DX Dialogue/Roundtable/Splatter!

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    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed! Comments will be kept up a few months as conditions change day to day and minute to minute!
    A line will separate monthly entries:

Jun 26:Another wild couple of openings! At a couple of points all the frequencies were at least three deep!
Jun 19: Only think "dx" in 60mins. Back to ZZZZ!
June 17: No complaints for mid June here! KMON was the catch of the day! FM checked-Nothing at all.
June 16:The dial stinks here.
June 16:Atmosphere seemed to close up shortly after, so I dragged myself off to bed about half an hour later.
Jun 15:The biggest shocker was getting around WRIF-101.1; that has such a robust signal, it's almost impossible to get anything around it, forget nulling it. THAT told me what we were working with Sunday night --- a VERY STRONG Es cloud!!! Would have loved to have gotten some Alberta Sunday night (Another DXer about 100 miles out got that,) but I ended up with a nice consolation prize anyway!
Jun 15:ALSO HEARD: SS ads on 99.5, SS mx on 99.9, SS ads on 98.5, SS ads on 93.1 (Mixed with WDRQ!) SS mx 102.5, SS tropical mx 90.3, SS mx 88.5. Perhaps Mexico, but I'll probably never know!
Jun 11:Just a couple of Es spikes noted Saturday night; nothing lasted more than fifteen seconds, tops. But, a new one is a new one.
June 03: What an erratic Es session! Usually they start moderate, then either get short or long toward the end. This one started short, went long, THEN moderated! Netted me my second Utah catch, so I'm pleased!
Jun 03: These are my first five new loggings here in 2022.
Jun 03: Total heard here is now 443 from 27 states, 4 provinces, and 3 Mexican states.
Jun 03: Many thanks to John in the UP for the heads up!
Jun 03: Wow! Quite a nice haul and a few UNIDS I'll have to delve into more!!!!!
Jun 03: Not raving DX but a new one. For now it's all OH/MI/WI. sheesh.

May 28: 940 SS "la Megna???" or similar, SS on 1450 (Cicero IL???) otherwise, horrid. FM checked morn, evenings....Nothing
May 23: The doldrums have been bad.
May 23: On 1580, heard "KPHN" AND "1580 KVOO" or similar. Both don't make sense. Both were OLD C&W. GYs checked too.
May 18: Cold, rainy, and local temp. was 53, yet Es were coming in. Go figure!
May 16:Heard this new one just before the start of the WBOB DX test Saturday morning. Surprised I have not heard this one before. Lots of static, not much DXing these days.
May 12: The doldrums have hit.
May 10:Mpls, Thunder Bay in too..... Nice first effort, I guess.
May 10:Way better than yesterday. Could have had more, but, back to sleep!!!!
May 10: Recent roadtrip across Iowa. Started Tuesday evening 4/21 with 348 stations and wound up getting 46 new loggings over the course of the next 72 hours!
May 09: Beyond horrid!!
May 07: Nothing great vs yesterday. Good days, bad days.
May 05: Sat on 1450 around an hour....so much there!!!! So much lost too, hi! Still, w/everything gone, the GYDX came through!
May 01: Everybody and their brother probably heard this. Likely to be my last new one of the DX season. Lots of other things coming up this summer but I'll be back at it in the fall. Too much T-storm static to take advantage of the WCCO SP to look for anything else.
May 01: WCCO-830 MSP was off the air. Had two stations clashing weakly; one was SS (Most likely the Norco, LA pest.) The other I was unable to figure out; it would only show up in short bursts, and audible lightning crashes intensifying as an overnight thunderstorm moved in helped put an end to my search.
May 01: May be the last new one of the season but who knows?
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Apr 30: Band still brimming, tho not HOT by any means! Still, nice!
Apr 25:I think "the spring doldrums" are here
Apr 22: First FM of the year. Hoping that this is a sign of things to come for this season.
Apr 17: Productive morning. 1560 sounded like a GY! Happy Easter.
Apr 16: I have been away from the dials for a while. Just thought I'd check in with a few from this morning. Nothing great but ...
Apr 16: Around 540/CDT/640EDT the band went NUTS, w/LOUD SS on 940 900 & an Ag radio stn on 1440, certainly not WNFL WROK or KYCR. Then band, seemingly, dried up.
Apr 12: Not great results I know.
Apr 12: Leave it to couple DX tests to pick up my interest in turning on my radio after a while.
Apr 11:Lousy cx here. Wind ALL night.
Apr 10: Never tried for the other DX on 990 because you never hear anything under CBW but managed to catch a brand new one on 1150 so no complaints.
Apr 06:Not as good as yesterday, certainly. Still, it'll be nice to try again tomorrow. Come July, it won't be this "good!"
Apr 04: Well sort of new but after two week of terrible conditions I will take it

Mar 30:Starting later was wonderful and a better fare than yesterday. Better cx I guess.
Mar 27:Worst examples of AM DX for March, with a seemingly high noise floor this morning.
Mar 24:Getting confusing with cross-promotions of other stations in clusters or the usual no call, no slogans into content.
Mar 23:Way better than yesterday. A few regulars missing w/no complaints. Always nice trying!
Mar 22:On 1410, "W?LO, ?? on the ray-dee-oh" (Radio to rhyme w/I-O in calls, thus emphasis.) Oldies. Lost. Not much today.
Mar 19:I briefly "spun the dials" this morning.
Mar 18:I think my DX season is winding down. I've been pretty inactive but grabbed one this morning to report.
Mar 16:Kinda hard to be sure of a catch when these stations NEVER ID or give a slogan. That transfers to so-so ratings, I guess!
Mar 14:VG to SW for several minutes. No complaints here!