Golden Age of Radio for January-March 2009

Thursday 1-1-09
Avalon Time "Red Skelton Joins Cast" 1/7/1939
Lum & Abner "Measles - Quarantined" 8/25/1943

Friday 1-2
Falcon, The "Invisible Thug, Case of the" 1/7/1951
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Cronin Matter" Part 4, 12/8/1955

Saturday 1-3
Screen Director's Guild "Stagecoach" 1/9/1949
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter (soap opera) Mary Talks to the Doctor, #2216

Sunday 1-4
The Shadow "The Man Who Murdered Time" 1/1/1939
Chandu the Magician "Roxor Discovers Chandu" 8/26/1948

Monday 1-5
Murder At Midnight "The Kaballah" 12/30/1946
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Whispering Buddah" 11/14/1948

Tuesday 1-6
Abbott & Costello, guest Judy Canova, 1/6/1944
My Friend Irma "The Great Irma" 1/5/1948

Wednesday 1-7
The Big Story "A Manhunt in Manhattan" 1/7/1948
Police Headquarters "Rod Dugan Murder"

Thursday 1-8
Screen Guild Players "Going My Way" 1/8/1945, Bing Crosby
Easy Aces "Mr. Ace Meets Jane's Parents"

Friday 1-9
David Harding, Counterspy "Case of the Kleptomaniac Clues" 1/7/1951
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Cronin Matter" Part 5 of 5, 12/9/1955

Saturday 1-10
Burns & Allen "Uplifter's Society" 1/10/1946
The Couple Next Door "Lost Car Keys" 12/30/1957

Sunday 1-11
Escape "Confession" 12/31/1946
Chandu the Magician "Abdullah Dies" 8/27/1948

Monday 1-12
Lights Out "Sub-Basement" 2/7/1943
Strange Dr Weird "Journey Into The Unknown" 11/21/1944

Tuesday 1-13
Hopalong Cassidy "Coltsville Terror" 1/15/1950
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Riddle of the Talking Skull" 11/7/1948

Wednesday 1-14
My Favorite Husband "Liz Teaches Iris To Drive" 1/13/1950
Lum and Abner "Cedric Infects Everyone" 8/26/1943

Thursday 1-15
The Mysterious Traveler "Devil & The Deep Blue Sea" 1/6/1949
The Unexpected "Museum" 7/4/1948

Friday 1-16
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Doug Saxon Case" 1/15/1950
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Open Town Matter" Part 1 of 5, 7/23/1956

Saturday 1-17
Escape "Leinengen vs. the Ants" 1/17/1948 (movie version was The Naked Jungle)
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter "Doc Calls Off His Wedding" soap opera #2217

Sunday 1-18
The Shadow "Ghosts Can Kill" 1/15/1939
Chandu the Magician "Douglas Seeks the Sphinx Tunnel" 8/28/1948

Monday 1-19
This is Your FBI "Fiesta Fugitive 20:42" 1/25/1952
Fibber McGee & Molly "Dining Out" 1/25/1944

Tuesday 1-20
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show "Invitation to Inaugural Ball" 1/16/1949
Baby Snooks "Car Breakdown" 1/23/1941

Wednesday 1-21
Crime Classics "Boorn Brothers & the Hangman" 1/27/1954
Abbott & Costello "Sam Shovel, Detective" 1/27/1949 clip

Thursday 1-22
Life of Riley "Wedding Anniversary" 1/14/1945
Easy Aces "400-139 Elopement"

Friday 1-23
Boston Blackie "Search for Jim Gary" 1/21/1947
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Open Town Matter - Part 2" 7/24/1956

Saturday 1-24
Jack Benny Program, guest Red Skelton" 1/22/1950
The Couple Next Door "Fighting with the Kendalls" 8/31/1957

Sunday 1-25
The Whistler "Treasure Hunt" 1/21/1951
Chandu the Magician "Douglas Disappears" 8/31/1948

Monday 1-26
The Cisco Kid "Beyond the Frontier" 1/28/1954
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Organ Murder" 10/21/1948

Tuesday 1-27
Burns & Allen, guest Adolphe Menjou, 2/8/1944
Abe Burrows Show "Writing Successful Screenplays" 8/16/1947

Wednesday 1-28
Nightbeat "Mentallo, The Mental Marvel" 5/1/1950
Police Headquarters "Laundry Truck Kidnapping"

Thursday 1-29
Suspense "Dime A Dance" a psycho is stalking Lucille Ball, 1/13/1944
My Favorite Husband "Piano Lessons" (Lucille Ball) 1/14/1949

Friday 1-30
Adventures of Nero Wolfe "Case of the Vanishing Shells" 2/2/1951
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Open Town Matter - Part 3" 7/25/1956

Saturday 1-31
Author's Playhouse "Miracle in the Rain" 7/29/1944
Editor's Daughter "Fred is Seriously Injured" (soap opera) #2218

