DX Dialogue/Roundtable/Splatter!

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    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed! Comments will be kept up a few months as conditions change day to day and minute to minute!
    A line will separate monthly entries:

Jan 26:Replacement cable for antenna arrived, seems to work. Just lackluster cx!
Jan 26:We have snow and noisy power lines, but I did manage to hear three new ones.
Jan 26:Certainly weird conditions. Enough said. Last night's WMRN was a treat as was KXXX-KS.
Jan 25:will try saving this as a draft and adding to it if I get any other gems....for now:
Jan 25:Better than yesterday, by a longshot! KDLM and KSDR were nice. Going/hoping for evasive KLXX!
Jan 24:A bit better than yesterday. Always hoping for the elusive new log, or better. Patience!!!
Jan 23:I almost slept in but got up before sunrise anyway. Nothing great but one new log. I may take the night off and watch a good John Wayne movie.
Jan 23:Made some SDR recordings at LSS and got a few more. I may get up for some SRS.
Jan 23:At SSS, I sit & sit & sit. Jeff Ball-RIP told me how he'd sit & sit & sit and work the freqs.
Jan 23:Today was a complete wash. The curse of the Bambino, hi. Sat & Sun are so much stuff (vitamins, REL, long form shows) so maybe the fruit isn't that good vs "live & local" M-F.
Jan 21:A few got away too! 1150 had Fox Sports, Dan Patrick, but lost. unn Rapid City? Shorter session!
Jan 21:I wasnít really planning on DXing this AM, but when I found local WGLB w/ just an OC things changed.
Jan 20:Just one from this morning plus one from yesterday that I forgot to send you because it was on the back of my notes...sometimes the ol' brain drops it's power just like some of the stations we seek!
Jan 20:I should lay in bed until 8/9AM when things turn West UP here, seemingly. Yawn!!
Jan 19:Some logs from last night and one from this morning. Other chores kept me from anything other than a quick scan this morning. Too bad as it looked like conditions were pretty good. Not bad last night either. I guess if it's going to be cold and wintery outside, at least the AM band can act like it!
Jan 19: Wow! the 1-3" of snow musta helped! Super SD NE session. When hearing KYNT, knew it would be good!
Jan 18: Really not who IS in, but who isnt at times! No WHBY KOLM WIZM CFRB KXNO etc changes things!
Jan 16: So nice to hear KDKT - worth the wait, tho not new. Dropped off after KOVC log.
Jan 16: I went old-school tonight and used my Sony ICF-SW7600 and loop instead of the SDR. Got two more new ones. 2021 is off to a good start.
Jan 15: I reviewed a brief 6-minute spectrum recording from local midnight. Nabbed three new ones. Not bad. Tomorrow is a day off. I hope to have some more to report.
Jan 15: Shorter session and not as good as yesterday, but still nice. Interesting local content too!
Jan 14: Thanks to a tip from a fellow DXer, I wrestled with my sick AM antenna, to note the following.... Still waiting on a replacement part for the antenna...
Jan 14: Good long session. No Minot in a while. KOTA was solid. WLUI was nice. In May this will look good!
Jan 14: Nothing great here but I did nab a new GYer from Virginia. I need to work on an outdoor antenna for my SDR.
Jan 13: A few logs from La Crosse last evening. Tried again this morning but DX was pretty much "out to lunch" here.
Jan 10: noted a "Fox Sports Radio" on 1420 also, but ??? There was a play by play. Lost forever, hi!
Jan 09: 2 hours, 2 reports 1/8. Seemed iff-ish starting out. Maybe later IS better, from what I've seen here! Nice to E mostly.
Jan 09: 1 good one here (1600 KUSH-ed)
Jan 08: Just finished reviewing my overnight recordings. Four new ones. Conditions were good to the south last night. I might take the night off and catch up on TV and reading.
Jan 08: Wish I'd had better. Bad day of fishing. Still trying and trying.
Jan 07: now if once just once I could get a new one off of 1590 instead of the eternal WAKR.
Jan 06: I tried for Oregon and California this AM(1/6) on 1640 but no such luck.
Jan 06: Lots of stuff from the south. I was too tired to chase much else.
