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Here are the very latest loggings of TA's to DX-midAMerica.com They are bunched by month and go to January 2001. A more complete listing of all loggings may be found at the WORLDAM page. Thanks for contributing to the success of DX-midAMerica!

Trans Atlantic loggings: UTC FEBRUARY 2024
612 UNID TA 2/24/24 0250 to 0430 , 0630 to 0645, 0830 UTC. A signal on 612.0004 - 612.0006 intermittent to about 15 dB's over the 610 USB level. Still present @ 0645, gone @ 0830 recheck. This is most likely the Moroccan SNRT station running 24 hours. MWList's only recent post (4/29/23) has them @ 612.0021 which is not really a frequency match. TPK-WI
612 SPAIN,Vitoria 2/24/24 0250 to 0430 , 0630 to 0645, 0830 UTC. A signal on 612.0016 doing about 30 dBs over the 610 USB level when I tuned in @ 0250 UTC. This was the station causing the het against 610. It had a steady signal 10 to 15 dBs over most of the evening. Still present @ 0645 UTC, gone @ a 0830 recheck. By 0645 UTC the only listed stations on 612 that were pre-dawn were the 2 Spaniards and Morocco. MWList's latest freq. post (10/26/22) is 612.0017. TPK-WI
612 SPAIN, Lleida 2/24/24 0250 to 0430 , 0630 to 0645, 0830 UTC. A signal on 611.9887 waxing and waning from intermittent to about 15 dB's over. Present @ 0645, gone @ 0830 UTC. MWList has this station near 611.9896 to 611.9906 the last 3 years. TPK-WI
1089 UNITED KINGDOM, talkSPORT syncho 2/7/2024 0130 to 0300 UTC, 0620 to 0900 UTC. A signal on 1088.9997 that had a max peak about 10 dBs over the 1090 LSB level. Intermittent by 0749, gone by 0801 UTC. TPK-WI
1089 UNITED KINGDOM, talkSPORT syncho 2/7/2024 0130 to 0300 UTC, 0620 to 0900 UTC. A signal on 1089.0002 that was peaking @ 40 dBs over the 1090 LSB level. This was definitely strong enough to het 1090. It's also strong enough to have some audio but none was detected (too much QRM from both 1080 and 1090). It still had some peaks to 10 dBs over as late as 0847 UTC, It was still present but weak and intermittent @ 0858 UTC. I suspect this is the Westerglen, Scotland talkSPORT w/ a 0801 LSR and 125 KWs of power. TPK-WI
1089 UNITED KINGDOM, talkSPORT syncho 2/7/2024 2/7/2024 0130 to 0300 UTC, 0620 to 0900 UTC. A weak signal on 1089.0005 that never peaked above the 1090 LSB level. Gone by 0731 UTC. TPK-WI
1089 UNITED KINGDOM, talkSPORT syncho 2/7/2024 0130 to 0300 UTC, 0620 to 0900 UTC. A signal on 1089.0010 that several peaks to 40 db over the 1090 LSB level. No audio however. Mostly weak and intermittent after 0730 UTC,, peaking @ 15 dBs over @ 0813 UTC, and weakly hanging in intermittently to 0900. Possibly the Northern Ireland talkSPORT w/ a 0802 UTC LSR. TPK-WI
Trans Atlantic loggings: UTC October 2023
873 UNID TAs 10/18/23 0200 to 0340 UTC. 4 of the 6 total TA signals showing up during this time remain mysteries. They are 872.9964, 872.9990, 872.9997, and 873.0002. Two of these were most likely Santiago de Compostela, Spain and the Algerian. TPK-WI
873 SPAIN Zaragoza 10/18/23 0200 to 0340 UTC. Tentative. An intermittent weak signal buried in the 870 USB level. Its frequency was 873.0086 with the latest MWList post (3/30/2021) @ 873.0082. TPK-WI
873 MOZAMBIQUE Beira 10/18/23 0200 to 0340 UTC. A weak somewhat intermittent signal that never rose above the 870 USB level. This signal was seen coming on the air @ 0259 UTC and was faded and gone 13 minutes past its LSR of 0308 UTC. Its frequency was 872.9938 with the latest MWList post (12/26/2022) @ 872.994. MWList has their daily start time @ 0250 UTC. TPK-WI
1530 ROMANIA Nufaru 10/15/23 0145 to 0545 UTC. Tentative. A weak but steady signal came on air @ 0205 UTC and abruptly went off air @ 0310 UTC. It never came back on. The signal strength never rose above the base noise level. Its frequency @ the start was 1530.0107 and it had drifted upwards to 1530.0202 when it went off air. MWList's latest post (11/10/2021) was 1530.0108 w/ variable stability. Tentative cuz MWList has their daily start time @0350 UTC. TPK-WI
1530 SAO TOME e PRINCIPE Pinheira VOA 10/15/23 0145 to 0545 UTC. Came on the air @ 0255 UTC. It became a steady signal doing almost 10 dBs o/ the base noise level . (WCKY was pushing about 55 dBs over during this time.) It gradually started to fade around 0525 and was gone by 0534 UTC. The frequency was stable @ 1530.0005. A triple match. Pinheira VOA had a scheduled start time of 0300 UTC, MWList latest post (9/23/2021) was 1530.0006, and Pinheira VOA 's fade out occurred after its LSR of around 0515 UTC. TPK-WI
Trans Atlantic loggings: UTC September 2023
1116 unID TAs 9/11/23 0350 to 0430 UTC. 4 TA signals present upon tuning in @ 0350 UTC. 3 were unidentifiable, 1115.9950, 1115.9974, and 1116.0001. There were no frequency matches w/the /MWList website if you consider where the sun has risen across Europe. I am pretty sure 2 of them are the Spaniards. MWList has frequency posts for the Spaniards but the posts are too old (2015). TPK-WI
1116 GUERNSEY(UK) Saint Peter Port 9/11/23 0350 to 0430 UTC. A somewhat intermittent signal never rising above the 1110-1120 sideband level. It was still present @ 0430 when I tuned out cuz I couldn't stay awake, HI. Frequency was 1115.9996 with a recent MWList post(8/11/23) of 1115.9995. TPK-WI

Trans Atlantic loggings: UTC August 2023
1359 ETHIOPIA Mekelle 8/22/23 0230 to 0330 UTC. A weak somewhat intermittent signal in the 1360 LSB that first showed up @ 0255 and was gone by 0310 UTC. It had a brief peak @ 0306 to almost 10 dBs over the LSB level. The signal's frequency started @ 1358.9982 and drifted slightly upward to 1358.9986 at the end. A triple schedule/frequency/sunrise-fadeout match. Mekelle has a daily 0300 to 2000 schedule, a 309 UTC sunrise, and a MWList post(latest 2/20/22) at 1358.9990. Mekelle was the only TA signal present during this time. TPK-WI

Trans Atlantic loggings: UTC July 2023
657 SPAIN Madrid 7/9/23 0200 to 0500 UTC. A weak somewhat intermittent signal that never rose above the 650-660 sideband level. The signal first showed up @ 0205 UTC and was gone for good @ 0435 UTC. Its frequency was measured between 657.0051 and 657.0054 w/ a 1/9/23 MWList post of 657.0053. Madrid's sunrise was @ 0452 UTC. TPK-WI
657 SOUTH AFRICA Meyerton 0200 to 0500 UTC. A weak intermittent signal buried in the 650-660 sideband. The signal first showed up around 0355 UTC and lasted about 45 minutes until 0444 UTC. Its frequency was 657.0002 w/ a MWList post(12/31/20) of 657.0008. Meyerton's sunrise was @ 0456 UTC. With Madrid Spain accounted for, this is the only other TA station listed on 657 that would be coming in this late. TPK-WI

Trans Atlantic loggings: UTC June 2023
1107 unID 6/14/23 0349 UTC. A weak TA carrier came on the air @ 0349 UTC then was faded and gone within 7-8 minutes. Frequency was 1106.9998 . Possibly the Nigerian w/ a 0400 UTC start up time. MWList has nothing posted for a frequency offset for the Nigerian. TPK-WI
1107 unID 6/14/23 0230 to 0425 UTC. A TA signal waxing and waning from in the sideband din to 10 dBs over. Gone after 0425 UTC. Frequency was 1107.0088 w/ no frequency match @ MWList. Good chance it was one of 4 Spaniards. TPK-WI
711 WESTERN SAHARA Laayoune Jun8 0240 to 0615 UTC. The only TA present. A mostly steady signal running about 10 dBs over 710's USB level. There were a few peaks to about 20 dBs over and a few dips down into the muck. Frequency was very stable @ 710.9965. The signal started to weaken about 0551 and was quickly gone by 0556 UTC. Laayoune's sunrise was @ 0558 UTC and MWList's latest frequency post was 710.996 ( 5/30/2020 ). TPK-WI
891 ALGERIA Ouled Fayet 6/22/23 0200 to 0230 UTC, 0400 to 0435 UTC. Algeria's signal started to become visible around 0205 UTC and became 10 dBs over WLS's USB by 0218 UTC. Retuning to 891 @ 0400, the signal was @ 20 dBs over the 890 USB but no audible het was noted against WLS. It quickly faded after 0405 UTC and was totally gone by 0420, 10 minutes before its LSR. The frequency was 890.9978 w/MWList's latest post (1/9/23) @ 890.9975. Ouled Fayet was the only TA present during the 2 time periods. TPK-WI
1107 SPAIN Santander 6/14/23 0230 to 0500 UTC. A TA signal w/ long duration peaks to 15 dBs o/ the sideband level and sometimes reaching 20 dBs over. Faded and gone by 0440 UTC. This signal may have had audio if WTAM had not been coming in @ almost local signal strength. Frequency was 1106.9970 with a MWList post (2/16/18) of also 1106.9970. Santander's sunrise time was 0433 UTC. TPK-WI
1422 ALGERIA Ouled Fayet 0400 to 0500 UTC 6/21/23. The only TA signal present during this time. Peaked for awhile @ about 10 dBs over the 1420 USB level but became very intermittent after around 0418 UTC. Finally gone @ 0432 UTC. Frequency was 1421.9967 w/ the latest MWList post (9/16/21) @ 1421.9971. Oulet Fayet's sunrise time was 0429 UTC. TPK-WI

Trans Atlantic loggings: May 2023
738 unID 5/29/23 0205 to 0357 UTC. Weak signal started to show up @ 0205 UTC. The carrier was sometimes very weak and intermittent, sometimes doing about 15 dBs o/ the sideband level. It was faded and gone for good by 0357 UTC. The frequency was very stable @ 738.0003. 3 stations had sunrises about 0425 UTC, Spain, Algeria, and Mozambique. MWList latest entries are 737.99990 for Spain,738.0006 for Mozambique, and nothing for Algeria. Most likely the signal was coming from Barcelona, Spain w/ its 150/100 kilowatts. TPK-WI

