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This page represents all stations in this format on the FM band in mid-AMerica! If you're going on a trip, dx'ing or just a casual radio listener, this list might be what you were looking for. It is updated every month on the 21st. If you know of any station that should be added, please write us! I've been a Top 40 geek for most of my entire life, collecting airchecks, surveys, jingles and other assorted goodies through the years. While some stations call themselves Hot AC, if they sound Top 40 to the author, they are on this listing. Current through MAY 2023 listings. * newest additions

Dial position, calls, city of license, day/night power, other
88.9 KTJO Ottawa,KS goes Top40 in Sept'03
90.3 CFUL AB Calgary goes AMPRadio Top40 in June09
 90.7 WZIS IN Terre Haute Top40!Z90.7 isustudentmedia.com/wzisfm/ noticed this in 3/'23!
 91.9 WRLN IN Rushville 600w@302'Top40. "Rush 91.9FM" rush919.org/OWNER:Rushville Consolidated HS as of:2'18
92.3 KIMX ID Victor Top40 "iMiX" as of 7-10
92.3 KKHQ Oelwein,IA Top40 "Q92.3", dumping C&W as of 9-03! EX:KOEL-FM
 92.3 KQRK MT Ronan goes Top40 as "Power 92" in June'04, and REVERTS to Top40 in July'13 moving from 99.7FM
92.5 W223CD WI Wrightstown //WKSZ DePere & 92.9 WKZY Chilton [Top40] "92&95-9 Kiss FM" Added Mar'16
92.5 KMXW WY Bar Nunn-Casper Top40 "Max 92.5" http://max925casper.com/ [KDAD]
92.5 CJAQ ON Toronto goes Top40 in June09
92.7 WHIZFM OH South Zanesville Top40 "Z92", Oct14 z92radio.com
92.7 KTRX OK Dickson Top40:Star92.7 star927fm.com
92.7 KGFX SD Pierre "KG93" in 84. Flirts with Variety Hits and HotAC returning to Top40 in Mar'13 as "River 92-7"
92.9 WLMI MI Grand Ledge-Lansing Top40 "I 92-9" tossing Cl HITS in May 2017 i929fm.com/
92.9 KYYY ND Bismarck. Now Top40! Drops RKO automation/oldies in 74. Flips:94 to HotAC but goes BACK to Top40 in 97. AC as of 2004, but back to Top40: 9'12
92.9 KKXL NS Grand Forks after AM dies "XL93" STILL TOP 40.
92.9 WGTZ OH Eaton-Dayton (alive!) dumps NOS in 84! "Z93" Drops for AdultSHUFFLE
92.9 WKZY WI Chilton-Appleton 959kissfm.com/ "92 & 95.9 Kiss FM" 1/16 ^
93.1 KZMG ID New Plymouth-Boise SPO:ESPN//1350KTIK drops Top40 after 20+ year run as Magic93 and 93-1 Hit Music Now!
93.1 KRCS SD Sturgis Top40 //K248BT 97.5 Rapid City "Hot 93.1"
93.3 WIZM WI LaCrosse Live:84, taped prior. WAS:WWLA!
93.5 WSJK IL Tuscola Top40 added Sept'10 as WEBX then to current calls in Nov'10
93.5 CIGM ON Sudbury goes Top40 in 8/09
93.7 KOYY ND Fargo mid 90s-NOW (except 94-95-96) "HitRadio Y94" Flipped from WDAYFM in Dec'15
93.7 KIZZ ND Minot "Z94" mid 80s-92. Reverts in 1998? "Z94"
93.7 CKWY AB Wainwright Top40 Hot 93.7 FM was HotAC "Wayne FM." hot937.ca/ Oct'19
 93.9 WYRG IN Lawrence-Indianapolis Top40"Energy" [WXTZ WGLD WGRL WISG WWFT WRWM] energyindy.com/ Drops for ROCK in May'19
 93.9 WLQZ-LP IN Warsaw Top40!:Z93-9 Warsaw's Hit Music! wlqz939.com/
