Welcome to our attempt at clearing a few things up. UNIDS! These UNIDS were reported to DX-midAMerica and if you have ANY idea what they are, please drop a note! The most recent UNIDS are added at the top with the oldest being retained for ONE YEAR. With over 500 pages on the DX-midAMerica website, I don't know how many folks will stumble on this page. However, please help if you can. To this date, since September '98, THIRTY-SEVEN have been positively id'ed from these pages. Great work!
Freq, reception...

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for SEPTEMBER 2023
740 UNID 9/27 0625 P Heart & Soul, Huey Lewis-News. "80s/90's..." not CFZM, WRPQ, KMZN either. JJR-WI
790 UNID 9/26 0615 P ESPN, ESPN promos, etc. Good to SW. Alone, lost. Fizzled out. JJR-MI
1250 UNID 9/29 1940 Poor in pileup with C&W; lost. EB-MI
1270 UNID 9/26 0652 Vp 4 psa's back to back. NO CALLS, AMerica's First News. JJR-MI
1580 UNID 9/19 0616 P Fox sports chatter on college ftbl. Tire Rack ad, Dan Patrick promo. NO CALLS. Not KQFN WJFK KTGR KOKB, per skeds. Exhaustive search on Patrick website yielded squat. I'm guessing something missing, not updated. JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for AUGUST 2023
1290 UNID 8/23 0601 Same as yesterday.WZTI off. Y-100 C&W music. Y100 jingle at :16. WIRL feed? (WIRL, WNCY Y100 are co-owned, different cities/states.) AMazing:2nd day in a row. JJR-WI
1290 UNID 8/22 0619 P-WZTI off! "Y100 Shotgun & Charlie"...talk of DePere, 1st Community C.U., One Source Technologies. Clearly Y100 which is WNCY Neenah-Menesha. My GUESS is (co-owned) WIRL Peoria flipped wrong switch. JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for JULY 2023
1400 UNID 7/4 0509 Vp I Died in Your Arms Tonight by ???? w/others, WKNW, one w/polkas. No WCCY. Hoping for "96-1 the Fox" as noted yesterday. JJR-MI
1400 UNID 7/3 0538 Vp "96-1 the Fox" I HearT app into 80's Top40 song w/many others. No WCCY. JJR-MI
1570 UNID 7/27 0529 P but clear, "the Village - AM 1570" -suspect nothing new, but a flip. JJR-WI
1600 UNID 7/31 0604 P but Dr. Tony Evans REL teaching cut thru! KATZ & WZZW guides say "no" so who? JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for MAY 2023
738 unID 5/29/23 0205 to 0357 UTC. Weak signal started to show up @ 0205 UTC. The carrier was sometimes very weak and intermittent, sometimes doing about 15 dBs o/ the sideband level. It was faded and gone for good by 0357 UTC. The frequency was very stable @ 738.0003. 3 stations had sunrises about 0425 UTC, Spain, Algeria, and Mozambique. MWList latest entries are 737.99990 for Spain,738.0006 for Mozambique, and nothing for Algeria. Most likely the signal was coming from Barcelona, Spain w/ its 150/100 kilowatts. TPK-WI Trans Pacific/DU logs
738 unID 5/30/23 0930 to 1042 UTC. The signal was mostly engulfed in the sideband noise but it did make one brief peak to 10 dB o/ the sideband level. Frequency was measured @ 738.0005 with MWList having the NZL station @ 737.9999 (5/20/2022) and nothing for the Aussie located @ Manjimup. The weak carrier was gone for good @ 1042 UTC. I'm guessing NZL. TPK-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for APRIL 2023
1290 UNID 4/12 0757 Vp "7:57, the Best Music", Honky Tonk Woman, Rolling Stones. NOT WZTI! Nothing jives! JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for MARCH 2023
1150 UNID 3/7 0722 Vp "Real Country" morning, "Cub Cadet in St. Croix Falls" -Calls said 2x, like "WJMC" but that makes no sense. WJMC is 1240 in Rice Lake, WI. Stumped in South Milwaukee! JJR-WI
1620 unID 3/3 1930. Very poor but always there mixing w/KOZN-NE and sometimes WTAW-TX and a Lake County IL TIS. Someone was playing a steady diet of 1960's oldies. No match was found on the webstreams of the 5 regular stations, the Cubans, and the Virgin Islands. About a dozen online KIWI sdrs were also listened to with no luck. The station was off air when checked again @ 2020. A LPAM community radio station? A pirate? TPK-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for FEBRUARY 2023
970 UNID 2/1 0600 P tho clear "News Radio 1380" (LID missed, if said, "I Heart radio, App" into Fox news. Obviously, a goof up. JJR-WI
1000 UNID 2/7 0605 P Male-Female anchors vs. REL teaching - both lost after a few minutes w/WMVP nulled. JJR-MI
1040 UNID 2/1 0601 LOUD-STEADY w/o WHO. . . but WHO was it? Gone in u/90 seconds! JJR-WI
1260 UNID 2/1 0632 P -replaced by others. "Temps in the Tri-State area.... currently, it's 24." Lost. JJR-WI
1490 UNID 2/27 0614 P in fade up. SS ballad. Alone, "..... America" DX from all over, so, Lost in L'Anse! JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for JANUARY 2023
1310 UNID 1/31 0652 Vp (Southern) accented woman. C&W "off the air" "Macon" "Birthdays" Never heard calls in 8 mins. Thru u/WIBA. JJR-WI
1310 UNID 1/19 0646 Vp in for sev minutes. Sports format and "1310" ments. Seemed local chatter in w/WIBA JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for DECEMBER 2022
690 UNID 12/2 0700 Vp -out of nowhere w/"and AM 1600 WG.." into poss REL. The "and AM 1600" was very clear. Stumped in South Milwaukee. JJR-WI
1010 UNID 12/26 0623 P PraegerStore.com, Mike Gallager promo, NO CALLS, into talk, lost. JJR-WI
1240 UNID 12/9 0629 P SSB, then at a lower volume, a s/on! Mike ????. Wake up ???? valley! wx, Henry guns ad. (Might have been nice to have the mike volume at SSB's volume.) JJR-WI
1310 UNID 12/15 0900 P Devil Went Down to GA, Charlie Daniels, "13-10" then song repeated! Poss LID at :09, incl "W234?" 2 more C&W songs. "AM 13-10" at :15. Lost. JJR-MI
1440 UNID 12/2 0620-25 SS! which of course, was lost. My guess: KTUV-AR, but who knows. Will try again tomorrow. JJR-WI
1450 UNID 12/27 0654 Vp sports content for 15+ mins. A/C 302-564-XXXX.(302 is Delaware) JJR-WI
1450 UNID 12/7 1707 Very poor with SSB being played. Lost to the din. This one got away.EB-MI
1490 UNID 12/21 0722 P ????, 97.1 & 1490 AM" into nat'l news show. Seemed steady o/others. Sure it's close by. JJR-MI
1520 UNID 12/9 0727 P Ode to Billy Joe, Bobby Gentry (1967), White Chrismas, Bing Crosby, Aerosmith song, into ???. 4 songs, no calls. Unreal. JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for NOVEMBER 2022
560 UNID 11/14 0526 Poor, clashing with WVOC with religious-sounding mx. Unable to get Webcast match. Lost. EB-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for OCTOBER 2022
690 UNID 10/7 0549 A stumper. Heard C&W mx. poor in WNZK slop, OM DJ, heard a ment of 'Mountain State,' antenna aimed E/SE. This was lost at :00 when WNZK started a VERY LOUD show which annihilated the channel. Can't find anything like this, and was unable to match to any Webcasts I found: TX, Bristol VA, or Fisher WV. Stumped, I am! EB-MI
850 UNID 10/29 0625 P but It Ain't Me, Selena Gomez, and faded out! Certainly not bumper music. lost. WPTB? JJR-WI
1030 UNID 10/22 2159 SS vocal music with SS talk between songs. "Dobleve ..." mentions at 2200 and 2300. Dobleve is a Cuban station on 840, but no Cubans are listed on 1030 at all. CR-IL
1070 UNID 10/7 0621 Poor, heard "News Now!" ment fade up over the sea, and back down into the din again. WAY too many possibilities. EB-MI
1190 UNID 10/13 0602 P tho no WOWO! SS by woman. AZ noted (as KRDS) years ago, so don't know. JJR-WI
1440 UNID 10/14 0704 P TownHall News, ? funeral home, highs in the 60's, Markets, corn futures, grin futures, ment of Chicago - lost to WNFL power up @ :13. JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for SEPTEMBER 2022
900 unid 9/12 0600 f- quick "WANT-WCOR" ID. These calls are licensed to Lebanon TN [WANT FM 98.9 / WCOR AM 1490]. Call change? TL-IN
