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   The listing below is a collection of airchecks which I have made through the years. There is a scoped and unscoped section. This is under constuction as I am always making new checks or finding others. All are made by me, and not stuff I might have from other people. I am not a super aircheck trader by any means. These are arranged chronologically, with the newest on top. ALL are Top40, unless noted. (5 hrs) denotes a night-time (7-Midnight) full 5 hr shift, scoped. When on vacation I just run the tapes. Radio and the formatics of radio have interested me since I was a child. I am a top 40 fanatic and a tight true CHR is the best radio format to my mind!

THE SCOPED SELECTIONS:* 5 hours or (entire shift) scoped

More from 2002-3-4: 95-GMO Shell Lake,WI (cl ROCK '02), 102.7 WMOM Ludington 7-04, Hot 93.1 Rapid City 9-03, Hot 101.9 Billings 9-03, 99-7 the Storm WIMI-Ironwood,MI 11-04, Mix 93 WKMJ-Hancock,MI 9-03

2002-3-4 Bits: KOZY-Gr. Rapids,MN '03 (Old), 92.1 WWAX Duluth (03), Y93 Bismarck '03, Kiss 93.3, Q101 Jamestown,ND Both HotAC off bird '04, Criser102 Devils Lake,ND '04, WIFC Wausau '02, Y108 Wausau '02, XL93 Gr Forks '03, Y94 Fargo '03, Magic 97 '02, WMOM Ludington '04 (XLNT!) and Oldies 101.5 Manistee '04.

2001: The whole year in 90 minutes: Z100 Eau Claire, KDWD-Emmetsburg IA "Hot 100", 1-94 Eau Claire, Z94 Minot, Q107 Marquette, Hot 103 Winnipeg, WGLQ Escanaba, XL93 Grand Forks, Y94 Fargo, more 1-94 Eau Clare and more Z100 Eau Claire. NOTES:Z100, Hot 100 and Q107 never sounded better!

Spring '00: Mix 106 Escanaba composite (full side), Magic 97 Escanaba, Q107 Marquette

Spring '00:98-WSPT Stevens Point returns to Top40, PM/night jocks (full side A), WIFC Wausau (full side B)

Spring '00: Y93 Billings Adult CHR, Hot 101.7 Billings, Z94 Minot, Mix 99.9 Minot, Hot 93.1 Rapid City, Mix 97.3 Sioux Falls HotAC, WSPT Stevens Point, WIFC Wausau

Summer/Fall 99, #1 WGLQ-Escanaba (returns to Top 40!), Q107-Marquette, XL93 Grand Forks, Y94 Fargo, *Z94 Minot Hot AC, Mix 99.9 Minot Hot AC

Summer/Fall 99, #2 *Hot 93.1 Rapid City-Bobby Rock, KFYR Bismarck (bits), K-Love Minot (bits), KHRT-FM Minot (bits) Mix 97.3-Siox Falls (VERY HOT AC), KKCK-Marshall, MN, Hot 104.7-Sioux Falls, KY58-Winnipeg oldies-Burton Cummings in PM drive!

Summer 99: MICHIGAN HIGHLIGHTS: Zone Mackinaw City (Modern Rock), 106 WKHQ Charlevoix 106.7 WKPK Gaylord, WGLQ Escanaba, Q107 Marquette

Spring 99:I-94 Eau Claire, Z100 Eau Claire (returns to Top40, 2000 in a row!), Cool 92.9-Eau Claire (oldies), 95-5 WIFC Composite, 98-WSPT Stevens Pt. (Rock 40) Phil the Thrill, WGLQ-Escanaba, Q107-Marquette

98 Fall:HOT 93.1 Rapid City Bobby Rock, full shift,Y94 Fargo, XL93 Grand Forks

98: Fall/Winter: KORN Mitchell SD (oldies-taped), WRJO Eagle River (satellite), WOBT Rhinelander (local oldies), WIFC-Wausau (5 hrs of smokin' Jeff Murray!) True CHR!

