/Heard: OHIO FMs!

Here is a listing of all the FMs heard from Minnesota! The first number is the month and where it was heard from! IE:7-MT would mean July from Montana! This feature will been run monthly so we can all lick our chops on those great Es catches, in lieu of any Es logging. Still it is there. Just a matter of being there to catch. * denotes a newer addition to this listing! Formats or slogans are listed at the end of the list, where possible. A sincere thank you to the reporters who make this feature possible!
Current thru MAY 2022!
88.1 WZIP OH Akron 5-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-OH
88.1 WBGU OH Bowling Green 4-MI 5-OH 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 8-OH
88.1 WDPR OH Dayton 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI 9-MI
88.1 WBCJ OH Spencerville 5-OH 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 8-MI REL
88.1 WDPR OH West Carrolton 6-OH 7-MB
88.3 WBWC OH Berea 5-MI 5-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 10-MI
88.3 WMRT OH Marietta 9-OH
88.3 WLFC OH North Baltimore 5-OH 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI
88.3 WMUB OH Oxford 8-OH 8-WI 9-WI
88.3 WHWN OH Painsesville 3-MI 3-MI 7-MI
88.3 W202AN OH Sandusky 5-OH //91.1 WYFG
88.3 WAUI OH Shelby 7-MI 11-MI
88.3 WOAR OH South Vienna 8-OH Air1
88.3 WXUT OH Toledo 4-OH 5-MI 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 10-MI 100w!
88.5 WMUB OH Oxford 3-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 8-MI
88.5 WYSA OH Wauseon 4-MI 4-MI 5-MI 5-OH 6-MI 10-OH YesFM
88.5 WYSU OH Youngstown 1-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI
88.7 WOFN OH Beach City-Canton 8-OH REL
88.7 WUFM OH Columbus 8-OH 9-MI REL
88.7 WJCU OH University Heights 7-MI 9-MI
88.9 WROL OH Ashland 7-MI 9-OH 11-OH
88.9 WJTA OH Glandorf 7-MI 7-OH REL:EWTN
88.9 W205AT OH Hamler 6-MI 10w!
88.9 WMWX OH Miamitown 9-MI ClassX
88.9 WLRY OH Rushville 7-OH CCM
88.9 WCSU OH Wilberforee 9-MI
89.1 WOUC OH Cambridge 5-OH 10-OH
89.1 WNZN OH Lorain 7-MI 8-MI Power 89.1
89.3 WBWC OH Burea 6-MI
89.3 WCSB OH Cleveland 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 10-MI 10-MI
89.3 WYSM OH Lima 7-MI
89.3 WYSZ OH Maumee 7-WI "Yes FM"
89.3 WXMW OH Sycamore 6-MI 7-MI
89.3 WKRW OH Wooster 1-OH 7-OH
89.5 WBCY OH Archibold 4-MI 5-MI 6-MI 8-ON 9-MI 10-MI 10-OH
89.5 WCVV OH Belpre 8-OH
89.5 WQRP OH Dayton 11-OH
89.5 WMIH OH Geneva 8-MI
89.5 WFOT OH Lexington REL:EWTN 360w! 7-OH *
89.5 WVMS OH Sandusky 6-MI 9-MI 10-OH
89.7 WOSU OH Columbus 4-MI 5-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI
89.7 WKSU OH Kent 6-MI 8-MI 9-MI
89.9 WDPR OH Dayton 6-MI 6-MI
89.9 WDPG OH Greenvile 4-MI 5-MI 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 11-MI 11-OH
90.1 W211AL OH Ashtabula 5-OH
90.1 WOHC OH Chillicothe 6-OH 11-MI
90.1 WXML OH Upper Sandusky 7-ON 8-MI 8-MI 8-ON
90.1 WOUZ OH Zanesville 6-OH
90.3 WKCD OH Cedarville 7-MI K-Love/CCM
90.3 WCPN OH Cleveland 5-OH 6-MI 7-MB 7-MI 8-ON
90.3 WOTL OH Toledo 4-MI
90.5 WHVT OH Clyde 1-OH 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI 9-MI
90.5 WCBE OH Columbus 1-OH 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 9-MI 9-MI 7-OH
90.5 WVML OH Millersburg 11-OH
90.7 WGLE OH Lima 1-OH 5-OH 7-OH
90.7 WAUS OH Mansfield 2-OH
90.7 WMCO OH New Concord 11-OH
90.7 WNRK OH Norwalk 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI
90.7 WNFR OH Sandusky 3-MI
90.7 W214CD OH Wadsworth 5-OH KLove EX:91.7
