Golden Age of Radio Online in 2007

Monday 1-1-07
Burns and Allen Show, 1/3/46 "New Year's Resolutions" George resolves to smile no matter what, even when Gracie invites her mother to move in and the goofy neighbor keeps coming over to try out bad jokes with missing punchlines
Jack Benny, 12/31/50 clip "New Year's Fantasy"

Tuesday 1-2
Mr. District Attorney (Jay Johnston), 5/19/48 "Case of Spring Fever"
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Jay Johnston, 8/25/75

Wednesday 1-3
My Friend Irma "Dinner Date" 4/19/48
Baby Snooks "Psychoanalyzing Snooks" 12/14/39

Thursday 1-4
Inner Sanctum "The Melody of Death" 4/22/44
Jack Benny Program, guest Richard Widmark, 11/12/50 clip

Friday 1-5
Hopalong Cassidy "Dead Man's Hand" 1/1/50
Fibber McGee & Molly "Installing new locks" 11/4/53 clip

Saturday 1-6
Boston Blackie "Murder of John Austin" 8/20/47
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel "Four Horsemen of Notre Dame" 11/25/49

Sunday 1-7
Father Knows Best "Time for a new car" 6/8/50, with a nod to Dr. Seuss. Mechanic: Arthur Q. Bryan
Fred Allen Show "Allen's Alley: What will you do on summer vacation?" 6/27/48 clip

Monday 1-8
Gangbusters "Case of the High School Hot Shots" 4/10/48
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Star of Cape Town Matter" a diamond is stolen & it's owner killed at a party with 60 guests, 7/16/56, Part 1 of 5

Tuesday 1-9
Duffy's Tavern, guest is "$64 Question" quiz show host Phil Baker, 2/22/44
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 7/17/56 Pt 2

Wednesday 1-10
Murder at Midnight "House Where Death Lived" 7/26/46, a haunted house traps both murderers & their victims until released by a new murderer, starting the cycle again
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 7/18/56, Pt 3

Thursday 1-11
Charlie McCarthy Show, guest is actor Charles Boyer, guest singer Dale Evans, 5/23/43
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 7/19/56, Pt 4

Friday 1-12
Gunsmoke "Old Fool" 8/7/60, a woman comes up with a unique punishment when her husband runs off with a gold-digger who only wants him for his ranch
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 7/20/56, Pt 5 of 5

Saturday 1-13
X Minus One "A Wind is Rising" 10/3/57, arrogant men from Earth ignore local customs by a planet's natives until it's too late
X Minus One "Prime Difference" 1/2/58, based on a story by Ray Bradbury about replacements for humans who are a little too perfect (different ending)

Sunday 1-14
Dr. Christian 2/21/51 "The Other One" Dr. Christian gets a boy in the hospital to talk about the knife, the girl, the blood ... and his brother (who doesn't exist)
Bing Crosby Show, 12/13/53 clip: Bing on his upcoming TV program (what he'll do if Jack Benny brings his violin), and of course sings some songs

Monday 1-15
Green Hornet "Youth Takes the Headlines" 3/26/46, when a latchkey kid falls in with a teenage gang, the Hornet decides he needs to be scared strait
Milton Berle "Salute to Automobiles" 9/23/47 clip, with Jack Albertson & Arnold Stang

Tuesday 1-16
Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show: Remley (Elliott Lewis) moves in and won't leave, 2/27/49
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Elliott Lewis, 8/27/75

Wednesday 1-17
David Harding, Counterspy "Case of the Magic Murder" 4/4/50, same creator as Gangbusters, though not based on real cases
Bob Hope Show, 3/7/39 spy sketch clip

Thursday 1-18
Box Thirteen "Daytime Nightmare" 5/15/49, Dan is drugged by a man in the bar (Paul Frees) and wakes up in an insane asylem disguised as someone else
Jack Benny Program 2/12/50 clip "Allen's Alley spoof" (Jack as Fred, Mary as Portland)

