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    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed! Comments will be kept up a few months as conditions change day to day and minute to minute!
    A line will separate monthly entries:

Sep 22: After Au last night (couldn't hear WBBM!) to getting up "late" at 715EDT, this morning was a washout!
Sep 21: Again, a nice session, basically 1 hr, 2 coffee's!
Sep 2o: Longer session today. CO KS SD vs MEX yesterday!
Sep 19: WoW! What a day! What a session! So much in, and at times, more than I could write. A few UNIDs got away. Very, very good to SW/MEX this morning.
Sep 18: Two new ones in the mix. DX doesn't seem as good as last week to CA and the PNW, but I'll take anything new.
Sep 17: Nothing great, but one new one. I may start doing more SSS DX now that it's getting dark earlier.
Sep 17: 3 from MEX noted in past ten days. That says something!
Sep 12: All close in stuff this day. Still trying & coffee'd up!
Sep 11: I finished my review of this morning's recording. Two new ones, one of them a doozy with help from Tim in West MI. (Kilokat 7).
Sep 11: Morning, The band sounded alive this morning with lots of stuff. But nothing new. Here are a few of the better ones I heard. I still have some reviewing to do so maybe more later.
Sep 11: Nice morning of dx! SS on 760. Some freqs were hopping! Here's hoping this is a good season start!
Sep 10: On 1400, heard a "101.5" which might be Detroit. Didn't rpt. Had as WJLB in 1970. Too, SS on 900 730 & 760!
Sep 09: Slim pickins' but one new one from last night. Off to watch some ND football.
Sep 09: Finally -something to wake up for!
Sep 07: FINALLY got a moment to type this up. Cx really seemed more like tropo scatter, as nothing would hang around for very long; it would fade up for a bit, then out. WMIT and WGMV were the only ones in from their respective areas; when they came in, I checked for others in their areas, with no luck; Monday evening cx seemed quite attenuated, except for the two I noted. Very strange.
Sep 05: I thought yesterday was bad.
Sep 04: Good conditions again this morning with very rare KFI making an appearance after many years! Three more new ones to report.
Sep 04: Wish I had better stuff. Maybe should try SSS?
Sep 03: I'm fighting a mild cold and have little energy right now to DX much. I do have some good stuff from the past few days. More recording to review when I'm back to full strength.
Sep 02: If there was more, don't know. Had 2 go to Milw.
Aug 31: This morning was pretty good despite my SDR giving me trouble. I managed two new ones plus another from a few nights ago.
Aug 29: Not too shabby. Condx to the west were pretty decent. Hope this means a good fall is coming!
Aug 28: Nice noting WJML testing. SILent for a year. Wonder who will end up with this. Once a Top40 giant (99FM-11AM J-M-L)
Aug 27: Dog up at 2am for potty, thus late start at 7AM EDT!
Aug 27: Band went to "normal" after 20 mins - but was nice!
Aug 26: Nothing new. I'm just gearing up for the upcoming season. My goal is to log at least 25 new (just like last year but I ended up with well over 100!).
Aug 26: Lackluster this morning, yet a good good catches.
Aug 23: What a lousy, lousy session. Super bad, thus back to bed. If I hear one more weather story on how hot it is......
Aug 22: Just left Taco Bell this morning and this one station came up, even before I got there.
Aug 20: Should'a stayed in bed, thus I went back!
Aug 16: Rather unusual SRS. No regulars in.
Aug 15: No Ashland 93.3,101.3 tho. No Duluth, but Thunder Bay in! Very, very narrow band of tropo! Appreciated.
Aug 14: After KDIX in first minute, I thought "this is going to be a great session!" Was I wrong! Back to ZZZZZZZZ!
Aug 10: Very big difference from yesterday. Quite good. Better results!
Jul 30: Was listening to polkas (yes, polkas) on WJOY 98.7, when poof, the trop was in. How much was missed? Died 3:05PM
Jul 27: Comments: Last nite (7/27 0300 UTC) I had the sdr on 891 and found no trace of any TA activity, not even from the Algerian. I fell asleep with the radio running and found 3 TP signals coming in when I woke up @ 0930 UTC. Blind luck I guess. HI.
Jul 27: Basically a list of not so common stuff. 95.1 in nearby Union Grove NOTHING! But, nobody replaced it. Hoping for better....