Sunday 2-1
The Shadow "The Return of Anatole Chavanic" 2/1/1942
Chandu the Magician "Lost in the Catacombs" 9/1/1948

Monday 2-2
Damon Runyon Theatre "The Big Umbrella" 2/6/1951
Lum and Abner "Nurse Lunsford" 8/30/1943

Tuesday 2-3
Jack Benny Program, guests Bogie & Bacall - 1/5/1947
Charlie McCarthy Show, guest Charles Boyer, 1/5/1947 clip

Wednesday 2-4
I Was A Communist For The FBI "The Sleeper" 2/4/1953
Red Skelton Show "Helter Skelter" 2/4/1951 clip

Thursday 2-5
Screen Director's Playhouse "It Had To Be You" 1/27/1950
Easy Aces "401-140 Moving Out"

Friday 2-6
Box 13 "Double Trouble" 1/31/1949
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Open Town Matter - Part 4" 7/26/1956

Saturday 2-7
Duffy's Tavern "Cultural Singing Contest" 11/9/1951
The Couple Next Door "Hangover" 1/1/1958

Sunday 2-8
Mysterious Traveler "Man Who Tried to Save Lincoln" 2/7/1950
Chandu the Magician "Chandu's Rescue" 9/2/1948

Monday 2-9
Fort Laramie "The Woman At Horse Creek" 2/12/1956
Police Headquarters "Jake Miller Knifed"

Tuesday 2-10
Our Miss Brooks "The Frog" 2/20/1949
Burns & Allen "15th Anniversary Show" (Clip) 2/20/1947

Wednesday 2-11
Adventures of the Scarlet Cloak "Origin of El Diablo" (pilot ep) 2/15/1950
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Maharaja's Gold" 10/24/1948

Thursday 2-12
Weird Circle "The Oblong Box" 2/18/1945
Unsolved Mysteries "The Perfect Crime"

Friday 2-13
Rocky Jordan "Red Stands for Blood" 2/13/1949
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Open Town Matter - Part 5 of 5" 7/27/1956

Saturday 2-14
Jack Benny Show "Jack's Birthday - 39 Again" 2/14/1954
Jack Benny Show "Jack's Birthday" (clip) 2/15/1948

Sunday 2-15
The Shadow "Death Speaks Twice" 2/15/1942
Chandu the Magician "Roxor is Alive" 9/3/1948

Monday 2-16
Pat Novak For Hire "Marcia Halpern" 2/27/1949
Police Headquarters "Telephone Suicide"

Tuesday 2-17
The Milton Berle Show "Saluting Communications" 2/17/1948
The Couple Next Door "Kendall's Are Suing" 1/2/1958

Wednesday 2-18
X Minus One "Skulking Permit" 2/15/1956
The Unexpected "Legacy" 6/27/1948

Thursday 2-19
The First Nighter Program "Love is Stranger Than Fiction" 2/12/1948
Easy Aces "402-141 Planning a Farewell"

Friday 2-20
The Falcon "Case of the Missing Patient" 2/14/1952
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Todd Matter - Part 1" 1/9/1956

Saturday 2-21
Philco Radio Time "Road To Hollywood" 1/29/1947

Sunday 2-22
Lights Out "Oxychloride" 2/16/1943
Chandu the Magician "Chandu Escapes" 9/6/1948

Monday 2-23
Have Gun, Will Travel "The Monster of Moon Ridge" by Gene Roddenberry, 3/8/1959
Captain Midnight "Water in the Cave" 11/13/1939

Tuesday 2-24
The Great Gildersleeve "Taking Up Singing" 2/23/1949
The Bickersons "John's Wrecked Car" 2/23/1947

Wednesday 2-25
The Green Hornet "Corpse That Wasn't There" 2/28/1943
Speed Gibson "The Octopus Gang" 1/16/1937

Thursday 2-26
Life of Riley "Riley the TV Actor" 3/3/1950
Lum and Abner "The Movie Business" 10/13/1943

Friday 2-27
Adv. of Philip Marlowe "The Monkey's Uncle" 3/7/1950
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Todd Matter - Part 2" 1/10/1956

Saturday 2-28
Arch Oboler's Plays "Love, Love, Love" 5/3/1945
Mary Noble, Backstage Wife: Mary Unhappy About Houseguest (soap opera) 5/29/1950
Sunday 3-1
The Shadow "Collectors of Death" 2/27/1949 
Chandu the Magician "Chandu and Bob Go to Get Robert" 9/7/1948  

Monday 3-2
I Love Lucy "Breaking The Lease" (Audition tape) 2/26/1952 
The Couple Next Door "Betsy Wants a Dog" 1/3/1958  

Tuesday 3-3
Escape "Jimmy Goggles, The God" by H.G. Wells, 3/7/1948 
Perry Mason "Show Business or the Law" 12/28/1953  

