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Händel's Messiah - Mormon Tabernacle Choir 
Christmas Day, Boney M
Christmas Wrapping, Waitresses
Inner Demons,Julia Brennan
The Wayward Wind, Gogi Grant
I Make A Fool Of Myself, Frankie Valli

SAT CARTOON: Sea Serpent
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HOT Lists USA/🇺🇸LPFM Listings
mid-AMerica:*FM +city !AM+/xlator†mlb
Colorado *† 1O/14
Idaho* 11/25 [I❤️DX-midAMerica.com]
Illinois*† 11/18
Indiana*! 9/9DX-midAMerica.com...listening!
Iowa*10/28 YOUR DX reports welcome!
Kansas* 11/11
Michigan* + 10/28
Minnesota*† 11/4
Missouri *†!1O/14
Montana* 11/11
Nebraska* 11/18
North Dakota*+ 12/3
Ohio*†+ 11/25
South Dakota*+ 8/26
Wisconsin *! 🔥<---12-2
Wyoming*† 10/7
Arizona Nevada &
New Mexico GY lists

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HOT Lists/Canada:🇨🇦
Alberta 11/25
Manitoba 6/24
Ontario† 11/4
Saskatchewan 6/10
New Brunswick 6/10
  and Labrador
Nova Scotia 11/25
Pr Edw Isl 12-15
FM-Eastern 11/4
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15 CanAM+OCTOBER added!
Suncoast/Gulf GYs SITE ROADMAP
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18 World, Cayman Islands
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Colorado Mississippi

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RD-IA:550 KTSA TX 570 WIDS KY 610 WPLO GA 610 KILT TX 620 WDJX MS 650 CKOM SK 790 WTSK AL 790 KFGO ND 900 KHOZ AR 930 WWON TN 970 WMAY IL 1040 WPBS GA 1130 WAMB IN 1140 WBXR AL 1140 CHRB AB 1190 KDMR MO 1270KYSJ-MO 1310 KZRG MO 1330 WAEW TN 1340 KSMO MO 1340 KAND TX 1350 KBRX NE 1350 WARF OH 1350 KXTN TX 1350 WAUN WI 1400 WQXO MI 1400 WZNG TN 1400 WATW WI 1430 WLCB KY 1450 WGNS TN 1470 WVOL TN 1490 WHOC MS 1490 WLCX WI 1550 WPFC LA 1550 WIGN TN 1590 WPIW IN 1600 WUCT TN 1600 WRPN WI ***RECORD BREAKING NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!! **** ROSS ON 25 1390WPLI-VA NEW! --JJR 25 Twil 1190WLIB NY 1240WCBY MI 1250WPGP PA +CJYE ON 1320CJMR ON 1330WWRV NY 1390WFBL NY 1450WNBY MI 1470WNYY NY-NEW! 1460WHIC NY +1460CJOY ON 1480WHBC OH 1570WVTL NY 26 SRS 560KWTO MO 640KWPN OK 760KMTL AR 950KJRG KS 980KMBZ MO 1070KFTI KS 1190KVSV KS 1240KFMO MO 1260WPGP PA 1380KXFN MO 1420WKCW VA 1460KKOY KS 1550KRZD MO 1590KVGB KS 730MEXICO XEX ... JJR-MI 25 SRS 1340Country-who izzit? KNX 1370KSUM-MN 1270KNWC-SD 930WBEN-NY 730KWOA-MN 1340KWLM-MN 940KVSH-NE 860KNUJ-MN 800CJAD-QC 760KMTL-AR 680KFEQ-MO 630KYFI-MO 1450KMRY-IA 1400WBIZ-WI +WATW-WI _KMNV-MN 910WZRK-WI 570CKGL-ON 1450WRCE-WI 990WDCX-NY 1460KDA-MN 1450KYNT-SD 1360KCSJ-IA 1250KCUE-MN 1150WEAQ-WI 1560KBEW-MN whew! JJR-MI 24 SRS: 780WJAG NE 950WERL WI 1050WJOK WI 1060KGFX SD 1070KFTI KS 1080WOAP MI 1220KDDR ND 1260WLAK WI 1340KROC MN 1360KKBJ MN 1430KNSP MN 1450WHTC MI +KZZJ ND 1490KOVC ND 1590KGFX MN 1600KDAK ND -- TPK-WI 23 954 NEW ZEALAND / ROSS-ON