DX-midAMerica/Hello and Welcome!

   Welcome to DX-midAMerica. Through the over 500 pages we hope you'll find a few things you like! Some of us like dx. Some like to keep up to date with format changes or slogans. If you travel in the midwest, our "HOT Lists" have AM and FM stations listed with formats and slogans. Need a little travel info? Go to the travel or services sections. How's the weather? Check it out with the DX-midAMerica weather page!

   For reporting dx, we use CENTRAL time in the HOT TIPS sections, though you may report in anything you want. GMT is used for all non-domestic dx. This is really a site geared toward the midwestern dx'er, however we've had reports from quite a few places. The web doesn't stop at the borders of midAMerica! If you want to send some dx and are outside of the midwest, it'll still be published on our longform pages, though not on our HOT TIPS (loggings/Hot Tips) pages. If you have a problem with everyone knowing your name, as I did in the beginning, you can certainly be "Frank- Minot" as long as you're close to Minot. Your e-mail address is never given out nor are e-mails ever forwarded. I believe in privacy, what little we have left.

   While the emphasis is on AM, as in DX-midAMerica, we also publish FM, TV and other dx tips as sent in by you, the dx'er in midamerica! Does a logging/tip have to be NEW to be reported? NO! Any logging you think is noteworthy is reportable! YOU determine the direction/content of the website.

   Hopefully you'll enjoy the many pages, features and links DX-midAMerica has to offer. Your comments are always welcomed! It is a privilege to be your guest!


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