Jul 25: Others in: not reported. These were dx. This was a welcome & different trop opening!
Jul 25: A little but better than yesterday, but it is July...
Jul 23: Lack of DX - morning WOSH-out. Sorry!
Jul 22: Wild opening Thursday night, most frequencies were at least two deep, if not more.
Jul 21: First Es of 2023. Nothing on every freq. Not much strong either, but a FEW new ones.
Jul 19: This listing totally opposite of yesterday, tho have NEVER heard CFSL in that loud. Just unreal!
Jul 18: FM DX is something I have been dabbling in for a while but I'm not very proficient at it yet. I've been doing some DXing when the e-skip is occuring. So far I've logged about 100 new ones on FM. I usually don't keep as detailed of a log for FM and don't record program notes. Maybe I should :) Can't wait for the AM DX season
Jul 16: Kinda like a late Aug SRS session vs days of nothing!
Jul 14: Some unid Spanish on 92.3, 93.3 and 88.3 at times
Jul 13: 1000% better than yesterday and 3-4 deep on certain freqs.
Jul 11: Yesterday, ONE hour and nothing to call dx. Today was a runner up!
Jul 10: First round was very difficult to work, with nothing lasting for long; second round was intense. At one point almost all frequencies were at least two deep!
Jul 04: Today, WMPL-920 off ALL DAY AM//107.3!!!! WCCY seems to s/on 0700'ish/Super weak. Both FMs not noted! 2nd day of NO internet. UNREAL!
Jul 02: 920-1400 semi locals off more than in the past! 1400 seems nightly in past week. Unusual, no WQXO in quite a while!
June 30: Much shorter session today AND heard Dr.Chas Stanley on 960 again today. Leaning KLTF on this.
Jun 24: VERY difficult clouds to work; most stations were at least two stations deep, and continually swapped with each other.
Jun 21: I had the sdr running on 1422 all night. There was only one sign of TA life showing up in the evening and no TPs present at all pre-dawn and after here in MKE.
June 21: From the Hawk(KHWK) to the Eagle(WLCX) and all others. Tropo FM didn't bring anything great.....
June 18: That makes four stations heard on 1290 since CFRW went off the air.
June 16: Well another local off the air here. Only 2 left CJOB 680 and CBW 990. These three stations were battling back and forth to see who was on top. None were new but they were very rare while CFRW was on air.
June 16: Less dx than yesterday, but still trying. No FM noted.
June 14: Notice slight slogan change for WKIQ for the Suncoast/Gulf Coast GY list. Also, 1400 WFLL is Brazilian Portuguese format, Nossa Radio USA. 1400 WZHR is listed as currently silent
Jun 11: Bad, lousy --back to sleep dx!
Jun 09: Well, I'm still alive and kicking. I just have not DXed much. Trying to do some FM DX this summer. I logged a few but nothing spectacular.DX will pick u in a few months and I'll be back at it.
Jun 08: I had the sdr run on 711 khz all night from 0240 to 1100 UTC 6/8/23 with only one TA showing up and no signs of any TPs at all.
Jun 08: These are all April-like FM catches, not June!
Jun 06: Got a nice FM surprise yesterday as my local, and I say local just 3 miles away, WMBI 90.1 was off for several hours. WEXS AM 1110 was off as well since they both share the same tower. I just parked on 90.1 and got 3 new ones and one unid.
Jun 06: A good one this AM:
Jun 06: Newly bought 1400WRJN & 540WAUK having automation issues and lots of open carriers. Quite Nice!
Jun 05: FM to this point has been a dud. Still checking tho!
Jun 04: Not great, but certainly different from yesterday!

May 31: Tuned into 738 this morning @ 0430 CDT to find 2 signals present. At this time of year and @ 0430 CDT the sources for TPs are somewhat restrictive. The sun has set over the down unders and the Pacific island nations but the western Pacific rim is still basking in the sun. There are 2 Aussies and 1 New Zealander listed for this frequency.
May 29: Montana morning. AND a nice AMount of stations.
May 29: Interestingly, these were the only two noted, in over an hour of scanning. Nothing else in at all. Weird cx!
May 28: Better yesterday. Checking FM daily. Nothing and I mean nothing!
May 23: Diminished dx this session!
May 21: Very brief spike Friday 19 May 2023, It's a start. Think spring!