Wednesday 3-4
Day In The Life Of Dennis Day "Asking Mr. Willoughby For A Raise" 2/26/1947 
Easy Aces "403-142 Jane Writes Her Speech"

Thursday 3-5
Frontier Gentleman "The Lost Mine" 3/2/1958 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest Zachary Scott, 3/4/1953  

Friday 3-6
Night Beat "The Night Watchman" 5/15/1950 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Todd Matter - Part 3" 1/11/1956  

Saturday 3-7
Family Theater "The Cliff" 11/3/1954 
Mary Noble, Backstage Wife: Mary Waits Up (soap opera) 5/30/1950  
[not to be confused with Bob & Ray's "Mary Backstage Noble Wife"]

Sunday 3-8
The Whistler "A Helping Hand" 3/4/1951 
Chandu the Magician "The Place of Darkness" 9/8/1948  

Monday 3-9
X Minus One "Tunnel Under the World" 3/14/1956 
The Strange Dr. Weird "The Man Who Played Dead" 5/1/1945  

Tuesday 3-10
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show "Julius is in Good with Mr. Scott" 3/12/1950 
Fibber McGee & Molly "Fibber Builds a Footstool" 3/10/1942  

Wednesday 3-11
The Shadow "The White Legion" 3/20/1938 
Blair of the Mounties "Fire Valley" 1/31/1938  

Thursday 3-12
The Cisco Kid "Bank Robbery in Cactus Junction" 3/26/1953 
Bill Stern, guest Morton Downey, 12/30/1949  

Friday 3-13
Boston Blackie "The Color Blind Accomplice" 3/12/1946 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Todd Matter - Part 4" 1/12/1956  

Saturday 3-14
Arch Oboler's Plays "Johnny Got His Gun" 3/9/1940 
Mary Noble, Backstage Wife (soap opera) Larry Stays Up Late With Claudia, 5/31/1950  

Sunday 3-15
Suspense "Wreck of the Old '97" 3/17/1952 
Chandu the Magician "Chandu and Nadji Plan Escape" 9/9/1948  

Monday 3-16
Calling All Cars "Flight to the Desert" 3/17/1939 
Speed Gibson "The China Clipper" 1/23/1937  

Tuesday 3-17
Baby Snooks "Home Remodeling" 3/21/1947 
Easy Aces "Speech at the Station"

Wednesday 3-18
Hopalong Cassidy "Hoppy Elects a Sheriff" 3/31/1951 
Hop Harrigan "Riddle Of The Ghostly Avengers" 9/18/1947  

Thursday 3-19
Burns & Allen Show, guest Brian Aherne, 3/28/1944 
Abe Burrows Show "The Big Pot Roast Of 1947" 11/8/1947  

Friday 3-20
Nick Carter, Master Detective  "Case of the Magic Rope" 3/21/1948 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Todd Matter - Part 5" 1/13/1956

Saturday 3-21
Columbia Presents Corwin "A Tapestry for Radio," (New York) 5/16/1944 
Mary Noble, Backstage Wife (soap opera) Claudia and Larry Talk, 6/1/1950  

Sunday 3-22
Lights Out "The Ball" 3/9/1943 
Chandu the Magician "Robert Regent is Missing Again" 9/10/1948  

Monday 3-23
Jack Benny Program "Academy Awards" 3/23/1952 
The Great Gildersleeve "First Day of Spring" 3/26/1947  

Tuesday 3-24
This is Your FBI "The Saboteurs" 3/30/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Matter of Reasonable Doubt - Pt. 1" 5/28/1956  

Wednesday 3-25
Arch Oboler's Plays "The Ugliest Man in the World" 3/25/1939 
Blackstone, the Magic Detective "The Reluctant Saw" 10/10/1948  

Thursday 3-26
Judy Canova "Famous P.R. Man" 4/3/1948 
Lum and Abner "Losing $25 a Day" 10/14/1943  

Friday 3-27
Green Hornet "Youth Takes the Headlines" 3/23/1946 
Captain Midnight "Trying to Rescue Dolores" 11/16/1939  

Saturday 3-28
Murder By Experts "I Dreamt I Died" 9/12/1949 
Mary Noble, Backstage Wife (soap opera) Mary Goes to See Rupert Barlow, 6/2/1950

Sunday 3-29
First Nighter, 3/29/1954 "Chinese Gong" 
Chandu the Magician, 9/13/1948 "Abdullah's Father Brings Jewels"

Monday 3-30
Cisco Kid "The Apologetic Killer" 4/2/1953 
Speed Gibson "The Octopus Speaks" 1/30/1937

Tuesday 3-31
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Dr. Walker & The Problem" 3/28/1952 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Matter of Reasonable Doubt, Pt. 2" 5/29/1956 
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