DX-midAMerica Mission/History

"It's about taking the time to listen. All things change through time! Cars, trucks ... a company"
"We changed everything...even a car company"
Excellent quotes from commercials run in the mid 1990's for the Chrysler Corporation, Dodge Division.

   Retiring from the job I loved after 33 years, was told "the head of the company wants to see you." Had the nicest 40 minute talk with him. Any problem? To me, this man was approachable. Human. Kind. Didn't care what others said. To me, he was good. Spoke with him honestly, talked with him as a friend and he knew nothing was said outside those walls. Was humbled. Few have talked with him. Found it easy. He respected me and liked me. There was one quote, which he has said in front of others, much to their dismay: "I'm surrounded by suck-ups all day. You have no idea how refreshing you are!"
   More on retirement, let's see: watch TV (duh!) or fine tune this effort, travel and dx more? Hello! The hope is this effort is of some help to you. It takes very, very little time/effort. All content is original. Get a kick out of the newer rules of some: you can only report a dx catch ONCE A YEAR! Huh? So if I hear a station in September and then again in April, I'm a bad boy? This has happened to me! Another is where one uses an abbreviation. I was lambasted by an editor once in the pub I paid to subscribe to! He could not write to me in private, but had to lambaste me in a column. Sorry! Good bye! "YL" is "offensive" and so went ahead and asked a 44 year old woman if I called her a "young lady" if that was offensive. Of course, the answer was "no, of course not!" These are time-honored, non-threatening terms. Was also yelled at for using "nx" for news! Good God, these people are editors, not Jesus Christ! Got a reply from an editor that I reported 790 KGHL Billings 3 times in one year! From South Milwaukee,WI (not Milwaukie,OR) that is 1050+ miles! Nice haul thru 780 WBBM IBOC! Nah! Still got the old crusty! Well, that letter was "carbon copied" to club president to admonish me, a good reporter of 30+ years, at the time! It to me was amazing how other reporters could report international dx, or another could write with commentary on everything, but, not me. Wrote them both "you've lost a good reporter." Never wrote again! It doesn't stop. If you report as "NEW", you're called "a bean counter." If you write your log in one simple line, you might get ripped for not writing War & Peace about your logging! If all you heard was calls popping out on a graveyard channel, should you write a 3 sentence diatribe? Another is where the editor will print "what time" by the log. Of course, the editor is "too busy" to write the contributor, ask the time, then publish the end result. Another, as mentioned is the lack of a simple "thank you." I have sent in thousands of tips, contributed format flips and dx, ad nauseam! To never get a thank you? See ya! I can put my efforts where they are appreciated. One might wonder if there are 200-500 paying members and the same 6 contribute, something might be wrong! I've written and completed surveys, again, with no thanks, so..... cue the music! I think the few contributors to these venues all deserve better!
   I would never treat anyone like that! Never! Ever! Never. Treat others as you wish to be treated. "Karma is a bitch!" "The devil you know might not be as bad as the one you don't!" I swear I am grateful for the true friends I have:Janet, Brenda, Barb, Chuck, Ed, & Jimmy. That's all I need! We're OMs & YLs, and none are dx'ers, hi! Sorry. "How should I live my life to make you happy?" Too, I thank God for family! The need to be "liked" or "followed" in today's culture is beyond me. Nobody has 300 "true" friends. People can/will turn on a dime. Gosh, you could be un-friended! Oh no!
History and Focus:
   Beginnings of this effort. Originally published: Nov'99    I can honestly say this came about by accident! This is the story of what you are looking at today, and how it got to where it is. In 1981, I had earlier in the month of September, been involved in an auto accident. A gentleman ran a red light while on my way to work. Would be out of work for six weeks eventually and remember the officer saying "If he hit you one second later, you wouldn't be here!" While dx'ing, not going to work for six weeks, and having a demolished car that took forever to fix, totally bored! Under doctors orders not to do much. While sitting one thinks a lot. It was then that I thought up the idea of a tip sheet. After all, Chicago had CADX, there was a GWDXA bulletin, and I remember the Int'l DX Club of San Diego bulletins put out by the late Larry Brookwell. (I must admit I loved his writing!)
   It was out of this that "HOT TIPS" was thought up. It was a double sided 8 1/2"" by 11" sheet, double-sided, sent out to seven people in the area. After an excellent reception, I sent copies to other people in the area. In issue #1, dated November 15th, 1981, had written:"I don't know what you think about this. To me, it was just something I thought of doing that might help my fellow dx'ers. I'm not trying to form a group of dx'ers or have get-togethers, etc., or try to form a money-making venture. I'd just like to have some type of fresh, up to date info." The focus is still the same four decades later. It's your dx sans commentary or wise remarks. We can all do without that!
   In 1982, The bulletin, now 12-24 pages, colored paper, reduced print, folded over,looking like an IRCA or NRC bulletin, was now going to people outside the Milwaukee area.
   In 1984, #41 the bulletin was called DX mid-AMerica and by #48 it was called "DX mid-AMerica's Hot Tips & Targets!" Though the years the 15-18 times per year bulletin had gone out to a "whopping" 24 members in IA, IL, KY, MN, MB and WI.
