Blues,Songs that should have done better!
I have a love of Top40 back to my childhood. I still remember the "WOKY" acappella jingle. Late 50s or early 60s. Remember Barney Pip reading my letter on WOKY. 1966. "Wanna get into radio John? All you need is a horn" and then he played the horn, hit the jingle. Still, other than current hits, I love oldies. Not the same 200 over and over, but the songs that hit #37 on WRIT or #28 on WOKY, were around for a few weeks and died. Blues? My Good God! It goes to the absolute soul of a human being. Start with the Bo Diddley 1954 riff and there you go. For the blues, I gotta get the room 100 degrees, dew point 71, wipe the sweat off my brow, dim lights, cigar smoke all over, have a beer waiting for me and appreciate a little more. More! More! More! I'm A Man, Muddy Waters   When on the deck with Tim/Brenda I say "you're a good friend!" Tim says "thanx John." I reply "Tim, I was talking to the beer bottle!" Tim says "you gotta stop after 2 beers. You talk too much." Told Tim "I've had 3 beers and the lake is still there!" Tim replies "It is?" Brenda looks. Boys will be boys! An absolute good, good life!
So many songs, so much good music has been recorded. We all have certain songs, certain memories associated with different times in our lives! Here are a few of mine. Enjoy.
Blues Power!
When Love Comes To Town, B.B. King/U2  Recorded at the historic Sun Studio in Memphis. 1988. RIP Mr King
Hoochie Coochie Man, Muddy Waters   Love the riff!
Hoochie Coochie Man, Muddy Waters   #1 blues riff of all time!
Hoochie Coochie Man, Buddy Guy & Eric Clapton   Live 2007, dah dah, dah dah!
Snake Drive, R.L. Burnside  Robert Lee Burnside, passed in 2005. A country blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist who lived much of his life in and around Holly Springs, MS. Rock/Funk/Blues!
Black Betty, Ram Jam  Pat Martin on WSPT in Stevens Point,WI broke this! Says so on album's liner notes!
Black Betty, Leadbelly   From 1939. Would be done in lte 1970s by Ram Jam
Vintage Delta Blues, Muddy Waters - Best Of Muddy Waters  Aah, the riff in the first 5 seconds!
Rock Me, Muddy Waters   Down home blues. You won't get much better. An AMerican original!
The Thrill Is Gone, B.B. King  Live,Crossroads Festival 2010. King loved what he did until the last year of his life! To be that blessed!
To Know You Is To Love You, B. B. King  Heard this in 2018 of all places, on an oldies station! Great stuff!!
"One Of My Best Performances" B.B. King  Mr. King was humble, gracious and was the King of the Blues. Prison audience. 1970. RIP BB. Lucille too
Live From Red Rocks (2013), Buddy Guy, Quinn Sullivan  What a Guy! Buddy Guy is gracious. Sullivan plays Hendrix better than Hendrix
Hoochie Coochie Man, (10 year old) Joshua King James Cotton Band  These blues men really appreciated this young man. Talent!
Boom Boom Boom, John Lee Hooker  Hooker is a cooker. Down home dirty blues
Smokestack Lightning, Howlin' Wolf   1959 and the Wolf was Howlin'!
Rockin' Hits!
Bad to the Bone, George Thorogood   The Riff! It is ba-ba-ba-bad to the bone!
Gear Jammer, George Thorogood   Can't say how many times I cranked this on the juke box after work. How many beers did I have?
I Drink Alone, George Thorogood And The Destroyers "my best two friends: Bud and Miller..."
Bad Reputation, Damn Yankees  Heard this one time on the Hits 106 Kearney Traffic Jam!
Hndel's Messiah - Mormon Tabernacle Choir  the definative Christmas song. Hallelujah!
Christmas Day, Boney M  Man will live for ever more because of Christmas Day! Go to the Caribbean where Christmas is a Holyday, not an AMerican-ized holiday
Christmas Wrapping, Waitresses  You mean you forgot the cranberries too? Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Couldn't miss this one this year!
Feliz Navidad Julianne Hough  Heard this on a radio station. Wrote to find out who it was. They, of course, never wrote back. Found it after a little digging.
All Alone On Christmas,Darlene Love  1992. This should have been a much, much bigger hit! Dear Santa, I've been good this year!
Sleigh Ride, Ronettes  From my childhood and what a good childhood I had. Cool parents and the best brother & sister one could want! I've been good Santa!
Linus And Lucy, Vince Guaraldi Trio   Never liked the Peanuts strip much. Liked Popeye (ek ek ek) but loved this song!
Pjdźmy Wszyscy Do Stajenki  Version 1) St.Casimir staple at Christmas. My first memories...about 1959 on this!
Pjdźmy Wszyscy Do Stajenki  Version 2) Later in life, I'd sing this to my mother. "You remember that?" Great to have a truly loving mother! I was truly blessed! Truly!
It Came upon the Midnight Clear   Christmas staple in 1959 only to be replaced by Grandma got run over by a reindeer.
First Noel  As an altar boy a song we sang certainly in choir practice! Do it til you get it right!
What Child Is This? Martina Mcbride Nice Christmas song with a country twist.
Angels We Have Heard on High,Amy Grant Gloria! Gloria! Nice Christmas song
Little Drummer Boy- Harry Simeone Coral  Certainly remember this from my childhood. Came out in 1958, tho the video has wrong artist. Hello!
I Believe In Father Christmas - Greg Lake  This song came out in the 1970's. A true, true classic!
Christmas Kiss - Nora Collins Wow! This is nice and a newer Christmas surprise!
Christmas Time (Is Coming 'Round Again) -Mavericks Heard this on a talk station (WISN, Mark Belling) talking about new Christmas songs. Glad I listened. Upbeat/nice!!
Songs that should have done much better!
Rivers of Babylon, Boney M  Jamaican born singers. Pat Martin, WSPT played this in 1978. Hit the TM Shotgun jingle. "on Stereo 98!"
Windmills of Your Mind, Dusty Springfield  Haunting, beautiful. We lost Dusty too soon
Don't Forget About Me, Dusty Springfield  Hit-bound in 3/69. Never was a hit, though. Heard it on old aircheck of WOR-FM!
Over The Rainbow, Dimensions  From 1960. WOKY in 1973, played this as an oldie over night. Loved the mighty 92!
Who Will Answer - Ed Ames  Certainly remember this song standing out in November,1967! Hallelujah! Certainly remember WOKY playing this.
Make Believe, Wind  Went to #10 on "Radio WRIT" in October'68. "WRIT, First in Milwaukee with 13-40 News at 3:40" 'RIT under Terrell Metheny tightened from 40 to 30 songs! Tony Orlando:lead vocals!
Jelly Jungle, Lemon Pipers Very slow climber and follow up to Green Tambourine. Big Jack gone from WKYC was where I remember this! Power Radio-WKYC!
Can I Carry Your Balloon? Swampseeds  The group hated the song, but I loved it! 16-WZUM Pittsburgh had it as #16 in April 1968. Billboard? #124! Still, I remember this song!
Let Love Come Between Us, James and Bobby Purify mid level hit in the fall of 1967. Wow!
I Don't Care, Shakespears Sister Always liked this song. 1992. Better than "Stay."
A Brand New Me, Dusty Springfield  Again. Dusty. 1969. mid chart level. Late December
Dead Giveaway, Shalamar  K-Fire played this in 1982. Still sounds good all these years later!
AMerican Salute, Morton Gould (Boston Pops,Arthur Fiedler)  WOKY used this for news intro:1965-1971 "This is Raymond E. Spencer, WOKY Total Information News and I have news for you!"
You're A Friend Of Mine, Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne Clarance died too soon. Way too soon.
Comin' on Strong, Brenda Lee 1966 classic. Of course, being a classic means ZERO airplay in 2015 radio!
Brazil, Ritchie Family  1975. Disco Hit and I heard it on a promo for KHJ with the U-Jingles they were using at the time
Buy For Me The Rain, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band  1967 Folk Rock classic. Harmonies and strings. Very bittersweet. "Grave stones cheer the living dear, They're no use to the dead" K-Fire Classic!
Hold Her Tight, Osmonds  Under rated group! 1972 and they ROCKED the Top 40 airwaves!
Crazy Horses, Osmonds  The Osmonds ROCKED, but you'll never hear this classic anywhere! WOKY hit!
Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl, Patty and the Emblems  Heard this 1964 classic in the middle of the night on "WOKY, the mighty 92!"">Come To The Sunshine - Harpers Bizarre  2023. Heard the first FEW notes of this lost oldie while dx'ing. Go figure!">Gone, Gone, Gone, Everly Brothers   Heard this on an old 1010-Wins aircheck. "I remember that song!" Went to #34 in 1964.
Bowling Green, Everly Brothers  Mid level chart hit on 920 WOKY and 1340 WRIT, Fall 1967
Fresh As A Daisy. Emitt Rhodes   1970. Nice airplay on WOKY. Uplifting, peppy.
AMnesia,Chumbawamba  Late 1990's song. Mid chart hit, but a rocker!
Poor Boy, Casey Kelly  Late 1972. I certainly remember WOKY playing this upbeat rocker. Remember Top40 rockin'? Much less on AM?!
I Feel Love, Donna Summer  1977. I remember this on WSPT with the TM Shotgun. Sounded so good on "Stereo 98!" Lost Ms Summer too soon. RIP!
I Feel Love, Donna Summer (long version)  1977. Someone I knew met her after performance. Very, very humble. Kind. Gone too soon
A Fool Like You, Tim Moore Not the version I remember, but close! WOKY Hit-Bound in 1974. Went to #93! A shame!
Percolator Twist, Billy Joe & The Checkmates   1962. Used for a Coffee commercial, though I cannot remember which
All I Really Want, Alanis Morissette  Only heard this one time! "95-5 WIFC" jingle, hit the music!
Head Over Feet, Alanis Morissette   ol' Linda. If she only knew. So close and yet so far, I guess!
Beggin', Four Seasons  At the tail end of the Seasons sixties popularity, but a goodie! #16 in 1967.
I'm Doin' Fine Now, New York City   From 1973, this one hit wonder went to #17. WOKY played it. WRIT was all news, so WZUU played it with the Mike Joseph Super Hit "ZUU jingles.
Loving Arms, Dobie Gray  1973. Not a huge hit. Mid level chart success on WOKY and WRIT. Mr Gray passed in 2011. He was 71. RIP
Too Much Of Nothing, Peter Paul & Mary   Way, way, way overlooked! My favorite PP&M song all these years later!
Holding Back The Years,Simply Red   1984. I'll guarantee you, my sister Lisa & I heard this while eating her favorite KFC chicken in Marquette. Q107 was on!
You Need Love, Styx   1975. AM radio still rocked! And...this still sounds good all these years later!
Springfield Plane, Kenny O'Dell  this 1967 song just popped into my head .... in 2022!
Without Me Lyrics (Clean), Eminem   a talk show host uses this! Never heard this before!
Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime, Korgis   this played in the late days of WOKY being a Top40. Still, it is nice!
Roosevelt And Ira Lee, Tony Joe White   Tony Joe White... another, less played hit, but bouncy & nice !
Dangling Conversation, Simon & Garfunkel   Just a song about life. Life is interesting. Really interesting!
Day by Day, Godspell  1972With Jesus Christ Superstar, a bunch of REL type songs came out!
Summer Nights - Marianne Faithfull  Nationally: Number 24, 22 WRIT, 25 on WOKY- This in September 1965! Hears in Jan 2023 on 1450 KZZJ of all places!
Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home) Elle King, Miranda Lambert  What a song and what a duo. It just is a good song. Uptempo rocker in 2021. Yes!
Try a Little Kindness, Glen Campbell  Heard this in 2020 on a Classic Country station. There were so many songs Mr.Campbell made!
Blow, Ed Sheeran  Heard this while dx'ing in 2019. On a Canadian station, 101.1 CFLZ in Fort Erie!
Kay, John Wesley Ryles  From 1968. I remember this from art class. Nuns let us listen to WOKY, but WRIT had better jingles! 17 when he recorded this
Never Been Any Reason, Head East   it was 1979."Head East on 106.5FM - 13.8AM --Stereo KWK!"
Wonderful World, Beautiful People, Jimmy Cliff -   Still remember Christopher Saint (Chris Bailey) with this on 1340 WRIT!
In the Still of the Night ,The Satins   1955 Doo Wop! Recorded in a Catholic Church basement. Wow! Wow! Wow!
Mississippi, John Phillips  This song really had a nice piano, uptempo feel. Should have gone higher on chart
Love Makes The World Go 'Round, Anna Maria Alberghetti   I know my mother had this on listening to WOKY. Circa 1961! My mom was hip before it was hip!
My World Fell Down, Sagittarius  #19 on WLS & WCFL. "Not on the WKYC Sound 11 Survey, but maybe next week! Big Jack, Your Leeeeeeeder!"
Lake Shore Drive, Aliotta Haynes and Jeremiah  Don't know if I love the piano or the S curve on LSD (Lake Shore Drive) in Chicago
Soul Shake, Delaney & Bonnie Bramlet  Wow! To me, more of a West Coast Hit, but WOKY airplay
Comin' Home, Delaney & Bonnie  Again, Wow! Heard this ONE time on KYA aircheck. 1967. Good gosh, hear it in 2001!
The Fightin' Side Of Me, Merle Haggard   From 1969. . . ah heck, there have always been disagreements! Here, there, everywhere.