Trans Atlantic loggings: March 2023
1413 UNID 3/16-17/23 2345 to 0040 UTC. 3 TA signals were present upon tuning in @ 2345, 1412.9988, 1412.9981, and 1412.9953. 1412.9953 was weak and buried in the 1410 USB mud but the other 2 were peaking almost 20 dBs over the USB level. At 0002 UTC a wide smeared signal showed up about 1412.9970, quickly peaked at 20 dBs over, then started to fade and was gone by 0009 UTC. If this was a grey-line event, 2 of the 9 chinese stations listed on 1413 have sunrises near 0002-0009 UTC, Hami and Ruoqiang. Hami's sunrise was @ 2355 UTC and Ruoqiang was @ 0016 UTC. Comilla, Bangladesh on this frequency had a sunrise of 0002 but their listed schedule sez they were off air @ the time. My local sunset was 2358 UTC. The 3 TA signals were most likely the 3 Spaniards listed on this frequency. TPK-WI
1431 unID 3/13-14/23 2350 to 0024 UTC. A weak, widened, and smeared signal centered about 1431.0000 showed up around 2350, peaked quickly to 10-20 dB over the 1430 USB, drifting slowly higher in frequency while fading and was gone by 0024 UTC. A widen and smeared signal suggests a sunrise or sunset and there is one station listed on 1431 that qualifies, Bandarban, Bangladesh! Bandarban had a 0000 UTC sunrise. The 6 Chinese and 2 Thai stations on this frequency all had sunrises an hour or more before hand. The 0000 UTC sunrise and my 2355 UTC sunset also implies possible enhanced grey-line propagation. TPK-WI
1431 DJIBOUTI, Djibouti 3/13-14/23 2330 to 0330 UTC. Carrier signal present upon tuning in @ 2330 UTC, 25 minutes before my local sunset. The signal was running 10 to 20 dBs above the 1430 USB level until about 0130 then started a gradual fade. Intermittent by 0305, gone by 0314 UTC. The frequency was holding steady @ 1431.0014. A frequency/fadeout-sunrise match. Latest MWList post(4-2-21) is 1431.0008 . Djibouti's sunrise was @ 0315 UTC. Note: Djibouti is the only TA listed on this frequency with any power-600 kilowatts. The next strongest station has only 350 watts. TPK-WI
1503 EGYPT, El-Arish 3/13/23 0345 to 0400 UTC. Found 3 signals on 1503 upon tuning in @ 0345 UTC, 1503.0003, 1502.9926, and 1502.9949. The 1503.0003 signal never rose above the 1500 USB level. It was faded and gone by 0354 UTC. A frequency/fadeout-sunrise match. El-Arish's sunrise was 0358 UTC w/ the latest(2-2-23) MWList posting @ 1503.0001. The other 2 signals were very likely the 2 Spaniards on this frequency. TPK-WI
Trans Atlantic loggings: March 2022
684 unID TA Mar3 0520 to 0618 UTC. A weak, steady carrier in the sideband noise that had one peak to 10 dBs over the noise. Faded and gone by 0618 UTC. Possibly the Damaturu, Nigeria station with a 0526 sunrise. The frequency measured was 684.0025 but MWList has no frequency postings for this station. This carrier was seen running hours before 0500 UTC several nights ago. MWList has the Nigerian starting @ 0500 UTC. Maybe Damaturu runs an OC during its early AM hours before coming on air. Another unsolved mystery. TPK-WI
684 SPAIN Sevilla Mar3 0520 to 0830 UTC. A carrier on 683.9992 that was running mostly 20-30 dBs o/ the sideband noise level. A persistent signal that was still @ 20 dBs over @ 0753, 1 hour past its sunrise of 0653 UTC. Faded and gone for good by 0830 UTC. MWList's latest frequency post (2/6/22) is 683.9990. Spain is the only station listed on 684 that could be coming in this late. TPK-WI
684 TUNISIA, Medenine Mar3 0520 to 0611 UTC. A signal on 683.9997 that was hanging in just above the 680-690 sideband level. The vertical waterfall line for this station was widened and smeared. The signal peaked @ 0556 UTC about 20 dBs over then faded and was gone by 0611 UTC. MWList's latest post(2/6/22) is 984.0001. Medenine's sunrise time was 0544 UTC. TPK-WI
801 SPAIN Castellon Mar12 0425 to 0630 UTC 0800 UTC Poor carrier mostly embedded in the 800's USB. Several peaks to 10 dBs o/ the USB level. The frequency was measured at 800.9441 w/ a MWList post(11/26/21) of 800.9461 . Faded and gone @ a 0800 recheck. Castellon's sunrise was 0617 UTC. TPK-WI
801 SPAIN cities undetermined Mar12 0425 to 0630 UTC, 0800 UTC. 6 TA carriers present during this time. Only western Europe was still in darkness and only the 6 Spaniards MWList had listed were not low powered. The frequencies measured were 800.9441, 800.9851, 800.9888, 800.9993, 801.0004, and 801.0007. The 800.9441 frequency was a close match for Castellon. The other 5 had no close matches w/ what MWList had. The 6 stations had sunrises in the range of 0605 to 0650 UTC and all six carriers were faded and gone @ a 0800 UTC recheck. 800.9993 was the strongest of them all with several peaks to 20 dBs o/ the 800 USB level. TPK-WI

Trans Atlantic loggings: February 2022
972 unID TA Feb10 0330 to 0400 UTC. Three TA carriers were present and being watched when a fourth one showed up @ 0345 UTC with a widened ,smeared vertical waterfall line. Briefly peaked then started to fade and was gone by 0358 UTC. Smearing indicates a possible sunrise/sunset or auroral event. Both the Ethiopian and the Iranian stations had sunrises about 0345 UTC. Botswana had a 0358 sunrise. The frequency was measured @ 972.0015 and didn't match anything MWList had. TPK-WI
954 TURKEY Trabzon-Deliktas Feb9 0230-0500 UTC. A carrier on 953.9974 came on air @ 0254 doing about 5 dBs o/ the 950-960 sideband level. Became a weak, intermittent signal soon afterwards until about 0400 UTC. Peaked @ 10 dBs over @ 0416 then started to fade and was gone for good by 0441 UTC. A schedule/frequency/sunrise-fadeout match. Trabzon has a scheduled sign on of 0300 UTC, MWList's latest post(1-15-22) for this station is 953.997, and Trabzon's sunrise time was 0423 UTC. NEW! TPK-WI

Trans Atlantic DX:January 2022 unIDs listed first
1044 SPAIN San Sebastian Jan10 0715 to 0816 UTC. A steady signal barely rising @ times o/ the 1040-1050 sideband level. (It was doing 20 dBs over @ times about 4 hrs earlier). Started to become intermittent @ 0804, gone by 0816 UTC. Frequency was 1044.0021 which was close to the majority of the postings on MWList for this station. San Sebastian's sunrise was 0739 UTC. TPK-WI
1044 SPAIN Valladolid Jan10 0715 to 0730 UTC. An intermittent signal buried in the sideband that was gone for good by 0730. ( 4 hrs earlier this was a steady signal sometimes rising 5 dBs o/ the sideband level ). Frequency was 1043.9975 which was a few hertz higher than anything on MWList. With a Valladolid sunrise of 0745 UTC, the 0730 fade was somewhat premature. With San Sebastian on 1044.0021, Valladolid is the only other TA listed on MWList that could still be coming in this late. TPK-WI

Trans Atlantic DX:December, 2021 unIDs listed first
585 UNID TPs Dec13 1250 Two weak signals buried in the sideband noise, 585.0002 and 585.0010. Down unders more likely than the western Pacific rim. TPK-WI
1521 UNID TAs Dec9,10 2230 to 0430 Three weak signals present. On 1520.9970, I thought it was maybe Bahrain but it never faded away after Bahrain's LSR of 0316 UTC. A signal on 1521.0000 was probably Slovakia. The third signal was first measured on 1521.0028 and eventually drifted up to 1521.0042. Spain? TPK-WI
585 SPAIN Madrid Dec12-13 2050 to 0758 A steady signal first appearing @ 2050 UTC, over an hour before my LSS. All alone on the frequency until 0343 UTC and mostly running about 10 dBs or so over the 580-590 sideband noise level. Started to weaken by 0730. Was faded and gone by 0758 UTC. The frequency was 585.0002 with a MWList (3/31/2021) entry of 584.9999. Madrid's LSR time was 0729 UTC. Madrid, Spain is the only TA listed on 585 that could have such a late fade out. TPK-WI
585 TUNISIA Gafsa Dec13 0343 to 0758 A weak, sometimes intermittent carrier that came on the air @ 0343 UTC. The signal never made it above the 580-590 sideband noise level. Faded and gone for good by 0648 UTC. This was a schedule/sunrise-fade out match. MWList has them signing on @ 0400 UTC. Gafsa's LSR was 0622 UTC. Their frequency was measured @ 585.0062 w/ no offsets listed at all on MWList. TPK-WI
999 SPAIN Madrid Dec22 0714 to 0804 UTC. Signal running about 10 dBs o/ the WMVP-1000 LSB level. Started fading around 0740, gone by 0804 UTC. Madrid(50 kw) w/ a 0734 UTC LSR is much more likely than the only other candidate, Nottingham, England(250 watt), with an 0815 UTC LSR. Madrid’s frequency was 998.9966 which is lower than the latest (3/21) MWList post of 998.9984. TPK-WI
1521 SAUDI ARABIA, Duba Dec9 1953 to 2231 A weak signal started to show up on 1520.9997 at 1953, over 2 hours before my LSS of 2216 UTC! By 2040, the signal was running 10 to 15 dBs over the 1520 USB level. It was peaking @ 25 dBs over by 2220 UTC. A secondary signal began showing up @ 2150 just below 1520.9997 at about the same strength but much more widened and smeared. Both 1520.9997 and the smear went off the air @ 2231 UTC. MWList has Radio Riyadh in the frequency range of 1520.999 to 1521.0015 with a daily schedule of 1500 to 2230 UTC. TPK-WI

Trans Atlantic DX:October 2021 unIDs listed first
1413 unID TAs Oct04 2250 to 2305 UTC. 5 signals present in the 1410 USB w/ only one (Vigo,Spain?) rising at times above the sideband level . 1412.9947, 1412.9950, 1412.9978(Vigo?), 1412.9989, and 1413.0000. TPK-WI
531 ALGERIA F'kirina Oct30-31 2250 to 0115 Tentative. Inaudible to poor. CHLO-530 and WAUK-540 QRM. Signal was peaking @ about 45 dBs o/ the sideband level. The only discernible audio were female and male voices w/ no mx. At 0100 UTC the Seville Spain kiwi sdr had a female and male chatting away in FF but I couldn’t match the voices w/ either the kiwi sdr or earlier AA chatter on the webstream. The frequency was 531.0008. TPK-WI
828 SOUTH AFRICA ,Klipheuwel ( near Cape Town) Oct13 0156 to 0435 UTC. Weak but steady signal embedded in WCCO's LSB. Peaked @ 10 dBs o/the LSB @ 0350 UTC, became faded and intermittent by 0420, gone for good by 0429 UTC. Frequency was exactly nominal @ 828.0000 with a MWList post( 1/26/21 ) of 828.000. Cape Town's sunrise time was 0407 UTC. TPK-WI
828 AZORES, Monte das Cruzes Oct13 0156 to 0435 UTC. Tentative. Very weak intermittent signal in WCCO's LSB until about 0300, weak but steady afterwards. Frequency of 828.0156 is a close match to MWList's 12/3/20 post of 828.0154. The frequency match with an offset 15 hertz+ that far away from nominal strongly suggests it is the Azores. I couldn't find a fadeout-sunrise match around 0800 UTC cuz WCCO(and its LSB) was coming in @ almost local signal strength . TPK-WI
1377 TANZANIA, Mwanza Oct03 0105 to 0345 UTC. A weak but steady carrier embedded in 1380's LSB @ 1377. A few peaks to 10dBs o/ the LSB level were observed. This was the only TA signal seen on 1377 during this whole time. Faded and gone for good @ 12 minutes past Mwanza's sunrise of 0333 UTC. Its frequency of 1376.9905 was a close match to MWList's 7/1/21 posting of 1376.9912 and the 4/23/21 posting of 1376.9906. Tanzania! TPK-WI

