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60 day NEW & Rare!

Welcome to "60d-N-R", or 60 days:New and rare! What's posted here is what was reported as new or rare in the previous AT LEAST 60 days prior to the current month. The loggings are posted PLUS the top political units and any other things of note. Posted monthly on the 11th! Look and see what you might have heard or missed!
AUGUST'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
540 KNMX NM Las Vegas 8/31 0602 p- Playing SS ballads, tejano music format. ID in English with clear "K260DJ 99.9", NEW! TL-IN
650 KGAB WY Cheyenne 8/31 0559 g- loud ID "KGAB Orchard Valley-Cheyene, a TownSquare Media Station", Fox News, blasting in over WSM, NEW! TL-IN
1080 WWDR NC Murfreesboro 8/29 2015 f- IDing as "99.5 & 105.9 Jamz", was in well for about 10 minutes, Hip Hop/Urban format, matched stream, NEW! TL-IN
1250 KYYS KS Kansas City 8/31 2014 2 guys speaking Spanish. Live stream verified. Good signal. Tecsun PL330/Internal antenna. NEW! GH-IL
550 KCRS TX Midland 8/31 0615 A/C 432 Ad mentioning Texas. Under KTRS. NEW! GH-IL
1190 KDMR MO Kansas City 8/30 2100EDT "KDMR Kansas City-Overland Park" TOH ID. Fair. Sony SRF59 Untralight/Internal antenna.NEW! GH-IL
710 WTPR TN Paris 8/29 0511 Oldies music. Live stream verified. In WOR/KCMO null. NEW! GH-IL
1100 KFAX CA San Fransisco 8/26 0558 p- noted recently by other midwest DXers, right at my local sunrise, religious preaching very weak under WTAM, // to CA SDR. Faded after ToH, CA #10. NEW! TL-IN
1240 WJIM MI Lansing 8/25 1840 Slogan ID "The Big Talker". Brief peak then gone. NEW GH-IL
1110 KGFL AR Clinton 8/22 0414 "97.3 94.7" and oldies. Live stream verified. No KFAB. NEW! GH-IL
1380 KHWK MN Winona 8/19 2147 "(M) Country 101.5" and C&W music. Brief peak then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1130 KAAB AR Batesville 8/15 0334 Country music. Live Stream verified. Good signal. NEW! GH-IL
690 WJOX AL Birmingham 8/6 0400 "AM 690 WJOX Birmingham". Good signal. NEW! GH-IL
790 WTSK AL Tuscaloosa 8/5 0411 " 93 3 FM 790 AM WTSK" and gosp. music. Fair, QRN, NEW! GH-IL
690 CBKF-1 SK Gravelbourg 8/21 0540 P tho in for 15 mins easily w/FF. Lost to WVCY. Quite rare! JJR-WI
910 WBZH WI Hayward 8/22 0549 P 3 Civic Media ments (app, programming, etc) Logged:1980 as WHSM. Rare. JJR-WI
1150 KSAL KS Salina 8/31 2020 f- lots of Kansas mentions and Kansas State items, semi-rare here. TL-IN
1230 WJOB IN hAMmond 8/3 0612 P talk of things in IN. "Air Show, here in Gary" and talked o/15 mins. "Gary Air Show" again. o/UNID C&W. No WCLO! Not heard in years! Rare. JJR-WI
1230 KDIX ND Dickinson 8/14 0545 P Weatherology wx thru Saturday! ( wrote this off as anything in Mid West) then Joes Auto Service and "KDIX" jingle, 80s OLDie! Alone. Been years! Rare! JJR-MI
1260 WOCO WI Oconto 8/16 0658 Vp-P-lost Polkas, "WOCO AM radio in Oconto" into USA news. Rare. JJR-MI
1410 KGRN IA Grinnell 8/23 0645 f- local items and local high school sports, many IDs, local ads, rare. TL-IN
1520 WRCI MI Three Rivers 8/21 0556 Vp tho clear "WRCI" into C&W. Rare! JJR-WI

JULY'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
1550 WEVR WI River Falls 7/25 0643 P tho nice fade up o/WHIT. "in Baldwin, call 715-684-70..." for ??? Auctions. Rare. JJR-MI
1410 WRMN IL Elgin 7/8 0631 P -no WIZM. "WRMN 1410" into ad. Not great, but not heard in years! Rare JJR-WI
1410 WNWZ MI Grand Rapids 7/24 0553 P "Dee Dee in the Morning. Gr.Rapid's #1 for Hip-Hop, Magic 104.9" No WIZM. Rare! JJR-MI
1190 WBHA MN Wabasha 7/25 0544 P MN Twins vs. Pgh Pirates trip ment, "WBHA Weatherology..." no WOWO. Rare. JJR-MI
970 WATH OH Athens 7/17 0433 "970 WATH" ID. Weak but copiable. NEW! GH-IL
1070 WNVY FL Cantonment 7/8 2046 tuned in to REL teaching, turned out to be the International Gospel Hour. ToH ID mentioned FM that was garbled, then "WNVY Cantonment". In strong at times but also faded out, QRM from WKII with Fox Sports. News one, FL #90 heard. NEW! MF-FL
1230 WBET MI Sturgis 7/14 0541 P "..opportunities here in Michigan" Auto Zone ad, calls, Fox Sports Radio. #2531 NEW! JJR-WI
1380 WYSH TN Clinton 7/27 0410 "Classic Country 101.1 FM 1380 AM" Brief peak then gone. NEW! GH-IL

JUNE'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
760 KDFD CO Thornton 6/2 0349 " 760 AM 93.7 FM" NRC log aided ID. Under WJR. NEW! GH-IL
790 WNTC TN Ashland City 6/4 0441 "Nashvilles Greatest Hits Station WNTC" Peaked strong then gone. NEW! GH-IL
970 WKCI VA Waynesboro 6/19 0359 "Newsradio 107.9 WKCI" Peaked then gone. NEW! GH-IL
980 WYFN TN Nashville 6/18 0500 "Bible Broadcasting Network" slogan ID. Live stream verified. NEW! GH-IL
1280 KCOB IA Newton 6/13 0435 IA truck show ad and oldies. Fair in the mix. NEW! GH-IL
1290 WZTI WI Greenfield 2250 6/17 Poor to fair signals fading in and out under WIRL with Wild Thing and other oldies. First time heard in Winnipeg.NEW! SMA-MB
1320 WKRK NC Murphy 6/6 0349 "Your favorite radio station WKRK" Peaked then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1440 WMAX MI Bay City 6/15 0350 "Ave Maria Radio" and EWTN ID's. Brief peak then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1440 WAJR WV Morgantown 6/15 0333 A/C 304 Ad and FSR ID. Brief peak then gone . NEW! GH-IL
810 WSYW IN Indianapolis 6/5 0602 P hearing SS, was it Rockford MI or...SS:"WSYW Indianapolis!" Complete shocker, replacing WJJQ, in earlier! Not heard in years! Super rare! JJR-WI
1190 WBHA MN Wabasha 6/20 0545 P Bluff Country Weatherology: clear, 91 today. 70 now. No WOWO. Rare. JJR-MI
1260 WOCO WI Oconto 6/16 0619 Vp "WOCO-AM Oconto" tween psa's. Pure Luck! Rare! JJR-MI
1260 WOCO WI Oconto 6/3 0603 Heartaches by the Number by Guy Mitchell, then polkas. Still in at :24. Calls, Rare! JJR-WI
1450 WFMB IL Springfield 6/13 2049 P but atop after numerous ESPN promos, app, etc, Sports Radio 1450. Rare JJR-WI
1480 WIOS MI Tawas City-East Tawas 6/17 0523 P "call 345-9840 in West Branch" wx, Promo for Levin, calls. WLMV in back. Rare! JJR-MI
1520 WRCI MI Three Rivers 6/28 0553 Vp ad w clear "Three Rivers", C&W mx. No calls heard, w/KOLM. Very rare! JJR-WI

MAY'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
1400 KSIM MO Sikeston - 5/7 2328 Fair with EAS tones heard at the beginning of storm warnings for Scott, Cape Girardeau, and Stoddard Counties in southeast Missouri. My thanks for the tip on this one go out to Sherwood, Arkansas DXer Ethan Hester, he had heard the same station giving out NWS warnings earlier. MO #76, my 20th logging on 1400, and my 117th graveyard logging from this QTH. NEW! RD-NE
690 KTSM TX El Paso 5/31 0405 690 Newsradio KTSM El Paso" weak to fair. NEW! GH-IL
1490 WMRN OH Marion 5/27 2024 "The Talk Station WMRN 1490". Tecsun PL-330/stock antenna. Poor to fair. NEW! GH-IL
1450 WLEC OH Sandusky 5/22 2326 Briefly in with a clear ID of "...93.5 WLEC", then into Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone". Confirmed by matching up the audio from the station's website. 689 miles from here, my first-ever graveyard logging from Ohio from this QTH, and one of my best graveyard catches of all time. NEW! RD-NE
1360 KRKK WY Rock Springs 5/20 0632 P "Turn it up! 1360 K R K K and 103.5FM" after Colour My World, by Chicago. Almost wrote off as (oldies) WVRQ! Glad I stuck around! NEW! #2532 JJR-MI
910 WDOR WI Sturgeon Bay 5/3 0646 Vp :Door County Overhead in Sturgeon Bay" News, call w/Danny Allen. Rare. JJR-MI
1400 WATW WI Ashland 5/27 0549 Vp "101.3FM, 1400AM the Bay" after 2 C&W songs. Thru WCCY, easily. Rare. JJR-MI
1580 WWCD OH Columbus 5/2 0554 P "on CD 92.9 radio" out of nowhere, w/others. Total surprise. Rare! JJR-MI

APRIL'S HOTTEST Rare listed first

1460 KXNO IA Des Moines 4/28 0500 "KXNO AM" Fair, no WBRN. NEW! GH-IL
810 KYTY TX Somerset 4/25 0555 "I listen to STAR AM 810" and Christian songs. Good sig. 250W 1,233 Mi. NEW! GH-IL
1280 KYRO MO Troy 4/16 2259 f- ".. inviting you to join us Monday through Friday right here on Newsradio 105-3 AM 1280 KYRO ...". NEW! TL-IN
1280 WFYC MI Alma 4/16 0616EDT ID'd by Mich. Ad. Fair sig. NEW! GH-IL
960 WLPR AL Prichard 4/7 0627-0634 Vp o/WSBT 3 mins, then down. 2 SoGOS songs, REL announements, No calls heard, but only thing w/format on freq. NEW! JJR-WI
610 KILT TX Houston 4/1 0535 "Sports Radio 610" Fair. NEW! GH-IL
930 KOGA NE Ogallala 4/11 0735 P "100% Classics! 9-3-Oh, KOGA, Classic Country for the High Plains!" Others phased, tho no WLBL KKIN etc. Catch of the day! Rare! JJR-MI
980 WPRE WI Prairie du Chien 4/6 0715 P "on the WPRE Morning show" Wi Radio Net sports. Not heard in decades, possibly only 2nd or 3rd time since 3/26/68 log. SUPER rare! JJR-WI
1230 WYTS OH Columbus 4/17 0000 Fair for a few minutes with 23 and Me ad, several Black Information Network mentions and one Columbus reference, no ID heard. Not heard in a long time. KDF-IL
1260 KDLF IA Boone 4/16 0636 P SS and "LaReina" lost to others by :38. Rare! JJR-MI
1260 WOCO WI Oconto 4/15 0720 Vp Wetherology forecast: 61 degrees/"WOCO 1260 AM" w/others. Rare! JJR-MI

MARCH'S HOTTEST Rare listed first

810 WMJH MI Rockland 3/31 0700 P LID for this & 1080 WOAP Owosso. La Poderosa ment, Due to others, Rare! JJR-MI
860 KWPC IA Muscatine 3/17 0730 P "meats in Muscatine" CJBC nulled. Been a long time! No KNUJ. Rare! JJR-MI
1180 WLDS IL Jacksonville 3/14 0753 P various games + scores, then "5:30 on WLDS" Alone. Rare. JJR-WI
1220 WLSD VA Big Stone Gap 3/15 0718 P uptemo woman jock "WLSD 92-5 the Vault, the city of Norton.... a/c's of 276 & 423 given in ads. Alone! Logged in 1979 C&W am/fm. Rare! JJR-WI
1530 WYGR MI Wyoming 3/7 0708 P -WCKY down for two mins alowing "Jethro FM" & real old C&W song. Rare! JJR-WI
1330 WNIX MS Greenville 3/25 0559 A/C 662 Ad mentioning Greenville. Brief peak then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1360 KMJM IA Cedar Rapids 3/20 1911 P on top with Oldies mx., Song by Grand Funk Railroad, "LEO 1360", NEW! JB-WI
1100 WZFG MN Dilworth 3/12 0659 CST p- ID "This is AM 1100 and 92.3 FM WZFG ..." in with but mostly under WISS, NEW! TL-IN
1540 WADK RI Newport 3/14 1842 p- in w/KXEL and an unid oldies/rock station, heard "WADK sports" and talk about the Celtics, NEW! TL-IN
1350 WSIQ IL Salem 3/7 1850 f- ID "Your home for real country now on AM and FM, WSIQ Salem", NEW! TL-IN
1070 KFTI KS Wichita 3/9 1800 "Classic Country KFTI" Fair, No KHMO. NEW! GH-IL
930 WRVC WV Huntington 3/9 0355 ESPN "Sports all night" and A/C 304 Ad. In WKBM null. NEW! GH-IL
1380 WGLM MI Greenville 3/5 2102 "WGLM March Madness.." Briefly peaked then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1600 WWRL NY New York 3/2 0303 "B.I.N 1600" Briefly peaked then gone. NEW! GH-IL

FEBRUARY'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
600 CJWW SK Saskatoon 2/2 0517 P "Country 600 plays more legends, CJWW" Thru/o others! Rare! JJR-WI
660 KEYZ ND Williston 2/10 0650 P Livestock Auction, #701 a/c, AM Legion, lost to KCRO. Still, nice! Rare! JJR-MI
960 WTCH WI Shawano 2/13 0622 P "what you love about country mx-WTCH" rare f/up o/WSBT! Not common. JJR-WI
970 WBLF PA Bellefonte 2/18 0608 P w/others, clear "WBLF" noted. Logged in Nov'02. Not much since. Rare. JJR-WI
990 WITZ IN Jasper 2/17 0658 P all heard was "WI......per" and SS which was good enough for me! Rare! JJR-WI
1180 WLDS IL Jacksonville 2/15 0711 Vp w/local street references -school suspensions, etc. Logged 1 25 70. Certainly, rare! JJR-WI
1230 WMPC MI Lapeer 2/24 0715 P REL song, Bible Verses. NOT Relevant Radio (WMQU) feed. Only fit. Assumed-feed not working. Rare! JJR-MI
1430 KASI IA Ames 2/27 0603 P "News Talk KASI, Mel in the Morning." Alone, rare! JJR-MI
1430 KASI IA AMes 2/9 0819 Vp "in Ames" said twice. Chasing others that faded out. Super rare! JJR-MI
1490 WGEZ WI Beloit 2/2 0713 P "Iron Country, 101-9 & 1490" after hearing many trading places here! Rare. JJR-WI
1500 WPMB IL Vandalia 2/15 0707 Vp w/farm, ILL Farm Bureau, WKRV/WPMB. Logged 9-22-84. Rare! JJR-WI
1520 WKVI IN Knox 2/1 0622 P WKVI easily said 3x in well done local newscast. Alone, rare. JJR-WI
1550 WMRE WV Charles Town 2/27 0641 P Fox Sports Radio, Walmart, Granger, 6 (SIX!) FS1 promos, WV's #1 for Sports, I Heart sports network. Rare! JJR-MI

1170 WDFB KY Junction City 2/24 2306 f- DX test with code, tones, sweeps, etc. NEW! TL-IN
1380 WMJR KY Nicholasville 2/24 0659 g- ID "Always loud and clear on your smart speaker, W234AK ..." mention of Nicholasville, NEW! TL-IN
1450 KBMW MN Breckenridge 2/25 0744 f- C&W, "If you want local news, we've got out call letters all over it, AM 14-50 KBMW and FM 94.3, The Voice of the Valley", NEW! TL-IN
1410 WRTZ VA Roanoke 2/27 0634 P the "True Oldies Channel" Scott Shannon talking. No WIZM. NEW! JJR-MI
1170 WDFB KY Junction City 2/24 2306 fair mixing with WWVA and Brother Stair. Code ID's and sweep tones. NEW! CR-IL
1170 WDFB KY Junction City 2/24 2305 DX test, Morse V's and repeated WDFB callsigns. Weak . NEW! GH-IL
1250 WPGP PA Pittsburgh 2/24 1657 Ad mentioning "Greater Pittsburgh". Fair, no WSSP. NEW! GH-IL
1070 KNTH TX Houston 2/24 0531 "1070 AM 103.3 FM" Briefly good then gone. NRC log-aided ID. NEW! GH-IL
1350 WCHI OH Chillicothe 2/21 1710 "AM 1350 WCHI" Fair, NEW! GH-IL
1360 KMRN MO Cameron 2/22 0255 "U.S. Country 1360" Weak in QRM. NEW! GH-IL
1380 WBTK VA Richmond 02/20 1801 p- spanish religion, man and woman announcers with clear "Richmond" and WBTK heard, NEW! TL-IN
1400 WHGB PA Harrisburg 2/20 1759 p- clear IDs for translators W237DE and W243BR and CBS Sports mentioned, NEW! TL-IN
1440 KPUR TX Amarillo 2/21 1200 f- quite fadey, "You've found the all new 14-40 KPUR", promo for weather and news, faded, NEW! TL-IN
660 XEEY Mexico Aguascalientes 2/20 0421 UTC f- Mexican music, strong // to stream, no sign of WFAN. NEW! TL-IN
1070 WKOK PA Sunbury 2/20 0635 "NewsRadio 1070 WKOK" Good. NEW! GH-IL
1210 KGYN OK Guymon 2/18 1900 "KGYN" Mixing w/WPHT. SRF-59 Ultralight/stock antenna. NEW! GH-IL
760 KDFD CO Thornton 2/17 2126 f- strong under WJR with Dave Ramsey, verified by DXer in St. Louis who heard them at the same time, NEW! TL-IN
920 WMOK IL Metropolis 2/18 0711 g- IDs as the "All new Supercountry WMOK" into Brooks and Dunn song, NEW! TL-IN
1280 WHTK NY Rochester 2/18 0739 f- sports program, local Syracuse business ad with Jim Boeheim, Jim Boeheim Show, plus // to stream, NEW! TL-IN
1040 KPPF CO Monument 2/13 0700 "Powertalk 1040". Fair under WHO. NEW! GH-IL
1260 WLAK WI Amery 2/11 2340 Fair signals in a jumble of three or four stations with some harder rock music that was // their web feed. NEW! SMA-MB
1140 KHFX TX Cleburne 2/10 2123 p- Spanish romantic ballads weak under WRVA and // to stream, NEW! TL-IN
1450 WNBY MI Newberry 2/10 2159 p- ID before ToH "WNBY, Newberry's information leader. Now, here's ABC News", NEW! TL-IN
850 KOA CO Denver 2/9 2135 a couple ads, then Bronco's Country program, fair at best, STATE #26 heard NEW! MF-FL
830 WCRN MA Worchester 2/9 1750 "WCRN" popped up then gone. Sony SRF-59 Ultralight/Stock antenna. In WCCO null. NEW! GH-IL
1390 WNIO OH Worchester 2/9 1815 "1390 The Gambler" Sony SRF-59 Ultralight/Stock antenna. In local WGRB null. NEW! GH-IL
540 KNMX NM Las Vegas 2/10 0602 "KNMX 540 AM 99.9 FM" Weak under WAUK. NEW! GH-IL
1350 WLOU KY Louisville 2/9 0533 "Best music on the radio 104.7 WLOU" and oldies. Fair. New. GH-IL
1520 WDSL NC Mocksville 2/6 1904 f- alone with old classic C&W music, heard a clear WDLS ID and Mocksville also heard, NEW! TL-IN
1080 KRLD TX Dallas 2/6 1810 "Newsradio 1080" ID and Dallas Traffic reports. In local WNWI Null. SRF-59/stock antenna. NEW! GH-IL
1090 WKTE NC King 2/3 1800 p- under WCZZ with clear "This is WKTE the number one in the Triad area ... WKTE", NEW! TL-IN
1300 WJZ MD Baltimore 2/4 0600 g- clear "This is 13 hundred The Bet, the sports better's best friend, WJZ AM Baltimore", NEW! TL-IN
1550 KICS NE Hastings 2/5 2100 p- sports, "ESPN Tri-Cities" ID and mention of KXPN which is // on 1460,Log #2500. NEW! TL-IN Sincere CONGRATULATIONS! -ed
610 KVNU UT Logan 2/5 0522 "? eye center in Logan" psa:Utah Nat'l Guard. No KDAL, etc. NEW! JJR-MI
1550 KRZD MO Springfield 2/2 0720 "Z 107 5" Slogan ID's, Rock music. Under KAPE. NEW! GH-IL
870 WPWT TN Colonial Heights 2/2 0532 P "96-3 the Possum..." Glen Campbell's Gentle on My Mind. Alone! Have heard b4. Thought I'd logged this. Not! NEW! JJR-WI
940 WGRP PA Greenville 2/1 0603 f- out of local news, promo for a station Valentine's Day contest w/ WGRP@gmail.com given, lots of WGRP IDs, NEW! TL-IN
JANUARY'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
640 WWJZ NJ Mount Holly 1/30 0733 P Relevant Radio alone a few mins. No WMFN, WOI! Ave Maria funds, talk of big tech.Logged in 2008, rare! JJR-MI
970 WKCI VA Waynesboro 1/18 0704 P Fox news, VA ments, "News Radio" "107-9" & calls. unn:logged 10/5/05. Rare!JJR-WI
1020 KOKP OK Perry 1/30 0640 Vp -Fox sports sounder and sports thru KCKN. Logged 1n 2012, rare! JJR-MI
1080 WTIC CT Hartford 1/9 0706 g- used to be very easy, now somewhat rare, in well with spots for local businesses, WTIC news. TL-IN
1230 WVET WV Parkersburg 1/17 0729 P tho steady. Well produced newscast: temps for Parkersville, Charleston, Elkins. Logged as WKYG 3-21-82 as WKYG. 880w! Rare! JJR-WI
1250 WARE MA Ware 1/9 0600 f- behind WPGP with Rod Stewart song, "This is the Valley's classic hits, 1250 WARE". Last heard here in 1985! Rare. TL-IN
1250 KDEI TX Port Arthur 1/16 1935 f- Religion, Radio Maria programming with Rosary, // to stream, long stations list heard in ID. Last heard in 1988 as KOLE. Rare. TL-IN
1370 WGCL IN Bloomington 1/17 0500 g- "From the Arnold Asphalt Studios, you're listening to Bloomington's sports, 98-7 and AM 1370 WGCL", Very rare here w/WSPD dominant. TL-IN
1440 KPUR TX AMarillo 1/2 0706 P the Farm Stn-All Ag, All Day... Calls:23, after Street Volkswagen AMarillo ad. Rare! JJR-MI
1450 KMRY IA Cedar Rapids 1/7 0824 P "Classic KMRY" ad, wx "on KMRY" "KMRY" said again into Kiss I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night" Not heard in years! Rare! JJR-MI
1450 WRCE WI Richland Center 1/2 0704 P -AP news, Jones Chev-Buick -Hwy 14 East #647-47XX, wx. ex:WRCO, rare! JJR-MI
1490 WABJ MI Adrian 1/10 0752 P Not heard in years! News, sports, Logged in 69, notes from 79(NOS) , 95(NewsTalk) Rare! JJR-WI
1490 WLAW MI Whitehall 1/3 1918 P Probiotics, ad, 97-5 Nash FM, C&W music cutting thru others. Rare. JJR-MI
1530 KVDW AR England 1/13 0647 P no WCKY-ESPN! 3 ads:atty's, Medicare, church. All w/501 area codes. Logged as KXRQ in Mar'82. Shocker for sure! Rare! JJR-WI
1590 WRCY IN North Vernon 1/31 0626 Vp but w/1590 wide open, "?? & 98.9FM" C&W. Logged in '16. Rare. JJR-WI
1590 WHLX MI Marine City 1/4 0725 Vp, while listening to WGBW, noted "on WHLX..." rare! JJR-MI
1600 KATZ MO Saint Louis 1/2 0725 P AM 1600, St.Louis' Gospel Hits, tween songs. Alone! Rare! JJR-MI
1010 WUKZ VA Marion 1/31 0601 f- sounded like gospel music, clear ID "This is WUKZ ... 105.1" then into local news, Russell County VA news item, NEW! TL-IN
1240 WDNE WV Elkins 1/30 2206 f- Heard ID "Metro news, weekday afternoons on 99.9 FM and 1240 AM WDNE", NEW! TL-IN
620 WJDX MS Jackson 1/31 1830 fair with news report, WJDX mention and into Jesse Kelly Show. Partial WTMJ null. NEW! CR-IL
1510 KMSD SD Milbank, 1/31 2252 CST, poor u/WLAC with classic rock (ZZ Top, etc.) Matched with web stream. NEW! CR-IL
900 WKDA TN Lebanon 1/30 0605 Local ad , Quick "WKDA". Fair in CHML null. NEW! GH-IL
860 CBKF-2 SK Saskatoon 1/29 0717 P -shocked to hear FF u/FF-CJBC!!! //stream "Ici Premiere" CKOM in too. NEW! JJR-MI
920 KARN AR Little Rock 1/27 0255 "On 920 The Sports Animal". Weak. No WBAA. NEW! GH-IL
640 WNNZ MA Westfield 1/27 0730 P NEPM network, NPR -but not WOI! This is NEW! JJR-MI
1540 WBCO OH Bucyrus 1/27 0831 Vp C&W and no KXEL, CHIN. faded out, but at :51, ads w.419 a/c's. "Country Legends 1540-107.5 WBCO." This is NEW! JJR-MI
1090 WBAL MD Baltimore 1/23 1600 "A/C 410 Ad, then "WBAL Baltimore". Fair, no KAAY. Been after this one 53 yrs.Icom R75/Terk Loop NEW! GH-IL
1390 KGNU CO Denver 1/22 0746 P alone, solid, steady. news bits, Denver Boulder ments//stream. Shocker! Catch of the day! NEW! JJR-MI
600 WICC CT Bridgeport 1/19 1759 p- very poor but clear "WICC Bridgeport" ID, WICC disclaimer stating upcoming program does not reflect WICC's views, NEW! TL-IN
980 WTEM DC Washington 1/20 0725 f- ad string, promo for the Washington DC Auto Show, ad for Ourisman Chevrolet in Bowie, "Team 9-80" IDs, NEW! TL-IN
1290 WLBY MI Saline 1/20 0659 g- ID heard "12-90, WLBY Saline-Ann Arbor, a Cumulus station". No sign of local WNIL. NEW! TL-IN
1440 KEXB TX University Park 1/18 0758 p- ID as "Bringing Christ to the world through the media, KEXB University Park, Texas, Relevant Radio, 14-40 AM", NEW! TL-IN
790 KBME TX Houston 1/17 2120 "Sportstalk 790" and "FSR" ID's. in WNIS null. NEW! GH-IL
790 KURM AR Rogers 1/17 1719 "Dial a Trade" call in program. A/C 479 Ph. numbers. L.S. Verified. NEW! GH-IL
1360 KMJM IA Cedar Rapids 1/16 1659 g- oldies, ID "It's not just about the music, it's about that feeling when you hear it, Leo 1360", NEW! TL-IN
870 WPWT TN Colonial Heights 1/16 0628 F-no WWL! Solid. "Her the best country! Lock it in to 96-3 the Possum" tween C&W songs. First new log since November. NEW! JJR-WI
920 KWAD MN Wadena 1/15 0000 p- CW music, ID sounded like "full service radio, ninety two KWAD", NEW! TL-IN
1050 WSMT TN Sparta 1/15 0006 f- CW music, ID as "105-5 The Mullet", NEW! TL-IN
1330 WETZ WV New Martinsville 1/15 0001 p- ID heard "This is WETZ New Martinsville, this is WETZ" into Queen Another One Bites the Dust, NEW! TL-IN
1480 WPFJ NC Franklin 1/15 0003 g- Christian music, rose up out of noise with podcast promo for "Rob and Lizz in the Morning on HIS Radio", NEW! TL-IN
660 KCRO NE Omaha 1/15 0617 "Join us on KCRO" and "KCRO" sung jingle. Fair signal.Icom R75/Terk Loop NEW! GH-IL
990 WTLN FL Orlando 1/11 2059 g- ID as "101-5 FM AM 990 The Word, WTLN" warm weather forecast. That's a new one here! NEW! TL-IN
1190 WIXE NC Monroe 1/11 2201 g- sounded like Johnny Cash song, "You're listening to 93-1 FM and 1190 AM WIXE Monroe and W226CD Monroe". NEW! TL-IN
810 KLVZ CO Brighton 1/11 1901 Fair to poor signals under WHB sports with oldies rock music. I checked their web feed and it was them 100%. NEW! SMA-MB
1450 WRCE WI Richland Center 1/8 1930 Poor signals fading in and out in a jumble of stations including KKBJ. Heard their music and an ID that were // to their web feed. First new one of 2023. NEW! SMA-MB
1190 KDMR MO Kansas City 1/6 1635 "Catholic Radio" slogan ID's. Fair, no WOWO. NEW! GH-IL
1230 WHOP KY Hopkinsville 1/1 0159 p- ID before ToH "This is WHOP, WHOP Newsradio 95-3", weak but in the clear, NEW! TL-IN

DECEMBER'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
690 KFXN MN Minneapolis 12/2 0657 P mx, then man woman chatter, possible ad, lost to others. Rare. JJR-WI
770 KATL MT Miles City 12/8 0634 P Ed Sheeran song, calls into ads. WABC gone. Logged here in 1975. Rare. JJR-WI
940 WCIT OH Lima 12/28 1738 P in o/20 mins. Excellent C&W songs. "The Legend-98-5FM" Rare!!!! JJR-WI
950 WERL WI Eagle River 12/13 0819 Vp talk format. WWJ in back. :29, Shawn Hannity promo. #715-482-77XX. Fades, rare! JJR-MI
960 WHAK MI Rogers City 12/12 0759 P ??? fuel deivery, "call us or go online" & no phone/web info given! (nice!) LID for WJNL Up North Sports Radio. but not WHAK. Unreal. Still, catch of the day! Rare. JJR-MI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 12/18 1655 ID'd by Louisville Ad's. Good, no KCFO. Not heard in years. Rare. GH-IL
970 WDUL WI Superior 12/8 0657 Vp but no WGTK,etc, let this thru! Top40, Hot 98 into ads at :58. Rare. JJR-WI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 12/25 0628 Vp tho "Funny 1060 AM, your 2nd favorite radio stn" cut thru. Rare. JJR-WI
1330 WKTA IL Evanston 12/21 0700 P LID for AM, FM translator. "Chicago's Int'l Station" Despite closeness, rare! JJR-MI
1330 WNTA IL Rockford 12/27 0646 P ??? appliances, Fox Sports radio promos, NO CALLS, Fox Sports. Assumed. Rare. JJR-WI
1410 WIZM WI La Crosse 12/13 1524 poor and briefly with several mentions of La Crosse in WRMN null. Last time heard in 1980. Rare. CR-IL
1420 WFLT MI Flint 12/21 0627 Vp "AM 1420 WFLT" and chatter on morning show. Over here, rare! JJR-MI
1430 WRDN WI Durand 12/8 0755 Vp -mush for a few mins. C&W & "WRDN" popped in. Nice, no WNXT! Rare. JJR-WI
1600 WUCT TN Algood 12/28 1749 P local chatter "94-1 & 1600" Talk format, Rare! JJR-WI
1480 WJFC TN Jefferson City 12/31 2000 p- ad for a business in Jefferson City, no ID but CW format match, NEW! TL-IN
1370 WWCB PA Corry 12/28 0600 f- oldies song Hooray for Hazel, ID as "Your classic hits station, 88.5 FM WMCE Erie and 1370 AM WWCB Corry", NEW! TL-IN
660 WXIC OH Waverly 12/29 0600 Sign on statement, lots of callsign mentions. Fair, NEW! GH-IL
1010 WKJW NC Black Mountain 12/28 1709 Old time Gospel songs. Verified by live stream. Good then gone. NEW! GH-IL
960 WJYZ GA Albany 12/25 2046 p- Black Gospel music strong in local WSBT open carrier. WSBT OC causing a loud hum, WJYZ ID very easy, new, nice Christmas gift. NEW! TL-IN
970 WKCI VA Waynesboro 12/20 2102 Waynesboro ad and "Newsradio WKCI" Weak. NEW! GH-IL
1420 KRLL MO California 12/9 0306 "Real Country 1420 KRLL". Good. No WHK. NEW! GH-IL
1260 WFJS NJ Trenton 12/7 1623 Poor in WXYT slop with Christmas mx, Domestic Church Media. NEW! EB-MI
730 WPIT PA Pittsburgh 12/5 0643 poor in mess with "Truth for Life" program. Matched with web stream. NEW! CR-IL
670 KHGZ AR Glenwood 12/2 0025 bits and pieces of Xmas songs heard through a very tight and partial null of local WSCR. Verified through web stream which matched the Xmas music. NEW! CR-IL