At Last, Etta James   1954. Sultry. A classic! A true classic
Tell Mama, Etta James   1968. Etta updated and she rocked the house. WNOV's "Soul 45" has this as a hit!
The Nitty Gritty, Shirley Ellis  Under rated! Ellis cooks!
Five Hundred Miles, Heaven Bound  Certainly played on Funlovin' WOKY. 1971. Should have gone way higher!
Ballroom Blitz, Sweet  In '75 this was all I heard "Go to the Ballroom and get blitzed on Y-1-15
Cinderella, Firefall  A Soft rocker, though today I guess it would be country
I Feel Good, Pitbull  Heard this on 95.1 WAYV. This song should have been given a greater push!!!! 2022
My Little Lady, Bloodstone  May 3, 1975, this tune peaked at #57
I Love You, Climax Blues Band  the song would completely end, "101.3 KDWB.." 1981, way down tempo in style
Man On Your Mind, Little River Band  When this was out in 81, Q107 Marquette played it to death!
Point Of No Return, Expose  Another song played to death on Q107 and Magic 97 in 1985! My late sister Lisa & I argued over who was the better Top 40: Q or Magic!
Get It From The Bottom Steelers  Remember WNOV and WAWA playing this goodie! Late 1969!
Rainy Jane, Davy Jones  1971. Former Monkee on his own. Class!
Charity Ball, Fanny  Peaked at #40, though WLS played the heck out it! My God, were they young!
I've Had It, Fanny  Certainly remember this 1950's remake being played on WOKY!
Obsession, Animotion  1985 Hitradio Hit! In Milwaukee there were two Hitradios: B-97 and WRKR
Sweetheart, Frankie & the Knockouts  WOKY had tossed Top40. All there was, was WLS and they played this mid-level hit!
Babalu, Desi Arnaz  a different time. Innocence. TV was still young! Desi Arnaz On What's My Line?  and enjoying this so much. Not the star, but the guest!
Room to Move, Animotion  1989 and WKLQ Grand Rapids kicked off a music sweep with (a jingle) Most Music - K-L-Q and this!
Save Your Kisses for Me, Brotherhood of Man  United We Stand was their big hit. Hears this on WKAU in 1976. What a station!
Go Home, Stevie Wonder  This was his last Top 10 hit! 1985. Never heard it til I heard a Hot 102 WLUM aircheck in 2021!
People Sure Act Funny, Arthur Conley  Funky Street was big on WNOV in MIlwaukee. This was a lesser played follow up. Popped into my head in 2021!!
1941, Tom Northcott   heard this on a 1340 WLAV Solid Gold weekend. Pams jingles and all
Echo Park, Keith Barbour   "Dear Sir, We regret to inform you..." Still get choked up when I hear it. Son killed in nam. November, 1969. Reached #40
Back On My Feet Again, Foundations  They did way more than Baby Now That I Found You!
Route 101, Herb Alpert   Played on several Top40s in 1982. Could you imagine that today?
Pretty World, Sergio Mendes/Brasil '66  Lani Hall, Karen Philipp sang with the original Brasil '66 musicians. All anyone wants. "This is WISM-FM Madison, All Gold, Stereo 98."
All Strung Out, Nino Tempo & April Stevens  Brother, sister. Talent. Harmony. Wow!
There Is, The Dells   In 1968 on WNOV, this was played a lot! Right on Jim Frasier!
When I Die,Motherlode  October,1969: Top 10 on 1340 WRIT and 920 WOKY Milwaukee. From London,ON, where was it on CJBK or CKSL?
I Hate Myself For Lovin' You, Joan Jett  106 K-H-Q played this summertime hit! I'm in Love!
Do You Wanna Touch Me, Joan Jett   WLS played this in the late 80s!
Footstompin' Music, Grand Funk Railroad   Jan'72 this was in high rotation on The Rock of Chicago! WLS
Roll With the Changes, REO Speedwagon Certainly heard this on the Rock of Chicago! Man - AM radio was good!
Ridin' the Storm Out, REO Speedwagon KWK, Stereo WK, the rockin' best! 106.5 and AM 13.8, Stereo WK!
Take Me to the River, Talking Heads  heard this in 2021. Don't remember -- but heard it years ago on Hot Rockin' Q107 Marquette!! Q107 Marquette!
Take Me Back Home, Slade   "WOKY, 7:59, Michael Lee (Scott) Here comes Slade and Take Me Back Home." Screaming Top40!
Take Me Back, The Flock   Chicago garage band noted on Big 10 WCFL Barney Pip, Jim Stagg and 1230 WJOB which was Top 40 too!
Cast Your Fate To The Wind, Sounds Orchestral   Can you believe something this beautiful was played on Top 40 radio? 1965!
In The Bad, Bad Old Days,Foundations   1969. This, I believe was their final hit. Still like it all these years later!
Soul Coaxin' Raymond Lefevre  In 1968 this instrumental was on WOKY's chart. Aah, the mighty 92!
Airport Love Theme, Vincent Bell  Phil Murphy played this as HitBound for the "summer of 1970" on WSPT Stevens Point. Never heard again!
It's A Cryin' Shame, Gayle McCormick   1971. Heavy airplay on WLS. Heavy! Passed away 3-1-16. RIP, Gayle.
Hold On, Radiants  More good memories on 1968. WNOV and Cecil Hale played this!
The End of the World, Skeeter Davis  1962. This was written by a person that lost a parent and was full of sorrow when it happened
I Missed Me, Jim Ed Brown  My mother, rest her soul, loved country music. Somehow I remember this!
Morning, Jim Ed Brown Looked on WOKY WRIT charts of the date (Jan'71) Not finding it listed. My mom with the radio?
Space Age Love Song, Flock Of Seagulls   This was talked about on a talk show for bumper music. Corny looking, but I do remember the song!
Anyone Who Had A Heart, Dionne Warwick  Another song from the great Miss Warwick!
Sunrise, Eric Carmen  Heard this on 3WE in Cleveland. This Cleveland kid kicked. Really good at 4:50, but this entire song is great
Love You So Much, New Colony Six  Sentar records, caught up in the Cameo-Parkway bankruptcy of 1967. Played in Chicago and by Big Jack on WKYC Radio 11 Cleveland!
Back to California, Carole King   The Rock of Chicago-WLS played this album cut in 1971!
It Might as Well Rain Until September, Carole King   I first heard this 1962 song on WKAU, Rockin' Stereo in the 1970s! Thanx BJ Crocker!
Its A Shame, The Spinners   1970. The WOKY WRIT battle where most of WOKY jocks went to WRIT! RIP George Wilson!
Vegas, Doja Cat  From favorite song of the year, I think! No need to curse, tho.
Put Your Hands Together - The O'Jays   B J Crocker played this on 'KAU in Kaukauna. Shoulda been a way bigger hit!
K-Jee, The Nite-Liters   From W-103 Wisconsin Rapids.Remember "14-WRJN" playing this too. Heard this on an old KIMN aircheck, and really, had to check the charts and there it was!
Taurus, Dennis Coffey  Everyone might remember Scorpio. This was the follow up. Not played much, but I do remember it for sure!
Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart - Bob B Soxx & Blue Jeans Another moldie oldie you'll never hear anymore, but on WMID, you do! Thank you, WMID!
Cherchez La Femme, Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band  heard this on WMID in 2022, and so glad they back announced this. Kinda catchy! 1976!
Whenever A Teenager Cries, Reparata and the Delrons #60 on Billboard Hot 100 in February 1965. Named after Sister Reparata at the Catholic school, St. Brandon's High School in Brooklyn, NY. She was 17 when recorded! WoW and thank you, WMID!
You Were Mine The Fireflies  Heard it in 2020 on WMID! Wow!
(Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry by Darlene Love  WMID classic from 1963, heard in late 2020! Wow!
You'll Never Get To Heaven If You Break My Heart, Dionne Warwick   Heard this on W-103 Wisconsin Rapids when they ran Drake's Hitparade format.
Anyone Who Had A Heart Dionne Warwick   A tear jerker! "Anyone who had a heart wouldn't treat me the way you treated me."
Heartbreaker Dionne Warwick   98-WSPT, Dionne Warwick is back! Heartbreaker on WSPT.
Always Something There to Remind Me, Sandie Shaw  The original 1966. RB Greaves and Dionne Warwick did this, tho this is my favorite. Just a good song
Always Something There To Remind Me, Sandie Shaw   Popular in mid 1960s. At almost 70 in this 2012 video, she's still got it! Sandy Shaw, BBC humble
The Composer, The Supremes  Jean Terrel on lead, after Ross left the group
Ain't Understanding Mellow, Jerry Butler/Brenda Lee Eager  Heard this ONE time in my life! WBBM-FM. 1972. Listen to the beautiful harmony at 3:40
Why Didn't I Think Of That? Brenda & The Tabulations  Remember this as HitBound on WOKY, tho never made the Hot100! This in 1972. RIP Brenda
Up The Ladder To The Roof- Supremes   WIRL played this in 1970, followed by a nice WIRL Pams jingle. No Diana on this one. Loved it!
Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows   Heard this on 95.3 WFNX in April, '21! I miss ROCK music from Top 40, badly!
Don't You Know, Della Reese   1959 classic, but you won't hear this on Nostalgia/Standards stations. Classical - popular blend.
Abergervenny, Shannon   Loved this happy upbeat song from 1969. Of course, it never made it...sadly!
Brother Rapp, James Brown  Heard this while dx'ing 1290 WICE Providence, RI in 1972. Never heard since and the is sad. RIP James!
Party Lights, Claudine Clark  A 1962 one hit wonder!
Circles, New Seekers  Minor hit, though wonderful lyrics!
Beg, Steal or Borrow, New Seekers  More Seekers music! Will not get much better than this
Tonight, The Move  In 1971 I heard this on "Love Stereo, WLVE Baraboo-Madison" Bought song at Radio Doctors. Never on radio here again
We Had A Good Thing Goin', Cyrkle  Topped CHUM at #39! 1967 "..singing with themselves, Jim LaBarbera on WKYC" My favorite by them
Vengeance, Carly Simon  This song kicked! That;s Vengeance. It's the law! Aside:better video was removed.
That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be, Carly Simon   This haunting melody hit me hard in 1971. Still to this day!
Love Is Like an Itching in My Heart, Supremes   The love bug done bitten me!
On The Way Home, Buffalo Springfield   They had more than For What It's Worth
Self Control, Laura Branigan 1984   Lord, on WIKI, does she look like an old (and good) girlfriend! Yikes! Laura kicked! (So did the girlfriend, hi!) Sadly gone so young, so soon. RIP Laura.
I Can't Turn You Loose , The Chambers Brothers   Reworked Otis Redding classic. Crank this up. Heard on Padre's Platters on KFYR years ago!
Time Has Come Today , The Chambers Brothers   All 11 minutes. This was first heard by editor on WIFC!
Baby Please Don't Go, The Chambers Brothers   Heard this on an aircheck of WWRL's Frankie Crocker! Wow!
Somebody's Watchin' You, Little Sister -   Sly Stone's little sister! Classic from 1970. Never a big hit, but nice!!!
Jubilation , Paul Anka  Anka certainly gets better with age. 7 minutes. The piano, violins. Beautiful!
The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget by the Raindrops   1963 oldie you won't hear anymore, sadly
When the Love Light Shines Through His Eyes, Supremes   First chart hit for the girls from Detroit!
Foolish Little Girl, Shirelles   A tear jerker from the Shierells!
The One Who Really Loves You , Mary Wells   Another song about a lost love. There's so many
All Alone Am I , Brenda Lee  A long lost classic.
Broken Hearted Melody , Sarah Vaughan   Sarah sings ans sings... what a voice
Like An Old Time Movie, Scott McKenzie   Likes this one better than If You're Going to San Francisco
Shake A Tail Feather , James & Bobby Purify    A kickin' fun tune from 1966
it's Over, Boz Scaggs Heard this on an old aircheck. 1976
Sugar Daddy, Jackson 5 Bubble gum at its purest! Early, 1972
Love Love Love , Terry Knight & The Pack   This CKLW dj later formed Grand Funk. Knight murdered years later
Are You Ready? Pacific Gas & Electric   6 minute rocker with a message
That's The Way God Planned It, Billy Preston   Preston too, sings of something bigger than us. 1969
Awaiting On You All, George Harrison  Short, peppy song. Harrison's songs convey a spiritual message and he most certainly was
Will You Be Staying After Sunday?, Peppermint Rainbow   Never a big hit, but dog gone it, this was good!
Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl. Patty & The Emblems   Heard this one night when Ronnie Knight played it as an oldie on WOKY.
Respect Yourself, The Staple Singers   A song with a message. Still holds true now, more than ever!
l'll Take You There , The Staple Singers   Mavis! Pops! I'll take you there! "Phil Murphy on WSPT, this is HitBound for '72!"
Heavy Makes You Happy , The Staple Singers   Another kicker! Sha na boom boom ya!
Try Too Hard , Dave Clark 5   Not one of groups biggest, but this short/sweet song rocked in 1967!
25 Miles, Edwin Starr   Hit the drums after the jingle. I certainly remember "W-I-S-M!"
Get Away, Georgie Fame  Not the Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde, but till my favorite
My Baby Must Be A Magician Marvelletes   I certainly remember WRIT playing this. Nice song
Nowhere To Run , Martha and the Vandellas   Martha had a lotta good ones. This is one!
Beechwood 4-5789, The Marvelettes   I'm changing my phone number!