90.9 WGBE OH Bryan 7-OH 8-OH
90.9 W215AX OH Carrolton 8-OH 11-OH 38w!
90.9 WGUC OH Cincinnati 5-MI 7-MI 7-OH 9-OH 10-MI
90.9 W215BS OH Hinkley 5-OH "Air1"
90.9 WCVJ OH Jefferson 5-MI 7-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI
91.1 WRUW OH Cleveland 3-MI 4-MI 5-MI 5-MI 5-MI
91.1 WOSE OH Coshocton 9-OH
91.1 WOSB OH Marion 5-MI 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 9-MI
91.3 WOUB OH Athens 7-OH 8-OH NPR
91.3 WGTE OH Toledo 5-OH
91.3 WYSO OH Yellow Springs 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI
91.5 WKHR OH Bainbridge 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI
91.5 WVMV OH China Township-New Baltimore 7-OH * CCM:SmileFM
91.5 WBIE OH Delphous 3-OH 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 10-MI 11-MI
91.5 WKRJ OH New Philadelphia //WKSU 7-MI 8-OH
91.5 WOBC OH Oberlin 9-MI 9-OH
91.7 WVXU OH Cincinnati 7-MB 9-MI 10-OH NPR
91.7 WOSV OH Mansfield 7-OH
91.7 WYTN OH Youngstown 9-MI 11-ON "FamilyRadio"
91.7 WJIC OH Zanesville 6-OH
91.9 WMBP OH Belpre 3-OH
91.9 WKJA OH Brunswick 4-OH 6-MI "NewLifeRadio"
91.9 WOUH OH Chillicothe 6-OH 6-OH
91.9 WGDE OH Defiance 5-OH 6-MI 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 9-OH //WGTE 91.3
91.9 WXMF OH Marion 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI
91.9 W22ODM OH Parma 9-MI 9-OH "K-Love"
91.9 W220BP OH Wooster 7-OH REL
92.1 WOHF OH Bellevue 4-MI 5-MI 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-OH 11-MI EX:WNRR
92.1 WYVK OH Middleport 5-OH 7-OH 11-OH
92.1 WBIK OH Pleasant City 11-OH
92.1 WFGF OH Wapakonota 4-MI 5-OH 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-OH 11-OH
92.1 WROU OH West Carrolton 9-MI R&BWYVK OH Middleport 5-OH 7-OH 11-OH
92.3 WKRK OH Cleveland Heights 4-MI 5-MI 5-MI 6-MI 9-WI SPORTS
92.3 WCOL OH Columbus 4-MI 6-MT 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI C&W
92.5 WDJQ OH Alliance 5-MI 5-OH 6-MI 7-MI 10-MI Top40
92.5 WOFX OH Cincinnati 6-OH 6-MT "92.5FM TheFox"
92.5 WVKS OH Toledo 7-MI 7-ON 8-MI 8-WI KissFM Top40
92.7 WQEL OH Bucyrus 5-OH 5-OH 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI
92.7 WHIZ OH South Zanesville 6-OH 9-MI 11-MI
92.9 WGTZ OH Eaton 1-OH 1-ON 5-MI 5-MT 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-OH 8-OH 8-ON 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-OH 10-MI 10-OH JackFM
92.9 W225AM OH Middleton Twp 6-MI
93.1 WZAK OH Cleveland 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-OH 11-WI R&B
93.1 WWSR OH Lima 1-OH 6-MI 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 11-MI 93-1theFan
93.3 WODC OH Ashville 1-ON 6-MI 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI -MI 11-MI 11-MI AdultHITS
93.3 WKKJ OH Chillicothe 8-OH
93.3 WAKW OH Cincinnati 5-MI 7-MI 9-MI 11-MI
93.3 W227CJ OH Tiffin //1600 Tiffin 7-MI OLD
93.3 WNCD OH Youngstown 7-MI 8-MI 8-OH 9-MI 9-MI 9-OH 10-MI "CD 93-3"
93.5 WBNV OH Barnesville 6/OH 8/OH 9/OH
93.5 WRQN OH Bowling Green 6-MT 8-OH 9-MI
93.7 WFCJ OH Miamisburg-Dayton 1-OH 5-MI 6-MT 7-FL 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-OH 11-MI 11-MI 11-OH
93.7 WQIO OH Mt Vernon 1-OH 7-MI 8-MI 9-MI 10-MI 11-MI
93.7 WQGR OH North Madison 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI
93.9 WBKS OH Columbus Grove-Lima 6-MI 6-MT 6-OH 7-MI 7-ON 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI Kiss
94.1 WHBC OH Canton 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-WI 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI 11-MI 11-MI"Mix 94.1"
