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 From time to time, different viruses will hit websites, but it is way down from years past. There are filters, etc., but junk/spam/garbage DOES get through. When I get mail from myself, which I never sent, it really is interesting! With these viruses, worms, etc., there is a chance the mailbox might be full, rather easily!
 IF THIS HAPPENS, please write to any address below, and your report WILL get through. YOU will get a reply thanking you, as I am grateful for any participation in this effort. How dare anyone ask for participation and be "too busy" to reply with a thank you! I'm still convinced a THANK YOU goes a long way!
IF you do nor receive a THANK YOU, check your "JUNK" mail as one is always sent! Too, mail has been received here "re:subject" responding to an e-mail sent by either sender and that is "JUNK." That is marked "NOT JUNK" and hopefully, the problem is solved! Hopefully!
NO ATTACHMENTS are ever, ever sent!
NO unsolicited email is ever sent out.
OTHER mailboxes, which you are free to use are:
DX-midAMerica is the number 1 stop for DX and accurate info in midAMerica!
Address of form for sending loggings to DX-midAMerica!
If the people who release these worms, viruses, etc., would use their skills for the GOOD of society how much better of a world this might be.
In general, your message is likely to get through if you use "DX" in the subject line. DX will get my attention. So there!
73 and thanx a bunch!
P.S. The POST YOUR DX link found on the home page or on the any DX page:longform or current month has the address ("DXreports@WebTV.net") linkage.
"JUNK" is checked DAILY as some DX REPORTS, labeled as such, end up here! YIKES!