Trans Atlantic DX:September 2021 unIDs listed first
1197 unID TAs Sep24 0100 to 0330 UTC. 2 weak signals buried in the 1200 LSB that were gone after about 0330 UTC. Their frequencies were 1197.0002 and 1197.0008. There is not much on @ this time that this could be. Maybe low powered Absolute Radio synchros? Iran? TPK-WI
1368 unID TA Sep7 0505 to 0517 UTC. Weak signal popped in about 0505 and hung around until gone @ 0517. Nothing TA-wise on 1368 matches this. Frequency was 1367.9997. Possibly Napier, New Zealand (also on 1367.9997) coming in briefly 54 minutes before its sunset! Digging deeply, maybe it was the second harmonic of the Nigerian on 684 w/ its scheduled 0500 s/on and a 0501 UTC sunrise! TPK-WI
1368 ISLE OF MAN Douglas Sep7 0059 to 0537 UTC. Radio Manx. The only TA carrier present. A weak, transient signal in 1370's LSB before 0200, becoming steadily present after 0200, faded and gone for good after 0537 UTC. frequency/sunrise fade-out match. Its frequency was drifting slowly within a tight range of 1367.9981 to 1367.9985. MWList's has them in a range from 1367.9980 to 1367.9988. The Isle of Man is the only station on 1368 that could have this late 0537 fade-out. Douglas's sunrise was 0536 UTC. TPK-WI
594 SAUDI ARABIA, Duba Sep11 0223 to 0323 UTC. Came on the air @ 0223 as a steady signal in the 590-600 sideband noise. It was peaking around 5 to 10 dBs above the sideband noise before fading and gone @ 0323 UTC. A sign-on/frequency/sunrise-fadeout match. Duba was scheduled to come on the air @ 0230 UTC. The frequency was 594.0007 w/ a MWList post(3/31/21) of 594.0003. Duba's sunrise was 0320 UTC. TPK-WI
594 NIGERIA, Kaduna Sep11 0350 to 0410, 0445 to 0528 UTC. No signal present on 594 @ 0400 when they were scheduled to sign-on. Returned @ 0445 to find a weak steady carrier buried in the 590-600 sideband noise. It became intermittent after 0500, gone by 0528 UTC. A frequency/ sunrise-fadeout match. Frequency was 594.0002 w/ a MWList post(7/24/20) of 594.0000. Kaduna's sunrise was 0520 UTC. Nigeria is the only TA listed on this frequency that would be coming in this late. TPK-WI
596 MOROCCO, Oujda Sep11 0335 to 0553 UTC. Steady signal mostly just above the 590-600 sideband level. Peaked @ 15 dBs o/ the sideband level. Intermittent @ 0543, gone by 0553 UTC. The signal was already present @ 0335 about 25 minutes before a scheduled sign-on. The frequency of 595.8977 was way off the nominal frequency they should be at of 594. A frequency/sunrise-fadeout match. MWList has a 9/23/20 post of 595.898. Oujda's sunrise time was 0547 UTC. TPK-WI
657 SPAIN, Madrid Sep18 0017 to 0602 UTC. A weak signal buried in the 650-660 sideband noise showed up @ 0017 UTC. I was surprised to see a signal @ all considering the auroral cx @ the time. Gradually strengthened and was 20 dBs o/ the noise by 0435. Faded and gone by 0602. The late TA fade-out could only be Madrid for this frequency. Its frequency was 657.0050 w/ a MWList post(3/31/21) also of 657.0050. TPK-WI
747 CANARY ISLANDS, Mesas de Galaz Sept28 0550 to 0656 UTC. Signal that was mostly buried in the 740-750 sideband level. Faded and gone by 0656. Frequency was 746.9988. One of 2 TA signals present @ the time and the second to fade out. With a Cadiz, Spain sunrise @ 0617 and a Canary Islands sunrise about 0656 UTC, the Canary Islands are the better match. MWList's most recent post was 746.9982 on 2/26/17. TPK-WI
747 SPAIN, Cadiz Sept28 0550 to 0646 UTC. Signal that was mostly running 10 dBs above the 740-750 sideband level. Faded then lingered and gone by 0646. Frequency was 747.0001. One of 2 TA signals present @ the time and the first to fade out. With a Cadiz sunrise @ 0617 and a Canary Islands sunrise about 0656 UTC, Cadiz is the better match. No recent matches found for the frequency. TPK-WI
837 CANARY ISLANDS Santa Brigida Sept5 0350 to 0651 UTC. A steady signal in the 840 LSB noise rising about 10 dBs o/ the noise. Frequency was 836.9961. Faded and gone by 0651 UTC. The only match this could be with the very late TA fade-out is the Canary Islands. Santa Brigida’s sunrise was 0644 UTC. TPK-WI
837 SPAIN (cities undetermined) Sept5 0350 to 0616 UTC. Three signals mostly in the 840 LSB noise. A few peaks maybe 5-15 dBs above this noise occurred. All 3 signals were faded and gone by 0554 to 0610 UTC. Frequencies were 837.0002, 837.0013, and 837.0016. The fade-out time range is consistent with Spain and Algeria. The one Algerian on this frequency is scheduled to sign on @ 0500 UTC however and would not have been on @ 0350. There are 3 Spaniards on this frequency. TPK-WI
945 ANGOLA, Mulenvos Sep24 0448 to 0509 UTC. Tuned in @ 0448 to find a weak signal in the 940-950 sideband that rose to 5 dBs over the sideband level before becoming intermittent and gone by 0509 UTC. A frequency/ sunrise-fadeout match. Mulenvos's sunrise was about 0457 UTC. Frequency was 945.0105 w/ a MWList post(12/18/20) of 945.0106. TPK-WI
945 NIGERIA, Birnin Kebbi Sep24 0530 to 0551 UTC. At 0530 found a steady signal rising just above the 940-950 sideband level. This signal was not present @ 0509 UTC. Faded and gone @ 0551. A frequency/sunrise-fadeout match. The frequency was measured @ 945.0004 w/ a MWList post (12/5/20) of 945.0007. Birnin Kebbi's sunrise was 0532 UTC. Another possibility would be Sao Tome e Principe but the frequency of 945.0004 is nowhere near a possible MWList frequency match. TPK-WI
1224 SPAIN, cities undetermined, Sept10 0100 to 0500, 0600 UTC. 3 weak signals present in the 1220-1230 sideband noise. 1224.0026 steady in the noise. 1224.0029 steady in the noise. 1224.0010 somewhat intermittent in the noise. All 3 were present @ 0500 and all 3 were gone when tuning back in @ 0600 UTC. For this frequency, only Spain and Nigeria can have this fade-out between 0500 and 0600. Nigeria has a 0500 sign/on however and would not be present @ 0100 to before 0500 UTC. MWList has 1224.0028(3/26/21) for Almeria and 1224.001( old 9/23/10) for Lleida. TPK-WI
1224 SPAIN, Huelva and/or Lugo, Sept9 0100 to 0500, 0600 to 0616 UTC. A steady carrier signal on 1223.9976 running mostly 10-15 dBs o/the 1220-1230 sideband slop. Around 0300 UTC the signal was briefly showing indications of actually being 2 separate signals. Faded and gone for good @ 0616. Spain is the only TA match for this late fade-out w/ the western cities of Huelva and Lugo being most likely. Both have equal sunrises of 0602 UTC. Lugo has a MWList post(3/27/17) of 1223.9979. TPK-WI
1305 SPAIN, cities undetermined Sep13 0000 to 0550 UTC. 4 carriers present upon tuning in @ 0000 UTC. The one on 1304.9966 was the strongest peaking @ about 20 dBs o/ the 1300-1310 sideband level. All 4 were still present @ 0550 when I fell asleep. The TAs that could be still coming in @ 0550 would be the 4 Spaniards all @ 10 kw or more of power or the less likely 3 UK stations all 500 watts or less. MWList has posts for 3 of the Spaniards but the ages of the posts make frequency-city matches kinda iffy. The frequencies measured were 1304.9941, 1304.9966, 1305.0007, and 1305.0011. The 4 Spanish cities are Ourense, Bilboa, Leon, and Ciudad Real. TPK-WI
1422 ALGERIA, Ouled Fayet Sep16 0325 to 0606 UTC. Found a lone TA carrier @ 0325 that was steady @ 10-20 dBs o/ the 1420 USB level. It became faded and gone by 0606 UTC. A frequency/sunrise-fadeout match. The frequency measured of 1421.9971 is an identical match to the MWList post(3/31/21) of 1421.9971. Ouled Fayet's sunrise was 0530 UTC. TPK-WI
1593 FRANCE, Saint Goueno Sep23 0230 to 0608 UTC. A steady signal on 1592.9973 @ times 10 dBs o/ the 1590-1600 sideband level. By 0545 the waterfall signal became widened and smeared and grew in strength to 15 dB over. By 0551 it looked like multiple signals had developed spread over 1592.9973 to 1592.9980. Everything was faded and gone by 0608 UTC. A frequency/sunrise-fadeout match. Saint Goueno's sunrise was 0557 UTC. MWList has a frequency post(8/14/21) of 1592.9972. NOTE: I misidentified this station on 7/9/21 as Egypt, not France. I was apparently fooled by a premature fadeout. TPK-WI

Trans Atlantic DX:AUGUST 2021
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
1017 SPAIN Burgos Aug26 0330 to 0540 UTC. Signal weak and intermittent to 10 dBs o/ 1020's LSB noise. Faded and gone by 0540. Frequency measured @ 1016.9886. A frequency/fade-out match. The late TA fade-out of 0540 UTC suggest Spain. MWList has Burgos in the range from 1016.99 to 1016.9926. Burgos' sunrise was about 0535 UTC. TPK-WI
1017 SPAIN Granada Aug26 0330 to 0540 UTC. Signal weak and intermittent to 10 dBs o/ 1020's LSB noise. Faded and gone by 0540. There is not much on 1017 that could fade out @ 0540 UTC except the 2 Spaniards. With Burgos present on 1016.9886, Granada is the only match. Frequency was 1017.0007 w/ a MWList post(2/16/19) of 1016.999. Granada's LSR was about 0540 UTC. TPK-WI
1017 TONGA A3Z Nuku'alofa Aug26 0446 to 0600, 0930 to 1143 UTC. A weak signal that first showed up @ 0446 w/ the 2 Spaniard TAs present! The signal became about 10-15 dBs above the 1020 LSB noise most of the time before it faded and was gone for good @ 1143 UTC. Its frequency was drifting in the range of 1017.0008 to 1017.0031. Nuku'alofa's LSS was 0530 UTC. TPK-WI
1269 SPAIN Badajoz Aug2 0123 to 0235, 0435 to 0518 UTC. Weak signal mostly in the noise. One peak @ 10 dB above the noise. Gone for good by 0518 UTC. A close frequency and sunrise/fadeout match. Frequency was 1269.0029 w/ a MWList post(3/5/17) of 1269.0024. Badajoz's sunrise was 0529 UTC. TPK-WI
1269 SPAIN Zamora Aug2 0123 to 0235, 0435 to 0518 UTC. Weak signal mostly in the noise. One peak @ 10 dB above the noise. Intermittent by 0500, gone by 0518. A close frequency and sunrise/fadeout match. Frequency was 1269.0000 w/ a MWList post(5/16/20) of 1268.9995. Zamora's sunrise was 0518 UTC. TPK-WI
1269 NIGERIA Jalingo Aug2 0435 to 0500 UTC. Not present @ 0235 UTC. Weak signal in the noise. Intermittent by 0455, gone by 0500. Another close frequency and sunrise/fadeout match. Frequency was 1268.9981 w/ a MWList post(5/16/20) of 1268.9984. Jalingo's sunrise was 0505 UTC. Nigeria!! TPK-WI

