Golden Age of Radio for January-May 2010

Friday 1-1-2010
Jack Benny Program "The New Tenant" 1/2/1944 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Bennet Matter - Part 3" 2/26/1956  

Saturday 1-2
The Big Story "A Manhunt in Manhattan" 1/7/1948 
Police Headquarters "Rod Dugan Murder"

Sunday 1-3
The Clock "A Helping Hand" 12/29/1946 
Unsolved Mysteries "Buried Treasure"

Monday 1-4
Tales of the Texas Rangers "The Devil's Share" 12/31/1950 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Riddle of the Seven Zombies" 7/17/1949  

Tuesday 1-5
Father Knows Best "Taking Photographs" 1/7/1954 
Lum & Abner "Abner Gets a Letter From Pearl" 12/25/1944  

Wednesday 1-6
Lights Out "Fast One" 1/5/1943 
Chandu the Magician: Gypsy Coming After Betty & Bob" 10/18/1948  

Thursday 1-7
Command Performance: guests Bob Hope, Roy Rogers, 6/24/1944 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: The Paper Goes Out (#2274)

Friday 1-8
Pat Novak for Hire (Jack Webb) "Killing in a Church" 1/1/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Bennet Matter - Part 4" 2/27/1956  

Saturday 1-9
Abbott & Costello, guest Judy Canova, 1/6/1944 
My Friend Irma "Great Irma" 1/5/1948  

Sunday 1-10
Bold Venture "Deadly Merchandise" 1/1/1951 
Police Headquarters: $40,000 Payroll Shipment

Monday 1-11
The Burns & Allen Show "The Beverly Hills Uplift Society Pt.2" 1/22/1945 
The Charlie McCarthy Show, guests Keenan Wynn & June Kilgore Pt.2, 9/9/1945  

Tuesday 1-12
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Murder by Fire" 1/17/1945 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Creeping Death" 10/16/1949  

Wednesday 1-13
X Minus One "Volpa" 8/29/1957 
Exploring Tomorrow "Happiness Effect"

Thursday 1-14
Screen Guild Theatre "A Woman's Face" 4/19/1942 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Mean-Spirited Story (#2275)

Friday 1-15
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Florida Buried Treasure" 1/19/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Bennet Matter - Part 5 of 5" 2/28/1956  

Saturday 1-16
The Whistler "Ticket To Murder" 10/30/1949 
Unsolved Mysteries "Rue Morgue Mysteries" 4/19/1936  

Sunday 1-17
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show "Invitation to Inaugural Ball" 1/16/1949 
Baby Snooks "Car Breakdown" 1/23/1941  

Monday 1-18
Adv. of Philip Marlowe "The Orange Dog of Foe" 1/22/1949 
Police Headquarters "Tommy Woods Killed"

Tuesday 1-19
The Red Skelton Show: Clem Kadiddlehopper Opens the Show, Part 2, 12/10/1948 
Lum & Abner, 12/26/1944  

Wednesday 1-20
Gangbusters "Cincinnati Narcotics Ring" 1/1/1940 
Big Town "Iron Fist" 4/19/1949  

Thursday 1-21
Screen Guild Players "Ball of Fire" 11/30/1942 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Henry Foster Comes Home (#2276)

Friday 1-22
The Fat Man "The Nightmare Murders" 1/17/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Cui Bono Matter - Part 1" 2/17/1956  

Saturday 1-23
Halls of Ivy "Reappointment" (Debut episode) 1/6/1950 
Vic and Sade "Dottie's Dresses" 4/12/1943  

Sunday 1-24
Hopalong Cassidy "Coltsville Terror" 1/15/1950 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Riddle of the Talking Skull" 11/7/1948  

Monday 1-25
Boston Blackie "According to the Plan" 1/28/1947 
Have Gun, Will Travel "Matter of Ethics" 2/1/1959  