Friday 1-19
Screen Directors Playhouse "The Sea Wolf" 2/3/50, Edward G. Robinson as the ruthless sea captain at war with the world, co-starring Paul Frees
The Bickersons "Everybody has a baby" 9/29/46

Saturday 1-20
Life with Luigi "Luigi has a cough" 5/2/50, Luigi buys cough medicine that doesn't work and complains at the manufacturer's private Board of Directors meeting
Red Skelton Show, 5/5/42 clip "Junior, the mean little kid"

Sunday 1-21
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Eight Records of Death" 4/2/46, phonograph records sold at auction from a storage locker tell the story of a woman held hostage and killed a year ago, in her own words
Fred Allen Show, stroll down main street: "Be Kind To Animals Week" 5/1/49 clip with Senator Claghorn, Titus Moody, Ajax Cassidy, Mrs. Nussbaum

Monday 1-22
The Whistler "The Brass Ring" 9/16/46, a carny worker marries a rich man then pushes him out of a roller coaster. Then another man shows up, acting strangely. The jury will never believe it this time
Jack Benny Program "The Fiddler" (clip spoofing the Whistler) 10/20/46

Tuesday 1-23
Great Gildersleeve (Willard Waterman) "Gildy vs. Golf" 11/5/52, Gildy throws his neck out before a game with the Mayor and tries to see an overbooked doctor
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Willard Waterman, 3/17/84

Wednesday 1-24
Suspense "The Dark Tower" 5/4/44, Orson Welles as a ham actor in a play with a real murder in it
Charlie McCarthy Show, 10/29/44 clip, guest Orson Welles as museum guide

Thursday 1-25
Screen Guild Players "The Shop Around the Corner" 9/29/40 (you've got mail), Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart, narrated by Frank Morgan
Eddie Cantor Show, 1/27/43 clip, guests Rudy Vallee, Betty Hutton, Dinah Shore

Friday 1-26
Burns and Allen, 4/21/49 guest Eddie Cantor. George, Gracie & Mrs. Cantor plot to get Eddie to slow down by putting sedatative in his soup, but he thinks they're planning to poison him
Red Skelton Show 1/21/49 clip: Willy Lump-Lump reviews opera

Saturday 1-27
This is Your FBI "Ghost Town" 8/31/51, a couple scouting locations for a movie are held hostage by despirate bank robbers in a ghost town
Vic and Sade "Suggestion Box" 10/27/42, the odd suggestions Vic finds inside aren't exactly helpful

Sunday 1-28
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Virtuous Mobster Matter" 6/21/58, Johnny is beaten up in a town run by former criminals who reformed
Command Performance 8/30/45 clip: Humphrey Bogart hires Frank Sinatra as bodyguard for Lauren Bacall

Monday 1-29
The Shadow "The Phantom of the Lighthouse" 9/7/47, Lamont & Margo investigate a lighthouse, where a sea captain dead for 150 years is murdering people. And the Shadow doesn't believe in ghosts. Ad for Blue Coal
Bob Hope Show 1/27/42 clip, guest Robert Young as a ladies' man

Tuesday 1-30
Eddie Cantor Show 6/9/43, announcer/sidekick Harry Von Zell, celebration with guests Burns & Allen, Groucho Marx & Dinah Shore, the Mad Russian, and Jack Benny arrives to deliver his own 10-word telegram (for the tip)
Speaking of Radio 2/19/75, Chuck Schaden interviews Harry Von Zell: did he really call the President "Hoobert Heever?"

Wednesday 1-31
Dragnet "The Big Laugh" 3/8/53, a conman targets lonely women in the personals ads and laughs at the latest victim to her face when he's arrested
Adventures of Superman 9/4/45 "Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang" chapter 1, a woman working for a conman, who shot a Federal agent in front of several witnesses, looks just like Lois Lane

Thursday 2-1-07
Lights Out! "The Coffin in Studio B" 7/13/46, a coffin is delivered to the Lights Out broadcast studio. Is it a cruel joke or is someone about to die on the air for real?
Milton Berle Show, 9/16/47 clip "Salute to Radio," do adventure shows leave kids too keyed-up to sleep?