NOVEMBER'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
920 KYFRtIA Shenandoah 11/20 1929 Vp and tentative. Clear "YFR" after REL programming. unn, rare. JJR-MI
1270 WCGC NC Belmont 11/30 0558 P give to Carolina Catholic Media, ??? Christian Voice. Steady. Thought new, but not. Logged in 2004. Rare. JJR-WI
1340 KPOK ND Bowman 11/22 0838 Vp "Kenny Chesney...in Gr.Forks & Sioux Falls....on KPOK" after unknown Sheryl Crow song. Only 2nd or 3rd time heard. rare. JJR-MI
1490 KBUR IA Burlington 11/9 0650 Vp IA news (thinking KRIB) and "1490 KBUR" which has not been heard in years! Catch of the day. Rare. JJR-WI
1590 WNTS IN Beech Grove 11/24 1958 Under WCGO, which had open carrier for a few minutes, with Spanish live performance, jokes, W Cup talk and audience reaction. Later matched stream. Not heard since WCGO was a daytimer. KDF-IL
1480 KKCQ MN Fosston 11/1 2159 f- "The news and information station, 1480 AM and 99-7 FM, KKCQ Fosston". Very rare! TL-IN
1330 WKDP KY Corbin 11/30 1559 f- ID as "You're listening to WKDP AM 13-30 and FM 97.9 Corbin Kentucky", NEW! TL-IN
1350 WZGM NC Black Mountain 11/30 1559 g- ID "Ready for another hour of great music, WZGM Black Mountain, W241DV Black Mountain ...", NEW! TL-IN
1390 WYXI TN Athens 11/30 1609 f- heard "for all the latest weather information go online anytime to WYXI dot com". NEW! TL-IN
1480 WBBP TN Memphis 11/28 1641 f- weather forecast mentioning severe weather, ID with WBBP heard twice, Go Tell it on the Mountain, NEW! TL-IN
1600 KUSH OK Cushing 11/30 2237 f- heard phone number ending in -KUSH, repeated twice. Heard while driving home, NEW! TL-IN
1600 WKZK GA North Augusta 12/1 1550 g- Black Gospel, heard "Let's take a look at our WKZK weather", highs in the low 90s!, NEW! TL-IN
1240 WBEJ TN Elizabethton 11/20 1800 f- Only heard an "AM 12-40 WBEJ" ID before ToH in GY mess, NEW! TL-IN
1260 WWVT VA Christianburg 11/20 1600 p- ID for many stations affiliated with this, clear ID for WWVT Christianburg, NEW! TL-IN
1260 KROX MN Crookston 11/21 1700 g- ID as "The Voice of the Valley, 1260 AM KROX Crookston MN", NEW! TL-IN
1270 KNWC SD Sioux Falls 11/19 1659 f- "Faith Radio" and "... Empire State(?) Radio is 107.5 and AM 1270 KNWC Sioux Falls". NEW! TL-IN
1320 WVGM VA Lynchburg 11/19 1900 p- u/KELO with "You're listening to CBS Sportsradio Lynchburg, FM 93-3 and AM 1320 WVGM". NEW! TL-IN
1230 WYTS OH Columbus 11/17 1657 Faded up with BIN News, out. Only BIN listed on 1230; NEW! EB-MI
1490 WZOE IL Princeton 11/17 1800 Faded up with end of ad, News-Talk 1490, TOH ID, and lost! NEW! EB-MI
960 WTCH WI Shawano 11/17 1616 "Real Country (missed) WTCH" Weak, mixing it up with KZIM. NEW! GH-IL
1320 WDIZ FL Venice 11/16 0549 "Oldies 1320" slogan ID. Weak. NEW! GH-IL
1480 WTLO KY Somerset 11/15 0708 P deadpan news reader, WTLOAM.com ment, NOS. Alone. NEW! JJR-WI
980 WWTB VA Bristol 11/11 1609 Poor under WONE with R&B mx, 'The Beat for The Tri' on signal peak. NEW! EB-MI
790 KFGO ND Fargo 11/11 0610 "This is KFGO News" Good signal. In logbook, it's NEW! GH-IL
830 XEITE Aculco, Mexico, 11/9 0556 UTC, fair mixing with WCCO. Mexican anthem, ID and Spanish vocals. NEW! CR-IL
790 WAEB PA Allentown 11/9 0522 P "on News Radio 790 WAEB" and "WAEB.com" w/election coverage. How I've never heard this in 55 years of this hobby, will never know. NEW! JJR-WI
1150 KRMS MO Osage Beach 11/7 2230 CST poor in mess and briefly with "KRMS Local Information..." mention. NEW! CR-IL
880 KJOZ TX Monroe 11/8 0017 alone on frequency with Spanish language music, ads with area code 832 (Houston). Also confirmed with Houston based SDR. NEW! CR-IL
660 XEEY MEXICO Aguascaliente Nov8 0552 Mexican music and "Siempre Caliente" slogan. Also mentions of FM. Fourth Mexican heard on 660. NEW! CR-IL
590 KLBJ TX Austin 11/8 0545 Austin area traffic report and "Newstalk KLBJ dot Com" Fair in WKZO null. NEW! GH-IL
1310 KZRG MO Joplin 11/6 0601 "Newstalk KZRG". Briefly peaked then gone. NEW! GH-IL
790 WAEB PA Allentown 11/5 0206 f- in with WNIS with weather, "Newsradio 790 WAEB, the Lehigh Valley's news, traffic and weather". NEW! TL-IN
1520 WLAK WI New Holstein 11/3 1631 g- atop the pile with detailed weather forecast, ID as "WGBW and WLAK", NEW! TL-IN
1570 WTRB TN Ripley 11/2 1859 f- in local 1580 slop but clear WTRB ID and slogan of Tiger Radio, NEW! TL-IN
1580 WWCD OH Columbus 11/4 0615 "CD 92 9" and head banger music. Briefly good then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1480 WDYS IL Somonauk 10/29 0801 g- CW song, ID "From the Bryan and Sons studios ... this is 101.5 FM WDYS Yorkville and AM 1480". NEW! TL-IN
1550 WRHC FA Coral Gables 11/1 1925 f- man with spanish talk program, // to stream and about 5 seconds behind. NEW! TL-IN
1550 WKTF GA Vienna 11/1 1930 g- briefly on top with song by Carpenters, ID string very clear and alone, listed as 23 watts night. Likely on day power. NEW! TL-IN
1510 KMSD SD Milbank 11/1 2028 p- way under WLAC, heard with Pretenders song Don't Get Me Wrong, // their stream. NEW! TL-IN

OCTOBER'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
570 CKSW SK Swift Current 10/6 0701 P but no WNAX, which was nice! swiftcurrentonline.com, newscast after C&W song. Rare! JJR-MI
610 WPLO GA Grayson 10/4 0605 Vp but popping thru weak KCSP KDAL. SS chatter laBonita - Only new a few yrs ago. Rare! JJR-WI
610 KCSR NE Crandon 10/6 0650 Vp w/C&W song after song anfter song. No sign of KDAL, allowing this. Calls :58. Rare! JJR-MI
690 KFXN MN Minneapolis 10/18 0640 P Hmong programming. So unusual hearing this. Alone, rare. JJR-WI
690 KFXN MN Minneapolis 10/17 0633 P -M-F Hmong chatter replacing CKGM, in earlier. Rare. JJR-WI
710 WAQI FL Miami 10/6 0300 p- out of the jumble of others with Spanish "Radio Mambi" ID, very rare. TL-IN
970 WDAY ND Fargo 10/22 0300 p- in severe local WSBT-960 splatter with "Fast and first, this is WDAY Fargo-Moorehead-West Fargo". Due to WSBT, rare. TL-IN
1090 KBOZ MT Bozeman 10/11 0703 P-cutting thru WAQE, KMXA. "Willie Nelson on Classic Country KBOZ" into another song. Catch of the day! Rare! JJR-MI
1270 KSCB KS Liberal 10/3 0641 P sev Nat'l ads:Granger, Indeed, County Waste Mgmt at 620-626-32XX. "in SW KS & OK" Right into TALK, no calls! Unreal! Thanx for the local ad! Catch of the day! Rare! JJR-WI
1430 WRDN WI Durand 10/19 0656 Vp Carter Plumbing, phone#, Menards, LivingTheCountryLife.com, calls! In shock hearing this here! Usually WNXT-IN. Rare! JJR-WI
1480 WIOS MI Tawas City-East Tawas 10/31 0732 Vp -obits:Tawas City ments, "Our Daily Bread on M-65" WeatherCenter forecast: hi:63, low:42. Calls. Rare! JJR-MI
1480 WIOS MI Tawas City-East Tawas 10/26 0753 P wx, "winds at 39mph, from the wx center.... daily at 3 on WIOS." Catch of the day. Rare! Rare! Rare! JJR-MI
1550 WJIL IL Jacksonville 10/5 0641 P talk of poor performance in IL schools. Assumed. Rare. JJR-WI
1350 WIOU IN Kokomo 10/31 1720 "1350 The Score" and Kokomo Ad. Fair, NEW! GH-IL
1290 WHKY NC Hickory 10/31 2059 Very good with conclusion of show on the Performance Racing Network, then legal ID: "WHKY, Hickory...talk radio for the Hickory metro". NC #8 NEW! RD-NE
1290 WCBL KY Benton 10/31 2103 Good under WHKY with "WCBL" and "99.1" heard in ID between Billy Joel's "Piano Man" and The Three Degrees' "When Will I See You Again". KY #19 NEW! RD-NE
1230 WBET MI Sturgis 10/14 1859 Surprisingly good for about a minute w/Sturgis vs. Adrian HS FB: "...35 seconds left in the first half from here in Adrian...", ment of Piper's Pizza in Sturgis, then gone, not to resurface again for the rest of the evening. First Michigan graveyarder at this QTH NEW! RD-NE
1400 KMHL MN Marshall 10/28 1934 Over/under KEYL w/ID: "...southwest...Home of the Marshall Tigers, 1400 KMHL". Had been one of my closest unheard graveyarders. MN #83 NEW! RD-NE
670 KHGZ AR Glenwood 10/27 0649 Mostly poor, at first under WSCR, but WSCR eventually faded down. Heard C&W, 'Real Country, Caddo Country, 98.9 FM & 670 AM,' ads, into C&W. 670 #4, and first K- on 670! NEW! EB-MI
880 WPEK NC Asheville 10/26 0359 p- sports, "ESPN Asheville WPEK, W225CJ and WMXF Waynesville, an IHeart radio station", NEW! TL-IN
920 WMPL MI Hancock 10/26 0059 g- ID "WMPL, 9-20 AM and 107.3 FM, W297CD Hancock a J&J Broadcasting station" into news, NEW! TL-IN
600 WCVP NC Murphy 10/26 0508 c&w music and ID as "WCVP Murphy 24 hours a day" at 0510. NEW! CR-IL
1110 WTIS FL Tampa 10/24 2001 p- way u/KFAB with Spanish tropical music, // to stream behind by ~15 seconds. Daytimer on day power? NEW! TL-IN
1240 KLIK MO Jefferson City 10/24 0615 "103.5 FM 1240 AM KLIK" Fair, no WTAX. NEW! GH-IL
540 KMLB LA Monroe 10/23 2200 "(m) FM 540 AM KMLB" Fair under WAUK. NEW! GH-IL
940 KSWM MO Aurora 10/23 0505 f- woman with weather forecast, ID as "KSWM AM 940 Aurora Missouri". Listed at 25 watts nite. NEW! TL-IN
910 WAAF PA Scranton 10/22 0103 f- weather forecast, ID as "WILK AM and 103.1 FM". WAAF is // to WILK. NEW! TL-IN
1630 KKGM TX Ft. Worth 10/22 0255 "Black Information Network 970 and 1630" slogan ID. Fair, no trace of KCJJ. NEW! GH-IL
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 10/21 0500 p- very poor, ToH ID "WBIZ Eau Claire, an IHeart radio station", Fox Sports. NEW! TL-IN
1400 WATW WI Ashland 10/21 0517 p- CW song "What About Me", "101.3 and AM 1400", // to stream. NEW! TL-IN
1400 WZNG TN Shelbyville 10/21 0525 p- quick ID "WZNG Shelbyville, 100.9". NEW! TL-IN
1450 WLAY AL Muscle Shoals 10/20 1800 p- only heard a weak clear WLAY ID in GY mess, only my 3rd AL GY. NEW! TL-IN
1340 WAGN MI Menominee 10/19 2000 p- "?? the home for news and talk, WAGN Menominee". NEW! TL-IN
1400 WLJN MI Elmwood Twp 10/19 2000 p- weak ID with mention of // to WLJW 1370 and FM W281CG. NEW! TL-IN
1400 KJFF MO Festus 10/18 2000 g- perfectly timed fade up with "The Talk of Jefferson County, Straight Talk AM 1400 KJFF" NEW! TL-IN
1400 KSIM MO Cape Girardeau 10/17 2058 p- heard quick mention of KSIM and KZIM and southeast Missouri. NEW! TL-IN
1450 WLMR TN Chattanooga 10/17 2059 f- promo for program Grace to You, ID as "... weekdays at 1pm on WLMR, AM 14-50 WLMR Chattanooga". NEW! TL-IN
800 WVAL MN Sauk Rapids 10/16 2209 "Your Home For Country Legends WVAL". Fair, no CKLW. NEW! GH-IL
1360 WMOV WV Ravenswood 10/17 0057 "WMOV AM 1360" Fair, some fading. NEW! GH-IL
1700 WEUP AL Huntsville 10/17 0632 "Gospel 94.5" slogan ID. Good. NEW! GH-IL
770 MEXICO XEFRTM Fresnillo Oct17 0346 poor through WBBM slop with Tigres-Pachuco soccer game. //web stream. NEW! CR-IL
1310 WDPN OH Alliance 10/14 0701 f- Eddie Rabbit song, ID as "WDPN Gold", faded afterward. NEW! TL-IN
1380 KCIM IA Carroll 10/15 1859 f- ID before ToH "on 1380 AM and 95 point 1 FM, this is KCIM Carroll" into weather, KCIM.com. NEW! TL-IN
1400 WKPT TN Kingsport 10/15 2159 f- clear mention of WKPT Kingsport and also 94.3 FM, WOPI and Johnson City. NEW! TL-IN
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 10/15 2310 Local Los Angeles News items. Fair, no KHMO. NEW! GH-IL
590 WDWD GA Atlanta 10/14 0000 p- was just able to hear a WDWD call in mess with many other stations. NEW! TL-IN
810 KLVZ CO Brighton 10/9 0700 Weak to fair in WHB null with oldies off satellite from The Fifth Dimension, Dusty Springfield, and Boyce & Hart from about 0647 to the top of the hour ID: "KLVZ and KLVZ-HD2...94.3 and 95.3, Brighton, Legends 95.3" CO #41 NEW! RD-NE
1450 KGIW CO Alamosa 10/10 0722 Briefly atop with canned ID by female ending in "...105.3 FM and 1450 AM" sandwiched between The Stampeders' "Sweet City Woman" and Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69". Confirmed via streaming audio from radiowolfcreek.rocks. CO #42 NEW! RD-NE
620 MEXICO XENK Mexico City Oct 1240 P but cutting thru nulled WTMJ, CKRM w/"Cadena Rasa" by male. NEW! JJR-MI
570 WSYR NY Syracuse 10/10 0550 "570 WSYR". Fair, mixing it up with KLIF. NEW! GH-IL
1570 WGLL IN Auburn 10/9 1754 Fair at times with QSB: Three Angels Broadcasting programming, signal dipped at TOH ID, back with next show. Only 1570 on their station list. NEW! EB-MI
570 WWNC NC Asheville 10/9 0359 p- heard "From the Appletree Automotive studios, this is WWNC Asheville, an iHeart radio station. NEW! TL-IN
570 WTBN FL Pinellas Park 10/9 0521 "Faithtalk" slogan ID, "Keep the Faith" program and FL ad. Weak to fair. NEW! GH-IL
800 WSVS VA Crewe 10/7 0329 C&W Music. Had to verify by live stream. Fair, mixing it up with CKLW. NEW! GH-IL
610 WPLO GA Grayson 10/4 0559 g- weird music followed by rooster crow, spanish ID "Esta es WPLO Grayson-Atlanta". NEW! TL-IN
850 WKIX NC Raleigh 10/6 0500 p- heard a KIX with a very clear Raleigh mention along with an FM frequency, very poor, NEW! TL-IN
690 KEII ID Blackfoot 10/6 0614 Vp but almost F 45 mins later! "Cannonball 101" tween Hold the Line by Toto & Ladies Night, by Kool & the Gang. At :41 I'm Coming Out, by Diana Ross, ad for ??? Eye Care (208-XXX-XXXX) NEW! JJR-MI
790 KOSY AR Texarkana 10/4 2135 ID'd by local ad. Briefly peaked then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1420 WFLT MI Flint 10/4 1856 "Best Gospel AM 1420 WFLT" Briefly fair then gone. SRF-59 Ultralight/Stock Ant. NEW! GH-IL
1560 WAHT SC Cowpens 10/3 1925 fair with sports talk show. //web stream. Daytimer that "forgot" to sign off. Mixing with KTUI. Thanks to a tip on NRC's Facebook page. NEW! CR-IL
1560 WAHT SC Cowpens 10/3 1842 g- long break with lots of ads for Upstate, WCCP (FM) ID heard, mentions of Clemson, WAHT ID heard before ToH. On day power? NEW! TL-IN
1160 WCFO GA East Point 10/3 1859 f- good south condx, "This is the home ... Catholic Radio, AM 1160 The Quest, WCFO East Point". NEW! TL-IN
1230 WABN VA Abingdon 10/3 1859 p- heard partial ID but clear W281CF and Truth 104.1 ID". VA GYer is NEW! TL-IN
680 WDBC MI Escanaba 10/3 0605 "94.5 WDBC" and USA News. Fair in CJOB null. NEW! GH-IL
690 KGGF KS Coffeyville 10/2 0640 Several Coffeyville Ad's. Good signal briefly. NEW! GH-IL
690 WZAP VA Briston 10/2 0605 "93.3 WZAP" and preaching. Good signal. NEW! GH-IL
730 WDOS NY Oneonta 10/1 0000 p- mixing with CKAC with clear WDOS ID and calls for other affiliated (WCHN-970 and WDLS-1270) stations. NEW! TL-IN

SEPTEMBER'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
570 KLIF TX Dallas 9/21 0618 P -no WNAX, was shocker here! 2 hosts "K L I F" ans interview on UN. Not heard in decades! Catch of the day! Rare! JJR-MI
590 KLBJ TX Austin 9/5 0601 f- under WKZO and KXSP with clear "newsradio KLBJ 590 AM and 99.7 FM. This is newsradio KLBJ". Rare! TL-IN
610 WPLO GA Grayson 9/12 0540 P w/SS chatter cutting thru! "la Bonita" - only 2nd time heard. Rare. JJR-WI
610 KOJM MT Havre 9/28 0642 Vp tho no KDAL! Do Wah Ditty Ditty, Manfred Mann into other song. Catch of the day! Web stream/Title-Artist match! unn, but due to usual KDAL, rare! JJR-MI
790 KXXX KS Colby 9/5 0559 p- very weak but ID heard "This is K-X-X-X Colby Kansas" and other mentions of Kansas.Rare! TL-IN
930 KSDN SD Aberdeen 9/3 0559 p- simultaneous ID with KWOC "Newstalk 9-30 KSDN Aberdeen and 102.1 FM" into Fox News. Very rare here TL-IN
980 KSGM IL Chester 9/10 0555 P -tho atop! "Classic Country 980 & 105.3FM KSGM, the River City Legend" Running Bear, Johnny Preston (1959) Logged in '17. Rare! JJR-WI
1050 WDVM WI Eau Claire 9/24 0600 Vp Relevant Radio. Expecting WJOK, but a very clear "Eau Claire - 107-9FM" was a shocker! Catch of the day! Rare! JJR-MI
1130 CKWX BC Vancouver 9/15 0559 p- alone at ToH with "City News 1130 CKWX AM Vancouver". I hear this one occasionally but they are still rare. TL-IN
1170 KJJD CO Windsor 9/24 0638 P steady SS "...en Cororado. LaLey..." into mx. Have heard SS on occasion but wanted a firm ID,slogan. Rare. JJR-MI
1300 WMTN TN Morristown 9/12 0523 P w/end of C&W song, "Country Legends ...3.3"... no sign of WOOD, etc. Logged in 2012. Rare. JJR-WI
1370 KGNO KS Dodge City 9/13 0622 P KS news. KS wx, and finally "1370 KGNO" said 3x in less than a minute. Not heard in years! Rare! JJR-WI
1460 WROY IL Carmi 9/9 2345 fair with classic rock and " FM 93.3 AM 1460 WROY" IDs. Last time heard in 1985. Rare! CR-IL
570 WWNC NC Ashville 9/28 2021 quick "Newsradio 5-70 WWNC" ID and back into talk programming. NEW! CR-IL
1220 CFAJ ON St. Catharines 0606 9/29 P-F w/Classic Hits, songs by Cymarron and Bryan Adams, NEW! JB-WI
1170 WGMP AL Montgomery 9/27 2255 poor in mix with rock music. //web stream. NEW! CR-IL
1290 WCHK GA Canton 9/28 0004 poor u/WHKY with Spanish language vocals and "Mega" mention. Also matched to web stream. According to my Excel spreadsheet logbook this is AM station number 1,500 heard by me in the Chicago area. NEW! CR-IL Congratulations! -ed
1170 MEXICO XERT Reynosa Sep25 0416 poor in mix with religious talk by preached in SS. //web stream. NEW! CR-IL
1220 KJAN IA Atlantic 9/26 0706 Vp in fade-up with calls and city of license, just 187w, NEW! JB-WI
1170 KJXX Jackson MO 9/25 2322 "101-9 The Block" slogan and UC vocal mx. Briefly fair then gone. Not at 5W . night power methinks. NEW GH-IL
1230 WYTS OH Columbus 9/22 0659 g- Black Information Network programming, ID as "WYTS AM Columbus the Black Information Network". NEW! TL-IN
1280 WYVE VA Wytheville 9/22 0700 vp- just barely heard a WYVE call after WZXI had IDed. NEW! TL-IN
1360 WBLC TN Lenoir City 9/22 1959 p- "AM 1360 WBLC Lenoir City and simulcasting on 95-1 W236DA" NEW! TL-IN
750 CUBA Radio Progreso Palmira Sep22 0436 weak and mixing with CKJH. Musical program. // web stream. WSB off. NEW! CR-IL
1340 WOUB OH Athens 9/19 2200 f- in with WJOI with promo for The Latin Alternative, "This is 13-40 AM WOUB Athens and online at WOUB.org". NEW! TL-IN
1540 WBCO OH Bucyrus 9/21 0556 "WBCO 1540 AM (m) FM". Fair under KXEL. 500W. NEW! GH-IL
1570 KMCD IA Fairfield 9/20 0600 p- very weak in splatter from local 1580 WHLY with muffled ID as "15-70 KMCD Fairfield". Unsure of format. NEW! TL-IN
1130 WBZB KY Murray 9/19 0620 "B104 5" slogan ID. Fair, QRN from local storms. NEW! GH-IL
810 WMGC TN Murfreesboro 9/18 0620EDT "El Jefe" slogan ID and SS music. Under WGY . NEW! GH-IL
1360 WFLW KY Monticello, 9/16 2008 CDT, poor with Wayne County HS football game. ID and ad for insurance company that sponsored the game. NEW! CR-IL
1310 WISE NC Ashville, 9/16 2028 CDT, Cougars HS football game. "WISE Sports 1310, 970 and 102.9" ID. NEW! CR-IL
990 KWAM TN Memphis, 9/16 2052 CDT, fair with Christian Brothers - Briarcrest football. "Mighty 9-90 KWAM" ID. NEW! CR-IL
670 KLTT CO Denver 9/17 2008 p- religious program under WSCR, matched to Denver area SDR, power/pattern change at 2015. NEW! TL-IN
540 WWCS PA Canonsburg 9/16 1930 p- weak religion under WAUK with clear WWCS ID. NEW! TL-IN
630 WREY MN St. Paul 9/16 0601 f- lively regional Mexican music, "El Rey Noventa Quatro" ID NEW! TL-IN
1320 KRLW AR Walnut Ridge 9/16 0644EDT AR ad, "Oldies 1320" slogan ID then "Music box dancer". Icom R75/Terk Loop. Fair to good. NEW! GH-IL
900 KTIS MN Minneapolis 9/14 0559 p- weak but was able to hear a clear KTIS ID and Minneapolis-St. Paul. NEW! TL-IN
1240 WBCF AL Florence 9/14 0559 p- GY mess but a clear "WBCF radio" heard just before ToH. NEW! TL-IN
1070 KSKK MN Verndale 9/13 0600 g- Relevant Radio, did not hear an ID, faded just before ToH but program sked matched KSKK. NEW! TL-IN
1210 WJNL MI Kingsley 9/13 0557 Local ads. Icom R75/Terk Loop Fair. NEW! GH-IL
1220 WERT OH Van Wert 9/13 0554 "Unforgettable 1220 AM and 104.3 FM" and oldies music. Icom R75/Terk Loop Fair. NEW! GH-IL
740 KNFL ND Fargo 9/12 0600 f- sports, IDs as "7-40 The Fan and TheFan.com". No CFZM, ND #11 NEW! TL-IN
790 KFGO ND Fargo 9/12 0559 g- weather, ID "You're listening to Doug and Dan, the Morning Crew on the Mighty 7-90 and 104-7 KFGO Fargo". ND #12 NEW! TL-IN
870 KPRM MN Park Rapids 9/12 0559 g- ID "You're listening to KPRM park Rapids Minnesota now fifty thousand watts strong". Very loud and alone, NEW! TL-IN
1060 KNLV NE Ord 9/12 0602 g- mixing w/CKMX with Ag-Empire weather for Central Nebraska, SID into oldies music, NEW! TL-IN
1530 KZNX TX Creedmore 9/12 0616 Good! Loud w/SS replacing WSAI. Chatter. la Raza stream// 1530 #16. NEW! JJR-WI
1060 WRHL IL Rochelle 9/9 2146 under KYW with Rochelle - Johnsburg HS football game. Confirmed with WRHL web stream. NEW! CR-IL
1060 WJKY KY Jamestown 9/9 0535 Several "Jack FM" ID's. Overroe KYW. Icom R75/Terk Loop NEW! GH-IL
1060 WQMV TN Waverly 9/9 0543 "The WQMV Request Lines are Open....." Fair to good signal. Icom R75/Terk Loop NEW! GH-IL
1280 WGBF IN Evansville 9/7 0521 "WGBF - The Shawn Hannity morning minute..." Briefly strong then gone. Icom R75/Terk Loop NEW! GH-IL
640 CUBA Radio Progreso Guanabacoa Sep06 0411 poor under local WMFN with SP vocals. CR-IL
1620 CUBA Radio Rebelde Guanabacoa Sep06 0520 alone on frequency with SP vocals and talk. //5025 kHz. CR-IL
900 KPYN TX Atlanta 9/5 0601 f- alone on channel with many mentions of Atlanta and several KPYN IDs, spot for Macedonia Baptist Church. NEW! TL-IN
760 KMTL AR Sherwood 9/5 0605 "La Raza" slogan ID thrown into "Morning Madness" SS babble. Briefly strong, wiped out WJR. Icom R75/Terk Loop NEW! GH-IL
1410 KGRN IA Grinnell 9/5 0620 "Your 1410 KGRN" and local WX. Briefly "peaked" then gone. Icom R75/Terk Loop NEW! GH-IL
1580 WVKO OH Columbus 9/3 0548 ID'd by local ad. Icom R75/Terk Loop. Briefly strong then gone. NEW! GH-IL
900 WOZK AL Ozark 9/1 2035 "AM 900, FM 98.3 WOZK" ID. NEW! CR-IL

AUGUST'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
760 KDFD CO Thornton 8/13 0529 F! no WJR o/???? Colorado's Conservative Talk-Freedom 93-7, promos. Catch of the day! Rare! JJR-MI
790 WAYY WI Eau Claire 8/30 0606 P chatter on Brewers, Packers. Replaced WSGW. Rare. JJR-MI
970 WDUL WI Superior 8/16 0626 P -WZAM nulled. Bad Guy, by Billie Eilish, Hot 98 sweeper. Due to WZAM, WHA, rare! JJR-MI
1070 KILR IA Estherville 8/15 0500 Vp w/LID for NewsTalk 1070 & 97.3, w/others. Rare! JJR-MI
1170 KFOW MN Waseca 8/24 0525 P alone, AM1170 & 106.3FM wx, Tax Solutions ad, "KFOW reminds you...." and NewsTalk1170.com -rare! JJR-WI
1240 KLID MO Jefferson City 8/6 0406 P tho clear! "1240AM, 103.5FM" into Red Eye Radio. Alone. Only fit! Catch of the day! Logged as Top40 KWOS in 1968! So, it's Rare! JJR-WI
1480 KQAM KS Wichita 8/20 0552 P Officer Tatum show, :58 end, promos, LOST (of course) then CBS news. KQAM had nothing on website, but nothing else makes sense! IE:Talk, CBS news, 1480=KQAM. Assumed. Rare. JJR-WI
1550 WEVR WI River Falls 8/15 0650 Vp "New Richmond" in ad in very brief WHIT fade out. Rare! JJR-MI
1170 WFDL WI Waupun 8/30 2050 1170 AM 93.7FM " and Oldies MX. Computer-aided ID. Icom R75/Terk Loop Weak sig NEW! GH-IL
940 KYNO CA Fresno 8/30 0554 P tho alone. Hearing Hound Dog, Elvis, thought it was CJGX. Wrong! "Ky-no Number One" (1967 Bill Drake) jingle into Grazin' in the Grass, Friends of Distinction. 8th new log of the year and log of the year, thus far! Will write station.#2517 NEW! JJR-MI
1110 KVTT TX Mineral Wells 8/30 0305 "FunAsia 1110 AM 95,5 FM 104.9 HD3" and "Bollywood Pop" music. Fair to good. Mix/W KFAB. Icom R75/Terk Loop NEW! GH-IL
1530 KZNX TX Creedmoor 8/28 0400 "La Raza 95 pueto 1" used as TOH ID Fol by SS , no callsign given. Overrode WCKY. Icom R75/Terk Loop NEW! GH-IL
1370 KWRT MO Boone 8/24 0315 "KWRT Boone" good signal, C@W songs. Icom R75/Terk Loop NEW! GH-IL
830 WTRU NC Kernersville 8/22 2354 mixing with WCCO. Religious talk by a preacher. Confirmed with web stream. NEW! CR-IL
570 WMCA NY New York 8/23 0400 "WMCA.com" surfaced out of QRM then gone, Icom R75/Terk Loop Weak, NEW! GH-IL
740 KRMG OK Tulsa 8/21 0536 "102.3 KRMG". Briefly good then gone. Icom R75/Terk Loop NEW! GH-IL
1210 WMPS TN Bartlett 8/17 2220 "Radio 1210 WMPS" Weak under WPHT. Icom R75/Terk loop. NEW! GH-IL
1550 WCVL IN Crawfordsville 8/17 2301"FM 92.1 AM 1550 WCVL Crawfordsville" Good signal, no WQCD. Icom R75/Terk loop NEW! GH-IL
1140 KZMQ WY Greybull 8/16 0540 P OLDIES. Not the more common C&W from CHRB or KXRB, or WUHF's REL, ut "Good Time Oldies, 1140 KZMQ" tween songs. Testing? Gone 6 mins later. Solid, no fading. NEW! JJR-MI
1240 KFMO MO Park Hills 8/15 0530 "AM 1240 KFMO, and visit our Website" Peaked briefly then gone. No WTAX. Icom R75/Terk loop NEW! GH-IL
1430 WPLN TN Madison 8/9 0500 "1430 WPLN Madison" and "WPLN International". by female announcer, Good sig, WXNT QRM. Icom R75/Terk loop NEW! GH-IL
1240 WHBU IN Anderson 8/2 0456 "Oldies 101" slogan ID surfaced then gone. Radio-Locator aided ID. Briefly fair then gone. Icom R75/Terk Loop NEW! GH-IL

