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630 CFCO ON Chatham Top 40 1964-1967
800 CFOB ON Fort Frances 1968. Back then their chart was mailed weekly yo me!
1570 CFOR ON Orillia long gone, but in 1960s-1970s...still can hear the jingle "CFOR, Orillia!"
560 CFOS ON Owen Sound In 1967, there was a Top 20 chart printed in-store
980 CFPL ON London Fabulous Forty in-store chart in 1967
580 CFRA ON Ottawa CFRA the Great 58 has an in-store chart in the 1960s 1970s. Top40 thru 1986!
1560 CFRS ON Simcoe Nifty-Fifty chary thru 1970 or so. Long gone.
680 CFTR ON Toronto a late comer to the Top40 battle, in 1975. To 1987. CHUM had already gone oldies.
   The following is a listing of every radio station that has been Top 40 in mid-AMerica, or at least my listing of same. The basis is my logbooks and a pretty good memory. This starts in 1967 and goes thru today! As a child I was fascinated by the production, jingles, music surveys, presentation, programming/counter programming of Top 40 radio stations. Fact is, in 2020, I still am!
   Having my earliest rememberences of my folks listening to WOKY Milwaukee in 1958, my sending (the late) Barney Pip (a WOKY dj) a letter and him reading it on the air in 1965, collecting record surveys for years, collecting jingles and the dx hobby which I began in 1967, this format has always been my favorite!
   Milwaukee in it's AM days boasted of 3 Top40's. 920-WOKY, 1290-WZUU and 1340-WRIT. All had surveys...WOKY: 30 songs, WRIT: 40, WZUU: 29. In the 80's we had FOUR FM Top 40's: 94-WKTI, Z95 (WZUU-FM), B-97 (then 97.3 WBTT; now WRNW,) and "Hitradio 1 double O 7-WRKR" (100.7-WRKR; now V100 WKKV Urban.) All had record surveys too! WKTI: 30 songs, Z95: 30, B97: 30 and WRKR: 40.
   The surveys would be discontinued, stations would switch formats or the format would be through cycles. I still loved the format. Never got into radio but in my house there's a studio and I can do Top40/CHR with my own commercials/jingles/hotclocks/production elements any time. Tough to never grow up, plus I don't get fired, hi!
   The basis for this is a DX-midAmerica article from April/May 1984 called "AM Top 40-Where did it go?" This will be updated to include FM Top40s from midAMerica. There is a huge file of info from old DX-midAMerica bulletins/web pages, dating back to bulletin #1 in 1981!
   Here we go, and I hope you enjoy. It might just jog your memory!
What astonished me was this weekly artwork (the record survey) looked so professional! Tiny little stations in Great Falls (1450 KQDI) or 1550 KWQB in Fargo were home to excellent, well designed, printed charts! Laid out well, and looked as good as anything from Los Angeles or New York! A 1972 KSO Des Moines chart looked better than something from the other side of the country! Some people just "got it!"

 550 KOPR MT Butte Top40 to 1963. The KOPR calls are now on 94.1FM. Now 550 is KBOW with C&W music. DJ's:the Fabulous 4. Chart was premiered Friday at 7:15PM!
 550 KFYR ND Bismarck "55 K-Fire" sc:"Torrid20"
 550 CFNV NB Fredericton - left AM band in 1995. Now on FM as CIMX. HotAC "Move"
 560 WEBC MN Duluth, I remember WEBC sc:Top 5x6. Was on weekly mailing list for Top 5x6 survey!
560 CFOS ON Owen Sound In 1967, there was a Top 20 chart printed in-store
 570 WKYX KY Paducha "57 Kicks"
 570 CHYM ON Kitchener. Changed frequency from 1490 AM on June 21, 1978. Chart to 1984. Now Mix on FM 96.7
 580 KFXD ID Boise competed with KID in 60s-70s. Nice, printed chart.
 580 CKY MB Winnipeg "Listen To The Music" jx 73 "KY58" slogan begins! Now SILENT!
 580 CKAP ON Kapuskasing 1989 as AM 58. Small town sound, but nice to hear. Went FM 100.9 -dropped Top40 in 2000.
580 CFRA ON Ottawa CFRA the Great 58 has an in-store chart in the 1960s 1970s. Top40 thru 1986!
 590 WVLK KY Lexington still Top40 in 85 "Stereo 59" Oldies:87
 590 WOW NE Omaha, early 70s "Listen to the Music" jx

 600 WLST MI Escanaba
 600 KSJB ND Jamestown had a "Big 600 Now Sound" survey from the 60s to 1971!
 600 CFCH ON North Bay had the Super 60 in 1967 ###
 610 KDAL MN Duluth. In 1959-60, before I began dx'ing in 66/67 had a Top 30 chart in stores!
 620 KMNS IA Mason City, printed chart "Big 62" in '72 &'73. KRIB competition!
 620 CKCK SK Regina noted in 67
 630 -KID ID Boise in the 60s-70s had a nice, printed chart. Competed with KFXD.
 630 KXOK MO St. Louis, sc:Big 6+30
 630 WLAP KY Lexington
 630 CKRC MB Winnipeg noted as a Top40 from 1961-1973 and sounded good! Went to C&W. No longer on the air.
630 CFCO ON Chatham Top 40 1964-1967
 640 WHLO OH Akron
680 CFTR ON Toronto a late comer to the Top40 battle, in 1975. To 1987. CHUM had already gone oldies.
 690 KBLI ID Blackfoot "the Mightry 690" had a "Giant Top 40" chart in 1967.
 690 WAGO WI Oshkosh, middle 70s, tight, excellent jx

