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 Having been a dx'er since the ripe old age of 13, I can honestly say this hobby has fascinated me most of my life! It's been even more interesting to me that I might hear KID-FM from Idaho, yet never log Idaho on AM! Log Colombia on AM more than 20 times, yet never hear that nugget in Wilmar,MN on 1590:KDJS! You know what I'm taking about!
 This listing below is a cross reference of the DX-midAMerica "local page" and our various Target Frequency pages, where the loggings go back to 1981! In my own case, I know I've logged some of these, but they were logged or reported before 1981. The stations listed below have not been reported in four plus decades! They are basically from the midAMerica region, but with so many reporters in midAMerica, and beyond, this is the rarest of the rare dx! Enjoy!

This listing is updated MONTHLY on the 16th.
1400 KGMY MO Springfield SPO:ESPN espn1400.com knocked off listing!
1400 KGMY MO Springfield - 10/25 2104 - Atop briefly with mention of "...Fox Sports 1400, broadcasting from the Buffalo Run Casino". Google to the rescue! RD-IA
DX-midAMerica hats on the way!!!!



1230 KEXO CO Grand Junction 1000/1000 SS
1230 KBCR CO Steamboat Springs 1000/1000 OLD
1230 KSTC CO Sterling 1000/1000 OLD
1230 KBAR ID Burley OLD
1230 KORT ID Grangeville C&W//92.7 KORT
1230 KRXK ID Rexburg-Idaho Falls SPO
1230 KOBB MT Bozeman 1000d/1000n NOS
1230 KXLO MT Lewistown, 1000d/1000n C&W ABC:00
1230 KLCB MT Libby, 1000d/1000n C&W (&)
1230 KVOC WY Casper, 1000d/1000n, AM:NOS& PM:SPO:ESPN


1240 KRDO CO Colorado Springs 1000/1000 NewsTalk
1240 KDGO CO Durango 1000/1000 TALK
1240 KSLV CO Monte Vista 1000/1000 C&W kslvradio.com
1240 KCRT CO Trinidad 250/250 C&W
1240 KMCL ID Donnelly-New Meadows AC //101.1 KMCL
1240 KMHI ID Mountain Home OLD C&W
1240 KWIK ID Pocatello 960/960 TALK
1240 KOFE ID St.Maries OLD koferadio.com
1240 WEBQ IL Harrisburg, OLD C&W (&ABC Real)
1240 KMZK MT Billings, 1000d/1000n REL
1240 KLYQ MT Hamilton, 1000d/1000n News-Talk
1240 KASL WY Newcastle, 1000d/1000n, C&W "Castle Country" ABC:00
1240 KRAL WY Rawlins, 1000d/1000n, HotAC/KIQZ 92.7 ABC:00
1240 KTHE WY Thermopolis, NOS


1340 KLID MO Poplar Bluff, OLDIES/TALK
1340 KSMO MO Salem, C&W AP:00 NIGHTLY SP
1340 KYLT MT Missoula 1000/1000 SPO:FOX
1340 KSID NE Sidney, C&W ABC:00
1340 WOUB OH Athens, News-Talk NPR-BBC-Educ


1400 KRLN CO Canon City 1000/1000 OLD-TALK
1400 KDTA CO Delta 1000/1000 SPO//1340KTMM
1400 KWUF CO Pagosa Springs 1000/1000 C&W kwuf.com
1400 KRPL ID Moscow OLD& "Oldies 1400"
1400 KSPT ID Sandpoint TALK "TalkRadio1400" ABC:00


1450 KAVP CO Colona 1000/1000 Cl ROCK//105.7KWGL
1450 KBFI ID Bonners Ferry TALK/SPO //1400 KSPT
1450 KVSI ID Montpelier C&W
1450 KIOV ID Payette SPORTS kiov.com
1450 KEZJ ID Twin Falls Jazz //730 KBSU
1450 KWPM MO West Plains NEWS-TALK
1450 KQDI MT Great Falls, 720d/720n, News-Talk
1450 KGRZ MT Missoula, 1000d/1000n, SPO:ESPN


1490 KCFC CO Boulder 1000/1000 News-Talk//1340KCFR
1490 KPKE CO Gunnison 1000/1000 C&W
1490 KXRE CO Manitou Springs 500/250 SS [KIIQ]
1490 KRTK ID Chubbock REL
1490 WKRO IL Caro 1000/1000 TALK
1490 KGOS WY Torrington, 1000d/1000n, C&W//FM 98.3 KERM kgoskerm.com/