1140 UNID (KGEM?) 9/26 0545 interview with an author about religious matters and several mentions of Morning Light. Poor and mixing with WBXR. Matched a portion with KGEM stream, but not 100% sure that's what I heard. Would be new. CR-IL
1230 UNID 9/6 0602 P Everlasting Love, by Robert Knight (1967) then, "The one, the legendary K??? K.LK? KK.. or KJ... " into CBS news at :02, THEN local news at :07 "the Legendary.." Sports:13 wx:13 high 70s. At :18, I gave up. (Stuff coming in from SW today.) Stumped in South Milwaukee. JJR-WI
1310 UNID 9/9 0500-:06 & :40 to :47 P -Songs:Photograph, Ringo Starr, Do You Love Me/Contours. :40: Grazin' in the Grass/Hugh Masekela, Mony,Mony/Shondells, "Your 103" or "Q R 103", Drift Away/Dobie Gray. Both times, lost to WIBA. JJR-WI
1310 UNID 9/7 0523 P Please Don't Go/KC&Sunshine Band, Catch Us If You Can/Dave Clark 5, Tell Laura I Love Her/Paul Petersen, Vehicle/Ides of March. Slogans/sweepers so short (3-5 sec) -lost to WIBA. JJR-WI
1310 UNID 9/6 0602 Vp thru WIBA. Have been hearing OLDies since Sept. 4th, SRS SSS. Will figure this out one day. JJR-WI
AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for AUGUST 2022
1000 UNID 8/19 0529 P w/WMVP nulled. Songs by Kelly Clarkson, George Harrison. Nothing heard in WMVP null thru June July & Aug til this! JJR-MI
1320 unID 8/3 0502 Vp w/SSB. Assuming s/on, but who might this be? JJR-WI
AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for JUNE 2022
1140 UNID 6/20 0434 P stunting w/Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Home for the Holidays, lost to WVHF. JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for MAY 2022
AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for APRIL 2022
AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for MARCH 2022
1170 unID 3/2 2230 to 2315 Poor and steady. Someone was running an OC which was just slightly stronger than anyone else most of the time. Not WWVA, KFOW-MN, or KBOB-IA. Maybe WFDL-WI? TPK-WI
1410 UNID 3/23 0556 P w/songs by Billy Joel, Pharrell Williams and the Rolling Stones. Noted yesterday too as an UNID. No WIZM both days. JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for FEBRUARY 2022
1420 unID 2/15 1824 P Relevant Radio content noted. (Checked local WPJP to verify, vs EWTN.) Dunno! JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for JANUARY 2022
730 UNID 1/27 1753 Very poor with QSB; old C&W, sounded like something straight from the mountains. Heavily-accented OM gave promo for Swap Shop on what sounded like "The Cross." Lost. I did have CKDM in about an hour later, but the C&W they played sounded more pop-oriented. EB-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for DECEMBER 2021
1050 unID 12/21 1641 Faded up with C&W mx, '(Fade up) Nope, just Real Country! (Fade out)' and into C&W record, and lost at (Presumed) QRP. There is a Real Country station in Alabama, but a check of their Webcast showed that they were airing an athletic event at the time! No idea who this was. EB-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for NOVEMBER 2021
710 unID 11/12 1727 P tho atop. And I Love Her, Hey Jude (both by) Beatles. No song match for WTPR. JJR-WI
1290 unID 11/12 1644-1744 P-Vp w/WIRL unID REL, WHIO, etc. Local WZTI off! "Y100 Country" --WLIE KMMM and WYEA all have FMs on 100mHz somewhere. None are "Y100 Country." Recent flip? JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for OCTOBER 2021
570 unID 1831 10/12 P Dr.Tony Evans, faded at BOH. WMCA, WTBN, WIDS/WIOK nor Evans lists show nothing! JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for SEPTEMBER 2021

680 unID 9/26 1925-1940 P w/SOL mx w/"??? 680 & WCOE(similar)1450" Me & Mrs Jones and The Backstabbers played. Female, uptempo host. Dropped at :40 to CJOB. No idea of what this is! JJR-WI
710 unID 9/27 1935 fading in and out and o/u WDSM with c&w/gospel music. No sign of WOR. CR-IL

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for AUGUST 2021

1410 unID 0609 P in f/up o WIZM. "12th annual Rock of the Prairie, on August 28" I found SK. But no SK stns. ND???? JJR-MI
1490 unID 8/23 0600 Vp "and 105.7FM" in possible LID. Lost forever. JJR-MI
1540 unid 8/8 2045 F- lots of Fox Sports Radio IDs, likely WECZ Punxsutawney PA. TL-IN

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for JULY 2021

963 unID 7/4/21 0117 to 0128 UTC. A weak signal buried in the noise showed up @ 0117 and was gone by 0128 UTC. Frequency started @ 963.0195 and drifted upwards to 963.0220. No frequency match was found. IF this was a TA and IF it faded out cuz of its sunrise, then this could be a greyline reception of the Birjand station in eastern Iran. Birjand’s sunrise was 0059 UTC. My LSS was 0134 UTC. TPK-WI
963 unID TPs 7/4/21 1020 UTC. 2 weak signals w/o audio on 962.9994 and 962.9969. Most likely Aussies. TPK-WI
1008 unID TP 7/26/21 1030 UTC. A transient ghost showed up in the noise for a few minutes. Maybe not a TP but its frequency of 1007.9938 hints at Launceston, Tasmania with its 3/20/17 MWList post of 1007.9943. TPK-WI
1053 unID TA 7/26/21 0300 to 0435 UTC. A weak signal that never rose above the noise. Faded and gone by 0435 UTC. The fade out time strongly suggests a UK station but the 2 Spaniard stations with sunrises of 0455 and 0452 UTC can't be ruled out. Frequency was 1053.0008. TPK-WI
1215 unID TA 7/12/21 0050 to 0446 UTC. A weak signal rising @ most a few dBs above the noise. Gradually weakened and gone by 0446 UTC. Spain or Botswana? The sun was rising across both @ 0446 UTC. Frequency was 1214.9717. TPK-WI
1215 unID TAs 7/12/21 0200 to 0410 UTC. Several weak signals buried in the noise were seen coming and going. On 1214.9964 a signal took about an hour to drift down to 1214.9949 before disappearing. More ghosts present on 1214.9983, 1214.9874, 1215.0008, and 1214.9963. TPK-WI
1530 unID 7/20 0455 P Old Time Radio, Johnny Dollar giving WCKY trouble. KQSP?JJR-WI
1570 unID 7/1 0503 P wx jingle "1570 & 97-9 FM" and of course, lost. JJR-WI
1575 unID TA 7/11/21 0200 to 0249 UTC. Lone signal in the noise. Peaked at most a few dBs above the noise. Intermittent by 0224, gone by 0249 UTC. Frequency was 1575.0000. There is not much this could be. The 2kw Mauritius station matches the frequency and had a sunrise time of 0246 UTC. AL- Qusayr Egypt on the Red Sea coast had a 0258 sunrise but has a scheduled start time of 0415 UTC. The Italian RAI Radio 1 has a frequency match but a start time of 0500 UTC. Maybe 1kw Cordoba Spain w/ a premature pre-sunrise fade out? If Mauritius had blowtorch power I would say it was them. TPK-WI
1593 unID TA Jul9 0223 UTC. Weak intermittent signal that lasted about 20 minutes buried in the noise. Maybe one of the Romanians? 1593.0001. TPK-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for JUNE 2021
890 unID 6/21 0500 Vp-P-lost sounded REL. WLS not in, tho in later and nullable.In maybe 4 mins.JJR-MI
980 unID 6/28 0434 P CBS SportsRadio, ads:Optimum tax relief, Navy Fed C.U. lost. Doubt AZ or UT. NC? Format flip? JJR-WI
1017 unID TP Jun22 0945 to 1037 UTC. Signal w/o audio just above the noise. One brief peak to about 15 dBs above the noise. Faded and gone by 1037. Frequency was stable @ 1017.0012. The Australian 2KY in Sydney? TPK-WI
1143 unID TP 6/19/21 1000 UTC. Weak signal w/ no audio was present on 1142.9983. The frequency wasn’t a match for any TP listed on MWList except perhaps NZLand. The only TPs on 1143 that were past their sunset times were the 2 Aussies and the NZLander. TPK-WI
1179 unID TA Jun24 0330 to 0356 UTC A weak intermittent signal not rising above the noise. Faded and gone by 0356 UTC. Frequency was 1178.9960. A big mystery cuz nothing matches up. The 100 watt Holland station? TPK-WI