   In 1988, totally burned out. Still liked the hobby, but there was no growth. The membership really only went so high and it was stagnant. Had gone through several hobby cycles myself, from the infamous "dx bug" to "who cares!" Publication stopped at #106. The hobby I had since 1967 had become an obsession. It wasn't fun anymore. What was once a pleasure of dx'ing, now was a task of putting out a bulletin and it was a lot of work. All of this looks easy, but it isn't, and it takes time! The most, utmost respect for anyone in this hobby who has published, edited, requested dx tests, submitted articles, contributed tips or put up their own websites. It looks easy, but it must be, and is, a labor of love!
   This is a solitary hobby, and this was not all done by myself! Along the way there was help, assistance and there were the good ears! There were those who were honest, constructive and kind along the way! You people will never know how much you have helped.
   Years later, a few folks (the late Jim Albrecht & Rick Dau) had said "you ought to do DX-midAMerica again" to me, the spark was ignited. After all, began dx'ing again in 1992. Been a dx'er since 1967. Why not? There are things I could never figure out (understanding/building a loop) but I could write. Put information on a page and see what happens.
   Fast forward to 1996. I went online. In September of 1997, there was an offer for free web pages. After 10 years of people telling me, "you ought to get Hot Tips going again!", thought "ok..."
   On September 3, 1997, HT&T (Hot Tips & Targets) went on the internet! Never, never, never would have dreamed of this years ago. Never! The response has been good, and this effort has been seen worldwide!
   Will the dx clubs die as some have suggested? Will the internet kill radio? NO! I am one person. If I die tomorrow or lose interest this is dead. The clubs will always be here. They might be in a different form, but they are needed! Could never even get close to what the IRCA and NRC have done! This is much more regionalized. A lot of times we never appreciate what is around us. Appreciated a lot. This is a labor of love! The clubs are no different! They are here and should be supported. Used to report to two AM radio clubs regularly. That's down to one, as logs sent to the editor never made the bulletin. So, bye-bye! Complain you only have one reporter: usually another editor.
   Fast forward to the future! I've read the internet will kill radio! I don't believe so. Wasn't TV going to kill radio? Wasn't FM going to kill AM? Quad didn't kill stereo! God gave us TWO ears, not four. Stereo didn't save am. Pssa's didn't. Talk did! Cable hasn't killed free tv, and DSS hasn't killed cable! ALL are still here, in smaller percentages, is the guess.
   We will have more information at our hands in the future! Everything is still here and will be, but in smaller portions! Why would anyone want to go back? "THE FUTURE IS GOING TO BE FANTASTIC!"
March, 2010 updates:
   In March 2010, the layout of the homepage was changed to the 5 column page you see today. Column 1)DX tips, news, targets, GY targets, 2)Weekly updates, Hot Lists(US), 3)Monthly updates, Hot Lists (Canada), 4)Monthly updates con't, other, 5)other pages on site not updated that much, but there. 6)a few counters and a message board anyone can add anything to: tests, info, etc. The discipline, formatting and strictness in putting this out daily have garnered the many hits we get daily, a good list of contributors and the strive to continue past the current 36+ years. Something didn't get slapped up only to lose interest 4 months later.
   Updates: The website has been welcomed into 70+ countries, DX-midAMerica has arranged dx tests, 200+ people have sent in their dx tips, QSL tips, format flips through the past 36+ years. I'd match this effort against many others. You've done well and thank you to all. In AMDX season, 200-300 people check this website daily, though it's been as high as 500-700!
   I've learned from my mistakes and the mistakes of others. To rip a contributor/reporter for this or that, to tell a reporter they reported too much or tell someone "you never heard that" is something you'll never hear from me. The stupid comments, wise remarks or stupidity one sees that passes in some venues is uncalled for. It's sophomoric. I'm not an adolescent and never liked "cliques." A congrats on a new state or province is fine. Congrats on #1000. Don't rip the contributor and then complain that nobody reports. It gets old. Hello! Infight amongst yourselves and pull others down. One thing: an editor is an editor. A few I've encountered think they are God Almighty. We are all expendable and in 50 years how much of this will matter? Another thing the editor might want to learn: how to say "thank you". A please and a thank you can take you pretty far in life! When was the last time you've received one of those? Well, they're "too busy!"
   Common courtesy has seemingly been replaced with impatience. We, as human beings, are sadly disrespected and inconvenienced on a daily basis and it doesn't seem to matter. Ignored is the new "we care" model, seemingly. The "golden rule?" Well, that's a nice "old" suggestion. Well, each and every person who has sent a dx tip, format flip, QSL tip or just a nice comment/concern here and there has been valued. If you're here, it probably because something struck you about this effort: it's being updated daily, latest dx tips, updated, accurate information, lists and lists of dx, wish lists (targets) and the fact that other people (dx'ers, radio geeks, disc jockeys, station owners, engineers, hobbyists), people just like you, are here! You are not alone. Believe me, you're not alone.
   The best is ahead. May we all have a long time together! You have touched me more than you will ever know. Most grateful, humbled and as long as you're here, heck, send in a DX TIP! It's easy and fun! We're AMong other radio geeks! You'll never, ever be berated, slammed or ostracized here. Ever!! --John

Email: John@DX-midAMerica.com
Your e-mail is NEVER, EVER forwarded and PRIVACY is respected. CONFIDENTIAL means CONFIDENTIAL. It goes no further. Period!
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