 93.9 KSWN NE McCook Top40 "The Zone 93.9" dropping HotAC 06-11
 93.9 WBKS OH Columbus Grove-Lima goes Top40 from Churban 3/10 EX:WLWD
 93.9 CIDR ON Windsor Top40 93.9 Virgin Radio
 94.3 KTPZ ID Hazelton signs on w/Top40 in Apr'07
94.3 WZNL MI Norway AdultTop40 '06-'11 goes "the Breeze" in Jul'20
94.5 KKEZ IA Ft.Dodge HotACd/Top40n, was AC 4'10
94.7 KKCK MN Springfield Top40. Flips freq w/KARZ. KKCK had begun on 100.1, moved to 99.7 , then to 94.7. Longtime Top40! 4-19
94.7 KCNB NE Chardon Top40 "B94.7 All the Hits" 7-'18
94.7 KZGF ND Grand Forks Z947 as of 8-'10 Calls flipped from KNOX-FM 2'11
94.7 CHOZ NL St.Johns goes Top40 in Feb'12 "Oz-FM" Drops in Oct'19
94.9 KHKN AR Maumelle Top40 "Hot 94-9" hot949allthehits.iheart.com/ as of 3'18
 94.9 WOLX-HD2 WI Baraboo-Madison Channel Q LGBTQ+ Lifestyle Talk Dance/Top40
95.1 WFAV IL Kankakee Top40 in Jan'13. Flipped calls Feb'13[WKIF]
95.1 KTHC MT Sidney-Williston ND Top40. "Power 95" power95.net/
95.3 WRXX IL Centralia Top40, X-95 x95radio.com/
95.3 KZGO MN St. Paul Top40/Rhy "Go 95.3" [KNOF] Tosssed REL and tossed Top40 12/20. Sold:now KNOF
95.3 KGSL MN Winona HotAC/Top40 [KAGEFM]
95.3 WXRO WI Beaver Dam HotAC 95-X[WBEV-FM]
95.3 CING ON Hamilton Adult Top40 Energy 95-3
95.5 KVOB KS Lindsborg Top40//KZUH Minneapolis Tossed in Apr'23 after sale
95.5 WIFC WI Wausau since 1969! STILL IS! (was WSAU-FM)
95.7 KDHT CO Denver Top40:Hits 95-7 [KPTT] hits957.iheart.com/
95.9 W240DC WI Chippewa Falls RhyTop40. "95.9 Jamz"
95.9 WKSZ WI DePere Top40 +92.9 WKZY WI Chilton-Appleton 959kissfm.com/ "92 & 95.9 Kiss FM" 1/16
 96.1 KINI NE Crookston Top40 2'18
 96.1 KISO NE Omaha Top40 "96.1KissFM" 9-'12
 96.1 WXYM WI Tomah-LaCrosse Top40: Mix 96-1 mixwxym.com/ checked 1/23. Was HotAC
 96.3 WBBM IL Chicago Rhythmic Hot AC was Top40, was Top40/RHY before that, Top40. change was gradual back to Top40 Rhythmic Hot AC in Apr'23. Remains B-96
 96.3 KZHC IA Pleasantville Top40 goes to format in Nov'11
 96.3 KZCH KS Derby-Wichita goes RHY/Top40 in June'04 as "Channel 96-3"
 96.3 WMOM MI Pentwater-Ludington [Top40] Began on 102.7 in '99. [102.7]
 96.3 KTWN-FM MN Edina-Minneapolis "K-Twin" Adult Top40 [] EX:KHTC KTTB
96.3 CKRA AB Edmonton, goes Top40 in Sept'03
96.5 WAKS OH Akron goes Top40 as "96-5 KissFM" in Summer 2001. EX:WKDD
96.7 KDOG MN No.Mankato returns to Top40 as "Hot96-7" in Sept'09 after several years as AdultShuffle
96.7 WHTQ WI Whiting-Wausau "Hot96-7FM" in Dec'11 [WLJY]
96.7 KIMX WY Laramie-Cheyenne reverts to Top40 "iMix" Feb'09
96.9 WBTI MI Lexington +92.7 W224DT Port Huron +1590 WHLX MI Marine City wbti.com/
96.9 K245CM MN Morehead RHY Top40 96-9 HitsFM [98.7 KLTA-HD2] 969hitsfm.com Put on to flank Big98-7
97.1 WGLQ MI Escanaba 82-94, 99--> "Magic 97" began Top40 format in April 1982. From notes it was live 6am-6pm and automated other hours. Began as "97GLQ." HotAC 1-18