Summer '98:: Q107 Marquette, WKHQ "106 KHQ" Northern Michigan & WKPK "106.7 The Peak" Northern Michigan

Spring #3:Y93-Bismarck VERY HOT AC, Y94-Fargo, Z94, Mix 99.9 Minot - Both HotAC, Mix97.3 HotAC, HOT 104.7 Sioux Falls (TRUE TOP 40!), XL93 Grand Forks, K-FYR Bismarck AdCon, K-Love-Bismarck (x-lator), REL-Cont Christian/jingles, Cool 98.7 Bismarck

98 Spring #2:KBYZ 96.5 the FOX-Bismarck, KSSS-101 Rocks! Bismarck, Both classic Rock, KKCK Marshall, KVHT Vermillion, WIFC-Wausau, WYCO-Wausau HotAC

98 Spring #1:ZONE Mack City, MI (new rock), Bear-Mack City (AoR)-Both non/live, WKHQ Charlevoix-Gaylord-Petoskey, WKPK Gaylord, (smokin check w/Man at Large!), WAIR-Atlanta (oldies), WYSS Sault Ste Marie, Q107 WKQS Magic97 All Marquette, WKQS is brand new FM AdCon, while Q107 is non-live

98 Winter:*Hot 104.7 Sioux Falls (NEW CHR) K93FM St Cloud *Q102 Willmar Kicks96 Watertown SD AdCon

97-Fall:KFYR Bismarck (AdC), Y93//KFYR (o/nite AdC), Kool 98.7 Bismarck (oldies), Kiss 101 Rocks (KSSS Bismarck-AoR, satellite), WAAH Houghton-Hancock ("LiteRock 102), KBYZ-Bismarck 96-5 The Fox AoR, CKY Winnipeg KY58 Satellite oldies, Mix 99.9 Minot, WKPK WKHQ Charlevoix MI 107.9 WYCO Wausau AdC drops Y108 WIFC Wausau 1240 WOBT Rhinelander live oldies

97-summer: 95-5 WIFC nights,screaming Top40 (5 hours), 98-WSPT "Star98" (AdCon)

97-spring: Z93 & Hot 94.7 LaCrosse, K93 & KCLD St Cloud, KDWB Mpls, KFYR-Bismarck (AC), Cool 98.7 Bismarck (oldies), KY58-Winnipeg (oldies, nice jingles-satellite)

97-spring "2": KFYR/Y93-Bismarck //simulcast HotAC, Z94-Minot (HotAC), Mix99.9-Minot (HotAC), K-Sky-Rapid City (Smokin' AoR!), Hot 93.1-Rapid City (First tape of this) (5 hours).

97-autumn: KZIO-Superior WI, 92.1 WWAX MN Duluth (Alternative Satellite), WGLQ & Q107 Marquette, WZAM (all News) Marquette, WCFX MI Clare, 100.5The Fox MI Saginaw, WAIR MI Atlanta (oldies- Drake jingles), WIDG MI St Ignace (satellite oldies), 106KHQ MI Charlevoix, 106.7WKPK MI Gaylord, 95-WIFC WI Wausau

96-summer: WKHQ-Charlevoix, WKPK-Gaylord, Kiss/FM Green Bay, 98.5 Mix/FM Green Bay (HotAC), 101 WIXX-Green Bay, WGLQ Escanaba, Q107 Marquette

96 April: Y94 Fargo & 95X Fargo (FIRST DAY of CHR, later to go Alternative-"Zone"), Lite Rock 105-Fargo (HOT Ac)

96-spring: Mix 99.9-Minot (HotAC), Z94-Minot (HotAC), Cars1390-Minot (Sat clRock), KLZ-Power Loon (AoR)-Walker MN, 3WI-WWWI Baxter MN (oldies), KLKS(K-Lakes), WJJY (both AC), KCLD-St Cloud MN, WGLQ-Eascanaba, Q107 Marquette

96 spring: WHTS Rock Island (5 hours), HIT 106-Kearney NE (5 hours), KissFM Green Bay, Magic93 Winner SD (some Music Channel One), 1240KCCR Pierre SD (a live jock on GY & s/off!)

95 spring #2: Magic 93 Winner SD (continues from 95spring #1) (% hours), HITS 106 Kearney NE (all dayparts), 1340KGFW Kearney NE (aDcOn), 1490KQRN Mitchell SD (live oldies), Q107FM Mitchell SD (automated AdCon)(now satellite AoR), KKCK Marshall MN, KCHK New Prague MN (oldies), KDWB Minneapolis

95 Spring #1: WGLQ Escanaba, Q107 Marquette, KZIO-Superior WI, B103-Bemidji, Z94-Minot (HotAC), KKBQ-Minot (AoR-satellite), KFYR (AC), Magic 93-Winner SD (KWYR-FM) part 1 of 2

