlowe (the author didn't like the previous Marlowe, Van Heflin). Marlowe is suspicious when an embezzler buys 2 pounds of his favorite tobacco on his way to kill himself at sea
Superman "Batman's Great Mystery" part 2 of 11, 2/4/48. Batman turns up alive, well, and the scheduled speaker at a white-supremist rally!

Thursday 11-29
Have Gun, Will Travel "Assign At Stone's Crossing" 11/29/59, Paladin is a man with no name when rivals who want to control a town both want him as their hired gun
Gunsmoke "Sweet & Sour" 8/5/56, a new woman in town stirs up trouble between men for her own amusement, and some end up killing each other

Friday 11-30
Duffy's Tavern "Half A Racehorse" 11/30/51, Duffy inherits half interest in a 25 year old racehorse
Bickersons "Bachelor Party" 4/20/47

Saturday 12-1
Lights Out "Story of Mr. Maggs" 12/1/42, a meek man buys an evil locked trunk at auction covered inside with blood
Ripley's Believe It Or Not "Ghost Painting" 8/5/47, a ghost sits for portrait by his artist friend shortly after death

Sunday 12-2
Jack Benny Program "Buys Don Cufflinks for Xmas" 12/2/51
Abe Burrows Show: guest Frank Loesser, 8/23/47

Monday 12-3
The Saint "Marvin Hickerson, P.I." 12/3/50, Vincent Price helps a young man taken by a horserace sting
Blackstone, The Magic Detective "Phantom Intermezzo" 1/23/49, Blackstone exposes a fake seance by producing a "real" ghost to confront the fake medium

Tuesday 12-4
Jack Benny Program 12/4/49, Jack, Mary & Tyrone Power (Prince Of Foxes) visit London & Paris: French floor show turns into sponsor jingle LSLMP, Jack loses ground every time he exchanges money due to the weak dollar
Vic & Sade "Orville Weenie Gets Fired" 12/4/45

Wednesday 12-5
The Whistler "Hired Alibi" 12/5/48, guest star Jack Webb as a fugitive who seems to be perfect for an embezzler's unwitting partner
Superman, "Batman's Great Mystery" part 3 of 11, 2/5/48

Thursday 12-6
Fred Allen Show, guest: George Jessel, 12/6/42, George does a bio of Fred's life that somehow keeps veering into songs starring George
Fred Allen Show, clip with Orson Welles 3/3/46, Orson is trapped in the meek character he played in the movie Tomorrow Is Forever

Friday 12-7
Dragnet "The Big Mole" 12/7/52, a series of burglaries is traced to a bandit with a very unique mode of operating
Man Named Jordan, Episode 42, 2/28/45 (serial installment, no ending)

Saturday 12-8
Gunsmoke "Long As I Live" 12/8/57, Doc is shot and Matt is the only one he trusts to operate - without anesthetic - while Doc tells him what to do
The Unexpected, 8/1/48 "Easy Money" turns out to be not so easy when an ex-con gets a payoff from a bank robber

Sunday 12-9
Suspense, 12/9/43 "The Night Reveals" starring Robert Young & Margo: a husband and wife suspect each other of being the city arsonist
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel, 4/17/43, guest Madeline Carroll

Monday 12-10
Red Skelton Show, Clem Opens The Show, 12/10/48
Ripley's Believe It Or Not 8/7/47, segments include "Most Patient Man In The World"

Tuesday 12-11
March Of Time "First Week At War" 12/11/41, this week's attack on Pearl Harbor is recreated in chronolgical order starting at 7am
Mail Call, Jack Benny-Judy Garland clip, 1/5/44

Wednesday 12-12
Jack Benny Program "Christmas Shopping" 12/12/37
Superman, 2/6/48 "Batman's Great Mystery" part 4 of 11, a phonecall leads Robin into a trap

Thursday 12-13
Escape "Bordertown" 12/13/49, Jack Webb finds a wad of money in his pocket after a counterfeiter sitting next to him on a bus is arrested and decides to sell it over the border
The Unexpected "Shipwreck" 8/29/48, Jack Holt

Friday 12-14
Kraft Music Hall, 12/14/44 "Christmas Program" host Bing Crosby sings
Kraft Music Hall, 12/21/44 "Christmas Program" more Christmas music by Bing

Saturday 12-15
Nero Wolfe "Shakespeare Folio" 12/15/46
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel 4/2/48, guest: Jack Dempsey

Sunday 12-16
My Favorite Husband "George's Christmas Present" 12/16/49
Baby Snooks Show "Artist" 6/26/41

Monday 12-17
I Was A Communist For The FBI "Treason Comes In Cans" 12/17/51, a fishing trawler drops a crate on tuna at the same spot each time, with microfilm in one of the cans
The Unexpected "The Winfield Diamond" 9/5/48

Tuesday 12-18
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Program "The Chaparones" 12/18/53, Phil plans to get into a country club that refused his membership as a chaparone for his daughter's party there
Baby Snooks "Christmas Skates" 12/19/40

Wednesday 12-19
Casey, Crime Photographer "Christmas Shopping" 12/19/46
Superman 2/9/48 "Batman's Great Mystery" part 5 of 11

Thursday 12-20
The Six Shooter "Brit Ponset's Chrismas Carol" 12/20/53, a miserly rancher named Ebon Scrooge plans to kick a family out of their cabin on Christmas Eve
Truth Or Consequences "Christmas Party For Hubert Smith" 12/20/2007 clip surprising a wounded veteran in his hospital room with his parents & fiance

