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The results of the 2003/2004 dx receiver survey are in! Drake moves from #3 in 1997 to a solid #1 in our 2003/2004 survey. In 1983 the Superadio was #2. It still is #2 after over two decades! This time, the Sony ICF-2010, no longer made, is number 3! 4th place is divided among Icom. The IC-R70 and IC-R75 receivers. There are many 5th place finishers. In the antenna department, the longwire and loop antenna are about even, but the manufacturers of loop antennas make that number seem lower. Really, the numbers are about even.

2003-2004 receiver, antenna survey
1. Drake R8, R8A, R8B
2.GE Superadio I/II/III
3. Sony 2010
4.Icom IC-R70 TIE
4.Icom IC-R75
Others used in '03/'04: Grundig YB-400, RS DX-392, Aor 7030, CCRadio, NRD-525, Grundig S-350, NRD-345, ICom IC-R71a, Kenwood R-600, Kenwood R-1000, Bearcat DX 1000,Aor 7030, Panasonic RF2200
2.Kiwa loop
3.K9AY loop
Other antennas used: Quantum, Palomar, Kowalski, Jim Dale, Windom, Radio West loops.
Phasing units:
TIE: MFJ1026, MFJ959B, MFJ1026

1997-1998 receiver, antenna survey
1.GE Superadio
2.Kenwood R-1000
3.IC R-70
Drake R-8
Kenwood R2000
Kenwood R5000
Panasonic RF2600
Sony ICF-7600/G
2.Kiwa loop
Box loop
3.Kowalski Loop
Others used in '97/'98: Drake SW2, SW4A. SW8, Yaesu FRG100, Sony ICF2003, Yaesu FT747GX, Realistic DX150A, NRD 525, NRD 535D, Sony DX370, Venturer 2959 2C, RShack DX 398, DX 392
Other antennas used: Quantum, Palomar, Radio West loops, Alpha-Delta Sloper and Eavesdropper antennas.
1983 receiver, antenna survey
1.Kenwood R-1000
2.GE Superadio
3.Icom IC-R70
1.Kowalski loop
2.Radio West loop
3.Space Magnet 2

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