Live Wire,, Martha and the Vandellas   Heard this on a WABC Rewound Radio weekend and on 93.1 WMID!!
I'm Ready For Love, Martha And The Vandellas   1967. I heard this years later on WKTI. Do not remember this being played in Milwaukee
It's Cold Outside , Choir   WKYC Radio 11 played this Cleveland group.
AMerican Land, Bruce Springsteen  By luck, having WDOR-FM on in 2020, this was caught! All what made America great!
Living in America, James Brown   Get on the good foot!
Steppin' Out, Paul Revere and the Raiders   One good song that popped into my head!
Ragged Old Flag, Johnny Cash   Heard this on WMPL one morning as they play a patriotic song every morning!
Flat Footed Mama, Coleman Wilson   1961. Wow! This wouldn't fly in today's politically correct world, Heaven forbid!
Sugar & Spice , The Cryan' Shames   Uplifting, fun song. An old song, new twist!
I Wanna Meet You, The Cryan' Shames  Chicago Big 10 WCFL and 89 WLS classic
It Could Be We're in Love , The Cryan' Shames   Wow! That's all I can say. Wow!
Sunday Mornin', Spanky & Our Gang  Sunday Morning. Quiet, peaceful, enjoy all that is here!
Give A Damn, Spanky & Our Gang   This song, from 1968, will still hold true today. McFarland is from Milwaukee
Shine, Collective Soul First saw this listed by Bob Beck-Y93 Bismarck in Gavin. 1990
Cult of Personality, Living Colour 1988 Classic from when WKTI was still a Top 40
I Get Weak, Belinda Carlisle Great song by this 1980's hit maker! Hit #2 in March 1988!
Tutti Frutti Little Richard Never heard this 1955 classic until 1972 on KSLQ! Believe it!
Time, Pozo Seco Singers Time, Oh good, good time. Where did you go?
Remember Me, Diana Ross Without a doubt, my favorite by her as solo artist. "I gave you my best...Remember me as a good thing!" Should have done much better on charts!
Come with Me Now, Kongos Wow! A rock song on the air in 2015? Whoda thunk?
Invisible Tears, Ray Conniff  What a beautiful song! A Top40 it before it became what it's become!
My Back Pages, Byrds  "I was so much older than, I'm younger than that now." My Byrds favorite
That Sunday That Summer, Nat King Cole So wonderful, this Cole classic
I See the Light, Five AMericans  Kicked in 1965! On Hanna-Barbera records. Went to #26.
If I Only Knew, Tom Jones 1994. Best song since She's a Lady and Tom Jones is a hulluva performer!
Autumn of My Life, Bobby Goldsboro  My sister loved Honey and cried. I hear this and did the same. Well written about the end of life
Voodoo Woman, Bobby Goldsboro  Fun song from 1965 for Bobby
Tightrope Ride, Doors  Only heard this song one time in my life. Tom Hudson, WIFC. 1971
Break on Through, Doors Just a good song. Heard this KISN once. "Keep on Kissin'"
Shinin' On, Grand Funk mid chart hit and I certainly remember Craig Roberts playing this on "WOKY, Milwaukee's Rock & Roll Mother!" Gerry Bartell did well!
As the Years Go By, Mashmakhan  Canadian hit. US too. Lotta groups from Canada then
Witchi Tai To, Everything is Everything  1968. Played well on WOKY, WRIT
Devil You, Stampeders  Not only Sweet City Woman, but wow, a nice mid chart follow up. Deserved better!
Raise a Little Hell, Trooper  CKLW played this as did CHUM and CFRW tho last two as Oldies Stations
Albert Flasher, Guess Who  Remember hearing this on 1150 WYNE Appleton. 1971
Rain Dance, Guess Who  Another song I remember from WYNE
Heartbroken Bopper, Guess Who  Super CFL played this rocker in 1972!
Hang on to Your Life, Guess Who Another Super CFL song I remember. It wasn't only No Time or AMerican Woman
Dancin' Fool, Guess Who Still remember this on Q102 Manitowoc. Might have heard it on Super CFL too. Excellent song, no doubt!
Things, Bobby Darin  Heard this on WJMS the other day. Mom mom played that song so much when I was a child. Here's to you, mom! Miss you like crazy!
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance -- Gene Pitney  I love Westerns! I learned that from Willie at the bus company! Saw the movie and ah, the song!!
Birmingham, AManda Marshall  1995 and 106 KHQ played this to death. Pain, motivates
Walking On Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves  Summertime Fun song. Certain memories from Q107 Marquette. Eating chicken with my sister at Lake Superior
All That Glitters Isn't Gold, Cover Girls  All the glitters... It isn't
Paloma Blanca, George Baker Selection   Extensive airplay on WOKY WRIT WCFL WLS. #1 on CKLW!
Mairzy Doats, Innocence   Innocent, cute. 1967
California Man, Cheap Trick  1978. Heard this on 98 WSPT and this thing made the antenna shake!
Sweet Maxine, Doobie Brothers   1975. Follow up to Take Me in Your Arms. Southern Rock/Soul!
Look What You Done for Me, Al Green  1971. Gets good around 1:13. Love the chorus. Reverend Al!
Daisy Jane, AMerica   My favorite song by AMerioa. "Everything's alright"
Daisy Mae, Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds  Heard this 1 or 2 times on WOKY. mid chart hit. Nice!
Winners & Losers, Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds  Late 1975. Would have been on WOKY a few times, or was it WZUU? hi!!
Part of the Plan, Dan Fogelberg  Everything happens for a reason. "One day we'll all understand."
I've Never Been To Me, Charlene   1977 and 3WE (WWWE) played this when there was music on AM radio. Soul searching
This Heart, Gene Redding  Heard this on 92K Dallas in 1974. Nice song. Should have gone much higher! It was K-News 99 vs 92 K on a trip to the Big D!
Don't Leave Me This Way, Thelma Houston  Another song I remember hearing on 3WE! All 5+ minutes!
What Are You Doing Sunday? Tony Orlando/Dawn  Light happy song. Not a big hit, but nice song
Look In My Eyes Pretty Woman, Tony Orlando/Dawn  Mid 1976 for this. One of later singles. Good tune!
So Much Love, Faith Hope & Charity   Another great song from the summer of '70. The WRIT-WOKY battle!
Homburg, Procol Harum   Everyone remembers Whiter Shade, but heard this on WABC one night!
Hold Your Head Up, Argent   I like the short vs long version. Heard it first with Phil Murphy "on Big 10 & Channel 98- WSPT!"
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, Mac & Katie Kissoon   WLS played this a ton! Now you'll never hear it.
Race with the Wind, Robbs   Milwaukee group but got on WLS Silver Dollar Survey too!
Rapid Transit, Robbs   A follow up. Dee Robb passed away. Cancer 2007. RIP Dee!
- Cynthia Loves, Robbs  The flip of Rapid Transit. The B side. Remember those? Played on WOKY WRIT WSPT and WOSH!
In A Funny Sort Of Way, Robbs  The Robbs were a mainstay on Milwaukee Top 40 radio in the late 1960's. WRIT and WOKY played to the hilt!
- Changin' Winds, Robbs  In 1966 the winds were changin' and I guess all these years later, it's like a cyclone!
Girl, I've Got News For You,Cherokee   Bubbling under at #116, but Milwaukee still played it. The Robbs, now known as Cherokee!
Rings, Cymarron   Nice song. Big hit, of course now you'll never hear it!
California Kid & Remo, Lobo   Follow up to Me & You & a Dog Named Boo. Also heard on WSPT in the Summer of 72!
Don't Say You Don't Remember, Beverly Bremers   WOKY played this a lot. Nice song!
Sunshine Company, Happy   1967!"WRIT, with the Power of Love" Pams jingle
Sunshine Girl, Parade   "Koil weather just ahead of Much More Music and the Koil Million Dollar Weekend!
Thank U Very Much, Scaffold   Childhood friend of mine loved this song and played it on my Part 15 "16-WINNER!"
Shapes Of Things, Yardbirds   Remember when Top 40 (on AM much less) rocked? !
Sunshine Superman, Donovan   My favorite by Donovan! Donovan, to me, was really under rated
You're The One, Vogues   1965 Oldie but Goodie! Still stands the test of time
Five O'Clock World, Vogues   Another song I could listen to over & over & over & over!
The Girl from Ipanema, Getz & Gilberto   WOKY played this one. My mother always liked WOKY, vs WRIT!
Casino Royale, Herb Alpert&Tijuana Brass   mid 1960s hit and Herb Alpert had a ton of them, all on Top40 radio!
Work Song, Herb Alpert&Tijuana Brass   Another Alpert Hit.
Teaberry (Mexican) Shuffle, Herb Alpert&Tijuana Brass  Popular usage during Teaberry gum commercials!
Flamingo, Herb Alpert&Tijuana Brass  Former 1230 WNOR Pick Hit of the Week! 1966!
Won't Get Fooled Again, The Who   "X-Rock 80, oh yeah! We play the long versions! Who on X-Rock 80!"!
Radar Love. Golden Earring   Smokin' Joe. Here's Golden Earring on KDWB"
Slow Ride, Foghat   "WKAU, Jay Edwards and 8 minutes of Foghat on WKAU!"
Free Bird, Lynyrd Skynyrd   WSPT - Central Wisconsin's Favorite Radio Station!
Light My Fire, Doors   67:WOKY played short, at night 1340 WRIT + 102.9FM played the long version!
L. A. Woman, The Doors  I want to say I heard this during the late '70's Pat Martin era at WSPT. Long versions for Power Gold at night at :00/:30!
Children Of The Sun , Billy Thorpe  WSPT played this in 1977? Downtempo Top40 approach then. "WSPT, Billy Thorpe on Stereo 98."
You Could Have Been a Lady, April Wine   1340 WRIT played this a ton in its day!
Sukiyaki, Kyu Sakamoto   Popular song. Sounded happy, but it was sad. Sad too is fact that in 1985 singer killed in plane carash
Dominique, The Singing Nun   Nobody knew what she was singing, but it was a snappy song in late 1963
She's Not Just Another Woman, 8th Day   "CKLW, First in the Motor City with 20/20 News"
Pucker Up Buttercup, Jr. Walker/All Stars   "WOKY, Ronnie Knight, Jr Walker flat put out on you! Pucker Up, Buttercup, Hit Bound on WOKY." Sax appeal!
Westbound No 9, Flaming Ember  "WOKY Ron Richards, Gene Johnson is next. Gotta go! My bus transfer is almost expired! Gotta catch the Westbound #9!"
Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy, Tams   "KOMA, from the Koma bookmark chart, the Tams"
Cottage Cheese, Crow   "13 Wife, Continuous Music, Crow outta Minnesota, Cottage Cheese on Wife!"!
Slow Down, Crow   "WIFC, Million Dollar Weekend, a request from the Big 30, It's Crow"
Summertime Blues, Blue Cheer   I'll take this any day over Eddie Cochran
You Dont Know Me - Eddy Arnold (1955)  Wow! I can remember my mother playing this. Still brings a tear to my eye!
I Missed Me, Jim Ed Brown  Another song my mom played! That old Sears Silvertone got a workout!!!! My mother LOVED her country music!
I Make A Fool Of Myself - Frankie Valli  Heard this on an old WCFL aircheck from 1968. Good stuff
Kitty Doyle - Dino, Desi & Billy Heard this on an old WCFL aircheck. Such a nice song and never cracked the Top 100! Sad.
Plenty Good Lovin - Connie FrancisHeard this on an old WLS aircheck. Good stuff
Morning Much Better, Ten Wheel Drive with Genya Ravan  WCFL and Scotty Brink played this one on July 28, 1970! Nice, nice song!
Straight Shootin' Woman, Steppenwolf   "WSPT, Little Walker Boy and new music from Steppenwolf!" Their last big hit in 1974
Love Ballad, George Benson   Loved this song and recently, heard it on 102.5FM Milwaukee
Half A Million Miles, Albert Hammond   Heard this on 1340 W-RIT in Dec'73 as a Hit-Bound! Only made it to #89 Nationally! Sad. It was good!
Talk it Over in the Morning, Anne Murray   "Phil Murphy, Hit music, hit bound, new from Anne Murray on Big 10, Channel 98-WSPT!"
Come to Me, France Joli   Last bit of disco music 1979. AMs by this time were jumping ship to FM
Rock You Like a Hurricane, Scorpions   "Hit-radio 1 double Oh 7 WRKR and the Scorpions on WRKR!"
Heartbreaker, Pat Benatar  This song still kicks. Played, of couse on WOKY KSTT KHJ, you name it! Stands the rest of time!
Reflections Of My Life, Marmalade   Good gal Gail mentioned this to me! Good song. Remember it well! 1970!
Cars, Gary Numan   Remember hearing this one night on 1230-KKRC Sioux Falls, tho I loved the old KISD calls better!
(You Can Still) Rock In America , Night Ranger   Heard this as an oldies on 92.9FM, WPTT. Wow! II do NOT remember this, but it is GOOD!!
Don't Tell Me You Love Me, Night Ranger   Back when Top40 played ROCK records, Hit-Radio 1-00-7 WRKR Milwaukee played this to death!!!
He's Still Working on Me, The Hemphills   Heard this on GOSpel dx one day. To me, rather nice!
The Kid Is Hot Tonight, Loverboy   A Hot Rockin' Hit from the 1980's on Q107 Marquette
I'm Almost Ready, Pure Prairie League   I seem to remember this from 55 K-Fire in Bismarck
I've Got The Music In Me, Kiki Dee   An uptempo rocker you never hear anymore!