Friday 12-21
Screen Director's Playhouse "Miracle on 34th Street" 12/20/52, same actors as the movie
Jack Benny Program, 12/20/52 clip: Setting Up Christmas Tree in Palm Springs, using a local cactus rather than buy a tree

Saturday 12-22
Gunsmoke "Twelfth Night" 12/22/57, feuding hillbillies plan to kill each other, but stop fighting each Sunday
Have Gun, Will Travel "Range Carnival" 12/20/59

Sunday 12-23
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (Bob Bailey) "Missing Mouse Matter" 12/23/56, the singing mouse insured by an eccentric millionaire is missing. Howard McNeer, Richard (Dick) Beals, Parley Baer
Vic & Sade "Christmas Cards" 8/9/42, her niece tricks Sade into buying Christmas cards by mailing them to Aunt Sade C.O.D. but they're joke cards with sarcastic sayings

Monday 12-24
Theatre Royale "A Christmas Carol" 12/24/53, hosted & starring Laurence Olivier
Fibber McGee & Molly "Christmas At Home" 12/25/53, Fibber tells the story of a forgotten tree

Tuesday 12-25
Jack Benny Program "Shocking" (Christmas Show) 12/25/49, Jack tries to save money by wiring his own Christmas Tree lights
Treasury Star Parade "Modern Scrooge" 12/25/42, starring Lionel Barrymore as a rich miser who refuses to buy War Bonds though his own nephew is a soldier, short of supplies while Congress argues

Wednesday 12-26
Richard Diamond, Private Detective 12/24/49, the regular cast performs "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, updated to the present
Superman 2/10/48 "Batman's Great Mystery" part 6 of 11, Batman & Robin held captive

Thursday 12-27
Life of Riley "TV Set For Christmas" 12/27/47, will the family savings buy a TV set or a piano?
The Couple Next Door (sitcom) "Christmas Day" 12/25/58

Friday 12-28
Bob Hope Show 12/28/43, guest Cary Grant
Bob Hope Show 12/24/46 clip: Christmas with Bing Crosby

Saturday 12-29
The Lone Ranger "Empty Stagecoach' 12/29/50, Tonto and the Ranger find a runaway stagecoach with no one inside
Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, 5/9/46 "Eskimo Justice." Preston is rescued in a blizzard by an eskimo who hates all white men but likes his dog King, and eventually confesses to once killing a white man who killed his wife after beating his dog

Sunday 12-30
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Program "Hiring Santa Claus" 12/19/48, guest star Jack Benny
Baby Snooks "Returning Christmas Presents" 12/26/40

Monday 12-31
Father Knows Best, 12/31/53 "New Year's Sitter"
The Couple Next Door, 12/31/57 "New Year's Eve"

Want to get away from it all? We offer you Escape
Turner Classic Movies is doing movies based on radio series this month including Fibber McGee, Gildersleeve, I Love A Mystery, The Whistler, Crime Doctor, etc.
Blake Edwards created Richard Diamond for radio, then later the hard-boiled private eye tv-series "Peter Gunn"

Peter Gunn themesong, or click top link to watch entire episode

Jack Benny Show broadcasting live

Part 2 of Jack Benny broadcast

Jack sneaks onto Groucho's quiz show as a contestant

Beverly Sills died 7-2-07 from cancer complications. Beverly Sills spoofing opera on the Danny Kaye Show

Miss a recent broadcast? You may be able to "hear it now" on your computer for up to a week after broadcast, check the archives

Ripley's Believe It Or Not (1932 clip)

Origin of the term "Pot-head" for a drunk

Paul Harvey has been broadcasting for 50 years so far.
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I love a mystery so welcome again through the squeaking door

Note: Stan Freberg hosted "When Radio Was" for 10 years, after previous host Art Fleming passed away suddenly. His final broadcast as host was 10/6/06. The new host from then until June, 2007 was Chuck Schaden. Greg Bell, program director and host of XM Radio’s very popular old-time radio channel, "Radio Classics", has been named as the new host. Chuck Schaden has interviewed some of the radio stars (recorded in the 1970s, see broadcast archive).

Superman 1950s TV intro, now a major motion picture

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Fun fact:
Jimmy Stewart's The Six Shooter only lasted one season (he wouldn't accept a tobacco company as sponsor), and he made the Hitchcock movie "Rear Window" the same year.

Walter B. Gibson co-created and wrote the Shadow novels. When he left The Shadow magazine after asking for more money, he became head script writer for radio's "Nick Carter, Master Detective" for awhile.

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The Shadow knows in 1939, in 1941 and 1948...the end
The Jack Benny Program presented by Lucky Strike. There's always room for Jello...Sold: American!
Welcome to the Hermit's Cave...Duffy ain't here
Welcome to the Black Museum (Orson Welles) That was the end of Harry Lime
I'm the first person they look for and the last they want to meet
Henry? Henry Aldrich...Hi ya, Baldy!
I carry a badge. Hi-Ho Silver. I am The Whistler. Yes King, this case is closed. A tale calculated to keep you in Suspense!
Join the new 1940 Flight Patrol with Captain Midnight. Flash! Ethiopia surrenders to Mussolini
Turn your lights out, everybody. If you are easily frightened, turn your radio off now.
It is I, Digby Odell, the friendly undertaker By golly, I believe that's our ring. Don't open that closet. Heavenly days!
Mr. Keen, tracer of lost persons. How do you do? Yours truly, Johnny Dollar

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