94.1 WNNF OH Cincinnati 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 11-MI 11-MI 11-MI
94.1 W231AJ OH Findlay 7-MI 11-MI Clean Air Radio //WHVT. 50w!
94.3 WKKI OH Celina 2-OH 3-MI 4-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 7-WI 8-MI 8-MI 8-OH 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-OH 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI K94
94.3 WKKJ OH Chillicothe 6-OH 8-OH 11-MI
94.3 WMRN OH Marion 5-MI 5-OH 5-OH 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-WI 8-MI 10-OH C&W
94.5 WKDF OH Engelwood-Dayton 5-OH 9-MI 10-OH 12-OH
94.5 PIRATE OH Ohio City 7-OH ex:87.9 & 92.9
94.5 WXKR OH Port Clinton 6-ON 7-OH 7-OH
94.7 WSNY OH Columbus 5-OH 7-MI 7-OH 9-MI
94.9 WONB OH Ada 5-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 9-MI 11-MI Jazz
94.9 WREW OH Fairfield 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI 9-MI
94.9 WQMX OH Medina 7-OH 10-MI 12-OH
94.9 W235BH OH Perrysburg "The Beat" 7-MI
95.1 WXVG OH Mount Gilead 5-MI 5-OH 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 8-OH 9-OH 11-MI
95.3 WKTN OH Kenton 5-MI 5-MI 5-MI 5-MI 5-MI 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-OH 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-OH 10-OH 10-MI 11-MI 11-MI 11-MI
95.3 WKLM OH Millersvurg 6-OH
95.3 WLKR OH Norwalk 5-MI 5-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI
95.3 WZLR OH Xenia 9-MI
95.5 WFHM OH Cleveland 6-MI 7-MI 8-WI 10-MI 12-TX the Fish CCM
95.5 WHOK OH Lancaster 6-IL 8-OH 9-MI "K95.5"
95.7 WIMX OH Gibsonburg 1-MI 4-MI 8-MI 10-OH
95.7 WHIO OH Piqua-Dayton 4-MI 5-OH 6-MI 6-MT 6-MT 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-OH 9-OH 10-MI 11-MI TALK