Trans Atlantic DX:JULY 2021
963 TUNISIA Tunis Jul4 0149 to 0420 Signal w/o audio peaking about 15 dBs above the noise. Showed up @ 0149, became intermittent around <0400, gone by 0420. Tunis’s LSR was 0405. Frequency measured @ 963.0000 w/ a MWList (1/19/20 ) post of 962.9996. TPK-WI
1053 UNITED KINGDOM Droitwich Jul26 0300 to 0435 UTC. A signal w/o audio peaking about 12 dBs above the noise level. Faded and gone by 0435 UTC. The frequency of 1052.9982 closely matches the 4/3/21 MWList post of 1052.9979. Droitwich's LSR was 0420 UTC. TPK-WI
1215 SAUDI ARABIA Hafar al-Batin Jul12 0050 to 0240 Only sunrise/fade-out match. Steady weak signal in the noise became intermittent by 0156. Lingered then gone by 0240 UTC. Hafar al-Batin's sunrise was 0207 UTC. Frequency was 1214.9670. TPK-WI
1215 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros, Jul12 0135 to 0410 A signal w/ no audio running 10-20 dBs above the noise. Started to fade and smear by 0327, intermittent by 0345, gone by 0410 UTC. Frequency of 1215.0001 was a close match to all the synchros. The fade-out time favors the eastern UK. London's sunrise was 0357 UTC. TPK-WI
1593 EGYPT Matruh Jul9 0150 to 0349 UTC. Only sunrise/fade-out match. Weak signal in the noise upon tuning in @ 0150 but about 12-20 dBs above the noise most of the time afterwards. Started to fade by 0310, gone by 0349 UTC. Matruh's LSR was 0313 UTC. Frequency steady @ 1592.9972. TPK-WI
1602 SPAIN city undetermined Jul30 0153 to 0524 UTC. A weak signal in the noise @ 0153 but peaked @ 20 dBs o/ the noise by 0450. Faded and gone by 0524.The 4 Spaniards on this frequency were the only stations left on 1602 that hadn't experiencing sunrises by 0400. The problem is that all 4 have sunrises in the range of 0502 to 0515 UTC. The station's frequency was drifting a little in the range of 1601.9936 to 1601.9939. MWList's 10 year old post for Linares, Spain @ 1601.994 was helpful but untrustworthy. There were also signs that a possible 2nd station was present within the same frequency range. TPK-WI
1602 SPAIN Onteniente Jul30 0228 to 0501 UTC. A weak signal that never rose above the noise. Faded and gone by 0501. A frequency and sunrise match. Onteniente's sunrise was 0502 UTC with a MWList(7/23/20) offset of 1601.991. The frequency was drifting in the range from 1601.9910 to 1601.9913. TPK-WI
1602 SPAIN city undetermined Jul30 0400 to 0505 UTC. A weak signal that never rose above the noise. Faded and gone by 0505. Frequency was 1602.0071. Maybe Segovia Spain? TPK-WI

JUNE 2021 Trans Atlantic DX:
1179 unID TA Jun24 0330 to 0356 UTC A weak intermittent signal not rising above the noise. Faded and gone by 0356 UTC. Frequency was 1178.9960. A big mystery cuz nothing matches up. The 100 watt Holland station? TPK-WI
1017 A3Z TONGA Nuku'alofa Jun22 0945 to 1046 UTC. Tentative. Found a signal w/o audio riding about 10dBs above the noise level. It briefly peaked almost 30 dB above the noise but still w/o audio. Gradually faded to a lingering residual signal until finally gone by 1046. My LSR was 1012 UTC. The signal was a slow drifter. It started @ 1017.0028 and ended @ 1017.0032. TPK-WI
1143 EAK40 SPAIN Jaen Jun19 0050 to 0440 UTC. A weak signal w/o audio showed up about 0050 UTC. After 0350 the signal became noticeably stronger and the waterfall line started to widen and became smeared. The signal faded out and was gone for good by 0440 UTC. Jaen's sunrise was 0453 UTC. The frequency, 1143.0049, is a close match to MWList's listing of 1143.0045. TPK-WI
1143 EAK59 SPAIN Ourense Jun19 0104 to 0444 UTC. Tentative but the only fit. A very weak ghost like signal became present around 0104 UTC. The signal was coming and going intermittently until it was gone for good by 0444 UTC. Ourense's sunrise was 0456 UTC. MWList has only Iran and possibly Greece listed besides the 2 Spaniards for this frequency . The Iranian and Greek sunrises don't correspond very well with the 0444 fade out. The signal would have faded out long before 0444 UTC. The frequency was 1142.9997. TPK-WI
1179 MOZAMBIQUE Quelimane Jun24 0330 to 0356 UTC A weak intermittent signal not rising above the noise. Mozambique seems really far fetched but things matched up. The frequency measured of 1178.9992 was almost the same as a 12/31/20 MWList post of 1178.9990. The signal was gone for good by 0356 . The Quelimane sunrise time was 0402 UTC. MWList has a sign on time of 0250 UTC. TPK-WI
1179 SPAIN Jun24 0330 to 0435 UTC A signal sometimes 10 dBs above the noise was faded and gone by 0435 UTC. Frequency was 1178.9984. This could be either of the 2 SER network Spaniards, maybe both. Valencia was listed as 1178.9981 (3/30/21) and had a sunrise of 0436 UTC. Logrono was listed as 1178.998 (3/27/20) and had a sunrise of 0433 UTC. TPK-WI
1179 CANARY ISLANDS Santa Cruz de Tenerife Jun24 0330 to 0556 UTC The signal was mostly in the noise and intermittent before 0426. After 0426 it strengthened to a few dBs above the noise before fading and gone by 0556 UTC. Santa Cruz de Tenerife's sunrise was 0608 UTC. The frequency was 1178.9935 w/ a MWList 2/26/17 post of 1178.9949. The late TA fade-out of 0556 can only be the Canary Islands. Every thing else is way past its sunrise time. TPK-WI

FEBRUARY 2021 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
891 ALGERIA Chaîne 1 Feb12 0410 UTC poor- Killer het on WLS, decent audio at times in USB mode, // to EA3HRU SDR in Spain. Used my ICF-SW7600 w/loop. TL-IN

JANUARY 2021 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
162 France, Allouis 1/5/21 0230 UTC. Tentative. No intelligent audio present. A steady carrier w/ very cluttered +/- 45 hertz sidebands. I'm uncertain that this is the French digital time signal station but this is the only thing listed for this frequency. They are supposedly running 800 kilowatts. TPK-WI
171 Morocco, Nador 1/5/21 0245 to 0330 UTC . Assumed. Mostly inaudible to very poor. Male and female chatter and what sounded like Arabic pop mx. Found a match to the mx w/ a signal booming in on a Cordoba, Spain kiwi sdr. Frequency measured @ 171.0005. A very weak 2nd signal also present on 170.9998. New country! TPK-WI

MARCH 2020 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
891 ALGERIA Chaîne 1 Ouled Fayet Mar21 0440 P- with clear, and decent at times, but weak audio, using USB mode to block WLS, // to Alicante Spain SDR. NEW! TL-IN

FEBRUARY 2020 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
1089 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSPORTS synchro Feb14 0127 to 0130 UTC. Poor but no QRM cuz KAAY was running dead air. British accented male talking sports until KAAY’s audio popped back on @ BOH. TPK-WI

JANUARY 2020 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
621 UNID TA Jan4 0230 UTC. Signal w/o audio giving local WTMJ-620 an audible het! Egypt or the Canary Islands are the most likely suspects. TPK-WI
891 ALGERIA Chaine 1 Oulet Fayet Jan4 0155 to 0205 UTC. Inaudible to poor. A strong signal hetting WLS. Arabic male vocal song before TOH and male talking in Arabic after TOH. // to the Chaine 1 streema. Frequency was @ 890.9989. TPK-WI
891 ALGERIA Chaîne 1 Ouled Fayet Jan2 0336 UTC P- used USB mode, weak audio at times, matched the SDR in Alicante, Spain, very loud monster het on WLS, strongest from NE, I've chased this het for years, finally audio! Algeria #2. NEW! TL-IN
1089 UNITED KINGDOM Jan4 0130 to 0150 UTC. Inaudible to poor. 1090 splatter QRM. One of the TalkSPORT network synchros. Male sports discussion // to the U. of Twente Nederland websdr. Frequency @ 1089.0003. TPK-WI
1431 unID (no audio) TA Jan8 2110 to 2200 A weak intermittent het started to show up against 1430 more than an hour before my LSS. The only thing w/ any power on this frequency is the 600 kW VOA station in Djibouti. Its schedule is 1530 to 0330 UTC. So I came back to it 6 hours later and, surprisingly, saw it go off the air promptly @ 0330 UTC (1/9/20). Djibouti?!! Frequency measured @ 1431.0013. TPK-WI

DECEMBER'19 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
891 unIDed TA 12/18/19 2345 UTC. Strong signal during the evening giving WLS-890 a nasty het. No voice or mx audio could be detected but there was a signal on 892 giving 891 a weak het. The MWList website has Algeria Chaine 1 listed as testing during this month. This could be Algeria running a 1 khz. test tone. 891 measured @ 890.9990 and 892 measured @ 891.9989 khz. TPK-WI
1278 unID TA 12/14/19 0145 to 0415 UTC. A lone signal no more than 5 to 10 dBs at most above the noise floor. Too weak to have audio or cause a het on 1280. There’s not much on 1278 listed w/ much power except Egypt, Oman, and Iran. The frequency was measured @ 1278.0073 which is within the range of frequencies the MWList website has for IRIB Radio Kermanshah in Iran. The signal was faded and gone for good by 0409 UTC. An Internet search found Kermanshah to have a sunrise of 0349 UTC. This definitely makes Iran the most likely. TPK-WI
1521 unIDed TA 12/27/19 2045 to 2230 UTC. Found a signal on 1521 giving 1520 a het @ 2045 UTC, more than 1 and ½ hrs before my local sunset! Local WRRD-1510 in a null. Poor but steady signal hetting 1520 until a power drop occurred @ 2230 UTC. No audio was ever detected. Its frequency was measured @ 1520.9998. The frequency and power drop is consistent w/ the frequency offset and schedule the MWList website has for Radio Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. TPK-WI

OCTOBER'19 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
1089 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport Oct17 0400 P- causing a massive het on 1090, Talksport UK with very decent audio using LSB mode, audio matching an SDR in the UK!! My second TA. NEW! TL-IN

DECEMBER'18 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
252 ALGERIA Tipaza Chaine 3 Dec28 0340 to 0350 Poor with a little FO-Manitoba beacon morse code QRM from 250. Male FF anncr and non-vocal, stringed instrument mx running // to the Chaine 3 webcast. The signal weakened and lost its audio by 0350. TPK-WI
531 ALGERIA F’Kirina Dec30 0040 Poor. Fair signal w/ decent audio but very hard to copy cuz of all the WAUK-WI splatter coming from 540. Modern Arabic pop mx // to the Jil FM webcast. TPK-WI