Jan 06: What a sad excuse for dx. Wow! In my own case, expected better, but I like the above normal temps!
Jan 05: A lot of the local QRM has subsided. Must have been an Xmas thing. HI. Good stuff was coming in last night.
Jan 04: I didn't expect much tonight but ended up with three more new ones. So far seven new ones for 2021.
Jan 03: trying for the WNJC DX Test (no joy).....
Jan 03: I don't know if I'll get any DXing in tonight. Our ice storm coated all the power lines and things are noisy here tonight. I did manage to log three new ones in a very brief session this morning with my Airspy HF+ Discovery SDR and YouLoop.
Jan 02: Last nights haul. Local WCMR 1270 was/is off, probably from our ice storm.
Jan 02:Nice hearing KGHS KNDK KDAK CKSW etc for sure. The ones that got away tho: C&W u/KPMI, u/KSJB, tho guessing CKAT, but could've been unn CJWW.SK was in, but who knows. In April, these logs will look pretty good! ;)
Jan 02: Some nice stuff, I guess. Hanging on the GYs, for what I don't know, but there's a few I'm hoping for.
Jan 01: I didn't make it to midnight. I got too cozy on the sofa and that was that. 2020 was a great DX year for me. I logged 92 all-time new ones. That included two new states, Idaho and Maine and a new country, US Virgin Islands and some pretty good western DX during September-October. Here's to a great 2021 to all.
Jan 01: I seem to remember another WCPH DX test was scheduled for 1AM CST....I tried for it and this time had no luck. I DID however copy another good one! Heres to a better year for us all
Jan 01: Very, very good beginning to '21! WNRP-FL 1270-WCMR-IN were shockers! KMON CKST nice, as was KIBM.
Dec 31: Happy 2021. Thanks for your service hope 2021 is good to us all.
Dec 31: Thanks to tip from Eric Berger in Carleton, MI. I finally logged Maine. I'm going to celebrate this one for a while. Now I just need Oregon for the Lower 48. Happy New Year
Dec 31: Good to West then MN ish. AMazes me how WKAM gets out. Will try SSS then be upstairs w/dog as this is Firecracker city tonight.
Dec 31: I thought I didn't have a shot at this. Flipped on radio, heard Beatles, then got stream that verified! Thanx in order to Mssrs EB-MI TL-IN.
Dec 30: a little SRS try....nothing exotic mostly mush but....
Dec 30: Nothing great but a tad better than yesterday. Rare WSDS was a treat! Will try again at SSS.
Dec 29: On the verge of really blah. So bad, I quit early. Know when it's time to quit, hi!
Dec 29: Cx still lousy, but a new one is a new one.
Dec 28:Nothing good in any direction, but better than a few days ago for sure. Still, expecting better.
Dec 28:I couldn't get the snowblower started so I decided to do something productive. DX!
Dec 27: Wish I had more, but been working a ton. Cx been lousy when off. SRS Friday and Sunday morning was a bust. Such is life...
Dec 27: Last night and this morning were pretty good with three new ones logged. I'm enjoying learning how to use my new Airspy HF+ Discovery. Good stuff being heard with an indoor antenna. Imagine if I had a few acres and a D-Kaz!
Dec 27: Have had way better, but KHND and once common KAMI were rewards. CHED in for a repeat which was nice.
Dec 27: Sorta back in the saddle again. Feels good!
Dec 26: Friends I hope your holiday went well. I had a good aftermath w/WCPH dx test.
Dec 26: Too much time tween stations, thus not much dx, but still trying for sure!
Dec 25: Conditions were not very good but played around with my new Airspy SDR. I got one new one on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to all!
Dec 25: Not them best of December DX. More like blandish April or May. Equivalent of coal? ;) Merry Christmas!
Dec 24: A tad early Merry Christmas friends
Dec 24: Better than yesterday. Further out stuff into ND. Bright sun. 9 degrees and a 2 mile dog walk ahead!
Dec 23: Knew within 15 mins the session was a dud. Later only 1230-1600 was in, then just gone. Yawn
Dec 23: Ending the year on a better note DX wise at least with another new one. Have a Merry Christmas and let us hope 2021 is better than 2020.