97.1 KELN NE North Platte Top40. Mix97.1 northplattepost.com/ shifted from HotAC 12'18  
97.3 KAML-FM Gillette Top40 [96.9]
 97.3 KHDK IA New London goes Top40 in 12-06
 97.3 WRNW WI Milwaukee goes Top40 in "97-3RadioNow" 6'10 -tosses 12'18
97.5 WZOK IL Rockford successor to WROK. since 80s. [WROK-FM]
97.5 W248AW IN Indianapolis Top40 "97-5 Kiss FM" 8-'19
97.5 KKCT ND Bismarck, Hot 97-5
97.5 CIQM ON London Top40 "97.5VirginRadio"
97.7 WSTQ IL Streator flips to Top40 (voice tracked) on 1-1-'00!
97.7 KGLM MT Anaconda Top40 "Magic97-7&100.3" as of Sept'10 HITSNOW
98.1 WKDD OH Munroe Falls-Canton-Akron Top40, dropping HotAC in Apr'12
98.1 W251CD WI Superior 250w Top40:Hot98(WW1)//970 WDUL Superior,WI-Duluth,MN hot98duluth.com
98.1 CKBD AB Lethbridge Top40/HotAC 2DAY FM
98.3 WJLI IL Metropolis Top40 "Jelli 98.3" dropped. No longer CHR
98.3 KWQW IA Boone Top40:98.3 the Vibe. 983vibe.com/
98.3 WTWR MI Monroe '87 "Tower 98" Tossed the format in Oct'10
98.3 WBZW OH Loudonville & 107.7 WFXN Ironton // as "Kiss 98.3 & 107.7" in Jan 2002
98.7 KSMA IA Osage-Mason City drops Top40 10'07
 98.7 WDZH MI Detroit goes Top40 10/09 Tosses it 12'18
 98.7 KBQQ MT Hamilton drops Top40 as StarFM and moves KXDR calls to 106.7. Now OLDas of Feb'12
98.7 KLTA MN Morehead AdultTop40 "Big98.7" as of Aug'13
98.9 WHBF/WHTS IL Rock Island "Power 98.9" then "All Hit 98.9" drops Top40. Sold:06
98.9 IN WZKF Salem "Kiss FM" goes Top40 in Jan 2001!
 98.9 KXDR MT Hamilton goes Top40 in Dec'05
99.1 CJGV MB Winnipeg goes Adult Top40 as "FreshFM" Feb'12
99.1 CKIX NL St. John's Top40:Hot 99.1 hot991.ca
99.3 KWAY IA Waverly Top40 as of 9-19-03 10pm. "Y99.3"
99.3 KZUC-LP OK Edmond Top40:UCentral Radio https://ucentralmedia.com/radioplayer.html
99.3 KZUC-LP OK Edmond Top40:UCentral Radio https://ucentralmedia.com/radioplayer.html
99.5 W258BY IN Fort Wayne Top40 as thetwentyfm.com/ June'19
99.5 WZPL IN Indianapolis 83. Has gone HotAC but reverted to Top40 in 11-'12
99.5 WYSS MI Sault Ste. Marie "YesFM" starts as automated in '85
99.7 KPTE CO Durango Top40
99.7 W259BG IL Champaign Top40 Hits99.7 (WIXY-HD3) hits997.com/ May'12
99.7 WXAJ IL Hillsboro-Springfield goes Top40 in August 2001 as "Kiss FM" then Hot AC in March 2017
99.7 KXFT IA Manson-Ft.Dodge goes Top40 in Nov'07
99.7 WIMI MI Ironwood "99-7" starts as automated/nights in '85. "99-7 The Storm" tosses in 2010
99.7 KARZ MN Marshall ???-years. Here from 100.1 STILL IS Top40 all these years! + 103.3 K277AI Russell 250w in 2017. MOVED to 94.7 in 4-'19
99.7 KKMT MT Pablo goes Top40 in Sept'06, but moves to 92.3 in July'13
99.9 KZDX ID Burley HotACd/Top40n "Hot100fm" 3-'12
99.9 KBEA IA Muscatine-Quad Cities "B100" flips to Top40 in '00
101.1 WMYQ IN South Whitley AdultTop40 as HotQ101, was HotAC 3-23
100.5 CIOK NB St.John Flips from AC to Top40 as "K100.5" in 11-09
100.7 WWHX IL Normal-Bloomington Top40/RHY hot100blono.com/ --noted as Hip-Hop:Hot100.7 ---4/21
100.7 W264AK OH Toledo "100.7 the Vibe" debuts in May'11
100.7 CHGK ON Stratford Top40 2DayFM
100.9 WYJZ IN Lebanon goes Top40 "RadioNOW" after WNOU-93.1 drops for News format. Nov'07
100.9 WNOW IN Speedway-Indianapolis, Top40 "Radio Now" -killed:6'22.Station sale of 96.3, thus WHHH moves here w/format. [WNOU WNON-FM WBCI WIRE WYJZ]
