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Format File: OLDIES/Classic HITS

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Here is a gleaning of OLDIES/Cl HITS stations on FM in the following areas:ID,IL,MI:UP,MN,NE,ND,SD,WY and certain provinces. This list is of oldies stations and classic hits only. No classic rock stations. Additions & corrections are welcomed! Current thru MAY 2021 listings. Latest additions:*

87.7 WRME-LP IL Chicago Soft OLD "MeTV-FM" [WGWG-LP] http://metv.fm/
87.7 WJMF-LP MS Jackson Cl HITS "the Bridge" 877thebridge.com/
88.9 KRBR WY LaBarge OLDies
89.1 CISO ON Orillia Cl HITS "Max FM"
89.3 CIJK NS Kentville Cl HITS:Rewind 89.3
91.5 WJPR IN Jasper Cl HITS www.wjpr.org
91.9 KTYN WY Thorpe OLDies
92.1 KLQP MN Madison-Dawson "Q92" Cl HITSd/OLD C&W n
92.1 WOHF OH Bellevue OLD
92.1 WXXM WI Sun Prairie-Madison Cl HITS "Rewind 92.1"
92.3 WFWI IN Fort Wayne Cl HITS http://www.big923.com/
92.5 WREE IL Urbana Cl HITS "Rewind 92.5" rewind925.com/ [WCFF]
92.7 WVLI IL Kankakee OLD SOX [WKIF]
92.7 WFNB IN Brazil OLD"True"//104.9 WAXI
92.7 KWME KS Wellington RHY OLD Jammin 92.7
92.7 WYVN MI Saugatuck-Holland ClHITS
92.7 WDUX WI Waupaca Cl HITS "Lakes 92.7" wduxradio.com/
92.9 KLFM MT Great Falls, oldies klfm.com
92.9 KEZQ MT West Yellowstone Cl HITS //920 KWYS kwys920.com/
93.1 WJBL WY Ladysmith Cl HITS "93-1 the Cabin" [WLDY-FM 92.7]
93.1 CIHI NB Fredericton Cl HITS:Rewind 93.1
93.3 KIOA IA Des Moines ClHITS
93.3 WLDB-HD2 WI Milwaukee HD2:1290 WZTI Greenfield OLD"Fonz"
93.5 KKOT NE Columbus ClHITS TheHawk
93.5 WRQN OH Bowling Green-Toledo ClHITS
93.7 WOWA IL West Salem Cl HITS
93.7 KOBB-FM MT Bozeman OLD(WW1) SILent
93.7 WBGR WI Monroe [OLD] [WEKZFM]
94.3 KULO MN Alexandria OLD[KMSR][EX:Sauk Center]
94.3 CHIQ MB Winnipeg Cl HITS "94 3 the Drive"
94.5 WELY MN Ely Cl HITS
94.5 KNEN NE Norfolk News/Cl HITS
94.5 WRJO WI Eagle River CL HITS "94-5 WRJO" [94.3, WERL-FM] wrjo.com/
94.5 KMLD WY Casper OLD"True" [KAWY]
94.7 -WLS IL Chicago, ClHITS
94.9 WOLX WI Baraboo-Madison ClHITS [WLVE WILV]
94.9 CKPE NS Sydney Cl HITS The Wave
94.5 CIBU ON Wingham Cl HITS "Cool 94.5" wingham.coolradio.ca/
95.1 WUEZ IL Carterville ClHITS Magic 95.1
95.1 WUPN MI Paradise-Sault Ste. Marie ClHITS radioeagle.com/
95.3 WVVE MN Grand Marias OLD ABC:00 //1450 WHRY Hurley WI +102.9 W275CR Hurley 250w "Oldies 102.9"
95.3 KZJH WY Jackson ClHITS
95.3 CING ON Hamilton ClHITS
95.5 CIYN ON Kincardine Cl HITS //99.7 CIYN-1 Goderich 750w & 90.9 CIYN-2 Port Elgin, "Shoreline OLDies"
95.7 KQLZ ND New England-Dickinson Cl HITS. Q-Rock 95.7
95.7 KQSF SD Dell Rapids-Sioux Falls ClHITS "Q95.7" &DialGlobal q957.com/ [KSOB KSQB KSQBFM}
95.7 WRIT-HD2 WI Milwaukee Cl HITS
95.9 WIQI IL Watseka Cl HITS "Classic HITS 95.9"
95.9 KHWK KS Hutchinson ClHITS(WW1)
95.9 WLKX MN Forest Lake Cl HITS "Killer B"
95.9 K240CO MT Livingston OLD//KOBBFM SILent
95.9 CHHI NB Miramichi Cl HITS:Rewind 95.9
96.1 KQPR MN Albert Lea Cl HITS Power 96
96.5 KLIX ID Twin Falls OLD
96.7 WBDK WI Algoma OLDies