Tuesday 1-26
Fibber McGee & Molly "Fibber the Military Advisor" 1/31/1939 
Lum & Abner: Abner Becomes "Doc Peabody" 12/27/1944  

Wednesday 1-27
Suspense "Drury's Bones" 1/25/1945 
Chandu the Magician "Dimitri Asked to Leave" 10/19/1948  

Thursday 1-28
Screen Guild Players "Standing Room Only" 7/2/1945 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Henry is Angry at Mary (#2277)

Friday 1-29
Pete Kelly's Blues (Jack Webb) "Shy Woman" 8/29/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Cui Bono Matter - Part 2" 2/18/1956  

Saturday 1-30
Jack Benny Program, guests Bogie & Bacall S1025, 1/5/1947 
Charlie McCarthy Show, guest Charles Boyer (Clip) S475, 1/5/1947  

Sunday 1-31
The Shadow "Ghost of Caleb Mackenzie" 1/26/1941 
Walter Winchell Show, 3/27/49 

Monday 2-1
Burns & Allen Show "Good Help is Hard to Find" 2/2/1943 
Baby Snooks "Making a Robot & Tax Returns" 2/8/1940

Tuesday 2-2
Abbott & Costello, guest Veronica Lake, Pt.2, 12/2/1943 
Duffy's Tavern, guest Dinah Shore, Pt.2, 12/14/1943  

Wednesday 2-3
The Whistler "The Strange Sisters" 1/28/1946 
Chandu the Magician: Castle Plans Found, 10/19/1948  

Thursday 2-4
First Nighter Program "Refresher Course" 4/27/1952 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Henry Talks to Mrs. Darby (#2278)

Friday 2-5
Adventures of Nero Wolfe "Case of the Benevolent Madic" 2/23/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Cui Bono Matter - Part 3" 2/19/1956  

Saturday 2-6
Screen Guild Players "Going My Way" 1/8/1945 
Easy Aces: Mr. Ace Meets Jane's Parents

Sunday 2-7
Quiet, Please "Whence Came You" 2/16/1948 
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel, guest Doak Walker, 11/18/1949  

Monday 2-8
Night Beat "Night Watchman" 5/15/1950 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Devil's Cauldron" 7/31/1949  

Tuesday 2-9
Blondie "Alexander's Valentine Dilemma" 2/9/1949 
Lum & Abner: Chairs for the Movie Theater, 10/18/1943  

Wednesday 2-10
Mysterious Traveler "Accusing Corpse" 2/16/1944 
Chandu the Magician: Warning From Nadji, 10/21/1948  

Thursday 2-11
Screen Guild Theatre "The Gay Divorcee" 3/6/1944 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, 6/7/1946  

Friday 2-12
The Falcon "The Case of the Natural Seven" 2/29/1952 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Cui Bono Matter - Part 4" 2/20/1956  

Saturday 2-13
Fort Laramie "The Woman At Horse Creek" 2/12/1956 
Police Headquarters "Jake Miller Knifed"

Sunday 2-14
Jack Benny Show: Jack's Birthday - 39 Again, 2/14/1954 
Jack Benny Show: Jack's Birthday (clip) 2/15/1948  

Monday 2-15
Sam Spade "Crab Louie Caper" 3/2/1951 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Ghost in the Crypt" 8/7/1949  

Tuesday 2-16
Aldrich Family "Debate Team" 2/21/1952 
Lum & Abner: Cedric Works on the Projector, 10/19/1943  

Wednesday 2-17
Dark Fantasy "W is for Werewolf" 2/13/1942 
Chandu the Magician: Advice for Nicholas, 10/22/1948  

Thursday 2-18
Frontier Gentleman "Kendall's Last Stand" 2/23/1958 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel: guest Pat O'Brien, 7/22/1949  

Friday 2-19
Casey, Crime Photographer "King of the Apes" 3/1/1947 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Cui Bono Matter - Part 5" 2/21/1956  