1180 unID Jun24 0300 to 0306 UTC A steady signal about 15 dBs above the noise went off the air at 0306. No audio detected. I suspect a central or south American but only CX118 in Uruguay was found listed with a 0300 UTC sign off . 1179.9598. TPK-WI
1520 unID 6/6 1913 Weak signal w/o audio went off air @ a time when the sunset was just starting to nick the East Coast. WIZZ-MA or a FL? 1519.9916. TPK-WI
1520 unID 6/6 1931 Weak signal w/o audio went off air. 1519.9928. I have WARR-NC logged on this freq. on 12/27/19. TPK-WI
1520 unID 6/6 1950 . Weak signal w/o audio went off the air. An eastern or southeastern station. Maybe WNDO-FL if running late. 1519.9901. TPK-WI
1520 unID 6/6 2018 . Weak signal w/o audio went off the air. Central US or maybe TX? 1519.9973. TPK-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for MAY 2021

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for APRIL 2021
810 UNID 4/13 0525 Poor toward south with C&W. Lost to SS, which I assume was WMGC-TN. Can't count this as the AL station, as I see there's also a C&W daytimer from KY on this channel. This one got away. EB-MI
1010 UNID 4/25 0544 P ESPN overnight, 4 mins of ESPN-2, ESPN -U 2 promos for Dodgers/Padres, bumper mx, NO CALLS. Duh! JJR-MI
1010 UNID 4/20 0530 P -alone, steady. ESPN SportsCenter overnight. No CFRB,etc. JJR-MI
1540 UNID 4/20 0555 G- Someone with old time classic radio play or program, not sure what program it was. Loud over KXEL. Seemed to be best N/S. Not CHIN. TL-IN

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for MARCH 2021
750 UNID 3/8 0646-0650 P time checks"46 after the hour" "10 before the hr." POSS LID @:50.Too weak.JJR-MI
1240 UNID 3/17 0751 Vp "Glen Frey on 94-7" and lost. Not Knoxville-hi. Totally lost on this. JJR-MI
1380 UNID 3/7 0540 Vp thru others. "the Legends of Country - AM 1380" lost forever. JJR-MI
1550 UNID 3/6 0751 Vp Fox Sports "???.5" lost! JJR-MI
1580 UNID 3/6 0715-0730 Vp-sounded like a GY! No CKDO C&W "Nebraska" "Fox Sports" into content:no calls! Idiots, "103.1" "K?O?" -Fun trying.JJR-MI
1600 UNID 3/7 0700 Vp "Real Country online.....W....." in w/many others! JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for FEBRUARY 2021
640 UNID 2/27 0620 to 0650 Poor. Mexican mx and SS programming fading in and out u/ WMFN-IL which had similar programming. Audio didn't match the XENQ or XEJUA webstreams. TPK-WI
790 UNID 2/3 1917 A weak signal w/o audio dropped power and became even weaker at a time when the sun was starting to set along the west coast. The frequency was measured @ 789.9334. MWList had Spokane-KJRB very near this frequency 3 years ago. TPK-WI
1230 UNID 2/9 0827-0834 P mix of stn giving detailed wx for So.Montana, S Dak, N Dak. Faded after 4 mins of course. OLDies 2 songs -no calls, Fox Sports. (KGHS& KWSN?) til KMRS came in. JJR-MI
1340 UNID 2/23 1758 Poor toward SE with jazz mx, xylophone mx. Lost after the TOH. Hoping for Athens OH, but I'll never know! EB-MI
1440 UNID 2/27 0737 P alone Daytime Friends,K Rogers, People,Streistand, lost. Go figure! ;) JJR-MI
1700 UNID 2/27 0646 P songs by REM, Madonna, Cranberries, lost to KBGG power up. Wrote WRCR-NY. JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for JANUARY 2021
560 UNID 1/22 0501 P- unid someone playing the SSB with possible s/on. TL-IN
1040 unIDs 1/4 0300 UTC Poor. 2 signals w/o audio went off the air. 1040.0227 @ 0300 UTC and 1039.9942 @ 0304 UTC. Both most likely coming from outside N. America. TPK-WI
1190 UNID 1/1 1702 F- someone playing Queen - Another One Bites the Dust under WMEJ, possibly KJJI-AR. TL-IN
1420 UNID 1/26 1839 Poor toward west with Cheap Trick record, switched records without saying anything. Lost. EB-MI
1480 UNID 1/30 0622 Vp "...and 103.1, it's 26 degrees..." and lost as quickly! JJR-WI
1550 UNID 1/31 1736 P Cool Bobby B (Do-Wop OLDies show) - lost. Nothing on affil list. JJR-WI
1570 UNID 1/3 0843-0848 Vp-P "AM 1570 the Patriot(?)" In-out lost. 2-3 in row. Nothing jives. JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for DECEMBER 2020
1220 UNID 12/26 0250 Faded up fair with Christmas records, would switch without saying anything. As I'd heard "This is a test broadcast..." prior to the one here, I suspect it may have been part of WCPH's Test, but have not received a definite answer. Had lots of QSB, and was not heard after 0300. EB-MI
1550 UNID 12/11 1654 F-G someone with Towers Tailgater Show for FL Gators FB, maybe spelled Tailgator, no affiliates on 1550 listed for FL Football. TL-IN

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for NOVEMBER 2020
730 UNID 11/3 0552 Someone toward SW or NE cycling through classic rock records. Lost for TOH. Checked WGMF and CKDM, but no match. EB-MI
830 UNID 11/2 1654 Someone toward the SW or NE, cycling through Motown Gold. Heard "Cruisin" - Smokey Robinson, into "Stubborn Kind Of Fellow" - Marvin Gaye. Lost at :59 pattern change or QRP. No IDs given. Webcast/playlist of WQZQ didn't match! EB-MI
890 UNID 11/4 1746 Vp u/WLS. Music. Thus, the night of UNIDs is completed! JJR-WI
1030 UNID 11/20 1906 Vp u/WBZ. Dave rAMsey show. Points to KTWO, but I dunno..... JJR-WI
1130 UNID 11/4 1700 P w/WISN nulled. Sounded like Cont.Christian mx. Time for LID. Nothing! 5 sec of dead air. JJR-WI
1270 UNID 11/5 1924 P tuned in to hear "WF?R" jingle into Hard Habit to Break/Chicago. Stumped!JJR-WI
1310 UNID 11/10 0518 Poor, but sometimes over WDTW with America In the Morning. I suspect it may have been WIBA, but their Webcast didn't match. Lost by TOH. EB-MI
1410 UNID 11/5/20 0300 UTC. Weak signal w/o audio seen going off air. The frequency measured,1410.0087, was an exact match with a 2 year old posting on the MWList website for WRSS-Puerto Rico. TPK-WI
1450 UNID 11/17 1647 P AMerica's Best Music (jingle) into Candy Girl, 4 Seasons. No WW1 affiliate I know of on 1450. JJR-WI
1490 UNID 11/5 1604 Poor with lots of QSB; YL preacher, sounded like a gospel station. ONE ment of "AM-1490" during her hour-long speech, but nothing IDable. Lost by the TOH. Stumped, I am! EB-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for OCTOBER 2020
570 UNID 10/9 0658 P C&W, no WNAX all morning. others powered up. Van Halen song, woman announcer later on. My guess was C&W was CKSW-SK unn, the Van Halen might have been bumper mx, but ??????. JJR-MI
580 UNID 10/26 0557 P SS music lost to ??? power up. In past few days. JJR-MI
920 UNID 10/22 0639 Vp "on 920 & 101.7FM" in mess. NC? I doubt it, but.....will never know. JJR-MI
1089 unID TAs 10/18/20 0300 to 0315 UTC. 1089 giving KAAY-1090 a noticeable het. The waterfall display showed one strong carrier and 3 weak ones present. The strong signal was most likely a UK SportsTalk synchro but there was too much KAAY splatter to detect any audio. TPK-WI
1100 unID 10/2 2130 to 2220 Poor and steady. WTAM in null. Someone was running an OC. The frequency readout hints @ KKLL-MO from past frequency loggings. TPK-WI
1100 unID 10/2 2130 to 2220 Inaudible to very poor. WTAM in null. Sounded like contemporary Christian songs and mx but the signal was too weak to make out the words or language. A lengthy internet search found no matches. Frustrating! TPK-WI
1260 UNID 10/30 0902 P cattle auctions, land/farm sales, Central & Mountain times given. Lost. JJR-MI
1600 UNID 10/21 1806 P "News Talk 1600" -WAAM is "Wham-Talk"(like "1180-Wham") Lost. JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for SEPTEMBER 2020
570 UNID 9/8 0615 Vp C&W way, way u/WNAX. Would fade out. CKSW-SK is best bet: unneeded. JJR-MI
880 UNID 9/16 0629 P just missed calls, my guess. "Know the Truth" (Catholic) bcst. Not WRFD, nor KHAC. Nothing possible from websites checked incl "Know The Truth." JJR-MI
1210 UNID 9/2 0602 Faded in and out with C&W; hoping for WANB, which is needed, but never got an ID from them. Lost at :15 when WMUZ came back in its HD glory. EB-MI