JULY'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
980 KDSJ SD Deadwood 7/26 0505 P Rock N Me, Steely Dan & Louie Louie, Kingsman, "60s 70s Hits! Black Hills Gold Hits" All alone, steady! Rare! JJR-MI
980 KDSJ SD Deadwood 7/25 0513 P tho atop! Calls said 2x in sweeper "Black Hills" Songs by Sonny&Cher, Lovin' Spoonful & Jr. Walker (60s OLDies) Catch of the day! Rare! JJR-MI
1440 WMAX MI Bay City 7/17 0508 P EWTN.com ments, WNFL in back. WKPR more common from MI. Both are REL, w/WMAX being rare. JJR-MI
1440 WMAX MI Bay City 7/1 0513 P Ave Maria Radio ments, WKPR, also REL, way more common! Rare! JJR-MI
690 WELD Fisher WV 7/3 2200 TOH Callsign ID and local weather report. Fair, Icom R75/Terk loop. NEW! GH-IL
870 WPWT TN Colonial Heights 7/3 0121 "WHCB 91.5" ID (WPWT is a "sister station"). Strong, Overrode WWL. Icom R75/Terk Loop. Wanted to try the Terk loop out as a DX antenna and it snagged me a new one. NEW! GH-IL
870 WPWT TN Colonial Heights 7/3 0121 "WHCB 91.5" ID (WPWT is a "sister station"). Strong, Overrode WWL. Icom R75/Terk Loop. Wanted to try the Terk loop out as a DX antenna and it snagged me a new one. NEW! GH-IL
1190 WVUS WV Grafton 7/21 0302 "Ad" for "The Archdiocease(sp?)' and area code 304 (WV) phone number given. Brief peak then gone. Icom R75/Quantum Loop NEW! GH-IL
1300 WXRL NY Lancaster 7/2 0255 "Classic Country WXRL" callsign ID. Good signal , no WOOD. NEW! GH-IL
1450 WASK IN Lafayette 7/6 0420 "Lafayettes sports station, 101.7 The Hammer" slogan ID. Peaked briefly then gone. Icom R75/Terk Loop, NEW! GH-IL
1480 KQAM KS Wichita 7/16 0344 "On The Big Talker KQAM" by OM. Fair under an SS station. Icom R75/Terk loop NEW! GH-IL

JUNE'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
970 KCFO OK Tulsa 6/28 0454 P tho alone! Revive our Hearts (REL program) then "AM 970 KCFO Tulsa." Logged first as Top40 KAKC in 1968. Catch of the day. Not heard in years! Rare! JJR-WI
1070 KSKK MN Verndale 6/27 0402 Vp Cath. stuff, Relevant Radio promo, REL radio app, etc now in, o/CHOK. Here, rare! JJR-WI
1080 WOKT KY Cannonsburg 6/27 0428 P REL program ending, "30 mins of (fade) WalkFM.org" Catch of the day! Rare! JJR-WI
950 WXLW IN Indianapolis 6/27 0420 ID'd by local ads. Weak under local WNTD. QRN, No trace of WWJ. NEW! GH-IL
1470 WFNT Mi Flint 6/25 2000 "1470 WFNT & WFNT.COM". Fair, no WMBD. NEW! GH-IL
1470 WVOL TN Berry Hill 6/26 0410 EDT " WVOL AM 1470" . weak, no WMBD. NEW! GH-IL
1030 KFAY AR Fayetteville 6/23 0455 "Newstalk 1030 KFAY" by OM. Under WUFL. NEW! GH-IL
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 6/23 0500 "KCKN" and list of callsigns and freq's TOH ID and religious mission statement. Good, no KDKA or WPEO. NEW! GH-IL
1150 KRMS MO Osage Beach 6/22 2220 Callsign ID and slogan. Peaked then gone. CCrane 2E/internal antenna. NEW! GH-IL#
1180 WLDS IL Jacksonville 6/19 2200 "Newstalk 1180 WLDS Jacksonville". SRF 59 Ultralight/internal antenna. Fair, No WHAM. NEW! GH-IL
790 WAYY WI Eau Claire 6/10 0403 "Sports Talk 105.1" by YL. Briefly peaked strong then gone rapidly. New. GH-IL
1440 WKPR MI Kalamazoo 6/3 0458 "Good News Radio 1440 WKPR" fair/QSB. Sangean DT200X/stock antenna. NEW! GH-IL

MAY'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
790 KOSY AR Texarkana 5/22 0449 P til lost. End of "I Think We're Alone Now"/Tommy James (67) --lost. Went 40-50 sec or so. Would check "songs played" later & help of EB-MI & WH-TX suggesting this as former UNID. Rare! JJR-WI
970 WDUL WI Superior 5/4 0540 Vp, tho in o/20 mins w/Top40 mx and "Hot 98" slogans. Some (not common) WZAM, no WDAY, which allowed this. (LID as Superior-Duluth) Not common. Almost rare! JJR-MI
690 WELD WV Fisher 5/27 0420 "101.7 WELD" by OM. Weak. NEW! GH-IL
690 CKGM QC Montreal 5/22 2200 TOH Callsign ID and local ads. Between fair and briefly good. NEW! GH-IL
940 WCND KY Shelbyville 5/22 0444 P "La Pantera" --been hearing almost daily cutting into CJGX. Lively SS mx. Tnx to EB-MI & WH-TX for help on this former UNID. NEW! JJR-WI
600 WCHT MI Escanaba 5/13 2259 f- heard quick ID with mention of Escanaba and "95.5 FM and 600 AM". NEW! TL-IN

APRIL'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
790 KOSY AR Texarkana 4/19 0536 P Gimme Just a Little More Time, by the Chairmen of the Board, then Tears of a Clown, by Smokey & the Miracles. Ad cluster + announcements, tho unintelligible . Music on AM kinda stood out, hi! Songs //web match. Logged in 1980. Rare. JJR-WI
790 WAYY WI Eau Claire 4/13 0519 P alone, "Sports Talk 105.1" Menards ad. No sign of usual WSGW. Rare! JJR-MI
800 CJBQ ON Belleville 4/13 0450 P "on 800 CJBQ" into Bette Davis Eyes, by Kim Carnes after AM 800 (CKLW) promo for (co-owned) Pure Country 89. Catch of the day! Glad I hung around! Not heard in years. Rare! JJR-MI
1100 WCGA GA Woodbine 4/30 2345 DX Test, sweep tone, Morse code well under dominant WTAM, NEW! JB-WI
1100 WCGA GA Woodbine 4/30 2311 Barely audible under WTAM with sweep tones, Morse code, and some 1 kHz tones. Couldn't shake the CLE station, but was able to hear the sounds. NEW! EB-MI
1100 WGCA GA Woodbine 4/30 2300 DX test heard in Winnipeg! WTAM dominating the channel with a bit of another station doing talk. Clearly heard sweep tones from :21 to :23. NEW! SMA-MB
1100 WCGA GA Woodbine 4/30 2303 Tone mod. Morse ID's, sweep tones. DX test. Fair in WTAM null. NEW! GH-IL
1070 WCSZ SC San Souci 4/21 0257 Atop w/"...noventa quatro..." (Spanish for "94") heard during long SS ID, then into salsa mx //94.9 FM. Only SS station on 1070 that simulcasts a FM between 94.1 and 94.9, so that counts for me. South Carolina #1, and State #35 at this QTH. NEW! RD-IA
1050 WGRI OH Cincinnati 4/25 0455 "Join me for (missed) on WGRI" by YL. Weak in the babble. NEW! GH-IL
740 WNOP KY Newport 4/18 0622 "Sacred Heart Radio" slogan ID. Fair, No CFZM. NEW! GH-IL
980 KCAB AR Dardenelle 4/15 0300 Callsign TOH ID. Fair QRM. NEW! GH-IL
1150 WMST KY Mount Sterling 4/9 2300 very good with code ID's, sweep and steady tones on scheduled DX test. Mixing with WHBY. NEW! CR-IL
1150 WMST KY Mount Sterling 04/09 2300 Weak signals under CKOC and CJSL but copied Morse Code ID at 0030 and sweep tones at 0035. Thanks to all for putting on and arranging this test. NEW! SMA-MB
990 WWKY KY Winchester 4/9 2022 Poor under semi-local WDEO with AC, 'Winchester's Own,' and 'WWKY' ments between records. NEW! EB-MI
990 WWKY KY Winchester 4/9 2301 A2 International Morse callsign ID's. Good sigs (DX test) Icom R75/Quantum loop, then on my ultralight Sangean DT200X with good sigs. NEW! GH-IL
1150 WMST KY Mt. Sterling 4/9 2307 A2 International Morse callsign ID's Good sigs (DX test) Icom R75/Quantum loop, then on my ultralight Sangean DT200X with good sigs. NEW! GH-IL
990 KWAM TN Memphis 4/1 0608 various callsign ID's. Good, no WDCX . CCrane 2E enhanced/internal antenna NEW! GH-IL

MARCH'S HOTTEST Rare listed first

1070 WKOK PA Sunbury 3/18 0550 f- mixing with but mostly over SC with several "Newsradio WKOK" IDs, pretty rare. TL-IN
1480 KKCQ MN Fosston 3/19 0800 p- briefly atop WRSW, ".. with the latest information, here on KKCQ, 96.7" Very rare here, only heard once before in 40+ years. TL-IN
990 WNAP IN Muncie 3/2 0530 Vp, CBW music ended, then "WNAP AM 990" and CBW news began. Logged as WERK decades ago. [That one second!] Rare. JJR-MI
1240 WHFA WI Poynette 3/10 0655 Vp -in/out 8-10mins -Relevant Radio content. Rare! JJR-MI
690 KGGF KS Coffeyville 3/31 0600 "Newsradio 690 KGGF" by OM. Weak SS QRM. NEW! GH-IL
1410 WSCW WV S. Charleston 3/27 0331 "1410AM/102.3FM WSCW" Briefly fair in QRM then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1030 KFAY AR Farmington 3/23 0634CDT "Newstalk 1030 KFAY" Fair, No WBZ. NEW! GH-IL
1400 KFRU MO Columbia 3/14 0710 "98.9FM 1400AM KFRU" by OM after local WX. Briefly peaked. NEW! GH-IL
750 CKJH SK Melfort 3/12 0540 "Beach Radio" slogan ID's and "Newsradio.SK.CA" email addy. Fair. No WSB. NEW! GH-IL
710 KGNC TX Amirillo 3/9 0550 Local Ads mentioning Amirillo . Briefly strong then gone. NEW! GH-IL
910 WGTO MI Cassopolis 3/4 0655 to 0710 . Poor. Fading in and out u/WSUI-IA. No WDOR-WI. MeTV FM. Oldies mx. // to their website webstream. An elusive station that was always hiding in local WOKY-920’s shadow. NEW! TPK-WI
920 WGKA GA Atlanta 3/3 0550 ID'd by local spots and Atlanta WX report. Weak in QRM. NEW! GH-IL
1070 WDIA TN Memphis 3/2 0551 "Right here on WDIA" by OM. Briefly strongest on freq. NEW! GH-IL
1130 WLBA GA Gainesville 3/1 1802 Very poor under WDFN/KWKH with SS mx, TOH ID, // WAOS-1600, and // Webcast! NEW! EB-MI
810 KBHB SD Sturgis 3/1 2230 Poor to fair but alone on the frequency with local sports for Redfield and local ads. First time heard in Winnipeg.NEW! SMA-MB

FEBRUARY'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
1320 KLWN KS Lawrence 2/2 0656 P -wx "at KLWN ... 101.7..." No sign of WILS. Not heard in years. Rare! JJR-WI
1410 WNWZ MI Grand Rapids 2/4 0742 P Magic 104.9, toll free req. line given. No WIZM! Up here, rare! JJR-MI
1440 WMAX MI Bay City 2/9 0709 P talk of Mich, t/c, EWTN & Ave Maria ment into (delayed) EWTN news at :10. Rare! JJR-MI
1480 KQAM KS Wichita 2/4 0629 P tho atop. Wichita police #316-267-XXXX, "from the KQAM newsdesk" 5 degrees. Logged so long ago as Top40 KLEO. Rare! JJR-MI
810 WJJQ WI Tomahawk 2/28 1750 Very weak at sunset but several CBS Sports ID’s. First Time heard in Winnipeg. NEW! SMA-MB
1090 WCRA IL Effingham 2/26 2105  Faded up poor when KAAY faded down. CBS nx, ad, into Michael Medved. Schedule matches. NEW! EB-MI
1150 WAVO SC Rock Hill 2/24 2224 f- ID during music break as "The Light FM" // to stream, about 6 seconds behind. Multi station ID with both WAVO and WSNW calls heard, both are on 1150. NEW! TL-IN
750 KSEO OK Durant 2/20 2140 p- on after dark, CCR's-Down on the Corner, Ozark Mountain Daredevils-Jackie Blue, // to stream, good under WSB. NEW! TL-IN
1540 KEDA TX San Antonio 2/20 1956 p- SA Oldies Radio Show, ID heard at 0155, oldies, in KXEL absence and in w/CHIN. NEW! TL-IN
1540 WBNL IN Boonville 2/20 2001 poor w/c&w music. "Classic Country 99.9" slogans. KXEL was off the air. NEW! CR-IL
1030 WTHQ WV Point Pleasant 2/19 0612 P AM Top40 really popped thru. No WBZ. WNVR in weak, later. #17 on 1030. #2515 NEW! JJR-WI
1150 WHUN PA Huntington 2/18 0640 "Now WX on WHUN" by OM.  Briefly peaked then gone.  NEW!  GH-IL
850 WPTB GA Statesboro 2/14 0201 g- recent pop hits, ID "WPTB Statesboro, Your new home for good music, FM 99-7" into Georgia News Network NEW! TL-IN
880 WXBN FL Sweetwater 2/14 2210 f- Black Information Network program good under WCBS NEW! TL-IN
830 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC HIJB  Santo Domingo Feb15 0320 UTC p- nice ballad music very weak but // to online stream / 1864 miles, my D.R #1  NEW! TL-IN
840 CUBA CMKC  Palma Soriano Feb15 0355 UTC f- Spanish music / clear but weak under WHAS // to stream / 1601 miles  NEW! TL-IN
850 CUBA Radio Reloj Nueva Gerona Feb14 0331 UTC p- only heard RR code ID at the top of each minute, Isla de la Juventud / 1384 miles NEW! TL-IN
810 BAHAMAS ZNS3   Freeport Feb14 1005 UTC  Barely audible with Christian AC/Urban Gospel records, was able to match a couple of records to the Webcast, 'The Light.' Lots of QSB.  Bahamas #2 on AM! NEW! EB-MI
1040  WHBO FL Pinellas Park 2/11  1755 to 1800 . Poor cuz it was coming in u/ a stronger WHO. Male and female talk, ad for a Tampa law firm, LID on TOH, then USA nx.  // to the streema webcast. On late w/ its day ant. pattern. NEW!  TPK-WI
1150 WAVO SC Rock Hill 2/11 1730 P "mx for your commute-Light FM." [Thinking WGGH changed slogan. Not!] "Light FM was in w/Christian mx o/20 mins. Alone. #2514 NEW! JJR-WI
1660 WGIT Puerto Rico Canóvanas 2/10 0321 UTC p- man in a serious rapid preaching mode, in decent at times under KQWB and WTOU, // to stream, PR #1. NEW! TL-IN
954  TURKEY Trabzon-Deliktas Feb9 0230-0500 UTC. A carrier on 953.9974 came on air @ 0254 doing about 5 dBs o/ the 950-960 sideband level. Became a weak,  intermittent signal soon afterwards until about 0400 UTC. Peaked @ 10 dBs over @ 0416 then started to fade and was gone for good by 0441 UTC.  A schedule/frequency/sunrise-fadeout match. Trabzon has a scheduled sign on of 0300 UTC, MWList's latest post(1-15-22) for this station  is 953.997, and Trabzon's sunrise time was 0423 UTC. NEW!  TPK-WI
1360 WLBK IL DeKalb 2/8 1830 P-F W/Classic Hits MX. format, dj talk, calls, on day power past sunset when it supposed to be 24w nites, NEW! JB-WI
1510 WLGN OH Logan 2/6 2100 to 2115 . Last nite's unID. Inaudible to poor w/ WLAC in a tight null. Oldies mx, jingles, wx, and a promo for the 103.3 LGN phone app. Surprisingly a WLGN // was found on a NJ area kiwisdr while searching for a possible // to the NJ station. NEW!  TPK-WI
1510  KFNN  AZ Mesa 2/5 1900 to 1916 . Assumed.  A signal on 1510.0171 w/o audio was pushing 30dBs o/ the noise level. It powered down @ 1916 CST w/ no residual signal afterwards.  MWList has a 1/7/22 post of 1510.0168. Mesa's sunset was @ 1902 CST. NEW!  TPK-WI
1510  WJOT  IN Wabash 2/5 1820 . Poor w/ a brief strong peak. WLAC in a tight null. Northfield/North Miami girls HS basketball pregame chatter, local ads, 105.9 FM.  NEW! TPK-WI
1440 KPUR TX Amilillo 2/4 0612 "All AG all day KPUR" by OM. Fair QRM.  NEW!  GH-IL
1490 KIBM NE Omaha 2/2 0726 p- SID "Music that makes you feel good, ninety four five Boomer Radio" NEW! TL-IN
1490 KTOP KS Topeka 2/1 0300 "KTOP Topeka" TOH ID.  Briefly fair then gone.   NEW!  GH-I
JANUARY'S HOTTEST Rare listed first
1570 CKSW SK Swift Current 1/27 0714 P no sign of WNAX! Alone w/C&W mx and "Country Music Radio" slogan. Rare! JJR-MI
660 KEYZ ND Williston 1/26 0706 P Canadian Trucker rally (thinking CFFR) then two ads "701" area code, "in Williston" noted. "Mon-Dak morning news." Only 3rd time heard! Rare! JJR-MI
850 KJON TX Carrollton 1/1 1726 Poor under KFUO with SS chatter, // Webcast! Radio Guadalupe. Last heard about twenty years ago! rare! EB-MI
940 WCIT OH Lima 1/30 0705 p- local ads, WCIT heard in between ads, rare here despite only being 130 miles. TL-IN
980 KDSJ SD Deadwood 1/26 0806 P thru KKMS-MN. KSDJ980.com, wx, ad for Chevy dealer. Been a while. Rare! JJR-MI
1050 WDVM WI Eau Claire 1/6 0800 Vp but "Eau Claire" & REL R. news popped thru. Rare. JJR-MI
1230 WCWA OH Toledo 1/26 0656 Very poor with sports talk, 'Toledo's Fox Sports 1230, the Gambler.' Despite being so close, it's very rare! EB-MI
1260 WOCO WI Oconto 1/3 0707 P calls in newscast. WRN radio news. Alone, rare! JJR-WI
1320 WFHR WI Wisconsin Rapids 1/5 0747 P winds to 40mph, temps for Wausau, Stevens Point & WI Rapids given. Homegrown Radio WFHR. Alone. Rare! JJR-MI
1330 WKTA IL Evanston 1/1 1723 P ETHnic rap mx//stream. Alone. Rare. JJR-WI
1330 WBGW IN Evansville 1/28 1758 P SRN news (in progress, LID for AM "& 102.5 in the Evansville area" ---Still in 30 min later. REL. Rare! JJR-WI
1490 WSGB WV Sutton 1/31 1645 p- oldies rock, heard quick "Q92 FM ID" then into Steely Dan song, also song by The Who, NEW! TL-IN
1490 WARK MD Hagerstown 1/31 1700 p- heard mention of Maryland and "Hagerstown's newstalk and sports leader, 98.9 and 1490 AM WARK, NEW! TL-IN
1490 KXRA MN Alexandria 1/31 1925 f- interview with Head Coach Molly ?? from the Alexandria Cardinals Hockey team, in very well about ten minutes later. NEW! TL-IN
810 WCKA AL Jacksonville 1/31 0657 P but C&W and no WHB,etc! Ment of Real Country, LID "Alabama: ment, psa into newscast. Alone! #2513, 4th new log this month! NEW! JJR-WI
1490 WNTJ PA Johnstown 1/30 0359 p- surfaced just enough with ID before ToH with clear "14-90 WNTJ Johnstown". NEW! TL-IN
1530 WZTK PA Union City 1/30 1705 P u/WCKY in back! "TalkErie.com 103.3 105.3 & 1530" NX:TownHall.com, Hugh Hewitt. #2512 NEW! JJR-WI
730 WDOS NY Oneonta 1/28 1748 Faded up with Otsego County spot, copied county Website info (How I found out it was NY and not MI,) and lost. Lots of QSB. NEW! EB-MI
850 WPTB GA Statesboro 1/29 1837 Very poor, mostly under WKNR, toward south with Top 40 mx, 'Hashtag 99-7,' // Webcast! NEW! EB-MI
850 WKGE PA Johnstown 1/29 1845 Poor with QSB, but faded atop WKNR with wx "From 101-3 WKGE," into Classic Rock, and lost. NEW! EB-MI
980 KCAB AR Dardanelle 1/29 0802 f- oldies (Springsteen, Byran Adams) into ID "KCAB Dardanelle-Russelville", NEW! TL-IN
920 KLMR CO Lamar 1/28 0709 Callsign ID as part of WX report. Fair..no WBAA. NEW! GH-IL
1590 WCSL NC Cherryville 1/22 2115 UNC-Wake Forest basketball postgame show, ads for furniture store and chiropractor in Lincolnton, later heard WCSL 92.3-1590 ID at 2300, good signal, local WCGO had carrier only for a while at this time, coming back with audio just after 2300. NEW! KDF-IL
620 KMNS IA Sioux City 1/21 2345 f- occasionally in OK with Fox Sports Radio programming and a few local ads, IDed by // to Omaha SDR w/KMNS IDs, NEW! TL-IN
550 WAME NC Statesville 1/20 2335 vp- with classic country, finally enough of a peak in signal to ID it with their webstream. Been after this unid CW for a while thinking it was KRAI CO, NEW! TL-IN
1110 KRPA WA Oak Harbor 1/20 2015 Faded up under KFAB with Punjabi music. I checked the web feed and yes it was //. VERY NEW!!! SMA-MB
1520 WLAK WI Holstein 01/20 1615 Fair signals fading in and out under KOLM with oldies music. I heard “True” oldies and 1520 and 1590 AM ID’s as well as WGBW ID. NEW! SMA-MB
780 WCKB NC Dunn 1/16 2045 f- strong under WBBM with Bluegrass-Gospel format, // to a NC SDR, 615-218-0517 Butler Music Group. Tks to Saul in ON for tip. NEW! TL-IN
1000 WRTG NC Garner 1/19 1820 p- tough under WMVP with Spanish program and music, // to North Raleigh, NC SDR. Another tip from Saul in ON. NEW!TL-IN
1670 WMGE GA Dry Branch 1/20 0350 "Black Information Network " slogan ID's. NOAA Radio QRM NEW! GH-IL
1500 WPMB IL Vandalia 1/18 1648 pop music and "15 Hundred on AM, WPMB" ID. Fair signal. NEW! CR-IL
1380 KQKD SD Redfield 1/15 0003 Barely audible DX Test. Morse codes, 1 kHz tones, sweep tones, way down at the bottom of a GY-like pileup. Thanks for the Test; NEW! EB-MI
1380 WPHM MI Port Huron 1/15 0006 "WPHM back to C2C AM" by OM. Briefly surfaced. Poor/QRM. NEW! GH-IL
1230 WXCO WI Wausau 1/15 0659 p- heard only ID "...Wausau and WXCO Wausau" before ToH, into CBS News, NEW! TL-IN
1260 WWIS WI Black River Falls 1/15 0600 p- heard "Falls" in the ID, matched // to stream, NEW! TL-IN
1380 KQKD SD Redfield 1/15 0010 f- DX test heard well at times with standard DX test fare, SD #16. NEW! TL-IN
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 1/11 0605 f- local news with lots of Ontario and Kitchener items, // to stream, NEW! TL-IN
1120 KTXW TX Manor 1/13 2210 poor u/KMOX w/religious talk. //web stream. NEW! CR-IL
1140 KHFX TX Cleburne 1/13 2223, fair and alone on frequency with overexcited Spanish speaking preacher. NEW! CR-IL
1400 WMAN OH Mansfield 1/10 1715 "(missed) Basketball here on WMAN" by OM. Peaked fair then gone. NEW! GH-IL
770 KATL MT Miles City 1/7 0056 fair with pop music. //web stream. NEW! CR-IL
880 KJJR MT Whitefish 1/8 0103 poor w/code IDs and test tones during scheduled DX Test. MT number 4 for me. NEW! CR-IL
1130 WBZB KY Murray 1/10 0659 weak in mess with "WBZB Murray" ID. also mentioned 104.5 FM. Parked on 1130 in hope of re-logging CKSW. NEW! CR-IL
1270 KYSJ MO St. Joseph 1/9 0710 f- with rock format playing several songs in a row by Foreigner, quick ID, No local WCMR (off the air). NEW! TL-IN (Tks to Mark in Goshen, IN for the tip).
1460 KXPN NE Kearney 1/9 0658 "Right Here on KXPN" by OM. ESPN Slogan ID's. Poor. QRM. NEW! GH-IL
1480 WGFY NC Charlotte 1/7 1540 to 1600 Mostly poor but strongest of all stations. WLMV-WI in null. Girl child anncr @ 1545, piano-dominant instrumental mx, promo for a church @ 255 Neely Store Rd. in Rock Hill, SC, LID @ TOH. " With Grace For You". NEW! TPK-WI
1480 KNGO TX Dallas 1/7 1640 Poor w/WLMV-WI in null. In just long enough to find a // tunein webcast. Male and female chatting in an unknown Asian language, most likely Vietnamese. NEW! TPK-WI
880 KJJR MT Whitefish 1/8 0104 Barely heard DX Test under WCBS (Which was VERY strong!) Heard sweep tones, some 1 kHz tones, and one bit of Morse code, all under the NYC station. Thanks for the test; new log! First new one of 2022, and second AM from MT! NEW! EB-MI
880 KJJR MT Whitefish 1/8 0153 to 0215 . DX Test. Very poor w/ a strong WCBS almost nulled and a weak CKLQ present. Test tone heard @ 0153, call letters given several times in morse code @ 0159, and possible test tone @ 0205. NEW! TPK-WI
1580 WLIJ TN Shelbyville 1/7 0651 "Right here on WLIJ" by OM. Peaked. CKDO QRM. NEW! GH-IL
660 WLOY VA Rural Retreat 1/5 2310 "WLOY 93.3 FM" ID and into oldies. Poor u/WFAN and some WSCR slop. Best in USB mode. NEW! CR-IL
1420 WCED PA DuBois 1/6 0600 "WCED Fox Sports (m) and other callsigns TOH ID. Weak/QRM NEW! GH-IL
1600 WULM OH Springfield 1/6 0645 to 0655 . Poor but occasionally in the clear. End of the Rosary prayers. Female preaching about the love of God. // to the tunein webcast. NEW! TPK-WI
1450 WLEC OH Sandusky 1/5 1710 "Right here on WLEC" by OM. Peaked briefly then gone. NEW! GH-IL
760 KGB CA San Diego 1/2 0700 p- very poor u/WJR with CBS News, perfectly matched program before and after the news with SDR in SD, WJR weak at times allowed this to come thru. (thanks to Neil Kaz for the tip! on Facebook) CA #8. NEW! TL-IN
1350 WCHI OH Chillicothe 1/2 0610 g- EZL standards, ID "You need AM 1350, WCHI" First new one of 2022. NEW! TL-IN
1110 KVTT TX Mineral Wells 1/1 1650 Fair to poor with some sort of Asian programming. Fading in and out with KFAB. I was not sure what I had but then checked out their web stream and Bingo it matched up! NEW! SMA-MB
990 WWKY KY Winchester 1/1 1639 P "Most Music Radio..W-KY" (2nd W not heard) and AC mx that stood out! no CBW! Day #1 of 2022 and NEW! JJR-WI #2510