NEW! 23 SRS 1290WVOW-WV GH-IL 23 SRS 1450WFRA-PA NEW! ***1290 WVOW now on MOST REPORTED! *** JJR-MI 23 SRS: 1060KNLV NE KNX 1080KNDK ND 1460WKAM IN 1500WLQV MI 1520KOKC OK 1550KESJ MO 1580WJFK MD ... ****DECEMBER TRACKER AM DX ACTION of a look back DECEMBER 2018, plus 580, NORTH CAROLINA and ALBERTA ..... SC-BR 1530 unID 20 1240KICD IA NEW! 1110WJML MI 21 1230unID 22 1230WKLK MN 1400unID 1290WVOW WV 1600KATZ MO 1490WEUR IL 1490unID **** TL-IN 20 SRS 1260WOCO WI 1290WVOW WV --- GH-IL 21 SRS 1350WLOU-KY JJR-MI 22 SRS:800WPCA WI 800CJAD QC 930KSDN SD 1080KNDK ND 1090WAQE WI 1100WZFG MN 1130KBMR ND 1230WXCO WI 1240WCBY MI 1300KOLY SD 1320KELO SD 1340KXPO ND 1380KOTA SD 1380KQKD SD 1390KRRZ ND 1410KOOQ ME 1450KATE MN 1510KCTE MO 1560KBEW MN 1570WFRL IL S L O W start, but picked up! JJR-MI 21 SRS 620CKRM SK 660WMIC MI 660CFFR AB 680WOGO WI 690WNZK MI 740KNFL ND 760KCCV KS 930KSDN SD 950KOEL IA 980WPFP WI 1060KGFX SD 1080WOAP MI 1160KCTO MO 1170KTSB OK 1190WNWC WI 1220KDDR ND 1230WXCO WI 1290WKLJ WI 1300KOLY SD 1320WFHR WI 1380WPHM MI + KHWK MN + KOTA SD 1400 WKNW MI 1420WGXI WI 1450WHTC MI 1470KMNQ MN 1510KPLS CO 1590WTVB MI **** TL-IN 20 DAYS! 1440WYGHKY NEW! **** JJR-MI 2O SRS: 570 CKGL ON 630 CHED AB 650 CKOM SK 660 CFFR AB 690 WNZK MI 690 CKGM QC 740 KNFL ND 790 WAYY WI 810 KBHB SD 820 CHAM ON 830 WMMI MI 890 KQLX ND 900 CKBI SK 1010 CBR AB 1060 KGFX SD 1080 WOAP MI 1150 CJSL SK 1160 KCTO MO 1160 KSL UT 1170 WFDL WI 1220 KDDR ND 1220 CFAJ ON 1240 WATT MI 1260 WPNW MI 1260 KWYR SD 1270 WXYT MI 1270 KNWC SD 1320 KELO SD 1340 WLCM MI 1390 WLCM MI 1440 WMAX MI 1450 WHTC MI 1460 WKAM IN 1460 CJOY ON 1490 WLCX WI 1510 KCTE MO 1530 WLCO MI JJR-WI 19 SRS 580WRXH-TN 610WTVN-OH 760KMTL-AR 800CHAB-SK 880WMDB-TN 1030WGSF-TN 1040WPBS-GA 1090WFCV-IN 1360WVRQ-WI 1480WDYS-IN 1520WRCI-MI 1550KAPE-MO 1580WWSJ IN 1590WPVL-WI .. JJR-WI 18 SRS 580WXRH-TN 740WRPQ-WI 940KIXZ-TX WKDA-TN WATK-WI 810WJJQ-WI 790KFGO-ND 750CKJH-SK 1380KLIZ-MN 960WTCH-WI 880WRFD-OH 1060WILB-OH -- JJR-WI 17 SRS 770WVNN-AL 1100WISS-WI 1260WNDE-IN 1320WKAN-IL "this is DX?" blah... CR-IL 15OWL/Twil: 1050 WWIC-AL,NEW! 1050XEG- Mexico! --- JJR-WT 16 SRS 790KFGO-ND 103-WGSF-TN 900CKBI-SK 1490WTIQ-TX blah.. ABOVE AVERAGE AGAIN! MONTH #125 in-a-row! JJR-WI 15 SRS 790WETB-TN +KFGO-ND(3d day in a row!) 1520WRCI-MI(rare!) 1230WIBQ-IN 800CHAB-SK 900CKBI-SK -- ROSS-ON 7th OWL 970WTBF-AL,NEW! GH-IL 14 SRS 790KXXX-KS,NEW! 105.3WHTS-MI,NEW! -- JJR-WI 14 SRS 69OWJOX-AL +WOKV-FL/rare +CBKF1-SK 740 KNFL-ND 790 KFGO-ND 830 WTRU-NC 880 WRFD-OH +WMDB TN 900 WKDA-TN 910 WGTO-MI 940 CJGX-SK 990 KAYL-IA +WNML TN 1010 WKJW-NC 1030 WGSF-TN 1040WPBS GA 1190 WNWC-WI 1320 KSIV-MO 1370 KWTL ND & 1580WJFK-MD... EB-MI 13 OWL 740KCMC-TX NEW! -- N S E W? SEE LAST LOGS ABOVE!!!! ::::: Welcome and hello everybody!!!!! HOT TIPS TICKER: YOU CAN ADD YOUR TIPS TOO!!!!
