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Welcome to the DX-midAMerica Lake Huron Circle Tour listing of things on the Circle Tour. If you are going counter clockwise, read from top to bottom. If you go clockwise, read from bottom to top. STARTING POINT: Sault Ste Marie via Ontario to Sault Ste Marie.
Currently, only state tourist, road conditions and AM/some FM radio stations are listed.
Please enjoy this page and if you have any thoughts or comments, please write. You will get a quick reply.

The information herein is checked/changed monthly on the 30th! * indicates new information!
Note: This is being slapped up as time allows. Additions, corrections are welcome!

Michigan Tourism ::: Lake Mich Circle Tour
 Michigan Road Conditions
1230 WSOO Sault Ste Marie OLD, ABC:00 CtoC AM overnights TIGERS
1400 WKNW Sault Ste Marie NewsTALK+SPO:Fox NewsTalk1400.net
93.9 WNBY Newberry OLD Oldies 93 oldies93fm.com
95.1 WUPN Paradise Cl HITS Eagle 95.1
97.9 WIHN Newberry REL
96.7 WMJT McMillan HotAC 96-7 Flash FM
98.3 WCMZ Sault Ste Marie Educ
99.5 WYSS Sault Ste Marie Top40 Yes FM
100.5 CHAS Sault Ste Marie HotAC Kiss FM [CJIC-FM]
101.3 WSUE Sault Ste Marie ROCK
102.3 WTHN Sault Ste Marie REL
104.3 CJQM Sault Ste Marie C&W Country 104.3 [CKCY-FM]
105.5 WMKD Pickford C&W Country 105
106.5 CJTK-FM8 Sault Ste Marie REL //CJTK Sudbury,ON

Elliot Lake,ON
90.3 CBEC CBC Radio One
94.1 CKNR Elliot Lake MooseFM AC
98.7 CKNR-1 Elliot Lake Moose FM AC
101.7 CBON-5 FF: Première Chaîne
102.5 CJTK-3 REL

North Bay,ON
600 CKAT North Bay C&W Country 600
90.5 CFCH North Bay C&W:Country 90.5 45800w
95.1 CBON-17 //CBON Sudbury FF CBC
97.1 CHYQ Sturgeon Falls FF HotAC
99.3 CFSF Sturgeon Falls MooseFM AC
100.5 CHUR North Bay, Kiss 100.5 HotAC
101.9 CKFX North Bay ROCK
103.5 CJTK Sudbury REL
106.3 CFXN North Bay Moose FM

Parry Sound
89.9 CBLR CBC Radio One
91.3 CHRZ Parry Island ETHnic
103.3 CKLP AC, The Moose 103.3

560 WRDT Monroe REL
580 CKWW Windsor OLDies "AM 580"
630 CFCO Chatham C&W //92.9FM "Country 92-9"
690 WNZK Dearborn Heights ETHnic nights on 680 kHz
760 WJR Detroit NewsTALK
800 CKLW Windsor NewsTALK:AM800
910 WFDF Farmington Hills-Detroit SPO:Fox *
950 WWJ Detroit ALL NEWS CBS:00
990 WDEO Ypsilanti REL
1030 WKEG MI Sterling Heights REL:Relevant Radio//94.3FM +104.7FM [WUFL] *
1090 WCAR Livonia-Detroit 250/500 SS:LaExplosiva 1480 y 1090/// WSDS-1480 Salem Twp. explosiva1480.com/
1130 WDFN Detroit NEWS:BIN Network
1160 WCXI Fenton 15000/400 REL birach.com/wcxi.html
1200 WMUZ Taylor Cont Christian//103.5 WMUZFM [WCHB]
1270 WXYT Detroit SPO:CBS - BetQL
1310 WDTW Dearborn SS:La Mega Detroit +107.9 W300DI Dearborn 85w
1340 WEXL Royal Oak REL +96.7 W244DL Detroit
1400 WDTK Detroit TALK +101.5 W268CN Charlotte
1440 WMKM Inkster GOS
1460 WPON Walled Lake-Detroit 1000/760 OLD
1480 WSDS Salem Twp. 750/3800 //1090 WCAR Livonia-Detroit SS:LaExplosiva 1480 y 1090 explosiva1480.com/
1500 WLQV Detroit REL +92.7 W224CC Detroit faithtalkdetroit.com/
1550 CBEF Windsor FF:CBC
90.5 CJAH Windsor REL 10000w ERP
92.5 WMXD Detroit UC
92.7 W224CC //1500-WLQV "Faith Talk Detroit"
93.1 WUFL Detroit REL:Family Life [WDRQ] *
93.5 W228CU Riverview 250 watts CCM:K-Love
93.9 CIDR Windsor Top40 Virgin Radio [CKLWFM]
94.3 W232CA (WKEG)Detroit REL
94.7 WCSX Birmingham Cl ROCK
95.1 CKUE-1 Windsor ROCK
95.5 WKQI Detroit Top40
96.3 WDVD Detroit HotAC=80s/90s tracks [WHYT]
96.7 W244DL Detroit Gospel, "Glory 1340 & 96.7" // WEXL. 99 watts
97.1 WXYT Detroit SPO "97-1 the Ticket"
97.5 CBEW Windsor
97.9 WJLB Detroit HIP HOP/R&B
98.3 W252BX (WMXD) Detroit UC //92.5FM
98.7 WDZH Detroit ALT Alt 98-7
99.1 CJAM Windsor EDUC
99.5 WYCD Detroit C&W
99.9 W260CB (WDMK) Hamtramck UC
100.3 WNIC Dearborn AC
101.1 WRIF DetroitROCK
101.5 W268CN Detroit // 1400 WDTK "The Patriot" 99 watts
101.9 WDET Detroit EDUC
102.3 CJNR Windsor ETH
102.7 WDKL Mount Clemens CCM/K-Love [WPZR]
103.5 WMUZFM Detroit Cont Christian//1200 WMUZ
103.9 CJBC-1 Windsor
104.3 WOMC Detroit Cl HITS
104.7 W284BQ (WKEG) Detroit REL
105.1 WMGC Detroit OLD Hip Hop "105-1 the Bounce"
105.9 WDMK Detroit UC
106.3 W292DK (WMXD) Westland UC //92.5FM
106.7 WDTW Detroit Cl ROCK
107.5 WGPR Detroit HIP HOP/R&B
107.9 W300DI Dearborn SS//1310 WDTW