95.7 WEEL OH Shadyside 8-OH
95.9 WYNT OH Caledonia 7-MI 8-MI 11-MI
95.9 WYNT OH Upper Sandusky 5-MI 5-MI 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI 10-MI 10-OH 11-OH "96FM"
95.9 WNTX OH Sharpesville 2-MI
96.1 WMTR OH Archibold 7-OH 8-OH 10-MI 10-OH
96.1 WOHK OH Ashtabula "K-Love" 6-OH *
96.1 WKFM OH Huron 1-MI 4-MI 6-ON 7-MI 8-ON "K96" C&W
96.3 WLVQ OH Columbus 5-OH 6-MI 8-MI
96.5 WAKS OH Akron 6-MI 7-MI 8-ON 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI
96.5 W243DP OH Bryan // WQCT-1520 Cl HITS
96.5 WYGY OH Hamilton 7-IL
96.5 WFTK OH Lebanon 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI 9-MI ex:WYGY
96.7 WCMJ OH Cambridge 8-OH
96.7 WCSM OH Celina 4-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 10-MI 11-MI
96.7 WBVI OH Fostoria 5-OH 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 10-MI 10-OH HOT AC
96.9 W245CY OH Cleveland "The Word"//WHKW-1220 40w! 5-MI
96.9 WMRN OH Marion 6-MI
96.9 WRNB OH Troy 5-MI
96.9 WNKT OH Wauseon 4-OH 7-OH 7-ON 11-MI "KLove"
96.9 WLRD OH Willard 1-MI 5-OH 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-ON 8-MI 9-MI 10-MI
97.1 WREO OH Ashtabula 5-MI 5-ON 6-MI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 11-MI
97.1 WBVB OH Coal Grove 9-MI
97.1 WBNS OH Columbus 6-OH 7-IL 9-OH 10-OH
97.3 WJZE OH Oak Harbor 1-MI 4-MI 5-MI 8-MI 8-OH 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI "Fox 97-3"
97.5 WONE OH Akron 3-OH 4-MI 5-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 11-MI
97.5 WTGR OH Union City 4-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI Tiger Country
97.7 WNLB-LP OH Holland 5-MI 67w!
97.7 WWOC-LP OH Bowling Green 3Angels B'casting 5-MI
97.7 WILE OH Byesville 1-MI 1-MI 7-MI 8-OH NOS
97.7 WGGN OH Castalia 1-MI 1-MI 4-MI 5-OH 6-MI 6-OH 6-MI 8-MI 8-MI
97.7 WNLB-LP OH Holland 5-MI OLDies Fun 97
97.7 WCJO OH Jackson 1-ON 8-OH
97.7 WTGN OH Lima 4-MI 5-MI 5-OH 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 9-MI REL
97.9 WNCI OH Columbus 6-MI 8-MI 9-MI 11-MI
97.9 WXMG OH Upper Arlington: 1-OH 7-MI 11-OH 11-OH
97.9 WBYR OH Van Wert 4-IN, 4-MI 4-OH 5-MI 5-OH 6-IL 6-MI 7-IL 7-IL 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-WI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-OH "The Bear"
97.9 WMXY OH Youngstown 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI 8-MI 8-WI 11-MI 12-OH
98.1 WKDD OH Canton: 5-MI 7-MI 7-OH 7-OH 9-MI 11-MI
98.1 WDFM OH Defiance 3-OH 4-MI 6-MI 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-WI 7-WI 7-WI 7-WI 8-ON 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-OH 11-MI 12-OH "Mix 98"
98.3 WYBL OH Ashtabula 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI
98.3 WPKO OH Bellefonte 9-OH
98.3 WWBK OH Fredericktown: 6-OH
98.3 WLGN OH Logan 9-OH
98.5 WRRM OH Cincinatti 6-MI 7-MI 8-MI
98.5 WNCX OH Cleveland: 1-MI 2-MI 4-MI 5-MI 7-MI 11-MI
98.7 WYKL OH Crestline: 6-MI 6-MI 8-MI 8-OH 9-OH 10-OH K-Love
98.7 WYRO OH McArthur 8-OH
98.9 W255CW OH Lorain //1380 WDLE "Cool Cat OLDies" 90w 8-MI
98.9 WTOH OH Upper Arlington: 1-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 11-OH 11-OH TALK "98-9 the Answer" ex:WXMG
98.9 WBYR OH Van Wert 4-IN, 4-MI 4-OH 5-MI 5-OH 6-IL 6-MI 7-IL 7-IL 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-WI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-OH 11-MI "The Bear"
98.9 WMXY OH Youngstown 1-MI 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 11-MI 12-OH
99.1 W256BT OH Cleveland 5-OH //WMMS-HD2
99.1 WHKO OH Dayton 2-OH 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-OH 8-OH 10-MI 10-OH 11-OH 11-WI C&W
99.1 WFRO OH Freemont 1-MI 6-OH 10-MI 10-MI
99.3 WTNS OH Coshocton 7-MI 7-OH
99.3 WTNS OH Gasbocton 7-MI *
99.3 WNXT OH Portsmouth
