Frequently Asked Questions

what? What is this site about? The name "DX-midAMerica" says it all. It is based in midAMerica and is geared towards the dx'er. The dx'er likes the latest dx, of course, but format changes, station data (ie: slogans, formats) and qsl info is also important. There are hundreds of pages of information to help you get dx!
who? Who does this site? The "webmaster" (don't like that term) or whatever is John J. Rieger. Never been in radio but have always liked listening to far away stations. Discovered the hobby in 1967 when two grade school friends were listening to this "noise" that was heard on my grandfather's porch. Went to investigate and saw these big radios and QSL pennants and maps with stars on the wall. The stars were where stations were logged. Thought, "if they can do this with shortwave, can listen on AM." Was already listening to the top 40 sounds of Big Jack Armstrong on 1100-WKYC (now WTAM) in Cleveland Ohio. Discovered this hobby by accident. Wasn't the only one doing this! Hooked! Big Jack, WKYC, Radio 11, Cleveland And, yes, AM was this good! There was no voice tracking or satellite on AM radio in 1967. You didn't hear the same programming on 20 stations as you tuned up/down the dial. It was different. Very different!
no dues. right? Never. Always enjoyed this hobby. Not obsessed with dx. It is a hobby. There's so much more to life. Enjoy it. It (life) goes quickly. Couldn't get rich doing this, hi!
how often is the site updated? Daily, though between September 2-February 14 yearly, it is updated two times per day. This site has been updated every day since it went on the internet on September 3rd, 1997. By the site being updated daily, there is a hope to hold your interest, so you might come back and visit again. DX tips are added daily and at least one column is also added daily. From the time you send in the DX tip, it's never more than a several hour turnaround. Usually less! DX Tips can be added more than once a day, depending on the frequency of reports, activity on the bands, etc. Before that, there was a DX-midAMerica bulletin published 15 times a year beginning on November 15, 1981. To do a daily update takes maybe 15 minutes, so for the editor that has "no time" one has to wonder.
what happens with the tips? Your DX tips are posted within 24 hours. They are posted on our longform page and with all the other tips received that month and then the real magic happens! Here's an example of a logging and what happens! If you want privacy, you can use a nickname or handle, with a general location. Confirmation is sent to you. YOUR PRIVACY IS RESPECTED!

1100 WISS WI Berlin 9-2 1758 G calls, ad for local biz, o/WTAM          MI-MI

1) The 1100 part will get added to our TARGET FREQUENCY part of the website. 1100 can be found here.
2) The WI goes into our TARGET STATE pages on the website. We do TWO different TARGET STATES monthly. A look at the MONTANA listing.
3) The TIME goes into our SRS/SSS Twilight or OWL target lists. These are updated every month.
4) IF there is a format change or slogan noted, these are added into the FORMAT CHANGE column, done every Monday or the SLOGAN columns done every Tuesday, both AM and FM.
5) Comments are added on the splatter page.
So you can see this one tip does a lot of work!
who can send in dx tips? This effort has been lucky enough to have had good reporters in the following areas: AL AZ CO FL GA IL IN IA KS MB MI MN MO NE NY NC OH ON PA TX WV WI WY plus England, Finland and Sweden! The specialization in mid-AMerica, yet the dx tip from this or that place will help others! Certainly the tip from the guy in MANITOBA helps the guy from MONTANA and the tip from TEXAS helps the guy in COLORADO. It would be stupid to think otherwise. This is focused though, on midAMerica, but "mid-AMerica" has a new definition quite often around here! Your dx tips, format flips, etc are welcomed from anywhere!
what bands do you cover?AM, FM TV and Other (PSB, LW). On the DX-midAMerica.com homepage, you'll see a column at the left. It shows AM FM TV and Other bands and the loggings added on what day.
anything else? Not a technical person, and certainly not an authority on anything and do not claim to be. This site isn't MY catches or MY longest catch or MY anything. It is really a meeting place, if you will, of people who have the same interest: DX.
40 years ago, you might call the other dx'er in town or down the block. Now, that just doesn't happen. The hobby has thinned out quite a bit. This is a nice alternative. That's it, plain and simple. It is a privilege to be your guest. Thank you, sincerely for visiting. Comments are always welcomed and certainly encouraged!