1270 unID 9/20 0800 to 0845 Inaudible to very poor. Weak SS male and female chatter. Some WMKT-MI QRM @ times. KFLC Dallas? My LSR was 0637. TPK-WI
1270 unID 9/21 2300 to 2345 Inaudible to very poor. A SS station in the background playing non-Mexican mx. Not KFLC-TX. WQKR-TN, WQTT-OH, and WXYT-MI present @ times. TPK-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for AUGUST 2020
1410 UNID 8/24 1955 Vp LaLa Means I Love You, Delfonics. Lost....again. JJR-WI
1410 UNID 8/21 2004 P -WIZM nulled. Reach Out in the Darkness, Friend & Lover ('68) and dropped after song. Have heard oldies here off & on over summer, but still lost. Doubt it's NEW tho. JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for JULY 2020
1490 unID 7/12 2026. One of the many weak signals was seen going off air. Who? Frequency measured @ 1490.0093. TPK-WI
AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for JUNE 2020
910 UNID 6/11 0547 P ESPN thru o/c. ads:Progressive, Auto Zone, ESPN, lost to WDOR s/on,WFDF at TOH. Where LID was supposed to be, very, very weak, IF even given! Seriously doubt SC or WA. Automation flub up? JJR-MI
1440 UNID 6/1 0659 Vp way, way, way u/solid WNFL. "Real Oldies"(trademarked slogan)heard twice. JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX for MAY 2020
680 UNID 5/2 1900 Vp -LID u/WPTF's LID. OLDies by DEl Shannon, 4 Seasons. Leaning WCTT? JJR-WI
1230 UNID 5/24 2006 P Free Bird, Lynrd Skynrd, Livin' Lovin' Maid, Led Zeppelin, Roxanne, Police, More than a Feeling, Boston, Juke Box Hero, Foriegner all heard in one hour. No jock, calls, slogan heard! Format flip or wrong switch hit? Stumped in South Milwaukee. JJR-WI
1260 UNID 5/10 0658 P --4 stns! Obits, Polkas, Candy Man,S Davis Jr & REL! At :03 one powered up, wiping out all! JJR-MI
1280 UNID 5/24 2012 P-Vp w/lively SS music o/u, then lost to WNAM. Noted on 5/13 too! unn WADO? JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for APRIL 2020
1120 UNID 4/10 2005 P sounded like Contemp Christian "The New K M/N? --" waaaaaay u/KMOX. JJR-WI
1520 UNID 4/9 0744 Vp Africa by Toto, Main Street by Bob Seger. Lost. WQCT? KSIB? KZOY? All unn. JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for MARCH 2020

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for FEBruary 2020
1070 unID 2/10/20 0159 UTC. A signal too weak to have audio was seen dropping off the air. The MWList website has WMIA-PR, Radio Arecibo, signing off at this time on Sundays. The frequency was measured @ 1069.9862. MWList’s latest listing is 1069.986. I still would like to get some type of audio confirmation before I log anything like this. TPK-WI
1220 UNID 2/28 0650 & 0720 Vp If I Can't Have You, Yvonne Elliman, and Laughing, Guess Who, followed by I Remember You, Frank Ifield. Any tal;king was low, missed. Faded at appropriate times. 2nd day in a row. JJR-MI
1220 UNID 2/27 0721 Vp Blue Velvet, Bobby Vinton. Jock talks, weak-lost. WHKW loud. JJR-MI
1400 UNID 2/10 0740 P-WCCY nulled. AMerica's First News, Capital One, lost. Rececked at TOH. Too weak. JJR-MI
1450 unID 2/6 0201 UTC. One of the many very weak signals on the waterfall display suddenly went off the air. MWList website has WCPR Puerto Rico, Radio Coamo, with this sign off time. Frequency measured @ 1449.9761. TPK-WI
1460 unID 2/2 1500 to 1600 Local WJTI off. KXNO-IA in null. A mostly inaudible station playing non-Mexican, SS mx. Not WKJR-IL, WKAM-IN, or WKDV-VA. A possible webcast match w/ WQXM-FL but too weak and iffy. TPK-WI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for JANuary 2020:

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for DECember 2019:
1380 UNID 12/27 0700 Vp w/WBEL-WPHM nulled. SSB (low volume LID?) CBS nx. Lost at :08. JJR-MI
1430 UNID 12/22 0607 Vp in pileup with either Classic C&W or Bluegrass; banjos and mandolins punched through. Was unable to get any Webcast match. Lost. EB-MI
1430 UNID 12/22 0624 Faded up with ment. of 94.7 between records, unable to tell what type of mx, and lost. Nothing listed. EB-MI
1560 UNID 12/30 0700 Fair signals on top most of the time with oldies and classic rock music. The ID on the top of the hour was KQKD 1380 and 99.9 FM Classic Rock. Must be KKAA testing as I have heard this several times now. Both stations owned and operated by IG3 company. SMA-MB
891 unIDed TA 12/18/19 2345 UTC. Strong signal during the evening giving WLS-890 a nasty het. No voice or mx audio could be detected but there was a signal on 892 giving 891 a weak het. The MWList website has Algeria Chaine 1 listed as testing during this month. This could be Algeria running a 1 khz. test tone. 891 measured @ 890.9990 and 892 measured @ 891.9989 khz. TPK-WI
1278 unID TA 12/14/19 0145 to 0415 UTC. A lone signal no more than 5 to 10 dBs at most above the noise floor. Too weak to have audio or cause a het on 1280. There’s not much on 1278 listed w/ much power except Egypt, Oman, and Iran. The frequency was measured @ 1278.0073 which is within the range of frequencies the MWList website has for IRIB Radio Kermanshah in Iran. The signal was faded and gone for good by 0409 UTC. An Internet search found Kermanshah to have a sunrise of 0349 UTC. This definitely makes Iran the most likely. TPK-WI
1521 unIDed TA 12/27/19 2045 to 2230 UTC. Found a signal on 1521 giving 1520 a het @ 2045 UTC, more than 1 and ½ hrs before my local sunset! Local WRRD-1510 in a null. Poor but steady signal hetting 1520 until a power drop occurred @ 2230 UTC. No audio was ever detected. Its frequency was measured @ 1520.9998. The frequency and power drop is consistent w/ the frequency offset and schedule the MWList website has for Radio Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. TPK-WI
1710 unIDed New England area pirate 12/18 1930 to 1946 CST. Mostly very poor, fading in and out. Male voice talking casually in English but the signal was too weak to get any details. A // was found on a Boston Kiwi sdr. The male mentioned he was running a pirate station and wanted to know how far he was getting out. He encouraged listeners to use an earlier given e-mail address and said he would be back on again in the future. The signal went off air @ 1946. TPK-WI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for NOVember 2019:
880 unID 11/16-17 2155 to 0030 Mostly very poor . 3 unIDs briefly audible during this time. SS non-Mexican mx, male chatter I suspect was KRVN, and a station w/ easy listening mx. All too brief to find any webcasts //’s. TPK-WI
880 unID 11/17/19 0500 UTC Poor signal w/ no audio seen dropping off the air on the waterfall display within a few seconds of 0500 UTC. MWList website has TGJ-Guatemala signing off @ this time. Frequency measured @ 879.9811. TPK-WI
1270 UNID 11-6 0641 Vp weak SS. WKBF still silent, thus this is a mystery. Replcaed by WMKT. JJR-WI
1480 UNID 11/5 0723 P -steady. "from the channel 3 severe weather center" into Black GOS. Lost. JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for October 2019
1330 UNID 10/25 1958 Faded up with "America The Beautiful" - Ray Charles. Lost. EB-MI
1340 UNID 10/19 0745 P "AM 1340 and 94.9 FM" w/C&W music, ad for First United (either bank or CU) lost. Lost in L'Anse! JJR-MI
1340 UNID 10/12 2155 Poor toward SE or NW with busy signal sound, from in din to somewhat above the mud. No idea on who this could have been. EB-MI
1410 UNID 10/23 0755 P ESPN, ESPN app, GoodYear, ??? ad at lower level, Sprint, ??? ad again, at lower level, Walgreens, Home Depot, ???? furniture again at lower level than nat'l ads. Back to ESPN, then 5 secs of DEAD AIR. No LID. Nice way to run a radio station. Ads you can'y hear, no LID, don't tell anyone who you are! JJR-MI
