DX Dialogue/Roundtable/Splatter!

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    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed! Comments will be kept up a few months as conditions change day to day and minute to minute!
    A line will separate monthly entries:

Jul 31: Screw IBOC. Ruined more DX here than anything.
Jul 3O: Last night I parked the sdr on 1602 @ 0150 UTC and let it sit there till 1100 UTC. TAs from Spain were coming in until just past midnight(CDT) but there was no sign of any morning TP activity. Tom
Jul 3O: WRAM is downstate at least. Funny thing...used to be only station I ever got on 1330 was KNSS in Wichita. Now I haven't heard 'em in forever.
Jul 3O: Waking up "late" at 6:30AM EDT still yielded some pleasant results, tho none new.
Jul 29: FINALLY got a minute to type this. My work schedule continues to be pure insanity!
Jul 28: Insomnia snagged me a good one.
Jul 28: Yesterday heard a thing on WWIB "in the morning, you might have trouble hearing us....flip on the stream..." --My guess: Talking of tropo/Eskip. WWIB has numerous full power stns & translators.
Jul 28: Flipped from AM to FM while DX ing this morning. That was kinda good.Det.Tigers this afternoon.
Jul 26: I have been trying for TA dx for about the last week and finding very little coming in except a small hint of possible UK stations. The several times I tried for the Algerian on 891 there was nothing there. There are TP signals from DU’ers coming in in the AM however. All TAs and TPs detected have no audio but are being seen on the spectral and waterfall displays. Tom
Jul 26: Way better than yesterday. WMBI has been reported off, due to recent sale. Gotta take advantage!
Jul 25: The rest of the dial was filled with mumbling QRN ridden mush.
Jul 23: The rest of the dial was nothing but QRN and babble. Many sigs..none peaking over any other.
Jul 21: Our good Es season for 2021 continues.
Jul 21: Dial is ok this morning.
Jul 21: Nothing great here. In my mind, AMDX season changes noticeably around August 20th. I await!
Jul 18: Slim pickin's this A.M.
Jul 17: Maybe a harbinger of the upcoming DX season but I logged a new one this morning. If the rain ever stops I need to start thinking about working on my antennas.
Jul 17: 1270 & 1520 were rather good this morning: wide open! Sat on 1520 thru power ups: nothing.
Jul 15: 5 hours of solid DX, minus 40 min dog walk. 5 hours of looking up, typing etc. Too, MANY unIDS not listed. I'm Almost positive this was my best day ever, of FMDX, beginning in 1971!
Jul 15: Great opening. One very short hop to SD. 6 states in all. Sincere thanks to my DX partner in crime Rieger for the tip off.
Jul 12: A bit of a slow start, and in 2 months, these will be common I guess.
Jul 11: Summer rolls on and so does my lack of DXing. I finally managed to review my overnight recording of my local 1580 WHLY being off. I managed one reportable log. I hope to be back at the dials again soon.
Jul 11: Woulda had more, but BabyGirl had to go for walk. Too, so MANY Nat'l ads. Sitting thru 4-6 ads: meant I'm moving on! Segues w/no calls. Still, this was nice!
Jul 10: Felt good to have NJ well represented --- a very difficult to log state! Also was glad to knock Philadelphia off my wish list, though WOGL-98.1 was tried for but not heard. WOGL has been on my wish list since 1991!
Jul 05: Weak TA and TP signals w/o audio are coming in almost every evening and morning. I wish I had more time to analyze all these ghosts. HI. Tom
Jul 05: Finally dragged myself off to bed around 115 or so. A check of the dials later Monday morning (Around 645 or so) revealed nothing worth stopping the presses over.
Jul 05: THIS WAS NICE!!!! After a slow start to a season, this was a nice push to No.Michigan.
Jul 04:Friday's Es were well worth missing last week's Es for work well worth it. I think it was one of very few openings that were entirely from Canada; most Es openings to Canada usually include at least a couple from the US; but this one, nothing at all came from the US! I don't think I ever remember having that many FF stations in at one sitting, either. Definitely one for the record books here, especially with that eighteen watt catch.
Jul 04:I guess WTAQ is on the Brewers Radio Network, hi. Nothing great, but it is July. Always trying.
Jul 03:Breaking in a new little portable, Many newbies here!
Jul 03:All local X-lators were unaffected. Chicagos in. Only 2nd time (since 1971) where most of skip was FF! ALL the FF were Ici's!
Jul 01: Happy Canada Day to me with a new one. Sometimes not being able to sleep is a good thing.
June 28: Power and internet were out all day. I was able to log some of the Es. TL-IN
June 26: Not the greatest list, but awoke "late" at 5:15, hi!!!!
Jun 25: Like pulling teeth this morning as band really never got to anything great, but it is June.
Jun 24: I was on 1180 last nite when I saw some signals present next door on 1179. Making sense of the signals practically kept me up all nite. Tom
Jun 23: Not as good as yesterday. This was my last CFAJ report. Testing over. Novelty done, I guess.