Port Huron
88.3 WNFA Port Huron REL:Thrive Radio mythriveradio.net/
92.5 WBGV Marlette C&W Country 92.5
96.9 WBTI Port Huron Top40
97.7 WTGV Sandusky AC
102.3 WGRT Port Huron
106.3 CHKS Sarnia ROCK K106.3 Sarnia/Port Huron's Best Rock
107.1 WSAQ Port Huron C&W Q Country 107
660 WMIC Sandusky C&W Days only
1070 CHOK Sarnia C&W //103.9 CHOK-1-FM Sarnia 200w
1380 WPHM Port Huron 5000/5000 NewsTalk/SPO wphm.net
1450 WHLS Port Huron +105.5 W288BT Saint Clair 49w
1590 WHLX Marine City 1000/102 +105.5 W288BT Saint Clair 49w
106.1 WTZM Tawas City HotAC(WW1) "the Point 106.1"
Bay City
790 WSGW Saginaw NewsTALK
1250 WJMK Bridgeport 5000/1100 OLD:MeTVFM +99.3 W257EO Bridgeport 250w 1250wjmk.com [WHHQ WXOX WNEM WKNX Saginaw]
1400 WSAM Saginaw Adult Hits //104.1 WSAG Linwood
1440 WMAX Bay City REL:EWTN
1490 WMPX Midland +107.7 W299CK Midland OLD C&W 107.7 The Highway
93.3 WKQZ Midland ROCK
94.5 WCEN Hemlock C&W
96.1 WHNN Bay City Cl HITS
97.3 WMJO Essexville Adult HITS
97.7 WMRX Midland Cl HITS Sunny 97-7
98.1 WKCQ Saginaw C&W
99.7 WUGN Midland REL
100.5 WSGW Carrollton TALK
102.5 WIOG Bay City Top40
104.1 WSAG Linwood //WSAM Adult HITS:the Bay *
104.5 WILZ Saginaw Cl ROCK
106.3 WGER Saginaw Hot AC mix1063fm.com/
Bad Axe:
1340 WLEW Bad Axe 1000/1000 C&W//94.1 WHST Pigeon C&W thumbnet.net/index.php
102.1 WLEWFM Bad Axe Cruise 102.1 Cl HITS
94.1 WHST Pigeon C&W//1340 WLEW Bad Axe thumbnet.net/index.php
Rodgers City
960 WHAK Rogers City SPORTS SILent
94.7 WKJZ Hillman City Cl HITS
96.7 WRGZ Rogers City C&W
99.9 WHAKFM Rogers City OLDies the Wave
105.7 WZTK Alpena News-Talk-Sports n:6-14
107.7 WHSB Alpena Hot AC


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