94 autumn: 99.7KKCK Marshall MN, KFYR Bismarck (AC), Kiss/FM Bismarck (NEW satellite Soft hits, now satellite cl/Rock), Y93 Bismarck (5 hours), HITS 106 Kearney,NE (5 hours SMOKIN' Top40/Rock40)

94-spring: WGLQ-Escanaba, Q107-Marquette, WOLF Houghton-Hancock

94 summer: WBUS-Kankakee-Chicago (now SS), I95-Albert Lea, Z93 LaCrosse, KDWB(break only), KEGE Mpls (new rock), WIXX Green Bay, KCHK-New Prague MN (live oldies-now satellite), KIIK-Fairview IA (oldies, shotgun jx, now off bird), KBKB Ft Madison IA, KDOG-Mankato, WQCY-Quincy IL (now satellite AdCon)

94-spring #2: Hits 99.9-Burley ID, Z103.3 Idaho Falls,ID, KDOG Mankato,MN, I95-Albert Lea, KROC-FM Rochester MN, WCFX Clare-Mt Pleasant MI

94-spring: WBNQ-Bloomington IL, WSOY/FM Decatur (HotAC), Z94-Minot (HotAC), KFYR-Bismarck (AC), Y93Bismarck (5 hours), 1240-KWIK Ponacello ID (AM GOES Top 40 in 1994!!!-now sports)

93-November: I94-Eau Claire (Very Hot AC),Z100-EauClaire WI, FM90 Bemidji (Top40)

93-fall #1: Z100 Eau Claire (5 hours), I95-Albert Lea (5 hours), Y93-Bismarck (5 hours), KFYR-Bismarck (AdCon)

93-fall #2: Kiss/FM Fargo (New CHR now that Y94 was now dead), KROC-FM Rochester, B103-Bemidji (ALL ARE 5 Hour shows)

93 summer: WSPT-Stevens Point (5 hours SMOKIN' Top40!), WIFC-Wausau, WCLQ-Wausau (Cont CHRistian- Hit jingles), WIGM-FM Medord WI (small town AdCon), KROC/FM Rochester, KAGE/FM Winona, Z93 LaCrosse, Q107 & WGLQ Escanaba-Marquette, WWRW Wisconsin Rapids (W103, AdCon-now Classic Rock WGLX).

93-June: WHRY-Hurley WI (automated oldies), Live105-Dubuque (5 hours)

93 spring: WHET-Green Bay (now Lite FM), WIXX-Green Bay, WSPT-Stevens Point,WIFC-Wausau, Z100-Eau Claire, WTBX-Hibbing/Duluth, KZIO-Superior/Duluth

93-spring #2: Y93-Bismarck (5 hrs),KFYR Bismarck (ac), Magic 96-Grand Forks, XL93-Grand Forks, Magic 93-Winner SD (5 hrs)

93 spring #1: WSPT Stevens Point WI, WIFC Wausau WI, WUPM Ironwood MI, WJJH Ashland WI (AdCon-automated, now satellite AoR)

93-April: WCFX-Clare MI, Q107-Marquette, WGLQ-Escanaba, WIXX-Green Bay, Magic104 Oshkosh (now Oldies 103.9), WDMJ/WIAN (taped NOS/STDS) Marquette/Ishpeming-Negaunee MI

92 spring: WKHQ-Charlevoix, WKPK-Gaylord, WSPT-Stevens Point, WIFC-Wausau, WYCO-Wausau (HotAC), Y93-Bismarck, WTBX-Hibbing MN, KZIO-Superior, 99.7-WHET-Sturgeon Bay (now Lite 99.7), WGLQ-Escanaba, Q107-Marquette, WOLF-Houghton/Hancock MI (now WOLV, AoR-satellite), KWNO-FM-Winona MN ("Heat"-satellite), KWNO Winona (oldies), Z93-LaCrosse, Hit105-LaCrosse (now Magic 105), KDOG-Mankato MN, KROC-FM Rochester, Power 96-Albert Lea (AoR)

92 spring "2": Z100-Eau Claire, KDWB-Mpls, KCLD-St. Cloud, Y94-Fargo (BEFORE going to Mix, then back!), Magic96-Fargo, K-Hit 97-Minot (now c&w KYYX), Lazer96-Williston ND, KDSJ-Deadwood SD (oldies), Hit100 Rapid City (5 hours), KFYR (adCon), K-Hit 97-Minot (5 hours), Magic 93-Winner SD, KXKT-Omaha "The Cat", KG95-Sioux City

