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For over 55 years, still like this hobby, though gave it up from 1973-80 and from 1988-92. To wit, tossed 150+ QSL cards and letters into the garbage, as I had "outgrown the hobby." Ouch! Luckily, didn't toss the logs. The hobby spawned other hobby stuff: collecting record surveys, airchecking, travel, etc.
Still have all entries (AM, FM) in 3 ring binders. Chronological, frequency and State/Province.
Discovered the hobby by accident listening to Big Jack (Armstrong) on 1100 WKYC Cleveland, as flipping between 920 WOKY and 1340 WRIT to hear favorite songs. Knew there was a hobby when, sitting on my grandpa's steps, in front of his home, heard this "noise" from the neighboring home. Went over and two grade school buddies had this huge SW radio, a reel to reel tape deck and a huge map with stars marking all things heard. Magazines with tons of radio. Wow! Wasn't the only one with the dx disease! If they could listen on SW, one could do the same on AM (and in 1971, FM!)
The original radio was some small transistor radio. Later years, the "toys" got better and of course more, and more and more. It has been said that there is a radio in every room. Truth is, it's more than that. Up to 5 is more like it. Go for a car ride. Always punching the buttons a lot. One quote is "all you do is listen to jingles and disc jockeys." And the noise in between!
This hobby has been good. It cannot be explained to anyone, yet it has followed me for 5 decades plus! June 23rd, 1967 is when I began with AM. FM had the first log on August 3,1970. There's no end in sight.
This hobby (not obsession) has outlasted many things, 8 years at the AO Smith Corp in the maintenance division/masonry, 33 years at Milwaukee County Transit, where a 30 year safe driving award was earned. (They don't give them out for 33 years, hi!) Was never late once in 33 years and there was the trust and confidence of several and of course the jealousy, envy and almost hatred of those who were envious of someone who truly liked the job and succeeded, rather well. Retired at 59 years old and never, never looked back once. No regrets. Learned a lot. Still learning, dx'ing, traveling.
Began DX-midAMerica in 1981, after a car accident where a guy ran a red light. Was bored and doing a dx bulletin took care of that, hi. In 1996, DX-midAMerica went on the net, and so all these years later, that effort is still going strong. In fact, this effort has been going almost as long as the interest in dx'ing and many who were dx'ers years ago have left the hobby!
Other hobbies including model railroading, backyard birds/houses/etc, taking the dog for l-o-n-g walks (7000 miles thus far) plus travel, enjoying life, and true friendships.
Since retirement... and I never was "employee of the month"-hi, Canada, South/North Carolina and the Cayman Islands and several areas have been visited several times. The Dakotas, Wyoming and Minnesota are other favorites. Still, every place, there's the radio and a sunset! "Oh, that's what he looks like!" I'm on the left with morning host (Rick Allen) at "99-3 the Lift." 99-3 The Lift began broadcasting its HotAC music format over the Bridgefest weekend in June,2017. The Lift is the lift bridge that joins Houghton & Hancock in Michigan's Upper Peninsula..,and a Wikipedia article on the same!