NOVEMBER'18 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
252 ALGERIA TIPAZA CHAINE 3 11/28 2113 very faint signal with French language talk and background music. Tough copy due to extreme noise level on LW at my location. Matched with web stream. NEW! CR-IL
OCTOBER'18 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
531 ALGERIA F’Kirina Oct18 0225 to 0245 UTC. Mostly inaudible. Around 0240 UTC weak audio came thru long enough to find //’s on the Jil FM webcast and on 531 on the U. of Twente webSDR. Modern Arabic mx w/ an AA male anncr. WAUK-540 splatter was ever present. When I first tuned in I was hearing what sounded like AA prayer and chanting fading in and out. It took over 10 minutes to determine it was coming from a strong CIAO-530 and not Saudi Arabia. HI TPK-WI
720 GREENLAND Simiutaq KNR 10/28 0050-0125 P peaks well under my roughly 50 dB phased BOG null of super local WGN (12 miles SSE). Mostly men talking in their lang. // stream. Two bouncy songs by gals 0104-8 clinched it for sure. NEW COUNTRY! NK-IL

SEPTEMBER'18 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
594 AUSTRALIA 3WV Horsham Sep16 1131 VP with man and woman interview // a stronger 612 4QR. NK-IL
1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS V7AB Majuro Sep16 1129 P-F with anthem already in progress. Sep17 1132 P with man speaking and into anthem. NK-IL
FEBRUARY'18 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
594 SAUDI ARABIA Duba SBC Feb15 0248-0306 P-F peaks with mostly female AA talk and the occasional short AA stringed mx segment I've noted on 1521. Bothered by Morocco 595 het. NK-IL
864 EGYPT Santah ERTU Feb15 0021 F-G peaks for about 3 hours with AA Koranic chanting nicely pushing back CJBC slop on peaks. Nice that France is gone from this channel. NEW COUNTRY! NEW! NK-IL
891 TURKEY Antalya TRT-1 Feb15 0318 P-F peaks with gal in Turkish for a few minutes during sunrise peak at the xmtr. WLS phased down about 40 dB. No sign of Algeria which may be off this channel again? NEW! NK-IL
1089 UNITED KINGDOM Feb5 0145-0210 Inaudible to very poor but giving KAAY a bad het. A Talksport network synchro coming in w/ what sounded like a soccer match. Running // to 1089 on the Enschede, the Netherlands, websdr . It turned out not to be soccer after all but a live broadcast of the Super Bowl. KAAY splatter was a problem. Frequency read out as 1089.0005. TPK-WI
JANUARY'18 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
531 ALGERIA F’Kirina Jan1 2320 to 2345 UTC. Poor . Strongest of 6 stations present on frequency and the only one w/ any audio. Arabic pop mx format running // to their Jil-FM webcast. Frequency measured at 531.0113. Some QRM splatter coming from local 540 WAUK-WI. TPK-WI
549 ALGERIA Sidi Hamadouche Jan1 2350 to 2400 UTC. Poor and the only signal on the frequency. Arabic pop mx format running // to 531 and their Jil-FM webcast. Frequency measured at 549.0007. Some QRM splatter coming from the 550 stations. TPK-WI
NOVEMBER'17 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
Trans Atlantic loggings: UTC
1215 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio unknown location, Nov7 0309 UTC P- strong carrier, weak bits of audio being heard at times, // to the Twente web SDR and a web SDR in NJ, my first TA! NEW! TL-IN

OCTOBER'17 Trans Atlantic loggings: GMT
1152 unID Oct20 2245 to 2248 GMT. Found a TA signal here about 8 hertz above nominal strong enough to have audio but no audio hrd. Gone after a power drop(sign off?) @ 2248, 12 minutes before LSS. TPK-WI
1152 unID Oct21 0015 to 0340 GMT. I monitored 1152 while watching the Yankees/Astros game on TV. A signal suddenly showed up @ 0034 ( sign on ?) about 11 hertz below nominal and strong enough to maybe have audio. By 0050 the signal stabilized strong and steady close to nominal. Garbled audio from 1150 and one of my local jammers made detecting any audio impossible. In the next 3 hrs weird things happened.There were 5-6 episodes of abrupt almost instantaneous 4 to 10 hertz frequency shifts before returning to the nominal. One 30 second event had 4-5 of these shifts including a shift of 20+ hertz that shot off the screen.( The engineer's kid must have been jiggling the frequency knob of the transmitter. HI ). At 0340 the steady signal showed a flare up which usual means a power drop/ ant. change. The signal quickly faded into the noise afterwards. TPK-WI

AUGUST'16 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT
1530 Sao Tome Pinheira VOA 8/7 0259-0300 P peaks well under WCKY which is somewhat phase nulled by my array. Yankee Doodle IS and male talk during a break in the song (Presumable s/on anmt, but not good enough to copy). I think this would be rather common if WCKY weren't on the air. NK-IL

MAY'15 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT
1530 SAO TOME VOA Pinheira May2 0259-0300 P-F with Yankee Doodle pre-s/on IS u/WCKY which is nulled about 14 dB by my array. New country! I had looked for this 100's of times over the years! NEW! NK-IL

AUG'14 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT
783 MAURETANIA NOUAKCHOTT R.Mauretanie Aug18 0223 P-F peaks with typical overnight mx sounding like Arabic stringed mx but with an African flavor. Later at 0348 thx mx was more typical Arabic type. These guys have been running all night for at least 2 years now. They were the only TA noted this weekend with decent audio, although I had trace audio on 549,837, and 891. Phasing down WBBM helped here. NK-WI

SEP'14 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT
738 Tahiti Papeete 8-18 1055 P with gal speaking French and into mx and faded. A few other TP carriers noted but cx not going well to Australia in this part of the band as almost no trace of 702 which can put in audio at times, and no SAH on 738 from 2NR was noted. NK-WI
909 United Kingdom R.5 Live synchros 8-18 0312 P peaks with EE talk. NK-WI
1089 United Kingdom TalkSport synchros 8-18 0320 P with EE talk at a level where I could copy a few words. Since Kitchener is gone from 1090 this is rather easy as all I need do is to phase null KAAY. NK-WI
1521 Saudi Arabia Duba 8-18 0120-0300 F peaks. Faded in a bit late like all TA's tonight but was up to decent level by 0125 with AA chanting. Later on, AA talk was often at least at a threshold level. Phase nulling KOKC helped reduce QRM and sometimes signal was at the same strength as adjacent 1520. NK-WI

FEB'11 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT
531 ALGERIA F'kirina Wilaya d'Oum El Bouaghi, Chaine 1 Feb13 2324 VG easily past pest CIAO // 549. Weak SAH also noted. NK-WI
549 ALGERIA Les Trembles, Chaine 1 Feb13 2323 E (actually xlnt is an understatement !) absolutely blowing out WGR etc on 550 with mostly a man speaking AA and occ. musical interludes. If I spoke AA I could've understood every word. So strong it made 550 seem like it was the split. Could be hrd mixing with 550 on truck rx! // 531 (also in on truck rx but not as well). 15 minutes later these were much weaker. NK-WI
585 SPAIN Madrid, RNE Feb13 2327 P with man speaking SS // others. Normally this is stronger in even fair TA cx. NK-WI
666 PORTUGAL Antena 1 Syncros Feb13 2308 F-G peak presumed with a C&W song with WSCR phased but faded quickly. NK-WI
684 SPAIN Sevilla, RNE G/VG Feb13 2314 loud and clear with M&W in SS // a couple others, but soon faded to weak. NK-WI
693 ENGLAND Droitwich et al, BBC R.5 Feb13 2303 P but good enough to hear a few EE words. Usually this is better. Was bothered by WVCY. NK-WI
702 MONACO La Col de La Madonne, RMC-Info Feb13 2254 VP presumed just good enough to tell that she was speaking French. NK-WI
837 SPAIN/CANARY IS. COPE Feb13 2316 P with SS talk and no trace of France or Azores. Usually this one is stronger. NK-WI
855 SPAIN Murcia et al, RNE Feb13 2320 F in slop with man in SS. NK-WI
864 FRANCE Paris, France Bleu Feb13 2318 G for a couple of minutes pushing back CJBC slop (normally awful) with a gal speaking FF. Not a trace of Egypt noted under. NK-WI
873 SPAIN SER Syncros Feb13 2347 P with typical SER talk. NK-WI
972 LIBYA Sirt, Radio Jamahiriyah Feb13 2344 F peak with AA mx and then talk // weaker 1053.1. Hard to believe that this is only 50 kW. Big signal present but undermod audio. NK-WI
1053.1 LIBYA Tripoli, Radio Jamahiriyah Feb13 2345 P past low growl from 1053 // 972. Both noted on past 2400. NK-WI
1116 SPAIN SER Syncros Feb13 2349 VP with WISN IBOC phased. Typical SER talk // 873. Pontevedra was IDed here during a local break in Nov. NK-WI
1134 CROATIA Rasinovac, Glas Havratske F peak Feb13 2243 with woman speaking in a Slavic lang. Gone after 2300 s/off. WISN phased. NK-WI
1206 FRANCE Bordeaux, France Info Feb14 0004 P with gal speaking FF. Usually stronger, but high end TA's were very poor. NK-WI

AUG'10 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT
693 SPAIN RNE Synchros Aug23 0327 F peaks o/u UK's Radio 5 Live which was often VG and clear to listen to. Overnight RNE programing in SS // 684/774 and others. Bits of mx from Azores occ. noted also underneath. Thanx to CINF being gone, NEW! NK-WI
1602 SPAIN SER Synchros Aug23 0343 P-F mostly under Euskadi from Vitoria which was decent with usual Spanish mx. The high end of the band seemed to peak nicely to Spain at this time. SER SS news/talk on 1602 was // 873(mixed with AFN) and 1116 (WISN IBOC phased). Rare. NK-WI

NOV'09 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT
756 GERMANY Braunschweig & Ravensburg Nov7 0358 GERMAN, time pips at TOH, nx, classical mx 4134mi & 4246mi #1408 MP-OH

DEC'08 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT
1323 RUSSIA Wachenbrunn Voice Of Russia FRG Dec22 0556 weak at first with German talk by female, CLA music, faded up with loud ID in EE at 0600GMT "You are tuned to the world service of the Voice Of Russia" into EE REL program. Think power increase at 0600GMT from 150 to 800 KW made difference on this one. NEW! JF-ON

1521 BSKSA Dubai Dec7 2145 P with man in Arabic, loud het on 1520 JF-ON
1521 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Dubai Dec30 0056 louder than WWKB with man in Arabic JF-ON