1270 WMPM NC Smithfield 12/29 1635 P "AM 1270 & 94.3 WM..M" after R&B oldies. Alone! Shocked! NEW! JJR-WI #2509
1210 WANB PA Waynesburg 12/28 1800 G- very loud, blasting in over WPHT with country music, ID at ToH, NEW! TL-IN
1240 WNVL TN Nashville 12/28 1901 p- regional Mexican music occasionally fading in and // to stream, NEW! TL-IN
730 WZGV NC Cramerton, 12/26 1555 poor w/ESPN Sports. ID at 1600 with mentions of 97.5 FM.NEW! CR-IL
760 WENO TN Nashville, 12/26 1623 fair WJR null w/gospel music. //web stream. NEW! CR-IL
990 KFCD TX Farmsville, 12/26 164, fair w/Spanish language religious sermon. NEW! CR-IL
1070 WEKT KY Elkton, 12/26 2155 fair w/bluegrass music, "Home of the Heavenly Mix, WEKT Elkton, kentucky, Heavenly 10-70" ID at 2200. NEW! CR-IL
580 WXRH TN Rockwood, 12/26 2240 c&w music, "AM 5-80, FM 93.3, The Ranch" ID. Fair NEW! CR-IL
1080 WKGX NC Lenoir, 12/26 2316 fading in and out it partial WNWI null with rock oldies (Heart, Styx). // web stream. NEW! CR-IL
1420 WCOJ PA Coatesville 12/26 1711 P tho alone. No KTOE. EWTN promos, Holy Spirit Radio. NEW! JJR-WI
1400 WQYQ MI Saint Joseph 12/26 0850 to 0900 Poor w/ WRJN-WI in null. End of a live church service . LID @ TOH. NEW! TPK-WI
1180 WXLA MI Dimondale 12/26 0805EST "EZ 93.3" slogan ID and Christmas MX. Fair . Sangean DT-200X / Internal antenna. NEW! GH-IL
1560 WBYS IL Canton 12/23 1826 Vp bits of C&W songs, "the new 94-1 BYS" --- Local WGLB off! NEW! JJR-WI
580 WTCM MI Traverse City 12/23 1750EST "580 WTCM" by OM. Fair WILL QRM. Sangean DT-200X/Internal antenna. NEW! GH-IL
1240 WSFC KY Somerset 12/19 1559 p- Quick ID at tune-in "Newstalk 12-40 WSFC, An iHeart radio station". NEW! TL-IN
980 WPRE WI Prairie du Chien 12/19 0600 f- fade up after KMBZ, WONE, CFPL lost to fade, with local weather and ID, NEW! TL-IN
1190 WVUS WV Grafton 12/19 0700 p- ID with mention of 89.7 FM, WVUS and several WV cities, Catholic radio programming, lost to WOWO power/patttern change, NEW! TL-IN
1360 WGBN PA McKeesport 12/19 0341 "Information for you and your family WGBN" . Fair. SRF-59 /Internal antenna NEW! GH-IL
1010 WHIN TN Gallatin 12/18 0700 "Happy Hendersonville Morning 100.7FM 1010AM (jingle) WHIN" Fair . NEW! GH-IL
1150 KSAL KS Salina 12/18 0125 "Newsradio 1150 KSAL" by OM . Peaked strongly then faded. NEW! GH-IL
1320 KRLW AR Walnut Ridge 12/16 1827 f- oldies, ad for 1st NB with address and phone # which matched the one in Pochahontas, AR, NEW! TL-IN
1410 KGRN IA Grinnell 12/15 0600 f- weather, "currently fair skies and 61 degrees at 14-10 KGRN Grinnell", NEW! TL-IN
1330 WTRE IN Greenburg 12/16 0730 "Merry Christmas from WTRE" by YL. Weak - QRN. NEW! GH-IL
970 WGTK KY Louisville 12/12 0400 "On WGTK (missed) Dot Com" Good. NEW! GH-IL
950 WAKM TN Franklin 12/10 0334 "950 WAKM" by YL. Pulled from under WNTD and WWJ. NEW! GH-IL I
1250 KCUE MN Red Wing 12/8 2021 with "America's Greatest Country" slogan and country music. NEW! CR-IL
1240 WBBW OH Youngstown 12/7 1800 p- ID only as "Sportaradio 12-40 WBBW Youngstown". then gong sound to start the program, NEW! TL-IN
840 WHGH GA Thomasville 12/4 0600 f- sign/on announcement behind WHAS, "WHGH is owned and operated by ???" into Urban music format. NEW! TL-IN
1040 WCHR NJ Flemington 12/4 0700 f- u/WHO "Brighten your day with 1040 WCHR Flemington, a TownSquare Media Station." NEW! TL-IN
1240 WVTS WV Dunbar 12/4 0700 p- ID heard as "Newstalk 95-7 and AM 1240 WVTS Dunbar-Charleston and W239CH", NEW! TL-IN
1100 WWWE GA Hapeville 12/4 1745 Poor under WTAM with Urban AC, Real 1100, // Webcast. Quickly lost. NEW! EB-MI
1370 WCCN WI Nellisville 12/4 2000 "Memories 1370 AM (missed) FM" as TOH ID. Fair . SRF-59 Ultralight/stock antenna NEW! GH-IL
970 WKHM MI Jackson 12/1 1659 p- in severe WSBT splatter with possible WKHM ID and mention of 101.5 FM, NEW! TL-IN
1340 WNCO OH Ashland 12/1 1759 g- good behind local WTRC with ID as "Fox Sports Radio 13-40 WNCO Ashland-Mansfield", NEW! TL-IN
710 KEEL LA Shreveport 12/2 1700 "KEEL (said as a word) K E E L Shreveport" TOH ID weak. NEW! GH-IL
570 CKSW SK Swift Current 12/23 Vp "Saskatchewan" said 2x u/WNAX. C&W music. 1st time this season. Rare! JJR-MI
580 CFRA ON Ottawa 12/24 0300 p- with clear "CFRA Ottawa, it's 4 o'clock" ID, then into Ottawa and capitol news, rare here. TL-IN
650 WNMT MN Nashwauk 12/8 0358 g- very loud over unusually weak WSM with C2C-AM, ID then into Fox News, very rare here. TL-IN
740 KMZN IA Oscaloosa 12/22 0814 P Oh Sherry-Journey into IA news headlines. Ad w/641 area code. CFZM fade. Rare! JJR-MI
790 WAYY WI Eau Claire 12/23 0800 Vp LID for AM,xlator, 105-1, newscast. Rare! JJR-MI
860 WOAY WV Oak Hill 12/18 0526 f- strong under CJBC with religious program, ID, very rare here. TL-IN
910 WDOR WI Sturgeon Bay 12/3 0800 P LID for AM-FM. ABC news. Alone. Rare. JJR-MI
960 WHAK MI Rogers City 12/9 1839 P -WSBT nulled. Steady w/ads: Petoskey, Cheboygan, Boyne City(MI) Rare. JJR-WI
970 WDUL WI Superior 12/19 0755 P "on CBS Sports Radio" -LID TOH. WDAY weak, someone w/o/c! Rare! JJR-MI
1230 KFJB IA Marshalltown 12/15 0000 came through with TOH AM-FM ID. Rare. KDF-IL
1230 WMQU MI Grayling 12/22 0838 P Relevant Radio cutting thru others. Atop a bit. Only fit. Rare. JJR-MI
1330 WKTA IL Evanston 12/23 2144 Vp thru top of the hour. Alone. SS //stream. This is never in at night, much less ever. Despite closeness, rare! JJR-WI
1330 WTRX MI Flint 12/24 1628 P MI based "the Huge Show" (sports content) Alone, rare. JJR-WI
1370 WGHN MI Grand Haven 12/29 0747 Vp Hanky Panky, Oldies 94-9 into stop-set. This is NEVER heard here, tho on my drives to Racine it is picked up in truck. Rare! JJR-MI
1480 WJBM IL Jerseyville 12/12 1751 P tho calls heard twice! Used to be in a bit mor. Now, rare. JJR-WI
1510 WJOT IN Wabash 12/4 0702 f- in and out with another with "and 105-9 FM The Bash" only 65 miles away but ultra-rare. TL-IN
1570 WLKD WI Minocqua 12/29 0650 Fair signals on top with “Music Box dancer” then full ID. Not new but quite rare. SMA-MB

1150 KCKY AZ Coolidge 11/28 0400 SS ranting then "KCKY" for TOH ID by male announcer. Weak. NEW! GH-IL
1450 WVAM WV Parkersburg 11/24 0602 p- weak ID heard clearly "1450 WVAM Parkersburg" with mention FM, NEW! TL-IN
1290 CJBK ON London 11/25 1800 Vp tho "NewsTalk" & London said two times o/WHIO. Local WZTI easily nulled. AMazingly, while heard in my 55 yrs of dx'ing, have forgotten to log! NEW! JJR-WI
930 WFMD MD Frederick 11/24 0608 Fox News then "WFMD" by male announcer. Weak in QRM. NEW! GH-IL
1490 WGEZ WI Beloit 11/24 0617 Very poor with old C&W, 'Iron Country 101.9 & 1490.' NEW! EB-MI
850 WTAR VA Norfolk 11/23 0600 g- sports, Sportaradio 850, ID as "Sports Radio 96-5 FM and 850 AM WTAR Norfolk...", NEW! TL-IN
1590 WCSL NC Cherryville 11/23 0540 g- playing oldies though listed as CW, lots of Gastonia area ads, // to stream. Id @ ToH, NEW! TL-IN
1380 KXFN MO St. Louis 11/22 1900 "KXFN St Louis 1380 Ave Maria Radio" Fair. SRF-59/stock antenna NEW! GH-IL
1290 WFBG PA Altoona 11/16 1659 g- ID before ToH "You are listening to WFBG Altoona, W283DI Altoona" into Fox News, NEW! TL-IN
1420 WCOJ PA Coatesville 11/16 1759 p- ID for 1570 in Doylestown/Philadelphia and 1420 Coatesville by a Father ??, NEW! TL-IN
790 KFYO TX Lubbock 11/19 0331 "Mornings on KFYO". Weak in babble. NEW! GH-IL
710 WDSM WI Superior 11/18 0633 "On WDSM" then local WX by YL. Good. no WOR. NEW! GH-IL
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 11/16 1858 "1460 CJOY" Good signal. Elderly Realistic DX350/Internal antenna. NEW! GH-IL
1620 WNRP FL Gulf Breeze 11/12 0500 Ad then TOH ID. QRN/QRM. Fair sig. briefly. NEW! GH-IL Icom R75/Quantum Loop
810 WWOS SC Walterboro 11/10 0437 Poor to south with preacher, church mx later. // Webcast. No WGY; NEW! EB-MI
1370 WSHV VA South Hill 11/10 0445 Very poor under pest WSPD with Mary Jane Girls record, // Webcast. 41 watts, NEW! EB-MI
770 XEFRTM Mexico Fresnillo 11/11 0336 UT p- SS talk with some music, one unique piece of music // to stream IDs this, NEW! TL-IN
810 WWOS SC Walterboro 11/10 1722 P tho steady. WGY nulled. Softer REL songs, SBNradio.com if you like what you're hearing. Former UNID ID'ed by TL-IN (thanx!) NEW! JJR-WI
860 WEVA VA Emporia 11/6 0002 p- song Best of My Love by The Emotions, weak ID u/CJBC, NEW! TL-IN
810 WWOS SC St. George 11/9 2250 g- nice gospel music loud over SS station, // to stream, WWOS Call ID heard at 0400, NEW! TL-IN
770 MEXICO XEFRTM Fresnillo Nov11 0336 UT p- SS talk with some music, one unique piece of music // to stream IDs this, NEW! TL-IN
780 KSPI OK Stillwater 11/8 0655 P no WBBM! Alone w/"this is Pete" tween 2 90s rock songs. NEW! JJR-MI
550 WAME NC Statesville 11/7 0410 Poor with C&W, ID after record. Real Country WAME. No WKRC. 53 watts, NEW! EB-MI
600 WFRM PA Coudersport 11/7 0504 Poor to east with America's Best Music. Only one that fits. Lost. 46 watts, NEW! EB-MI
1000 KKIM NM Albuquerque 11/7 0613 P Dr.Charles Stanley in WMVP easy null. Web match NEW! JJR-MI
570 WTBN FL Pinellas Park 11/5 2300 f- very clear ID "WTBN Pinellas Park" into SRN news, NEW! TL-IN
940 KVSH NE Valentine 11/6 0645 "Heart City Radio" and "KVSH" ID's by YL. Good. NEW! GH-IL
810 WWOS SC ST. George 11/3 1945 good with religious programming and hymns. Matched with web stream. Apparently forgot to shut down. NEW! CR-IL
1060 WQMV TN Waverly 11/3 1805 g- "you're tuned to WQMV AM 1060 and 95.5 FM Waverly, Tennessee..." oldies Glen Campbell Sweet Dreams, NEW! TL-IN
920 WLIV TN Livingston 11/4 1842 "920WLIV.COM". Peaked out of the babble. NEW! GH-IL
1100 WWWE GA Hapeville 11/3 1835 G- coming in well with sports talk program and // to stream, no WTAM. NEW! TL-IN
800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 11/4 0333 "Bott Radio Network AM 800 FM 95.7 102.3" Slogan ID no CKLW. Weak. NEW! GH-IL Icom R75/Quantum Loop
1450 KWHW OK Altus 11/1 0734 Briefly atop with ad for business in Hobart, 580 area code phone number heard. 1000th station from the U.S. (941) and Canada (59) heard since starting the South Omaha logbook on 9/13/2010. NEW! RD-NE
920 KYFR IA Shenandoah 11/2 0833 P one stn (never IDed) w/6 mins of ads. WMPL v wk but clear "KYFR" into REL. NEW! JJR-MI

550 WSVA VA Harrisonburg 10/22 0557 good- briefly atop channel with ID as "news-talk 92-1 and 5-50 WSVA" - ad for delivery driver job opening, agri-business news. NEW! TL-IN
550 WSVA VA Harrisonburg 10/22 0557 good- briefly atop channel with ID as "news-talk 92-1 and 5-50 WSVA" - ad for delivery driver job opening, agri-business news. NEW! TL-IN 1150 KCKY AZ Coolidge 11/28 0400 SS ranting then "KCKY" for TOH ID by male announcer. Weak. NEW! GH-IL 1450 WVAM WV Parkersburg 11/24 0602 p- weak ID heard clearly "1450 WVAM Parkersburg" with mention FM, NEW! TL-IN 1290 CJBK ON London 11/25 1800 Vp tho "NewsTalk" & London said two times o/WHIO. Local WZTI easily nulled. AMazingly, while heard in my 55 yrs of dx'ing, have forgotten to log! NEW! JJR-WI 930 WFMD MD Frederick 11/24 0608 Fox News then "WFMD" by male announcer. Weak in QRM. NEW! GH-IL 1490 WGEZ WI Beloit 11/24 0617 Very poor with old C&W, 'Iron Country 101.9 & 1490.' NEW! EB-MI 850 WTAR VA Norfolk 11/23 0600 g- sports, Sportaradio 850, ID as "Sports Radio 96-5 FM and 850 AM WTAR Norfolk...", NEW! TL-IN 1590 WCSL NC Cherryville 11/23 0540 g- playing oldies though listed as CW, lots of Gastonia area ads, // to stream. Id @ ToH, NEW! TL-IN 1380 KXFN MO St. Louis 11/22 1900 "KXFN St Louis 1380 Ave Maria Radio" Fair. SRF-59/stock antenna NEW! GH-IL 1290 WFBG PA Altoona 11/16 1659 g- ID before ToH "You are listening to WFBG Altoona, W283DI Altoona" into Fox News, NEW! TL-IN 1420 WCOJ PA Coatesville 11/16 1759 p- ID for 1570 in Doylestown/Philadelphia and 1420 Coatesville by a Father ??, NEW! TL-IN 790 KFYO TX Lubbock 11/19 0331 "Mornings on KFYO". Weak in babble. NEW! GH-IL 710 WDSM WI Superior 11/18 0633 "On WDSM" then local WX by YL. Good. no WOR. NEW! GH-IL 1460 CJOY ON Guelph 11/16 1858 "1460 CJOY" Good signal. Elderly Realistic DX350/Internal antenna. NEW! GH-IL 1620 WNRP FL Gulf Breeze 11/12 0500 Ad then TOH ID. QRN/QRM. Fair sig. briefly. NEW! GH-IL Icom R75/Quantum Loop 810 WWOS SC Walterboro 11/10 0437 Poor to south with preacher, church mx later. // Webcast. No WGY; NEW! EB-MI 1370 WSHV VA South Hill 11/10 0445 Very poor under pest WSPD with Mary Jane Girls record, // Webcast. 41 watts, NEW! EB-MI 770 XEFRTM Mexico Fresnillo 11/11 0336 UT p- SS talk with some music, one unique piece of music // to stream IDs this, NEW! TL-IN 810 WWOS SC Walterboro 11/10 1722 P tho steady. WGY nulled. Softer REL songs, SBNradio.com if you like what you're hearing. Former UNID ID'ed by TL-IN (thanx!) NEW! JJR-WI 860 WEVA VA Emporia 11/6 0002 p- song Best of My Love by The Emotions, weak ID u/CJBC, NEW! TL-IN 810 WWOS SC St. George 11/9 2250 g- nice gospel music loud over SS station, // to stream, WWOS Call ID heard at 0400, NEW! TL-IN 770 MEXICO XEFRTM Fresnillo Nov11 0336 UT p- SS talk with some music, one unique piece of music // to stream IDs this, NEW! TL-IN 780 KSPI OK Stillwater 11/8 0655 P no WBBM! Alone w/"this is Pete" tween 2 90s rock songs. NEW! JJR-MI 550 WAME NC Statesville 11/7 0410 Poor with C&W, ID after record. Real Country WAME. No WKRC. 53 watts, NEW! EB-MI 600 WFRM PA Coudersport 11/7 0504 Poor to east with America's Best Music. Only one that fits. Lost. 46 watts, NEW! EB-MI 1000 KKIM NM Albuquerque 11/7 0613 P Dr.Charles Stanley in WMVP easy null. Web match NEW! JJR-MI 570 WTBN FL Pinellas Park 11/5 2300 f- very clear ID "WTBN Pinellas Park" into SRN news, NEW! TL-IN 940 KVSH NE Valentine 11/6 0645 "Heart City Radio" and "KVSH" ID's by YL. Good. NEW! GH-IL 810 WWOS SC ST. George 11/3 1945 good with religious programming and hymns. Matched with web stream. Apparently forgot to shut down. NEW! CR-IL 1060 WQMV TN Waverly 11/3 1805 g- "you're tuned to WQMV AM 1060 and 95.5 FM Waverly, Tennessee..." oldies Glen Campbell Sweet Dreams, NEW! TL-IN 920 WLIV TN Livingston 11/4 1842 "920WLIV.COM". Peaked out of the babble. NEW! GH-IL 1100 WWWE GA Hapeville 11/3 1835 G- coming in well with sports talk program and // to stream, no WTAM. NEW! TL-IN 800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 11/4 0333 "Bott Radio Network AM 800 FM 95.7 102.3" Slogan ID no CKLW. Weak. NEW! GH-IL Icom R75/Quantum Loop 1130 WBBR NY New York 10/31 0604 - Fair and alone with news story about many NYC firefighters refusing to get COVID-19 vaccines, then a "Bloomberg Radio" ID. NY #12 NEW! RD-NE 1190 KVSV KS Beloit 10/31 1835 Weak to fair with a promo for a show "Saturday mornings at 9...on 1190 KVSV and 102.9". KVSV's website lists a lawn & garden show starting at 9:15, so that's probably the promo that I heard. Rather stunned to notice that I didn't already have this logged, despite the close proximity. KS #49 NEW! RD-NE 1450 KWHW OK Altus 11/1 0734 Briefly atop with ad for business in Hobart, 580 area code phone number heard. 1000th station from the U.S. (941) and Canada (59) heard since starting the South Omaha logbook on 9/13/2010. NEW! RD-NE 920 KYFR IA Shenandoah 11/2 0833 P one stn (never IDed) w/6 mins of ads. WMPL v wk but clear "KYFR" into REL. NEW! JJR-MI
550 WSVA VA Harrisonburg 10/22 0557 good- briefly atop channel with ID as "news-talk 92-1 and 5-50 WSVA" - ad for delivery driver job opening, agri-business news. NEW! TL-IN
750 KOAL UT Price 10/22 0647 poor- heard item on how to advertise on Castle Country Radio stations KOAL, KARB and KRPX, UT #3. NEW! TL-IN
790 WSGW MI Saginaw 10/21 1918 P-F w/talk, Flames-Red Wings NHL game at intermission, NEW! JB-WI
830 WUMY TN Memphis, 10/26 1912 o/u WCCO w/SP vocals, ads mentioning Memphis. Matched to web stream. NEW! CR-IL
850 WKGE PA Johnstown 10/14 1751 fair- Bette Davis Eyes, ID "101 point 3 WKGE Johnstown Classic Hits" into Four Tops. NEW! TL-IN
930 WWON TN Waynsboro 10/27 2356 P in WKMB null w/c&w music, ID at 2359 including mention of FM 92.7 translator. Matched to web stream. NEW! CR-IL
1090 KNWS IA Waterloo 10/22 1659 poor- religion, many IDs as Faith Radio, "This is KNWS Waterloo-Cedar Falls". NEW! TL-IN
1250 WYYC PA York 10/13 1859 poor heard clear WYYC AM 1250 ID, NEW! TL-IN
1280 CFMB QC Montreal 10/19 1956 "The only station playing the best instrumental music CFMB 1280" by YL. Fair.SRF-59 /internal antenna. NEW! GH-IL
1350 WBLT VA Bedford 10/29 2000 f- ID as "Virginia Talk Radio Network, WGMN Roanoke and WBLT Bedford", NEW! TL-IN
1400 WBBD WV Wheeling 10/13 1845 poor in GY mess with St. Clairsville vs Wheeling Central HSFB on a Thursday night, NEW! TL-IN
1410 WNGL AL Mobile 10/17 0300 "WNGL 1410 AM (M) FM Archangel Radio" weak in QRN . NEW! GH-IL
1410 KLFD MN Litchfield 10/12 2006 F- in with WIZM, promo for Barbeque Radio Nation right here on KLFD, NEW! TL-IN
1490 WLXR WI La Crosse 10/23 1701 F- heard oldies, ID "The Eagle is 14-90 WLXR La Crosse, good times and great oldies", NEW! TL-IN
1520 WLAK WI New Holstein 10/21 0730 Vp u/KOLM. WGBW//OLD Ain't No Woman,4 Tops. EX:1530 NEW!JJR-MI
1570 WVTL NY AMsterdam 10/15 1817 P calls and "104.7FM 1570AM" and ads at:21. Satellite fed C&W. NEW! JJR-WI
1710 WQFG689 NJ Hudson City 10/7 1853 P nice, steady Calls(!), Hudson Co. Courthouse, HudsonCobid.com, other HudsonCounty web info. NEW! JJR-WI
890 CUBA Chambas Oct16 0107 Radio Progreso music, chatter was easily heard u/WLS talk. Long gone David,Panama & Bogota logged, but no Cuba? NEW! JJR-WI
1200 WMUZ MI Taylor 10/13 1859 poor "WMUZ Taylor-Detroit, the all new AM 1200" Rare here with WOWO IBOC and WRTO. TL-IN
1230 WMQU MI Grayling 10/5 1859 P "the new WMQU" possibly, part of an LID, tho faded. Rare. JJR-WI
1420 WFLT MI Flint 10/5 1846 P Your home for Gospel mx-1420 AM WFNT." Alone. Rare. JJR-WI
1490 WIGM WI Medford 10/5 1808 P "at the father-daughter dance in Medford, this Saturday..." Shocker of the day! Rare! JJR-WI
1510 KTTT NE Columbus 10/25 0844 P NE news stories, then "Toys for Tots, at the Walmart here in Columbus." wx. Once more common, now, almost rare! JJR-MI
1550 WHIT WI Madison 10/31 1551 p- classic CW Neon Moon, possible slogan as The Farm, relog but rare. TL-IN
1580 WHLY IN South Bend 10/4 0718 P w/SS. CKDO, others wau this. Rare! JJR-MI

890 CJDC BC Dawson Creek 9/30 0635 P tho giving WLS a run! Hearing C&W, thinking KQLX. "Peace Country in Dawson Creek" after song. 1770 miles! NEW! JJR-WI
1290 WHKY NC Hickory 9/29 2300EDT Local WX then "WHKY 1290 AM 102.3 FM the Talk station. Good . NEW! GH-IL
1590 WAUB NY Auburn 9/23 0600 Vp-CLEAR "Finger Lakes"/"98.1FM" others, NY#73, 1590#34 #2496 NEW!JJR-WI
960 KMA IA Shenandoah 9/19 0321 "On KMA 960 and KMA FM 99.1" by OM. Peaked then gone. NEW! GH-IL Icom R75/Quantum Loop
1300 WXRL NY Lancaster 9/16 0330 " Classic Country WXRL" Briefly good then gone. NEW! GH-IL Sony SRF-59 ultralight/internal antenna.
1130 WBZB KY Murray 9/15 0603 poor- Only heard WBZB call once and Murray heard three times in mess with CKWX and presumed WISN, NEW! TL-IN
810 WJJQ WI Tomahawk 9/13 0600 f- weak clear ID as WJJQ and W264CH", NEW! TL-IN
950 KOEL IA Oelwein 9/13 0559 f- Beach Boys California Girls, "If you heard it on AM 950 KOEL ..." NEW! TL-IN
950 WXLW IN Indianapolis 9/13 0559 g- promo for Dave Ramsey ".. noon to three on WXLW Indianapolis", NEW! TL-IN
860 KWPC IA Muscatine 9/10 0601 country music, "This is where the country classics live, AM 860 FM 95-1 KWPC", This one has been on my most wanted list for a long time. NEW! TL-IN
990 KRMO MO Cassville 9/9 0600 p- under CBW with clear "You're listening to KRMO AM 9-90 Cassville" NEW! TL-IN
1230 KWSN SD Sioux Falls 9/9 0559 f- "KWSN, The Dan Patrick Show, KWSN.com, your home for Minnesota Vikings Football, this is Fox Sports 98-1 K251BH and AM 1230 KWSN Sioux Falls". NEW! TL-IN
1370 KGNO KS Dodge City 9/6 2220 Poor but giving a stronger WSPD-OH problems. Call letters, frequency, C&W mx, and mention of classic country. On day power? NEW! TPK-WI
AUGUST'S HOTTEST Four NEW and a few rare close-ins!
660 KSKY TX Balch Springs 8/20 0400 "The Answer" slogan ID and SRN news. Weak under WFAN. NEW! GH-IL
690 KSTL MO St. Louis 8/29 0521 P tho steady. Black GOS. Thinking WZNK-MI but...KSTL-Jubilee 690 at :30. Rare! JJR-WI
750 WARD MI Petoskey 8/6 0544 P "This is WARD Petoskey " by YL. Into //FM 101.9. Soft AC. Rare.JJR-MI
770 KAAM TX Garland 8/28 0559 f- Religion, promo for Worship and the Word, Sundays at 9am "Right here on K double A M", NEW! TL-IN
960 WHAK MI Rogers City 8/4 0558 P ads for pubs in Traverse City & Petoskey. Alone. Rare! JJR-MI
1140 KCXL MO Liberty 8/25 0559 P MO health, MO housing psas, "KCXL wx center" Surprise of the day. Rare! JJR-MI
1190 KDAO IA Marshalltown 8/12 0621 Poor clear "KDAO 1190-103.7 & 92.7." Logged in Oct'84. Fade up o/WOWO. Rare! JJR-WI
1290 WDZY VA Colonial Heights 8/13 0500 G- religious program Christianity Clarified then ID "12-90 WDGY, Colonial Heights-Richmond" NEW! TL-IN
1520 WRCI MI Three Rivers 8/17 0611 P "WRCI 1520 Three Rivers & .... Sturgis, River Country 97.1" in fade up. While heard & reported several times, not in logbook. Duh! NEW! JJR-WI

JULY'S HOTTEST A few IL reports,close in and rare!
1330 WRAM IL Monmouth 7/30 0600 "Classic Country 1330 WRAM" Briefly fair WKTA QRM. NEW! GH-IL
1160 WKCM KY Hawesville 7/27 2000 to 2019 Poor to fair u/WYLL Chicago. Simulcasting 94.7 FM WBIO w/ its C&W oldies. Powered down and gone @ 2019. KY NEW! TPK-WI
1440 WHDM TN McKenzie 7/28 0300 "Thanks for listening to WHDL". Peaked then gone. NEW! GH-IL
930 WEOL OH Elyria 7/21 0350 "Saturdays on WEOL" Fair. NEW! GH-IL
870 WTIM IL Assumption 7/17 0559 P- weak but clear behind WKAR with multiple station IDs, mention of central IL, NEW! TL-IN
1520 KOKC OK Oklahoma City 7/10 2200 TOH ID by male announcer. Weak in QRM . NEW! GH-IL
1430 KAMP CO Aurora 7/1 0500 Fair signals with full ID on the hour by female, who mentioned both Aurora and Denver. Then into sports talk programming. NEW! SMA-MB
1330 WKTA IL Evanston 7/21 0457 P foreign lang cutting thru. LID:TOH. Despite closeness, rare! JJR-WI
1440 WMAX MI Bay City 7/30 0646 P Sonrise Morning show, replaced WNFL. Rare! JJR-MI
1520 WKVI IN Knox 7/17 0556 P Indiana psa ments in 2 psa's. Clear "Knox" heard. C&W. Rare! JJR-WI
1590 WTVB MI Coldwater 7/8 0559 P- Very rare here, noted in the absence of my local WHLY-1580 with ID as "The Voice of Branch County WTVB Coldwater. TL-IN