Dec 22: Really what I'd call a short session. Sunrise 8:40EST. Done dx'ing at 9:27EST. Expected better!
Dec 20: All I was able to catch this time, thanks to my work schedule as of late.
Dec 19: My awesome cat woke me up very early this morning. She probably knew WCCO had an open carrier. I logged a new one in it's absence. Five new ones in all last night and this morning!
Dec 18: Nothing much at sunrise but a few decent logs in opposite directions.
Dec 17: 10 reports for 4 hours of hard pounding AMDX! Many times I'd have far less. No complaints here!
Dec 16: Nothing great but two new ones! First new ones in a while. Probably because I was wearing my DX-MidAmerica.com T shirt!!
Dec 15: Not much but hoping to get more time in soon.
Dec 15: In 1968, 1420 WKPR Kalamazoo & 1470 WKLZ Kalamazoo. There were COL & freq moves for better coverage, then everyone focused on FM. WKPR should have been "NEW" in 2011. Ouch.
Dec 13: Way, way way better than last night/this morning where it was kinda horrid. Well worth it!
Dec 12: The blah conditions continue. Nothing great but a few to add to the proceedings.
Dec 12: Why, when dx'ing do I always hear the START of the song? Hello!
Dec 11: Hoping for WAAY better than this, tho those reported are not "common" by any means!
Dec 11: And the hits keep coming!
Dec 10: What has happened to the DX? I hope the potential upcoming auroral activity makes the band at least interesting. Just three; nothing special but DX nonetheless.
Dec 08: Quite the surprise this morning but a good one
Dec 07: A shout out to all veterans, especially Navy veterans, on Pearl Harbor Day. Hope you're doing well. A couple logs from this morning. Nothing special but it's still AM DX!
Dec 06: I got a nice surprise last night in discovering that my very old, very beat-up ICF-SW7600G which I thought was dead on MW actually works VERY well with an external loop. The built-in ferrite antenna does not work anymore on MW. It seems to have better audio quality than my ICF-SW7600GR. All below are with this radio. One new GY. Neat that I logged three WPIs: WPIT, WPIE and WPIN
Dec 06: Felt so good to log a NEW one. Quite good to East last night. The hobby is interesting for sure!
Dec 06: Nothing too exciting recently. Maybe December will end with a bang!
Dec 03: Looks like I had a pipeline into the Springfield MO area!
Dec 03: No good stuff, still super tired. Napped, up later THEN back to the dials and SD ND action.
Dec 03: Was hoping for better, of course. These are all dx though, but lousy examples, I guess.
Dec 02: The band sounded somewhat healthier tonight. Two new ones logged in CBW's silent period. I have an Airspy HF+ Discovery SDR coming with a You Loop. It might be a fun new toy to play with. But I'll still love my "real" radios.
Dec 01: Nice! Way better than yesterday. The GYDX action from ND is a start. Many most wanteds to go for!
Dec 01: I was hoping for a much better five-day weekend but nothing great was heard. Now it's back to work tomorrow.
Nov 30: Good morning. Three more heard in La Crosse this morning. Hard to believe tomorrow's December. Take care!
Nov 30: Wow, Shopko closed last year. Yikes. Too, hearing KFAN on the Fan stations alot. New rebranding?
Nov 29: THEN...I got called into work, so I had to stop. DXing is fun, but it doesn't pay the bills!
Nov 29: Certainly nothing great but at least both are new logs. Pretty poor for the end of November.
Nov 28: Not a great session by any matter. Expected better for this late in the month.
Nov 26: I didn't spend much time DXing but thought I'd send these two in. I hope to spend lots of time this weekend chasing DX.
Nov 26: You missed nothing this morning! Nothing from West, GYs kinda shot. Petered out quickly!
Nov 25: Glad to see the website is back up and running in all its glory! Got on the SDR for the first time in a while this morning but conditions were pretty awful here. More like July 25th than November 25th! However, one nugget did slip through from KS. Have a happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving!
Nov 26: Nice w/KHAT CJYM first time this season. WEVR nice, KEYL too. 3 cups of coffee this session, hi!
Nov 26: Hoping for more soon.