99.5 WGAR OH Cleveland 5-MI 6-MI 7-WI 8-MI 8-WI 9-WI 11-MI C&W
99.5 WTUZ OH Urichsville 5-OH
99.7 WRKZ OH Columbus 2-MI 5-OH 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-OH 8-MI 8-WI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI
99.7 WBGX OH Mansfield 8-MI
99.7 WKSD OH Paulding 3-MI 3-MI 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-OH 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI OLD
99.9 WVLO OH Cridersville K-Love 5-MI *
99.9 WCHD OH Kettering 5-MI 6-IL 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI 11-OH 12-OH ex:WLQT
100.1 WNIR OH Kent 6-MI 6-MI 7-ON 8-MI 8-OH 8-OH 11-MI
100.1 WSWR OH Shelby 1-MI 5-MI 6-MI 6-OH 7-ON 8-MI 9-OH 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-OH "My 100.1"
100.3 WCLT OH Newark 1-ON 5-OH 8-OH 8-WI 9-WI 10-OH "T100"
100.5 WBGI OH Bellaire 7-MI 7-MI 10-MI EX:WOMP
100.5 WKXA OH Findlay 1-MI 5-MI 5-MI 6-MI 7-IL 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 9-MI 10-MI
100.7 WMMS OH Cleveland 7-MI 8-WI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI
100.7 WEEC OH Springfield 3-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-OH 12-OH REL
100.9 WBNO OH Bryan 5-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-WI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-OH 12-OH "B100.9"
100.9 WMJK OH Clyde 1-MI 4-MI 4-MI 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI "Magic 100.9"
100.9 WJAW OH McConnelsville 5-OH 8-OH
100.9 WXIZ OH Waverly 8-OH
101.1 WWCD OH Grove City 7-MB
101.3 WNCO OH Ashland 1-OH 4-MI 4-MI 5-MI 5-MI 6-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 9-WI
101.5 W221CT OH Ashtabula //1330 WINT 7-OH
101.5 WCLI OH Eaton 7-OH Click101-5 HotAC
101.5 WRYV OH Gallipololis 7-OH 7-OH 101.5 THE RIVER
101.5 WRVF OH Toledo 4-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MT 7-ON 7-WI 8-WI "River"
101.7 WNCO OH Ashland 10-MI
101.7 WNKO OH New Albany 7-MI 7-OH "Kool 101.7"
101.7 WHOF OH North Canton 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 11-ON
101.7 WKSW OH Urbana 7-OH 8-OH 9-OH 11-OH
101.9 WKRQ OH Cincinnati 2-OH 6-WI 7-MI 8-OH 8-OH 9-MI 9-OH
101.9 WBTJ OH Hubbard 1-OH 6-OH 102 JAMS
102.1 WDOK OH Cleveland 1-MI 1-MI 4-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI
102.1 WRVB OH Marietta 7-OH
102.1 WIMT OH Lima 4-MI 4-MI 5-MI 5-MI 5-MI 5-MI 5-OH 6-MI 8-MI 9-MI 11-MI T-102
102.3 WFXN OH Galion 5-MI 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 11-MI
102.3 WPOS OH Holland 7-ON
102.5 W273BL OH Akron REL:Air1 74 watts 8-MI *
102.5 WWCD OH Baltimore 6-MI 6-OH 7-OH 7-OH 9-MI ALT
102.5 WZOO OH Edgewood 5-MI 7-MB 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 10-MI 10-MI OLD
102.5 WHIZ OH Zanesville 1-OH 5-OH 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 9-OH 9-WI "Z102"
102.7 WEBN OH Cincinnati 7-OH 8-OH 9-MI 9-MI 10-OH
102.7 WCPZ OH Sandusky 5-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-WI 10-MI
102.9 WDHT OH Urbana-Springfield 7-IL 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 8-OH 9-MI "Hot 102-9"
103.1 WRAC OH Georgetown 7-MI 9-MI Country103
103.1 WVKO OH Johnstown 8-MI 10-OH 11-OH
103.1 WNDH OH Napolean 5-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-OH 7-OH 8-MI 9-MI 10-OH 10-OH 11-MI
103.3 WCRF OH Cleveland 6-MI 6-MI 8-OH 8-WI 8-WI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI REL:Moody
103.3 WMLX OH St.Marys 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 8-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI 11-MI
103.3 W277BI OH Toledo 5-MI K-Love
103.5 WJZA OH Lancaster 7-OH
103.5 WNND OH Pickerington 7-OH
103.5 WMTX OH St.Marys 6-MI
103.7 WCKY OH Tifton 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-ON 8-MI 9-MI 11-MI