SEP'08 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT
558 SPAIN RNE 5 synchros Sept22 0243 G in well // many others. NK-WI
594 SAUDI ARABIA Duba General Arabic Pgm Sep21 0245 P-F and clearly // the 1521 powerhouse with Koranic AA chanting. Other stns underneath. Finally proving to me that the lower freqs can propagate here from the Middle East. NEW! NK-WI
720 PORTUGAL Antena 1 synchros Sept3 0347 F peak in for a few minutes u/phased WGN with typical pop mx and PP ancrs. NK-WI
774 EGYPTtAbis Middle East Radio Sept21 2256 P-F presumed briefly atop a Spain fade with AA chanting/mx. This didn't sound like the pgmg that I've heard from Morocco when on the east coast.NK-WI
972 SPAIN RNE synchros Sept22 0250 F // many others during big low band Iberia opening. A very interesting channel here this month and often a big carrier from the undermod Libyan ( AA audio 9-4) and once NDR Germany was hrd around 0400 Sept3. NK-WI
1080 SPAINtER synchros Sept4 0300 and 0330 VP with only pips coming thru WTIC (KRLD/WNWI phased out). I thought I had Spain's pips at 0300 and was quite sure at 0330. Tentative since I could here no audio that I could // others. NK-WI
1296 SPAIN Valencia COPE Sept22 0234 F-G // 1215 and others during nice Spain cx. I still need UK and Sudan here. NK-WI
1413 OMAN(t) A'Seela BBC Sep21 0125 P but good enough to tell it was a mideast/Indian type lang (Hindu listed at time) but I couldn't tell which one. Clearly not Spain as not SS and not // the several RNE's that were in. Would be a new country but I'd like to hear it clearer before claiming it. Faded out with area sunrise. NK-WI
1503 IRAN Bushehr IRIB 1 Sep21 0101 F fading up to a decent level in good M.E. cx with Muslim call to prayer. Later at times with Koranic mx and midest lang talk. New country! NEW! NK-WI Congrats, Neil! -ed
1512 GREECE Chania ERA 2, Sept22 0045 P-F peaks with somewhat modern Greek mx, aided by phasing WLAC. Was audible for a couple minutes at a stretch for a while. At 0107 the Saudi was noted u/ with Koranic mx. New country! NK-WI Congrats, Neil!! -ed
1512 SAUDI ARABIA Jeddeh Call of Islam Sep21 0116 P but audible at times with Koranic AA stuff. WLAC phased. NK-WI
1548 KUWAIT Kuwait City R Sawa Sep21 0147 P but getting by CBE on fade up with lively AA pop mx. NK-WI

APR'08 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT 585 SPAIN Madrid RNE-1 Apr5 0422 P-F peaks with SS talk // 1359. One of the more common TA's here lately.NK-IL 1359 SPAIN Madrid RNE-1 Apr5 0420 F peaks with SS talk // 585. This one only seems to come in well during early morning in Spain.NK-IL

MAR'08 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT 1566 BENIN PARAKOU TWR Mar14 0420 P but audible with African language talk on peaks. Also bits of English talk and rlg mx around 0435 as they had another pgm on. New Country! NEW! NK-IL

JAN'08 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT 684 SPAIN Jan4 0445Man speaking in Spanish,occasional music, woman talking 0449. Adjacent freqs splatter, peaks and fadesm quite good in peaks. This evening best this season for me on 684 Spain.TM-WI 945 FRANCE Jan4 0414Peaks and fades, very good peaks and good audio, Man and Woman talking in French..TM-WI 1206 FRANCE Jan4 0425 Once again the BEST TA around again ! Great peaks, clear audio thru slop . Frech spoken man/woman. TM-WI 1215 UNITED KINGDOM Jan4 0410 Mostly music here, man in Brit accent. Peaks yieled good signals.TM-WI

DEC'07 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT 945 FRANCE Toulouse Radio France Dec8 2230 22:30 nice peaks, fades TM-WI 1206 FRANCE Bordeaux Radio France Dec9 0400 armchair copy! OM-YL FF, mx. Hrd very clearly! TM-WI 1215 UNITED KINGDOM Virgin Radio Dec8 2300 good peaks, fades TM-WI

SEP'07 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT 549 ALGERIA Les Trembles Chaine 1 Sep1 0353 P-F // strong 891 w/ AA mx then talk. NK-WI 567 IRELAND Tullemore RTE R-1 Sep1 0350 F-G with EE mx than accented male ancr. w/Spain underneath. NK-WI 576 SPAIN Barcelona RNE-5 VP Sep1 0344 // many others with SS talk. NK-WI 612 MOROCCO Sebba-Aioun Sep1 0404 F-G coming out of AA nx into fanfare with some stringed instrument mx. NK-WI 648 SPAIN Badajoz RNE-1 Sep1 0347 VP w/SS talk // others as Spaniards really peaked up. NEW! NK-WI 657 SPAIN Madrid RNE-5 Sep1 0347 F-G w/SS talk // others easily past WFAN slop. NK-WI 675 NETHERLANDS Lopik Sep1 0406 P-F with DD talk thru slop. NK-WI 684 SPAIN Seville RNE-1 Sep1 0023 F and the first audible TA of the night with SS talk. Later on this would fade up to a VG level at times and be readable using the 6 Khz filter. A very easy TA here. NK-WI 702 UNID TA Sep1 0408 VP and too weak to discern language. NK-WI 711 MOROCCO Addakla Sep1 0410 P-F with very poorly modulated AA talk into mx on huge carrier trashing 710. NK-IL 720 PORTUGAL RDP-1 synchros Sep1 0252 F u/phase nulled WGN w/a song with distinctive piano mx // 666. This had been strong enough at times earlier to call almost good, and I was certain the ancr was speaking PP but I couldn't raise a // due to slop on 666 and 693. About 2/3 of the time when a TA was audible u/WGN Portugal was the boss rather than Canaries. This plays lots but not all songs are EE soft rock and olders songs. XEDE was also heard thru WGN, but the phase null on WGN kills them. NEW!! NK-WI 747 NETHERLANDS Flevoland Radio 5 Sep1 0408 P-F with mx then DD ancr with Canaries well u/. NK-WI 756 SPAIN Bilbao R. Euskadi Sep1 0352 VP just good enough to tell it was SS talk after Basque-type mx ended. NK-WI 765 SWITZERLAND Sottens Option Musique Sep1 0413 F thru slop with softish mx ending and then FF talk. NK-WI 783 SPAIN Barcelona Rock y Gol Radio Miramar Sep1 0344 F with clear SS talk during huge Spanish opening. NEW! NK-WI 792 SPAIN Seville SER Sep1 0344 P but getting past 790 with SS talk during major Spain opening. NK-WI 855 SPAIN Murcia et al RNE-1 Sep1 0247 P with SS talk // many others. This one isn't as good as it was a few years ago. NK-WI 864 FRANCE Paris France Bleu Sep1 0337 P-F with FF talk getting past sloppy CJBC's different FF. Still no Egypt for me on this channel. NK-WI 891 ALGERIA Alger Chaine 1 Sep1 0353 G audio on a super strong but poorly modulated carrier w/AA mx, then talk //549. On the car rx the het made listening to WLS rather unpleasant ! NK-WI 1485 SPAIN SER synchros Sep1 0417 VP just good enough to tell was SS talk //SER. NK-WI 1521 SAUDI ARABIA Duba General Program Sep1 0240 F-G with AA talk, and fade out by 0300. TA's fade earlier here than on the Atlantic Coast from my experience. NK-WI 1575 SPAIN SER synchros Sep1 0418 P with SS talk by deep voiced ancr // 1584. NK-WI 1584 SPAIN SER synchros Sep1 0418 P with SS talk // 1575 and others. NK-WI 1602 SPAIN Vitoria Euskadi Irratia Sep1 0419 P w/SS mx. This one is often listenable in good high band cx. NK-WI

AUG'07 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT 531 SPAIN RNE-5 syncros Aug27 0114 P w/SS // others getting past CIAO QRM. NK-WI 531 ALGERIA El Ain Beida Chaine 1 Aug31 0313 P w/AA mx atop and getting past CIAO QRM. NK-WI 558 SPAIN RNE-5 synchros Aug31 0325 P-F easily past WIND/CFOS QRM with SS talk // many others during a period when Spain really peaked. NK-WI 567 SPAIN RNE-5 synchros Aug31 0325 P // many others with SS talk. NK-WI 585 SPAIN Madrid RNE-1 Aug31 0518 VG peaks // others like 684 and 774 w/ SS talk and occ. mx. This powerhouse was often strong and sometimes decently readable in 6 KHz bandpass. NK-WI 603 SPAIN RNE-5 synchros Aug31 0327 F-G // many others w/SS talk and F 0342 Sep1 again w/talk // net. NK-WI 639 SPAIN La Coruna et al RNE-1 synchros Aug31 0328 VP w/SS // others just getting past nasty WMFN slop. NK-WI 666 PORTUGAL RDP-1 synchros Aug27 0122 P // 693 with typical soft rock mx. Also 0252 Sep1 // 720 with a song with distinctive piano mx. Portugal used to be easier but now doesn't have many stns with more than 10 kW. NK-WI 693 AZORES Santa Barbara RDP-1 Aug27 0414 P // 666 with soft rock mx and then PP talk tough copy past CINF slop. NK-WI 693 UNITED KINGDOM Radio 5 synchros Aug27 0233 P-F atop Azores and CINF slop with accented EE men talking. NK-WI 720 CANARY IS. Santa Cruz de Tenerife RNE-5 Aug31 0530 F-G w/ pips on the half hour and RNE ID // 684 and many others. Had been in much of the previous half hour mostly atop Portugal mixing a bit under WGN's phase null which also knocks out XEDE. I had suspected this a few days ago, and finally nailed it down for certain. I don't miss CHTN one bit ! NEW!! NK-WI 729 SPAIN Oviedo et al RNE-5 synchros Aug31 0521 VP with SS talk // many others. NK-WI 738 SPAIN Barcelona RNE-1 Aug31 0520 VP just getting past slop monster CHWO with SS talk // net. NK-WI 747 CANARY IS. Las Palmas Aug31 RNE-5 0532 F-G I think I may have caught the end of some local break here with two "Canarias" ments and the into SS talk which was // many many others. More easterly stuff like Holland had faded earlier. NK-WI 774 SPAIN RNE-1 synchros Aug27 0054 P-F // 684 et al with SS talk. At times this faded up to good on 8-31& 9-1. NK-WI 783 MAURETANIA Nouakchott Radio Mauretanie Aug27 0023 first audible TA of eve // 4845 with weird AA/Afro mx. Later up to P-F level with AA stringed mx. WBBM phase nulled. NK-WI 837 CANARY IS/SPAIN COPE synchros Aug31 0510 G peaks and almost 100% readable for 10 minutes // a couple others. No France noted at this time. This is rather easy on these BOG's since WHAS is nulled decently by them. NK-WI 873 SPAIN SER synchros Aug27 0120 P-F with SS talk. This one is also common as suffers little 870 QRM. NK-WI 882 CANARY IS./SPAIN COPE synchros Aug27 0220 P w/SS talk mixing with mx from BBC and QRMed by bad WCBS slop. NK-WI 882 UNITED KINGDOM Washford et al BBS Radio Wales Aug27 0222 P-F ending mx and into accented EE talk o/SS and QRMed by WCBS slop. NK-WI 909 UNITED KINGDOM R.5 Live synchros Aug27 0218 P-F with EE talk and a 5 Live ment. NK-WI 945 FRANCE Toulouse France Info Aug31 0143 F-G // a very strong 1206 w/mellow mx. NK-WI 999 SPAIN Madrid COPE Aug31 0051 P // 1215 with mx and later often up to F with SS talk. WMVP phased. This one gets out well. I have never caught anything else on 999. NK-WI 1017 SPAIN RNE-5 synchros Aug31 0137 P // others ending mx into SS talk, past some KDKA slop. NK-WI 1035 PORTUGAL Belmonte R. Nacional Aug31 0525 F-G with PP song. Surprisingly rare, but I have read that this is having xmtr issues. NK-WI 1044 MOROCCO Sebaa-Aioun RTM/A Aug31 0031 P-F with AA talk and the first TA audible tonite. NK-WI 1044 SPAIN SER synchros Aug31 0441 P-F w/SS talk and then faded. NK-WI 1089 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros Aug27 0127 P-F with two accented EE guys talking on a fade up. NK-WI 1098 SPAIN RNE-5 synchros Aug31 0113 P w/mx // others then some SS talk in WTAM slop. NK-WI 1107 SPAIN RNE-5 synchros Aug31 0113 F w/mx// 1098 and others then SS talk o/weak growl from someone off freq. NK-WI 1116 SPAIN SER synchros Aug31 0147 P-F peak with SS talk, seemed to be telephone. Another common one. NK-WI 1134 CROATIA Zadar Glas Hvratske Aug27 0144 F in slop from phased local WISN with Slavic lang mx then talk. NK-WI 1152 SPAIN RNE-5 synchros Aug27 0140 P-F in nice Spainish opening getting past CKOC/CJRC // others w/mx. NK-WI 1179 SPAIN/CANARY IS. SER synchros Aug27 0138 VP getting getting enough past WHAM to tell it was SS talk. NK-WI 1206 FRANCE Bordeaux France Info Aug31 0143 VG and listenable in the 6KHz filter with mellow mx // 945. A very easy TA in the mid west. NK-WI 1215 SPAIN COPE synchros Aug31 0047 F and clear w/SS talk W then M and into mx and found // 999. No Virgin noted at this time. NK-WI 1215 UNITED KINGDOM Virgin 1215 synchros Aug27 0053 P-F o/SS and SAH with rock mx in some slop. NK-WI On all three days I couldn't pull any audio out until I got up near the high end, although many freq's had carriers, most on Spanish channels. 1377 FRANCE Lille France Info Aug27 0141 P with mx into talk //1206. This is normally an easy TA, but the upper band wasn't good. NK-WI 1557 FRANCE Fontbonne France Info Aug27 0139 P-F with mx //1206 and 1377. Another very easy one when it can get by WQEW slop. NK-WI DEC'06 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT 621 CANARY ISLANDS Tenerife RNE-1 Dec28 0353-0400 P-F peaks with mx into SS talk and RNE ID at 0355 into mx then more talk and then 6 pips on the hour and SS nx. Local WTMJ phased...2nd time hrd in WI. NK-WI 783 MAURATANIA Nouakchott Radio Mauretanie Dec28 P-almost good and first showing up audible at 2157 and had endless talk//4845. Unsure of lang, perhaps an AA dielect. At one point another ancr had some brief FF. QRMed by WJAG w/WBBM phased. NK-WI