Nov 25: All close in dx and no complaints. Nice session. No WHAM. As the Thanksgiving turkey said, Think Ham!
Nov 25: I wasn't going to DX but the band sounded lively on my drive home. Three new ones for my efforts.Looking forward to a 5-day weekend of sleep and DX
Nov 23: 1340 was so nice tonight totally nulling WJYI. Sat on freq for 35 minutes, only TENTative WXFN. Last new 1340 was in 2016. Have 34 logs on 1340.
Nov 22: I finally nabbed one I've been after for years. But there are still many more I want. Hi.
Nov 21: Nothing great. The band sounded lively but not much good stuff heard. Gonna pop some batteries in my Superadio II and play with it tonight.
Nov 20: I got two more new ones from last night. I may stay on the GYs alot more since they seem to be producing.
Nov 20: Way better that last night. Rather nice-the gy's.
Nov 19: Greetings. Hope all is well. Some recent loggings from La Crosse. Nothing special, unless you're chasing stations from towns named "Clinton"!
Nov 19: Not the best cx, but the season is still young.
Nov 19: Lackluster
Nov 18: A bout of insomnia Tuesday night
Nov 18: Two more days of work then maybe a DX weekend.
Nov 16: Great typing up many tips, hitting a key a POOF - all gone. One new log and that was good!
Nov 15: I got up too late to hear anything meaningful this morning but last night got me two more new ones. Maybe all this wind we're having will blow some good DX my way, hi.
Nov 15: Truly a day I should have stayed snoring away. July like cx this morning. Wha' happened?
Nov 14: A Minnesota morning for sure. Flip at WCMP and KBEW gets a translator. Others goodies too.
Nov 14: Who said Friday the 13th is unlucky? Three new ones tonight! Morning conditions here have been poor. Maybe tomorrow morning will be better
Nov 12: The most interesting stuff seemed to come in AFTER the sun came up!
Nov 12: This one (1430 KMES-UT -ed) sticks out here as it was the only Spanish station on frequency
Nov 12: Not much desire to get out of bed in the morning lately. But one decent log this afternoon on my drive home from work.Maybe with some free time this weekend I'll grab some DX
Nov 11: SS on 1280. Denver? Sports on 1550, but not ESPN. Faded at appropriate times, 954-882-7751 given in ad in 1000 WMVP null. Points to FLA, but in my mind, no way...and HS player Tricky Thompson 6'11" was drafted....
Nov 09: It looks like everybody and his brother reported hearing KSEN. I love DX tests! Hope we can get one from Oregon or Maine next.
Nov 08: Heard my FIRST MT on AM! (I do have about fifteen FMs from MT here.) All I need for the Lower 48 on AM now are ID and OR, then of course, AK and HI. Glad I remembered to get up; had to fiddle with the antenna a bit, but it was definitely worth sacrificing an hour of sleep!
Nov 07: No luck on the KSEN 1150 test this morning. Hopefully tonight.
Nov 07: That unid on 1490 definitely has me scratching my head. No urban gospel stations anywhere near here, but I have a feeling that it may have been closer than I think!
Nov 05: It was a bad morning, but a good morning w/rare WRDN WEVR! The unids of 11/4 wouldn't be if calls were used, on occasion. This is so basic. The stations shouldn't be someones personal jukebox! End of sermon.
Nov 05: Fragments of KLFD-MN were also coming in last nite which I didnít logged. Supposedly they were @ 45 watts. I definitely got a feeling last nite that stations are maybe running with their daytime power more often than realized. HI . TOM
Nov 04: Several others didn't jive:Savage on 960, 1210 (WJNL?) 1190 SS? 1280 Boilermakers IMG. Doubtful anything new w/lackluster cx, but still fun trying, for sure!!!!
Nov 02: Wha' happened to the nice long sessions and good graveyards? Is the season over? hi!
Nov 02: I was going to try to get some "real" DX, this evening as well, but I'm just too tired!
Nov 01: I was hoping for a more productive SSS session last night but nothing to write home about. Three from this morning with a new one.Happy November, snow is coming today.
Nov 01: Much, much shorter session than yesterday and TWO NEW logs. Been a while since that happened, hi!