1480 UNID 10/29 0756 P solid. Sports "will be heard on our sister stn, True Country 92.7 FM" JJR-WI
1540 UNID 10/9 1700 A station w/o audio powered down leaving no residual signal. Likely and only candidate w/ a sunset around this time is WXEX-NH. TPK-WI
1600 UNID 10/26 0805 P end of Fox nx, "WF(or S) A (very clear) ??? weather. YV station w/wx? Totally lost on this one. Did hear 2 oldies later: Tammy,Debbie Reynolds & My Botfriends Back, Angels. Might not have been the same stn. NOT WRPN, Possibly ???? - Possible "Ohio" mention later. Lost in a lifetime of UNIDs, hi! JJR-WI
1620 UNID 10/13 0535 P -SS music cutting thru KOZN. In-out within one minute, but noticeable. JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for September 2019
770 UNID 9/16 2330 to 2400 . Inaudible to poor u/WABC. Mark Levin programming. Albuquerque or Seattle? TPK-WI
890 UNID 9/12 0621 P -WLS nulled. SS ballad "por favor, Radio Quinete (??)"or like tween songs. JJR-MI
1370 UNID 9/4 0555 P w/SSB out of nowhere. If any s/on announcements, nothing heard. Betty Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes (1980) fade, lost, while chasing others. No WSPD today. JJR-WI
1530 UNID 9/18 2200 to 2230. Inaudible to poor. A Gang Busters old time radio program buried u/ WCKY. TPK-WI
1530 UNID 9/18 2200 to 2330. Fair signal w/ some fading. Someone was running just an OC. I couldn’t tell it was an OC until after WCKY went off the air @ 2258. It would have been the dominate station after 2258 if it had audio. TPK-WI
1530 UNID 9/18 2300 to 2330. Inaudible to poor. Lightning QRN. USA Radio network programming. Ads for national companies. TPK-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for August 2019
1540 UNID 8/22 0506 P u/KXEL. Old time radio, Johnny Dollar. Would check later: nowhere. JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for July 2019
540 UNID MEXICO Jul23 1009 P Este es XE???? M in there, completely wiping out CBK, in earlier. JJR-MI
770 UNIDS 7/1 1930 to 2015. 4 weak stations w/o audio were seen dropping power and going off air during this time period. Stations to the east or southeast of here no doubt. TPK-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for June 2019
1584 unID June26 0830-1050 A weak but steady signal was present w/o audio. The very possible TP signal was faded and gone for good by 1050 UTC. My LSR was 1013 UTC. Its frequency was measured @ 1584.0255 khz. By coincidence the MWLIST website has Radio Hauraki in New Zealand listed with a frequency range of 1584.025 to 1584.0266 khz. Was the unID the 1 kilowatt NZL!? TPK-WI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for May 2019
600 UNID 5/7 0250 P-- SS popping thru at times. JJR-WI
610 UNID 5/6 0309 P in brief fade in. SS peppy mx. Never have I heard, nor logged SS on 610! JJR-WI
930 UNID 5/8 0403 P Loreli by Styx, into another Classic Hit song. All alone, WHON? JJR-WI
1620 UNID 5/9 0342 P -no KOZN all morning. 2-3 stns. One was Cuba, but which one? 1 EE up/lost. JJR-WI
1620 UNID 5/8 0419-0428 P-Vp-lost. Caribbean type slower Reggae. 2 long fades. KOZN weak. Not Rebelde. WDHP listed as REL these times. Couldn't verify anything on web. JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for April 2019
No UNIDS this month

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for March 2019
1380 UNID 3/20 0648 Vp tho there. "Hombres" "manana" in SS. Satellite fed. Lost to others. JJR-WI
1410 UNID 3/21 0600 Poor signal occasionally hetting 1410 w/ a 93 hertz hum. Measured u/ 1410 @ 1409.9073. TPK-WI
1470 UNID 3/20 0622 P R&B songs, older songs back to back. Fade up o/WMBD and lost. No ideas! JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for February 2019
840 UNID 2/25 2204 Barely audible toward south; SS mx, sounded kind of nostalgic, YL singer sounded like she had a childish voice. Lost. Thinking perhaps Cuba, but no idea. WHAS returned at 2215 mid-show; nothing else of interest noted. EB-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for January 2019
640 UNID 1/1 0601 Vp toward SE with SS: mx, OM announcer; doesn't sound like, but lost. EB-MI
710 UNID 1/27 0648-0700 P Bad Bad Leroy Brown...5 sec of dead air, Sun Will Never Be the Same......5 sec of dead air, Reflections/Supremes, Born to Run/Springsteen...10 secs of dead air, wher legal ID was to be, YMCA, Village People. Seems SE. Not WTPR, which has always inserted call letters. Stumped in South Milwaukee. JJR-WI
710 UNID 1/25 0715 P Sat fed (WW1) OLD. No calls into or after 5 mins of nat'l ads. Duh. Songs played: Save it for Me/4 Seasons, Born to be Wild/Steppenwolf. JJR-WI
710 UNID 1/1 0721 A real stumper; heard national ads, including the same one twice for Barracuda! Dead air for ten seconds, into "Kind Of a Drag" - Buckinghams. Faded at end, back with "65 Love Affair" - Paul Davis; faded again at end of the record, inaudible OM, into 5th Dimension record (Last Night I Didn't Get To Sleep.) Lost for keeps during that one. Started out as fair, then poor with QSB for remainder. Seemed strongest toward SE/NW. Thought WTPR Paris, TN but their playlist didn't match. Recent format flip, or special programming for the holiday? Stumped, I am! EB-MI
890 UNID 1/8 1909 Vp -WLS easily nulled. SS singing but too weak to match ro poss streams. JJR-MI
1010 UNID 1/4 0638 unid with "Hair" by the Cowsills, rolled to "China Grove" - Doobie Brothers, lost. Nothing said between records! EB-MI
1150 UNID 1/3 0725-0736 P highly Southern accented jocks talking of selves, forced laughter, sponsors etc. fades, newscast by YL, into bumper mx/Andy Williams. NO CALLS. Hello. JJR-WI
1390 UNID 1/22 2210 P – in/out. KBBO WA Yakima or KLGN UT Logan. Fox Sports Radio KBBO 933mi 390W, KLGN 496mi 500W. KBBO antenna pattern is directed at me, KLGN pattern is directed away. Loop was pointed NW-SE. I believe it was KBBO. AJ-AZ
1440 unID 1/11 2155 Poor. The message “This is the Bott Radio Network” was hrd being played repetitiously until it finally faded down into the rumble. TPK-WI
1550 UNID 1/20 0902 P Chinese or similar. Not CBEF, hi. Vancouver? WHIT would fade in. JJR-MI
1710 unID 1/30 0340 to 0410 Weak and barely audible. Female ranting or preaching in an unID’ed language, possibly SS. First mx hrd sounded like native American chanting and singing. Non-Mexican latin mx was also played. A male talking @ TOH was just too weak to copy. TPK-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for December 2018
1120 UNID 12/15 0833 F loud SS w/KMOX nulled. Assuming unn WUST. Gone in mins. JJR-MI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for November 2018
900 unID 11/12/ 2230 to 2300 (11/13 0500 UTC ). Weak SS station mixing w/a mostly nulled CHML. Non-mexican salsa style mx. 4 tones descending in pitch @ TOH. “. . . la voz de . . .” hrd after the tones. Not // to XEW, Radio Progreso or La Voz de Cali webcasts. TPK-WI
1070 unID 11/5 1815 to 1930 Inaudible to poor. WTSO-WI in null. A station with lively SS anncrs, contemporary SS songs, and ads in SS was fading in and out at all the wrong times. No web match could be found. I suspect WCSZ-SC but their web stream was off line. TPK-WI
1170 UNID 11/2 0726 P atop/SS for 2nd time this week. 2 OMs talking. Totally at a loss on this. JJR-MI
1200 unID 11/10 1700 to 1703. Vpoor w/ WRTO-IL QRM. Went off air after a female vocal SSB. KYOO-MO most likely. TPK-WI
1220 UNID 11/10 2150 P w/sports (basketball or football) "on 1220 and ??.7FM" Stumped in South Milwaukee! JJR-WI
1360 UNID 11/20 0839 P steady. Mike Gallagher show. Noted on 11/19 at 0906CST too. Not CT. Lost!JJR-MI
1410 UNID 11/10 1940 P Urban Gospel music, Woman announcer "Gospel music" and lost. JJR-WI