Falling Apart At The Seams, Marmalade   Only time I ever heard this was B J Crocker's K A U in Kaukauna!
Come Softly to Me, Fleetwoods Simple, pretty
Superstar, Carpenters  Karen Carpenter died too young. My favorite by this grup. 1991. RIP Karen
Hot & Nasty, Humble Pie  Certainly remember J J Jeffries playing this out of WLS, The Rock of Chicago!
Fool for a Pretty Face, Humble Pie  In 1980, 13.8 KWK, or was it "Stereo WK" ;) played it. I am a fool for a pretty face!!
Jamaica Farewell, Harry Belafonte   1956! How the language, culture, society and the world have changed. Simpler times!
Bring a Little Lovin', Los Bravos  Everyone remembers Black isBlack, but this was a mid chart hit in 1968. "WOKY Total Information News..."
It's the End of the World, Skeeter Davis   Was life simpler back then? Naw, it was the protection of mom and dad I guess
Since I Don't Have You, Skyliners  1959. The sorrow, pain, sadness of loss
You Belong to Me, Duprees 1962 Classic. Could listen to this over & over
Before My Heart Finds Out, Gene Cotton  From 1978, this sad love song went to #23. Remember WOKY playing it a bit.
Love Has No Pride, Linda Ronstandt Heard this one time only. 1972 on WKAU. Never again. Sad, sad song
Rock Hard, Suzi Quatro  Several women rocked! Suzi did in 1973. Heard this on WLS then
Mama We're All Crazy Now, Slade  Slade songs were played on WOKY the mighty '92 ... all of them!
Cum on Feel the Noise, Slade  This one I heard on KSLQ St Louis in 1973. Bartell stations rocked!
Crazy Horses, Osmonds Looking at this, I wonder where my energy went! Wow! Lesser hit, but a good song!
Time for Livin', Association Everyone knows Windy. This was a lesser known hit in 1968
A Brand New Me, Dusty Springfield  Heard this on WMID in 2022. Almost forgot about this one, for sure!
Broken Hearted Melody, Sarah Vaughn  You won't get much better than this. 1958
Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy, Sammy Hagar  Certainly remember this with my (RIP) sister, Lisa on Q107, Marquette! Hot rockin' flame throwin'
Don't You Know, Della Reese I certainly remember my mother/dad playing this on the "hi-fi" in 1959. They were young too!
You Were On My Mind, We Five   I still love this song sixty years later. Ah, the Go Go boots!
Virginia, Bill AMesbury WOKY played this a few weeks. Catchy. Now I can hear it on Canadian's like W1440!
A Wonderful Dream, Majors   1962. Doo Wop! Wow, is the world a different place from then!
Disadvantages of You, Brass Ring  Remember this being used for Benson & Hedges cigarettes? 1966
In the Heart of the Night, Poco  I certainly remember this on WOKY and dx'ing K-Fire!
Middle of the Road, Pretenders   "Hit Radio 1 double Oh 7-WRKR, Pretenders on WRKR!" 1984 hit #19 nationally
I Can Make it With You, Pozo Seco Singers  Classic. Overlooked. 1966
Stereo Love, Edward Mya  2011. Limited US airplay, though noted to me, on ND/SD stations at time. Mid-chart hit!
Sitting on a Poor Man's Throne, Copperpenny   1973. Nice, nice song. Soundin' like Staples Singers
Peppermint Stick, Elchords  1958. Wow. Classic doo-wop!
Do It Again, Jon & Robin   1967. Top10 WOKY WRIT hit! From Dallas!
Happy, Sunshine Company   1967. Peaked on #50? Certainly Top10 on WOKY!
Carpet Man, 5th Dimension   Good lyrics. Top30 in 1968!
Your Love, Marilyn McCoo/Billy Davis, Jr.  1977. Still sounding good a decade after Up Up & Away!
My Back Pages, Byrds   1966. Peaked at #30. "I was so much older then. I'm younger than that now!"
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Joan Baez  My dad and I had a heart to heart about this song in 1971. Still well up when I hear it. Loved the Old Man!
-Let Your Love Go, Bread and in 1971 Bread really, really rocked. No sappy love song here!
Mother Freedom - Bread  Heard this on a 15-KSTP aircheck. Knew the riff, but never the song. Now I do! 15/KSTP-the Music Station!
- Mother Freedom - Jay Sekulow Band Hell-u-va cover!!
Let Me Go Lover - Joan Weber  1955. My mother, rest her soul, would play this on the old Sears Silvertone! Weber died at 45 in a mental institution. That is sad. Heard in 2021 on Pure Oldies 106.9
Diamonds & Rust, Joan Baez  Sad, burned badly, angst. "I've already paid!"
Help Me, Joni Mitchell  1974. Guitar in the front and the last 50 seconds! Wow!
I'm Going Home, Ten Years After   Guitar jammin' from a different time!
Yellow Balloon, Yellow Balloon   1967. Don Grady/My 3 Sons was the drummer! A summer song for sure!
Birds Of A Feather, Raiders   1970. Letter Raiders hit. They did so many songs!
Don't It Make You Want to Go Home - Joe South   1969. It's so many decades later and the songs lyrics still stand!
Miss America, Mark Lindsay   1961. Not for the woman, but for the country! Heard only twice! 1340 WRIT, 1290 WIRL!
L.A. Goodbye, Ides of March   Outta Chicago. What good times we've lived through!
Black Pearl, Sonny Charles & the Checkmates  Slower song about a pretty girl!
Hot Smoke & Sasafrass, Bubble Puppy  WOKY, WRIT, Gosh, everyone played this rocker in 1969!
Baby Come Back, Equals   Remember hearing this with Good Guy Don Anderson on WGRD. 1967!
Journey To The Center Of The Mind, Amboy Dukes  Yes, that Ted Nugent is in here! Rocked in 1968! Went to #8 on WRIT!
Syndicate Of Sound, Little Girl   1966. This graced the airwaves!
Washington Square, Village Stompers   Oh, that's the name of that song!
Still, Bill Anderson  Still remember my mom, er mother listening to this! May, 1963. Such memories!
A Wonderful Dream, Majors  Do Wop, rockin. Still sounds good so many decades later!
Sleepwalk, Santo & Johnny   Slow, nice. Melodic!
Forever, Little Dippers   Nice, catchy.
High Time We Went Joe Cocker -  Certainly remember this rocker on CKLW and WCFL! 1971!
Peaceful, Helen Reddy - Such a good song. Really really that good! 1972, and she was a looker!
Shake, Shadows Of Knight  Lesser hit. More regional hit in Chicago, Milwaukee area. 1968. Peaked 22 on WCFL, 13 on 1340 WRIT!
Something's Wrong With Me, Austin Roberts  Stuck in my head, from WGRD in 1972 road trip with Johnny Walker "in Stereo & Quadraphonic!"
Our Winter Love, Bill Pursell  Another nice, relaxing ditty.
Woman From Tokyo, Deep Purple  To me, way, way better than Smoke on the Water. Remember this on "Mighty 1290 Koil!"
Fire Woman Cult   1989. Rockin the US with the Cult!
Jeans On, David Dundas   1976 and this was a fun, bubbly song on WOKY! To #3 in the UK! #17 in the good ol' US of A!
Rebel Yell, Billy Idol   Remember this so well on "HitRadio 1-double-oh 7 WRKR!"
Music! Music! Music! Teresa Brewer   1953. Came back in 1972 as a hit again! Remember this on WOKY!
Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo, Rick Derringer  This song kicked! "Lordy mama, light my fuse!"
Bang The Drum All Day Todd Rundgren   "...the boss is a jerk..." No? Really! I've worked for a few, though life is way better now!
Walk Like An Egyptian, Bangles   I can listen to the hook/riff on this over & over & over! And over!
New Day for You, Basia  Loved it, tons on Q107 "Upper Michigan's Hottest Hits!"
Twilight World, Swing Out Sister  Swing Out's follow up to Breakout! 1988
I Heard A Rumor, Bananarama   AUptempo song. 1987. Played tons on Q107 and Magic 97!
Captain Of Her Heart, Double  Played tons in late 1980s! Another U.P. memory!
(You Really) Rock Me Nick Gilder   Another song played to death on "HitRadio WRKR!"
Hot Hot Hot, Buster Poindexter   Played in mid 1980's. A true summertime hit! Sounds like summer!
Let's go all the way, Sly Fox  "98 WSPT, now with 12 in a row. Sly Fox on 98 WSPT!"
Sweet Blindness, 5th Dimension   1968-1969 Truly underrated! "Jim Brown, and the 5th Dimension on Funlovin' WOKY!"
All I Need- The Temptations  Heard this on the old "15Q" in Madison,WI (then WWQM.) Running RKO's oldies format. Never played in Milwaukee, so must have remembered this from CKLW or Big Jack on WKYC Radio 11 -Fun-n-n!
Valley of the Dolls, Dionne Warwick  Just a different song. 1968
Superstar, Temptations   There were a lot of songs with messages then. This was one! 1971!
Ungena Za Ulimengu (Unite The World)-Temptations   Went to tape then brand new KSLQ in St.Louis, in April,1973. (Q went on in 1972) and the DJ was Jim Morgan. They played this 1970 oldie. Never, never heard it again! Bartell Media!
Rhapsody in Blue, United Airlines Theme This was the song United used for decades! Feel like flyin? Don't!
I'll Take Manhattan, Piano Solo:Rogers and Hart   Just sounds nice. Clean. Crisp
Fly Me to the Moon, Joe Harnell/Orchestra   Relaxing, easy to listen to. Pre Beatles, JFK. Life was different. Songs were pretty!
I Want Candy, Bow Wow Wow  1980's remix of old Strangeloves hit!
Catch Me (I'm Falling), Pretty Poison   Cannot say how many times I heard this one Q107 Marquette! 1989
I Heard a Rumour, Bananarama  "They say you got a broken heart!" Karma
Breakout ,Swing Out Sister   "Upper Michigan's Hottest Hits - Q107!"
Take My Breath Away Berlin  Down tempo jam! Should have done better!
Unwind, Ray Stevens  1968. The serious side of Mr. Stevens
Ghost Riders in the Sky, Johnny Cash   Haunting!
I Want You Now, The AMerican Tea Co.  No knowledge of this. #1 on WDLB 1450 in April, 1970. Local group! WSPT (30 miles away) same week: nowhere!
Supernaut 1000 Homo DJs  Top 5 in nightly countdown. 1990 on Q101 Chicago. Don't know if he has vocal chords left!
Lover's Holiday, Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson  Played to the hilt on WAWA and WNOV. 1969.
Games, Redeye  I remember 1340 WRIT playing this much more than 92-WOKY. 1971
Money, The Flying Lizards Barrett Strong has a 1979 update. Still like it now!
The Big Hurt , Toni Fisher  Song was way head of its time!!
West Of The Wall, Toni Fisher  Still remember this song when I was a child!
Happy Endings,Melissa Manchester  1976 mid level hit. "I'm a sucker for happy endings"...and I am!
Tonight, The Move  "that's the Move. This is Love Stereo, WLVE Baraboo-Madison, I'm Dean Sherwood." 1971 for this!
I'm Coming Home,Stories Heard one time on WCFL. One time on WRIT. That was it!
- Oh Lonesome Me ~ Don Gibson 1958! Just heard this on WMID. My mother played this song over & over & over!
I'm a Man, Yardbirds Old, old blues song! Muddy Waters & Bo Diddley!
Tell Me Why, Beatles Heard this as a "WLS Souvenir" in the Top40 days, and never, ever, ever got sick of it!
Lonely Is The Night, Billy Squier Heard this on the Rockin' Eagle in the UP. Been years since I heard this!!
Desiderata, Les Crane This 1971 spoken work hit Top10 on Top40 stations. Never knew he was married to Tina Louise!
Bullet - White Lies, Blue Eyes  Tuning across the AM radio dial. Fall '71. WLS WCFL WOKY WRIT, so many played this hit!
Absolutely Right-Five Man Electrical Band In Milwaukee, I could be wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure 1340-WRIT gave this a bigger push than market leader 920-WOKY! WOKY #24, WRIT #28. WOKY had 30 songs, WRIT 40.
Headed For A Fall - Firefall  Hit #35. Looked on WOKY chart. No. But I do remember this song. KFYR?
Daisy Petal Pickin' -Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs   1966! Follow up to Bottle of Wine! Heard this on an old 1400 KATI Casper, Wyoming aircheck!
You Girl, Lighthouse  Limited US airplay (sadly)! I do remember hearing on WRIT and WCFL! #37 nationally
I Can't Stand the Rain, Eruption  Certainly remember this from 1978. Disco 99 (WNUW) Milwaukee! -long version
Saturday Night, Herman Brood Heard on 98 WSPT in 1977. Mr.Brood commited suicide in 2001. Sad!
Travelin' Shoes,Elvin BishopXTENDED Long version. Elvin loved jammin'. Still does!
Travelin' Shoes,Elvin Bishop Only one time I heard this: Al Sellars at WRIG. 1974. AM radio was rockin'!
Fallin' In Love,Souther-Hillman-Furay Band Heard this only one time: 1400 WRIG Wausau in 1974!
Star Love,Cheryl Lynn Hit the high notes. Break the glass! Disco 99 (WNUW) Milwaukee memory!
