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Percolator Twist, Billy Joe & The Checkmates
All I Really Want, Alanis Morissette
Head Over Feet, Alanis Morissette
Beggin', Four Seasons
I'm Doin' Fine Now, New York City
Loving Arms, Dobie Gray

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DX-midAMerica! NOW: TL-IN 17 SRS 550WSVA VA 580 WHP PA 750WBMD MD New! 780 WAVA VA 920WHJJ RI 930 KWOC MO 1000WIOO PA 1050BQH MD New! 🟣 JJR-WI 22 SRS 1190 WAFS GA 1190 WAFS GA 1010 WHIN TN 900 WKDA TN 1220 WSLM IN 990 WNML TN 1030 WGSF TN 1320 KSIV MO 1270 KRXO OK 1090 WAQE WI 1580 WJFK MD 🟣 GH-IL 21 SRS 860WSON-KY,NEW!!!! FM:97.5 WZOK IL 🟣 JJR-WI 21 SRS:1600WZZW WV 960 WFIR VA 770WVNN AL 730WZGV NC 630 WLAP KY 610 WTVN OH 1580 WJFK MD 990WNML TN 790 WKRD KY 1320 KSIV MO 1380 WKJV NC 1370 KWTL ND 1010WKJW NC 🟣 SMA-MB 18 SSS NEW! 1290KOUU ID 19SRS 1110WXES-IL NEW!!!!!! 🟣 JJR-MI 19SRS: 1120WBBF NY 1450KBUN MN 1420KGIM SD 1570KAKK MN 1470KHND ND 1400KQDJ ND 1300KOLY SD 930 WBEN NY 920KDHL MN 710KNUS CO 660WMIC MI 1690CHTO ON 1150KWKY IA 1270KNWC SD 1220KDDR ND 1230KTRF MN 1060KGFX SD 1010KSIR CO 1600WAAM MI 1600KDAK ND 1510KCTE MO 🟣 JJR-MI 18 SRS: 1290WNBF NY 1520WPAY OH 1080WOAP MI 1400 WQXO MI 1140CHRB AB 1690KDMT CO 830WMMI MI 800KQCV OK 780WJAG NE 760KCCV KS 1550KESJ MO 🟣 MF-FL 16 SRS 2 NEW! 1090WBAL MD 1160WCFO GA 🟣 TL-IN 17 SRS: 900WKDA TN 620WHEN NY 620WKHB PA 710WTPR TN 1080KYMO MO NEW!--- 🟣 JJR-MI 17 SRS:1000WIOO PA 1430KASI IA 1080KNDK ND 1470KHND ND 1600KDAK ND 800 CJAD QC 1340WLEW MI 1060KNLV NE 1530WLCO MI 1510KCTE MO 1340KROC MN 1160KCTO MO 1130WDFN MI 1380KHWK MN 1350WARF OH 1320KELO SD 740KNFL ND 1470KHND ND 1600KDAK ND 1550KESJ MO 1450KZZJ ND 1260KROX MN 🟣 JJR-MI 16 SRS: 1000KNWN WA 730KYYA MT 1000WIOO PA 1400KQDJ ND 1380KOTA SD 1170KJJD CO 1160WPIE NY 660WMIC MI 1440WMAX MI 1380WBEL IL 970KQAQ MN 920KDHL MN 910KCJB ND 900KTIS MN 890KQLX ND 860KNUJ MN 780WJAG NE 760KCCV KS 620KMNS IA 1240WATT MI 1050KLOH MN 1010KSIR CO 620CKRM SK 1360WVRQ WI 1390WLCM MI 🟣 JJR-WI 15 SRS 730WPIT PA 1580WJFK MD 1160WCRT TN 1080KRLD TX 900KTIS MN 900WATK WI 1320KELO SD 1080OKT KY 🟣 SMA-MB 14 Twil NEW!1000KNWN WA 🟣 JJR-WI 14 SRS 66OWXIC OH 158OWJFK MD 1500WFED DC 1310WDXI TN 1180WKCE TN 1300WNQM TN 1270WWCA IN 1190KDMR MO 1320KSIV MO 1310KOKX IA 1150WCRK TN 960KLTF MN 1380KLIZ MN 1350WAUN WI 1320WDMJ MI 1270KRXO OK 🟣 JJR-MI 13 SRS: 1160WPIE NY 1140CHRB AB 1010 CBR AB 920KDHL MN 800CJAD QC 770WTOR NY 740WDGY WI 1580KCHA IA 1460KDWA MN 1320KOZY MN 1260WLAK MN 1160KCTO MO 1060KNLV NE 950KOEL IA 890KQLX ND 1570KDIZ MN 1560KBEW MN 1430CHKT ON 1290WKLJ WI 🟣 GH-IL 11 SSS 1690CHTO ON 🟣 SEE WHAT HAS BEEN REPORTED OVER THE PAST YEAR! More!More!More!:FEB'22/1410/NM/ON JJR-MI 12 SRS: 1470KHND ND 1450KZZJ ND 1380KOTA SD 1260KWYR SD 1240KCCR SD 1490KOVC ND 1390KRRZ ND 1630KFBU WY 1080WWNL PA 1160WPIE NY 1050CHUM ON 1600WRPN WI 1380WPHM MI 1140CHRB AB 820WBKK MN 760KCCV KS 740KNFL ND 1220CHRB MB 1010KSIR CO 910KCJB ND 🟣 JJR-MI 11 SRS: 650WNMT-TX 1320Kelo-SD 1400KEYL-MN 🟣 JJR-MI 10-SRS 1490KIBM NE 1320KELO SD 1300KOLY SD 1090WKBZ MI 790WSGW MI 990KAYL IA 980KKMS MN 940CKNVtQC 890KQLX ND 820WBKK MN 780WJAG NE 740KNFL ND 730KWOA MN 600KSJB ND 540WXYG MN 1570KDIZ MN 810KBHB SD 790WAYY WI 770 KATL MT 1320KOZY MN 1140KXRB SD 1150KASM