DX-midAMerica.com THEN: Nov 30: TL-IN bags 3 NEW! 1350 WZGM Black Mountain,NC, 1390 WYXI Athens,TN & 1600 KUSH Cushing,OK-2022, 910 WCBN Hayward,WI Cl HITS:96-9 the Cabin" was AC, 1340 WLDY Ladysmith,WI OLD C&W&"Willie" (80s 90s) was SPO:CBS. 93.1 WJBL Ladysmith,WI Cl HITS:93-1 the Cabin. Was OLDies as the Dice. Recent sale. 106.5 WKCH Whitewater,WI C&W:Kix 106-5 was Cl HITS:Kool FM K106. Recent sale.-2020, EB-MI logs NEW 1080 WALD-SC -2019, TL-IN logs all these NEW: 1340 WXFN Muncie,IN, 1340 WLEW Bad Axe,MI 1110 WSLV Ardmore,TN & 1170 WCXN Claremont,NC -2018, EB-MI logs NEW 930 KKIN Aitkin,MN, 1190 WVUS Grafton,WV & 1150 WMST Mount Sterling,KY -2016, 98.3 WWHP Farmer City,IL goes TALK, tossing Cl HITS -2015, JJR-WI logs NEW 1330 WEBY Milton,FL -2014. AM: NOV AV:285.09 HI:536('21) LO:64('87) NOV'22:445 HISTORY:11-81 First bulletin Hot Tips dated 11-15 FM: NOV AV:19.23 HI:85('06),LO:0 LAST:34(in 2016) 2022:OO Thanx for reporting to DX-midAMerica, since 1981! Your DX is welcome here!!! Thanks to you for your help, insight and passion. DX-midAMerica...the best! Nothing less! Get to the point DX. DX-midAMerica.com
DX-midAMerica.com *recently changed★★★★★ THURSDAY: LOCAL LIST UPDATED. YOU READY? LET'S GO!! 86,000 TIPS HIT!!!!! DX CX change DAILY! So does DX-midAMerica! Check in the morning and before you hit the sack. UPDATED SEVERAL TIMES DAILY! THERE IS SO MUCH HERE: see inDeX page: recently updated!!! 86,000 HOT TIPS!!!!!!!!! Thank you all! ! DX-midAMerica.com Every DAY is another CHANCE at HOT DX!!!!! ::::: Thanx to the great reporters!!!! HOT TIPPIN' since 1981!!!!
DX-midAMerica.com * recently changed☆☆☆☆☆NOVEMBER 30TH: LAKE SUP MICH HURON LISTINGS UPDATED!!!... Does it get any better?????? DX-midAMerica THANKS YOU ALL! :::: "MostFM" shows Top 3 FM freqs 88.3 92.1 88.5!!!! Lotta Stuff YOU heard!DECEMBER SSS SRS TWILIGHT OWL TARGETS NOW POSTED.---- Content + commitment = DX-midAMerica.com .....
DX-midAMerica.com SNEAK PEAK:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ By DECEMBER 8TH: TARGETS:NORTH EAST STATES, ILLINOIS FM, JAN TARGETS WILL ALL BE UPDATED!!!!! ✅ out DX-midAMerica updates! 1230CDT 1240 1340 1400 & 1450 if needed :::: ✅ out DX-midAMerica DX-midAMerica! Relevant in 1981. Relevant NOW! DX-midAMerica.com, from the DAWN of the internet!!!! The largest compilation of AM&FMDX from midAMerica on the net! COURTESY is Contagious! The attitude is GRATITUDE! Surround yourself with GOOD PEOPLE!