1600 unIDs 11/17 1700 to 2000. KGYM-IA in null. About 5 unIDs w/audio during this time including a SS station w/Mexican mx, NCAA college football on the Touch Down radio network, a station mentioning Memphis and Arkansas(WMQM??), and a southern gospel station that wasn’t KATZ-MO. After 2000 WAAM-MI showed up and wouldn’t let go. TPK-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for October 2018
560 UNID 10/6 0645Vp GOS, REL type hymns in tight WIND null. Lost in minutes, of course. hi.JJR-WI
580 UNID 10/3 0638 P -SS by two women o/anything. Music, then lost. Not in earlier. JJR-MI
680 UNID - 10/14 2132 - Someone here with the Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots NFL game, but it was the feed from Westwood One (with Omaha native Kevin Kugler on the play-by-play), and NOT the feed from the Chiefs network, so that rules out KFEQ. A check of KNBR's webstream revealed that they were carrying the ALCS baseball game between Boston's Red Sox and Houston's Astros, so that scratches KNBR as a possibility, too. Several ESPN stations are listed on 680, but I can't imagine any of them carrying a game from Westwood One, which has been managed in the past by CBS Radio. RD-IA
610 UNID 10/21 0658 Vp w/KDAL nulled as good as poss. YL news heard :00, listened to :04 fade out. Back later to hear ABC sports sounder :18 after... and again, gone. No idea on this.JJR-MI
700 unID 10/12 0056 (0556 UTC). A weak station u/WLW w/ what sounded like a female chorus singing . Station abruptly went off air in the middle of the song. TPK-WI
760 UNID 10/8 0622 Vp Don't Let Me Down, Beatles. Way behind a nulled WJR. Lost. JJR-MI
770 UNID 0612 Poor toward south with C&W Gospel, no ID between records, and lost to WJR slop. Still hoping for that Nicholasville, KY station, which is needed.EB-MI
830 UNID 10/3 0610 P-F w/SS easily giving WCCO problems. Gone in minutes. JJR-WI
860 UNID 10/25 0638 Poor under CJBC with C&W; lost to the pest.EB-MI
860 UNID 10/8 1844 P toward SE with R&B-ish or AC-ish mx, under pest CJBC. Lost. EB-MI
890 UNID 10/24 0645 Vp -WLS nulled. C&W would fade. unn KQLX or BC's Peace Country?? CJDC JJR-MI
890 UNID 10/6 0636 P w/SS giving WLS a fit! Not in earlier. JJR-WI
900 MEXICO XEW Mexico City Oct12 1138 P -alone. Steady w/chatter and "W radio" noted sev times.JJR-MI
990 UNID 10/9 0647-0701 P -no CBW! "este es...la M,...California"...."los holas" 16Tond,Tenn Ernie Ford. No "Juan" slogan as in KAYL,Iowa JJR-MI
1090 UNID 10/31 1935 to 1955 KAAY in null. A strong OC on air @ times 20 dbs stronger than anything else. I’m guessing one of the Michigans. TPK-WI
1140 UNID 10/25 0633 Poor toward NE or SW with SS mx; only thing that fits is AR but no idea. Lost. EB-MI
1220 unID 10/11-12 2350 to 0005. Someone running just a OC. Poor to fair and the strongest signal on 1220 during this time. TPK-WI
1290 UNID 10/8 0712 Vp --no TSN 1290, others. AMericas Morning News. My GUESS (unn) KOWB.JJR-MI
1360 UNID 10/1 0507 P "Oldies 1360" by YL thru 5 songs. Title, artist etc. No ads, no WTAQ. JJR-WI
1380 UNID 10/1 0638 P but dominating freq. Alone, music. JJR-WI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for September,2018:
570 UNID 9/26 0645 P C&W giving WNAX a good run. Lost. unn CKSW? JJR-MI
700 UNID 9/26 0604 P in WLW null. In again w/ESPN fare. 2 possibilites. JJR-MI
700 UNID 9/24 0704 Vp but quite noticable ESPN feed in WLW null. Bothe needed:WA and UT. Lost. JJR-MI
730 UNID 9/25 0601 Vp Walk LikeAn Egyptian, GoodBye Stranger w/WJMT, CKDM nulled. Not matching Gem104 in PA. Totally lost on this one!! JJR-MI
1000 UNID 9/27 0622 Vp -fast talking SS YL. No KOMO today, hi. Moved on. JJR-MI
1540 UNID 9/5 0649 Vp weak C&W way u/KXEL. t/c by OM and lost! WSMI has been in here. My guess.JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for August,2018:
580 UNID 8/15 0541 P alone. Dog & Butterfly/Heart into Grand Funk song. Not CKWW! Needed KZMX? Did write station. No answer, of course! JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDXfor August ,2018:
580 UNID 8/15 0541 P alone. Dog & Butterfly/Heart into Grand Funk song. Not CKWW! Needed KZMX? Did write station. JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for July,2018:
900 UNIDS 7/15 0343-0400 mess of C&W, SS, but NO CHML! Assuming had both UNIDs anyway. JJR-WI
1000 UNID 7/19 0458 Kinda loud SS in WMVP null, tho lost. Usually never anything in MVP null. JJR-MI
1220 UNID 7/15 0448 P-out/lost... Bellamy Bros, Madonna songs. Fades at right times, hi. JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for June,2018:
1010 UNID 6/13 0456 Vp Red Eye Radio thru WPCN. No CFRB. KIND? shows carries this. But...? JJR-WI
1190 UNID 6/5 0516 P no WOWO. Atop "Jamaica" references in 3 songs played,lost unn WLIB poss? JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for May,2018:
540 UNID 5/6 0457 P --easily 2 SS stns. Thought I heard "la M" but lost, faded. No CBK. JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for April,2018:
610 UNID 4/9 0509 Vp tho bits of C&W cutting thru. Not enough to chase down. Gone quickly. JJR-WI
810 UNID 4/19 P REL long form teaching. Checked again @:57. Too weak. Not CKJS. JJR-MI
1152 unID TA Carriers 4/19 and 4/20 0015 to 0145 UTC. As many as 5 weak carriers w/o audio noted here. A carrier with a high offset of about 24 hertz was showing up before the others and also before my LSS. It was also fading away and gone by 0130 or so while the others were still present. MWLIST website shows only Pakistan having an offset very near 24 hertz (1152.022). Surprisingly the great circle arc between Pakistan and Milwaukee and the grey line propagation path for my LSS time run in parallel and are close to being on top of each other. TPK-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for March,2018:
540 UNID 3/17 0613 P SS words & praise, Radio Oor? Hola. No CBK. SS REL, music. Lost. JJR-MI
610 UNID 3/23 0628 P OLD C&W song, guy talks and, of course, fades. Lost to KCSP. No KDAL yet. Heard an UNID C&W on Mar10. Same deal. Lost. I'm now leaning KCSR in Nebraska, which would be new. Will try again, hi!JJR-WI
730 UNID 3/15 0711 P no CKDM. WJMT way in back. REL, long tem program, lost. JJR-MI
1020 UNID 3/19 2153 F-killing KDKA! Loud! Not KCKN at all, not even close. Gone in mins. JJR-WI
1050 UNID 3/28 0625 P noted past 2 mornings. Uptempo SS mx, seems SW of here. Lost. JJR-MI
1050 UNID 3/14 0820 Vp You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin. No WJOK,WTKA, KLOH, lost. JJR-MI
1140 UNID 3/20 2117 P but holding steady w/WRVA nulled. SS female, lost in minutes. JJR-WI
1180 UNID 3/19 2100 P- SS w/easily nulled WHAM. JJR-WI
1360 UNID 3/13 0912 P no WTAQ! AMerica the Beautiful, cut right into REL. McCook? JJR-MI
1390 UNID 3/13 0609 P alone. The time is 7:09(EDT) the temp is 37 in the greater ?? area.JJR-MI
1420 UNID 3/19 2155 P tho wiping out other on freq! All gone in 3 mins. JJR-WI
1580 UNID 3/19 0500 P steady. Somehow just missing LID. Power up? CBS Sportsradio. JJR-WI
1610 UNID Mar20 1122 P Los Angeles, Nicaragua mentioned sev times. Not Canada. JJR-WI
610 UNID 3/10 0554 Vp C&W cutting thru others."?? Country." KCSR or CKYL. Both needed. Lost. JJR-MI
1270 UNID 3/7 0517 P CBS news sounder after Monkees song. No calls, of course, in ??? county...JJR-WI
1310 UNID 3/3 0524 P SS in fades, tho up to 60/9dB. Lost. WIBA nulled. JJR-WI
1320 UNID 3/5 0532 P-Vp -noted yesterday & this morning. Black GOSpel format, not in long enough. JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for February,2018:
960 UNID 2/6 0544 Vp toward east or west with Hot AC-sounding mx; lost. No idea here. EB-MI
1140 UNID 2/21 2100 ( Feb22 0300 UTC). A weak station w/o audio seen going off air. Late sign-off time suggests it might not be a US domestic. Frequency was 1140.0083.