MN 1520KSIB IA 1260WLAK WI 🟣 MF-FL 6 Twil: 1160WEWC FL 1650KCNZ IA 🟣 JJR-MI 9 SRS 1000KNWN WA 630CHED AB 660CFFR AB 1140CHRB AB 1470KHND ND 1450KZZJ ND 1130KBMR ND 1090WBAL MD 1600WRPN WI 1260WLAK WI 910KCJB ND 900CKBI SK 680CBKF-1 SK 650CKOM SK 1330CJYM SK 1320KHRT ND 1280KXVR MN 1220CJRB MB 1150CJSL SK 950WERL WI 1600KDAK ND 🟣 JJR-WI 8 SRS 880 WRFD OH 800 WHVU WV 79O WKRD KY 1590 WPVL WI 1590 WHLX MI 1320 KOZY MN 1270 KRXO OK 1160 WCRT TN 🟣 TPK-WI 6 Twilight: 1089 UNITED KINGDOM, 1089 UNITED KINGDOM, talkSPORT syncho 1089 UNITED KINGDOM, talkSPORT syncho 2/7/2024 2/7/2024 0130 to 0300 UTC, 0620 to 0900 UTC. A weak signal on 1089.0005 that never peaked above the 1090 LSB level. Gone by 0731 UTC. TPK-WI 1089 UNITED KINGDOM, talkSPORT syncho 1089 NEW ZEALAND, 🟣 TL-IN 6 Twil: 1530WJDM NY 🟣 GH-IL 7 SRS 1300WXRL NY FM:102.5 WNWC WI BOTH NEW! **** CR-IL 7 SSS: 920 CKNX ON 980 CFPL ON ***** JJR-WI 7 SRS: 1380 KLIZ MN 1190 KDMR MO 1150 WEAQ WI 1040 WPBS GA 950 WAKM TN 1320 WDMJ MI 1430 WRDN WI 1140 WVEL IL 960 KLTF MN 900 KTIS MN 1320 KOZY MN 1070 KSKK MN 1030 WKEG MI 1440 KYCR MN ***** JJR-WI 6 SRS: 1190KDMR MO 1010WHIN TN 1380WMJR KY 1300WNQM TN 1280WGBF IN 1370KWTL ND 1210KGYN OK 1010WKCW NC 1590WPVL WI **** EB-MI 5 SRS CFOS-560 ONT - WPIT-730 Pgh WKRD-790 KY WHIN- 1010 TN WNDE-1260 IN - ***** 🟣 ****FEBRUARY TRACKER AM DX ACTION of a look back FEBRUARY 2020, more ..... 🟣 N S E W? SEE LAST LOGS ABOVE!!!! ::::: Welcome and hello everybody!!!!! HOT TIPS TICKER: YOU CAN ADD YOUR TIPS TOO!!!!
DX-midAMerica! THEN:Feb 23: EB-MI logs NEW 1400 WBAT Marion,IN- 2021, 1550 WZRK WI Lake Geneva license cancelled -2015 AM: FEB AV:191.93 (^184.68) HI:486('21),LO:19('88) FEB'23:424 Your DX is welcome here!!! Thanks to you for your help, insight and passion. DX-midAMerica...the best! Nothing less! Get to the point DX. DX-midAMerica!
DX-midAMerica! *recently changed★★★★★ FRIDAY: IT'S A HIP-HOPPIN' BEE-BOPPIN' MILLION DOLLAR WEEKEND !!!!!!!!!!!!! 87,000 TIPS HIT!!!!! DX CX change DAILY! So does DX-midAMerica! Check in the morning and before you hit the sack. UPDATED SEVERAL TIMES DAILY! THERE IS SO MUCH HERE: see inDeX page: recently updated!!! 87,000 HOT TIPS!!!!!!!!! Thank you all! ! DX-midAMerica! Every DAY is another CHANCE at HOT DX!!!!! ::::: Thanx to the great reporters!!!! HOT TIPPIN' since 1981!!!!
DX-midAMerica! * recently changed☆☆☆☆☆ FEBRUARY 23RD: I-35/29 TransCANADA UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!! -YO! YO! YO! LET'S GO!!!!!... Does it get any better?????? DX-midAMerica THANKS YOU ALL! :::: "MostFM" shows Top 3 FM freqs 88.3 92.1 88.5!!!! Lotta Stuff YOU heard!MARCH SSS SRS TWILIGHT OWL TARGETS NOW POSTED.---- Content + commitment = DX-midAMerica! .....
DX-midAMerica! SNEAK PEAK:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ By MARCH 8TH:🎯 APRIL TARGETS:OWL SRS-SSS Twilight -KS OKLA FMS TOO! WILL ALL BE UPDATED!!!!! ✅ out DX-midAMerica updates! 1230CDT 1240 1340 1400 & 1450 if needed :::: ✅ out DX-midAMerica DX-midAMerica!...listening! DX-midAMerica! Relevant in 1981. Relevant NOW! DX-midAMerica, from the DAWN of the internet!!!! The largest compilation of AM&FMDX from midAMerica on the net! COURTESY is Contagious! The attitude is GRATITUDE! Surround yourself with GOOD PEOPLE!