Grand Rapids,MN - US2&169
Skarsvåg, North Cape in Norway
City of Biloxi
Charlevoix,MI Bridge Cam
Calgary AB
Vinita,OK US66 East
Vinita,OK US66 West
Wrigley Field
Wrigleyville Cam
Las Vegas,NV
Welcome to Las Vegas
Lookout Pass,ID
NY Times Sq
Columbus Circle
Myrtle Beach SC
DT Cavalier,ND
T Roosevelt Natl Pk
US Nat'l Mall
Big Bend Natl Pk/Texas
Lost Trail,MT
Sturgis sidewalk street
Helmond, SE Netherlands,
Wyoming: US 26/89
Presque Isle,ME
US41 Marquette
Houghton Hancock,MI
College Ave-Houghton,MI-MTU
Seney Refuge,MI
Sault Ste Marie MI/ON
Grand Portage,MN
Lolo Pass,MT
Land O Lakes,WI
Milwaukee lakefront
Milwaukee Harbor
Hoback Jct,WY 5 cameras
Jackson Hole,WY
Jackson Hole,WY
Georgetown,Cayman Islands
Kharkov,POLAND Bus Terminal
Cirkewwa POLAND Bus Terminal

South Pole
Oulu, Finland
Mt Wilson, California
Zurich, Switzerland

Tribute/History/Interest Sites:
WCFL Chicago
Trax and Grooves
CHUM Tribute
WOLF Tribute
WAKY History
WWDJ 970 New York tribute
WQAM Tribute Site
Columbus Music History
WROV History
WCOL History
another WCOL History
CFOX History Montreal
WKBO History
WLS History
WTMA Tribute site
WMAQ Samuels
WMAQ Childers
1290 Koil, Omaha
91 KISN Portland
136 KGB San Diego
Jock:Chris Bailey!
1240 KROY Sacramento,CA
1240 WOMT Manitowoc
"The Crash Curse"
Several stations,Joe Benson
WI Bcsting Museum
Milw Black Radio History
WISN pictures
Milw radio: 2001
Historic Coverage Maps

May they rest in peace:
George Wilson
George Wilson
George Wilson
It's what's between
the songs-

WOKY's George Wilson
Jerry Bartell
Rodger Kent
Rodger Kent
Rodger Kent

Ed Farmer:
Ed Farmer < on his life in baseball
89 Seconds with 890: Ed Farmer
Ed Farmer visits 9th-period class
White Sox Ed Farmer talks Fenwick!
Ed Farmer Peggy Kusinski interview
Darrin Jackson:
Darrin Jackson: Values,Integrity
Darrin Jackson w/ Coach Mayden

Dan Dickerson calls:
Tigers going to the World Series
Miguel Cabrera's incredible 2-run walk-off
walk- off grand slam-Tigers-6-30-14

Ken Harrelson calls:
Angry Compilation
Quintana ejection
Two balks/two ejections
Uecker / Harrelson swap stories
KSQM tower goes up
WHNK tower taken down
Tower climbing
WWV towers
WLW tower
SDR Ham chatter
Airspy SDR, Tips/Trix

TV News:
News TV live on line
9/10 Sault Ste Marie
10 KMOT Minot
KFYR TV5 Bismarck
KVLY Fargo. Valley News
Fox 6 Milwaukee
CBS58 Milwaukee
12 WJFW Rhinelander
WSAW 7 Central WI
WAOW 9 Central WI
Fox 47 Madison,WI
Local 3 Marquette
TV6 Marquette
ABC10UP Marquette
WGN Chicago
Fox Chicago
Bl Hills Fox
KOTA Rapid City
WOWT Omaha
Fox9 Mpls
Fox 21 Duluth
10/13 Duluth
KTTC-10 Mankato,MN Waterloo,IA
Cayman 27

State Networks;
Network Indiana
Radio Iowa
Radio Kansas
News Dakota
Cowboy State News/WY

Prime Minister's Questions:
Watch Parliament work:UK!

