Golden Age of Radio in 2005

Monday 1-3
Boston Blackie "The Fortune Teller Sees Death" 4/20/49
The Charlie McCarthy Show, Part 1, 12/26/48

Tuesday 1-4
The Charlie McCarthy Show, Part 2
Dimension X "Almost Human" 5/13/50

Wednesday 1-5
Hopalong Cassidy "Case of the Last Word" 1/6/51
Halls of Ivy "Feigning Illness" Part 1, 4/7/50

Thursday 1-6
Halls of Ivy, Part 2
Lights Out "Valse Triste" 12/29/42

Friday 1-7
The Whistler "Death in 16mm" 7/17/49
Vic and Sade "Sleeping Beauties" 11/23/45

Monday 1-10
The Lone Ranger "Heading North" 12/14/42, a masked imposter in Wyoming tricks Dan Reid
The Burns and Allen Show, Part 1, 6/22/43, Cueball (Hans Conried) sells Gracie a fake love potion

Tuesday 1-11
The Burns and Allen Show, Part 2
X Minus One "A Pail of Air" 3/28/56, after Earth leaves solar orbit survivors must melt bits of the atmosphere to breath

Wednesday 1-12
Mr and Mrs North "House of Hate"
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show "The Masked Mangler" Part 1, Phil tries to get rich by buying a professional wrestler's contract, 11/27/49

Thursday 1-13
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, Part 2
Tales of The Texas Rangers "Death in the Cards" 1/14/51

Friday 1-14
The Shadow "Chill of Death" 1/4/48, a ghoulish couple murder young women for their life insurance using pneumonia & a cold damp room
Blackstone, The Magic Detective "The Riddle of the Talking Skull" by Walter B. Gibson

Monday 1-17
Escape "The Country of the Blind" by H G Welles, 3/20/49
The Bob Hope Show, Guest: Orsen Welles, Part 1, 9/28/43

Tuesday 1-18
The Bob Hope Show, Part 2
Dimension X "Hello Tomorrow" 9/15/50

Wednesday 1-19
Box Thirteen "A Daytime Nightmare" 12/6/48
Duffy's Tavern "The Bully" (Sheldon Leonard) Part 1, 3/16/49

Thursday 1-20
Duffy's Tavern, Part 2
Lights Out "Come to the Bank" (you won't believe what's in the walls) 11/17/42

Friday 1-21
The Shadow "Carnival of Death" (the wax museum's displays are bleeding) 11/10/40
The Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest host: Frank Sinatra, 8/1/47

Monday 1-24
The Whistler "The Jackson Street Affair" by Adrian John Doe, 3/18/51, A seaman's friend inherits a small fortune & disappears, leaving behind only a locked trunk in a roominghouse
The Red Skelton Show "At The Races" Part 1, 2/5/50

Tuesday 1-25
The Red Skelton Show, Part 2
Inner Sanctum "Shadow of Death" 10/2/45, guest starring Richard Widmark as a psychotic who dreams of death & killing

Wednesday 1-26
The Saint (Vincent Price) "Simon Minds the Baby" 12/17/50, a professional gambler kidnaps a boxer's infant son so he'll throw a fight
Fibber McGee and Molly, Part 1 "Fibber's Employment Agency" 6/6/43

Thursday 1-27
Fibber McGee and Molly, Part 2
Gangbusters "The Quincy Killers" (1940s, somebody warn Jack Klugman)

Friday 1-28
Suspense "Mission Completed" 12/1/49, Jimmy Stewart (Vertigo, Rear Window) as a scarred former POW who's sure the local flower vender is his former torturer and schemes to kill him
Baby Snooks "Going to the Ballgame" 6/15/39

Monday 1-31
The Falcon "Handy Helpmate" 4/10/52
The Jack Benny Program, guest: Tyrone Power, Part 1, 12/4/49

Tuesday 2-1
The Jack Benny Program, Part 2
Exploring Tomorrow "First Contact" 5/10/195X, Two spaceships meet for the first time in deep space & each fears ever returning home in case the other is an advance ship for nasty invaders

Wednesday 2-2
Mystery in the Air "Marvelous Barastro" 8/7/47, Peter Lorre in a dark tale involving a traveling carnival
Father Knows Best "Too Many Peanuts" (dad buys 500 pounds of circus peanuts at auction in a get-rich-quick scheme) Part 1, 10/22/53

Thursday 2-3
Father Knows Best, Part 2
Chandu the Magician "Disappearing Men" 11/26/49

Friday 2-4
Lux Radio Theater Hour "Phantom of the Opera" (same 2 singing stars as the 1943 movie version, plus Basil Rathbone) 9/13/43

Monday 2-7
The Lone Ranger "Law of the Apex" 12/21/42
The Fred Allen Show "Breakfast Show" Part 1, 10/27/46

Tuesday 2-8
The Fred Allen Show, Part 2
X Minus One "The Defenders" 5/22/56, An autocratic underground society is protected by robots above who wage nuclear war against the Asian Alliance, but the robots have a big secret and may have a better life than those below

Wednesday 2-9
Mysterious Traveler "The Good Die Young" 2/27/44, an evil little girl plans to murder daddy's new wife, but instead seals her own fate
Life of Riley "Babs Graduation" Part 1, 6/12/48

Thursday 2-10
Life of Riley, Part 2
Casey, Crime Photographer "The Fog" 3/11/48

Friday 2-11
The Shadow "One Dead, Two to Go" 2/1/48
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Plantagenet Matter" Part 1, 3/5/56

Monday 2-14
Red Ryder "The Roaring River" 5/7/42
Charlie McCarthy Show, guest: Walt Disney, Part 1, 9/21/47

Tuesday 2-15
Charlie McCarthy Show, Part 2
Calling All Cars "The Manilla Envelope" 8/11/37

Wednesday 2-16
Escape "Zero Hour" 10/4/53
Our Miss Brooks, Part 1, 2/27/49

Thursday 2-17
Our Miss Brooks, Part 2
Murder by Experts "The Case of the Missing Mind" 12/26/49

Friday 2-18
Suspense "The Bullet" 12/29/49
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Plantagenet Matter" Part 2, 3/6/56

Monday 2-21
Hopalong Cassidy "Cold Country" 2/24/51, Hoppy vs. a lynch mob
Burns and Allen Show, Gracie has "Amnesia," or is she just faking? Part 1, 6/29/43

Tuesday 2-22
Burns and Allen Show, Part 2
Dimension X "Knock" (the last man on Earth sits in a room, there's a knock at the door) 5/6/50

Wednesday 2-23
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Bill Kirby Case" 10/29/49
Lum and Abner "Trip to Washington, DC" Part 1, 1/16/49

Thursday 2-24
Lum and Abner, Part 2
The Whistler "A Rose for Pamela" 2/17/52

Friday 2-25
Suspense "Allen In Wonderland" 10/27/52 A man (Cornell Wilde) is approached in a train station with the 1st half of a line from "Alice In Wonderland." When he replies in kind, he's mistaken for an assassin and given an assignment
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Plantagenet Matter" Part 3, 3/7/56

Monday 2-28
Big Town "The Prisoner's Song" 2/15/49
Bob Hope Show, guest: Humphrey Bogart, Part 1, 6/3/41

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