Jun 22: After a pre-dawn walk with the dog I turned on the radio to check for TPs. I found no signs of life on 1044 and 711 but did find 2 signals coming in on 1017. Tom
Jun 22: Cx were VERY hit or miss; mostly miss. Still was able to get a few, though all were relogs.
Jun 22: Way better than yesterday. Better and further away, w/KATL KNMX nice to hear.
Jun 21: Over there on the BBC it's jab this and jab that. And it's creepy how they, the BBC, owns the dial from 88-96 MHz. That's it, not much skip here lately.
Jun 20: Today, it wasn't what was in, but what wasn't! KUBC was the "catch of the day."
Jun 20: I wonder what happened overnight; couldn't keep after it, as I needed to sleep, since I had to work Saturday. DXing is fun, but (You know the rest!)
Jun 19: Rest of the dial was QRN - ridden mush
Jun 18: FINALLY got a minute to type all this up; between work and DXing, time has been a VERY valuable commodity lately!
Jun 15: BEST OPENING FOR ME in a few years?
Jun 15: The ESPNer is baaaack. Nice getting WAMW. Looked up to see when I first logged it. Never did!
Jun 14: My 910 ESPNer is lost as WFDF back to dominating 910. Possible KTOP on 1490, but.....
Jun 12:None are great catches, I know, but it is mid-June. Always trying for the needed close-in stuff!
Jun 10:The "nice" thing is the 910 ESPNer is being heard here too. Sadly, they only will hopefully say Calls,LID at TOH. Checks otherwise have been fruitless.
Jun 09: I've been swamped at work and have no time to DX lately. I have been doing some FM DX and logged one in a short opening.
Jun 07: I parked the sdr on 1520 for a few hours Sunday evening w/o changing the freq. Audio dx was mediocre @ best w/ only KRHW-MO identified. However the spectral displays were showing a lot of stuff coming in w/o audio. Trying to identify this “stuff” is challenging.
Jun 07: Without a doubt, gotta get up earlier & earlier. Might have to go to sleep at 8pm -hi!
Jun 06: None were identified by RDS. Checked 88-92, but no new there. Easily 20 UNIDs! Not on every freq, but worth the effort.
Jun 06: Nothing hung around for more than two or three seconds, tops. It was the first time in almost two decades that I noted WGPR off the air.
Jun 05: Bottom of the barrel, June dx! So bad, IA Falls is dx! Either I gotta get up earlier or sleep, hi!
Jun 04: Nothing exotic, dial pretty abysmal.
Jun 03: Finally got a minute to type this, as I've had to work the past couple of days. DXing is fun, bit it doesn't pay the bills around here!
Jun 02: This was rather nice, but the getting up early. Ugh! Still, first light super early now:5:23 EDT
Jun 02: There were a few UNIDs. Buddy called & talked. I went to check radio. Wish he hung up earlier, hi!

May 31: O/c noticed on 1420. Sun, Sat & Holidays are frequent screw up days as staffs stretched I guess.
May 31: WHIO and WIRL on 1290 might be considered "Pests" here...but glad I copied WTRX.
May 30: DX'ed from 0430-0600. Lackluster, at best. No FM noted here in recent checks.
May 30: Not a bad opening; hoping Es holds off today until AFTER I return from work!
May 29: Well, nice to get a new log in May. Went to 1070 to see if KNX was in, but got KILR! I'll take that!
May 28: Insomnia sometimes pays off. 73 thanks for your work.
May 28: DX'ed for 70 minutes and w/3 cups of coffee this is the best? Well, it is May, I guess.
May 27: Nothing major but something.
May 26: Best I could do, but it felt nice. Close in stuff I know. FM checked AM PM. Not my time yet.
May 23: KNX & KTNN were nice. Nothing else of note in from West Coast. Maybe if up earlier?
May 21: sometimes insomnia pays off. may nod off later in the big chair myself
May 20: The rest was mush...or if anybody did rise over the mush...it was too brief for an ID. Still in all....in there pitchin'
May 19: Trying AM on SRS. Checking FM in morning and later in the day. Nothing reportable there.
May 15: A bit better than yesterday. Still, too tired to dx. ZZZZZZ
May 15: Nothing hung around for long, but I'll take two new ones anytime. It was all gone within half an hour.
May 15: Lackluster, I guess, but it is May, but always trying the fishing, I guess.
May 14: Last night SSS was bland. A few others this day, but nothing could be pulled out.
May 13: What a nice morning: SS on 1060, 1050, 540, and RARE WLDY KVCU. Well worth getting up early!!!!
May 11: Fell asleep in recliner last night dx'ing w/headphones. Detroit Tigers tonight, so no dx here, hi!
May 09: Radio wise .....not much happening. Dial in bad shape
May 09: Up early - but had 5 hours of sleep. After KTSM, back for another nap. DX'ing in split shifts, hi!
May 07: On dog walk yesterday, met couple worked in radio in Ripon,Richland Center,Sheboygan! I knew the calls. They were surprised! Nice chatting. Never know where life (or the dog) can take you!
May 04:1570 had a nice UNID. Couldn't figure call. MX and UNID LID u/WMBD 1470, 1450 1490 nothing in 30 mins on each. 1290 CJBK was reported by me in 2019. I guess I will finally log it next time I hear it. 2 hr session.