July 15 2015
July 8 2015
July 1 2015
February 11 2015
McLaughlin Group!
The McLaughlin Group 12/2/18

Gary IN VJ Records:
Vee Jay

Jesse Ventura:
Jesse Ventura 5/26/1999 Jay Leno Interview
Jesse Ventura | Interview | Tonight Show (08-12-1987)
Five Guys
Costco's $1 Hot Dogs
Daily Job
Driving Tricks They Don't Teach
Driving Habits That Ruin Your Car, Drain Your Wallet
11Foot8 Bridge Crash Compilation

Gotta wonder:
World's Funniest Engineering Fails
Door to door methods
Idiots at work 2018/#3
BAD DAY ? Better Watch this. 2.0
10 Ways You're Being Watched by the Gov't
Newly Created Bus Lane Too Narrow
11'8" bridge compilation

Radio formatics:
FCC Regulations, Station rules
Radio Studio OperationsThe three logs
Hot Clock explained
Creating Format Clocks
Visual representation of radio format clock
Principles of Programming,Part 1
Principles of Programming,Part 2
Principles of Programming,Part 3
Rule Of Three For Radio Sweepers
Principles of Programming,Part 4
Why Radio Stations Repeat Songs
How to build a studio
Home radio station studio
How to: Make a Radio Station
Behind the Scenes: WJON
Inside the Radio Station
Behind the scenes of the official chart
Behind the Scenes of Radio 1's Official Chart
Making of the Radio 1 playlist
How the home studio works
How to set up a station
Home radio station studio upgrade
Studio Tour "How It's Done"
How To- Host a Radio Show
Radio Presenter Training Course
Las Vegas Radio Ratings Demo with 'Scoped' Air-Check
Radio Ratings: 5 Ways to Make Yours Go UP!
The Survival of Local Radio Programming
The NINE tape!
Successful Radio Programming
Broadcast Terms
Radio formatics, styles
Setting up the new sound of "Q"--Ireland
Q Radio Video, Ireland
Q Radio Network promo/Ireland
Kiss 100 imaging. London, 2011
Q Music --Brandy Jingles Power intros
Kiss 100 Imaging. April 2011
Wichita Radio Wars KKRD/KEYN -1987

162.474 KJY76 Crystal Falls
162.550 KZZ53 Escanaba
162.400 WXK73 Houghton
162.500 KIG66 Marquette
162.400 WNG576 Newberry
162.550 KIQ74 Sault Ste. Marie
162.525 WNG684 Manistique
162.500 KZZ35 Escanaba

162.5 WNG676 Clearwater
162.55 KEC65 Mpls/St Paul
162.425 WXM99 Bemidji
162.4 WXL65 Saint Cloud
162.425 KGG95 Winona
162.55 KXI32 Appleton

162.400 WWF40
162.400 WXL64
Keiler (Dubuque,IA area)
Part time ops
162.400 WXJ88
162.400 KEC60
Milwaukee, 1000w
Janesville, WWG90
WXN69 Sister Bay, 500w
---- Ash Ridge
162.450 KZZ76
Kenosha 200w,
xmitter:Kenosha Co.
Hwys KR & G
162.475 WXJ89
Wausau, 1000w
162.500 WWG87
Fond du Lac
162.500 WXM91
Park Falls, 500w
162.525 WWG91
162.550 KIG65
Green Bay
162.550 WXJ86
LaCrosse, 1000w
162.550 WXJ87
Madison, 1000w
These are the
WI NOAA weather sites,
by frequency.
KXMB/KXMA "Too Tall Tom" Tutorial
WLBZ Tom Szymanski Promo From 1990

Loops, Antennas:
Tecsun AM Loop Demo
Bog Antenna
Medium /Short
Wave Interf

700 kHz XEDKR Radio
Michigan: Perseus SDR

Car AM/FM antenna repair
Shortwave Ant 100'
Simple SW antenna Tens TSR 909.AVI
My rooftop AM antenna
My Longwire SW Ant
Why Some AM Radio Stations Don't Work at Night


Beloit (WI)

Colorado Springs
Sky Sox


Indianapolis Indians
Iowa Cubs
Omaha Storm



Fort Wayne


Idaho Falls

Gr. Falls

Gr Lakes




Kenosha Kingfish
Muskego Hitmen

Fields & Faith
Faith in the Zone
Athletes in Action
Calling for Christ

The Life of Teachers:
and lack of support!
Award winning teacher resignation speech: Green Bay
Teacher's followup speech about violence
Green Bay School Board Heated Debate Over Washington Middle School Principal
Petition: Board must fire Green Bay Area Public Schools Superintendent
Teacher Describes American High School: "Chaos"
Teacher Fed Up With Students Speaks Out

Lot to learn:
The Patriot Nurse
Do it on a dime
This Nurse WON'T Vaccinate!