Friday 2-2
Frontier Gentleman "The Honky-Tonkers" 2/16/58, in a Montana honky-tonk, the British newspaper reporter tries to save a man who accidentally shot himself while the patrons make bets on whether the operation will be a success or failure
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel 11/23/45, guest Frank Sinatra

Saturday 2-3
Dimension X "Report on the Barnhouse Effect" 4/22/50, a scientist who can destroy any weapon with his mind becomes the subject of an international manhunt when he starts destroying WMDs of all nations one by one
Request Performance 4/21/46 clip, host Dick Powell, Abbott & Costello

Sunday 2-4
Roy Rogers "Night Riders" 10/19/51, a violent ex-boxer is attacking ranches that won't sell to him
The Bickersons 5/9/47 starring Don Ameche & Marsha Hunt, Blanche is not named in a Will after they drive 80 miles to attend the reading

Monday 2-5
Fibber McGee & Molly "Fibber the piano tuner" 2/13/45, Fibber decides to tune the piano himself, using pliers and a hammer...
Fred Allen Show 5/1/49 clip, guest Bert Lahr talks Fred into betting on a horserace

Tuesday 2-6
Escape 3/17/50 "Three Skeleton Key," 3 men in a remote lighthouse are surrounded by hordes of hungry rats; chewing the walls, doors and window frames. Starring and narrated by Vincent Price
Speaking of Radio 9/8/71, Chuck Schaden interviews Vincent Price

Wednesday 2-7
Hopalong Cassidy "The Frightened Town" 10/14/50, two rival factions take over a small town and the town doctor is threatened by gunmen
Adv. of Superman 9/5/45 "Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang" chapter 2, a trap is set for Lois

Thursday 2-8
Inner Sanctum, 1/8/46 "The Creeping Wall" starring Ireene Wicker (beloved kids-show host "The Singing Lady" cast against type)
Bob Hope Show 1/27/42 clip, guest Robert Young

Friday 2-9
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy Show 12/27/37, song by Nelson Eddy, then Charlie asks how much he makes
Sgt Preston of the Yukon "Casper Mott's Adventure" 1/30/50, a hen-pecked husband gets a chance to be the hero when bank-robbers take over his cabin

Saturday 2-10
Richard Diamond, Private Detective 8/20/49 "Central Park Murder" the only witness who can prove a hit & run suspect innocent is a gangster (Frank Lovejoy) wanted by the police himself
Red Skelton Show 12/3/48 clip: Junior the Mean Little Kid amuses himself while mom & grandma are at the beauty parlor
Readers Digest "One Way to Broadway" 3/18/48, starring/host Jimmy Stewart, sponsored by Hallmark Cards (30-minute comedy/drama with a raucus live audience)

Sunday 2-11
Red Skelton Show 12/3/48 clip part 2, Clem Kadiddlehopper
Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of the Creeping Man" 3/17/47

Monday 2-12
Bold Venture "The One That Got Away" 2/18/52 starring Bogart & Bacall, a client dies of poison after chartering their boat in Cuba
Jack Benny Program "Valentine's Day; Jack's Birthday" 2/12/39 clip

Tuesday 2-13
Jack Benny Program 3/21/54, Jack discovers that he's the inspiration for the "Mean Old Man radio show"
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Jack's agent Irving Fein, 1/29/76

Wednesday 2-14
Duffy's Tavern "Mystery Valentine" guest Shelley Winters, 1/19/51
Adv. of Superman 9/6/45, Chapter 3 of Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang, Lois Lane & Jimmy Olson head down the River of Horrors, where Lois is kidnapped by a glowing skeleton

Thursday 2-15
Suspense "The Thing in the Window" 12/19/46, Joseph Cotton can't get the police to believe there's a dead body in the 10th-floor apartment across the street from his
Fred Allen Show "Why are prices coming down?" 3/20/49 clip