Saturday 2-20
Day In The Life Of Dennis Day: Asks Mr. Willoughby For A Raise, 2/26/1947 
Easy Aces: Jane Writes Her Speech

Sunday 2-21
Broadway is My Beat "Tori Jones" 12/10/1949 
Police Headquarters "Silver Collection"

Monday 2-22
Escape "The Orient Express" 2/19/1949 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Gory Goldfish" 3/26/1950  

Tuesday 2-23
My Favorite Husband "Women's Rights: Part 1" 3/3/1950 
Lum & Abner "Grandpap's Player's Piano" 10/20/1943  

Wednesday 2-24
Lights Out "He Dug It Up" 2/9/1943 
Chandu the Magician: Tells About Plans, 10/25/1948  

Thursday 2-25
Screen Directors Playhouse "The Paleface" (Bob Hope) 3/3/1950 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel: guest Hoagy Carmichael, 2/4/1949  

Friday 2-26
Rocky Fortune "Organ Grinder" 2/23/1954 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Molly Kay Matter - Part 1" 10/10/1955  

Saturday 2-27
The Milton Berle Show: Saluting Communications, 2/17/1948 
The Couple Next Door: Kendalls Are Suing, 1/2/1958  

Sunday 2-28
The Green Hornet "Corpse That Wasn't There" 2/28/1943 
Speed Gibson "The Octopus Gang" 1/16/1937  

Monday 3-1
Inner Sanctum Mysteries "The Man Who Couldn't Die" 2/12/1946 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Accusing Corpse" 8/14/1949  

Tuesday 3-2
Life of Riley "Riley's Dancing Lessons" 2/9/1951 
Lum & Abner "Too Many Free Passes" 10/21/1943  

Wednesday 3-3
The Shadow "Chess Club Murders" 2/23/1941 
Chandu the Magician: Spell Cast, 10/26/1948  

Thursday 3-4
Cavalcade of America Edgar Allen Poe 2/26/1941 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel: guest Dave Elman, 6/14/1946  

Friday 3-5
Philo Vance "Flying Murder Case" 2/8/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Molly Kay Matter - Part 2" 10/11/1955  

Saturday 3-6
Suspense "The House on Cypress Canyon" 12/5/1946, with a werewolf in the closet
Unsolved Mysteries "The High Seas" 4/19/1905  

Sunday 3-7
Ozzie and Harriet "Curiosity" 11/21/1948 
Lum & Abner "Lum and Abner Mind the Jail" 8/19/1943  

Monday 3-8
The Burns & Allen Show, guest Alan Ladd, 3/7/1944 
Fibber McGee & Molly "The New Neighbor" 2/9/1954  

Tuesday 3-9
The Black Book "My Favorite Corpse" 2/24/1952 
The Whistler "Jackson Street Affair" 3/18/1951  

Wednesday 3-10
The Sealed Book  "Death Spins a Web" 4/1/1945 
Chandu the Magician "Nadji Told of Curse" 10/27/1948  

Thursday 3-11
Screen Guild Theatre "Tailored By Toni" 3/12/1939 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Doc Hears of Mary's "Snub" (#2279)

Friday 3-12
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Death Behind the Scenes" 3/25/1945 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Molly Kay Matter - Part 3" 10/12/1955  

Saturday 3-13
Jack Benny Program "Academy Awards" 3/23/1952 
The Great Gildersleeve "First Day of Spring" 3/26/1947  

Sunday 3-14
Damon Runyon Theatre "The Brain Goes Home" 4/3/1949 
Police Headquarters "Jim Bradley, Jewel Thief"

Monday 3-15
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show "Frankie is Hired by Rexall" 3/13/1949 
The Answer Man "Who Has a Keener Sense of Touch?" 3/2/1959  

Tuesday 3-16
Philip Marlowe "The Dancing Hands" 3/19/1949 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Riddle of the Red Rose" 3/6/1949  