Fav ad of all time!
Catch that Pepsi Spirit 2 min
Catch that Pepsi Spirit twirler
Catch that Pepsi Spirit vinyl
Catch that Pepsi Spirit baseball
Catch that Pepsi Spirit papa
Catch that Pepsi Spirit Pele
Catch that Pepsi Spirit La Crosse
Catch that Pepsi Spirit Scholarship
Catch that Pepsi Spirit Marry

SkopKo 1987

If ya wanna cry:
Kenosha riot areas, night view
Kenosha Riots
Kenosha Riots II

No to social media:
Why you should delete...
6 months ago I quit:changed life
You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started
Residential streets too wide. Here's why.
Why do so many U.S. cities have gridded streets?
Traffic Signs in Dubai
Chicago's Geography Advantage

unquestioned loyalty!

Hachiko:A Dog's Story
Hachiko Real Story
Hachiko 10 Years
Hachiko Real Story
Hachi: Behind Scenes
Hachiko A Dog's Story
Hachiko: emotional
Dog Cries When He Realizes His Family Left Him At The Shelter
Dog Was Crying For Help
Dogs Crying After Long Time
Dogs Meet Their Owner After Long Time II
Doberman waiting for his boss !!!
Vet eats b'fast w/scared rescue
Graycie Claire- One Year Later
Cries meeting the man that rescued her 6 mo ago
Stray dog clinging to a stuffed animal
Heartbroken stray dog decided to trust!
This Pit Bull Wouldn't Leave The Shelter...
Fluke Trailer
Fluke Tribute
Fluke Ending
Dog cries owner's grave
Rescue do nobody-wanted saves life of new owner
Cat see owner who dies years ago. Can't hold it in
Refuses to Leave/
died 6 yrs ago

Homeless dog:rescued
does something amazing

Dog Falls Asleep After Realizing She’s Being Rescued
Dogs Meets Owner After Long Time
Service dog calm war vet's PTSD
Most Loyal Dogs
Booped The Snoot Too Many Times!
Stayed by dead owner's side/23d
Dog Visits Hospital Everyday For Two
Years Looking For Owner Who Died

Runs From His New Owner
Crying/After Separation
What the dog does/mystifying!
Dog Won't Stop Hugging
Dog Shows Gratitude After Being Rescued 48seconds
Rescue of Scared Homeless Dog w/Broken Heart
Police K9 help
Puppy plays dead to avoid the vet
Singing Dog Contest/Johnny Carson 1987
Dogs Sleeping Position

North AMerican Fox Hound!
I'm a proud owner...
Appearance, barking
AMerican Foxhound
AMerican Fox Hound Explained

The Judges, goofs!
...and more...
Joe Brown:
Goes off
Pure Evil
Braindead girl
Big Lady, Mouth!
Big woman likes to eat
You Walking Out?
Cussed Out
Goes off
Dude Disses Judge
Judge Judy:
Um is Not an Answer! punk
plaintiff almost punches
Never curse at Judge
Judge Judy gets threatened!
being boss
crazy lady...
... vs Prof Bartending School
I Will Take My Money Out
emotional lady
sets a mother straight
Savage Moments
Lady flips out
Disruptive Lady
half dressed woman
at her best
\Correct English
wipes up the floor
At her best
On entitlement
Bunch of pigs
goes off!
"why don't you SHUT UP!"
English #1
English #2
Living life
is mad
Judge Judy MAD!!
Judge Milian:
lucky i'm not suing
Judge Owns ...
greedy plaintiff
Paints Wrong House
Horse People
Good Guy
Shoplifting goes crazy
Lady goes crazy
Lady Meltdown
How not to be loser
they're loserds
no dialogue
"take like out" +thirsty
never happened
drive way
I was doing this
I sent him a sext
quit the team
College grads think...