Friday 2-16
Mystery Theatre "Killer Come Back to Me" 5/17/46, Richard Widmark as small-time thug who steps in for look-alike dead mob leader
Baby Snooks "New insurance policy" 5/5/39

Saturday 2-17
Broadway is My Beat "Jane Darwell" 8/11/49, a psycho killer leaves typed notes on victims
Charlie McCarthy Show 5/9/47 clip: Hunting trip rules

Sunday 2-18
Gunsmoke "Jedro's Woman" 11/6/60, Matt finds a half-dead wife-beating victim and is unable to keep her husband away
Eddie Cantor Show 6/25/41 clip, guest Victor Mature as Billy the Kid in Gunsmoke spoof with Dinah Shore as Miss Kitty

Monday 2-19
Cisco Kid "A Flower for Polly" 3/24/53, the bad guy Cisco's tracking hears a rumor that the local general store owner has gold hidden in his house, just as Cisco shows up to buy flower seeds for a lovelorn spinster friend
Quiz Kids, 10/3/48 clip, questions include "What animal, spelled backwards, is a famous General?"

Tuesday 2-20
Adventures of Sam Spade (Howard Duff) "Dry Martini Caper" 8/1/48, Sam is hired by a busy rich man (William Conrad) who is gunned down - or did he have himself murdered? Jack Webb cameo as homicide detective
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Howard Duff, 8/25/75

Wednesday 2-21
The Whistler "Mirage" 9/13/42, a rising young deputy District Attorney owes favors to a mobster lady who paid his law school bills. When he marries someone else, she personally murders the new bride, but there's nothing about it in the newspaper
Adv. of Superman 9/7/45, Chapter 4: Dr. Bly's Confidence Ring

Thursday 2-22
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Dead Give-Away" 10/15/50, a woman and her young baby are brutally murdered, but Jace can't find any suspects except her farmer husband -- who was out of town
Bob Hope Show 3/7/39 clip, guest Judy Garland falls in love with Bob and sings 2 songs

Friday 2-23
Dangerous Assignment 9/6/50 "Mine Disaster" Brian Donlevy is sent to a third-world Balkans country to secure chromium ore amidst haunted murders from a curse and rumors of a revolution or invasion
Baby Snooks 5/11/39 "Trying to sleep" in a strange room with strange noises, guest intro by Ed Sullivan

Saturday 2-24
Inner Sanctum "Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe" starring Boris Karloff, 8/3/41
My Friend Irma "Dancing fools" 12/15/47 clip

Sunday 2-25
Gangbusters "Horserace Hijackers" 1/24/48, four crooks decide to rip-off illegal bookies, but police fear this will start a gangwar
Jack Benny Program "Snow White & the 7 Gangsters" 1/8/39 clip spoofing both Disney's Snow White (1937) and the movie "Robin & the 7 Hoods" (before it was even filmed)

Monday 2-26
The Shadow "The Curse of the Cat" 1/20/46, an explorer fears his daughter is turning into one of the Cat People (1942), and he kills everyone he thinks knows the secret. Cat People sequel "The Leopard Man" inspired another episode of The Shadow
Bob Hope Show, 1/4/44 clip, guest: Gary Cooper

Tuesday 2-27
Mr & Mrs North "Wheel of Chance" starring Alice Frost, 6/30/53, a spy ring hides something under the hubcap of the North's car when they drive back into the U.S. on vacation
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Alice Frost, 8/10/76

Wednesday 2-28
Six Shooter "Cheyenne Express" 3/7/54, Britt (Jimmy Stewart) is asked by a coward who shot his gang's leader in the back to protect him from vigilantes who want to lynch him for murder (twist ending, is safely put on train - where he runs into another member of the same gang as a passenger & jumps off train to his death in fright)
Adv. of Superman, Chapter 5: Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang, 9/10/45, Clark Kent & Batman investigate the disappearance of Lois Lane and Dick Grayson