May 21: Poss 1210 KHAT & 730 KYYA too, but nothing solid.
May 20: Good E-W paths. SS on 1450 and 1340. . . where I've never heard SS ever!
May 12: The doldrums are here.
May 11: What a good morning vs yesterday. Always trying!
May 7: Best was first 15 mins at outset. WGIL, KNX nice. 1400 was a goldmine! Usual fade outs, no calls. No expecting much.
May 6: Different months, different pattern of dx. One stn out of whack or MIA allows the others. So very interesting.
May 3: Wintered out! Sun makes an appearance, which means up to 3 2-mile dog walks. She takes me for a walk.
May 2: snow continues. Power out 8 hrs yesterday!
May 1: 9-15" of fresh snow! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Good dx and people fishing in the bay I can see from the shack. Out to shovel. Yikes!

Apr 30: DX is back after a week's drought. So nice, but w/summer coming, gonna get up earlier, hi. Yawn!
Apr 29: If I thought dx was bad for past week, it was really confirmed up here. Wow! Fizzled. Fruitless. Futile! 15" snow predicted thru Monday. Yikes! Gotta check my calendar, hi!
Apr 22: Others noted but didn't want to report, again. Not expecting much, but the constant search continues! ;)
Apr 18: Conditions here have not been worth the time to spend DXing much. Just checking in to show that I still have a pulse, hi. I probably won't be spending too much time DXing the next few months, but who knows.
Apr 17: Way better than yesterday! Was it the snow cover?
Apr 15: Much closer in dx this morning. I hear WHTC way more up here than in Milw where it's right across the lake! WOCO too, is a treat.
Apr 14: Fizzled out quickly but it was nice until then, thus, no complaints.
Apr 11: KOGA was nice, but what wasn't in today: WFDF WTSO KXNO WLKD KTOE several others. Still, a treat.
Apr 09: Happy Easter. Sunny here. 70's mid-week. Lotta dog walks (6600mi in 7 years) after morning dx, expecting not too much. But, trying, hi!
Apr 08: Not much DXing here the past few weeks. Sooo, just a few to report. Nothing new. A beautiful stretch of weather is on the way so I'll be outdoors alot.
Apr 08: More than a few got away, but still nice trying! WPRE in again, was unusual, and a treat! To the dials again in 24 hrs, hi!
Apr 08: A few loggings, nothing new recently. Also, I tried to hear WGN from the Nevada SDR after KDWN left the air, and heard them fairly easily on the first try. Also KZMQ-1140 from Wyoming, on at night with oldies on its 10,000 watt day power, was easily heard on the Nevada SDR and should be heard in parts of the Midwest.
Apr 04: The good season has ended for a while I think. Slim pickin's.
Mar 31: Quite different today. Regionalized today-nothing great. Always nice checking tho.
Mar 3O: 1060 1000 1700 all had mx, replacing regulars. MEX?
Mar 29: FINALLY, a bit of dx to report, after goose eggs for past few days! How refreshing!
Mar 27: The lousy cx continue, which began late last week.
Mar 26: Horrid dx cx. Too, 1340 UNID from other day WAS KIJV Huron SD. Listened yesterday online. Only fit possible!!!!
Mar 23: 1340 was a stumper. KIJV? Not heard at all this season. OR did someone flip???? 4 songs, no sweepers, calls. 10 mins of my life wasted, hi!!!!
Mar 22: I woke up early so decided to DX a bit. The conditions seemed better than they had been the past few days. Nothing new was heard but some stuff was in that I haven't heard in a while. It's a stay-indoors kind of day. More DX later?
Mar 17: I was targeting 1413 Thursday evening to see if I could detect Oman w/ a scheduled s/on @ 0030 UTC . There was no sign of them. However I essentially experienced the same kind of event I had 2 nights ago on 1431. I am somewhat skeptical that what I am seeing were long distance, grey-line propagation events but if they were - WOW!
Mar 15: Conditions seemed to be to the east last night. I logged a new one from Rhode Island. I hope to have more if the conditions keep going eastward. Nice sunny day, I need to get outside and do something
Mar 14: With dx this good, I'm not moving my loop at all, hi!
Mar 13: I slept most of the day today. Winter came back for another few days so I spent today on the couch. Forgot to send these in earlier. Spring will be here soon.