Millennials Interview
Millennial Job Interview
Workplace Training Video
Anchor's :reaction stupid comment
Stuff Millennials Say
Students:pay their tuition
Snowflake Alert /Meltdown:San Diego
Millennial snowflake owned by hotel owner

I Don't mind being alone.
Smart People/Fewer Friends
8 Signs You're Way Smarter...
Waking up during the night?
What Happens If You Walk Daily
10 Habits of Successful People
The Power in Keeping Quiet
Types Of People To Avoid
Signs Someone Secretly Dislikes You
How to Let Go of What Other People Think
Lonliness and Spirituality

Andorra. Small Country in Europe
Andorra, on/by bus
W W V - The Tick

Fascinating Engineering Facts
Most Remote Buildings
Strangest Things in American Deserts
Celebs Who Vanished/Still Missing
10 Billionaires Who Lost All

Out of the way!
Nuuk -largest city of Greenland
Tristan da Cunha/World's Most Remote Inhabited Isle
The Salton Sea/ California
SMALLEST Countries In The World
10 Secluded Towns/US
10 Small Towns /US
Impossible Places That Actually Exist

Tesla and Elon Musk Finally Exposed /Scotty Kilmer
Never Go to This Gas Station
If You Buy This Type of Fuel You’re Stupid
US Auto Industry to Implode, M Alkin
Why Ford Is Saving Mustang
Ford cutting sedan production
Ford CEO Hackett: Ford's Future
Bug a thon:
Geting Rid Of Wasp Nest/Hornet Stick
Small Town/Bygone AMericana:
Logan, West Virginia SKINNY STREETS!
Man, West Virginia!
Thurmond, WV Ghost Town
Exeter, VA - Stonega Coal & Coke Territory
Cherokee, NC: Christmas,Nighttime Drive
Dairy Queen in every small town
Piggly Wiggly,first true grocery store
Rexall Drug - Life in America
S&H Green Stamps - Life in America<

Beasley stream
Sign offs:
27 WKYT Lexington,KY
WKYH Hazard,KY
CBUT Vancouver
56-WTVS Detroit
20 WXON Detroit
WPIX New York
WWJ-4 Detroit
WNYW-New York
WVUE-New Orleans
WYES-New Orleans
WCBS-TV New York


Canute Road Crossing-Eastern Docks Gate -UK
Britannia Bridge Level Crossing UK
Minffordd Level UK
Two Miles Long CSX/St Marys WV
Freight / Middle of Street Michigan City, IN
Strangest Railroad Crossing
Snowy Street Running(Please Move Your Car!)
NS Street Runner Train, Augusta GA
3 Trains Meet/ Cross Overs- Hamilton,OH
Trackside Signs/Markers
Street Running Train, Lawrenceburg, IN
Odd crossing at the IN/OH border
N&W City side
C&O Railroad
BN Railroad
Hidden Abandoned RR/Many Years
Unusual RR Crossing/Crossbuck Flashing Lights!
Pedestrian Crossing In The City! Ohio Central
Model bus layout / diorama
city/RR layout
Train in My Yard! Stewartstown PA
another layout!
realistic HO
...and part II!
HO model city lights
Milw road model RR
HO scale/ nighttime
The City Edge Layout
How To Create Roads for Your Model Railroad

SW tips:august 2014
Glory Days of SW


Weird Minn/Canada border
Cholla/painting horse!
Cholla/painting horse!
USA Geography---Fun Facts, Road Tripping!
16 Oddities of U.S. Geography
Examining Interesting Maps
Examining Interesting Maps Part 3
More Oddities of U.S. Geography
10 Most Boring States to Visit
Best Way to Road Trip: Montana, Wyoming and Dakotas
Tips & Hacks for Road Trips
Best & Worst Motel Chains
Best Way to Drive Across the U.S. and See Major Landmarks
Top 10 Small Cities in the U.S.
Top 15 Emptiest Parts of the U.S.
8 Worst Places in the U.S.
10 Worst Cities in the U.S.
Michigan: A Geographic Profile
Road Trip Report: NV WY NE
White Castle, buy 'em by the sack
Milwaukee Pizza History
Nebraska: A Geographic Profile
Why are States Closing Rest Areas?
Studying Geography & Geography Careers
Which Caribbean Island Should You Visit?
Gentrification Controversy
Nevada: A Geographic Profile
Arizona: A Geographic Profile
A Tour of My Geography Library

Upper Michigan Information:
MTU Calumet Laurium
MTU Calumet Laurium
10 Craziest Subway Maps

Soda Bad For You? - Poison In A Can
Sodas/Sugary Drinks/Harmful
Diet Soda and Weight Gain
Smart Meters
Cell Phones/Microwave Ovens