Thursday 3-1
Aldrich Family "Homer's engagement" 5/5/49
Red Skelton Show, 10/7/41 clip: salute to Law enforcement: good cop, tough cop

Friday 3-2 Casey, Crime Photographer "Lady Killer" 7/10/47, a man in the hotel kills any woman who reminds him of Mother
Charlie McCarthy Show, 2/4/45 clip: Edgar tells the story of the Tortoise and the Hare

Saturday 3-3
Suspense "The Groom of the Ladder" with Hans Conried, 3/13/56
Life of Riley, 1/28/45 clip "Five dollars is missing"

Sunday 3-4
Escape "Country of the Blind by H.G. Wells" starring Edmund O'Brien, 3/20/49
Fred Allen Show 3/20/49 clip, guest: Bert Lahr

Monday 3-5
Lights Out! "Organ" 5/12/37, a couple rents a Victorian house for just $100, then the agent hurriedly leaves. An angry man demands they leave, then the organ begins playing itself.
Baby Snooks "Visiting the hospital" 5/25/39

Tuesday 3-6
Fibber McGee and Molly "Citizenship test" 6/3/47, Fibber doesn't have his birth certificate so studies for citizenship test
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Fibber McGee writer Phil Leslie, 12/13/73

Wednesday 3-7
The Man Called X "Destination Manila" Herbert Marshall, 7/24/47
Adv. of Superman, chapter 6: Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang, 9/11/45

Thursday 3-8
Inner Sanctum 1/15/46 "The Edge of Death" Larry Haines, a man obsessed with collecting knives & swords is given a cursed one as a wedding present. Will his new bride survive? Host segments by Raymond your Host and the Lipton Tea Lady
Jack Benny Program 5/19/46 clip, Fred Allen tries to hire Jack as guest on his show

Friday 3-9
Screen Guild Players "The Yearling" starring Gregory Peck & Jane Wyman, 1/6/47 or 49
Burns and Allen 3/23/43 clip "Making George sick" with Mel Blanc as the absent-minded Doctor and Clarence Nash as Herman the Duck

Saturday 3-10
Sgt. Preston of the Yukon "Blind Man's Bluff" 2/3/50, a vicious gang kills a Mountie & takes over a settlement of prospectors, demanding a pound of gold for each pound of food
Drene Time 1/12/47 clip (psychiatrist Gale Gordon tries to talk Danny Thomas into coming out of the phonebooth he's hiding in so they can start the Bickersons show)

Sunday 3-11
The Falcon "Case of the Stooge's Errand" 11/26/50
Bob Hope Show 1/4/44 clip: Vera Vague and Jerry Colonna

Monday 3-12
Cavalcade of America "The Great McGraw" (baseball story) starring Pat O'Brien, 4/15/46
Eddie Cantor Show 2/12/41 clip, guest Joe DiMaggio

Tuesday 3-13
Life of Riley "Riley's promotion" with Paula Winslowe as Mrs. Riley, 9/7/46, Riley thinks he's been promoted from riveter to Asst. Manager
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Paula Winslowe, 6/17/88

Wednesday 3-14
Jack Benny Program 2/3/46, Jack & Mary meet guest Isaac Stern backstage then hear him play in concert while Jack tries to get attention of Benita & Ronald Coleman below their cheap seats. End: Ronald reads winning entry in "I Can't Stand Jack Benny Because..." contest
Adv. of Superman 9/12/45, Chapter 7: Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang

Thursday 3-15
Gunsmoke "Marshall Proudfoot" 7/20/58, Deputy Proudfoot's father visits, under impression that his son is town Marshall
X Minus One "Death Wish" 10/10/57, a spaceship heading into deep space at close to speed of light with no fuel to turn around asks the supercomputer in the cargo hold what to do (change course to reach Earth in 2,300 year orbit, take experimental immortality serum & stare at each other 2,300 years)

Friday 3-16
Burns and Allen "Gracie and the St. Patrick's Day Parade" 3/17/41, George thinks Gracie wants to leave him for band leader Artie Shaw
Philco Radio Time "Bing Crosby and Bob Hope 10/16/46 clip