NOV'06 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES:GMT 153 UNID Nov11 2330 F -English music Bob Dylan and music from Oh Brother Where Art Thou. Val-DX 162 FRANCE France Inter Allouis Nov 11 2335 F -French talk Val-DX 171 MOROCCO Radio Mediterranee Internatiuonale Nador Nov11 2340 P -Arabic music. Val-DX 177 GERMANY DLF Donebach Nov11 2350 F -music programming. Val-DX 183 GERMANY Europe 1 Felsberg Nov11 2344 P-Music programming. Val-DX 189 ICELAND Rikisutvarpid Gufuskalar Nov11 2300 G -talk and music programming. Best signal of all the Longwave stations heard. Val-DX

SEP'06 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES 837 FRANCE France Info Nancy Sep17 0422 G with man in FF //1206. NEW! JF-ON

AUG'06 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES 837 CANARY IS/SPAIN COPE synchros Aug21 0416 P- SS talk getting past WHAS and then at 0430 Spanish pips noted. Some other lower band lower lat. signals also were in, but I could only raise audio on 1035. All I've ever had on 837 was France. NEW! NK-WI 1035 PORTUGAL Belmonte RCP Aug21 0420 P-F peak with a PP pop/rock song. This should be a good bet for anyone in the midwest. NK-WI 1359 RNE SPAIN Madrid - 8/19 2329 - very good with RNE1 pgm //barely audible 855. New! (JF-ON) For about half an hour around 2300 TA signals between 1300 and 1500 were quite good. Strongest carrier/audio was on 1341, 1359, 1422. Carriers on most other TA freqs were very weak or absent. This during auroral conditions (A index around 15, K index 5). Strange to say the least.

MAY'06 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES 1359 RNE SPAIN Madrid May19 0340 P SS, interview, mx, time pips at TOH NEW! MP-OH MAR'06 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT891 ALGERIA Mar3 2346 Listening to WLS and there was a HUGE het on the station. At times the het was stronger than WLS was. Suddenly Arabic music started coming through and was actually on top for a minute or so. So I think it is pretty safe to say that this was Algeria.KW-WI

FEB'06 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT621 RNE-1 CANARY ISLANDS/SPAIN various Feb1 0630 P-F w/ SS chatter MP-OH 684 SPAIN Sevilia Feb2 0416 P SS mx. and talk coming through, my first TA catch, NEW! JB-WI Congratulations! -ed 738 SPAIN RNE1 Barcelona Feb5 0050 F-G Vocal mx into Spainish talk. NEW! BALL-IL 792 FRANCE France Info Limoges Feb5 0134 F-G French chatter. NEW! BALL-IL 1008 NETHERLANDS R.10 Gold Flevo Feb18 0103 P oldies, jingle MP-OH 1116 SPAIN SER Ponteved Feb5 0019 G Spainish talk strong signal hammpered by KMOX splatter. NEW! BALL-IL 1314 NORWAY NRK Kvitsoy Feb15 0010 P-F Sinatra tune MP-OH 1323 VOR GERMANY Wachenbrunn Feb4 0600 P-F sign on, EE, "Voice of Russia" MP-OH 1521 SAUDI ARABIA Duba Feb5 0303 G Strong with man in arabic. NEW COUNTRY #40! BALL-IL 1575 UAE R.Farda Dhabbaya Feb14 2344 P dance mx, "Radio Farda" MP-OH

JAN'06 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 531 FAROE ISLANDS Akraberg Jan12 0658 G. This is a tentative untill further verification can be made. At 0758 repeating organ sounding interval signal. At 0700 man in unkown lang. At around 0710 choir hymn was heard. Made some WAV file recordings. NEW COUNTRY #37 TA #20 NEW! BALL-IL 567 IRELAND Tullamore Jan12 0716 G. Man and woman in English. Good signal suffering fro co-channel splatter. NEW TA #21 NEW! BALL-IL 612 MOROCCO Sebaa-Aioun Jan10 0710 P-F Man in Arbic during brief burst of audio.NEW! TA # 15 BALL-IL 747 HOLLAND Flevoland Jan11 0746 F-G Talk between man and woman into pop music. NEW COUNTRY#36 TA #17 NEW! BALL-IL 864 FRANCE France Bleu Jan11 0709 F Two men speaking in french. NEW! TA #16 NEW! BALL-IL 1062 DENMARK Kalundberg Jan12 0732 F-P Soft vocal music at good level before taking a rapid fade. NEW COUNTRY #38 TA #22 NEW! BALL-IL 1089 ENGLAND TALKsport Jan12 0643 G. Two men in English talking about soccer. Excellant signal but heavy slop fro 1090. NEW! TA #18 NEW! BALL-IL 1134 CROATIA Zader Jan9 0047 G-E. Near local level with pop mx,still at good level 2+ hours later.New country #35 TA #14 NEW! BALL-IL 1314 NORWAY NRK Jan12 0651 G. Man and woman engaged in conversation. NEW! TA #19 NEW! BALL-IL 1314 NRK NORWAY Kvitsoy Jan13 0403 F in wide at times, 5 dB, NN nx, AC mx MP-OH 1395 TWR ALBANIA Flakke Jan10 2111 P church like mx, possibly Croatian programming, "Trans World Radio" ment. NEW! COUNTRY #34 MP-OH

DEC'05 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 162 FRANCE Allouis Dec21 0658 F-G. man in french,time pips at TOH. Have not heard this one this strong in a few years. BALL-IL 684 SPAIN Sevilla Dec22 0716 P bits of spainish audio getting through.BALL-IL 1215 UNITED KINGDOM Virgin 1215 Dec25 0710-0803 F-G Bits of pop/rock getting through 1210/1220 spatter finally get a burst of a man in english at :03. TA #13. NEW! BALL-IL 1314 NORWAY NRK Kvitsoy Dec19 0130 P-F in narrow w/ Rolling Stones oldie, talk MP-OH 1512 BELGIUM Wolvertem Dec18 0736 F. In audio for about five minutes in I guess Dutch. 927Khz had a strong het also but no audio got through. New country #34 TA #11. NEW! BALL-IL 1557 FRANCE Nice Dec20 0647 P Bits of French breaking through. TA #12 France #3. NEW! BALL-IL
NOV'05 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 153 Norway NRK Ingoy Nov11 2222 G -quite clear with music and talk VALDX-MB 162 France France Inter Allouis Nov11 2230 Weak with music program. VALDX-MB 189 Iceland Rikisutvarpid Gufusalar Nov11 2215 F with talk and music VALDX-MB 531 ALGERIAtAlger Nov15 0345 bits and pieces of Arabic language talk by man fading in and out. Radio Vision QRM. No ID heard, so only tentative. CR-IL 585 SPAINtMadrid RNE 1 Nov15 0355 P with vocal music, and SS talk by man 2259. No actual ID heard so only tentative. CR-IL

OCT'05 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 531 UNID Arabic talk and music Oct21 0120-0155 RZZ-WI 567 IRELAND RTE Tullamore Oct21 0457 P-F Robert Palmer song MP-OH 585 UNID Arabic talk and music Oct21 0120-0155 RZZ-WI 585 SPAIN Madrid RNE-1 Oct31 0527 VP-F SS, time pips on half hour NEW! MP-OH 675 NETHERLANDS ACR Lopik Oct22 0332 P Robert Palmer song, same one heard on RTE the night before, what are the odds? MP-OH 684 UNID Spanish talk Oct21 0120-0155 RZZ-WI 693 UNITED KINGDOM BBC5 Droitwich/synchros Oct11 0413 VP EE announcers w/ British accents, nx NEW! MP-OH 738 SPAIN RNE-1 Barcelona Oct21 0359 SS, time pips, then buried u/ CHWO ACI NEW! MP-OH 765 UNID music Oct21 0120-0155 RZZ-WI 765 SWITZERLAND Sottens, RSR Option Musique Oct23 0507 P-F w/ FF ez list., Billy Joel song, FF talk between songs. Country #32 NEW! MP-OH 747 NETHERLANDStFlevoland Oct14 0446 P w/ talk, music, interesting beeping heard before TOH NEW! MP-OH 855 UNID Spanish talk Oct21 0120-0155 RZZ-WI 882 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R. Wales Washford Oct21 0429 P-F w/ loud het against WCBS, "The World Today" and "BBC News" mentioned NEW! MP-OH 1008 NETHERLANDS Flevoland, Radio 10 Gold Oct25 0213 P w/ Madonna song MP-OH 1008 NETHERLANDS Radio 10 Gold Flevoland (tent.) Oct21 0444 P "Are You Going To San Francisco" oldie NEW! MP-OH 1035 PORTUGALtPorto Alto, RCP (Radio Clube Portugues) Oct31 0314 VP w/Animals song, country #33 if correct MP-OH 1089 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros Oct14 0517 P-F w/ very loud het, talk in EE w/ British accents MP-OH 1314 NORWAY NRK Kvitsoy Oct12 0343 P w/ "Sail Away" AC song MP-OH 1323 GERMANY VOR Wachenbrunn Oct15 0522 P-F EE talk about Russia MP-OH 1377 FRANCE Lille, France Info, Oct23 0114 P-F ez list., FF talk, "France Info" NEW! MP-OH 1557 FRANCE France Info Nice Oct15 0401 VP FF talk MP-OH 1575 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Dhabbaya, Radio Farda, Oct23 0207 P w/ various middle eastern & EE pop tunes //9805 Country #31, farthest catch on AM/MW, 7107mi NEW! MP-OH 1575 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Dhabbaya, Radio Farda, Oct24 0120 P-F 2nd night in a row, but stronger at times w/ presumed Farsi talk between songs MP-OH