May 03:DX'ed SSS and SRS on 5/3 to little action here. Checking, I've never logged 1290 CJSL London, tho I know I've heard it, thinking "I've logged this." Will wait til I hear again to hopefully log, hi!
May 02:1290 was interesting w/ABC news at TOH, a "News Talk" slogan. a "CBS ews break" at TOH. Wide open.

Apr 28: Felt good to dx again. 1600 was anything but KGYM. 1570 was unknown oldies stn w/calls I could not figure out. A bit different that SRS, plus I don't have the coffee, hi!
Apr 26:Good EARLY on SRS, then gone for 50 mins, then DX went SW to IA, etc. Made up for yesterday.
Apr 25:Shoulda stayed snoring away, I guess. Band only good for 1230-1600 after KNX log.
Apr 24:Sat/Sun usually under performing as stns have pub service, infomercials, etc, thus no calls.
Apr 23:Nice hearing KMTA WHAK WBRN. Several in so weak, but stuff is still out there!
Apr 23:I found three more new ones in the recording. I was going to erase it thinking there were no more, but... Not bad for a spur-of the-moment DX session.
Apr 22: I just happened to listen for a few minutes last night and snagged a new one. A new one in April on 1550 is about as rare as snow in April, I had both this week.
Apr 22: Will be a "lousy" dx day like this when I hear needed close in 1270KLXX ND 1590KDJS MN or 1190KKOJ MN.
Apr 21: I've spent almost no time in front of the radio the past few weeks. I did hear one to report. Spring has sprung but we had snow all day.
Apr 21: Again, nice to TX. A few nice ones:KYNT, WLEW. Hoping for better, more, but......
Apr 20: Still had some regional stations in up to 830, when I finally shut it down. Day off, and had a ton of stuff to do.
Apr 20: Not as good as yesterday and KNX was LOUD for a few mins. Good to SW w/NM TX CA.
Apr 19: 1400 was C&W (WATW?) Sports (WBIZ?) for 15 minutes, Faded at appropriate times, hi! WCCY,30 mi away, barely in!
Apr 17: Nothing great here. Sat on 1490 & 1230 more than I should have. 2 cups of coffee not wasted tho, hi!
Apr 17: The season is not over just really slow.
Apr 15: A couple from this morning. Nothing great. Was chasing something of potential interest under WCKY on 1530 but the DX Gods determined I was not going to hear an ID before I had to sign off.
Apr 15: Certainly nothing great on this end, but try, I must.
Apr 13: Kind of blah cx this morning.
Apr 13: Hoping for better than this sad listing of stuff! Wait til May! This will look good, hi!
Apr 12: 1440 is a good spot..got lots of 'em there.
Apr 12: Well, I'd grade my dx as D- or F, but if I'm up, I guess I will try. New stuff is heard in April! ;)
Apr 11: Sat on 1490 o/1/2 hr. For what, I don't know. Hoping for better, but KTTR was nice.
Apr 10: A few stns went from ads right into sports or mx. Why use calls? :( Some freqs good, some noise!
Apr 09: Not much DXing here, but I grabbed another new one. Day off tomorrow so I might DX a little if I can get out of bed early.
Apr 05: Sometimes I like to tune around on a small (and old) RX because that was what was so cool about MW DXing as a kid....Any AM RX one had laying around could pull in the occasional good one.
Apr 04: A couple from last night...nothing earth-shattering! Hope all is well. It's the start of nature photography season but I'll keep on dxing through the summer, though less frequently.
Apr 03: Since I can't get KFI anymore (freq taken over by a local ) and no KNBR on 680 anymore....this is about the only CA and I'm glad I finally snagged it.
Mar 26: My time at the dials has dropped off to almost nothing. But, I did manage a nice GY logging. Maybe I'll get to spend time indoors this weekend if the weather is wet.
Mar 26: There was a lot in - there was nothing in. Grabbing at straws this morning.
Mar 21: Dog shaking herself off at 3:35 woke me up. Weird cx:Nothing on 1580,1590,1600. GY's-so so.
Mar 20: Insomnia DX'ing. Since retirement 4 months ago can't get sleep pattern right.
Mar 19: The band has been noisy so I've been doing other things. Lots to do outside this weekend so likely not much DXing, if any.
Mar 18: KFYO and CKBF were the morning treats. There's DX still out there, for sure. Always trying, for sure!
Mar 17: Other than KGHL KXPO, rather lackluster. Snow melting quickly. Not putting away shovel yet, hi!
Mar 16: Others were heard but I didn't wait long enough or want to report for 17th time, hi!
Mar 15: Really nice still w/sunrise at 8:04 EDT. Now time for the morning 2mi dogwalk! She pulls me, hi!
Mar 14: Not too bad. My recordings revealed another new one, plus the WENR DX test added yet another new one. So far in March a Lucky 13 new ones added. Hope all did well with the DX test.
Mar 14: A Banner night.
Mar 14: Always good to catch a DX test even better when it is a new catch.