1530 UNID 2/7 0917 VP Dr interview, MediaShare, T-Mobile Arena, Vegas Golden Knights, Pray for Isreal, 775-359-7272 Sierra Health Care (Reno)....Nothing makes sense. Shakopee or Elmhurst Illinois? Brokered? JJR-MI
1590 UNID 2/7 0910 P in Nikki Latola -Weatherye... no WGBW, KGFK playing mx at time. KDJS? JJR-MI
1710 UNID pirate 2/8 2020-2036. Mostly inaudible. Bits and pieces hrd of instrumental versions of Beatles songs. Signal went off air @ 2036. Frequency read out as 1710.0012. TPK-WI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for January 2018:
610 UNID 1/19 0659 Vp SSB thru nulled KDAL, lost. JJR-MI
610 UNID 1/13 0712 Vp fades. Call Me Maybe,Carly Rae Jepsen, Perfect,Ed Sheeran in KDAL null. Not needed KOJM. unn CHTM better fit. JJR-MI
700 UNID 1/18 0716 ???? way, way, way u/WLW, possible SPOrts talk, lost. JJR-MI
711 UNID 1/26 0100 to 0200 UTC. Two signals showing up both w/o audio. Strongest one was off freq. and high by 120 hertz and had a visible +/- 0.5 hertz wobble. Western Sahara, SNRT Laayuone has been noted w/ this offset. TPK-WI
990 UNID 1/9 1605 F but considerable slop from WMVP. Talk program about the opioid crisis with a mention of "Community Radio One" at one point. Heard on my car radio. CR-IL
1080 UNID 1/25 0947 F-lost, of course. Standards,NOS. Older sounding jock, time -no calls.JJR-MI
1210 UNID 1/16 0633 P tho steady. SS way u/KGYN. Easily notable. Usually only WPHT or KGYN. JJR-WI
1390 UNID 1/31 0628 P no WGRB at all. SW/NE on loop. Jolene/Dolly Parton, fade out. JJR-WI
1450 UNID 1/25 0925 P YL w/NewsTalk 1450. This said 2x. wx:high today 45. KQDI shows 45 as a high, but I NEED calls. KQDI would be a helluva catch!!!! There's always tomorrow, I guess. JJR-MI
1490 UNID 1/30 0653 P w/SS in fade up. 1st time here for SS. Possibly KXLQ, logged in '81 as KBAB. JJR-WI
1590 UNID 1/31 0612 P Baby Love/Supremes "from the time we go on the air" into chatter, lost. JJR-WI
1600 UNID 1/24 1610. Briefly on top. Female w/ tlk in a SE Asian language. Not CC, KK, or JJ. Checked KPNP-MN's webcast but they were all male chatter. TPK WI
1640 UNID 1/24 0722 Grasshopper,Geico,NO CALLS,SLOGAN(of course) Doug Steffan. Can't find squat.JJR-MI
1710 UNID 1/25 2145. Vp. A female voiced message popped in briefly after WQFG689 faded. It sounded like a temporary, low powered, real estate sales info station. “ This is . . . 1710 AM on your radio dial . . . please check out our . . . so come out to see us . . . we are one of 417 complexes in . . . “ . Sure would have liked to know where this was coming from! TPK-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for December 2017:
550 UNID 12/24 1518 Poor signal visible u/ WSAU-WI undergoing a day to nite power drop. Only WSJW-RI and WDEV-VT had LSS’s around this time. TPK-WI
700 UNID 12/17 0725 Vp YL SS chatter in WLW null. Lost. JJR-MI
1040 UNID 12/13 0715 Vp way behind WHO. REL, broken EE. Lost quickly. Suspect WCHR is unn. JJR-MI
1340 UNID 12/29 0924 P tuned into hear jingle "Classic Hits K..." & lost. K.OS? K.OF lost! JJR-MI
1460 UNID For over the last month there has been a highly garbled , twangy male voice coming in on 1460’s LSB and also on 1440’s USB. Sometimes superimposed on top of the voice are tones that sound somewhat melodic. It sounds like a looped message of some sort but I am not sure cuz the voice is so distorted and untuneable. Its not a harmonic from anything on LW nor coming from nearby Timmerman Airport. The signal also comes in with good copy 30 miles northeast of here (Port Washington) on the car radio. TPK-WI
1550 UNID 12/13 0600 Vp CBEF tight nulled. Auto Zone, ESPN radio NO LID (secs open for LID) Idiots! Several possibilities. Nothing great tho. 3of4 ESPNers unn. JJR-MI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for November 2017:
860 UNID 11/26 2026-2112 P u/CJBC. Classical pieces,applause. Did not match CBFK2 Saskatoon feed, but will try again. Thing is there's usually not much u/CJBC -ever. JJR-MI
990 UNID 11/19 1941 P -CBW nulled. Economy of 1, 6 Nat'l ads, psa, NO CALLS in/out. No affil info, Not lined up to KWAM or WGSO. How much "effort" would it take to cue the computer to say the calls? Geez! JJR-MI
1080 unID 11/21 1549 to 1610 Vp and inaudible. A weak signal ( but very visible ) popped on suddenly here(1079.996) @1549. Signal drifted a hertz higher by 1609 before showing signs of a power drop/ant. change. Not caused by my TV. My intuition sez this was a domestic station and not a TA. TPK-WI
1520 UNID 11/1 1801 P to ESE/WNW with R&B oldies: unid record, rolled to "In Crowd" - Ramsey Lewis. QRP after record started, of course nothing said between records; lost.EB-MI
1530 UNID 11/2 1643 to 1814. Stations, mostly inaudible, were seen with power drops/ sign offs at the following times: 1643, 1645, 1700, 1727, 1729, 1747, 1749, and 1814. TPK-WI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for October 2017:
670 UNID 10/30 1959 Vp w/SCR tightly nulled. Bolenback ad then power drop b4 LID, sadly. JJR-MI
980 UNID 10/3 2100 P and missed LID. ESPN radio, ESPN app, etc. Dunno. Guess is WTEM. JJR-MI
1200 UNID 10/8 0653 Faded up poor with ad narrated by Michael Medved, lost. Probably a one-shot ad, as I couldn't find anyone who carries him on 1200 at this time. EB-MI
1210 UNID 10/3 0628 P with Bach number on piano; heard it again about six minutes later. No idea who this could have been. EB-MI
1000 UNID 10/31 LOUD w/MVP phased, nulled. Played 4 songs (Contemp Christian, Later:REL) JJR-MI
1020 UNID 10/31 0745 P talk of Missions, charities. "Maguire in the Morning, it's 8:45"JJR-MI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for September 2017:
800 UNID 9-9 0008-0512GMT easy copy in CKLW null w baseball PBP similar to what I've heard on Rebelde. Gone by 0530. Probably not TWR TS-MI
1050 MEXICO Sep3 1100 to 1104 GMT. Mexican national anthem hrd poorly u/ the WLIP-WI / WTKA-MI mix. Couldn't make out what was said afterwards. Most likely XEG. TPK-WI
1240 UNID 9/18 1630 P alone. Wade Home Solutions, CBS Sportsradio No calls, idiots! My guess:KFBC-WY. Unn. JJR-MI
1360 UNID 9/29 0658 P REL talk and no WTAQ. West-ish, lost of course. CO or NE? Both unn.JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for August 2017:
660 UNID 8/1 2030-2050 w WFAN nulled, in and out, good peaks, hip hop / CHR music, no IDs or talk heard. Radio turned NNW. Can't be WMIC, they are still daytime only TS-MI
729 UNID 8/2 1040 GMT. A weak TP signal w/ no audio present here while chasing down KKDA-730. Hopefully a harbinger of things to come. TPK-WI
730 UNID 8/2 0600. A second station also popped on @ 0600. Weak and no audio. Signal went thru a very fast downward drift of about 4 hertz before stabilizing. TPK-WI
990 UNID 8/23 0539-0553 P ESPN'er AND UNID TALKer w/Quikkn ad. Not a peep from CBW. JJR-MI
1010 UNID 8/23 2130. A station w/o audio abruptly gone w/ ant. change or power down. A strong candidate would be KXXT-AZ. TPK-WI
1090 UNID 8/24 0529 P Catholic EWTN content. No break @:30 No LID at :00. Unbelievable! JJR-MI
1300 UNID 8/11 0521 P no WOOD. C&W song in fade up & out. JJR-WI
1340 UNID 8/24 1938 P toward NW/SE with what sounded like Standards, YL DJ? Lost to GY pile. EB-MI
1340 UNID 8/24 2010 P toward SSE with baseball; ment. "Here in South Bend," one man named Jim Czerecki (sp?) ment. also. South Bend does have a Minor League team, but they played in West Michigan. Lost to GY din. EB-MI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for July 2017:
1200 unID 7/30 1900 to 2200. At any given time there were 8 to over a dozen weak signals visible. Station LSS changes seen were 1199.9934 1955 sign off, 1199.9965 1947 sign off, 1199.9976 2002 sign off, 1200.0000 2001 ant. change,
1200.0013 1942 ant. change, 1200.0026 1942 ant. change, and a 1200.0047 1930 ant. change. Some of the s/offs could have been just ant. changes with no signal visible afterwords. All these changes took place before Milwaukee SS .TPK-WI
1200 unID 7/30 2017 to 2127. 1199.9928. Station first came visible @ 2017. One of the weak signals but this one signed off @2127 much after the Milwaukee SS. This was still too early for California and not N.Dak. (KFNW is on 1200.0002.). Mex. or perhaps Central America?? TPK-WI
1200 unID 7/30 2027 to 2200. 1200.0281 to 1200.030. This station first came visible @ 2027, 12 min. after Milw. SS. Steady signal that was slowly drifting downward. Ant. change noted @2146. California?? TPK-WI
1200 unID 7/30 1930 to ??. 1199.999 to 1200.001. Weak station that was visibly wobbling back and forth between the 2 frequencies. No LSS change detected. TPK-WI
1200 unID 0715 to 0740. The 1199.999 to 1200.001 wobbler. Very poor signal. TPK-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for June 2017:
650 SS 2300 06/17 Assumed to be XETNT SI LosMochis F According to Internet, ID is Radio-65. Clearly heard, "Sesenta y Cinco". AJJ-AZ
690-710 All SS 2035-2045 6/17, 2 on 690 & 710 s/b KBMB Black Canyon City AZ AJJ-AZ