On and On, ABBA 1980. Loved the harmonies!!!!
DownTown, One 2 Many 1989. First heard on then Top40, WGRD, Grand Rapids. #1 in Norway for 6 weeks!!
Skyfall, Adele 2012! Never heard this until 2021 on WUPM. Just eerie. Very, very nice!
Cross My Broken Heart,Jets 1987. Another "Hot Fun in the Summertime" song from Hot Rockin' Q107!
If You Remember Me,Chris Thompson 1979. Funlovin' WOKY played this in their twilight years!
Sweetheart, Frankie & The Knockouts   Played this on WLS. Went to #16, August, 1981. Went to #10 nationally.
Blockbuster,Sweet  Early 1973! Heard this on a 2SM aircheck! WoW!
Miss You,Holidays Do Wop from Pittsburgh! Wow! Easy. Nice. Really!
The Israelites,Desmond Dekker & The Aces In 1969, June of that year this was a Top 10 song on WRIT WOKY KDWB WCVS WCOL..... Mr.Dekker passed away in 2006!
I'm Living In Shame,The Supremes In 1969, this was a hit! You'll never hear it on today's oldies stations! "Mama I miss you!"
Miss You Like Crazy, Natalie Cole  While in the dentist office, heard this one! One benefit of going to the dentist, I guess!
The Composer,DianaRoss&TheSupremes In 1968. Excellent, excellent song! Hardly every hear this at all, tho it was Top 10!
Love Hangover Diana Ross The full monty! The "disco" version. Still remember hearing this (short version) on 13-Wife!
Thou Shalt Not Steal, Dick & Dee Dee In 1965, January - this hit Top 10 from CHUM to KHJ, from WQAM to KDWB!
Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel, Tavares 1976. I certainly remember B J Crocker shukin' & jivin' this on 'KAU!
If There's Love, Amant Disco 99 (then WNUW, Milwaukee) hit!
Souvenirs,Voyage Another Disco hit. These long versions were long!
Come to Me,France Joli "WSPT, France Joli, on Stereo 98!"
Heaven Must Have Sent You,Bonnie Pointer Hit the drums. Relax and enjoy!
Funkytown,Lipps Inc. 1980. Disco was about 2 years old and this was till getting AM airplay: 1230 KKRC Sioux Falls, 920 WOKY Milwaukee!
The Night Owls,Little River Band 1981, and LRBs last US hit! Are you a night owl dx'er or a sunrise skipper?
Life in A Northern Town, Dream Academy  1985 and Q107, Magic 97 Marquette were playing to the hilt! Life in a Northern Town. Nothing like it!!
Isn't It Time - The Babys Could listen to this melodic song over & over ^ over & over!
All I Ever Wanted,Santana (the late) Bob Hattrick played this in February 1980 on "KWK 13.8!"!
Padam Padam, Kylie Minogue Heard this melodic song a few times on 106.9 WUPM in 2023. Never hit! What a shame!!
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood,Santa Esmeralda An old Animals song updated rather decently!
Song of Joy,Miguel Rios 1970 and the famous WOKY WRIT Top40 battle, and in Milwaukee we got good radio!
Hey, Mister Sun,Bobby Sherman 1969. Innocence and bubble gum and this was one of Bobby's hits!
Bobby Sherman - La La La Sherman rules AM radio in the late 60s, early 70s. Fun. Feelin' good!
Superstar,Carpenters My favorite song by the Carpenters! Karen of course, gone too soon!
My Dad,Paul Petersen I was blessed beyond most in this department! Not only my dad, but my friend!
Deck Of Cards,Wink Martindale A 1959 classic. I'm bringing my cards to church!
I.O.U.Jimmy Dean  A staple for Mother's Day, back when there was 24/7 live radio! I O U!
Something About You, Level 42 A summertime staple on Q107-Marquette in the late 1980's. Good memories!
Tall Cool One,Robert Plant  Hot Rockin', lame Throwin' in the late 1980's, when Top 40 still rocked!
Desiderata,Les Crane 1971 on Top 40 radio, this was a major hit!
Don't Misunderstand Me,Rossington-Collins Band  certainly remember hearing this on then Top40 WSPT, Stereo 98!
I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight, Atlanta Rhythm Section #14 Billboard. Hot summer of '78, still be played on AM Top 40 radio!
Casino Royale, Herb Alpert  you actually used to hear instrumentals on Top 40 radio!
Zorba The Greek,Herb Alpert  you actually used to hear instrumentals on Top 40 radio!
Tijuana Taxi,Herb Alpert  you actually used to hear instrumentals on Top 40 radio!
Whipped Cream,Herb Alpert  you actually used to hear instrumentals on Top 40 radio!
Work Song,Herb Alpert  you actually used to hear instrumentals on Top 40 radio!
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,Joan Jett Joan jett or AC/DC? Both are excellent!
Psycotic Reaction,Count 5 1966. Heavy hits! AM radio rocked!
Nothing But A Heartache,Flirtations Remember hearing this on "the Big 8, C K L W!
My City Was Gone,Pretenders Tuff stuff! Good song!
Middle of the Road,Pretenders 1984 and this was Top40 music on "Hitradio 1 double Oh-7 WRKR!"
How Do You Do? Mouth & MacNeal You'd hear this then "the Rock of Chicago - WLS!"
Spill The Wine,Eric Burdon & War 1969, different. Still like this decades later!
The Clapping Song,Shirley Ellis Another fun tune from the mid 60's. Fun Vibrations!!
No More Words,Berlin Q107 played the heck out of this at the time!
Praise You,Fatboy Slim F M 102-1 Milwaukee played this. A button on the car radio!
Rockafeller Skank,Fatboy Slim F M 102-1 Milwaukee played this. Check it out! 6 words in the whole song!
Get on the Good Foot, James Brown Heard it one time. Record starts with "Hit Me" . "CKLW" jingle plays over the record! Bam!
There was a Time, James Brown and there was a time!!
Take Me Out,Franz Ferdinand Crank it up! "This is Rockin' Eagle music!
Lonely Boy,The Black Keys This song from 2011 Rocks! The UP's Rockin' Eagle tuned me on to this! Enjoy!
Day by Day,Godspell  Talk about good songs you don't hear anymore! Godspell, from 1971!
Welcome To The Real World,Jane Child When WKTI was still a Top40 in 1989, heard this a few times!
Head Over Heels,Go-Go's Q107 Marquette played this summertime song. Piano at end sticks in my head! 1984!
Are You Gonna Go My Way,Lenny Kravitz Lenny rocked! This, from mid 1990's, when Top40s wen't afraid to rock!
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes,Bobby Vee What a song! The night has 1000 eyes. Hello Philadelphia!
Midnight Cowboy,Ferrante & Teicher Slower song.Nice. 1970!
Airport Love Theme,Vincent Bell When I first heard this on WSPT, thought it was a Ferrante & Teicher! Can you blame me?
Digging in the Dirt,Peter Gabriel This was first heard on 103-7 the Kat, in Omaha when they were Top40!
In Your Eyes,Peter Gabriel 1986, for the former member of Genesis!
Three Strange Days,School of Fish In 1991, heard this o K-Hit 97 in Minot!
Girlfriend,Matthew Sweet Another song played on the Kat in Omaha and New Rock 102-1 in Milwaukee! Rock & Roll!
Everything I Own, Bread Written by David Gates on the loss of his father. You never take anyone for granted!
Don't Hang Up,Orlons  Love the Orlons. Still performing today!
The Wah-Watusi, Orlons So many of the group died so very young. What a group. What a time!
South Street, Orlons   Love it. Sickened when I read of murder of Shirlrey Brickley in 1976. RIP Shirley
Mama Didn't Lie,Orlons 1963! Mama Didn't Lie. Another Orlons classic! BTW, mama didn't lie!
Crossfire,Orlons Cameo-Parkway and the Orlons. Wow!!
Not Me,Orlons Done in 1963, just before the British Invasion! Peaked at #21 in July 1963
Twist Twist Senora,Gary U.S. Bonds Nice follow up to Quarter to Three!
Smooth Operator,Sade 1984 and I guarantee you I was flipping between Q107 and Magic 97 in Marquette, with my sister. All these years later, I still go, sit in the park and look at Lake Superior!
I Don't Feel Like Dancin',Scissor Sisters  Feel like dancin? Minor hit from 2006! Nice! Q107 Marquette played it!
Something In Your Eyes,Richard Carpenter,Dusty Springfield Dedicated to Karen. Dusties' haunting voice. 1987
Perfect Way,Scritti Politti One of those "Q107" songs! In Marquette, it was Hot Fun in the Summertime!
It Will Stand by the Showmen 1961 1961 and Rock & Roll will be around a long time!
Tonight,The New Seekers In 1971, WRJN's Ron Jones played this song. Only heard it once! Still love it!!
Different Worlds,Maureen McGovern Another song that was so big at the time. Now, you'll never hear it except here!!
What Are You Doing Sunday? Tony Orlando & Dawn My favorite from MrOrlando. 1974.!
Do What You Wanna Do, Five Flights Up 1971 and a song of lost love. We've all had it!
Can't Find The Time, Rose Colored Glass WOKY, the Mighty 92 played this mid level hit in 1972! Still nice.
Silent All These Years, Tori Amos Silent all these years. Nobody, nobody has to take it.
Temma Harbour,Mary Hopkin From 1968. Lower level follow up to her other songs. Nice.
Closer to Fine, Indigo Girls 1989 and these two girls from the South and as we get older, we get better...hopefully!
Falling in Love Again,Marlene Dietrich Original was from the late 1930s!
Don't Let The Rain Come Down,Serendipity Singers 1964. Every song on the chart wasn't by the Beatles!
Midnight Mary,Joey Powers 1962. My Lord, life was so different. We had it all! Didn't we? And it only got better!
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes,Bobby Vee 1962. Can listen to this over & over & over. Mr. Vee died too young. Alzheimers.
Never On A Sunday, The Chordettes 1960 and I certainly remember my mother listening to this on WOKY!
A Brand New Me, Dusty Springfield Wow! Live on TV. What a voice. Too, what a loss! RIP Dusty
What's Forever For? Michael Martin Murphy With lyrics. What is forever for. Gotta wonder sometimes.
The Snake,Al Wilson This song, the lyrics, the meaning stand true. Watch for the snake! 1968. Really underrated!
Selfie,The Chainsmokers 2014. Aw, for the generation so in love with themselves!
Shame Shame Shame,Shirley & Co. 1975. Perky. WOKY played this in Milwaukee and in Chicago it was D-H-F!
Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp,O.C.Smith In 1968 WOKY and WRIT played this hit! Now, you'll never hear it!
Resurrection Shuffle,Tom Jones 1971. I liked Ashton, Gardener & Dyke way, way better. Still have on an old WIFC aircheck!
Resurrection Shuffle,Ashton,Gardener&Dyke 1971. This is way, way better than Tom Jones version. Both out same time, summer of 1971!
I've Gotta Make You Love Me,Steam Follow up to Na Na Hey Hey. 1340 WRIT Milwaukee gave it a little airplay. Nice song!
Six O'Clock,Lovin' Spoonful Another great Spoonful song you'll never hear anymore. What a shame!
She Is Still a Mystery,Lovin' Spoonful 1967, Big Jack played this on WKYC Radio 11 Cleveland. Now? You'll hardly hear it!
Darlin' Be Home Soon, Lovin' Spoonful "A quarter of my life is almost past" and that was years ago! My favorite Spoonful song. So very good!
Someone New,Hozier 5th track off the album. Honestly, this is good! Thanx to 106.9 WUPM Ironwood for playing!
Feelings,Maroon 5 5th track off this album. Honestly, this is good! 106.9 WUPM Ironwood,MI had this on nightly Top5 for weeks!
Blueberry Eyes,Max, Suga of BTS 106.9 WUPM Ironwood,MI had this on in 2021! Just a neat, upbeat song!
Makes Me Wonder, Maroon 5 All their songs sound the same to me. This jumpy song was noted on WUPM in 2021. Nice!
Selfish, Madison Beer  There's still good music coming out in 2020! Heard this on Z89 in Syracuse,NY. College station sounds good! A+
American Boy, Estelle -  WUPM is where my radio is set when in the UP. So many, many good songs. Heard this in 2021!
Sober, Childish Gambino  Came out in 2015, I guess. Heard it on WUPM in 2021. That station plays some good songs!
Come Along,Vicci Martinez 106.9 WUPM Ironwood,MI playing this in 2016 on this nice sounding Adult Top 40!
Another Lonely Night,Adam Lambert 106.9 WUPM Ironwood,MI playing this in 2016. Never heard anywhere else. as below. Just so good!
Hold My Hand,Jess Glynne 106.9 WUPM Ironwood,MI playing this in 2016. Never heard anywhere else. Why? It is so good!
Little Miss Sad, Five Emprees From Benton Harbor MI. To #74 on Billboard. Debut at #33 on WLS and went to #3 in late August, 1965, where it was played for two months! So many good bands then!
Lay It All On Me,Rudimental  Great song! Heard this only on 106.9 WUPM. 2016!
Try Everything,Shakira  Released in early 2016. I'd never have heard this except I listen to 106.9 WUPM, easily 80+ miles away! Thank God! No good radio nearby, sadly.
Grey Foggy Day, Eddie Coffey Newfoundland music. Accordian reminds me of Polish Polkas I heard as a child and still enjoy all these years later!
You Girl,Lighthouse  1340 WRIT Milwaukee was still Top40 then and that's where I remember this!