Wednesday 3-17
The Hall of Fantasy "The Night The Fog Came" 3/23/1953 
Chandu the Magician: Looking for Dorothy, 10/28/1948  

Thursday 3-18
The Columbia Workshop "Mary and the Fairy" 8/31/1941 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Mary Hires Della (#2280)

Friday 3-19
Richard Diamond, Detective "Butcher Shop" 3/9/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Molly Kay Matter - Part 4" 10/13/1955  

Saturday 3-20
Meet The Meeks "Newspaper Article Mix-Up" 4/3/1948 
Baby Snooks "Measles" 11/14/1940  

Sunday 3-21
Arch Oboler's Plays "The Ugliest Man in the World" 3/25/1939 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Reluctant Saw" 10/10/1948  

Monday 3-22
Abbott & Costello: From Tucson, Arizona, 3/22/1945 
The Answer Man: Did Indians Ever Fight With Fists? 3/4/1959  

Tuesday 3-23
Lights Out "Money, Money, Money" 3/30/1943 
The Origin of Superstition: Break A Mirror - Bad Luck?

Wednesday 3-24
The Clock "Past or Present" 3/30/1947 
Chandu the Magician: Finding Dorothy's Hat, 10/29/1948  

Thursday 3-25
The Halls of Ivy "Halls Finds A Dog" 4/14/1950 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Mary Starts Her New Job (#2281)

Friday 3-26
The Fat Man "Murder Wins the Draw" 4/1/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Molly Kay Matter - Part 5" 10/14/1955  

Saturday 3-27
The Shadow "The White Legion" 3/20/1938 
Blair of the Mounties "Fire Valley" 1/31/1938  

Sunday 3-28
Calling All Cars "Flight to the Desert" 3/17/1939 
Speed Gibson "The China Clipper" 1/23/1937  

Monday 3-29
Fred Allen "Murder at Addison Square Garden" 3/22/1939 
Fibber McGee & Molly: Fibber Writes a Song, 3/24/1942  

Tuesday 3-30
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Death By Adoption" 3/18/1951 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Hand of Cagliostro" 2/20/1949  

Wednesday 3-31
Escape "A Shipment of Mute Fate" 3/28/1948, unlikely hero vs. a deadly snake loose on a ship
Chandu the Magician: Nicholas Has Disappeared, 11/1/1948  

Thursday 4-1
Bright Star "Hillsdale Oil Field?" 10/23/1952 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Will Della Stay or Go? (#2282)

Friday 4-2
Pat Novak For Hire "Escape From Prison" 4/2/1949, Jack Webb
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The LaMarr Matter - Part 1" 3/26/1956  

Saturday 4-3
Baby Snooks "Home Remodeling" 3/21/1947 
Easy Aces: 404-143 Speech at the Station

Sunday 4-4
The Cisco Kid "The Apologetic Killer" 4/2/1953 
Speed Gibson: The Octopus Speaks (kids serial) 1/30/1937  

Monday 4-5
Our Miss Brooks "Starts New School Year Early" 4/11/1955 
Lum and Abner: The Problem of the Projector, 10/20/1943  

Tuesday 4-6
Night Beat "The Tong War" 4/17/1950 
Unsolved Mysteries "Peter the Painter"

Wednesday 4-7
Suspense "Murder in G-Flat" 4/5/1951 
Chandu the Magician: Trying to Escape, 11/2/1948  

Thursday 4-8
Screen Guild Theatre "Tight Shoes" 4/12/1942 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Dorothy Wants a Car (# 2283)

Friday 4-9
Box 13 "Much Too Lucky" 5/1/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The LaMarr Matter - Part 2" 3/27/1956  

Saturday 4-10
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show: New Fire Chief Pt.2, 1/30/1949 
Fibber McGee and Molly: Fibber & Molly's Anniversary, 5/28/1946  

Sunday 4-11
Dimension X "With Folded Hands" 4/15/1950, robots take over Earth for our own good...
Unsolved Mysteries "The Hypnotist"