1520 KOLM MN Rochester 6/23 2301 "1520 The Ticket KOLM" Fair. NEW! GH-IL
1520 WRCI MI Three Rivers 6/10 1959 Mostly inaudible but briefly came in out of nowhere @ TOH w/ call letters, location, and 106.9 FM. NEW! TPK-WI
910 WCBN WI Hayward 6/2 0536 Vp Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper. "96-9 the Cabin" Rare! JJR-MI
1260 WOCO WI Oconto 6/3 0658 Vp last day of school menu, wx, local ments. WPNW weak in back. Rare. JJR-MI
1320 WFHR WI Wisconsin Rapids 6/21 0623 P in/out. WI Nat'l Guard,advertising on WFHR. Rare! JJR-MI
1490 WIGM WI Medford 6/21 0533 P Taylor Electric, "...radio tuned to WKEB 99.3FM" lost! Rare! JJR-MI
1570 KDIZ MN Golden Valley 6/21 0604 P til lost. contest rules for SalemMedia. No WLKD.Rare. JJR-MI
600 CKAT ON North Bay 5/28 0225 "Country 600" slogan ID and local ads. Fair over WMT. NEW! GH-IL
610 KDAL MN Duluth 5/22 0020 "KDAL is still on AM 610..." by OM. Strong no WTVN. NEW! GH-IL
790 WMC TN Memphis 5/9 0500 "WMC ESPN 790" by OM weak massive QRN no WNIS, NEW! GH-IL
800 KQAD MN Luverne 5/10 0615 P Ag report #507 a/c given in 4 ads over 14 mins.Assumed. Rare! JJR-MI
940 KPSZ IA Des Moines 5/22 0400 "Iowas Hope 940 KPSZ Des Moines" Good. NEW! GH-IL
940 KIXZ TX Amarillo 5/21 0306 "Advertising on KIXZ..." by OM. Peaked briefly then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1070 KILR IA Estherville 5/29 0455 P tuned in to hear "this is KILR Estherville IA" into talk. Lost to WTSO. One of my closest unheards. First new log since 2/21. NEW! JJR-WI
1190 KVCU CO Boulder-Denver 5/13 0518 P alone. Rock mx, "Radio 1190 Boulder-Denver, 98.9FM in Boulder" Only 2nd time heard. Rare JJR-MI
1230 WFER MI Iron River 5/29 0559 P "7.9 WFER" out of nowhere! Chasing a different 1230. Rare. JJR-W
1330 WKTA IL Evanston 5/26 0536 Vp w/ETHnic thru WHBL. Despite closeness, rare! JJR-WI
1330 WKTA IL Evanston 5/2 0545 P but in power up, SS popped in! Assumed. While close, rare! JJR-WI**
1330 WTRX MI Flint 5/30 2200 " 1330 WTRX" TOH ID . Weak. No KNSS. NEW! GH-IL
1340 WLDY WI Ladysmith 5/13 0601 P but C&W song, then quick "WLDY Ladysmith" o/ next song. Rare!JJR-MI
1350 WARF OH Akron 5/16 2046 "Fox Sports 1350 The Gambler" and local ads. Fair. NEW! GH-IL
1410 WNWZ MI Grand Rapids 5/8 0546 P "Magic 104.9-#1 for hip-hop & R&B" o/WIZM! Rare! JJR-MI
1430 WRDN WI Durand 5/29 0538 P "in the Durand plan rule book,2 psas, calls Real Country. Rare! JJR-WI
1600 KATZ MO St.Louis 5/2 1906 P uptempo GOS mx, //stream. KGYM gone, replaced by WAAM. Rare. JJR-WI
750 WNDZ IN Portage 4/20 0628 Very poor in WSB null with Billy Swan record, 'Access Radio Chicago,' ID, lost to WJR slop. Rare! EB-MI
1260 KDLF IA Boone 4/26 0815 P shocker of day. SS:La Reina -alone. 3rd time heard. Very rare. JJR-MI 1460 WBRN MI Big Rapids 4/23 0804 Vp -only heard "1460 & 99.1FM." Only fit. Once common. Rare! JJR-MI
1490 KJOQ MN Duluth 4/10 0716 P Contemp.Christian mx:20 mins. Assumed. KQDS in 4/94 log. Rare! JJR-WI
1490 KTTR MO Rolla 4/11 0612 Vp but distinctive"KTTR" out of mush, Hot 104-9 logged in'84. Rare.JJR-WI
1520 KKXA WA Snohomish 4/14 0605 F -country music and 101 FM ID. Not new but, very rare. SMA-MB
1160 WYDU NC Red Springs 4/21 1900 F- ID as "this is God's word, WYDU Red Springs, WIDU Fayetteville", mixing with WYLL. NEW! TL-IN
1390 WKLP WV Keyser 4/21 1900 F- "Broadcasting from the ?? studios AM 13-90 WKLP Keyser" ESPN sports. NEW! TL-IN
1440 WCDL PA Carbondale 4/21 1900 F- ID "1400 WICK Scranton, 1440 WCDL Carbondale, 93.5 FM Clark's Summit, 107.7 FM Honesdale", IDs as WICK, oldies. NEW! TL-IN
1550 WJIL IL Jacksonville 4/21 1850 G ads for Illinois Army National Guard and AARP, "AM 15-50 WJIL", NEW! TL-IN
610 WRUS KY Russelville 4/21 1950 oldies and "WRUS Russelville" ID at 1955. Fair. NEW! CR-IL
680 WBCM MD Baltimore 4/21 2005 mixing with WCTT, "AM 6-80 WBCM" ID. NEW! CR-IL
840 KTIC NE West Point 4/22 0550 "The KTIC Morning News" by OM. Decent under WHAS . NEW! GH-IL
890 WYAM AL Hartselle 4/20 0515 Poor in WLS null with SS mx, 'Fiesta Mexicana.'// Webcast. NEW! EB-MI
920 CKNX ON Wingham 4/18 2026 "This is CKNX" by OM Good. Realistic DX350 old portable/internal ferrite rod ant. NEW! GH-IL
1660 KWOD KS Kansas City 4/17 0355 "1660 The Score" slogan ID and local ads. NEW! GH-IL
1630 KVAM WY Fox Farm 4/16 0715 Mexican music faint but // their web feed under KCJJ. NEW! SMA-MB
840 KVJY TX Pharr 4/14 2226 instrumental music, "Radio Aleluya" slogan. Matched to web stream. WHAS off. NEW! CR-IL
1430 WCWC KY Williamsburg 4/9 2219 briefly faded in with "You are listening to classic rock in the morning on WCWC 14-30 AM" ID. Quite unusual. Must have been running a tape of morning show, and surely not listed 31 watts. NEW! CR-IL
1540 CHIN ON Toronto 4/14 0633 Chinese language discussion. Strong. NEW! GH-IL
1440 WKPR MI Kalamazoo 4/12 0603 "WKPR On the air" by OM. Fair . NEW! GH-IL
830 KGLA LA Norco 4/10 1915 "Radio Tropical" slogan ID in SS by OM. Strong, overrode WCCO. Icom R75/Quantum Loop NEW! GH-IL
1340 WMBN MI Petoskey 4/8 0659 G- weather, "Your home for Detroit Tigers Baseball, 104-7 FM 1340 AM The Ticket, WMBN Petoskey". W/no local WTRC, NEW! TL-IN
950 WAKM TN Franklin 4/4 2142 Callsign and QTH ID by OM. Briefly good sig then gone. Realistic DX350/Internal ferrite rod antenna. NEW! GH-IL
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 4/3 0257 Local traffic report and callsign ID by YL. Fair in WFNI null. NEW! GH-IL
850 WEEI MA Boston 4/2 0535 P- heard weather for Boston, weak under KOA with sports, NEW! TL-IN
1090 WTNK TN Hartsville 4/2 0500 F- IDs as "Fun Radio Fun 93-5 FM-1090 AM", NEW! TL-IN
1060 WILB OH Canton 3/22 0700 TOH ID and "Sunrise Morning Show". Briefly good then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1160 KCTO MO Cleveland 3/14 0640 "Hosana Christian Network" and SS. Good. WYLL local off. NEW! GH-IL
1220 KQMG IA Independence 3/14 0259 F- ID heard before ToH "KQMD Independence, AM 12-20 the station by the ???" into song by Cher. NEW! TL-IN
1230 WVNT WV Parkersburg 3/17 1959 P- GY mess, only heard "WVNT Parkersburg" rise up to top just before ToH, NEW! TL-IN
1240 WJIM MI Lansing 3/16 0730 . Poor but above the rumble. Nx about Michigan, call letters, and FM 106.9. NEW! TPK-WI
1250 WLZK KY Scottsville 3/23 1935 "WLZK 12-50" ID and "Southern Gospel AM 1250. Also mentioned 100.1 FM. NEW! CR-IL
1380 KWHK MN Winona 3/31 1906 weather, mention of Frickson Family Farm, "AM 1380, 101.5 FM" mention, country music. Fair. NEW! CR-IL
1410 KKLO KS Leavenworth 3/14 0655 "KKLO 1410 AM 92.7FM" by OM. Fair in QRM. NEW! GH-IL
1560 KLNG IA Council Bluffs 3/25 1900 TOH ID and religious programs. Strong sigs. NEW! GH-IL
1590 WQCH GA Lafayette 3/24 0615 . Poor. Fading in and out of a mess that included WTVB-MI, WCGO-IL, and WAKR-OH. Walker County nx items. Mention of Chattanooga. NEW! TPK-WI
640 WCRV TN Collierville 3/13 0615 to 0630 . Became audible after a nite to day power change @ 0615. Mostly poor w/a little QRM from WOI-IA. WMFN-IL running just an OC. Bott Radio Network program "Unlocking the Bible". Various Bott related promos . NEW! TPK-WI
660 KSKY TX Balch Springs 3/6 1805 Poor and mixing w/equally poor WFAN. QRM slop coming from both sides, WSM-650 and WSCR-670. A string of local ads and some local phone numbers. Also // to streema. NEW! TPK-WI
950 WXGI VA Richmond 3/4 1800 P heard "99-5 and 1-0-2-7 ESPN, WXGI and WTPS" into NFL news, also "ESPN Richmond" IDs, NEW! TL-IN
1030 WNOW NC Mint Hill 3/8 1855 to 1905 Poor. On late. Fading in and out u/ a partially nulled WBZ. Regional Mexican mx. SS male anncr w/ La Zeta IDs and several FM frequencies in SS. 107.5 hrd in EE @ 1902. I think they were simulcasting La Zeta Charlotte WGSP-1310 and WGSP's translator 107.5. NEW! TPK-WI
1030 WNOW NC Mint Hill 3/7 0351 Poor, mostly under WBZ with SS mx, // Webcast. La Zeta. Thanks to tips from other DXers, I was able to log this. NEW! EB-MI
1090 WENR TN Englewood 03/13 2317 Weak under KAAY. Heard the DX test at 0017 Code ID’s. Then at 0023 with Sweep tones and Code ID’s. Thanks for the test NEW! SMA-MB
1090 WENR TN Englewood 3/14 0017 DX Test: Very poor under KAAY with sweep tones, Morse code, ladder tones, and off-hook phone sounds. Thanks for the Test; NEW! EB-MI
1090 WENR TN Englewood 3/13 2334 Slow tone-mod CW "WENR". DX test. faint under booming KAAY. NEW! GH-
IL 1090 WENR TN Englewood 3/13 2256 G- DX test with sweep tones, code IDs, voice IDs, tones, phone off-hook, etc. NEW! TL-IN
1110 WKDZ KY Cadiz 3/3 1840 to 1850 Inaudible to fair. KFAB in null. Interview w/ the female head coach of the UK (Big Blue Country) women's BB team, local Hopkinsville ads, and FM 100.9. Seen going off air @ 1900. NEW! TPK-WI
1130 WEDI OH Eaton 3/13 0559 P- clear "Real Roots Radio WEDI" ID, under strong WISN and WDFN, NEW! TL-IN
1150 WIMA OH Lima 3/3 0700 "1150 WIMA" TOH ID by OM. Good NEW! GH-IL
1230 WBHP AL Huntsville 3/13 0259 F- weather (high of 75 with t-storms), many clear WBHP IDs. At 482 miles, NEW! TL-IN
1390 WZHF MD Capitol Heights 3/2 1800 Fair with 15 time pips before the ToH then clear "WZHR Capitol Heights" ID, Slogan is Radio Sputnik. NEW! TL-IN
1390 WPLI VA Lynchburg 3/5 1656 F- sports, heard WPLI ID then back into sports before fading. Heard while driving near Bremen, IN. NEW! TL-IN
1440 WIBU IL Paris 3/12 1750 "On WIBU The Talk Station" good. (downstate) Icom R75/Quantum Loop NEW! GH-IL
1450 WGNS TN Murfreesboro 3/13 0300 P- ad for First National Bank of Middle TN, mention of serving Rutherford county. NEW! TL-IN
1480 WSPY IL Geneva 3/4 1859 P America‘s Best Music format. Even tho it‘s only 125 miles, NEW! TL-IN
1480 KQAM KS Wichita 3/5 0559 P- only heard translator ID for K273CX FM 102.5, NEW! TL-IN
1480 WTLO KY Somerset 3/13 0500 P- only heard ID "You're listening to WTLO and W249DF", NEW! TL-IN
1490 WSWW WV Charleston 3/13 0459 P- ESPN sports, "ESPN 106.7 and 14-90 WSWW A West Virginia Radio Corporation station". NEW! TL-IN
1520 WKVI IN Knox 3/13 1356 heard in a car driving, Fair with death notices, ID, new. Was my closest unheard. NEW! CR-IL
530 CHLO ON Brampton 2/18 1925EST Indian dialect call-in show. Station Phone number and 416 A/C numbers given. Fair. 50 year old Realistic Patrolman/internal ferrite rod ant. NEW! GH-IL
580 WTAG MA Worcester 2/24 0200 fair- ToH ID as "This is newsradio 580 and 94.9 FM WTAG and WTAG HD Worcester, an IHeart radio station" into Fox News, NEW! TL-IN
590 WROW NY Albany 2/27 2111 fair- in with Omaha and K-Zoo, oldies with all songs matching their online playlist, good at tune-in then faded for rest of the night, NEW! TL-IN
610 KCSR NE Chadron 2/6 0643 P "a Country Classics weekend on AM 610 KCSR" -KDAL in,weak. Rare. JJR-MI
610 WTEL PA Philadelphia 2/19 1850EST Black Info Net news items and Philadelphia Traffic and WX reports. KCSP QRM Icom R75/Quantum Loop NEW! GH-IL
620 WVMT VT Burlington 2/24 0159 good- "The news leader for Vermont and New York, FM 96-3 and AM 620 WVMT Burlington" into ABC News. Rare as hen's teeth here. Heard on all four ToH recordings from 0200-0500. TL-IN
780 WIIN MS Ridgeland 2/7 1744 Poor toward south, under WBBM, with Blues mx, 'Blues 93-1' and // Webcast. Lost at :45. NEW! EB-MI
790 WQXI GA Atlanta 2/3 1835 to 1905 Inaudible to fair. Suddenly came on the air @ 1835 atop everyone at the same time that a weak station w/o audio went off air. The before and after frequencies were from 790.0013 to 790.0181 before stabilizing @ 790.0166. It looks like they might have been on their nite pattern during the day and then switched to their day pattern for the nite! Mostly male and female anncrs talking in possibly Korean. At TOH 3 short time pips, 1 long time pip, a brief LID in EE, maybe a LID in KK, and then a good minute or so of time pips at a rate of about 1/sec. Weird but NEW! TPK-WI
800 WVHU WV Huntington 2/2 1627 Very poor. In briefly w/ a male anncr and "NewsRadio WVHU". NEW! TPK-WI
810 WCKA AL Jacksonville 2/6 0322 "(m) Country on WCKA" and local WX and callsign ID at end. Fair in WGY null. Log says 500W but I wonder. NEW! GH-IL
860 KWPC IA Muscatine 2/8 0633 K Muscatine K-9 unit,1st Natl bank of Muscatine.CJBC nulled.Rare.JJR-MI
870 WTIM IL Taylorville 2/9 1649 "The Big 87 WTIM Taylorville" followed by FM freqs. Fair . NEW! GH-IL
870 WHCU NY Ithaca 2/4 0608 P "WHCU newstime 7:08..." into more news. Alone, rare. JJR-MI
890 WBAJ SC Blythewood 2/25 0512 P but easily heard in WLS null.REL programming. NEW! JJR-WI
890 WBAJ SC Blythewood 2/24 2145 . A daytimer on late. A fair signal u/ WLS and giving WLS (and the 891 TA het) a hard time. Male preacher before 2145 and the Gateway to Joy program w/ Elisabeth Elliot after 2145. // to streema. The webcast was about 2 secs. ahead of the broadcast. NEW! TPK-WI
960 KLTF MN Little Falls 2/5 0559 good- loud with no WSBT, end of Insight For Living, "Your station for news and information, AM 9-60 KLTF, Little Falls". NEW! TL-IN
960 WKVX OH Wooster 2/5 0525 fair- in WSBT absence with Police - Every Breath You Take, high school sports (Lima vs Mansfield), NEW! TL-IN
960 WATS PA Sayre 2/5 0534 fair- in briefly, local ad for Celebrations Black Diamond Cafe in Sayre. NEW! TL-IN
960 WFIR VA Roanoke 2/5 0102 good- Local WSBT-960 off all night, good with ABC news, "weather every thirty minutes on WFIR". Very rare here. TL-IN
1010 KRNI IA Mason City 2/3 1700 good- long ID for WSUI and KRNI with many Iowa Public Radio mentions, NEW! TL-IN 1010 WINS NY New York 2/8 0521 P man got Covid shot, dead 25 min later/Javits Ctr. "1010 Wins" JJR-MI
1020 WPEO IL Peoria 2/11 1700 "WPEO" TOH ID and local WX . Weak/QRN in KDKA Null . NEW! GH-IL
1050 WBRG VA Lynchburg 2/5 0710 fair- political talk, local news with VA coverage, interview with VA congressman, NEW! TL-IN
1050 WDMV WI Eau Claire 2/6 0708 P Relevant Radio fund rasing echoing w/other affil WJOK. Rare. JJR-MI 1060 WJKY KY Jamestown 2/21 0600 good- mixing w/WILB, "Broadcasting from a dumpy little homestead? from the waters of beautiful Lake Cumberland, this is the all new 1-0-6-5 FM, Jack FM, WJKY". NEW! TL-IN
1150 WHBY WI Kimberly 2/24 0638EST Several ID's and local ads news and WX. SRF 59 / Headphones. Good sig some QSB NEW! GH-IL
1190 KJJI AR White Hall 2/19 2021 playing an extended set of Beatles songs. Matched to their web stream. NEW! CR-IL
1240 WJIM MI Lansing 2/5 0823 P Lansing mentioned in several psa's. w/others, Rare. JJR-MI
1240 WJTN NY Jamestown 2/2 1800 poor- ID as "101-3 WJTN Jamestown". NEW! TL-IN
1250 WLCK KY Scottsville 2/26 1954 fair- loud when first tuning in with good WLCK ID, southern gospel, NEW! TL-IN
1260 KDLF IA Boone 2/27 0808 P alone, SS LaReina. Sig shoots SW. Lucked out! Rare! JJR-MI
1260 WEKZ WI Monroe 2/25 0615 P Juice Newton song, "Big radio" & "and 95.5 WEKZ" Alone/Rare! JJR-WI
1280 WUZZ PA New Castle 2/12 0800 poor- "This is ESPN 12-80 WUZZ New Castle and at 97-5 FM", NEW! TL-IN
1350 WCSM OH Celina 2/7 0659 fair- only heard "1350 and and 100 point 3 FM Celina, Ohio". Despite being 115 miles away, NEW! TL-IN
1370 WLTH IN Gary 2/6 1700 poor- ID "AM 13-70 WLTH and FM 92.7 W224EA", extremely rare here despite being somewhat local. TL-IN NEW! EEEEE
1370 WVLY WV Moundsville 2/12 0759 poor- heard clear "WVLY Moundsville" into ABC news, NEW! TL-IN
1380 WMTA KY Central City 2/26 0601 poor- only heard "point three WMTA ??-Greenville" only match, NEW! TL-IN
1380 WDLW OH Loraine 2/12 0559 poor- heard a mention of Northwest Ohio and a weak WDLW ID just before ToH, NEW! TL-IN
1380 KOTA SD Rapid City 2/5 0100 poor- only heard "100.7 FM Rapid City", NEW! TL-IN
1400 KFRU MO Columbia 2/2 2229 poor- heard several 1400 KFRU IDs in GY mess "on the new 98.9 FM and 1400 AM KFRU" very rare here. TL-IN
1420 KPOC AR Pocahontas 2/21 0600 fair- quick ID "This is KPOC FM, Pocahontas-Walnut Ridge. Max 104.1 playing you favorites all day every day", NEW! TL-IN
1430 WION MI Ionia 2/13 0655 "WION I1430" Briefly strongest on freq then gone. No WCMY NEW! GH-IL
1440 WKLV VA Blackstone 2/25 1830 to 1840 . Definitely not running 72 watts. Inaudible to very poor but giving 1440 quite a het. Their frequency was almost 290 hertz below nominal (1439.7131)! A // to the mx was found on a Luray VA KiwiSDR tuned to 1439.71. Oldies from the 70's including Ricky Nelson's "Garden Party". "K92.7" ID. NEW! TPK-WI
1510 WGKB WI Waukesha 2/3 1700 poor- heard ID w/101.7 and "1510 The Truth". NEW! TL-IN
1520 WLUV IL Loves Park 2/7 0600 good- Sweet Caroline, "You're listening to WLUV 15-20 AM Loves Park and 105-3 FM WQ87BY Rockford" into Beach Boys, NEW! TL-IN
1520 WARR NC Warrenton 2/13 2017 fair- on after dark, smooth jazz and urban music format matching stream, occasionally strong over KOKC. NEW! TL-IN
1550 WQCD OH Delaware 2/13 2100 this is a strange one, TOH ID was "Radio Nowhere 92.9" and "CD 92 9" no call letters. Reference made to Central Ohio. Only OH station on 1550 . NEW! GH-IL
1550 WKBA VA Vinton 2/24 1640 to 1701 . Very poor @ most. Male quoting the bible and preaching about God and family. // to tunein. Signal went off air @ 1701. NEW! TPK-WI
1550 WKBA VA Vinton 2/24 1640 to 1701 . Very poor @ most. Male quoting the bible and preaching about God and family. // to tunein. Signal went off air @ 1701. NEW! TPK-WI 1560 WSEZ IN Paoli 2/15 1801 good- oldies, ID "Broadcasting from within our six feet social distance, this is WSEZ Paoli", New Indiana log. NEW! TL-IN
1560 WKDO KY Liberty 2/20 1750 "WKDO" sung jingle type ID by YLs. Strongest on frequency. NEW! GH-IL
1560 WMBH MO Joplin 2/17 2245 Faded up with Fox Sports Radio programming for several minutes. Mixing with dominate WGLB (the frequency pest) and fading in and out KGOW. NEW! SMA-MB
1590 WTVB MI Coldwater 2/15 0513 " FM 95.5 AM 1590 WTVB" by OM followed by "flashdance". WCGO QRM then wiped out by SS station. NEW! GH-IL

620 WFMV SC Cayce 1/26 1659 F- ID as "WFMV W296EI W241DJ Cayce (pronounced KC)-Columbia 96.1 FM 107.1 FM 620 AM" Black Gospel format, weak with no WTMJ, NEW! TL-IN
800 WMGY AL Montgomery 1/31 2158 G with Southern Gospel music and ID at 2200 CST. NEW! CR-IL
800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 1/3 0358 "AM 800 KQCV Oklahoma City" by OM. Audiable under CKLW . NEW! GH-IL
800 CJAD QC Montreal 1/17 1930 G- news-talk format, many CJAD IDs and Montreal mentions, "The Voice of Montreal", NEW! TL-IN
800 CJAD QC Montreal 1/13 1928 Vp with lots of QSB, under local CKLW. Heard ads, ID on a signal peak, and into The Night Side, which was the same show CKLW was airing! Canada #100! NEW! EB-MI
810 WCKA AL Jacksonville 1/29 1855 to 1900 . Very poor w/WGY in null. WHB in a fade. C&W mx w/ mention of 97.1. Mx // to streema. NEW! TPK-WI
960 WHAK MI Rogers City 1/4 0728 P call 517-XXX-XXXX, MI Economic nx, Steve Gruber show. Rare! JJR-MI
1030 WONQ FL Oviedo 1/25 1945 P- weak under WBZ and strong local buzz with Salsa music format, matched to a FL SDR, NEW! TL-IN
1040 KGGR TX Dallas 1/29 1714 Slogan and callsign ID then Gospel music. Strong. no trace of WHO. Venerable G.E. Superradio III, NEW! GH-IL
1050 KMIS MO Porterville 1/22 0600 TOH ID by female weak just above the QRM. NEW! GH-IL
1090 WCZZ SC Greenwood 1/3 1804 G- over KAAY, ad for Beckman Center for Mental Health 1547 Parkway Road, "It's Sunday praise on WCZZ 10-90 AM, 102 point 7 FM, Greenwood", NEW! TL-IN
1110 WBT NC Charolette 1/30 0605 NC Weather. Briefly strong over KFAB then gone. No local WMBI for another hour. NEW! GH-IL
1150 WNLR VA Churchville 1/15 1614 P- heard mention of sing-off, WNLR ID clear with promo for the WNLR app. NEW! TL-IN
1220 KLPW MO Union 1/1 0100 "KLPW" by deep voiced male announcer surfaced out of the QRM. briefly audiable then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1220 WLSD VA Big Stone Gap 1/29 0600 Poor- ToH ID as "WLSD and W223AA Big Stone Gap", WHKW very weak, NEW! TL-IN
1230 WCDS KY Glasgow 1/6 2159 P- very weak with clear "Fox sports .. AM 1230 WCDS Glasgow .. 104 The Score", NEW! TL-IN
1230 WMPC MI Lapeer 1/27 0826 Vp calls said 2x, asking for calls to stn. REL. Rare. JJR-MI
1240 KICD IA Spencer 1/9 1759 Poor. Briefly peaked w/ a female anncr giving the weather. Call letters hrd several times. NEW! TPK-WI
1250 KCFI IA Cedar Falls 1/15 1647 G- faded up with Gilbert O'Sullivan and Bobby Vinton songs. Clear ID as "Cruzin KCFI" then SID, NEW! TL-IN
1250 KYYS KS Kansas City 1/1 1523 F- with Mexican music mixing with WGL, // to KC SDR, NEW! TL-IN
1250 WYKM WV Rupert 1/3 1550 G- briefly loud and alone with clear ID during break playing country music format, NEW! TL-IN
1260 WCCR OH Cleveland 1/17 1659 P- "this is listener-supported Cleveland Catholic Radio WCCR Cleveland 12-60 AM", NEW! TL-IN
1290 WCBL KY Benton 1/2 0759 F- Strong under WNIL, ad for Verizon store at 315 W. 5th in Benton, and Edward Jones Financial in Benton. NEW! TL-IN
1300 WFRX IL West Frankfort 1/2 0800 P- weak under WNQM with clear "WFRX West Frankfort-Marion" ID heard. NEW! TL-IN
1300 WGDJ NY Renssalaer 1/30 1929 "WGDJ and K(translator - missed) weak in babble. NEW! GH-IL
1300 WGDJ NY Rensselaer 1/17 1700 F- faded up with "This is WGDJ and W254DA Albany" into ABC News, NEW! TL-IN
1340 WCHB MI Royal Oak 1/22 1855 P very firey preacher."Bible believing church in Detroit" Rare!JJR-MI
1360 WIXI AL Jasper 1/18 1700 Poor but briefly in the clear. Some WKMI QRM. WTAQ in null. Mention of various call letters- WJLD Fairfield, WIXI Jasper, W277DM Jasper, and one other. Popped thru again @ 1819 w/ " not yet a cookie cutter station, your home for southern soul and old soul, 94-1 and 103-3, WJLD" . NEW! TPK-WI
1360 WKMI MI Kalamazoo 1/2 2000 "WKMI Kalamazoo" by OM. Fair in the babble. NEW! GH-IL
1360 KMRN MO Cameron 1/19 0812 Very poor in WTAQ-WI’s backround. “ Were’re playing country’s best . . . classic country on US Country 13-60 and 99-3, KMRN” followed by the Roger Miller tune “Dang Me”. NEW! TPK-WI
1360 WCGX VA Galax 1/19 1625. Poor to fair. Peaked to the top w/WMOV-WV @ this time. WTAQ-WI in null. Instrumental piano mx, 13-60 and 96-5 FM, ID as "The Cat" followed by a R&B oldie. NEW! TPK-WI
1360 WMOV WV Ravenswood 1/19 1626. Poor to fair. Peaked to the top w/WCGX-VA @ this time. WTAQ-WI in null. Liberty Mutual ad, female anncr w/ the wx, promos for upcoming programs, and ". . .right here on the Voice of the mid-Ohio Valley, WMOV, 13-60". NEW! TPK-WI
1360 WMOV WV Ravenwood 1/9 0659 P- ID "This is WMOV Ravenswood, W294AF Ripley" into CBS news, NEW! TL-IN
1380 WAOK GA Atlanta 1/12 0755 Vp tho very clear. "1380 WAOK" was logged in 6'71. Rare! JJR-WI
1390 WNLA MS Indianola 1/7 2201 G- weather, "with the latest weather 24-7, 13-90 WNLA, currently it's 39 degrees, it's 10 oh two", NEW! TL-IN
1400 WEOA IN Evansville 1/30 0659 Fair- very slow clear ID "W-E-O-A Evansville-Henderson, 1400 AM and W253BF", NEW! TL-IN
1400 WQXO MI Munising 1/25 1759 P- heard weak clear call ID for AM 1400 and 97.7 FM, NEW! TL-IN
1400 KGMY MO Springfield 1/22 0600 P- mention of Fox sports and clear "Springfield's sports station", NEW! TL-IN
1410 WCMT TN Martin 1/2 0800 G- alone with Elvis Blue Suede Shoes, ID "This is Thunderbolt Radio, news you can use on WCMT, Martin". NEW! TL-IN
1420 WACT AL Tuscaloosa 1/5 1651 "AM 1420 WACT and 96.9FM" by OM. Briefly over WIMS then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1420 KRLL MO California 1/24 0200 "From Studios in California(missed) Real Country 1420" weak in QRM NEW! GH-IL
1430 WCMY IL Ottawa 1/28 1420 to 1440 . Poor @ most but sometimes alone. WBEV-WI in null. 2 males discussing COVID related education issues. " 1430WCMY dot com" hrd. NEW! TPK-WI
1430 WKEX VA Blacksburg 1/26 1923 Poor toward SE with Classic Hits, Z-101.3 and 105.9. Not bad for 62 watts; NEW! EB-MI
1440 WIBU IL Paris 1/8 0650 Poor in a mix w/others. Male ann. giving the simulcast WIBQ call letters or the WIBU ID . Hard to tell. NEW! TPK-WI
1440 WCDL PA Carbondale 1/8 1653 to 1720 Poor but the strongest station on 1440 during this time. Simulcasting WICK-1400. 1950's and early 1960's oldies w/ Fox nx before TOH. "The greatest hits of all time right here on the Mothership, 1400, WICK". Definitely not 37 watts. NEW! TPK-WI
1450 WKLA MI Ludington 1/10 0816 P Super Hits 97.7 slogan popped thru. OLDies. Been a while. Due to 1460-WJTI usual splash, Rare. JJR-WI
1450 KWPM MO West Plains 1/7 2200 P- rose out of the muck with weak and slow "KWPM, West Plains Missouri" ID, New MO GY. NEW! TL-IN
1450 WREL VA Lexington 1/13 0500 P- heard mention of Fox Sports Radio and weak, clear "AM 14-50 WREL, Lexington". Listed as news/talk. NEW! TL-IN
1450 WRCO WI Richland Center 1/10 0805 Vp "Great Songs, Great Radio ...7.7 & 1450." Might have been stn at TOH w/"Locally owned..." into news. Rare! JJR-WI
1460 WHIC NY Rochester 1/13 2259 vp- only heard clear ID for W225AR which is the FM translator call, NEW! TL-IN
1460 WJTI WI West Allis 1/13 2259 p- only heard a brief WJTI ID surface out of the din, NEW! TL-IN
1470 WSAN PA Allentown 1/25 0600 P- "You're listening to 14-70 WSAN AM Allentown an I-Heart Radio station", NEW! TL-IN
1480 WHVO KY Hopkinsville 1/7 2202 P- Glenn Frey Smuggler's Blues, "Our friends call us Oldies Radio, WKDZ Cadiz, WHVO Hopkinsville", NEW! TL-IN
1480 WGFY NC Charlotte 1/3 1559 P- heard mention of Bible study and North Carolina, weak clear WGFY ID, NEW! TL-IN
1490 WERE OH Cleveland Heights 1/23 0800 P- brief very fast "WERE Cleveland Heights" ID, NEW! TL-IN
1520 WKVI IN Knox 1/29 1800 P "W. Central...South View... WKVI...WKVI-AM" in play by play ph. patch. Thought I had this in 53+ years of this hobby. I didn't. Last year, waited til 3/5 to bag 1st new log. Not this year! NEW! JJR-WI
1520 WQCT OH Bryan 1/9 0718 P Metemucil, MyComputerCareer, "WQCT 96.5" Paul McCartney song. Alone, steady. Logged as WBNO 6'70. Been a while, hi. Rare.JJR-WI
1550 WIRV KY Irvine 1/9 2149 . Very poor. Audio in briefly. KXEL-1540 splatter in null. Female anncr w/ a promo for a blue grass mx event. IDing as "100.7 The Coyote". 5 watts?! NEW! TPK-WI
1550 WQCD OH Delaware 1/31 0622 P "CD 92-9" sweeper tween songs. Looking thru my chronological, freq, and political unit logs, I've never logged this?!? I know I've reported it as WDLR, but thanks to human error, it's NEW! JJR-WI
1560 WBYS IL Canton 1/2 0722 .Came in out of nowhere fair u/ WGLB-WI's OC. Male anncr mentioning call letters and 93.7 FM. Promo for a mobile phone app then gone. NEW! TPK-WI
1560 KLNG IA Council Bluffs 1/22 0739 . Poor but alone u/ WGLB-WI's OC. Wiped out by the return of WGLB's audio @ 0739. Male preaching about the Holy Spirit. // to their webstream. NEW! TPK-WI
1560 KTUI MO Sullivan 1/22 0705 to 0727 . Inaudible to poor u/ a WGLB-WI OC. Nx, wx, State Patrol hi-way reports, obits, sport scores, and a promo for an upcoming sports event on 94.1 FM. NEW! TPK-WI
1570 WWCK MI Flint 1/13 2259 f- "Playing classic hits, Flint's new K-107.3", weather, mixing with WFUR also MI, NEW! TL-IN
1570 WWCK MI Flint 1/7 0615 to 0630 Assumed. One of many stations in the jumble. "Classic Hits 107.3" kept popping thru. Results from an internet search sez this is a recent flip from "Supertalk 1570". I’m surprised I haven’t logged WWCK before. NEW! TPK-WI
1590 WPVL WI Platteville 1/29 0659 Poor- weak in local WHLY-1580 splatter, ID "You're listening to fifteen-ninety, WPVL Platteville, a QueenB radio station". NEW! TL-IN
1600 WKYI KY Eminence 1/8 1900 P fade up for LID! C&W "the New WKYI..." Daytimer on late. Logged as WSTL in '85. Rare. JJR-WI
1600 WTZQ NC Hendersonville 1/4 1643 P- "WTZQ 95.3 AM 1600" sounded like oldies, NEW! TL-IN
1600 KUSH OK Cushing 1/7 1717 Oklahoma cattle market reports and local ads. Strong for 5 mins then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1640 KZLS OK Enid 1/5 1728 to 1800 Mostly very poor with weak audio if any. WTNI-MS and 1630/1650 splatter QRM. Nx from the Oklahoma News Network @ 1734. Enid heard mentioned. Its frequency drifted upwards about 5 hertz during this time. NEW! TPK-WI
1660 KRZI TX Waco 1/22 0600 P- very weak under KWOD KC, MO with "ESPN Central Texas" as the only ID, been after this for a long time, NEW! TL-IN
660 MEXICO XECPR Felipe Carrillo Puerto Jan6 at 0410 G Radio Chan Santa Cruz, pretty much dominating 660 right now, mostly talk and music with very clear "Radio Chan Santa Cruz" ID at 0412, NEW! TL-IN