Is That All There Is? Peggy Lee  1969. With all the psychedelic, rock, soul and bubblegum. This stood out!
Rice Is Nice, Lemon Pipers   Played on 1100 WKYC Cleveland in 1968! March,1968. WKYC was "Power Radio" and Big Jack was gone!
My True Story,Jive Five Greasy Gold. Does it get much better than this?
Trouble In Paradise, Crests  or "Calling All Angels" Either way you call it, it is a great Doo-Wop classic!
The Angels Listened In, The Crests  a nice Moldy-Oldie played in 2020 on 93.1 WMiD FM!
You Belong To Me, Duprees  1958.Jo Stafford did this in 1952, but this was a more "pop" version!
Church Bells May Ring, Willows 1956 was the year from this moldy oldie! Still sounds good 7 decades later.
Smokey Joes Cafe, The Robins 1956 and I had to be a few years old when I heard this. WOKY or WRIT was always on in the car or at home. I had cool parents!
Lump,Presidents of the USA    A fun song from 1995. Heard on 106 KHQ in Northern Michigan. Still lovin' it
NO, Meghan Trainor   Here this played to death in Myrtle Beach, Spring 2016. Cute song! (then) Star 92.1!
Me Too,Meghan Trainor  Heard this first on WUPM! Catchy. Looked it up. Why can't others do good stuff like this?
Moral of the Story, Ashe   What a song. I guess it's a song on being human. Heard it on WUPM in July 2020.
I Guess I Just Feel Like John Mayer  Another song from WUPM. Heard it on Saurday morning in July 2020. So many good songs we never/rarely hear! So much talent!
Shake Your Money Maker,Paul Butterfield  This was done in 1966. Song has been stretched to 30 minutes in the hot smokey jazz clubs!
Shake Your Money Maker,Elmore James  1961. A little risque? Blues? Top40? Soul? FunK? The original!
Moody Woman,Jerry Butler  The Ice Man did this in 1968. A summertime hit!
What's The Use Of Breaking Up,Jerry Butler  Who played this on oldies radio? Mr. Butler had so many hits!
Get It From The Bottom, Steelers  Certainly remember this on WAWA and WNOV in 1969. Chicago Soul!
You Only Live Twice, Nancy Sinatra  A Top40 hit. Haunting, haunting melody.
Spies Like Us, Paul McCartney  1985 and Sir Paul still had his boyish looks and still rocked!
Little By Little,Tony's Tygers  WOKY and WRIT (Milwaukeee) both charted this local band in 1968. In the garage at 107th & Villard!
Them Changes, Buddy Miles  1970. Few Top40's touched this BUT KILT Houston played it as an oldie in 1975. So there!
I Recommend Her, Skunks  One of the Beer City's bands that made it. Hot Rockin' Skunks!!
Rock Me, Steppenwolf  How many times can you hear Magic Carpet Ride or Born to Be Wild? Best song from this under rated band!
Stop and Listen, Shag  Wow. This was one of those "heavy" songs played on Milwaukee's WRIT, WOKY and for sure WDUZ. 1400 in Green Bay. What ever happened to rock music?
Old Emotions, Spoons   Heard this one time only on the old 1090 Chec!
Round & Round, Perry Como   A good moldy oldie from the former barber! /i>
Black Cat, Janet Jackson  This song rocks! Love the guitar. Rock On midAMerica!
I Can't Make You Love Me, Bonnie Raitt  Broken hearts, and broken for years. Even decades!
People Like Us, Kelly Clarkson  There are very, very good people in this world. A few bad apples too. Never let them hurt you!
Happy Feeling, Bert Kaempfert  So widely used in 1960's call in, cooking, hello neighbor shows. Oh ya! You remember this!
Humble and Kind, Tim McGraw  Wow! We were taught well. Heard this crossover on 106.9 WUPM. Excellent content!
Sunday Morning Coming Down, Johnny Cash  Not a country fan, but this Johnny Cash classic will tear you to the bone!
Dangling Conversation, Simon & Garfunkel  What happened to a faded love? It is .....a dangling conversation!
Get Dancing,Disco Tex And The Sex O Lettes  One of the more goofy songs from the disco era. A medley of his hit!
Beggin'-Four Seasons  You'll never hear this golden goodie for sure. Mid level 1967 chart hit!
Canadian Sunset,Hugo Winterhalter 1957 classic. I first remember hearing this on a 1340 WRIT Million Dollar Weekend!
Route 66 (theme),Nelson Riddle Remember the TV show from the 1960s? Here's the song!
Yellow River,Christie Upbeat song. "The war is done"---Yellow River in Vietnam. Not by "I.P.Daily"--hi!!
Hot Love, T.Rex Only heard this once on the radio. WBBM-FM in 1972. Went to Chicago after High School to check out radio!
She Didn't Do Magic, Lobo Requested as an oldie on 980 WTOB in 2016! Last heard on WSPT Stevens Point in 1971!!!!!
I Didn't Know I Loved You Till I Saw You Rock and Roll, Gary Glitter Heard this only two times! 1340 WRIT played it. Follow up to Rock & Roll Part 2. 2nd time on 1490 KORN Mitchell,SD as a twin-spin oldie!!
Good Girls, Elle King I've only heard this on 106.9 WUPM Ironwood,MI, one of my favorite stations! Kicks!
Heartbreaker,Pat Benatar  1170 KSTT Davenport,IA and 92 WOKY Milwaukee (as it was known then) played this butt kicker!
Blow,Kesha  Always liked this song. The WODS format change made me like it more!
I Knew You Were Waiting for Me, George Michael & Aretha Franklin  Remember this from the old "94-1 the Fox" WTFX Watertown-Madison. Nice, nice song!
Turn Around, Harry Belafonte WOKY played this in 1959 and I certainly remember my mother listening to this on the kitchen radio! I was 6 years old!
Try To Remember..... Harry Belafonte Another tested all time classic, but not as good the stuff out now. --Joking!
Run Through The Jungle,Creedence Clearwater Revival Next to Green River, this is my favorite by CCR, then I'd go with Suzy Q. WRJN Racine plays this goodie!
Love for Love, Robin S Heard this, I believe, on I-95 in Albert Lea,MN. Remember them? 1993
Show Me Love, Robin S This moldy oldie was played on the "90s at noon" on 106.9 WUPM. Nice!!
You Win, I Lose, Supertramp Heard this one time on the old 580 CKPR Thunder Bay,ON. Was listening in Houghton,MI at the lake front! Too, used to get the CKPR Top 58 surveys weekly for a while. Nice!
Good Grief,Bastille Another song heard on WUPM! A Nice song, but of course, not a hit I guess. 2017.
Hold My Heart,Lindsey Stirling feat. ZZ Ward Another nice, nice song, noted on 106.9 WUPM. To me, WUPM is, in 2017, what Q107 was to Marquette in 1987. That is a compliment!
Cycles, Frank Sinatra Nice song. Keep the head up high!
Paralyzed, Legendary Stardust Cowboy  Remember hearing this on 1340 WRIT Million Dollar Weekends! 1968.
Love's Been Good To Me,Frank Sinatra Once in a while.....!
Angel On My Shoulder,Shelby Flint Peaked at #22 in early 1961. Heard this on a WTOB Million Dollar Weekend in 2017!
Tomorrow, Strawberry Alarm Clock  Played on the very first Laugh-In. Follow up to Incense & Peppermints! Tiny Tim was on that show. Dick Martin's looks (at Tiny Tim) were hysterical. Here's that!
Inner Demons,Julia Brennan Wow! What song, first heard on 106.9 WUPM in February, 2017!
Chains, The Cookies  Another Moldy Oldie you won't hear anywhere! 1962!
I Can't Stay Mad At You,Skeeter Davis  1963. Heard this recently on I Heart Real Oldies WRIT-FM HD2! So there!
The Wayward Wind, Gogi Grant Certainly remember my mother listening to her records and playing this 1956 goodie!
I Make A Fool Of Myself, Frankie Valli  Heard this as a "lost oldie." Lost indeed. Nice song from 1967. Underplayed, of course.
Allegheny Moon, Patti Page Soft. Nice. Patti Page from a simpler time. 1956
Daisy A Day, Jud Strunk  Jud was on Laugh In. In 1973, this was a hit, sung on the show.
Last Chance to Turn Around, Gene Pitney  Always loved this 1965 classic!
The Apartment, Ferrante and Teicher   Heard this on a NOStalgia station. 1960. A more innocent time, certainly.
Good Time Good Life, Erin Bowman  Listening to this on Radio Disney. Catchy!
Wait Til' My Bobby Gets Home, Darlene Love Grew up singing in church! 1963, this went to #26!
Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry, Darlene Love In 1963, this went to #39! Remember this on WOKY on my mother's radio. My dad listened to WEMP, and later WBBM as I do now!
Jar of Hearts, Christina Perri This song sicks in my head. Last song like this for me: That's the Way I Always Heard it Should Be, Carly Simon! Haunting.
More Than This, 10000 Maniacs Heard as an oldie on WUPM. Remember it, but barely. Nice!!
Breathe, Anna Nalick When 99-7 WIMI (99-7 the Storm) was Top 40 in 2005, they played the heck out of this!!
All I Need, Temptations One of the Temp's best! Of course you will never hear it anymore!
Because, Dave Clark Five 1965. Nice, good ballad. Love had a different definition in 1965!
I Must Be Seeing Things, Gene Pitney  1965. Went to #78. Hear it. You might remember it! Rest in peace Mean Gene!
Straight Shootin Woman, Steppenwolf  Remember this from October of 1974. WSPT played it as did 1560 WDXR Paducha! Oh yes, they were Top40!
Blitzkrieg Bop, The Ramones Finally heard the TITLE of this song, after all these years!!!! FM 102-1, Milwaukee!
All Lips 'n Hips, Electric Boys  Heard this in 1990 on 99-5 Yes FM in Sault Ste. Marie. 24/7, Hot JAM jingles. Whew!
Can You Save My Soul? 21 Pilots  Noted on 106.9 WUPM. A rock n roll hit in 2017. Not! So sad!!
Be The One, Dua Lipa  Heard this in 2017 on 106.9 WUPM. Rather interesting song. Caught my ear!
House Full of Reasons, Jude Cole  I certainly remember this from 100.7 WRKR. Song stood out!
I Believe, Yolanda Adams  Whew! Another neat song noted on 106.9 WUPM. Nice stuff!
Devil Woman, Marty Robbins I remember my mother listening to his songs, his albums over. Here's to you, Mother! Good taste!
Big Iron, Marty Robbins Heard this while dx'ing in June 2017. My mother loved Marty Robbins music and all C&W music! Marty Robbins died too young: 57!
I Confess, New Colony Six Whoda thunk I'd hear this 1966 WLS-WCFL on Classic Radio 1320 KOZY in 2017! Totally forgot about this one! KOZY plays TONS of regional hits and is one of my 13 QSL cards!
Goin' Down, Monkees  Fun party song first heard by me while DX'ing WABC in 1967! Aside, I couldn't ever try to sing this! Under rated!
The Girl I Knew Somewhere, Monkees  One of the nicer songs! You can only hear Daydream Believer so many times
Twelve Thirty, The Mamas & The Papas My favorite from the Mama's & Pap's. Michelle looked so much like an old grade school crush!
Don't Wake Me Up in the Morning, Michael, Peppermint Rainbow   Second "hit" for the group. Peaked at #54. WRIT played it as a Disc-Covery, though I don't believe it charted! July 1969!
Memphis Soul Stew, King Curtis  WNOV played this after they signed on in late summer, 1967. Cecil Hale or Jim Frazier were jocks at 'NOV!
Ring Dang Doo, Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs If you hear anything, it's Wooly Bully. Another hit, which I liked better!
Soulfinger, Bar Kays  4 members were killed in plane crash in Lake Monona,Madison,WI in 1967. This song rocked! A true shame!
King of Rock and Roll, Crow  1971. Certainly remember hearing this on WOKY. Don't believe it ever charted, even Hit-Bound!
Falling Apart At The Seams,Marmalade 1971. Spring of 1976 and B J Crocker played this on K-A-U!
What'll I Do? Rosemary Clooney  I swear I remember this song from my childhood. Was is on the radio or a TV show?
Tie Dye Princess, Ides Of March  1970. Heard this as a Hitbound on "Big 10 & Channel 98 WSPT. Phil Murphy was the jock!
And I Love You So, Perry Como  The former barber. This was on WOKY in Spring 1973. Certainly remember "Mr C's" TV show. A class act!
Mr. Lucky -Henry Mancini  Certainly remember this song from the TV series! Mancini was magnificent!!
The Martian Boogie, Brownsville Station  Funlovin' WOKY played this rocker in 1977. Cute, fun song!
Morning Beautiful, Tony Orlando-DawnHeard this on an old KHJ 1975 weekly countdown. So nice!
You're Moving Out Today, Bette Midler  1977. Summer. Not a huge hit, but one I remember!
She's The One, The Chartbusters  To midchart level in US. Song came into my head the other night!!
New York State of Mind, Mel Torme Certainly a classic. Mel has a nice version, easy on the mind!
Harlem Nocturne, Viscounts  Check out the "KWK" reference at the end. RIP: 1380 KWK St.Louis!
Night Train, Guns n Roses  Heard this on Hot 102.3 Waukegan when they were Top40, and not afraid to rock!
Girl On A Swing, Gerry & The Pacemakers -  This British pop song you will never hear anymore, but a hit!
