Superior East

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This page will super-serve the "Superior East" part of Lake Superior/Canada portion. In numerous ads heard, this term (Superior East) is used a lot. The editor travels/monitors this area monthly. From a dx'ers point, AM radio is pretty nice. FM - can't imagine tropo goes this far much, though E-skip probably goes everywhere.
The area is basically Sault Ste. Marie to Wawa, Ontario. From the populous of the Soo to Wawa, which is about 2900 people down from 4100ish in 1990. Mines, a paper mill have left the city. Tourism seems like the main industry now. Downtown Wawa is nice. Diagonal parking, an airport off of Hwy 17 and in my mind, nice people. Every business with a radio on has 107.1 Jam-FM on. It's the only station licensed to Wawa and scanning the dial, there's nothing else there! 88.3 is CBC and 90.7 is CBC French, thus JamFM is really the only mass appeal outlet. Nothing comes in from out of town. Closest going west would be CHNO, an AC station. Live, like JamFM. East, would be Soo ON/MI outlets.
Sault Saint Marie,MI is nice. Period. 13000 now, down from 18000 in 1960, when there was an Air Force base, a lot more industry, a thriving downtown. Sitting and watching the ships in the locks is relaxing. Though now, my dog cannot go to the locks. Guess she's a threat to security. Maybe I should say she's my comfort animal, hi. There were no armed guards, police, etc., until after 9-11. Border security is a lot different than years ago also. Still, they have a job to do. The Soo police are good, welcoming. Maybe they liked my "race red" Mustang, hi.
Tons of shopping on Ashmun. Easterday is good too. It's sad seeing a K-Mart, built in 1990, a JC Penney and Book World are gone. They are being replaced by newer stores, chains, etc, but there are still a lot of neat, neat, neat places visited by the author and Babygirl (the dog.) Too, she takes me walking a lot!
Began going to Sault Sainte Marie in 1990. Wawa, in 2016. The Lake Superior circle tour is done 2-3 times a year. Just enjoyable! The 65 & 75 MPH speed limits in the UP, added in 2017, are nice too. In Canada, 90 KPH or about 57 MPH. In both places, going 10 over the limit is common. A benefit of Canada is the A&W and Tim Hortons along the way. Too, Subway still has a "footlong" sub, like in the good ol' US.
Another thing, going on the Trans-Canada highway, from Wawa to Thunder Bay, one can easily hear Upper Michigan FM stations, so there are a few more choices.
Sault to Wawa roads can be tracked here from October through April, and here, year round. Both are good!
Lots of dams, waterfalls, roadside parks, places to rest from the drive. Scenic High Falls, just outside of Wawa, is breathtaking. That area, was discovered by missionaries in the 1600's. One drives to that dam via a dirt road. I guess the snowshoes would be way worse! We live, truly, in good times. The park, crane (Joy Global, not the bird, hi) and the historical markings at the end of Broadway, downtown, are nice. The beach (Lions Beachfront- Walkway) is nice, just for a cool breeze and contemplation.
Logs from any dx'ing are on the DX-midAMerica site.
Sault Sainte Marie, MI/ON
88.1 CBON18 ON Sault Sainte Marie ETHnic
89.5 CBSM ON Sault Sainte Marie Educ
90.1 WLSO MI Sault Sainte Marie EDUC
91.5 WJOH MI Raco CCM
93.9 WNBY MI Newberry OLDies 93
95.1 WUPN MI Paradise Cl HITS Eagle 95.1
97.9 WIHC MI Newberry REL
98.3 WCMZ MI Sault Sainte Marie Educ
99.5 WYSS MI Sault Sainte Marie Top40 99-5 YesFM
100.5 CHAS ONSault Sainte Marie Hot AC Kiss 100.5
101.3 WSUE MI Sault Sainte Marie ROCK Rock 101
102.3 WTHN MI Sault Sainte Marie REL
103.3 W277AG MI Sault Sainte Marie REL (WHWL)
104.3 CJQM ON Sault Sainte Marie C&W Country 104
105.5 WMKD MI Pickford C&W Country 105
106.3 WWMK MI Onaway Cl HITS
106.5 CJTK-FM8 ON Sault Ste Marie REL //CJTK Sudbury,ON
1230 WSOO MI Sault Saint Marie OLDies,Bohannon,Coast to Coast ABC:00 TIGERS
1400 WKNW MI Sault Sainte Marie SPO:ESPN
Wawa, ON
88.3 CBLJ ON Wawa CBC
90.7 CBON-27 ON Wawa CBC/French
107.1 CJWA ON Wawa HotAC 4am-8pm/8pm-4am ROCK "Rock Jams." Fri nites: requests: 1800-2200 local. then Rock Jams at 2200. Studios downtown. 210w! jjamfm.live/