91 spring: WKTI-Milwaukee (HotAC), Hot102-Milwaukee (Churban), Power95 Kenosha WI (now AoR-WIIL), 97.3 KPAT Sioux Falls, K-Hit97 Minot ND (now c&w KYYX)(Top 10 @ 10), 103.7-KissFM St Cloud (now KLZZ) & 104.7-KCLD-St Cloud, Y93 Bismarck (no jingles-all other Y93 used Dallas Power), 99.7KKCK Marshall MN (Sioux Falls market rim-shotter)

79-April: 95.1WJZQ Kenosha (AoR), 100.7WRKR Racine (now V100-Urban)

77-summer: 95 1/2 WMET Capt. Whammo! (Jim Channel) Smokin' Excellent jingles! 70s CHR on FM!

73-November: WYXE-WI Sun Prairie, WISM-FM WI Madison (auto "All Gold Streo 98"), WISM WI Madison, 1400-WRIG WI Wausau (now 1390-NOS), WIFC WI Wausau, WSPT WI Stevens Pt, 1490-WOSH WI Oshkosh, WLIH WI New London (AdCon-Now WOZZ AoR), WYNE WI Appleton, WKAU WI Kaukauna, WNAM WI Neenah-Menasha, WBAY-FM WI Green Bay (AdCon), 92.7 WDUX-FM WI Waupaca (60 mins, 2 sided)

73-September: KOIL NE Omaha, KSO & KIOA FM/AM IA Des Moines, KRNT-FM IA Des Moines (Auto:"Solid Gold"), WGRD-FM MI Grand Rapids (excellent FM Q format), WLAV MI Grand Rapids, WLAV-FM MI Grand Rapids (auto:oldies), WZZM-FM MI Gr Rapids (auto:oldies), WIXY OH Cleveland, (side 2:) WNCR & WGCL OH Cleveland, KDKA, KQV, 13Q Jack Armstrong, WPEZ & WTAE. All Top40, except WTAE. WTAE using Drake Jingles.

73-SeptemberKMOX-F M MO St Louis (soft AC), KXOK & KSLQ MO St.Louis (1 side - 30 minutes)

73-April: WDAI IL Chicago (AoR), WQTC-FM/AM WI Two Rivers, KSLQ MO St. Louis, WYXE WI Sun Prarie, WDRQ MI Detroit (C-90, ALL commercials left in, scoped otherwise).

72? Larry Lujack first day on WCFL PM drive C60 scoped 4 hr show

This section will be added as time allows. This is only a partial listing. The more tapes I find, the more I add.ALL TAPED ARE C90s, 45 minutes, 2 sided. 96.7 KDOG MN Mankato 66:45pm, no date (mid 90s) 92.9 KYYY ND Bismarck 3-23-93 5:08pm (one side only)WAXY FL Ft. Lauderdale 1979 - (oldies) automated, old Pams jx, Roby Younge C-90 Both sides 97.3 WBTT WI Milwaukee 4-9-85 (last days as a CHR-ONE SIDE ONLY)99.9 WBUS IL Kankakee-Chicago taped from Milwaukee on DX C-90 95.3 WCFX MI Clare-Mt Pleasant 4-13-93 3pm start 95.3 WCFX MI Clare-Mt Pleasant 4-13-93 8:15pm start95.5 WIFC 9-71 30 min side, very early 70s Top40!105.9 WKHQ MI Charlevoix "106KHQ" (One Side only) "106KHQ your 20 in-a-row music station" June 97 94.9 WNLT WI Baraboo-Madison "95 Lite FM" or "95 L I T E" (taped from Mke. ONE SIDE ONLY) 920 WOKY WI Milwaukee 01-72 60 min tape. Songs chopped out. OVERNIGHTS: Ronnie Knight, first night back on air for Ronnie. 70s Bartell Radio! (pre Q format)102.3 WQTC-FM WI Two Rivers 4-22-74 "Funlovin 15Q" Excellent Top40 from the 70s!97.9-1010 WSPT WI Stevens Point 7-71 (30 min side) 94.1 WTFX WI Watertown-Madison "94-1 The Fox" 9-4-89 CHR for about a year or so. 94.1 WTFX WI Watertown-Madison 4-9-89 another tape, Nice buried in ids!1270 WWWI MN Baxter oldies, PM drive 99.5 WYSS MI Sault Ste Marie 7-25-90 Nights

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