Monday 4-12
Red Skelton Show "Candy" 4/11/1944 
Lum and Abner: Abner Packs for Trip, 10/21/1943  

Tuesday 4-13
The Falcon "Case of the Jumping Jack" 4/17/1952 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Locked Book" 4/3/1949  

Wednesday 4-14
The Whistler "Element X" 4/6/1952 
Chandu the Magician "Thinks Nicolas is in the Castle" 11/3/1948  

Thursday 4-15
Hollywood Star Playhouse "Nor Gloom of Night" 4/27/1952 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Dorothy Plans to "Fix" Car (# 2284)

Friday 4-16
This is Your FBI "The Big Fix" 4/20/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The LaMarr Matter - Part 3" 3/28/1956  

Saturday 4-17
Life of Riley: Kiss in the Dark, 4/20/1951 
Lum & Abner: Jot'em Down Store History, 1/20/1943  

Sunday 4-18
Philo Vance "The Mimic Murder Case" 4/4/1950 
The Black Book "The Vagabond Murder" 3/2/1952  

Monday 4-19
Martin & Lewis Show, guest Laraine Day, 4/28/1953 
The Answer Man "An Animal That Grows Smaller?"

Tuesday 4-20
Escape "The Scarlet Plague" 4/8/1954 
Unsolved Mysteries "Poltergeist"

Wednesday 4-21
Mysterious Traveler "Dark Destiny" 4/13/1947 
Chandu the Magician: Nicolas Found, 11/4/1948  

Thursday 4-22
Dr. Christian: No Change In Plans, 4/11/1951 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Edna is Furious (# 2285)

Friday 4-23
Crime and Peter Chambers "Cemetery Attack" 4/20/1954 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The LaMarr Matter - Part 4" 3/29/1956  

Saturday 4-24
Abbott & Costello "Lou's Old Flame" 4/10/1947 
Duffy's Tavern, guest Carol Landis, 4/11/1944  

Sunday 4-25
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Case of the Luminous Spots" 4/27/1947 
Police Headquarters "Two Officers Disappear"

Monday 4-26
The Charlie McCarthy Show, with Dale Evans & Martha Raye, 4/11/1943 
Life of Riley "Baxter Goes to New York" 4/30/1944  

Tuesday 4-27
Big Town 4/12/49, a young woman joins a suicide club
The Unexpected (syndicated) "King Champion"

Wednesday 4-28
The Shadow, 1/25/48 "The House That Death Built" Brett Morrison, Grace Matthews
Chandu the Magician (continued from last Wednesday)

Thursday 4-29
Your Playhouse Of Favorites (syndicated, 1940s) guest star Arnold Moss
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter (cont. from last Thursday)

Friday 4-30
Mr. Keene, Tracer of Lost Persons "The Mother's Plea Murder Case" 4/23/52
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The LaMarr Matter" part 5 of 5

Saturday 5-1
My Favorite Husband, 4/29/49 "Where To Vacation?" Policeman: Frank Nelson
The Easy Aces: Jane takes over the family budget (syndicated, 1940s)

Sunday 5-2
The Weird Circle "Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde" 4/29/45
Unsolved Mysteries: Jack The Ripper

Monday 5-3
Columbia Presents Corwin, 4/4/44 "Odyssey Of Runyon Jones"
Baby Snooks: At The Zoo 4/3/41

Tuesday 5-4
Rogue's Gallery "The Impossible Murder Case" 5/16/46
Calling All Detectives (syndicated) starring Paul Barnes

Wednesday 5-5
Molle Mystery Theater "Close Shave" 5/14/48
Chandu The Magician (cont. from last Wednesday)

Thursday 5-6
CBS Radio Workshop 5/11/56 "The Enormous Radio" narrated by William Conrad
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter (cont. from last Thursday)