820 WVSG OH Columbus 12/17 0700 P thru WBAP WCPT. "Listener supported St.Gabriel ..." Rare. JJR-WI
830 WTRU NC Kernersville 12/19 0443 P- religious preaching program, weak but clear in WCCO's open carrier, NEW! TL-IN
990 WISK GA Lawrenceville 12/1 2000 G- loud with SS music in CBW's absence, Clear "WISK Lawrenceville Georgia" ID, NEW! TL-IN
990 WWKY KY Winchester 12/1 1853 F with Richard Marx song Right Here Waiting, NEW! TL-IN
1000 WIOO PA Carlisle 12/19 0653 P- weak but clear u/WMVP with older country and some country Christmas music, // to stream, NEW! TL-IN
1010 WMOX MS Meridian 12/23 0000 "WMOX" by OM TOH ID. Surfaced quickly then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1040 WYSL NY Avon 12/19 0729 P- political talk program weak and fadey u/WHO, I was able to match to the webstream, NEW! TL-IN
1070 KFTI KS Wichita 12/10 1700 "KFTI Classic Country 1070 " by OM. Briefly strong then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1070 WKOK PA Sunbury 12/18 1533 G- ID as "Newsradio 10-70 WKOK and Eagle 107", promo for Talk to Santa, NEW! TL-IN
1110 WJML MI Petoskey 12/29 1731 Fair with CBS Nx Special Report, local ads, lost to WBT. Rare! EB-MI
1140 WBXR AL Hazel Green 12/27 1812 Poor but over WRVA for a moment with religion, 'Radio that changes the way you live, WBXR' into religious talk show. 1140 #10! NEW! EB-MI
1160 WSKW ME Skowhegan 12/30 1821 P-F heard the song Locomotion // to webstream, perfectly timed fade-up with very clear ID as "Legacy 11-60 WSKW", another ID heard at 0036, Maine #1 thanks to EB-MI!! NEW! TL-IN
1160 WSKW ME Skowkegan 12/30 2106 Vp Do You WAnna Know a Secret?-Beatles in ok w/WYLL nulled. "Legacy 1160 WSKW" //Streema match! Thanx:EB-MI TS-IN!!! NEW! JJR-MI
1160 WSKW ME Skowhegan 12/29 1813 Poor, mostly under WYLL with classic hits, 'AM 1160, WSKW' between records on signal peak! Lost soon after. NEW! EB-MI
1160 WSSV NY Mechanicville 12/19 0615 P- CDB's The Devil Went Down to Georgia, matched webstream, NEW! TL-IN
1190 WMEJ MS Bay Saint Louis 12/3 1858 Poor and mixing w/ other poor stations. WOWO not around. Urban gospel mx. LID @ 1858 with 104.3 FM W282CE being mentioned. NEW! TPK-WI
1200 WFCN TN Nashville 12/15 1622 G- religious political talk, looped toward south, // to webstream, NEW! TL-IN
1220 WCPH TN Etowah 12/26 0245 Very poor with DX Test: Sweep tones. Heard them again at :58. Thanks for the Test; NEW! EB-MI
1220 WCPH TN Etowah 12/26 0104 slow CW ID's and tones weak but copiable in the babble DX test, NEW! GH-IL
1220 CFAJ ON St. Catharines 12/3 1925 . Poor but on top. WLPO-IL was also present in background. Oldies and Xmas mx. Call letters. ( Finally got ‘em.) NEW! TPK-WI
1240 WHBU IN Anderson 12/8 1936 Vp Two stns with play by plays! 1)ESPN ESPN app, etc (IE:dunno!) 2)"on
1240 WJMC WI Rice Lake 12/17 0711 Vp "your home for the Holidays-AM 1240-96.5 WJMC." Rare! JJR-WI
1260 WEKZ WI Monroe 12/18 0735 P "in Monroe, call 608" in fade up. If I've heard this 5 times in 50+ years of dx'ing....rare! JJR-WI
1300 WJYP WV St. Albans 12/25 0059 F- ID as "This is 13 hundred AM WJYP Saint Albans and 13-40 AM WMON Montgomery". NEW! TL-IN
1330 WAEW TN Crossville 12/26 2059 F- ad for Balance of Nature, ID as "Talk Radio WAEW and translator W245BJ Crossville, a Tech Broadcasting station", NEW! TL-IN
1360 KSCJ IA Sioux City 12/19 2224 P with tons of QSB; OM and child telling story, child's voice punched through pileup! // Webcast. Thanks to fellow DXer for tip; NEW! EB-MI
1380 WPHM MI Port Huron 12/26 2059 P- with weak but clear "WPHM Port Huron and worldwide WPHM.com", NEW! TL-IN
1400 WIEL KY Elizabethtown 12/27 1759 P- "WIEL Elisabethtown and W??? Hopkinsville, The new all sports 106.1 ESPN radio", NEW! TL-IN
1410 WRMN IL Elgin 12/28 1651 Vp "in downtown Elgin" popped thru WIZM. Rare. JJR-MI
1420 WFLT MI Flint 12/4 0630 "Here on WFLT" by YL. Surfaced briefly then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1430 KNSP MN Staples 12/15 1806 F- MN tourism ad, ID as "The Fan" then into MN vs IL basketball, lots of MN local ads during breaks, NEW! TL-IN
1440 WPGW IN Portland 12/16 2051 P Ind. Nat'l Guard, ??? Kia. What a Fool Believes, Doobie Bros. That psa saved me! hi. Logged in 2013. Rare! JJR-WI
1440 WKPR MI Kalamazoo 12/15 0652 P REL, USA:57, LID :00. It appears I never logged the freq change in 2011. Check logs. Its a freq change, certainly. NEW! JJR-WI
1440 WCDL PA Carbondale 12/12 1734 P steady. WesternMethodistHomes.org, the Mothership or 1400-WICK IDS. OLDies, in o/1 hr. PA#68 1440#40 #2488. NEW! JJR-WI
1450 KOKO MO Warrensburg 12/6 0749 F- Kenny Loggins This Is It, "One song at a time, Good Time Oldies, 14-50 AM K-O-K-O, Koko. NEW! TL-IN
1460 WRVK KY Mount Vernon 12/27 0600 F- s/on w/SSB, clear ID with station address then into bluegrass music!, NEW! TL-IN
1470 KHND ND Harvey 12/27 0832 F! Loudest ever! the Mix 1470 KHND, Weatherology:snow/20 degrees. Rare! JJR-MI
1480 WSDS MI Tawas City-East Tawas 12/30 0852 P Cordell&Cordell:Ann Arbor & Troy thru WGVU.Rare!JJR-MI
1480 WJLE TN Smithville 12/28 1800 P- very quick "you're listening to WJLE Smithville Tennessee", NEW! TL-IN
1510 WCAZ IL Carthage 12/8 0750 Christian music and some talk then full ID for AM and Fm frequencies. NEW! SMA-MB
1510 WGKB WI Waukesha 12/10 1600 ESPN programming followed by a full ID for AM and FM stations in Waukesha and Milwaukee. NEW! SMA-MB
1520 WARR NC Warrenton 12/18 1700 P -basically alone. LID for AM & 103.5FM "Legendary Hits" - Convinced I had this earlier (but never reported)R&B songs. 1520#21 NC#65 #2491 (Goal for year was #2490. I can quit now-----NOT!) NEW! JJR-WI
1550 KESJ MO St. Joseph 12/17 1900 "KESJ" TOH ID and ESPN ID's. weak in the babble. NEW! GH-IL
1660 WTOU MI Kalamazoo 12/22 1857 F-P under KQWB with their new callsign and R&B format. Slogan is "The Touch". NEW! SMA-MB

580 KZMX SD Hot Springs 11/1 0630 Vp Carry on Wayward Son,Mt.Rushmore psa by YL. Lost to ??? power up. WKTY WTCM WIBW etc have made this long impossible! Off my most wanted list. NEW! JJR-MI
590 CJCL ON Toronto 11/17 2108 G with sports, IDs as "SportsNet 590 The Fan" Seriously!, I can't believe I have never heard this before, NEW! TL-IN
610 WPLO GA Grayson 11/21 1802 Vp but in a bit better earlier. LID:02 slower SS mx. NEW! JJR-WI
770 KUOM MN Minneapolis 11/5 2002 Very poor in WJR slop and under WABC; some mx, younger-sounding man, got match to Webcast. Thanks to a tip from other DXers! NEW! EB-MI
840 KWDF LA Ball 11/22 1910 Poor but over WHAS for a bit with religious talk, Wilkins Radio ment. at :15. // Webcast. Thanks to another DXer for tip; NEW! EB-MI
840 KWDF LA Ball 11/22 1858 G- strong with religious sermon, "AM 840 KWDF Ball" with whole slew of cities and frquencies given, NEW! TL-IN
910 WSEK KY Burnside 11/13 1817 P- weak but clear "nine-ten, WSEK Icons" into C&W song, NEW! TL-IN
990 KFCD TX Farmersville 11/24 1727 G- loud, woman with what sounded like a spanish religious sermon, // to a Dallas area SDR, NEW! TL-IN
1010 WIOI OH New Boston 11/14 1841 P- weak WIOI ID heard in break, under weak presumed CFRB, NEW! TL-IN
1010 WJXL FL Jacksonville 11/25 1800 "Dolphins 1010XL" and "WJXL" ID's by male. Weak under CFRB. NEW! GH-IL
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 11/21 0600 Poor but above weakened WHO with ESPN, ID ment. Bell Media, 'TSN 1040, an iHeart Radio station.' First heard mixing with WHO about 75 minutes earlier, this finally clinched it. NEW PROVINCE!!! NEW! EB-MI
1050 WVXX VA Norfolk 11/29 0527 Very poor with SS Tropical mx, 'La Selecta.' // Webcast. NEW! EB-MI
1070 WEKT KY Elkton 11/16 1721 Vp first NewsTalk,then SoGOS popped in,"Heavenly 10-70" NEW! JJR-WI
1150 KSEN MT Shelby 11/8 0105 G- DX test with code, tones, sweep tones, strong over WIMA and WHBY, MT #5. NEW! TL-IN
1150 KSEN MT Shelby 11/8 0115 Barely audible under pileup with only ladder tones, sweep tones, and Morse code heard. Thanks for the Test! NEW STATE! NEW! EB-MI
1220 WFKN KY Franklin 11/24 1822 P- heard clear WFKN ID by woman w/southern accent, man with ID "WFKN Country 12-20 AM forecast", NEW! TL-IN
1220 CFAJtON St. Catherines 11/24 1811 P- occasional fade ups with oldies music, heard partial CF?? call, into Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson song, maybe them, NEW! TL-IN
1230 WIRO OH Ironton 11/19 1647 P- ad for Downtown Huntington Partners (Huntington, WV) sponsoring Small Business Saturday, November 28, NEW! TL-IN
1240 KICD IA Spencer 11/19 1759 P- weak but clear "Newsradio 102-5 KICD .. it's six o'clock" into CBS news, NEW! TL-IN
1280 WZXI KY Lancaster 11/13 1659 P- heard weakly "WZXI Lancaster" in with several others, NEW! TL-IN
1310 KGLB MN Glencoe 11/14 1729 P- surfaced from under WIBA with clear "1310 KGLB" ID after CW song, NEW! TL-IN
1320 WLOH OH Lancaster 11/1 0638 G- gospel music, very clear "AM thirteen twenty WLOH", NEW! TL-IN
1350 CIRF ON brAMpton 11/1 0745 P-steady. R.Humsafar and "Canada" said a few times. No others. NEW! JJR-MI
1400 WRJN WI Racine 11/29 0706 P- weather by woman into SID "... oldies, WRJN" into Blood Sweat & Tears "Spinning Wheel", NEW! TL-IN
1400 WRJN WI Racine 11/5 1743 Very poor with classic hits, playlist match. Lots of QSB. NEW! EB-MI
1410 WRTZ VA Roanoke 11/4 2120 . Poor but on top. WIZM in a null, WING in a fade. " . . . greatest hits 24/7. This is America's true oldies channel, WRTZ , Roanoke/Raleigh." 72 watts! NEW! TPK-WI
1420 WHBN KY Harrodsburg 11/13 1607 P- promo for upcoming sporting pregame show with mention of WHIR, WHBN and FM 99.5", NEW! TL-IN
1430 KMES UT Ogden 11/12 0720 Fair signals with soft easy possibly religious Spanish music // their web feed. They are no longer KLO. New station is part of ESNE radio. Slogan seems to be El Sembrador. NEW! SMA-MB
1490 WMOA OH Marietta 11/28 1647 P- Local HS basketball coverage, "Tigers basketball tonight on WMOA 1490 AM and FM 101.3", NEW! TL-IN
1620 CUBA Nov22 0234 Very poor with Radio Rebelde, // Webcast. Lots of QSB. Unsure which one it is, as three are listed. NEW! EB-MI
1620 VIRGIN ISLANDS WDHP Frederiksted Nov22 0107 Faded up barely audible with reggae mx, got // to Webcast. The Reef. Thanks to tip from another DXer. VI #1! NEW! EB-MI
1620 US VIRGIN ISLANDS WDHP Frederiksted Nov21 2310 UTC P- Reggae music format very weak but distinct under KOZN, // to webstream, USVI #1. NEW! TL-IN
570 CKSW SK Swift Current 11/29 0713 Vp thru WNAM. C&W cut through. "Sun morning inspirational on CKSW 570." First time this season. Rare. JJR-MI
1130 KBMR ND Bismarck 11/20 1713 P- Garth Brooks song, fighting with strong WISN, // to webstream, rare here. TL-IN
1330 WKTA IL Evanston 11/25 0706 P w/SS music. Assumed. While close, this is rare! JJR-WI
1430 WRDN WI Durand 11/5 0703 P shop local in Durand, Monrovia(WI),Real Country 1430 & 107-3 WRDN. Alone. Rare! JJR-WI
1490 WABJ MI Adrian 11/5 1700 Barely audible with ID, nx, lost. Rare at night! EB-MI
1550 WEVR WI River Falls 11/26 0728 P"from the WEVR news bureau,WEVR 1550 & WEVR-FM 106.3" Rare.JJR-MI
1550 WEVR WI River Falls 11/5 0733 P -no WHIT at all! "wx forecast for WEVR...40, sunny today..." Rare! JJR-WI

OCTOBER'S HOTTEST NEW & rare picking up! AB:2 BC:2 CA:1 CO:2 ID:1 IL:4 KS:1 KY:2 MI:3 MO:1 NJ:2 NY:3 NC:2 ND:1 OH:3 ON:1 PA:2 SK:2 TN:1 TX:1 WA:1 WV:1 WI:5 44 NEW & Rare logs!!!!! WoW! Too, a few from the West Coast/AB/BC/ID 4 GYDX logs and NJ on 1710. Again, Wow, and thank you all.
580 KIDO ID Nampa 10/9 0434 VP- briefly surfaced with two clear KIDO ID's, heard a clear "KIDO Talkradio" in the mess. Just need Oregon and Maine for the lower 48! Idaho #1 for me!!!! NEW! TL-IN
600 KSJB ND Jamestown 10/24 0556 P- weak u/WMT with Red River Farm Network program, ABC News at ToH, NEW! TL-IN
620 CKRM SK Regina 10/24 0444 P- u/WTMJ, CW music, "right here .. The Source, 620 CKRM", NEW! TL-IN
710 KGNC TX Amarillo 10/12 0633 P- weak but clear "7-10 AM and 97 point 5 FM, KGNC" into long local news, several more Amarillo items, Last to fade-out on 710. NEW! TL-IN
710 KIRO WA Seattle 10/12 0615 P- ad for local air purification supply store, promo for the ESPN Seattle app, WA #2. NEW! TL-IN
730 KLOE KS Goodland 10/17 0658 P- weak in CKDM fade, spot for Army National Guard sponsored by the Kansas National Guard and the KS Assn. of Broadcasters, very weak KLOE ID. NEW! TL-IN
740 WNYH NY Huntington 10/31 0602 Poor to SE, in CFZM null, with ads; (646) area code copied in one, into mx from India. // Webcast. NEW! EB-MI
770 WLWL NC Rockingham 10/19 0616 F- under weak WOR, unsure of format (sounded urban) or song titles, matched to webstream, NEW! TL-IN
790 WAYY WI Eau Claire 10/27 0503 Poor toward NW with CBS Sports; only affiliate listed! NEW! EB-MI
900 WFIA KY Louisville 10/21 0725 P- Focus on the Family promo "here on Louisville's Christian patriot talk station WFIA, The Spirit", NEW! TL-IN
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 10/21 0654 P- no CHML, mixing w/WDLS (also country), Sara Evans "Suds In the Bucket", another ID @ 0658, NEW! TL-IN
1010 KSIR CO Brush 10/24 0700 P- weak but clear SID then KSIR ID by man, into ABC news, NEW! TL-IN
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 10/17 0535 Good with “Here at Funny 1060 we are about comedy”, routines by Ben Bailey, Hannibal Buress, Maria Bamford, ad for “Consolidated Credit – we help Canadians get out of debt”, ID “Comedy 24/7 from 1060 AM – an iHeart station” 1st AB station. NEW! KMD-MN
1080 WKGX NC Lenoir 10/29 1851 G- "The greatest hits of all time play here, Classic Hits 99-5 and 104-5", into Christopher Cross - Ride Like the Wind, NEW! TL-IN
1090 WCRA IL Effingham 10/17 2200 to 2215 . Daytimer on past its bedtime. Inaudible to poor u/ a partially nulled KAAY. Interview w/ a Hillsdale Michigan FB coach. // to streeema. NEW! TPK-WI
1130 CKWX BC Vancouver 10/24 2020 sneaking in under WBBR and splatter from WRVA 1140, woman with news, heard one mention of Vancouver, perfectly matched Newport, OR SDR, BC #2 NEW! TL-IN
1220 KGIR MO Cape Girardeau 10/28 2100 F- ESPN Sports, ID at top of hour with webstream match, tough in WPHT IBOC hash, NEW! TL-IN
1220 WERT OH Van Wert 10/16 1731 G- clear and loud SID "WERT, Van Wert Ohio" into Lawrence Welk song. @ 102 miles, NEW! TL-IN
1220 CFAJ ON St Catharines 10/27 1835 Fair signals all alone on the frequency with lots of oldies and a clear CFAJ ID. Finally got this one. NEW! SMA-MB
1240 WFTM KY Maysville 10/31 1719 G- local weather "on the Voice of the Valley, you're listening to Sports 1240 WFTN in Maysville Kentucky", NEW! TL-IN
1240 WHFA WI Poynette 10/26 1925 P- occasionally surfacing with Relevant Radio rosary program, matched webstream, NEW! TL-IN
1300 WXRL NY Lancaster 10/17 2010 to 2020 . Inaudible to poor. Classic C&W mx // to their website. Some WOOD-MI QRM. NEW! TPK-WI
1300 WGDJ NY Rensselaer 10/17 1900. Poor. Peaked briefly @ the right time w/ call letters and location. Usual pests KGLO-IA, WOOD-MI, and WRDZ-IL in background. NEW! TPK-WI
1300 WFGM WV Morgantown 10/31 1810 to 1830 Poor to good. On daytime power. Contemporary Christian songs. IDs as " The all new 92.1 and 93.1 WFGM ". NEW! TPK-WI
1350 WCSM OH Celina 10/18 1726 G- "be someplace special with the Music of Your Life on Mellow 13-50". Another new unheard @ 116 miles. NEW! TL-IN
1360 WKMI MI Kalamazoo 10/25 1800 "Newstalk 1360 WKMI" by male announcer. Briefly strong then back into the mush. NEW! GH-IL
1360 WNJC NJ Washington Township 10/17 2240 to 2320 . The weekly DX test. Mostly inaudible to sometimes poor. Test tones of various pitches hrd prior to 2300. Weak morse code call letters hrd @ 2300 and 2315. QRM from WKMI-MI, WWOW-OH, WTAQ-WI and unIDs. // to a Monmouth County NJ kiwi sdr. NEW! TPK-WI
1400 WKBI PA St. Marys 10/16 0714 P- caught only a quick clear "WKBI" ID, lost to WMAN. NEW! TL-IN
1440 WCDL PA Carbondale 10/30 2041 P- oldies, The Coasters - Charlie Brown, ID as The Mothership, // to webstream, NEW! TL-IN
1480 WJBM IL Jerseyville 10/30 1953 F- CW song Mark Chesnutt - Old Flames Have New Names, SID "Real country 104-7 and 1480 AM WJBM", NEW! TL-IN
1490 WMOA OH Marietta 10/2 0641 Vp "WMOA" said twice, AC mx. Thought I had this. Not! 1490 #58, OH #96 log#2482, NEW! JJR-WI
1560 WGLB WI Elm Grove 10/29 1802 Fair signals with a bunch of local ads then into Gospel music. Nice not having KKAA dominating the frequency. NEW! SMA-MB
1590 WKTP TN Jonesborough 10/16 1926 Poor with HSFB, lots of QSB. Unable to make out team names, but did hear "ESPN Tri-Cities." NEW! EB-MI
1710 WQFG689 NJ Jersey City 10/4 2000 P with COVID-19 information, local phone numbers heard. Lots of QSB. NEW! EB-MI
730 CHMJ BC Vancouver 10/11 0707 P alone! AM 730 All traffic, all the time. Gilmore, Port-Man bridge, Cintas.ca ad. Long ago (1970) logged as Top40 "73-CKLG." Rare! JJR-MI
740 KCBS CA San Francisco 10/11 0705 Vp "this is CBS news" ad (too weak) & "KCBS newstime..." Rare. JJR-MI
770 CHQR AB Calgary 10/30 0718 P Bass Pro Shops, Cabella.ca, "6:19 in Calgary!" Alone, steady.Rare! JJR-MI
790 WAYY WI Eau Claire 10/26 1900 P LID for AM-FM translator. "SportsTalk 105.1" rare at night!JJR-WI
790 WAYY WI Eau Claire 10/2 0616 P psa's for WI Nat'l Guard, wx w/no calls, Sports. Alone. Rare.JJR-WI
1170 KJJD CO Windsor 10/30 0724 P SS chatter - atop! No KFAQ,etc. New last year. LaLey is Rare.JJR-MI
1230 WMPC MI Lapeer 10/28 1849 P but 2x"WMPE.org" was said. 2 times in 2 weeks? Lucy me. Rare! JJR-WI
1330 WKTA IL Evanston 10/16 0741 Vp-P o/weak KPTY. No WHBL. Euro-dance type mx. Assumed. Rare! JJR-WI
1430 WCMY IL Ottawa 10/27 1806 P in/out. Calls, Levin. KZQZ-D made this impossible! Rare! JJR-WI
1530 WLCO MI Lapeer 10/20 0756 P songs by Deep Perple, Doors, Ted Nugent, FINALLY ad w/#810-410-81XX for Weird Donuts between Maple & Hill, Flint (MI) and "Classic Rock Channel 103-1." Rare! JJR-MI

SEPTEMBER'S HOTTEST NEW & rare picking up! IN NC ON SC were all NEW! Rare:MI & OH.
580 KUBC CO Montrose 9/29 0431 P- Dancin' in the Moonlight and Eagles Take It Easy, heard an ad for a southwestern Colorado liquor store and mention of Grand Junction. Mixing with WCHS. NEW! TL-IN
580 WHP PA Harrisburg 9/29 0548 F- several "Newsradio 580 WHP" IDs, short traffic report, Don't know why I've not logged this before. NEW! TL-IN
580 CHAH AB Edmonton 9/7 0608 P tho alone. ETHnic, then @:10 woman giving .ca add. NEW! JJR-MI
680 WPTF NC Raleigh – 9/30 0337 Poor with Red Eye Radio programming, various network commercials for truck drivers, local weather report and forecast; under CJOB First NC station! NEW! KMD-MN
740 KCBS CA San Francisco 9/17 0632 P "KCBS newstime 4:32" while looking for CBX! No CFZM. Rare.JJR-MI
770 KUOM MN Minneapolis 9/25 1929 F- with what sounded like student station with progressive music, matched KUOM web-stream, faded to weak WABC, NEW! TL-IN.
860 KTRB CA San Francsco 9/20 0612 Seb.Gorka:US/Isreal, My Pillow code"Salem" Trinity (debt service) ??? movie at Salemnow.com use code"Bay Area" and at :21, "860 AM, the Answer." At :38, this station was almost loud!!! CJBC, in earlier, was gone. Rare. JJR-MI
860 KTRB CA San Francisco 9/13 0612 P Sebastian Gorka, Salemnow.com, "the Answer" Only 2nd time heard. No CJBC. Rare. JJR-MI
960 WHAK MI Rogers City 9/9 0717 P Ads for Traverse City, Rogers City, Charlevoix, Glen Arbor. Rare. JJR-MI
1300 WJYP WV Saint Albans 9/29 2100 Vp. Briefly audible in the mumble-jumble. WRDZ-IL not around. Male anncr w/ ". . .WMON. . .area and WJYP Saint Albans and 1340 AM WMON Montgomery." 49w! NEW! TPK-WI Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1360 WNJC NJ Washington Twp. 9/12 0410 G- DX test with code, sweep tones, much louder than last night's test. NEW! TL-IN
1440 WKPR MI Kalamazoo 9/2 0625 F in WMKM null with Christian AC, ID, wx, into preacher. ex-1420! NEW! EB-MI
1510 WMEX MA Quincy 9/5 2005 F- on day power? Oldies music, in and sometimes over WLAC, heard Kenny Loggins-Footloose, Pet Shop Boys-West End Girls, etc, // to their webstream. NEW! TL-IN
1520 WTHE NY Mineola 9/9 2245 Poor with QSB; emotional YL SS preacher, // Webcast. Radio Cantico Nuevo. Thanks to tip from fellow DXer; NEW! EB-MI
1600 WAOS GA Austell 9/19 0000 "WAOS/WLBA La Mejor" by male then back to SS MX. Good strength, no trace of WAAM. NEW! GH-IL
850 CUBA Nueva Gerona, Radio Reloj 9/30 0512 UTC. KOA in null. Very poor "RR" code in the background of WKGE and others. NEW! TPK-WI

AUGUST'S HOTTEST NEW & rare picking up! IN NC ON SC were all NEW! Rare:MI & OH.
600 WSJS NC Winston-Salem 8/8 2245 Local ads and slogans mentioning "the Triad". Rapid fading but fair..no WMT. NEW! GH-IL
600 CKAT ON North Bay 8/16 2050 "Country 600" ID Briefly strong then gone. No WMT. NEW! GH-IL
820 WVSG OH Columbus 8/4 2000 P -but solid in WCPT null. LID, EWTN programming. Rare! JJR-WI
960 WHAK MI Rogers City 8/13 0614 P Steve Gruber show (Mich talk show) lost to WSBT. Rare! JJR-MI
1070 WCSZ SC Sans Souci 8/21 2302 Poor signals under WTSO and KSKK but I got the Morse Code ID at :02 and again at :16 in the DX test. Thanks. NEW! SMA-MB
1340 WBIW IN Bedford 8/3 2035 P- local ad for Shredding and Storage Unlimited in Bedford, last IN needed on 1340 kHz. NEW! TL-IN
1450 WKLA MI Ludington 8/27 2057 Vp but cut thru. 92.7 FM & 1450 AM WKLA. OLDies. Possibly in earlier. While across lake (Michigan), this is rare! JJR-WI

JULY'S HOTTEST NEW:ONE 580 CHAH. None were reported as rare!
580 CHAH AB Edmonton 7/29 0506 Signals faded up over KIDO with South Asian/ East Indian music. Testing on the frequency for the new station. Should have the slogan Radio Sursangam. NEW!! SMA-MB

JUNE'S HOTTEST NEW:CO Rare:WI. Numbers are down, but the dx-ers are not out!
1490 WIGM WI Medford 6/10 0705 P wx "WIGM and the all new FM 107.1 Kickin Country" Rare! JJR-MI
1510 KPLS CO Littleton 6/20 0358 G- solid on top with religious programming “Bible Answers” and “Amazing Facts”. Full ID at 0500 with “Positive Lifestyle Radio K Plus KPLS 1510 AM Littleton Denver K225CZ 92.9 FM." NEW! SMA-MB

MAY'S HOTTEST NEW:TX Rare: IL KY WI. AMDX is still out there!
570 WIDS KY Russell Springs 5/2 2037 P tight null. No WNAX. 10 mins later (from :27):"570 WIDS." Only 2nd time heard. Rare. JJR-WI
800 KDDD TX Dumas 5/17 0523 P detailed wx w/highs of 80 & 92. 62 now. Wx from Paul Trombley, Weatherology. "AM 800 K Triple D playing favorites...now." True Oldies feed. After 3 dx'ers (EB-MI TPK-WI WH-TX) said it was them & call to stn to verify, it's NEW! JJR-MI
910 WCBN WI Hayward 5/8 0644 Vp Upside Down,Diana Ross. "??? restaurant on Hwy 63 in Hayward" Unusual in the fact there was no (usual) WFDF. Rare. JJR-MI
1260 WOCO WI Oconto 5/31 0711 Vp -obits. Despite 3 reports this month, NONE for years,decades! Rare! JJR-MI
1260 WOCO WI Oconto 5/21 0559 Vp detailed s/on into USA news replacing WSDZ. Rare. JJR-MI
1260 WOCO WI Oconto 5/20 0716 Vp w/man talking, fading, news, StihlDealers.com, Rocket Mortgage, and finally obits/local ments. Chased this 20+ minutes. Rare! JJR-MI
1330 WKTA IL Evanston 5/24 1941 P w/ETHnic and "Chicago" up o/WHBL for 2 mins. Despite closeness, rare! JJR-WI

APRIL'S HOTTEST NEW:MA NJ PA TN TX WV Rare: IL MI MN Still---quite a listing!
660 WAMO PA Wilkinsburg (Pittsburgh) 4/10 0643 P-F- kept trading places with WXIC (not new), heard with Urban AC music with IDs as "107.3 The Beat", NEW! TL-IN
1190 WBWA MN Wabasha 4/19 0750 Vp -no WOWO. Weatherology, NO CALLS, OLD C&W, Blake Shelton, couldn't hear slogan, LID for AM & xlator, Fox news. Alone, super weak. Hoping for needed KKOJ-MN. Rare! JJR-MI
1250 KCUE MN Red Wing 4/19 0817 Vp Bluff County KCUE, wx, OLD C&W. Alone! Rare! JJR-MI
1300 WFGM WV Morgantown 4/3 1906 P tho CCM (Contemp Christian mx) cut thru. Sounded like "Power 93.1 WFGM" 1300 #24, WV #33 #2477 NEW! JJR-WI
1330 WTRX MI Flint 4/1 1851 Vp -Sports. Sports Xtra 1330, lost to WHBL fade in. Rare! JJR-WI
1430 WEEF IL Highland Park 4/10 0708 Vp --hearing hum. :15 into ETHnic programming. Drove to nearby Bender Park. Signal was in w/WBEV. Most of signal goes into Lake Michigan, but it was WEEF, not CHKT which is Chinese. Due to D-KZQZ, this is rare. JJR-WI
1430 WPLN TN Madison 4/29 0630 P WPLN International promo, BBC promo, Lost to WNXT. First new log on 1430 since 2009! 1430 #18 TN #106 #2479 NEW! JJR-WI
1450 WELY MN Ely 4/22 0700 P "WELY" (did not hear "Ely")then ESPN feed. Going for others.Rare! JJR-MI
1520 KYND TX Houston 4/1 2035 G- must be on day facilities, promo loop for radio station with many IDs and phone number. NEW! TL-IN
1570 WUBG MA Methuen 4/18 0002 P- contemporary christian music format, heard // to webstream, ID as "K-Love" at 0010, in local WHLY splatter. NEW! TL-IN
1710 WQFG689 NJ Jersey City 4/29 2015 P- with recorded loop mostly info about COVID-19 making it easily to IN, long fades but heard several IDs. NEW! TL-IN

MARCH'S HOTTEST ELEVEN NEW/rare logs and two from out of US/Canada! A few rare logs not heard in years!!
650 CKOM SK Saskatoon 3/8 0548 F- WSM off the air, with Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl, several CKOM IDs then talk about what else, hockey! NEW! TL-IN
750 WQOR PA Olyphant 3/16 0817 P til lost. Catholic talk, promos, replacing CKJH. Rare! JJR-MI
870 WTIM IL Assumption 3/13 0718 P nx, Cental IL references, Calls & xlator freqs. Only 2nd time heard! Rare! JJR-WI
1170 KFOW MN Waseca 3/18 0645 F// their web feed with oldies or classic rock music. They ID as The Train 106.3 and 1170. They also include a train whistle on some ID’s making it very distinctive. NEW! SMA-MB
1230 WMQU MI Grayling 3/20 2304 P- no ID but religious format with Relavent Radio programming, only fit that makes sense. NEW! TL-IN
1240 WHFA WI Poynette 3/20 1959 P- clear ID "WHFA Poynette" with FM xlator W247CI ID. NEW! TL-IN
1270 KXRO OK Claremore 3/12 0814 P in fade up--"1270AM & 107.7FM the Franchise, into newscast. Logged in '06 as KRVF "the River." Only 3rd time heard. Rare! JJR-WI
1490 WPNA IL Oak Park 3/10 0810 Vp but the few seconds of Polish stood out/popped thru. Not common. JJR-WI
890 CMDZ CUBA Chambas Mar24 0140 P-F strong at times in with WLS, // to Key West SDR, my 31st Cuban. NEW! TL-IN
891 ALGERIA Chaîne 1 Ouled Fayet Mar21 0440 P- with clear, and decent at times, but weak audio, using USB mode to block WLS, // to Alicante Spain SDR. NEW! TL-IN
1170 KDDJ CO Windsor 3/5 0746 P SS "La Ley...en Colorado..." o/weak KFAQ. Tune-In match. 1st new since Dec! NEW!JJR-MI