...blasting 900 Mhz band
Dark Side:Smart Meters F A Q meters harm your health
Cell phones
CFL Light Bulbs:
Dangerous When Broken

CFL Bulbs

Vehicle Noise,Traffic:Dhaka, Bangladesh
Roads USA Europe China& Russia
About Traffic Signs
How streets, roads, and avenues are different
Every State in the US
LED Traffic Light"But Sometimes!"
Road signs in Nepal
Rules of the Road #7
America's Most Expensive Megaprojects
Why Chicago's Trains Are Elevated
"Yes, These Tracks Are Used"
Train Crosses Motorway, No Warning!
RARE Alley -railway crossing:London
Common Mistake Left Turn Traffic
Roundabout Corridor
Diverging Diamond Interchange:WA
Roundabout Corridor
Pinavia 70
Pinavia interchange
Simple Solution to Traffic
Traffic Jams
15 Driving Tricks They Don't Teach
Craziest Intersections
Longest Drivable Distance on Earth?
Longest Overwater Bridge
Rush Hour in Different Countries
Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On
Unbelievable Home Locations
20 Most Stunning Roads
Most Insane Engineering Marvels
China:World's Longest Sea Bridge
Unfinished Construction Projects
7 Most Dangerous Roads
Top 10 Craziest Intersections
Traffic in Kuala Lumpur
Lack of Traffic!
Nevada Desert, more
Nevada Desert
Quiet roads of Ireland
Driving the same car for 53 years

STOP PAYING FOR home phone
FREE internet - FreedomPop
Beating Cable Fees...
Beginners Guide to Dashcams / Car DVR Cameras
G1W REVIEW - The Best (Insanely Cheap) 1080p Dash Cam

Milw County Beaches
Milw County Parks

Greyhound gab:
Quietly Closing, Selling Stations
10 BAD Things That WILL Happen
Why so few bus drivers?
Driver Q and A

Bus planning stuff/histories:
Thunder Bay(H)
MCTS retires Route 10 name, in use 100 yrs
10 ways to improve transit
Transit Development So.Maine
Milwaukee MCTS Next
Danville Mass Transit
What's the deal with Hamilton,ON fares?
Anchorange-Tough choices
Palm Beach,FL
Milw/Transit Future
Carless in OKC
Cincinnati bus pictoral
Davenport,IA 2015 re-routing
Managers don't ride
Small Cities tools
fixing Edmonton
Color schemes
Houston/a model for transit
Houston: How to Ride the Bus
Bus Network Redesigns
Halifax's new transit plan
Bus Network Redesign: Route Types

City planning:
Roadway fundamentals-design
Solving Traffic Congestion With an Innovative Intersection
How a J-Turn Intersection Works
Why the US has two different highway fonts
What is a Stroad?

Electric Buses/Buses:
World's Largest Bus Factory
China Electric Buses
Why Electric Buses Are Far More Important

ments by others!
Wiki MW DX
per WAGN
per sources
per WLAK
per WEGZ
Finn DX
MU Warrior

Inside Higher Ed
Campus Reform

SE WI Alzheimers Assn
Fats Domino
Johnny Mathis

X-mitters, radio, et al!
540 WGTO FL transmitter tour -1994
Abandoned radio station
Airlines, planes!
Airlines ended in the 1980's-USA
Airlines ended in 1990's-USA
Airlines ended in the 2000's-USA

Lives full time in a 38 foot Bus Conversion
From Gotham to isolation
Underground home, etc