103.9 WZDA OH Beaver Creek 7-MI 9-MI 12-MI Alt 103.9
103.9 WEGE OH Westerville 7-MI 8-OH 11-MI "Eagle 103-9"
103.9 WJKR OH Worthington 7-MI
104.1 WQAL OH Cleveland 1-MI 1-MI 4-MI 5-MI 7-MI
104.1 W281AL OH Harbor View 5-MI 5-MI 10-MI 19w K-Love
104.1 WNKE OH New Boston 7-MI 7-MI C&W
104.1 WPYK OH Portsmouth 6-OH 7-MI 9-MI 10-MI ex:WPAY. K-Love
104.3 WOGF OH East Liverpool 1-MI 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI
104.3 WJZK OH Richmond: 5-OH 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI
104.5 WLZZ OH Montpelier: 5-MI 6-MI 7-AL 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-OH 10-MI C&W
104.5 WQKT OH Wooster: 5-MI 5-MI 5-MI 5-MI 6-MI 8-MI 11-MI 11-MI
104.7 WTUE OH Dayton 6-MI 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 7-OH 8-OH 8-OH 9-MI 9-MI 11-MI 11-MI 11-MI 11-MI 11-MI 11-MI
104.7 WKKY OH Geneva 9-MI 10-MI 11-MI
104.7 WLZZ OH Montpelier 5-MI
104.9 WWKC OH Caldwell: 8-OH 9-OH C&W
104.9 WCVO OH Gahanna: 1-OH 3-OH 7-MI
104.9 WCLV OH Lorain: 4-MI 5-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-OH 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI
104.9 WEGE OH Lima 5-MI 5-MI 5-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 104-9 The Eagle
105.1 WUBE OH Cincinnatti 10-OH
105.1 WQXK OH Salem-Youngstown 3-MI 7-WI 8-MI K105.1
105.3 WYHT OH Mansfield 1-MI 4-MI 6-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI 11-MI wyht.com
105.5 WXTQ OH Athens 9-MI
105.5 WGOJ OH Conneaut 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH
105.5 WMVR OH Sidney 6-MI 7-MI
105.5 WWWM OH Sylvania 2-MI 6-OH 9-MI 10-OH 10-OH
105.5 WCHO OH Washington Court House 9-MI
105.7 WMJI OH Cleveland 1-MI 9-WI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI
105.7 WZOM OH Defiance-Findlay 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI C&W
105.7 WZAZ OH Marysville 6-OH
105.9 WNKN OH Middletown 6-MI
105.9 WWJM OH New Lexington 5-OH
106.1 WVNO OH Mansfield 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-ON 9-MI 10-MI 11-MI "Mix 106.1"
106.1 WNCD OH Niles 8-MI 8-MI "Oldies 106.1"
106.3 WCDK OH Cadiz 1-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 9-OH 10-OH "Oldies 106.3"
106.3 WBUK OH Ottawa 5-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 11-MI 11-MI 11-OH 11-OH
106.3 WJYD OH London 4-OH 8-MI 8-OH 11-OH "Joy106.3"
106.5 WMXV OH Cleveland 7-MI 8-MI 8-WI 10-MI 10-MI Mix 106.5
106.5 WRWK OH Delta 9-MI "Rock 106"
106.5 WDSS OH Greenville 5-MI 5-MI 5-OH 6-MI 6-MI 7-MB 7-MI 7-WI 8-MI 9-MI Big106-5 OLD
106.7 WRQK OH Canton 4-MI
106.7 WRXS OH Dublin 6-OH
106.7 WFGA OH Hickesville 9-OH 9-OH
106.7 WSRW OH Hillsboro 2-OH 6-OH
106.9 WRQK OH Canton 1-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 10-MI 11-MI
106.9 WFJZ OH Hicksville 4-MI 7-OH
106.9 WMRN OH Marion 5-OH 7-OH 8-MI 9-OH 10-OH
107.1 WNUS OH Belpre 7-OH
107.1 WHOK OH Circleville 2-OH 7-MI 7-OH OLD C&W
107.1 WBKS OH Dayton 7-WI 9-OH
107.1 WDOH OH Delphos 4-MI 5-MI 5-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-OH 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI
107.1 WKFS OH Milford-Cincinnati 7-MI 9-OH 10-MI Top40 "Kiss"
107.3 WYBZ OH Crooksville 9-OH
107.3 WNWV OH Elyria 1-MI 6-WI 7-MI 11-MI
107.3 WJUC OH Swanton-Toledo 1-MI 4-MI 11-MI 11-OH
107.5 WCKX OH Columbus 8-OH
107.5 WBUK OH Ft Shawnee 5-OH
107.5 WFXJ OH N. Kingsville 5-MI 5-OH Fox
107.7 WMMX OH Dayton 6-MI 7-MI 7-OH 9-OH 10-OH 11-MI 11-MI
107.7 WXXF OH Loudonville 6-MI 8-MI 11-MI "rare"
107.7 WSEO OH Nelsonville 8-MI 9-OH
107.7 WPFX OH N. Baltimore 4-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-OH 8-MI 8-OH 10-MI 11-MI 12-OH
107.9 WENZ OH Cleveland 1-MI 4-MI 6-MI 8-WI 9-WI 10-MI
107.9 WODB OH Delaware 6-OH
107.9 WVMX OH Westerville 6-MI 7-MI 11-MI HotAC