96.7 CJWV ON Petersborough Cl HITS "Oldies 96.7"
96.9 WWDV IL Zion ClHITS//97.1 WDRV
96.9 CFMK ON Kingston Cl ROCK/Cl HITS "Big 96-3"
97.1 WDRV IL Chicago ClHITS
97.1 KMYQ IA North English OLD
97.3 WRAN IL Taylorville Cl HITS [WTIM]
-97.3 CHBM ON Toronto ClHITS [CJEZ]
97.5 KNXR MN Rochester ClHITS
97.5 W248BU MI Marquette OLD(WW1)//WQXO wqxo.com or gto.fm
97.3 KOBMFM NE Blair OLD//1490 KOBM "Boomer" myboomerradio.com/
97.5 CJKR MB Winnipeg Cl HITS,Cl ROCK "Big 97-5"
97.7 WCHY MI Cheboygan TALK 6-12noon(Steve Gruber,Trucker Randy) OLDIES 12noon-6am. USA:00 wchy.us/
97.7 WOLV MI Houghton-Hancock ClHITS:OLD& DGlobal "97-7 The Wolf"
97.7 WTGV MI Sandusky Cl HITS
97.7 WQDC WI Sturgeon Bay Cl HITS "Rewind 97.7"
97.7 CHGB ON Wasaga Beach Cl HITS "Max FM"
-97.9 WSPT WI Stevens Point-Wausau Cl HITS "Classic Hits 97-9 WSPT" 979wspt.com
98.1 WZOE IL Princeton ClHITS
98.1 WIBN IN Earl Park Cl HITS 981wibn.com/
98.1 WISM WI Altoona Cl HITS
98.3 WSVZ IL Tower Hill OLDies
98.3 KGGK SD Ethan [Wessington Springs] oldies "Cool 98"
98.7 WASKFM IN Battle Ground Cl HITS
98.7 W265AG MI Escanaba 2b OLD:GTO when it goes on air
98.7 KISD MN Pipestone ABC"True"OLD
98.7 KACL ND Bismarck ClHITS, cool987fm.com/ "Kool 98.7"
98.7 WMDC WI Mayville, oldies "98.7-Great 98"
98.9 KKPR NE Kearney ClHITS
98.9 CJYC NB St.Johns Cl HITS kool98.fm/
99.1 KXLG SD Milbank ClHITS
99.1 WMYX-HD2 WI Milwaukee OLD"MeTV-FM"
99.3 KMXE MT Red Lodge-Billings OLD
99.3 WOWN WI Shawano OLD "Kool Gold" &DialGlobal
99.3 KRKI WY Newcastle, OLD
99.5 KDJL NE Kilgore OLD C&W d/Cl HITS n //95.5 KSDZ Gordon, NE http://www.ksdzfm.com/
99.5 KRQU WY Chugwater OLD
99.5 CKKW ON Kitchener Cl HITS
99.7 KXDL MN Browerville, OLDIES& "Hot Rock Radio"
99.9 KIRK MO Macon OLD
98.9 KKPR NE Kearney Cl HITS "Power 99"
99.9 KGOR NE Omaha OLD Oldies 99.9
100.1 WSWR OH Shelby ClHITS
100.3 W262CJ Milwaukee //1290 WZTI Greenfield-Milwaukee OLD"Fonz"
100.5 KQZB ID Troy Cl HITS "Hits 100"
100.5 WYMG IL Chatham ClHITS
100.5 WSJD IN Princeton Cl HITS wsjd.fm/
100.5 KXAC MN St James Cl HITS Magic 100.5
100.7 KAYN ID Gooding OLD
100.7 KIBG MT Bigfork ClHITS
100.9 W265CV WI Madison [WIBA-FM HD2] OLDies U 100.9 iheartumadison.iheart.com/
100.9 CIYM ON Brighton OLDies 100.9
101.1 WIOE IN South Whitley //1450 WLYV Ft. Wayne 1000/1000 +104.3 W282CH Fort Wayne 250w OLD "Oldies 101 104-3 and Stereo 1450" [WMYQ]
101.1 KRIV MN Winona Cl HITS 101.1 the River
101.1 CIXF AB Brook Cl HITS. "Boom 101.1"
101.3 WBFX MI Grand Rapids OLD "101.3 Big FM" 1013big.iheart.com/
101.5 WMTE MI Manistee Cl HITS "Eagle 101.5" eagle1015.net/
101.5 KFGI MN Crosby OLD [KTCF KUAL]
101.5 KRJM MN Mahnomen, OLDIES&
101.5 CKMO ON Orangeville AC-OLD
101.9 KOOO NE LaVista ClHITS/HotAC The Big O
101.9 CJSS ON Cornwall ClHits
101.5 CHQX SK Prince Albert Cl HITS "Beach Radio" beachradiopa.ca/
102.3 WYET IN New Carlisle Cl HITS 1023radio.com/[WSMM]
102.3 WAUH WI Wautoma Cl HITS "the Bug"
102.3 WHTL WI Whitehall, oldies
102.5 KGNMFM MO St.Joseph Cl HITS //1270 KNGM
102.5 KDVL ND Devils Lake Cl HITS 24/7Fun(Tom Kent) "Cruiser102"