Popeye cartoons:
King Features Syndicate:1960-1963
Most are KNeitel with
Sharples music (KN)(JK) (GD)
KNeiel,KInney orDEitch,HArmon
* are "different"
some pre 1960s too
Jack Mercer, Mae Questel, Jackson Beck
(opening music:)
*Hits and Missiles1ST/KFS Music
Incident At Missile City KN
Cookin with Gags1954 KN
Out to Punch 1956 KN
I Don't Scare '56 KN
Fright to the Finish '54
Nearlyweds KN ' 57
*Barbecue For Two
Popeye's 20th Anniversary KN '54
Quick Change Olie KN
Popeye & the Phantom KN
Leprechaun KN
Poppa Popeye KN
Popeye Goes Sale-ing KN
Sneaking Peeking KN
Who's Kiddin' Zoo KN
Hair Cut-ups KN
Quick Change Olie KN
Rain Breaker KN
Love Birds KN
Duel to the Finish KN
Boardering on Trouble KN
My Fair Olive KN
Buddy Brutus KN
Wiffle Bird's Revenge KN
The Ugly Ducklin KN
Giddy GoldKN
Myskery MelodyKN
Pop Goes the WhistleKN
Matinee Idol Popeye DEI"toot"
Partial Post DEI
Popeye Revere KI
Partial Post DEI
County FairKN
Jingle Jangle Jungle KI
Out Of This World KI
Popeye Thumb KN
Trojan Horse KI
Old Salt Tale KI
Fashion Fotography KI
Frozen Feuds KI
Take It Easel KI
The Baby Contest KN
Timber Toppers KN
Pep Up Emporium KI
Amusement Park KN
Strikes, Spares an' Spinach KN
Popeye in the Woods KI
Golden Type Fleece KI
Olive Drab &7 Sweapeas
Popeye And The Dragon KI
Wimpy s Lunch Wagon KI
Motor Knocks KN
The Golden Touch KN
Me Quest For Poopdeck Pappy KN
Gem Jam KN
Double Trouble KN
Hamburger Fishing KI
Popeye & The Spinach Stalk KI
Sea Serpent KN
Dog Catcher Popeye KN
Tea Party KN
Testimonial Dinner KI
Spinach Shortage KI
Plumbers Pipe Dream KI
Invisible Popeye KI
Robot Popeye KN
It Only Hurts When They LaughsKN
Mirror Magic KN
Jeep Is Jeep KN
Jeep Tale KI
*Bullfighter Bully HA
Coffee House"toot"
Ghost Host KN
Psychiatricks KN
Weight For Me DE
Valley of the Goons KN
Bathing Beasts KN
Giddy Gold KN
Autographically Yours KN
Cool Pool KN
Butler Up KN
Hill Billy Dilly KN
Spinach Scholar KN
Wiffle Bird's Revenge KN
Spinach Greetings KN
Hag Way Robbery DE "toot" SS!
A Mite of Trouble KN
Kiddie Kapers KN
Childhood Daze HA
Piano Mover KI
Voo Doo to You Too KN
Lighthouse Keeping KI
Going Boing Gone KN
Popeye And The Giant KI
Hair Cut Ups KN
Super Duper Market KI
The Troll Wot Got GruffKI
Mississippi Sissy KN
Messin Up the Mississippi KN
After The Ball Went Over KN
Seer Ring Is Believer Ring KN
Popeye's Travels KN
Scairdy Cat KN
Spare Dat TreeKI
Popeye's Used CarKI
Glad GladiatorKI
Insultin The SultanDE
HairCutUps KN
Tiger BurgerKI
Valley of the Goons KN
The Cure KN
Moby Hick KN
Mark Of Zero KN
Popeye The Lifeguard KI
Medicine Man KN
Rags-Riches-Rags KN
Operation Ice Tickle KN
Scairdy Cat KN
Hypnotic Glance KIN
Super Duper Market KIN
What s News KN
Medicine Man KN
Swee pea Soup DE
Oils Well That Ends Well KN
Glad Gladiator KI
Matinee Idol DE
Strange Things Are Happening KN
Popeye's Car Wash KI
Sea No Evil DE"toot"
Popeye the Fireman KIN
Poil for Olive OylKN
Ancient Fistory-1952
Taxi Turvey 1954
Possum Pearl 1957
I Don't Scare 1956
Haul In One 1953
Spree Lunch,1957
1960's Opening
1980's Opening sanitized!
How do they did Popeye cartoons in 1930`s
How Cartoons were made:1930's
Drawing With Fred Feat Jackson Beck