FEBRUARY'S HOTTEST SEVENTEEN NEW/rare logs and two from out of US/Canada. A few rare logs not heard in years!!
570 WMCA NY New York 2/9 1837 Vp in big pileup with preacher, got // to Webcast, and lost to WKBN. NEW! EB-MI
570 WSYR NY Syracuse 2/9 1839 P in big pileup with ad, 'News Radio 570, WSYR' into talk show. Lost to resurgent WKBN. NEW! EB-MI
780 KKOH NV Reno 2/16 0206 P- DX test before maintenance, sweep tones easiest and code IDs heard. cut thru WBBM easily, NV #2. NEW! TL-IN
780 KKOH NV Reno 2/16 0204 Barely audible under WBBM with DX Test: Morse code, sweep tones, off-the-hook phone sounds. Thanks for the Test! NV #2! NEW! EB-MI
840 KVJY TX Pharr 2/16 2154 F- Matched // to a TX SDR, ID @ ToH, strong at times w/slow SS music. NEW! TL-IN
1150 KIMM SD Rapid City 2/4 0822 P "here's your Fox Sports Rapid City forecast..." Alone. Rare! JJR-MI
1210 WDAO OH Dayton 2/15 0608 Vp but mx popped thru WPHT! Calls. Been a while on this. Rare. JJR-WI
1240 KFMO MO Farmington 2/7 2159 P- heard slogan "The Parkland's News, Sports and Weather Leader", into CBS news. NEW! TL-IN
1250 WYKM WV Rupert 2/13 1837 Poor with C&W, 'Your Home For the Best Country, WYKM' between records. Daytimer on late! NEW! EB-MI
1270 WCMR IL Elkart 2/10 0829 P end of Back to the Bible" & "... Gospel 1270 & 105-3FM." Rare! JJR-MI
1280 WBIG IL Aurora 2/19 0747 Vp in fade up o/WNAM. Talk of Bolingbrook, Eola Rd. Shopping show. Logged as WMRO in 1971. Not heard in years. Rare. JJR-WI
1310 KNOX ND Grand Forks 2/24 0717 P "in Thief River Falls" --ment of 107.9FM. Thru WIBA. Rare. JJR-WI
1470 WRGA GA Rome 2/13 1807 Poor with wx, 'News Talk 98.7, AM 1470, WRGA' into Talk. Thought I had this! NEW! EB-MI
1490 KBUR IA Burlington 2/22 0630 Vp w/many other talk stns, but "KBUR" popped out. Not heard in years. Rare. JJR-WI
1590 WHLX MI Marine City 2/3 0723 Vp tho a nice 92-7 the Hills popped out o/a weak WGBW. Rare. JJR-MI
840 CMKC CUBA Palma Soriano Feb17 0347 F- Radio Revolución with pop Spanish music, ID heard and also confirmed by other DXers. NEW! TL-IN
840 4VEF HAITI La Petite Anse Feb17 0419 P- Matched // to a web stream, instrumental versions of old-time church hymns, IDed w/help from RD in NE. NEW! TL-IN

540 WRGC NC Sylva 1/28 2029 F- end of basketball between Smokey Mountain Mustangs and Brevard, 105.7 The River IDs, day power? NEW! TL-IN
690 KFXN MN Minneapolis 1/26 1716 G- Very distinct program in "Hmong", easy to // to Minneapolis SDR, first time heard. NEW! TL-IN
760 KDFD CO Thornton 01/10 0820 F // their web feed with several “Freedom 93 7” ID’s. Local ads and Political talk. First new one of the decade! NEW! SMA-MB
980 WPFP WI Park Falls 1/15 0725 P -nice fade up. Trading w/WITY o/30 mins! Jack-FM is rare! JJR-WI
1000 WKLF AL Clanton 1/21 2240 VP- gospel music with a country music sounding style, // to an SDR in GA and live stream, u/WMVP. 2nd AL station logged on 1000. NEW! TL-IN
1180 WKCE TN Knoxville 1/9 1608-1625 weak but atop the pile w 50s-60s songs, W??E IDs, promo at 1623 for ten thousand watt W??E, "Mid Century Radio for east Tennessee." 2.6 KW CH.NEW! TS-MI
1280 WWTC MN Minneapolis 1/27 0828 Vp tho clear "AM 1280 the Patriot." Due to WNAM, this is rare! JJR-WI
891 ALGERIA Chaîne 1 Ouled Fayet Jan2 0336 UTC P- used USB mode, weak audio at times, matched the SDR in Alicante, Spain, very loud monster het on WLS, strongest from NE, I've chased this het for years, finally audio! Algeria #2. NEW! TL-IN

DECEMBER'S HOTTEST FIVE NEW LOGS, in which OCT & NOV were clearly better.Have had better Decembers!
770 WKFB PA Jeanette 12/16 0640 P The Happening,Supremes, Dont Pull Your Love, Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds, I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart, Rascals, "KFB" heard, w/WTOR after they signed on. No WABC. NEW! JJR-MI
880 WIJR IL Highland 12/11 1814-1819 faded up and over WCBS w SS music and talk. No CLS heard but what I heard matches the Regional Mexican format mentioned in the stn's Wikipedia entry. NEW! TS-MI3
960 WATS PA Sayre 12/22 0549 Barely audible in WWJ HD fizz with AC, recognized "Memories" by Maroon 5, got Webcast match. 'Choice 102.1,' NEW! EB-MI
1380 WABH NY Bath 12/23 1541 P-greetings from C&W artists "1380 WABH" NY#71 1380#29 #2476, NEW! JJR-WI
1420 WCED PA DuBois 12/20 1651 Faded in and out, mixing with WHK; local ads, 'Connect FM' into talk. NEW! EB-MI

NOVEMBER'S HOTTEST 32 NEW & rare in NOVEMBER and FOUR in June & July! HELLO!
610 WRUS KY Russellville 11/6 0555 P clashing with WTVN with Bluegrass mx, // Webcast. NEW! EB-MI
1080 WALD SC Johnsonville 11/30 2202 P with deep voiced OM preacher speaking on Moses, // Webcast! Thanks to fellow DXer for tip. NEW! EB-MI
1110 WKDZ KY Cadiz 11/20 1655 P, heard ment of 96.5 and 100.9 WHVO into Styx record; lost by TOH. NEW! EB-MI
1150 WJRD AR Tuscaloosa 11/6 1852 Barely audible with oldies, True Oldies Channel, // Webcast. NEW! EB-MI
1180 WGUE AR Turrell 11/4 0535 P with SS mx, 'La Jefa' and 'Noventa Nueve Punto Tres' between records, // Webcast. NEW! EB-MI
1230 WIBQ IN Terre Haute 11/20 1628 Vp above slush; heard ID, bump mx, talk, and lost. NEW! EB-MI
1290 KBMO MN Benson 11/27 0840 P in brief fade up. Sunrise w/Sara on 93.5 KSC..." and lost. Unusual, in fact no CFRW, others! Truly blessed/lucky! NEW!!JJR-MI
1310 WDCT VA Fairfax 11/4 1945 P in WDTW null with Korean Christian AC-ish mx, OM spoke afterwards; // Webcast. Thanks to tip from fellow DXer! NEW! EB-MI
1360 WFLW KY Monticello 11/6 1648 P in pile; heard 'WFLW' clearly, into C&W, and gone. NEW! EB-MI
1390 WBLL ON Bellefontaine 11/7 0704 P w/WGRB "the new 106-9 the Bull" OH#94 1390#24 #2473 NEW!JJR-WI
1470 WQXL SC Columbia 11/4 0522 P with local ad, '100-7 The Point,' into talk. NEW! EB-MI
1490 WFXY KY Middlesboro 11/6 1712 Vp in din with oldies, 'WFXY' jx between records. Playlist match! NEW! EB-MI
1520 WMLM MI St. Louis 11/22 1540 F-G- Real Country, fadey but strong at times, ad for Soaring Eagle Casino, ID at ToH. heard while driving home from work. Despite only being 140 miles, NEW! TL-IN
1520 KZOY SD Sioux Falls 11/10 0615 P- top 40 countdown of some kind, heard song by Metallica and 93 point 3 mention which matched webstream. NEW! TL-IN
580 WKSK NC West Jefferson 11/02 0653 p- CW music, SID "93-5 the Farm" more CW music. NEW! TL-IN
870 WPWT TN Colonial Heights 11/17 2314 on late C&W & slogan 96.3 The Possum. NEW! Paszkiewicz WI
910 WLTP OH Marietta 11/2 0806 P- several weak WLTP IDs after fade of WXJX. NEW! TL-IN
910 WXJX PA Apollo 11/2 0805 P- "... right here on your home of the Penguins 98.7 Jack FM Am 910". NEW! TL-IN
1150 WGOW TN Chattanooga 11/5 0704 Vp-"WGOW" said twice. Thought new, but logged in 1970! Rare. JJR-WI
1260 WWIS WI Black River Falls 11/14 0733 Vp talk of WI Badgers, calls. Lost to KROX. Rare. JJR-MI
1330 WKTA IL Evanston 11-6 0729 P -steady. ETHnic, "Chicago" ments. Logged in '85 as WEAW.Rare! JJR-WI
1330 WTRX MI Flint 11/14 0729 Vp MI Hi School sports. MHSAA.com given. 3 Flints in 15 mins!Rare!JJR-MI
1380 KHWK MN Winona 11/24 0706 Vp Real Country 1380 & 101.5. Despite closeness, quite rare! JJR-WI
1420 WFLT MI Flint 11/14 0717 P-Vp w/fades. Black GOS, would be lost to KTOE. Assumed. Rare! JJR-MI
1450 WRLL IL Cicero 11-6 0743 P tho steady SS. Assumed. Not heard in years! Rare. JJR-WI
1470 KHND ND Harvey 11/14 0845 Vp-no KMNQ!Minot,Rugby,Jamestown wx"in Harvey,35 degrees.." Rare!JJR-MI
1490 KKAN KS Phillipsburg 11/13 0823 P pre-Beatles songs and an old KKAN jingle at :32. Rare. JJR-MI
1490 WGEZ WI Beloit 11/22 2000 Vp -LID as Beloit-Lanseville. C&W. Despite closeness, rare! JJR-WI
1530 WCKG IL Elmhurst 11/9 0716 Vp calls clear in Fox Sports promo for game leter on. Rare. JJR-WI
1570 WBGX IL Harvey 11-6 0737 P -Black GOSpel, Cgo ments:Roosevelt Rd, Cottage Grove. Rare. JJR-WI
1570 WWCK MI Flint 11/3 0700 P "Super Talk 1570" LID, WW1 news, Christopher Cruze. Quite rare. JJR-MI
1480 WIOS MI Tawas City-East Tawas 11/1 0858 Vp "and right here on WIOS" w/2 SS stns! Rare! JJR-MI
OCTOBER'S HOTTEST 39 NEW & rare vs 15 in September and FOUR in June & July!
550 WDUN GA Gainesville 10/5 2230 P- heard two very clear WDUN IDs then into Jim Bohannon. Heard while driving home near Bremen, IN. NEW! TL-IN
570 WSYR NY Syracuse 10/19 0534 P- two quick WSYR IDs heard just after tuning in, NEW! TL-IN
590 WMBS PA Uniontown 10/4 2246 f- heard clear ID briefly in with WKZO, ID again before ToH. NEW! TL-IN
610 WAGG AL Birmingham 10/28 0623 Vp under WTVN with Urban Gospel mx, // Webcast! NEW! EB-MI
610 KSCR NE Chadron 10/27 0639 P-steady. Others nullable,C&W songs,Butler Ag,calls//stream.NEW! JJR-WI
630 KVMA AR Magnolia 10/25 0645 P- heard mention of Magnolia in wx forecast, ID after, rare. TL-IN
670 WWFE FL Miami 10/24 2150 f- strong behind WSCR in SS talk with several La Poderosa slogans heard, NEW! TL-IN
670 WLUI PA Lewistown 10/19 0622 P- playing classic hits oldies music, matched // webstream, NEW! TL-IN
690 WNZK MI Dearborn Heights 10/31 0736 P --ETHnic programming, but an EE "in Livonia" (Detroit suburb) helped! Rare! JJR-MI
720 KFIR OR Sweet Home-Eugene-Springfield 10/7 0656 Vp -WGN totally nulled. Sounds of Silence (close out song of Coast to Coast) :58, Nat'l ads,LID as such Town Hall nx. NEW STATE! NEW! JJR-MI
770 WKFB PA Jeanette 10/14 0618 G- oldies song Chapel of Love, weather, ID as "97.5, 770 KFB", promo for food bank. NEW! TL-IN
770 KTTH WA Seattle 10/9 0746 Poor w/ads, Rush morning update, LifeLock. Lost. Have written stn. 3rd person wrote back. Was KTTH! Nice to West-again! (KATL, CHQR yesterday) NEW! JJR-MI
770 CHQR AB Calgary 10/21 1934 F- good behind WABC with possible talk about election, Canadian accented presenters, // to SDR stream. NEW! TL-IN
770 CHQR AB Calgary 10/8 0605 P -no WABC. Canadian elections, nx by woman, Global News. Rare! JJR-MI
780 WWOL NC Forest City 10/25 0727 p- very weak behind WBBM with preaching, well after NC sunrise, matched w/NC SDR, NEW! TL-IN
790 WPIC PA Sharon 10/18 1908 G- very loud and alone w/Hickory vs Wilmington HSFB (I was thinking this was NC), very good WPIC ID at break. At 298 miles,NEW! TL-IN
790 WAYY WI Eau Claire 10/27 0755 Vp -while listening to WKRD,clear"SportsTalk 105.1"Very rare!JJR-WI
810 WPIN VA Dublin 10/27 1743 F to SSE with Carolina Panthers vs San Francisco 49ers Football, then gone. Only Panthers affiliate on 810! NEW! EB-MI
830 WQZQ TN Goodlettsville 10/4 2002 G- 80 music, heard Mellencamp's Small Town, ID after song. NEW! TL-IN
870 WTIM IL Taylorsville 10/29 0739 Christian Co. farm bureau, cities in IL Ag report. Only 2nd time heard. Rare. JJR-WI
1010 WPCN WI Stevens Point 10/4 0542 Vp with True Oldies, playlist match! Been looking for this one! NEW! EB-MI
1030 KTWO WY Casper 10/7 2132 P u/WBZ with Talk, // Webcast! Knocked off my Most Wanted List! WY #2! NEW! EB-MI
1090 KEXS MO Excelsior Springs 10/4 2002 Good with TOH ID, ment. 92.9 FM, into EWTN programming, in null of local WCAR. NEW! EB-MI
1110 WUPE MA Pittsfield 10/4 2220 P- in briefly, oldies music, heard Brother Louie by Stories, matched // stream. NEW! TL-IN
1120 WUST DC Washington 10/20 1707 F- weak but clear behind not yet strong KMOX. Ethnic programming and // to DC SDR, NEW! TL-IN
1140 WXLZ VA St. Paul 10/31 1853 P- ID "your number one preset 107.3 WXLZ" then into weather followed by song called Jolene, second VA on this freq. no sign of WRVA. NEW!TL-IN
1210 WSBI TN Static 10/26 0711 P SS Radio Vida said twice. WYXE, WSBI, WMRB LID's given. Rare. JJR-WI
1240 WHIZ OH Zanesville 10/31 1659 f- out of Dave Ramsey promo then quick "AM 12-40 WHIZ", on a blah late afternoon, NEW! TL-IN
1320 WDMJ MI Marquette 10/27 0708 P thru fade out. NOS mx (Sun morn only vs usual talk) -calls. Rare. JJR-WI
1560 KLNG IA Council Bluffs 10/3 1859 Top of the hour ID after Religious programming. ID included K268DI 101.5 FM. With KKAA off the air, this is NEW! SMA-MB
1560 KLTI MO Macon 10/13 2030 P- faded up with old style country music and True Country ID later on. Thanks to Wayne Heinen for help with the ID. #6 on 1560 since KKAA went dark. NEW! SMA-MB
1570 KVAM CO Loveland 10/17 1930 P in a mess but faded up for about 10 minutes with lively Mexican music // their web feed. This has been a long time target finally heard. NEW! SMA-MB
1590 WHLX MI Marine City 10/18 0634 P Blue Water....WHLX.com, C&W song. Rare! JJR-MI
1590 WGBW WI Denmark 10/13 0705 P- many WGBW IDs heard, sounded like s/on, "Welcome to our broadcast day, WGBW Denmark-Green Bay...", NEW! TL-IN
1600 WRPN WI Ripon 10/6 0650 Vp in fade up. WIsc Nat'l Guard promo. This almost rare here! JJR-WI
1640 KZLS OK Enid 10/26 0735 P- Under the Hood car program, many OKC and Oklahoma spots during breaks, had to null WSJP WI to finally nail this one. NEW! TL-IN
620 MEXICO XENK Guadalupe del Monte Oct16 1028 G- playing 80s American music, Beach boys etc., ID as "Radio seis veinte", very loud, no WTMJ. NEW! TL-IN
531 ALGERIA Jil FM F'Kirina Oct21 2329 P- weak but occasionally clear with music matching the online stream for Jil FM using an SDR in Barcelona, My TA#3 and Africa #1, my furthest catch @ 4799 miles. NEW! TL-IN
1089 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport Oct17 0400 P- causing a massive het on 1090, Talksport UK with very decent audio using LSB mode, audio matching an SDR in the UK!! My second TA. NEW! TL-IN

SEPTEMBER'S HOTTEST NEW & rare as the AMDX season heats up!!
860 KTRB CA San Francisco 9/15 0620 P EE (I'm thinking KNUJ-MN) and get "860AMtheAnswer.com, LifeStockRetirement.com, TownHall, 860AMtheAnswer, Sebastian Gorka. Steady. Alone. No CJBC. NEW! JJR-MI
1090 KMXA CO Aurora 9/30 2002 P- with lively spanish music sometimes over KAAY. ID heard as "Jose", matched // SDR in CO. NEW! TL-IN
1380 KQKD SD Redfield 9/29 0625 P Take on Me by A-Ha (1985), clear "KQKD" and lost. Rare! JJR-MI
1480 KQAM KS Wichita 9/21 2317 P but clear ID as 1480 and 102.5 FM The Big Talker NEW! SMA-MB
1480 WRCK NY Remsen 9/21 2300 Heard the DX test here with code and tones about 30 seconds into the test then again around 0008 and 0011. FIRST NEW one of the season! NEW! SMA-MB
1480 WRCK NY Remsen 9/21 2300 F- DX test with code, alternating between high and low audio frequency. Many heard this. For me, NEW! TL-IN
1490 WMRN OH Marion 9/21 0622 P- new GYer for me, mentions of Marion, heard zip code that matched Marion's during an event promo. NEW! TL-IN
1510 WWHN IL Joliet 9/4 0612 Vp "get comfortable, W H N" by female o/UNID R&B stn, others. Rare.JJR-WI
1510 WCAZ IL Macomb 9/3 0615 P Illinois farm bureau mentioned 2x, possible WWHN underneath. Farm commodity prices and finally calls. Cannot believe this has never been logged! First new log on 1510 since 2006! IL #122, 1510 #22. Log #2468. NEW! JJR-WI
1510 KIFG IA Iowa Falls 9/30 2335 P-F three clear IDs with mention of twitter address. Listed as 1 kw daytimer. Good o/u WLAC. NEW! TL-IN
1530 KGBT TX Harlingen 9/15 0148 Faded in and out, poor with SS sports, ment. of Harlingen/Brownsville at 0202. WCKY off until 0203. NEW! EB-MI
1560 WKDO KY Liberty 9/26 0624 Faded up in a jumble with lady reading the news then ID’ing as The WKDO Newsroom I am…? This was a big surprise but a good one. NEW! SMA-MB
1560 WTOU MI Portage 9/26 0620 Faded up in a jumble with Michigan Lotteries ad and then into R&B music. The Touch slogan. NEW! SMA-MB
1560 WFME NY New York 9/25 1940 Weak signals fighting with WGLB with Family Radio religious talk/ their web feed. NEW! SMA-MB
1560 KGOW TX Bellaire 9/25 0640 F- fading up and down with Vietnamese talk that was // their web feed. No sign of KKAA which is supposed to be off air leaving this frequency much more DX’able. NEW! SMA-MB
AUGUST'S HOTTEST NEW & rare even in August!!!
560 KMON MT Great Falls 8/3 0000 Faint, but in there, with Conway Twitty's version of "The Rose", then a late legal ID. First Montana logging for me on this SDR. NEW! RD-IA1
800 CJBQ ON Belleville 8/23 0452 P OLD C&W (thinking VAL or 'DEX)"Hank Snow on CJBQ!" Very Rare!JJR-MI
1120 KCRN CO Limon 8/7 0406 F signals fading in and out under KMOX with a woman talking. // The web feed. Thanks to Paul B Walker for the tip on line about this one running day power at night. NEW! SMA-MB
1120 KCRN CO Limon 8/7 0442 Vp tho steady. Mother Angelica/EWTN Rosary w/KMOX nulled 50000w daytimer Tnx to Paul Walker for heads up! NEW! JJR-MI

JULY'S HOTTEST Mostly rare, one NEW!
730 WLIL TN Lenoir City 7/12 2140 F with ad for Synergy Homes LLC of Lenoir City, heard phone # given as 388-9309. 3rd new logging on the same evening from Tennessee! NEW! RD-IA1
960 WKVX OH Wooster 7/7 1952 Fair peaks, but lots of QSB with classic hits, IDs between every couple of records. "Wooster's home for classic hits." Rare! EB-MI
1050 WGRI OH Cincinnati 7/6 0413 P out of nowhere, in WLIP null. Cincy's Inspiration 1050 WGRI by YL. Logged as WTSA in '84. Rare! JJR-WI
1590 WHLX MI Marine City 7/5 0345 P 92-7 the Hills plays... 92-7 the Hills. Not heard in years! Rare! JJR-MI

590 WKZO MI Kalamazoo 6/27 1231-1245 weak, very light WSNL splash, Tigers BB. New pattern on 600 makes listening E and S of Flint possible. At this QTH, NEW! TS-MI2
620 WTMJ WI Milwaukee 6/27 1245-1304 easy copy, Brewers pregame show, legal ID at TOH "Wisconsin's radio station, WTMJ AM 620 and FM 103.3 (pause for call sign of translator read too fast to copy) Milwaukee." New pattern on 600 (WSNL) makes listening E and S of Flint possible. At this QTH, NEW! TS-MI2
810 KBHB SD Sturgis 6/22 2348 G with "Ranch Radio" slogan. Possibly on day power. Matched with web stream. NEW! CR-IL
1050 WGRI OH Cinncinati 6/23 0106 G with gospel music. Most likely on daytime power. Matched to web stream. NEW! CR-IL
1170 WDEK SC Lexington 6/26 P 1170AM 97.9 FM 70s 80s 90s and beyond - WDEK. R&B OLDies. Early? Testing? Logged in 2004 as WLGO. Rare. JJR-WI
1280 WONW OH Defiance 6/27 0421 P Coast to Coast, ads, AM 1280 WONW popped out.Logged:'80. Rare.JJR-WI

610 WTEL PA Philadelphia 5/6 0316 P ESPN radio promos/hype. Finally "610 ESPN" Been a while! JJR-WI
940 KPSZ IA Des Moines 5/29 0344 P "940 KPSZ" tween CCM songs. No GX-94. Been a while! JJR-WI
950 KTNF MN Saint Louis Park 5/30 0524 P "on AM 950, the progressive voice of MN." Not common. JJR-MI
960 WCRU NC Dallas 5/7 0500 P w/LID, Town Hall news, t/c, ?? htg #336-779-XXXX WSBT quite weak. 960 #23, NC#64 log#2465. NEW! JJR-WI
1430 WFOB OH Fostoria 5/6 0400 P -out of nowhere. LID. Gone few minutes later. Been a while. JJR-WI
1600 WHIY AL Huntsville 5/3 0400 P o/u others. LID, by luck! Logged in 1970 as WEUP. Rare! JJR-WI

1290 WHKY NC Hickory 4/10 0647 P "WHKY Talk Radio" jingle. Ment of 102.3FM. WZTI off totally. First new 1290 since 9-7-13! 1290 #18 NC #63 Log#2464. NEW! JJR-WI
1360 WKMI MI Kalamazoo 4/16 0605 P Talk Radio 1360 WMKI, Steve Gruber show. Alone. Rare! JJR-WI
1530 WCKG IL Elmhurst 4/12 0624 P "Doug Gottileb on Fox Sports Radio" Only fit. Very RARE! JJR-WI
1240 KBIZ IA Ottumwa 3/17 0059 P- GY mess, Top of hour ID as ".. and 107-7 FM KBIZ", into college basketball news. Overall log #2000! NEW! TL-IN Congratulations!!!! -ed
1350 WPDR WI Portage 3/13 2259 P- popped out of the mess, sounded like oldies format, couldn't tell the song, ID "AM 13-50 WPDR Portage" NEW! TL-IN
1380 KHWK MN Winona 3/25 0718 Fair signals under KLIZ with country music and Real Country slogan. // the web feed. First new station heard on my SDRPlay RSPduo! NEW! SMA-MB
1120 KCRN CO Limon 3/3 1858:50-1900 (when went off). F u/KMOX with full list of Catholic Radio Net stations that hasn't yet been updated to reflect that KLIM is now KCRN. CO #52. NEW! NK-IL

FEBRUARY'S HOTTEST As the AMDX season rapidly die down, 6 NEW logs in FEBRUARY, compared to 28 NEW logs in January and December!
600 WSJS NC Winston-Salem 2/11 2323 ads, ment Sports Hub, NC cities, calls. Pretty much alone on freq. NEW! SP-WI
840 WRYM CT New Britain 2/25 2203 F toward east with SS Tropical mx, talk and phone numbers given after record; // Webcast. Not bad for 125 watts; NEW! EB-MI
990 KFCD TX Farmersville 2/6 0600 P --LID into mx. chatter at :03, no CBW. NEW! JJR-WI
1060 KFIL MN Preston 2/9 2020 C&W faded up over KYW w calls. NEW! Paszkiewicz WI
1370 KWTL ND Grand Forks 2/7 1658 P-F Soliciting businesses to advertise on Real Presence Radio Network. Only station in RPR Network on 1370. NEW! Jeff-MO
1380 WAOK GA Atlanta 2/6 1700 F local news/wx/tfc "1380 WAOK" NEW! Jeff-MO
1180 Cuba Radio Rebelde various sites Feb 1 0228 Heard with two men in Spanish and Radio Rebelde ID's // 5025. Oddly enough I have ignored logging this and when I looked at my book I had them from back in the 1990's in Villa Maria which is no longer a transmitter. NEW! SMA-MB

JANUARY'S HOTTEST 28 NEW logs (tied with DEC 18!) These reporters:SMA-MB EB-MI Jeff-MO GH-IL TL-IN JJR-MI & TS-MI.
530 CHLO ON Brampton 1/15 1902 P-F alone on the frequency with woman doing Polish language programming // their web feed. ID as AM 530. Now using these calls ex-CIAO. NEW! SMA-MB
570 WWNC NC Ashville 1/9 1724 P Hannity, "You're listening to Fox Radio 670 WWNC" then back in the mess only to pop up again from time-to-time. NEW! Jeff-MO
570 KWML NM Las Cruces 1805 P OLD mx in a crowd, mostly WWNC, but songs on top: Turn Turn Turn. Sugar Sugar, Love Is Here And Now You're Gone, Dancin' In The Moonlight // webstream. "KOOL 104.5 FM @1815. NEW! Jeff-MO
610 WAGG AL Birmingham 1/4 17:08 P-F KCSP nulled ID "WAGG" followed by Gospel Music // webstream. NEW! Jeff-MO
610 WRUS KY Russellville 1/4 17:25 P KCSP nulled, mixing with WAGG Russellville ad, Take A Letter Maria-R.B. Greaves and Rockin' Robin-Michael Jackson // webstream then gone. NEW! Jeff-MO
610 KOJM MT Havre 1/18 0713 P caught "M" of jingle, Out of My Head/?? 610-KOJM, Northern Ag Network thru KDAL. 100% ch of snow. 1st NEW log this year! Knocked off my Most Wanted List! NEW! JJR-MI
730 WJMT WI Merrill 1/1 1615 F KWRE null. Funeral home ad, local wx id@ 16:17 "WJMT Bluejay 96.3" NEW! Jeff-MO
790 KXXX KS Colby 1/1 1740 P id "K-Triple X", mx Can't Keep A Good Man Down. Heavy QSB. Still on daytime power? NEW! Jeff-MO
830 WCRN MA Worcester 1/17 0055 heard oldies O/U WCCO, strong peaks, "AM 830 WCRN" liner at 0102. Covering WCCO at 0107. NEW! TS-MI
980 WYFN TN Nashville 1/17 1640 F KMBZ nulled. Religious mx; ment www.bbnradio.org/ mx// webstream NEW! Jeff-MO
990 KRSL KS Russell 12/3 1643 F Local Russell ads, movies showing at local theatre. NEW! Jeff-MO
1000 WLNL NY Horseheads 1/3 1554 Vp with seemingly looping elevator mx, s/off just before TOH; back to flute/elevator mx, carrier cut revealing WMVP. NEW! EB-MI
1050 WBQH MD Silver Spring 1/3 0538 Vp toward SE, u/WTKA/CHUM pileup with SS mx, got Webcast match! NEW! EB-MI
1110 WTOF AL Bay Minette 1/17 1725 F o/KFAB "Tell 'em you heard about it on WMOB-WTOF" OM preaching. NEW! Jeff-MO
1110 KGFL AR Clinton 1/2 1655 F KFAB nulled ID "The Trip KGFL", classic rock. NEW! Jeff-MO
1110 WSLV TN Ardmore 1/17 1800 F ID "105.1 and 1110 Tennessee Ardmore" (yup state listed first) NEW! Jeff-MO
1220 KZEE TX Weatherford 1/19 1740-1755 P Asian mx //webstream. NEW! Jeff-MO
1330 KPTY IA Waterloo 1/7 2233 right after KNSS, with contemporary hits. "107.3 the Party" NEW! Paszkiewicz-WI
1330 KNSS KS Wichita 1/7 2230 Talk radio, calls, mentions of Kansas. In WHBL null, 1st log in ages. NEW! Paszkiewicz-WI
1350 WOYK PA York 1/22 0055 "WOYK" by female announcer. Surfaced briefly out of the mush then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1390 WRIG WI Schofield 1/4 1115 P Bill Michaels show. Wausau ads. 11:35 "Fox Sports 1390 & 93.9" NEW! Jeff-MO
1410 WIZM WI LaCrosse 1/28 0905 P La Crosse wx forecast into Clark Howard show NEW! Jeff-MO
1430 WDAL GA Dalton 1/9 2102 F- CW music, "This is Bulldog Country WDAL Dalton" then into Fox News, NEW! TL-IN
1440 WNFL WI Green Bay 1/29 2000 "1440 and 101.9 WNFL " by male announcer. Briefly strong then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1470 KWAY IA Waverly 1/3 1523 P with C&W, 'AM 1470 & FM 96.3' Lost in WSDS slop; first K on 1470! NEW! EB-MI
1550 KUAZ AZ Tucson 1/6 0447 Barely audible at bottom of pile with YL, NPR-ish accent, // Webcast! Daytimer on late! NEW! EB-MI
1670 WMGE GA Dry Branch 1/7 1615 F Mixing with semi-nulled WOZN. Georgia news/wx, ment I-475 & I-75 traffic, local ad, slogan "1670 Fox Sports Radio". NEW! Jeff-MO
1690 WPTX MD Lexington Park 1/28 1733 P mx Sister Golden Hair Surprise //webstream. only stn on freq. with the format. NEW STATE! NEW! Jeff-MO