Girl Don't Come, Sandie Shaw -  Sandy's sultry voice. 1964!
AMerica Communicate with Me, Ray Stevens  Steven's song was on 1340-WRIT in May 1970. George Wilson was the p.d!
I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time, Wayne Newton Such a nice, simple song of love!
River Road, Uncle Dog Peaked at #86 on Billboard. On 2 months! WOKY, WMYQ & WDRQ (Bartell radio) played this rocker!
That's All You Gotta Do, Brenda Lee  Summer of 1960! The B side of I'm Sorry. Hear this once in a while on WMID in 2017. Rockin'!
My Own True Love, Duprees Wow, do I remember this! Heards it on Real Oldies feed. Mom must have had WOKY on back in '62. I was 8! Yikes!
Its Over, Jimmie Rodgers -   1966. I certainly remember this. Peaked at #37. Nice. Sad
Strawberry Shortcake - Jay & The Techniques   1968. More than Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie for sure! Nice!
Jimmie Rodgers "Child of Clay" 1967  What a voice, and sadly, what a life!
Turn Around, Harry Belafonte   A 1959 classic. Again, my mother would have WOKY on. This was a "memory maker." Great to be raised by a wonderful mother and father. So very, very blessed!
I Do, Marvelows   from 1965 formed in Chicago Heights, IL, but a certain Do-Wop classic!
I Promise To Remember, Frankie Lymon 1956 - and a familiar voice. Again heard on "be boppin' do woppin' WMID!
Harbor Lights, Platters  1960. What music. Beautiful arrangement
Ode to Billy Joe, Bobbie Gentry  1967. Haunting. Long, too, by 21967 standards at 4:15. Still good all these years later.
Bad Girlfriend-Theory of a Deadman  When driving through the U.P. gotta hear the Rockin' Eagle. Love the song, never listened to the lyrics!. Duh!
I Want To Stay Here, Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme Heard this while dx'ing one day! Wow! Then I saw Carole King & Gerry Goffin wrote it! Peaked at #28. Kids bought this! I was 10 years old. Yikes!
Love Me Love Me love - Frank Mills  Heard this forgotten flashback on Famous 1310 W G H in 2017!
Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now - Patience & Prudence The rotten relationship anthem! Teenagers in 1957, when this was a hit!
The End of the World, Skeeter Davis  Davis passed away in the prime of life. 72 years young!
Have You Heard~ The Duprees  This was toward the end of the Do-Wop era. 1963 hit heard in 17 on 1340 WMID!
Jump into the Fire, Nillson  Never knew of a long version until the drums kick in at 4:00. In 1971, the guy on WSPT said "oh, this is where we cut it." Never knew what I was missing!!! Long hail 98-WSPT!
My True Story, Jive Five  WMID classic and ane of the last Do-Wop songs. But a classic anyway!
A Visit To A Sad Planet, Leonard Nimoy ‎ October 1967 and a mid-level hit. Spoken word! Illogical?
Jax Jones - Instruction ft. Demi Lovato, Stefflon Don  Heard this a lot on 106.9 WUPM in 2017. Nice song!
We're Not Who We Used to Be -Harry Styles Another nice song on 106.9 WUPM. A lot of good music on those "up North" stations!
Good Time Good Life, Erin Bowman  Listening to WUPM yields another neat song! Nice, uptempo, peppy! 2018.
It's Gonna Take a Miracle, Deniece Williams  This one just popped into my head one day. Reading the horrendous spelling in the comments section: wow!
Your Song, Rita Ora   "I don't wanna hear sad songs anymore" as the song goes. Cute, upbeat. Heard on WUPM. 2018.
Sowing The Seeds Of Love, Tears For Fears  Heard this 'moldy oldie' on 106.9 WUPM. Forgotten. Just like the melody, I guess.
Ram a Lama a Ding Dong, Edsels In 1957, I was 4. Yet, heard it on a WRIT Million Dollar Weekend in 1972 and thought "I remember that!" Recently heard it on 1340-WMID. Supressed memories indeed!
Walk on By, Leroy Van Dyke  Still remember my mother playing this record. (1962?) She loved C&W. Me? Mostly hated it. Heard in 2018 on 1430-WRDN!
I Never Said I Love You, Orsa Lia  Then 1250 WEMP (Milwaukee) played this a ton in 1979. Went to #84 in Billboard. What a song.
Lullaby - Shawn Mullins Heard this in 2018 on Q107 in Marquette. This really jolted me back!
Dear One - Larry Finnegan Went to #11 in 1962. My mother heard this on WOKY,of course, and I certainly remember the record being played on the Silvertone from Sears!
I Am What I Am, Lois Fletcher  WOKY CKLW and SuperCFL played this in early 1974. Peaked at #64! "I want to live til I die."
Good Things, BoDeans -  Heard this as bumper music on 1130 WISN. Called and found out the song! From Waukesha,WI. Now, the former friends can't stand each other!
Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love, B. J. Thomas   from 1983, heard this on a Country oldies station. Gosh, whatever happened?
Sunflower, Glen Campbell  Another moldy oldie heard on a country oldies show. Uptempo. 1977!
With Pen In Hand, Vicki Carr  Written by Bobby Goldsboro. I remember the song, but neither WRIT or WOKY played it, but WISM-FM Madison as an oldie on "Stereo 98!" Peaked at #35!
Been Around the World, Lisa Stansfield  1989! Certainly remember this on Q107 Upper Michigan's Hottest Hits and Magic 97, the Magic of the Great Lakes!
Half A Million Miles From Home, Albert Hammond   1340 WRIT gave this a chance. Do not remember 920 WOKY playing this as their charts really tightened up then!
Orinoco Flow, Enya   Don't know why, but this song popped into my head. 1988. She lives in a castle in Ireland!
If You Remember Me, Chris Thompson   Remember this in the last years of WOKY's reign of AM Top40.We'd just gone thru disco craze.
Blowing Away, 5th Dimension ~   1969. Loved Sweet Blindness, Carpet Man and this! Peaked at #21! Bright. Bouncy.
Uptown - The Crystals   From 1962. Never, never knew who did this. Looked on the radio and the RDS readout showed "the Crystals." Never, ever knew!
Let's Have a Party, Wanda Jackson -   "I've never kissed a bear, I've never kissed a goon, But I can shake a chicken in the middle of the room!" There ya go! Wow! 1960.
Spanish Eddie, Laura Branigan   Heard this a few times in 1985. 1400 WRJN Racine was AC then. Peaked sadly at #40. Nice song and WRJN is still, in 2018, a good station with oldies! Laura -gone too soon.
Love Power, Sand Pebbles   When WKYC was moving from Fun Vibrations to Power Radio, this was a hit! Early 1968!
Come Running, Van Morrison   Popped in my head out of nowhere in 2023! Nice nice nice song!!
Mr Monday, Original Caste   Heard this on W1440 (CKJR) in May 2018! Nice oldie. Never knew of this one at all!
Point Of No Return, Gene McDaniels -   From 1962! Still nice to hear it on 1340 WMID as a moldie oldie in 2018! Good songs last!
I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday, Fats Domino   This from 1958! Fats was without a doubt an institution! And, that smile. Always the smile. RIP Fats.
Day Is Done, Peter, Paul And Mary -   mid-1969. Day is Done! Never was a big PP&M fan, but they did have some good songs!
A Fine Fine Boy, Darlene Love -   As heard on Classic Oldies WMID in 2018! Peaked #53 in late 1963!
I Make A Fool Of Myself, Frankie Valli  Always always liked this song and heard it on an old aircheck. 1967!
Keem-O-Sabe, Electric Indian  You sure don't hear instrumental anymore, though they were popular in the 60's/70's. Nice song!
Doin' It Right,Powder Blues Band  when in Wawa, Ontario, Jam-FM plays this 1979 Can-Con oldie!
I'm Running After You, Major Hoople  1975! Uptempo goodie heard on W-1440! Heard too on oldies stations like CJOY and CKKW.
Hey Girl Go It Alone, Big Town Boys  went to #9 on 1050-Chum in Toronto in the mid 1960's. Nice Can-Con before there was Can-Con!
Roxy Roller, Sweeney Todd  from 1975. Nick Gilder left to go solo, so Bryan Adams was brought in to do a third recording of the record!
We Gotta Make It Together, Marty Butler -   Heard this rocker in 2018 on W1440!
Dr Music - Sun Goes By   Certainly not a hit in USA. Peppy. Upbeat. Heard this rocker in 2018 on W1440!
Pilot Ian Thomas   from 1979. Certainly not a hit in USA, tho I do remember Painted Ladies!
One Night Lovers, Tom Middleton -  From 1976. The "singing postman's" oldie certainly heard on KY58 and W1440!
Reach Out in the Darkness, Friend & Lover  In 1968, my mother HATED this song! In 2000, we heard it. I reminded my mother. "It's not that bad!" Now when I hear it, I think of my mother.
Everlasting Love, Howard Jones  This 1989 song was a hit on Hot 102.3 Waukegan! Heard mention on Jones in aircheck. Song clicked!
Lonesome Mary, Chilliwack  Entered the charts in Feb'72. Peaked at 72 and gone in 3 weeks. Nice song heard in 2018 on Can-Con heavy W-1440!
The Chokin' Kind, Joe Simon  FRpm 1969. Peaked at #13 and was in the Top 100 12 weeks. Joe Simon had quite a few chart topper hits!
Step by Step, Joe Simon  From 1972, a moderate hit, but I love the beginning (hook) of the song, and that's why it's here!
Kiss, Tom Jones An old Prince song, Tom Jones does it justice! Heard on Maine's Big Z in 2018! From 1989!
Explosion In Your Soul, Soul Survivors -  Sounded just like Expressway to your Heart. To me, just as good!
Pay it to the Piper, Chairman of the Board  Follow up to Gimme Just a Little More Time. Remember this from (then) 950 WGRT Chicago!
You Want It, You Got It, Detroit Emeralds  Heard the slogan in 2018. Immediately triggered this single. Had it. Loved the label too!
Lucky Ladybug - Billy & Lillie heard this on WMID in 2018! Peaked at #13 in 1959. I remember my mother rockin' & rollin' this one! She was young too! Swan Records
Don't Give Up, Petula Clark  Pet had a lot of great songs. Remember this last on WGRD, the Big 14!
Matthew & Son, Cat Stevens Sticks in my head as "different" for 1966. Remember this on WOKY!
Mr. Saxobeat, Alexandra Stan  In 2012, heard this a lotta times on 106-7 the Point in South Dakota! Good song.
Just Too Many People, Melissa Manchester  1975. Certainly remember this on "96-ZUU" in 1975. Wow. So many, many good songs. Deep stuff!
You Cheated, the Shields -  Heard this 1958 classic in late 2018 on 1340 WMID. Stood out! A classic! Wow!
Come In from the Rain, Captain & Tennille  105-KAU played this. Certainly not one of their Top 5 hits, but precious. Went to #61. Only the strong survive!
For Lovin' Me, Peter, Paul & Mary  I remember this B side and the red Warner label. Just a sad, sad song. 1966. Written by Gordon Lightfoot.
Get It Right Next Time | Gerry Rafferty  June 1979 and WOKY was still rockin' or their version of it. Nice, nice song.
Old Man & Me, Hootie & The Blowfish - My old man and me. I was truly blessed beyond belief with a wonderful father .... and friend!
Imagination, The Quotations   Just a nice do-wop classic!
My Prayer,The Platters Haven't heard this in a while. Classic Do-Wop.
Tonight Could Be the Night, The Velvets Nice song. What else can be said?
Whisper, Avons More Do-Wop. Does it get any better>?
On the Streets of the Bronx, the Colgates This is a Do-Wop classic. Singing on the street corners of New York. A different time I guess.
The Ten Commandments Of Beautiful Hair , Moonglows  1970 commercial for Protein 21! Remember that stuff? 4 commercials played
Babalu's Wedding Day, Eternals  Fun, uptempo Do-Wop from 1959. Rock on Babalu!
Collide, Howie Day Both Hot ACs 99-7 the Storm & 106.9 WUPM Ironwood,MI were playing this to death in 2004! Now, you never hear it!
AMerican City Suite, Cashman and West  Talk about a song forgotten! THis 7+ minute ditty played on WRIT 1340 in fall 1972, but not on WOKY...
1900 Yesterday Liz Damon's Orient Express Peaked #33 Billboard, #23 on WOKY, the Mighty 92! Pretty song. Stood out!
I Can't Stay Mad At You, Skeeter Davis --  August 1963. Still remember this with dad and mom in the 1961 Dodge wagon with push button transmission! My sister Lisa, under 1 month old! WRIT and WOKY on the radio!
Rock A Hula Baby, Elvis Presley -  Love the guitar work in this underplayed oldie. I always wanted to go to Hawaii to....oh, forget it!!
Come Back Silly Girl - Lettermen What a song. We all make mistakes. And, there is forgiveness! "I
You Wouldn't Listen, Ides Of March -  Summer of 1966. A great, great Chicago group. Many good "garage" bands then from Milwaukee, Chicago, Minnesota!
Softly As I Leave You, Matt Monro -  Top 10 in the UK. #116 in the US! Go figure! Still, I remember this. Heard it somewhere.
She Understands Me, Johnny Tillotson heard this on a 1965 aircheck on KDWB. Loved their jingles. Same as KFWB or 1550-KQWB in Fargo.
Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On ( 1957 ) - Johnny Tillotson A sad song from Mr Tillotson.Chart topper on WOKY and WRIT. Rocky Fox too! WFOX-860 in Milwaukee!
Come Back Silly Girl - Lettermen 1962, A song about lost love. I guess we've all had that for sure.
Who's That Knocking at My Door? Genies 1959 Doo-Wop, from Long Island.
Here's To You, Hamilton Camp - 1968. A minor, minor hit, if that! Still, it sticks in your head!
Today ~ The New Christy Minstrels Innocence. Time. Where did it go? And the years? Life itself? WOKY, WRIT played this chart topper!
Mystic Eyes, Them 1965 and this was heavy! Jammin' harmonica. Don't make 'em like this at all any more! WOKY played 1 or 2 weeks. WRIT went 2 months! Mid-chart hit.

La Dee Dah - Billy & Lillie 1958, Swan Records. Another song my mother played on the old Silvertone!
Darling Baby, Elgins 1956, Peaked at #72, but that means nothing! This was a good song. Period!
Round Every Corner, Petula Clark 1965, and the future is so bright! So much good is ahead!
I Remember, Harptones 1959, uptempo doo-wop!And the kids sang on the street corners in Philly and New York.
Tall Paul - Annette 1959. Annette, the prettiest of the Mousketeers, could read the phone book and I'd be happy! RIP.
It Was I ~ Skip & Flip 1959. Another doo-wop hit, and there were many of them!
Our Winter Love - Bill Pursell 1963. Just a beautiful instrumental. Hardly hear instrumentals anymore it seems.
Take Me Back, Little Anthony & the Imperials This is a down tempo, tear jerker.
You've Got To Be Loved - The Montanas 1968 groovy sound. Do remember this. Certainly not a chart-topper, but I remember this song. Maybe while dx'ing?
What Two Can Easily Do - -Mary Wells From late 1963. Mary Wells! Heard it in 2018. Nice!
Cinderella Rockefella, Esther & Abi Ofarim Novelty from 1968! Had to hear this while dx'ing. Reminds me of Double Barrel by Dave and Ansell Collins
Double Barrel, Dave & Ansell Collins When they said W O O O, the jock would say W O K Y. I miss this! WRIT never played. WOKY #30 or so. Tops.
Lola, Chessmen 1960. Rockin! And you thought your parents were always old? Not quite.
">I'll Be Forever Loving You, Eldorados -
Lauren Daigle - You Say My cousin Barb turned me on to this song. Nice they still make pretty, beautiful music! There is hope!
Dance With The Devil - Cozy Powell Certainly remember "the mighty 92 WYXE" in Madison playing this overnight with Rockin' Reggie!
I'll Be Forever Loving You , El Dorados 1955 in December. Leader of El Dorados, in 2015 was working in NYC at a soup kitchen! Gary,Indiana's Vee Jay records!
Maybe, Chantels - 1958 and does it get any better than this. These ladies could sing and I do remember this!
One Summer Night, the Danleers 1958! A slow do-wop goodie. Some day they'll look back at 2019 and say the same thing I guess. NNNN
Stranger On The Shore - Mr. Acker Bilk #1 in 1962. Remember when they always played instrumentals into the news?
Still Waters Runs Deep/ Brook Benton - Brook Benton could sing the phone book! 1960
I've Been Everywhere, Hank Snow With lyrics. I guess he's been everywhere....and he sings it quick!!!!.
Whole Lotta Shakin Going on In My Heart - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles from 1966, this was on the chart and dropped like a bad habit! Nice, nice song!
Doggin Around - Jackie Wilson We all remember Higher & Higher, 1967. Here's a slow tune from 1960.
Daisy Petal Pickin' The Fireballs Nice Do-Wop. and all I thought they had was "bottle of Wine." Way famous for this song too!
Sleep - Little Willie John 1960. Sleep. Something a dx'er gets in awkward doses. On the King label. As was James Brown!
Good Lovin' Ain't Easy to Come By, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell 1969. When Tammi Terrell passed away, it was way too young. Brain tumor. 24. Succumbed after 8 surgeries. What a voice! Tragically abused.
Another Night, Dionne Warwick - 1966. One of the very few people I've seen in concert. Riverside, MIlwaukee! What a find!
Angel On My Shoulder - Shelby Flint 1961. What a beautiful, simple song. Again, a hit on the Top40s of the day. Peaked #22 Billboard.!
Good Feelin' Time - The Yellow Balloon Heard this in 2018.Online, of course. Always liked Yellow balloon, the song. This was the follow up.
Follow Me ...Mary Travers This was played on 1340- W-RIT in Milwaukee. Possibly WOKY also. Nice song.
I Can't Hear You No More - Helen Reddy This went to #29 in 1976. Long Version and it's a goodie. Capitol wanted it. Reddy didn't. Capitol won.
I Can't Hear You No More, Dusty Springfield & Martha & The Vandellas Dusty died way too young. What a haunting voice! Martha was/is class.
Bless You, Martha and the Vandellas Heard this on C K L W in 1971. Their last Motown hit. Motown would move to Los Angeles in 1974.
I Can't Hear You No More, Lulu Found out that Lulu did this in 1966 or so. Sounds so much like Brenda Lee/That's All You Gotta Do! Smoky/raspy/nice!
The Boat That I Row, Lulu 1967 - Lulu, truly underrated. Here she is in the follow up of To Sir With Love.
Shout, Lulu & The Luvvers - Shout was a rockin' song. Lulu puts her spin on it. When I collected surveys in 1967, say it listed.
Shout, Lulu 2009 Shout it out! Lulu kicked this song in 1966.
Alone (Why Must I Be Alone) - Shepherd Sisters 1340 WRIT had Greasy Million Dollar Weekends when AMerican Graffiti was popular. This was played & I had the record. Had.
Day After Day, Shango - Heard this on an online OLDies outlet. 1969. Wonder if it was played on WNUW 99.1 "Hitparade '69?"
Apricot Brandy, Rhinoceros 1969. This instrumental was played on WOKY and WRIT. I still remember Bob Barry (WOKY) doing an ad for Glen Rock (Milwaukee soda) with this music.
Witchi Tai To, Everything is Everything 1969. WOKY played this and went to #9! WRIT did not. George Wilson left WOKY for WRIT. Big things were to happen! WOKY even played it as an oldie to 1970 or 1971.
Talking in Your Sleep, Gordon Lightfoot Certainly remember this seldom heard song on then WNUW, 99.1 Milwaukee. Drake's Solid Gold format.
Beautiful -Gordon Lightfoot
The Circle is Small - Gordon Lightfoot
These Are Not My People, Joe South - People are interesting. Some good. Some a big let down, honestly. Be with the good few!
All you Get From Love Is A Love Song - The Carpenters I remember who told me she died. Just shocked. This was on 'KAU and that's where I remember it from (WKAU, Kaukauna)
When Im Dead & Gone McGuiness-Flint ...hat's when people say the nice things, I guess.
The Angels Listened In, Crests - 1959. How can you go wrong with Johnny Maestro?
Move In a Little Closer Baby, Cass Elliot No mention of this on WRIT or WOKY. Must have heard this while dx'ing. I do remember it! #57 Nillboard -April 1969.
Mamy Blue, Pop Tops 1971 and another song I remember. Remember the many songs played back then?
Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts? Darlene Love Scrapin' the mold off this 1962 gold! Wow!!
Cool Aid, Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid Chemists Heard this on an old aircheck of 93-KDWZ in Des Moines with Big Ron. Wow! Radio used to rock!
Brownsville, Joy of Cooking One thing. When I listen to old airchecks, I heard songs I've completely forgotten or said Wow! This is one!
Rainbow - Since You Been Gone Certainly heard this on "98 WSPT" and "13.8 KWK" in 1978. AM radio "rockin 'WK!" #9 song November 9 on KWK!
Morse Code of Love, Capris - Uptempo do-wop from the 1950's, the AM radio is crankin, the dice on the window. Does it get any better?
Sweet Love, Anita Baker-  1986! Sultry voice! Went to #8 in USA.
Good For Me, Amy Grant  1991! Certainly remember this on Hit 100-Rapid City, Breakfast Flakes in the morning, Hit music all day long! HIT 100FM!
Born Too Late, Poni-Tails  1958. So was life better than or now? I look at all I've learned. Better than I ever dreamed!!
Quiet Village, Martin Denny  This from 1958, and no birds were hurt during the making of this record!
Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love) - Pat Boone Heard this in 2019 on WRJN Racine. Thank goodness for local radio! 1956! Glad I was listening.
Fuel Metallica -  A good rock song! Remember this from the Michael Savage Show.
Far North Again - Clean Living Their biggest was In Heaven There is No Beer, a Milwaukee hit, of course, but this follow up was nice!!!
I Got to Know, Starbuck B J Crocker of WKAU sure could pick songs! I still remember this from September 1976! Group had "Moonlight Feels Right." Peaked #46, sadly.
Howlin' For You, The Black Keys-  Heard this a ton on the Rockin' Eagle in the UP. Finally on ALT 2K -WMIL HD3, got a readout on the screen!
Back in Baby's Arms, Patsy Cline-  From 1963! Never heard this until 2019 on WIOE Oldies 101. Go figure!
Suzanne, Noel Harrison  By no means a chart topper, but did some airplay in 1967. Guess that was when more than 5 companies owned most of radio. Peaked at #56!
Put Your Hands Together OJays  Motown was making it in the 60's, but the Philly Sound came on in the 70's. Here's a great sample!
The Love I Lost Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Remember hearing this on WDUX Waupaca in 1973. They were using, oddly enough, the Philly Sound jingles from Jam! Go figure!
Paper Mach Dionne Warwick  W-103 Wisconsin Rapids, in 1970! They ran the HitParade formar from Drake-Chenault. Saw her at the Riverside. Nice! Class! A pretty woman.
One Too Many Mornings- Beau Brummels  From 1965. Nice, nice, nice song! Went to #95 on Billboard! 93.1 WMID-FM played it!
I Want To Stay Here - Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme  1963. Nice to hear this moldy-oldie. Thanx 93.1 WMID-FM!
Macarena, Los del Ro From 1996. Certainly played to death! What was it, number 1 for 100 weeks? Still, it is nice to hear. Thanx 93.1 WMID-FM!
Mammy Blue, Pop Tops Certainly heard this song one or two times. Still, after all these years, a nice song! WRIT played it, 1970. Good memories!
In The Summertime (You Don't Want My Love), Andy Williams -  Maybe the Roger Miller version is not the one I remember. My mom certainly played this!
Ajax Liquor Store - Hudson and Landry Catholic? Punch line is precious!
Up In A Puff Of Smoke, Polly Brown  One thing I do remember: WOKY never touched this and WZUU played it to death! It was certainly a hit! 1975
Waterloo ~ Stonewall Jackson from 1959, I certainly remember my mother playing this and me stamping my tiny little feet!
Silly, Silly, Fool Dusty Springfield  Dusty's voice was haunting. Beautiful! Just died way too young.
~ Soul Makossa Manu Dibango  1972 Remember hearing this when it came out. Just sounded different!
Intergalactic- Beastie Boys There are benefits to listening to the Rockin' Eagle in L'Anse!
Stranded In The Jungle -Cadets  Moldy Oldies, as heard on 93.1 WMID-FM, in 2019!
Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters  Listening to FM 101-1 in Milwaukee, and heard this. Nobody rocks anymore!
I Know, Dionne Ferris
Headstrong, Trapt
Come With Me Now, Kongos
Times Like These - Foo Fighters  Another Foo Fighters classic! Ya never hear rock music on Top40 anymore.....
Lady Put The Light On Me-Brownsville Station  Brownsville Station was a fun, good, rock & roll group from the 1970's!
Let Your Yeah Be Yeah -Brownsville Station  WOKY I believe played everything from Brownsville Station. Radio was different then!
Sea Of Heartbreak - Don Gibson  My mother must have played this. For some reason I remember this! Heard it on WMID in October 2019!
Secretly, Jimmie Rodgers
I Want to Meet Him, Royalettes  Heard this October 1965 classic in October of 2019, on 93.1 WMID stream! What a goodie this is!
Song On The Radio, Al Stewart Completely forgot about this, from 1979! Heard it on Oldies 102.9/Oldies 95.3 (WHRY-WVVE) in 2019!
Let Me Be Lonely, Dionne Warwick  Nice song. She's had so many, many songs. One I clearly forgot! WoW!
Mah Na Mah Na, Soundtarck In 1968 I remember WOKY "Go Guys" George Wilson and Guy Williams playing this. Fun song! Mah Na Mah Na!

That's What I Like About The North, LynnMarie
Billy Mo - Ich kauf mir lieber einen Tirolerhut - 1992
Freeze Fried, Four Donna's & a Chick
Say Thank You Dear And Give Her Roses, Say Thank Frankie Yankovic
Billy Mo - Ich kauf mir lieber einen Tirolerhut 1963
Let's Have A Party Polka, Walter Ostanek, Brian Sklar & Western Senators
Out The Window Polka, Mollie B Polka Party
Carol's Polka, Polka Carol
I've Got A Polish Girlfriend Polka -Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push
Martha Polka Samuel Ramos
Tic Tic Polka, Mollie B & Ted Lange
Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie Polka, Mollie B & Ted Lange
Newberry Polka, Jimmy and Lynn Marie Bravo
Barbara Polka, Heather Hejl w/Mollie B & Ted Lange
Rink-e-Dink Polka, LynnMarie