Winston Sharples music
Modern Madcaps:Open/End
Modern Madcap Kid From Mars
Noveltoon, Out of This Whirl 59
Little Audrey - Dawg Gawn
From Dime To Dime, 1960
Modern Madcap, Perry Popgun
Noveltoon, Animal Fair 1959
Spooking of Ghosts
Modern Madcap/ Spooking of Ghosts'59
Modern Madcap/Talking Horse Sense'59
Modern Madcap /Galaxia'60
Modern Madcap:Trouble Date
Casper Cartoon Show Opening/1963
Casper, Down to Mirth 59
Witch is Witch
Modern Madcap:Popcorn Politics
Modern Madcap:Disguise the Limit
Noveltoons Scrappily Married 1945
Modern Madcap:Robot Ringer
Modern Madcap:One Of The Family
Crazytown - 1953
Superman - Fleischer Superman Cartoons #1 - 1941
Superman#17-Secret Agent (1943)
Hep Cat Symphony1949
Herman & Katnip - You Said a Mouseful58
Huey's Father's Day59
Finnegan's Flea
One Of The Family
Fit to be Toyed
Cheese Burglar
Quack-a Doodle-Doo
Casper-Spook No Evil1953
Bull Freight
Do or Diet
Hooky Spooky F
Caspers Birthday Party59,last
1963 Harvey: Knietel/Sharples
Casper Takes A Bow Wow
Bopin' Hood
Small Spooks/Casper,1963
Growing Up/Casper.1963
Casper:Twin Trouble
Wendy's Wish Knietel's last b4 death
Absent Minded Robot, 1963
4 Sisters:40-Years of pix!
Hidden Celebrity Cemetery
E-15 Warnings!
Money Talks News
Chicago Cemetery Lady

1984 Chrysler commercial 
Advantage Chrysler:1992 
Chrysler Pays Tribute 
Iacocca takes on Press 
Conversation with...1of3

Lasic Complications
ON Bus signage

10 Hilarious Knock Off Fast Food Chains Only In China
Supermarket Guru
Whole Foods/IL/WI
Giant Eagle
Pat's 6 UP locations
Big Sky/MT
Reynolds Baker,MT
Cub Foods/MN
County Mkt/MN
Econo Foods
Piggly Wiggly WI,SoUSA
Hugo's MN/ND
Family Faire No.Mich
Cherry Creek,Harvey,MI
Circle C, Cody,NE
Circle C"More than a Store"

Foster's Cayman
Hurley's Cayman

then there are people!
Best News Bloopers
Best News Bloopers
Best News Bloopers
check out the bantering:
Sgt Garcia y Cpl Reyes!
Presenting Senor Zorro
Affair of Honor
Affair of Honor
Garcia accused
Sergeant Sees Red
Zorro Fights a Duel
Amnesty for Zorro
Deadly Bolas
Cross of The Andes
Sergeant Regrets
New Order
Quintana makes A Choice
Zorro lights a fuse
Comandante Song
A Fair Trial
Sgt Garcia, Commandante
Because I Think So!
Unmasking of Zorro
Ghost of The Mission
Zorro Rides to The Mission
Zorro's Secret Passage

Guy Williams tribute
Guy Williams' Funeral
Guy Williams
Behind The Mask/Zorro

Zorro by Proxy

Have Gun Will Travel Theme
Hogan's Heroes:
Klink:Burkhalter "Tub of Lard"
Hogan's Heroes - Klink's Picture
Is Col. Klink a traitor?
Burkhalter Gets Klink to Tell Schultz to Tell Hogan
Especially not even to you
Hochstetter on the hunt
Could Klink be Nimrod? Burkhalter,Hochstetter
button that says "US"
When a party might be a funeral
Hammelburg Underground Rounded Up
Best of Klink & Burkhalter
Who is running this camp, the Germans?
Klink is Super-Agent "Nimrod"?
Blackmailing Burkhalter
Klink Defends a Luftwaffe Turncoat
It was the best war I ever had,Hochstetter
"Ahhh General Burkhalter, What a Pleasure to See You Sir!"
Knew you would understand anything simple, Klink
Blood & Guts Klink
Klink Believes Hitler Wants Him as Germany's Next Fuehrer
What is this man doing here
Idiot You Are Talking About Is Kommandant Klink
Schultz The Iron Colonel
Norden Prototype
War is Over, Hochstetter
You've Suffered Enough
Isn't this man ever locked up?
My car? I uh... well sir...
No Thanks
Visit From Inspector General
Searching Stalag 13
Schultz Wants To Surrender To Germany
Klink Knows Nothing
Klink The Target
Civilians & Prisoners
Meaning Of Achtung
Hochstetter's Interrogration
Who's Running This Camp?
Tell Col. Hogan I'm Not Listening
How To Dispose Of Secret Papers
It's Perfect
Maj. Hochstetter, Col. Klink &Sgt. Schultz
Flight of the Valkyrie
Keep Smiling
Klink's Escape
Carter imitating Hitler
Himmler calls Hochstetter
Hogan, Are You a Spy?
Schultz sees himself
Hochstetter & the Snowman
Escape or Stay?