100.9 CKUV AB High River Hot AC "the Eagle" flips from Cl ROCK in July'15
101.1 WHOT OH Youngstown AoR to Top40:'84, as AM goes AdCon "HOT FM 101" now "101 HOT FM"
101.3 KUUL IL East Moline goes Top40 as "101.3KissFM" Feb'12
101.3 KDWB MN Richfield-Mpls-St.Paul 84 AoR to "KDWB FM 101" STILL TOP40
101.3 KOZYFM NE Bridgeport Top40. Flips from HotAC. 5-14
101.5 KATW ID Lewiston flips to Top40 8/04: 101.5 CatFM
101.5 WBNQ IL Bloomington evolved from automation mid 80s. Adult sounding. STILL TOP 40
101.5 CKCE AB Calgary signs on in Mar'07
101.7 WHZZ MI Lansing "Z101.7" 95?-now Mike FM, tossing Top40 in Sept'05
101.9 CHRK NS Sydney Top40: Hot 101.9 hot1019.ca
102.1 KCAJ MN Roseau goes Top40 in 3-07 as "Wild 102" would drop for AC
102.1 WRKU WI Forestville-Sturgeon Bay-Algoma Top40:U102-1 this is Sept'21 after years as HotAC More 102!
102.3 KQNU IA Onawa goes Top40 in 9/09
102.3 KMXM MT Helena Valley Top40:Mix102.3 mixhelena.com/ on air:2008 as KZUS
102.5 WIOG MI Bay City began in '86.
102.7 KXMZ SD Box Elder-Rapid City Top40:Mix102-7 6/17 -was Hits102.7. Began 2015.
102.9 KARS WY Laramie/CO Ft Collins Top40/RHY -tosses Cl ROCK in Sept'19
103.1 KEKS KS Olpe NEW STATION signs on with Top40 in 12-06
103.5 KSAS ID Caldwell-Boise Top40 [KARO 103.1 103.3] Moved from 103.1 -Nov'13
103.3 WKFR MI Battle Creek mid 80s, successor to then 1400-WKFR. STILL TOP 40.
103.5 WKSC-FM IL Chicago "Kiss" goes Top40 in Jan '01
103.7 WXSS WI Milwaukee goes Top40 in 1997.
103.7 WXSS-HD3 WI Wauwatosa-Milwaukee Channel Q LGBTQ+ Lifestyle Talk Dance/Top40 7-'19
103.9 KRLI MO Carrolton "103.9theGrenade" Top40 was on 1430+103.1 xlator and moved from 103.1FM Jun'12 TOSSED in Jan'18.
104.1 KBQF MO Jefferson City. NEW station signs on w/Top40 in June 2000
104.1 KSLI-FM NE Crete-Lincoln goes Top40 as "KissFM" Dumps KKNE calls.
104.1 WZEE WI Madison automated Z104 begins in 73!!! STILL TOP40, live by 80
104.3 KZTP IA Sibley-Worthington,MN Top40 HitsNow &DialGlobal Party104.3 fm1043theparty.com/ [KUSQ]
104.5 KIMX WY Centennial-Albany NEW STN goes Top40 "iMix" in Jan13 [KYAP]
104.7 KXNC KS Ness City New Stn goes Top40:12/09
104.7 KCLD MN St. Cloud "Hit Music 104.7 KCLD" mid 70s-NOW!
104.7 WBJZ WI Berlin goes AdultTop40 "Magic104" in Apr'06, dropped Top40 as B104(stn sold) May,17.
104.9 WYGC FL High Springs Top40//92.9 WMFQ Ocala. Q92. radio92q.com/
104.9 KMJM IL Columbia Top40/RHY Wild104.9
104.9 WINN IN Columbus Top40 as of July'12 "Win104.9"
104.9 KLQQ WY Claremont-Sheridan NEW STN signs on w/Top40 as Q104.7 in Fall2006
105.1 K286BU ID Idaho Falls NOW 105-1 moved here from 32000w KAOX Shelly-Idaho Falls in May2020. Now105.fm
105.1 CJED ON Niagara Falls was Top40 as 2 Day FM dropped Apr'18
105.3 KLYV IA Dubuque "Live 105"...now "Y105"
105.3 WOVO KY Glasgow goes Top40 in Feb 2001.
105.3 WHKM MI Brooklyn goes Top40 in 8/04 "K105.3"
105.3 WHTS MI Cooperville-Grand Rapids signs on as "HotFM" in May'06
105.5 WYKT IL Wilmington drops Top40 in Sept'09