SEP'05 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 1134 CROATIA Zadar Sep29 0213 P "Voice of Croatia", EE program MP-OH MAR'05 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 567 IRELAND RTE Tullamore Mar1 0424 P fiddle mx, talk at 0500, AC at 0530 NEW! MP-OH 675 NETHERLANDStLopik Apr1 0508 P Bruce Springsteen song, lost at end due to WSCR slop which kicked up at right time, signal was gone after that NEW! MP-OH 774 SPAIN RNE-1 synchros Mar6 0222 P SS, talk o/ mx, mx, jingle "Radio ?" NEW!t MP-OH 1089 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros Mar29 0458 P loud het, little audio, "TalkSport" ment. before TOH, heard male announcers and sweeper at 0503 NEW! MP-OH 1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS V7AD Mar1 0917 P -light vocal mx, man in English.Could only pick out occasional words. Had a monster het but very weak audio in 1100 slop. Also had good hets on 738,846,and1035 but no audio. TP#1 new country #33. NEW! BALL-IL 1134 CROATIA Zadar Apr1 0201 P-F EE program, ment. "Croatian Radio, the Voice of Croatia", "Croatia Today", news MP-OH 1206 FRANCE Bordeaux (France Info) Mar24 0547 P FF female announcer and bits of filler music thrown in at times NEW! MP-OH 1512tBELGIUM VRT Wolvertem Mar27 0503 various AC music, some sounded like EE, male announcer every few songs would say something, possibly in Dutch, heavy interference from WLAC, quite a loud ringing sound between 1510-1512 NEW! MP-OH 1557 FRANCE Nice (France Info) Mar26 0450 P FF male announcer and bits of filler music thrown in at times, sounded like news after TOH, peaked at 5dB NEW! MP-OH 1575 SPAIN SER synchros Mar30 0601 P SS sounded like news, ment. "Valencia" NEW! MP-OH 1584 CEUTA Ceuta Mar30 0614 P SS talk, "RadiOle" ment. in break MP-OH 1584 CEUTA Ceuta Mar25 0445 P+weak SS mx, time beeps b4 TOH, "RadiOle" ment. after TOH, female announcer and more music followed NEW! MP-OH 1602 SPAINtVitoria Mar30 0550 P SS sounded like ads, thought I heard "Vitoria" ment. a few times NEW! MP-OH FEB'05 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 621 CANARY ISLANDS Santa Cruz de Tenerife (RNE-1) Feb17 0126 SS program w/ man and woman NEW! MP-OH 1134 SPAIN COPE Feb6 0357 F-G Man and Woman in ss talk. Gone by TOH. TA #10 Spain #5.NEW! BALL-IL DEC'04 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 1467 FRANCEtRoumoules Dec5 2329 P-F briefly, long fades, VP at other times, (TWR) EE preacher, religious programming NEW! MP-OH 1521 Khz Broadcasting of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia BKSA Duba Dec8 0345 Heard u/religous station WHIM 1520 Apopka Fl 1520 Heard steel guitar with fast paced low key drumming and jingling with Male Arabic Sounding wail and chanting with slight interference from an un identified Spanish speaking station ( i understand some Spanish so im quiet sure this tape recording was tenativly Arabic in origin) also heard a woman id in Muffled english near the top of the hour at :50, with what sounded like "This is the Broadcasting service of" kingdom of Al Saudiya Arabiya? at least according to World Radio TV handbook . I will try to confirm a QSL by sending them a tape copy IF so this is my 1st Transaltantic AM station! GC-FL 1521 probably SAUDI ARABIA Duba Dec20 0302 P AA male announcer, in briefly MP-OH NOV'04 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 1179 GERMANY Ismaning/Munich RFERL Nov2 0011 P possible Croatian/Serbian programming w/ mx + talk NEW! MP-OH

OCT'04 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 549 ALGERIAtS.Hamadouche Oct31 0102 P sounded like AA, nx?, sweepers/liners at 0104, lost at 0106, this would be NEW if my hunch is right, hope to find out MP-OH 783 MAURITANIA Nouakchott Radio Mauritanie Oct24 0345-0403 Strong at times with 2 men in French, into prayers in Arabic? at top of hour //4845 SW. MW Country # 69 logged. NEW! JF-ON 945 FRANCE Toulouse Oct23 2334 P-F AC type mx, FF announcers, probably nx at TOH NEW! MP-OH 1323 GERMANY Wachenbrunn Oct24 0600 P, EE "World Service of the Voice of Russia" NEW! country #18 MP-OH 1521 SAUDI ARABIA Duba Oct24 0036 P-G in narrow, easily overpowered 1520 domestics + WSAI IBOC junk, presumed AA, program w/ announcers + short incidental music mixed in 6200+mi NEW! country #17 MP-OH SEP'04 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 162 FRANCE Allouis, France Inter Sep12 0459 very weak P signal, time beeps at TOH, FF nx, mx heard later, first LW log NEW! MP-OH 183 EUROPE #1 Felsburg FRG Sep11 0352 G -YL with FF talk into harmonica blues number. JF-ON 558 SPAIN RNE5 synchros Sep11 0301 G at times in CFOS slop with SS talk by 2 men //855. JF-ON 585 SPAIN RNE1 Madrid Sep11 0309 SS talk //855. JF-ON 837 CANARY IS / SPAIN COPE synchros Sep11 0311 SS man and woman //999. JF-ON 864tFRANCE Paris Sep30 0306 P, FF announcers + mx NEW! MP-OH 1062 DENMARK Kalundborg DR Radio tSep13 0323 VP in narrow w/ KYW slop, heard what sounded like recent top 40 song in EE, in breifly, NEW! MP-OH 1134 CROATIA Zadar (HR1) Sep28 0033 P-F in narrow w/ mx, foreign language NEW! approx. 4700 miles MP-OH 1134 CROATIA Zadar (HR1) Sep29 0212 P-F in narrow, EE w/ "Croatian Radio Today" MP-OH 1314 NORWAY Kvitsoy NRKtSep13 0111 P in narrow, heard in wide a few times, various AC mx, some of it in EE, first TA on MW, was still in at 0500 UTC NEW! MP-OH 1314 NORWAY Kvitsoy (NRK) Sep27 0304 P-F in narrow w/ pop mx MP-OH 1314 NORWAY Kvitsoy (NRK) Sep28 0109 P in narrow w/ mx again MP-OH 1314 NORWAY Kvitsoy (NRK) Sep29 0340 P-F in narrow, pop mx, 3rd night in a row MP-OH DEC'03 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 1215 SPAIN COPE Dec26 0530 F Spanish talk between man and woman. Nice signal for about 20 minutes in spite of 1210/1220 splatter. NEW! BALL-IL OCT'03 Trans-Atlantic DX: ALL TIMES GMT 621 CANARY ISLANDS RNE-1 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Oct14 0010 F peaks easily past WTMJ with two men speaking back and forth in SS during good low band TA cx. Strong carrier on 612 was likely Morroco, but no audio made it. NK-IL

TRANS ATLANTIC DX (Dec'02):ALL TIMES GMT 1467 MONACO Romoules Dec6 2328 F Trans World Radio in English. Decent signal but 1470 spatter made for very tough copy. BALL-IL 1503 SPAIN Dec11 0115 P-F Broke through for 25 seconds with Spanish NEW! BALL-IL

TRANS ATLANTIC DX (Sep'02):ALL TIMES GMT 621 CANARY ISLANDS Sep1 0227 F with trumpet music, SS talk. JF-ON 684 SPAIN Sep1 0302 assumed the one here with muffled SS talk. JF-ON 890.97 ALGERIA Sep1 0306 strong with AA music. Big het on WLS JF-ON 1116 SPAIN Sep29 0521 G with 2 men talking in SS of course. JF-ON 1116 SPAIN Sep1 0339 assumed with YL and OM in SS. These relatively low powered stations but out a big signal! JF-ON 1313 NORWAY Sep29 0503 strong at times with YL in Norwegian into NOS music. JF-ON 1323 UNID TA Sep29 0509 strong carrier here for short time. Have never logged anything on this freq before, likely Germany. JF-ON

TRANS-ATLANTIC DX (Jan02): ALL TIMES GMT 153 ALGERIA BECHAR Jan11 2323 G -Arabic talk and Aribic mx, Local level by 0000.NEW COUNTRY #22 STATION HEARD #700 BALL-IL 162 RFI FRANCE Dec6 1256 VG, but local power line noise made it very tough copy. French talk, time pips at the leading up to the TOH.NEW COUNTRY #21 BALL-IL 171 RMEI MOROCCO NADOR 01-26 0121 F. French, playing American pop music. NEW. BALL-IL 183 EUROPE 1 GERMANY SAARLOUIS Jan12 0643 F. French talk by man and woman. NEW! COUNTRY #24 BALL-IL 198 Radio Four United Kingdom Droitwich 01-26 0527 F. Radio Four id then into light instrumental music. NEW COUNTRY #27 BALL-IL 207 MOROCCO AZILAL Jan12 0019 F -Arabic programing good signal level but hampared by beacons. NEW COUNTRY #23 BALL-IL 216 RADIO MONTE CARLO FRANCE ROUMOULES Jan12 0535 French programing. NEW! BALL-IL 252 ALGERIA TIPAZA Jan12 0656 G. Me and MS Jones tune, and a couple of other soul tunes, then into French talk. NEW! BALL-IL 252 Atlantic 252 Ireland Clarkestown 01-26 0542 G. Sports programing, mixing with Algeria. NEW COUNTRY #28 BALL-IL 531 ALGERIA AIN-EL BEIDA Jan17 0334 F. Arabic mx. //153. NEW! BALL-IL 621 RNE-1 CANARY ISLANDS Jan17 0210 F/P. Spainish talk by two men. NEW COUNTRY#25. BALL-IL 855 RNE-1 SPAIN MURCIA Jan17 0357 VP. Very weak signal with man in spainish. NEW COUNTRY #26 BALL-IL 1375 ST. PIERRE & MIQUELON (RFO) Dec6 0905 VP. French talk for a couple of minutes, over 1370/1380 slop. NEW COUNTRY #20 BALL-IL

TRANS ATLANTIC DX (Dec'01):ALL TIMES GMT 189 Iceland Rikisutvarpid Gufuskalar Dec 2 1100 Man in Icelandic talk. MB-DX

TRANS ATLANTIC DX (Feb'01):ALL TIMES GMT 1314 NORWAY (NRK Kvitsoy) 2-12 0230- 0305 UTC. My first TA! P-F with American bluesy rock music. English. One song title I think was, "In The Middle of The Night". Male talk at 10pm in presumed Norwegian. I use to listen to Radio Norway a lot and that's what it sounded like. News or talk at 10 for about 3 minutes. Little jingle into more music. RK-PA

TRANS ATLANTIC DX (Jan'01):ALL TIMES GMT 153 Norway NRK Nordkapp Jan 6 2340 Good signals alone on frequency with instrumental versions of American po music. Only this and 189 Iceland heard. NEW! VALDX-MB