102.5 WZOO OH Edgewood OLD
102.9 W275CR WI Hurley 250w OLD//1450 WHRY WI Hurley ABC:00
103.1 WOGB WI Reedsville OLD [Kaukauna]
103.3 W277AC Waupun //1170 WFDL WI Waupun OLD"True" am1170radio.com/
103.5 WIKK IL Newton ClHITS
103.5 KUAL MN Brainerd, OLD [KUAL]
103.7 WSPZ MI Hartford-Benton Harbor OLD(&WW1)
103.9 WTDA OH Westerville ClHITS
103.9 WVBO WI Winneconne OLD [Oshkosh WMGV WYTL WOSH-FM]
103.9 CHNO ON Sudbury ClHITS
104.1 WMQZ IL Colchester OLD
104.3 KLTB ID Boise OLD
104.3 WJMK IL Chicago ClHITS "104.3K-Hits"
104.3 KVGO MN Spring Valley Cl HITS Fun 104-3
104.3 WJZK OH Richwood ClHITS
104.5 KRQU WY Laramie, OLD
104.9 WFIW IL Fairfield ClHITS
104.9 WAXI IN Rockville OLD(WW1) "Waxi"
104.9 KXEA MO Lowry City ClHITS
104.9 KRRR WY Cheyenne, Cl HITS
105.1 KXKL CO Denver ClHITS
105.1 WGVX MN Lakeville Rhy OLDies
105.1 KWOL MT Whitefish Cl HITS www.1051cool.com
105.1 KTUG WY Hudson Adult HITS(WW1) "105.1 the Pulse"
105.3 KEDB IA Chariton [KELR] OLD(WW1)
105.3 KNOD IA Harlan Cl HITS
105.3 WRXP MN Cambridge Rhy OLDies
105.3 KLNC NE Lincoln ClHITS Wow--FM
105.3 KREO WY Pine Bluffs, OLD//104.5 KRRR noted SILent
105.5 WQUD IL Erie Cl HITS
105.5 WQRK IN Bedford Cl HITS Super Oldies
105.5 WGKL MI Gladstone, Oldies& "Cool 105.5"
105.5 KRBI MN St.Peter ClHITS
105.5 K288ES MT Big Sky Old//KOBBFM SILent
105.5 WMVR OH Sidney Adult HITS "Tam-FM" (Totally About Music)
105.5 KZQL WY Mills [KHAD] ClHITS
105.7 WGVZ MN Eden Prairie Rhy OLDies
105.7 KVGL WY Manderson Cl HITS [KYTS]
105.9 WJOT FM IN Wabash Cl HITS 1059thebash.com/
105.9 KTLB IA Twin Lakes-Ft.Dodge OLD
105.9 KWMY MT Joliet ClHITS [KPBR]
105.9 KKCD NE Omaha ClHITS CD105.9

106.1 WYYS IL Streator OLD
106.1 KIYX IA Sageville Cl HITS Super Hits 106
106.1 KYVZ KS Atwood Cl HITS "Super Hits 106"
106.1 WCWI WI Adams Cl HITS "Wisconsin 106" wisconsin106.com/
106.3 WQRL IL Benton OLD
106.3 W292GU MN Waseca Cl HITS "the Train"//1170 KFOW Waseca
106.5 KLFN MN Sunburg Cl HITS (WW1)
106.5 WDSJ OH Greenville ClHITS as of 4/10
106.7 KULY KS Hugoton ClHITS "Hits106" [KFXX]
106.7 CFDV AB Red Deer "106.7 Rewind" 80's/90's Cl HITS 1067rewindradio.ca/
106.9 WMOZ MN Moose Lake OLD (&JRN)[107.1][KBFH]
106.9 KGWB-FM ND Wapheton, OLD [107.1]
106.9 WRXS WI Brookfield-Milwaukee OLD:Pure OLDies 106-9 [WNRG] *
107.1 WJPS IN Boonville Cl HITS [WEJK]
107.1 WCKC MI Cadillac Cl HITS "the Drive"
107.1 CPKW AB Edmonton 90s Cl HITS Play 107
107.1 CJCS ON Stratford Cl HITS "107-1 Juice FM" [1240 AM]
107.3 WDKR IL Maroa Cl HITS
107.3 W297BY WI Franklin OLD //1290 WZTI Greenfield-Milwaukee OLD"Fonz"
107.3 WNXR WI Iron River -Cl HITS
107.3 KKAW WY Albin OLD
107.5 WDBQ IL Galena ClHITS
107.5 KWBZ MO Monroe City OLD
107.5 KXRV ND Cannon Ball ClHITS
107.7 WLLT IL Polo OLD (&DGlobal)
107.7 CFMP ON Arnprior OLDies 107.7
107.9 WKIO IL Arcola ClHITS [WUIL]
107.9 WCDD IL Canton ClHITS
107.9 WAMW IN Wabasha Cl HITS(WW1)
107.9 KQQL MN Anoka, Oldies "Kool 108"
107.9 KHDV MT Darby ClHITS "107.9 the Drive"
107.9 CKPP ON Prescott 1000w/4200ERP "Moose FM" Variety Hits-Classic Hits