650 NOID ?? 0224 06/16 SS G Any Ideas? more later.
1340 UNID 6/9 0458 P Joyce Meyer, contact info. WEXL? Not according to site, nor WJYI. JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for May 2017:
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for April 2017:
1280 UNID 4/18 2132 P, looking southerly with C&W mx, a couple of PSAs, into more back to back mx. A couple of possibilities, this one got away. EB-MI
1310 UNID 4/20 0543 P Knock Three Times, jock talk, Smkin' In The Boys Room "The Greatest Hits" jingle "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" & lost @:53. JJR-MI
1490 UNID 4/22 0516 P songs by B Holly, Lonnie Mack, Monkees, Chad&Jeremy, Simon&Garfunkel & Petula Clark to fade out. SIX songs and no calls! Unreal! NOT the AMericas Best Music feed (of KRIB.) JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for March 2017:
1140 unID 3/20 1910 to 1931. Poor to fair. The NAIA semi-final championship basketball game between LSU-A and Life University. No identification or location ever given. No commercial breaks or network ID either. Sportscasters mentioned that WHB was a sister station. Gone @1931 power down. WAPF-MS ?? TPK-WI
1200 unID 3/1 2205 F Came across a het on 1200 that checked out to be a station using a 1000 hertz test tone. No ID hrd in about 10 minutes of listening but WOAI - TX, WCHB- MI, and WRTO- IL were eliminated as suspects. TPK-WI
1240 UNID 3/27 0606-0634 P ALL instumentals:No Matter What Shape Your Stomach's In, Wipeot, Telstar, And I Love Her, Hang Em High, The Virginian, A Summer Place. No IDs, slogans. Stunting obviously, but who? JJR-WI
1440 unID 3/3 0715 to 0800. Very P to F. SS male and female anns. w/ tlk. Talk sounded religious. No IDs hrd. Good chance this is the Dallas area KTNO. TPK-WI
1450 UNID 3/8 0644 P -SS on top. Lost. Have hrd SS here a few times. Cicero? JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for February 2017:
770 UNID 1/1 0621 P in WJR slop, heard YL mention "WWIL" into gospel mx. WWIL is on 1490 from Wilmington, NC; there's a station on 770 in Rockingham, NC, but that's Beach, Oldies, and Classic R&B, and nothing anywhere about a rebroadcast on 770. Lost whatever this was to WJR slop EB-MI
960 UNID 1/20 0629 P in until KMA came in @:36. Black GOS mx, 2 songs. Lost on this one! JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for January 2017:
770 UNID 1/1 0621 P in WJR slop, heard YL mention "WWIL" into gospel mx. WWIL is on 1490 from Wilmington, NC; there's a station on 770 in Rockingham, NC, but that's Beach, Oldies, and Classic R&B, and nothing anywhere about a rebroadcast on 770. Lost whatever this was to WJR slop EB-MI
960 UNID 1/20 0629 P in until KMA came in @:36. Black GOS mx, 2 songs. Lost on this one! JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for December 2016:
1300 UNID 12/21 0619 F CBS SportsRadio content. NO calls/slogan into 6 minutes of nat'l ads. Back into programming. NO calls/slogan. Nice way to get ratings! I'm leaning WJZ-MD as WJFK-MD was in loud at same time. KSCR is a highly doubtful. Both would be re-logs. WOOD not in. JJR-WI
1520 UNID 12/6 0610 P toward SE with Bluegrass/C&W Gospel mx. Thinking it's Mocksville, NC but really can't count it; this one got away. EB-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for November 2016:
530 UNID 11/3 0608 TWO stations from Cuba: one was Radio Enciclopedia with EZL mx, the other was Rebelde with SS Talk. Was definitely NOT CIAO, as that had something completely different when I'd aim the antenna that way. Rebelde would be NEW here. EB-MI
560 UNID 11/29 0638 P but there. SS! Who izzit? Lost on this. Lost to KLZ. JJR-MI
930 UNID 11/6 0624 P ABC,Jackson5, LaBamba,R.Valens, Dock of the Bay,Otis Redding & Dead Mans Curve,Jan&Dean. Lost to KSDN. No calls, sweepers, nothing. Great way to let folks know who they're istening to. Unreal! JJR-MI
950 UNID 11/11 1922 P long vers of Light My Fire,Doors, another song, Mysterious Ways,U2. WWJ,WNTD nulled as much as possible. Recent flip? JJR-WI
1140 UNID 11/30 0719 P toward WSW with talk, sounded political in nature. Lost to WRVA. EB-MI
1190 UNID 11/30 0545 P to SE/NW with SSB, talk afterward. Two YLs, sounded kind of like a small-town public affairs show. Lost. EB-MI
1190 UNID 11/30 0602 P toward SW/NE with vocal SSB, into C&W mx. Suspect KQQZ, but don't know for sure. Lost. EB-MI
1230 UNID 11/16 0740 P "it's 20 mins b4 7, birthdays coming up soon, here's Dirkes Bentley" No calls at all! Unreal. Lost to WFER. JJR-MI
1280 UNID 11/5 0757 Vp -OLD C&W lost to WWTC, sadly. JJR-MI
1350 UNID 11/10 1854 P SS and OLDies fighting it out. Gave up after 10 minutes. JJR-WI
1390 UNID 11/6 0721 P end of song "1390 WA??" thru KXXS,WRIG,WGRB. NOT wK or wJ. Lost. JJR-MI
1400 UNID 11/3 0735 P thru WCCY. Obits, lost. Temps for SD, NE. Winner, No.Platte. NEbr ments. Lost. JJR-MI
1410 UNID 11/6 0646 P Walking My Way Back to You,4 Seasons. No WIZM. lost. JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for October 2016
570 UNID 10/26 0816 Two stations fighting it out. Both very, very fluttery! One was C&W and the other "here in the SouthWest.." Lost in L'Anse! JJR-MI
1240 UNID 10/8 0621 OLD C&W: J.Friecke, J.Cash, T.Tucker/ Breaks for calls at :23,:26,:29 and no calls inserted ever! Great way to listeners know your product! Unreal! Absolutely unreal, and sadly, this is so common! JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX: for September 2016
540 UNID 9/23 1925 Poor with high school football; thought I heard a ment. of Cleveland. Ads had Southern accent; thinking WKFN but can't be sure. EB-MI
800 UNID 8/5 2029 P u/CKLW with C&W mx (Heard "Kiss An Angel Good Morning" at one point.) Suspect WSVS Crewe, VA but can't count it. EB-MI
860 UNID 9/23 1942 Poor under CJBC with Adele record; later records had a more of an R&B beat to them. CJBC kept wiping whatever this was out. Lost. EB-MI
1020 UNID 9/5 0616 P SS music, phone #s in ad, "Le Mejor"??? Stumped, no USA matches. JJR-WI
1390 UNID 9/16 0546 P -no WGRB. Songs by Helen Reddy, Bellamy Bros. NOS. WEZB-IN? JJR-WI
1490 UNID 9/29 0640 P w/others. Long form REL programming. Totally lost on this. JJR-MI
1510 UNID 9/16 0531 Vp -WLAC nulled. Happy,Ferrell Williams, ??? Barry Manilow, break for stopset at :36, but into song. W jock, satellite fed. JJR-WI
1510 UNID 9/16 0539 Vp in WLAC null. (Salem's) Mike Gallagher in ad. UNID Talker. JJR-WI

UNID's or AMazing Mysteries: for August 2016
890 UNID 8/9 8/10 2210 P-F o/WLS at times (WLS had White Sox) w/Tele Talk, many Gospel ments.JJR-WI