Friday 5-7
Pat Novak For Hire (Jack Webb) "Fleet Lady" 3/6/49
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 9/25/1956 "Meg's Place Matter - Part 1"

Saturday 5-8
Red Skelton, never-broadcast rehearsal for 12/7/41 show "Money" with Ozzie & Harriet

Sunday 5-9
The Green Hornet 5/5/38 "The Political Racket"
Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police

Monday 5-10
The Jack Benny Program (final radio broadcast) 5/22/55, Mr. Twomley: Mel Blanc
The Answer Man

Tuesday 5-11
Pabst Blue Ribbon Presents Summer Mercury Theatre Of The Air 6/7/46 (Orson Welles) "Around The World in 80 Days"
Norman Corwin's "14 August" narrated by Orson Welles

Wednesday 5-12  
Murder at Midnight, 5/5/1947 "Island of the Dead" 
Chandu the Magician, 11/9/1948 "To Go To Scimitar Mountain"  

Thursday 5-13  
Columbia Workshop, 12/1/1942 "Cromer" 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Who Tampered With Car? (#2288)  

Friday 5-14  
Boston Blackie, 5/28/1947 "The Ghost of Florence Newton" 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 9/26/1956 "Meg's Place Matter - Part 2" 
Saturday 5-15  
My Friend Irma, 5/10/1948 "Bon Voyage" 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, 10/15/1948, guest: Rex Harrison 
Sunday 5-16  
Lights Out, 5/25/1943 "Little Old Lady" 
Unsolved Mysteries (syndicated) Mystery of Sgt-Major Thomas 
Monday 5-17  
Burns & Allen, 5/8/1940 "Boarding A Train For Omaha" 
The Answer Man, 3/9/1959 "Why Do Birds Sing?"  

Tuesday 5-18  
Fort Laramie, 5/27/1956 "Sergeant's Baby" 
Forecast, 8/19/1940 exerpt "To Tim at Twenty" by Norman Corwin 

Wednesday 5-19
Inner Sanctum, 5/21/1946 "Detour To Terror" Mason Adams, Mercedes McCambridge
Chandu the Magician: 11/10/1948 "Call From Paris"  

Thursday 5-20  
Columbia Workshop, 8/3/1941 "Descent of the Gods" 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Amelia Spoils Mary's Plan (#2289)  

Friday 5-21  
Nightbeat, 5/29/1950 "Harlan Matthews, Stamp Dealer" 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: 9/27/1956 "Meg's Place Matter - Part 3" 
Saturday 5-22  
Fibber McGee & Molly, 3/19/1940, Dog License 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, 12/21/1945, guest Ezra Stone 
Sunday 5-23
Tales of the Texas Rangers "By Just a Number" 4/19/1950 
Blair of the Mounties "Fur Theives" 3/7/1938  

Monday 5-24
The Fred Allen Show, guest Bing Crosby, 5/23/1948 
Baby Snooks Show: Driving Home From A Wedding, 5/14/1942  

Tuesday 5-25
Dimension X "Knock" 5/6/1950 
Calling All Detectives "Restaurant With No Customers" 6/14/1948  

Wednesday 5-26
Suspense "Death on My Hands" 5/10/1951 
Chandu the Magician: Threat From Dimitri, 11/11/1948  

Thursday 5-27
Columbia Workshop, 5/30/1944 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Amelia Goes Too Far (#2290)

Friday 5-28
The Falcon "Curious Cop, Case of the" 5/20/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Meg's Place Matter - Part 4" 9/28/1956  

Saturday 5-29
Red Skelton (rehearsal show) "House Guests" 12/21/1941  

Sunday 5-30
The Whistler "Witness at the Fountain" 9/9/1946 
Unsolved Mysteries "Haunted Railroad" 4/19/1905  

Monday 5-31
Hopalong Cassidy "The Unwilling Outlaw" 4/28/1951 
Captain Midnight: Captain Midnight Approaches, 11/21/1939  
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