Svengoolie Bishop
Svengoolie Bishop
Svengoolie Bishop
Svengoolie Koz
Svengoolie Koz

Wrasslin' the works!
Bobby Heenan: 1988
Monsoon/Heenan, 1988
Mean Gene/Heenan
Heenan "Mothers Day"
Nick Bockwinkel: "You're a Sick Man"
Nick Bockwinkel"Entity of Existence"
Nick Bockwinkel: "Obdurate Recalcitrance"
Bockwinkel/ Heenan Apr'84
Best of Heenan Vol 1
Best Of Heenan, more
Jesse Ventura leaves the AWA
Best of Jesse Ventura Vol 1
Nick Bockwinkel, Bobby Heenan, Steve Regal
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan promo
Da Brain #1
Heenan --2015 w/Cancer
Flair strut
More Flair
Jay Lethal's:Flair
25 y/o Jay Lethal on his Ric Flair tribute
Lethal/Flair Face off
McMahon Impersonates Ric Flair 01/02
The Best of Ric Flair
Ric Flair -The Fat Lady in the Front Row
Ric Flair "$600 Dollar Lizard Shoes"
Greatest Ric Flair Promo
Baron Von Raschke Hannibal Interview
Tribute To Road Warrior Hawk
AWA Wrestling - The Road Warriors
Road Warriors
Best of The Legion of Doom
ROAD WARRIORS tribute video
Crusher 1978
Rodger Kent
Jimmy Valiant 1978
Valiant Bros '77
Valiant Brothers II
Jimmy/Johnny Valiant
Valiant Bros 1977
Jimmy Valiant 1978
Pampero Firpo, Marty O'Neil
Mean Gene, TMJ4,Milwaukee
Mean' Gene Okerlund talks with Lance Allan
Sports Extra With "Mean Gene" Okerlund

Other hobbies!
Traffic Signal Setup as of 3/10/12
Malls,etc Gone/Abandoned
Randall Park Mall,Cleveland
Rolling Acres,Akron OH
Century III, Pgh
Huge Abandoned Mall
Landmark Mall, VA
Malls struggle to survive
Rise/fall of the American shopping mall
Voorhees Town Center
End of K-Mart
How Kmart Went From Beating Walmart And Target To Bankruptcy
Kmart: Death of a Retail Giant
Kmart Closing/Shaler Township, PA #2
Kmart mgr:emotional goodbye
The fall of Sears
Sears, Told From the Inside
Last Christmas Eve/Sears

Hope in 2019!
Big Kmart Clifton Heights, PA
Kmart DONE RIGHT!!! Top 30 in the nation~! Ephrata, PA
Dead Malls
Abandoned Euclid Square Mall (Demolished)
Delta Plaza Mall Escanaba
Mid-Cities Mall.Manitowoc,WI
Dead Mall: Manitowoc Edgewater Mall
Dead Mall: Sheboygan Memorial Mall
Fiesta Mall: One Year After it Closes
Grand Avenue, Milwaukee
Westgate - Madison, WI

1950s USA Supermarket, Shopping
Behind The Scenes At The Supermarket (1958)
Supermarket 1962
1970s Tesco Checkout/UK
Farmer Jack grocery stores
Albertsons Grocery North Bend, Coos Bay, OR
Checkers: "The Front Line" 1965
Electronic supermarket checkout terminals (1978)
CBC: the Dangers of sugar 41 min
Norwegians HATE Surprises, our grocery stores

Howard Davidowitz: Historical
7/18/17 Retail Apocalypse Full Speed
No Recovery! Completely Screwed!
JC Penney Is the New Sears
Recovery Illusion
Standards will never be the same
Lessons in
non bitterness:

Dawn Wells
Dawn Wells
Nick Bockwinkel/1
Nick Bockwinkel/2
Nick Bockwinkel/3
Nick Bockwinkel/4
Nick Bockwinkel/5
Nick Bockwinkel/6
Nick Bockwinkel/7
Bockwinkel /"Slick" Mick
Baron von Raschke/1
Baron von Raschke/2
Baron von Raschke/3

Lessons in
common sense:

People who don't say thank you
People come into your life for a reason