Saturday 3-17
The Third Man (Orson Welles) "Harry Joins the Circus" 4/25/52
Life with Luigi 3/27/49 clip "Luigi's dancing lesson"

Sunday 3-18
Suspense "The Earth is Made of Glass" starring Joe Kearns, 6/15/54, a strange man plans the perfect murder by picking a victim at random
Charlie McCarthy Show 4/25/43 clip: Edgar explains how short-wave radio works

Monday 3-19
Inner Sanctum "The Silent Hands" starring Mary Astor, 5/13/44, a psychotic woman in white is seen pushing various people over a cliff at Overlook Park to their death
Eddie Cantor Show 5/14/41 clip with baseball player Bob Feller

Tuesday 3-20
Archie Andrews (Bob Hastings) 7/27/46, glue is switched for dad's hair creme and stinky medicine for bubble bath
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Bob Hastings, 6/20/88

Wednesday 3-21
Casebook of Gregory Hood "The Eloquent Corpse" 10/14/46, a stolen rare coin leads to murder
Adv. of Superman 9/13/1945, Chapter 8: Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang

Thursday 3-22
My Favorite Husband (Lucille Ball) "Selling dresses" 5/28/50, Liz decides to buy dresses at one store on sale and "return" them to another store at full price. Hans Conried as the depressed Return Counter clerk
The Bickersons "Allergic to dogs" 1/12/47

Friday 3-23
Lights Out! "The Devil's Due" 4/26/39, two cut-throat criminals meet their silent partner (Satan) who takes them to their new headquarters
Fred Allen Show 12/6/42 clip, Allen's Alley looks at "Coffee"

Saturday 3-24
Broadway is My Beat "Morris Bernstein" 6/16/50, a bakery delivery truck driver is beaten to death, and it seems to point to a street gang, but why?
Red Skelton Show 11/7/51 clip: Deadeye and Cauliflower McPugg

Sunday 3-25
Gangbusters "Case of the Jersey Butcher Bandits" 11/8/47, someone is following butcher workers home and robbing them
Our Miss Brooks 8/14/49 clip: English test

Monday 3-26
Lone Ranger "Teacher's Brother" 8/30/54, the saloon owner plans to rob the Pony Express rider of the US Mail so his sister will have to go back to singing in his saloon
Challenge of the Yukon "Scorpion Sam's Gold" 10/16/45, three men rob an old prospector after he's accidentally killed in a fire

Tuesday 3-27
First Nighter "Refresher Course with Soule and Luddy" 4/27/52, neighbor Jim Backus gives advice to a frumpy housewife on spicing up her marriage that leads to chaos
Speaking of Radio: interview Olan Soule & Barbara Luddy, 2/17/75

Wednesday 3-28
Lone Ranger "I.O.U." 9/1/54 (next to last radio ep), a bank night watchman's old gang want him to let them into the bank to switch fake money for the real thing but he slips an IOU to a friend on the way
Adv. of Superman 9/14/45, Chapter 9: Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang, Clark and Perry White visit Lois Lane in jail, still groggy from the ordeal

Thursday 3-29
Bob Hope Show 2/4/53, guest Jack Webb does an episode of Dragnet with Bob as his goofball new partner. The 1987 Dragnet movie actually used a similar plot!
Bob Hope Show 12/28/43 clip, with guest Cary Grant at an all-female military base

Friday 3-30
Lone Ranger "Cold Spring Showdown" 9/3/54, final new episode (ads are from 1955 rerun), a wagon train is being led into a massacre trap by a bad guy posing as wagonmaster
Duffy's Tavern 5/18/49 clip: Most popular bartender (story later redone on Cheers TV-series), and Archie finds boss's Will

Saturday 3-31
Dinah Shore Show 5/3/45, guests Fibber McGee and Molly want to present her with a cup as Best Singer of 1945
The Bickersons (Frances Langford & Lew Parker) 7/10/51

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