105.5 KKOY KS Chanute goes Top40 in Jan'09
105.5 WWCK MI Flint evolved from AoR mid 80s "CK 105.5"
105.5 WXTQ OH Athens Cl ROCK:Pure Rock 105-XTQ, tossing Top40 in May'23
105.7 WUZR IN Bicknell Top40 from C&W. May'17 TOSSED Early2023 to revert to C&W wuzr.com/
105.9 KKSW KS Lawrence goes Top40 as"105.9KissFM" Feb'12
105.9 WKHQ MI Charlevoix s/on:77 (I believe) Hits 106 KHQ. //on AM in 87
106.1 KLMI WY Rock River-Laramie Top40 [KKHI 106.5]
106.1 CFJL MB Winnipeg Top40 http://www.energy106.ca/
106.3 KFRX NE Lincoln here from 102.7. Sep'07
106.3 KLEN WY Cheyenne Top40:106-3 Now FM 1063nowfm.com/
106.7 KXDR MT Pinedale goes Top40 as "StarFM", moving from 98.7FM in Feb'12
106.7 KYTZ ND Walhalla Big 106 was full fledged Top40 from 2011-July,2021
106.7 KBFO SD Aberdeen Top40 from HotAC 1/10
106.9 KMZK CO Clifton-Gr.Junction Top40
106.9 KBGL KS Great Bend Top40 "Hits106.9"
106.9 WUPM MI Ironwood. Went on the air in 1977. Has always had an adult feel. Still Top40 tho!
106.9 KROC MN Rochester successor to KROC if I'm correct. mid 80's?-NOW
106.9 KOPW NE Plattsmouth-Omaha Top40/RHY power1069fm.com/
106.9 KHTT OK Muskogee-Tulsa "K-Hit" started in '82 as KAYI "K107"

107.1 KDHT CO Bennett flips from KONN 12/09 goes to RHY/Top40 then reverts to Top40 in 5/20. Calls to KFCO and Hot 107-1.
107.1 WPVL WI Platteville goes Top40 in May'09
107.1 CKPW AB Edmonton Top40/RHY Power 107 www.power107.ca/ [CJNW]
107.3 KKRD KS Wichita drops Top40 after 20+ years as CC moves format to 96.3
107.3 W297CK Sheboygan 250w //950 WCLB WI Sheboygan Top40 "Z107" 12'18
107.5 KSFT NE S.Sioux City goes Top40 in Summer'06 as "Kiss107"
107.7 WMQT MI Marquette "Q107" since mid 70s [107.1, 107.5]
107.7 WBKS OH Ironton & 98.3 WBZW OH Loudonville// as "Kiss 98.3 & 107.7" in Jan 2002
107.9 WJFX IN New Haven goes Top40 in Jan'09
107.9 WCDY MI McBain-Cadillac Top40 beginning as HotAC, but going full tilt Top40 in 11-'12. 1079cdy.com/

950 WCLB WI Sheboygan Top40 "Z107" +107.3 W297CK Sheboygan 250w facebook.com/Z107Sheboygan/ 12-'18
970 WDUL WI Superior-Duluth,MN 1000/26 +98.1 W251CD Superior 250w Top40:Hot98(WW1) hot98duluth.com
1150 WEAQ WI Chippewa Falls-Eau Claire +95.9 W240DC Chippewa Falls RhyTop40. "95.9 Jamz"
1240 WGRMxMS Greenwood 720/720 Top40 "Hot 1240" goes Top40 Aug'17 LICense deleted Feb'22
1290 WFBG*PA Altona 5000/1000 Top40:Pop Radio +104.5 W283DI Altoona 250w PROMOTED mypopradio.com/ parked, yet this works: 7mmaltoona.com/. Goes Top40 in May'23 *
1400 WHZP+ME Veazie-Bangor 1000-810 Top40/RHY Hot Radio Maine +102.9 W275CQ Bangor 250w [WCYR]
1450 WSNO+VT Barre Top40 "105-7 the Beat" //105.7 W289CH Barre http://www.thebeatvermont.com/
1490 WNTJ*PA Johnstown 1000/1000 Top40:Pop Radio +104.5 W283CX Johnstown 150w PROMOTED mypopradio.com/ parked, yet this works: 7mmjohnstown.com/ Goes Top40 in May'23 *
1550 WTTC PA Towanda +107.7 W299CM Athens 250w Top40:Valley 107-7
1580 WIOL GA Columbus Top40 +104.5 W283DF Columbus 250w Jan'21 dumps SPO:CBS