DECEMBER'S HOTTEST 28 NEW logs, Graveyard NEW: 2 1240 MO>MO and 1400 SD>MB
540 CBK SK Watrous 12/24 1745 P Discussion of internet smart devices. Nnx abt SUV rear end wreck near Regina "CBC Radio One" NEW! Jeff-MO
570 WWNC NC Ashville 12/6 0538 P w/calls into commercials. WNAX, others weak, leaving this. NEW!JJR-WI
590 WJMS MI Ironwood 12/27 1641 P KXSP null ID WJNS Alabama song 16:45 "This is real country" ment Grand Ole Opry then gone. NEW! Jeff-MO
600 WSJS NC Winston-Salem 12/2 1659 "AM 600/AM920 Sportshub" ID's and local ads. Fair strength no WMT. NEW! GH-IL
630 CFCO ON Chatham 12/27 1723 G Country mx id @ 17:30 "CFCO Chatham-Kent's Country" NEW! Jeff-MO
770 KATL MT Miles City 12/15 1630 Adult contemporary music. Fading in and out with band noise but two consecutive songs were easily confirmed via the station webstream at tunein.com. New state for me! NEW! Jeff-MO
810 KSWV NM Santa Fe 12/28 0714 P 2 OLDies, clips of songs/mx that makes u feel good/ 810-99.9 KSWV Santa Fe! Alone! NEW! JJR-MI
810 WGY NY Schenectady. 12/20 1743 id "WGY traffic center" with traffic news followed by "News Radio 810 WGY", local and national ads then back to Michael Berry show. NEW! Jeff-MO
810 KBHB SD Sturgis 12/21 1630 P mixing with WHB in WHB null. Continuous Christmas songs matched with tunein.com webstream. "Thank you for listening to a Prairie Christmas" Local ad mentioning Rapid City at 16:47 NEW! Jeff-MO
900 WKDA TN Lebanon 12/25 1955 F-P mixing w/CHML, ID as "esta es, Radio Luz nova ciento, WKDA" NEW! TL-IN
1070 WDIA TN Memphis 12/26 0657 F id "The heart and soul of Memphis 1070 WDIA" NEW! Jeff-MO
1210 WMPS TN Bartlett 12/21 1400 P Nostalgia music, deep long fades and peaks, unique oldies songs including @14:21 Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! Sunny 103 slogan @14:27 followed by request number 901-483-7000 and live on air requests! Interesting station. NEW! Jeff-MO
1240 KNEM MO Nevada 12/21 1015 P o/usual KLIK. Country music id above background jumble id @ 10:23 "KNEM KNEO" NEW! Jeff-MO
1260 KSGF MO Springfield 12/21 1250 P o/20kw WSDZ Dana Loesch show, local ads and seasons greetings from "All About Trees Springfield" ID @ 12:55 KSGF 104.1 NEW! Jeff-MO
1270 WMKT MI Charlevoix 12/26 1554 id P "Your Fox News Station 1270 WMKT" NEW! Jeff-MO
1280 WGBF IN Evansville 12/26 1619 F Hannity guest host id@16:24 The voice of Evansville 1280 WGBF NEW! Jeff-MO
1300 WMVO OH Mount Vernon 12/18 0618 P in fade up. Calls after 1960's oldie. No WOOD. NEW! JJR-WI
1380 WMJR KY Nicholasville 12/19 0658 P "Relevant Radio app...." LID. Newscast. w/others NEW! JJR-WI
1400 KBJM SD Lemmon 12/31 0800 Full ID on the top of the hour then back into Oldies music. Fair signals rising above the usual KQDJ and KMHL pests. NEW! SMA-MB
1520 WHOW IL Clinton 12/7 1632 G-F- local weather (cold, lows in teens) promo for Michael Medved, clear WHOW ID. NEW! TL-IN
1520 WHOW IL Clinton 12/1 2100 faded up for on the hour ID as “WHOW 1520, W294DJ 106.5 Lincoln and W222BG 92.3 Clinton. Not a daytimer anymore?? First time heard in Winnipeg. NEW! SMA-MB
1520 WRCI MI Three Rivers 12/1 1124 VP- Daytime DX logging my closest unheard, "River Country 97 point 1, WRCI" ex WLKM-1510. NEW! TL-IN
1540 WPTT WI Hartford 12/7 1600 G-F- Good in and out with KXEL, Classic Rock (Billy Joel, Tears for Fears, Aretha Franklin, etc) IDs as The Party. NEW! TL-IN
1570 WUBG MA Methuen 12/18 1516-1518 weak, faded up and over the pile, station Xmas event plug w mention of 103.7 FM. Per Google, WUBG is the only combo of 1570 and 103.7. Good DX to the NE today. No CLS but it's them. Day power 44KW. NEW! TS-MI
1600 KRFS NE Superior 12/12 0850 P talking of Christmas. LID at TOH! No KGYM. NEW! JJR-MI
1600 KUSH OK Cushing 12/31 1650 P Keystone Gas Co. Oklahoma owned ad 1700 id NEW! Jeff-MO
1650 KFSW AR Ft. Smith 12/26 1641 G Christian Contemporary music confirmed via webstream. id at 16:43 "Life 98.7" NEW! Jeff-MO
NOVEMBER'S HOTTEST 13 NEW logs, 2 NEW countries! 2 on 1110,1340!
560 KMON MT Great Falls 11/22 1945 P Caught ID – 890mi. NEW! AJ-AZ
720 WRZN FL Hernando 11/6 0452 Poor under WGN with preacher, // Webcast. The Shepherd. NEW! EB-MI
790 WQXI GA Atlanta 11/28 2200 Korean prog R Korea & WQXI IDs. Day power? NEW! (Paszkiewicz WI)
950 WAKM TN Franklin 11/1 0100 "AM 950 WAKM Franklin" by male announcer. fair in WNTD null.NEW! GH-IL
1110 WSLV TN Ardmore 11/30 1843 P- Country format, local traffic report, ID "Cat Country 105.1", promo by Rascall Flatts, 4th new one tonight. NEW! TL-IN
1170 WGMP AL Montgomery 11/28 2101 F- heard mention of Montgomery and "104.9 the Gump", lost to a spanish station, listed 850w day, 7w nite, NEW! TL-IN
1170 WCXN NC Claremont 11/30 2059 F-G non-stop regional Mexican music, english ID at 0159, 5th new one tonight. NEW! TL-IN
1280 KNBY AR Newport 11/17 1758 "KNBY AM1280 Jackson County (missed)" by male announcer. Oldies MX then another similar ID. Strong ..no WONW. NEW! GH-IL
1340 WXFN IN Muncie 11/30 1555 G- Sports talk, many Muncie mentions in local ads, new one here as my local WTRC was off. NEW! TL-IN
1340 WLEW MI Bad Axe 11/30 1700 P- Clear "AM 13-40 Bad Axe, Michigan" ID in local WTRC absence. Second new one here tonight. NEW! TL-IN
1410 WDOE NY Dunkirk 11/3 1759 "(missed) and 94.9 FM WDOE" by male announcer. Surfaced briefly over QRM then gone. NEW! GH-IL
800 BONAIRE PJB Trans World Radio Nov 25 0230 – Man with Spanish language religious talk. Heard // their web feed for confirmation as well as KW4VA SDR feed on line. Heard weakly under CHAB. NEW COUNTRY #76 on BCB. NEW! SMA-MB
252 ALGERIA TIPAZA CHAINE 3 11/28 2113 very faint signal with French language talk and background music. Tough copy due to extreme noise level on LW at my location. Matched with web stream. NEW! CR-IL

OCTOBER'S HOTTEST 39 NEW logs, NEW countries too! 2 on 1000, 1 on each GY, 2 on 1450!
540 WGOP MD Pocomoke City 10/8 1909 Vp with oldies, IDs every few records. NEW! EB-MI
570 WWNC NC Asheville 10/11 0612 "Newsradio 570 WWNC" by male announcer. Some local WIND 560 slop. Fair. NEW! GH-IL
590 KGLE MT Glendive 10/18 0700 P with tail end of one of their ID slogans coming thru KXSP. "Western North Dakota" MT #19. NEW! NK-IL
650 CKOM SK Saskatoon 10/24 2120 heard in WSM fade, nulled and heard at 2122 " ... Twitter ... AM 650 CKO(?)." Weak and still buried in WFAN splash. 1st nighttime log of something other than WSM on 650 NEW! TS-MI
740 WNYH NY Huntington 10/26 0602 Very poor with QSB in CFZM null with IDs -- several xltrs IDed, NY ments. Radio Cantico Nueva, into SS mx. NEW! EB-MI
790 KFYO TX Lubbock 10/19 0105 "C2C AM on KFYO" by OM. Fair then faded. NEW! GH-IL
790 WNIS VA Norfolk 10/10 0130 "On AM 790 WNIS" by male announcer. briefly fair under local WBBM 780 IBOC then gone. NEW! GH-IL
810 WZRK WI Dodgeville 10/26 0655 G- heavy metal rock (Thin Lizzy), faded before ID, presumed WZRK, NEW! TL-IN
840 CFCW AB cAMbrose 10/30 1911 P-WHAS nulled,steady. PrairieToyota,Red Arrow,Alberta based.NEW!JJR-MI
850 WNMT MN Nashwauk 10/26 1806 Poor with local ads, Fox nx, wx, into Joe Pags. In WSM null. EB-MI
860 WNOV WI Milwaukee 10/26 1804 Poor u/CJBC with R&B mx, 'The Voice.' NEW! EB-MI
890 KQLX ND Lisbon 10/31 1837 P in tight WLS null w/c&w music. Confirmed with web stream. Have been able to partially null WLS at my QTH lately, but usually just hearing a Spanish speaking (Cuba?) station.NEW!CR-IL
910 KVIS OK Miami 10/31 0100 "KVIS (missed) Oklahoma". then local WX. Weak . NEW! GH-IL
930 KSDN SD Aberdeen 10/24 0641 P temps:N/SD MT NE. AutoMax in Aberdeen. Never added in logs. Duh! NEW! JJR-MI
940 WCPC MS Houston 10/28 1800 "AM 940 WCPC" by male announcer and other ID's. Strong some WMIX Mt Vernon IL QRM. NEW! GH-IL
980 CKNW BC New Westminster 10/18 0700 F/G atop with "980 CKNW" and "CKNW.com" ments into local nx. BC #8. NEW! NK-IL
1000 WLNL NY Horseheads 10/24 0616 P in WMVP null. Very, very detailed s/on. REL. NEW! JJR-MI
1000 WCCD OH Parma 10/7 1636-1646 VG no fades, gospel music and liner "AM 1000, broadcasting from Cleveland Ohio and covering the world, this is WCCD." NEW! TS-MI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 10/24 2202 p-f - behind KYW, comedy format, heard ad for Canadian Tire, also heard Calgary mentioned, NEW! TL-IN
1070 KILR IA Estherville 10/28 1932 P- only heard "brought to you by KILR" at tune-in, listed nite 48 watts. NEW! TL-IN
1070 KHMO MO Hannibal 10/12 0553 "Sunday mornings on KHMO" by male announcer then Local WX. Briefly strong then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1130 WAMB IN Brazil 10/17 0624 Vp way way u/WISN. Calls. Thought I had this! Not. NEW! JJR-WI
1130 WBBR NY New York 10/19 0100 Slogan ID "Bloomberg 1130" by male announcer. Good. no WISN. NEW! GH-IL
1140 WVHF MI Kentwood - 10/15 0646 - Good with "Morning Glory" pgm via EWTN Radio. Only 2 affiliates on 1140 are currently shown on EWTN's website, and the stream from the other, KGEM in Idaho, was not matching up with what I was hearing. WVHF's stream DID match up, so it was logged as such. This was before LSR in Kentwood, so there's a possibility that WVHF is signing on at Richmond's sunrise time nowadays. MI #16. NEW! RD-IA
1170 KBOB IA Davenport 10/2 0100 "Real Country " ID weak amid QRM. NEW! GH-IL
1220 WLPO IL LaSalle 10/18 1840 P-F "Classic Hits 103.9", NEW! JB-WI
1230 KWNO MN Winona 10/26 2004 Faded up with Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball, Timberwolves ads, lost. MN #30! NEW! EB-MI
1240 KLIK MO Jefferson City 10/17 0051 "Newstalk 1240 KLIK" by male announcer. Rose briefly from the babble then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1400 KLIN NE Lincoln - 10/15 1926 - Briefly atop with ment of "grahamtirelincoln.com" in ad for -- what else? -- Graham Tire, then into sportstalk pgm "Husker Sports Nightly" //KXSP-590. 2nd Nebraska graveyarder in the Davenport logbook, KOMJ-1490, logged last December, was first. NEW! RD-IA
1450 KOKO MO Warrensburg - 10/10 1921- Atop with Sam Cooke's "Havin' A Party" off satellite, then ID: "Good Time Oldies 1450 KOKO, Ko-Ko". 400th domestic logging, and entry #414 overall in the Davenport logbook. NEW! RD-IA
1450 WMOH OH Hamilton - 10/9 2023 - Weak to fair with Columbus Blue Jackets HKY. Confirmed via webstream. Only 1450 shown on the 2018-19 Blue Jackets affiliate list. 352 miles, 1st Ohio graveyarder, and easily my best entry in the Davenport logbook so far in this young MW DX season. NEW! RD-IA
1470 WNYY NY Ithaca 10/8 1723-1753 in and out among the pile, a couple long peaks, pre-Beatles oldies, one "FM 94.1 AM 1470, Pure Oldies" liner. CLS heard at 1753 TS-MI 1470 WVOL TN Berry Hill 10/11 2310 G-F- Urban oldies format, James Brown, etc, // stream. My log #1960 (year I was born, hi), NEW! TL-IN
1490 WCHM GA Clarkesville 10/10 0259 P- a brief but clear WCHM ID heard just before ToH rising out of GY mess, new GY at 821 miles, NEW! TL-IN
1530 WLAK IL New Holstein 10/26 1812 Very poor with oldie u/WCKY, lost. True Oldies 1530; only thing that fits! NEW! EB-MI
1550 WIGN TN Bristol - 10/15 1959 - Over/under KESJ for about 5 minutes with southern bluegrass GOS music, finally rising at legal ID time (great timing!) with "AM 1550...WIGN, Bristol..." ID. TN #15. NEW! RD-IA
1630 KRND WY Fox Farm - 10/8 2045 - Weak but readable under KCJJ with clear "La Jota Mexicana!" slogan heard in liner between SS songs. KCJJ was breaking into normal AdCon/Top 40 music programming at the time with severe storm warnings in eastern Iowa, which helped. WY #1 in the Davenport logbook. NEW! RD-IA
540 MEXICO XETX Nuevo Casas Grandes Oct11 1122 F! La Ranchera ments and calls said 2x. No CBK. NEW! JJR-MI
972 S.KOREA Dangjin HLCA 10/29 1215 P-F clearly speaking KK. NEW COUNTRY! NK-IL 1205.96 CHINA Yanbian RGD 10/29 1217 P-F in KK. They are located near the border with N. Korea and have been slightly off freq. for years. NEW COUNTRY! NK-IL
1205.96 CHINA Yanbian RGD 10/29 1217 P-F in KK. They are located near the border with N. Korea and have been slightly off freq. for years. NEW COUNTRY! NK-IL
720 GREENLAND Simiutaq KNR 10/28 0050-0125 P peaks well under my roughly 50 dB phased BOG null of super local WGN (12 miles SSE). Mostly men talking in their lang. // stream. Two bouncy songs by gals 0104-8 clinched it for sure. NEW COUNTRY! NK-IL

SEPTEMBER'S HOTTEST 7 NEW logs, 2 reported as rare.
790 KJRB WA Spokane 9/6 0601 P-YL LID, incl FM xlator. The Rock you know. No KGHL. ROCK mx stood out. Never dreamed of hearing this! Listened to tape easily 10 times! NEW! JJR-MI
800 KDDD TX Dumas 9/17 0630 briefly noted sneaking past XEROK/others with "Farm Talk... allagnews.com". No sign of unn. // KFLP as Mexico too strong on 900. NEW! NK-IL
930 WEOL OH Elyria 9/5 0100 "AM 930 WEOL" by OM. Good signal NEW! GH-IL
1140 KXRB SD Sioux Falls - 9/28 1925 heard in WRVA null, weak but easy copy, promo for Mark Patrick Stop Smoking Seminar in Sioux Falls, CLs, "Original Country Gold" liner, George Strait song. Faded under UNID REL, gone by 1940. SD #3 NEW! TS-MI
1390 WNIO OH Youngstown 9/21 0200 "Sports Animal 1390 WNIO" by OM. Weak amid the mush. NEW! GH-IL
1400 WDTK MI Detroit 9/21 1759 P- getting ready to carry a local (college) FB game, ID heard ment of Detroit, new GYer for me - NEW! TL-IN
890 CUBA Radio Progresso Sep 25 0105 Fair to poor signals under WLS // 4765 kHz Shortwave with Latin music. First time heard from Winnipeg! NEW! SMA-MB
1300 WLXG KY Lexington 8/17 0000 "WLXG (missed-1 other callsign and an FM frequency) Lexington" by male announcer. 1 local ad. Weak and QRN from local storm. NEW! GH-IL
1330 WBGW IN Evansville 8/29 0055 FRN News then "AM 1330 WBGW Radio" by male announcer. Good sig no KNSS. NEW! GH-IL
1440 WKPR MI Kalamazoo 8/15 0535 "Good News Radio WKPR" by OM. Briefly very strong then gone. NEW! GH-IL
550 WGR NY Buffalo 7/3 2301 "WGR (missed - string of stations) 98.4" by OM Then ESPN sports call-in show. Good sigs no trace of KTRS. NEW! GH-IL
600 CKAT ON North Bay 7/8 2200 "Country 600" ID by OM . Briefly strong then gone. No trace of WMT. NEW! GH-IL
JUNE'S HOTTEST no NEW logs, but one rare bird
1230 WMQU MI Grayling 6/1 0536 P Catholic chatter tho nice multi stn LID at TOH. Alone - Rare! JJR-MI
no new, rare logs
1260 KDLF IA Boone 4/16 0706 Vp o&o by ??? -sounded like power up anncmnt. Heard SS here b4, but never knew who it was. This solidifies KDLF. LaReina NEW! JJR-MI
570 WIDS KY Russell Springs 3/21 0601 P alone, multi station ID. Gospel mx. NEW! JJR-WI
590 WROW NY Albany 3/12 2336 P u/WVLK Lexington KY with Standards, 'Magic 590 and 100.5.' NEW! EB-MI
730 WZMF PA Nanticoke 3/14 0618 F toward the east with Classic Hits, 'Gem 104' between records. NEW! EB-MI
740 WNOP KY Newport 3/22 0010-0029 in CFMZ null, talk weak, way under, faded up at 0029 w mention of Catholic Radio. At this QTH, NEW! TS-MI
940 WFAW WI Ft.Atkinson 3/12 0734 P on NewsTalk 940 WFAW. No WIDG,CJGX gone. Rare. JJR-MI
960 KFLN MT Baker 3/25 2105 P- ??? Farm Eqipment, Calls, Real Country. Not hrd in while. JJR-MI
1150 KSEN MT Shelby 3/13 0800 Vp tho "Shelby" clearly heard 2x (temp & LID) into local nxcast at TOH. No WHBY at all. Good! NEW! JJR-MI
1350 KCHK MN New Prague 3/14 0846 P no KRNT WCMP WARF! (Trifecta) Polkas, Knights of Columbus, possible ment of Main St in New Prague, St. Patricks day parade. Talked for 11 minutes. So very, very faint, weak. Wrote stn hoping for a definitive answer. ANSWER:"...you were listening to us. TRG" Off Most Wanted list! NEW! JJR-MI
890 WHNC NC Henderson 3/3 0534-43 P many "North Carolina" & "here in North Carolina" ments, woman jock equal to WLS at times! No calls heard, tho not "Joy" WKNV. Urban GOS. 890 #9, NC #61 NEW! JJR-WI

730 WDOS NY Oneonta 2/19 2359 P but totally alone with ad for Country Club Motors in Oneonta and faded. NEW! NK-IL
930 KROE WY Sheridan 2/26 0635 P Dalton RV, Sheridan Holiday Inn 1809 Sugarland Dr in Sheridan, Sheridan Media.... Alone, no KKIN. First new log since 1/23 when 3 were logged! NEW! JJR-MI
1450 WHRY WI Hurley 2/13 2245 P- oldies format (Supremes, Simon & Garfunkel) with several good WHRY IDs, first new one in ages, NEW! TL-IN
1660 KBRE CA Merced 2/13 0300 F mixing with KQWB with their great rock music rarely heard on AM these days. Stands out on the frequency which is dominated by talk and sports. Also heard was a 105.7 The Bear ID. This has been a long time target. NEW!! SMA-MB
864 EGYPT Santah ERTU Feb15 0021 F-G peaks for about 3 hours with AA Koranic chanting nicely pushing back CJBC slop on peaks. Nice that France is gone from this channel. NEW COUNTRY! NEW! NK-IL
891 TURKEY Antalya TRT-1 Feb15 0318 P-F peaks with gal in Turkish for a few minutes during sunrise peak at the xmtr. WLS phased down about 40 dB. No sign of Algeria which may be off this channel again? NEW! NK-IL
540 KWMT IA Fort Dodge 1/22 1701-1713 F-G, good peaks, Iowa State Cyclones BKB pregame show, CLS in Stine Seed spot. Faded and gone by 1713. NEW! TS-MI
640 WMFN IL Peotone 1/15 0040-0101 weak, over/under CFMJ w SS ranchera music, legal ID at 0100 "You're listening to AM 640 WMFN Peotone- Chicago." NEW! TS-MI
690 WELD VA Fisher 1/19 1724-1754 long VG peaks in CKGM null, liner at 1733 "good time oldies 690 AM WELD." Faded and gone by 1754. 500w critical hours. NEW! TS-MI
740 WDGY WI Hudson 1/16 1630 Poor signals in null of mega pest KNFL with oldies and full ID as WDGY the Original Rock and Roll station. Long time target finally heard. NEW! SMA-MB
750 WQOR PA Olyphant 1/15 0155-0210 weak, way under WSB in null, YL talk w mention of EWTN. No CLS heard. Per website affiliate list, WQOR is the only 750. FCC sez 1.6 kw daytime only. NEW! TS-MI
810 WPIN VA Dublin 1/16 0125-0201 in WGY null, up and down, several strong peaks, ESPN Overnight. Legal ID at 0200 as "ESPN Christiansburg" w mentions of simulcast stns WWLB 93.1 Ettrick and W240BZ 97.1 Crewe. FCC sez 4.2 KW ND daytime only. NEW! TS-MI
840 CFCW AB Camrose 1/6 1720 Finally logged this one with Shania Twain music // the on line web feed. First new one of 2018. NEW! SMA-MB
870 WMTL KY Leitchfield -- 1-19 1645 appeared over the pile w classic country and "AM 870 The Legend" liners, fair peaks, slight WCBS splash. Fox news at 1700, local news w KY mentions. 500w days only. Leitchfield is on CST but 10 mi from the border w EST. NEW! TS-MI
900 WILC MD Laurel 1/22 1604-1655 mostly over CHML, long, strong peaks, SS news, several mentions of DC-MD sponsors and 301 area code, several "America Novecientos" ("America 900") liners. No CLS heard. Faded after 1655. Per phone call to the stn, they are America 900. Not DE after all. NEW! TS-MI
920 WMPL MI Hancock 1/11 2200 ID and into Fox news. Mixing with CFRY. NEW! CR-IL
980 WPFP WI Park Falls 1/26 0718 P ...in Phillips & Conover, the WPFP wx from.... Rare!JJR-MI
1300 KMMO MO Marshall 1/23 0934 P tradio calls, Marshall Realty 886-77XX NEW! JJR-MI
1470 KSMM KS Liberal 1/23 0925 P alone "here in SW KS... SuperHits 95-5,Let Good Times Roll,Cars NEW! JJR-MI
1570 WCCM MA Methuen 1/28 1520-1603 in and out, long VG peaks, SS music, ID at 1602 w simulcast stns WNNW Lawrence (heard first), WCEC and W297DH Haverhill. 50KW daytime. NEW! TS-MI
530 CUBA CMBY Jan30 0335-0445 o/u CIAO and Enciclopedia.mostly over, better after 0350, OM and YL w SS talk, ID at 0401 "C???, Radio Caribe, transmitiendo (something) La Juventud, Cuba." Then EZL music, newer than the stuff Enc plays. Faded and gone by 0445. Per MediumWave Info, Caribe usually on 1220 is temp using Rebelde 530 TX. NEW! TS-MI
870 CUBA R. Reloj Jan19 "RR" in code heard above the pile at 2306, 2307, 2310 and 2311. Earliest ever logging of Reloj NEW! TS-MI
560 KPQ WA Wenatchee 12/15 0715 P alone!Limbaugh 9-noon on NewsRadio 560 KPQ. Catch of year! NEW!JJR-MI
570 CKSW SK Swift Current 12/15 0646 P alone, Shawnavon in 3 mentions, CKSW 570 -no WNAX!NEW! JJR-MI
580 KIDO ID Nampa 12/15 0638 P KIDO Talk Radio. 28,cl Kevin Miller on KIDO 107-5 & 580AM.Alone! NEW! JJR-MI
840 KMAX WA Colfax 12/17 0646 P in tight WHAS null. Dave Ramsey "Debt free scream" & of course, no calls into psa's. Ramsey in Boston in 2018, Shelter project, Red Cross. "the Max" ---I'm thinking unn KNXT w/new slogan? Looked at prog sked on site: nothing. 4 talk stations on 840. Ding! k-MAX, prog match! Hello! Certainly not 200w. NEW! JJR-MI
880 WMDB TN Nashville 12/5 1658 blasting on car radio with Mexican Ranchera music. ID in Spanish at TOH. NEW! CR-IL
890 WYAM AL Hartselle 12/27 2021 On the air late with Mexican ballads. First official new catch for me with the ICOM-7300. NEW! TS-MN
1040 WYSL NY Avon 12/28 1355-1401 weak, over / under WHO w talk, legal ID in peak at 1400: "(something) for thirty years ... (something) FM 92.1 ... AM 1040 WYSL Avon-Rochester." "Thirty years" re AM 1987 sign-on. NEW! TS-MI
1070 WCSZ SC Sans Souchi 12/25 2355 //Tune-in w/ reg mex mx. Oddly enough I needed this here but not in Bloomington Mn. NEW! TS-IA
1180 KOFI MT Kalispell 12/24 2200 G Local Ads, ID and Xmas Music - MT #1 NEW! AJJ AZ
1190 WBHA MN Wabasha 12/16 1610 Faded up all alone on the frequency with NO KKOJ mega pest with country music and ID with both AM and FM frequencies given. Station #2700 on Broadcast band so I did make my goal for 2017. NEW! SMA-MB
1250 KIKC MT Forsythe 12/29 2251 in well briefly on top of the channel with Roy Orbinson, matching web stream when in from 2155-2310 but never very strong. Reported on day power. WSSP very strong at times but CJYE poking in as well. This on the ICOM-7300 With the superloop. NEW! TS-MN
1280 CFMB QC Montreal 12/10 2130 P u/WTTC, Multillingual format, NEW! JB-WI
1290 WHKY NC Hickory 12/28 0014 F with talk and ads. Confirmed with web stream. NEW! CR-IL
1320 WBRT KY Bardstown 12/2 0602 P "local nx on WBRT"&"this is the KY news network" gone. First new log on 1320 since 1-13-07! NEW! JJR-WI
1340 WJYI WI Milwaukee 12/13 0700 Vp "W25.....98.7....kee" only fit! NEW! JJR-MI
1410 WNWZ MI Grand Rapids 12/30 0830 P Steve Harvey Sat.Show, WIZM nulled. Assumed. Rare. JJR-MI
1410 CJWI QC Montreal -- 12-26 1503 good, FF church service announcement ("eglise protestant du Montreal") followed by non-ID "CPAM quatorze-dix" (fourteen-ten) and FF cover of "I Believe" (Frankie Laine 50s hit). Faded and gone by 1525. To this freq NEW! TS-MI
1410 KQV PA Pittsburgh 12/28 2335-2354 Heard in and out with old time radio show. No one else has this on this freq. Ads also matched streaming. NEW! TS-MN

540 KMLB LA Monroe 11/7 2206 fair- several "Newstalk 107.5 and 540" IDs, into Michael Savage, listed @ 26 w nite, NEW! TL-IN
550 KCRS TX Midland 11/14 1732 F with news item about construction on I-20 near Midland and on FM1788 in Andrews County, then weather forecast from CBS7 in Odessa. Ad at 1736 for Shrimp Boat restaurant inside the MCM Elegante Hotel in Odessa. First time heard here, and first time I've logged KCRS from anywhere since Oct. 2002. NEW! RD-NE
570 WMCA NY NYC 11/7 2257 fair- lots of IDs as "AM 570 The Mission", NEW! TL-IN
580 CFRA ON Ottawa 11/09 2027 good- talk program with very clear "580 CFRA" ID, NEW! TL-IN
590 WJMS MI Ironwood 11/19 2009 P- In and out with KXSP and WKZO with older country music, // online stream, NEW! TL-IN
680 WMFS TN Memphis 11/10 2241 Way atop channel right now with a 92.9 ESPN ID. I realize this is AU cx right now but this is so strong so it makes me suspect they may be on day facilities but Kevin can help with this. Not needed but super rare at night. TS-MN
700 KHSE TX Wylie 11/10 2243 on top of the channel with modern hip hop, ID mentioning Plano? Richardson and Dallas TX, a 972 phone number and back into hip hop. NEW! TS-MN
790 KBME TX Houston 11/14 2024 F with Houston Rockets Radio Network broadcast vs. the Toronto Raptors. Texas logging #78 here, and overall logging #1008 at this QTH. NEW! RD-NE
800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 11/09 2155 fair- religious bible program with ID for Oklahoma City at 0357, NEW! TL-IN
950 CFAM MB Altona 11/24 2305 F- sounded like religious program, at 0505 two clear CFAM IDs, weather then sports, local WSBT causing slop, used LSB mode, NEW! TL-IN
980 KMBZ MO Kansas City 11/8 0541 good- traffic report with clear KMBZ ID, in well, ID heard three times, NEW! TL-IN
990 KRKS CO Denver 11-5 0556 P-F REL, "Denver's all-new AM 990, The Word", NEW! JB-WI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 11/10 0025 poor- mostly under KDKA with spanish sounding religious music, ID about 2 min after ToH, NEW! TL-IN
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 11/6 2245 P- decent at times in with WHO with hockey coverage, // to webstream and local BC SDR, BC #1 NEW! TL-IN
1090 WCZZ SC Greenwood 11/15 1819-1848 //Tune-In with black gospel almost UC sounding. Mostly under KAAY but during deep KAAY fades WCZZ would be on top weakly.NEW! TS-MN
1220 KZEE TX Weatherford 11/10 2226 G with Hindi language talk and music. Matched with web stream. NEW! CR-IL
1510 KCKK CO Littleton 11/30 2039 Vp under WLAC with classic rock, '93.7 The Rock.' Heard Michael Bolton, followed by Mountain records; Webcast match. Thanks to a tip from a fellow DXer, I have one new catch! NEW! EB-MI
1510 WWHN IL Joliet 11/20 1641 P "He can work it out" Gos mx. "AM 1510 WWHN" not hrd in years! Rare! JJR-MI
580 PUERTO RICO WKAQ San Juan Nov 10 0239 Poor in CKWW null with SS: OM speaking, sounded like he was talking into a barrel; // Webcast. Thanks to tip from fellow DXer! FIRST log from PR!!! NEW! EB-MI
740 CUBA CMKO Sagua de Tanamo Nov 10 0250 Vp under CFZM with mx, sounded EZListening in nature, 'Radio Angulo.' NEW! EB-MI
1050 MEXICO XEG Monterrey Nov9 2308 fair- strong at times, long peaks and fades, nice ranchera music with frequent "Ranchera Monterrey" IDs, // to SDR in Houston area, NEW! TL-IN
1215 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio unknown location, Nov7 0309 UTC P- strong carrier, weak bits of audio being heard at times, // to the Twente web SDR and a web SDR in NJ, my first TA! NEW! TL-IN