 710 WDSM MN Duluth in 1958-60 had a printed in store chart of the Top 71!
 730 WXMT WI Merrill, now WJMT and OLDies playing those old hits from 60's/70's.
 730 CKDM MB Dauphin -back in 1970 had an in station Top 40 chart!
 740 WBOO WI Baraboo
 790 KSPD ID Boise. Now REL. Was Top40 in 1971. Fun 20 chart.
 790 WAKY KY Louisville
 790 WEAQ WI Eau Claire 79Q
 790 CKSO ON Sudbury had a chart in 1967. No longer on AM band. ###
800 CFOB ON Fort Frances 1968. Back then their chart was mailed weekly yo me!
 800 CKLW ON Windsor "CKLW-The Motor City" Drake consulted, "The Big 8"
 800 WKEE WV Huntington "Stereo 80" in 84!
 800 WDUX WI Waupaca dropped in 78. ABC contemp:55
 810 WELF WI Tomahawk was also WILT
 860 WFOX WI Milwaukee, WNOV since 1968, was in 1958 a Top40. One dj: Rocky Fox
 890 WLS IL Chicago Best years:"The Rock of Chicago" (72-74)

 900 WNNO WI Wisconsin Dells, calls:"Nine Nine Oh!" Nice little Top40 //107 WNNO-FM. Went sports in 1997.
 910 WFDF MI Flint
 910 WDOR WI Sturgeon Bay noted Top40 in mid 60s: 1963-1974. In stn survey 21-25 songs.
 910 CKLY ON Lindsay was Top40 in 1967
 920 WMPL MI Hancock, an in-station 1973 - listing 40 songs. Remember, this was a Daytimer then too. 1400 WHDF in Houghton was long time C&W music. Until the 2000's there was a phone pole stamped "1400 WHDH radio"
 920 KKLS SD Rapid City had a Top15 printed chart in the 1970s. Later "Double K-LS" was simulcast on 93.9. The Rock of the Black Hills!
 920 WOKY WI Milwaukee dropped in '82, Q format sc:30 (35 in 65/66) dropped to 21/22/23 (varied in 73) back to 30 in 74
 920 CJCH NS Halifax 1960's-early 70's was Top40. Top40 war 920 CJCH & 960 CHNS
 930 WBCK MI Battle Creek was a Top40 to 1964. New Years 1965, they went to an adult/MoR sound.
 930 KSDN SD Aberdeen in 1975 had a "Top 9+30" survey for "the mighty 93!" DJs:the Good Guys
 930 CFBC NB Saint John 1960s-1970's ### printed Top40 chart -Now Country music
 930 CJON NF St.Johns in 1966 had the Fabulous 50 chart! A Top40 rocker! ###
 940 WFAW WI Ft. Atkinson, sc:"Top 40 in the Land of Blackhawk", nice jingles
 940 KIOA IA Des Moines, excellent Top40 battle w/KSO in '72
 950 KIMN CO Denver "95 Kim" Drake
 950 WXLW IN Indianapolis, excellent Top40 in 73
 950 KOEL IA Oelwein -printed chart in 1967.
 950 KRSI MN St. Paul '84:"950 Hot Hits!"
 950 WERL WI Eagle River 67:PM jock:"Duke of EARL"(ERL!)
 950 WKTS WI Sheboygan "KT95" in 1975. Later, 12-'18 WCLB WI Sheboygan Top40 "Z107" +107.3 W297CK Sheboygan 250w THAT DIED 1 1 24!
 950 CHER NS Sydney in 1970 had a printed chart ###
 960 CHNS NS Halifax had the Super 60 chart in 1966 ###
 970 WUPY MI Ishpeming FM still Top40:Q107-WMQT
 970 KAKC OK Tulsa, Drake formatted
 970 WAKX WI Superior noted //FM in 78 -AND:
 970 WDUL WI Superior-Duluth,MN 1000/26 +98.1 W251CD Superior 250w Top40:Hot98(WW1) hot98duluth.com Flipping:5'22
 980 WONE OH Dayton
 980 WITY IL Danville
 980 WCUB WI Manitowoc, weekly Top30 countdown on SAT "the survey you hear, not read!"
980 CFPL ON London Fabulous Forty in-store chart in 1967
 990 WCRM MI Clare, Top20 sc "Crossroads of Michigan"

1000 WCFL IL Chicago whether "Big10" or the Q format this station rocked!
1010 KRVN NE Lexington (now on 880) 1963-1964 in-station chart Top40
1010 WSPT WI Stevens Point, nx:00/30 //FM 67sc:Top40, thru 71, late 80s Top30.
1020 KDKA PA Pittsburgh was Top40 into mid 70's
1030 WBZ MA Boston Top40 into mid 80's
1050 WPAG MI Ann Arbor 67sc:Top30 +20 Xtras!
1050 KLOH MN Pipestone had a printed Big 20 chart: '69,'70, '71 ABC Contemp affil.
1050 KUPK KS Garden City: mid 1960s +97.3FM printed chart
1050 WKAU WI Kaukauna //FM "KAU"
1050 WOKL WI Eau Claire 1980 after WEAQ dropped format. Daytimer:limited success
1080 KOAK IA Red Oak, 10+8 chart -1973
1080 WKLO KY Louisville, format to FM (WKJK)
1090 KAAY AR Little Rock Top40 to mid 80's. "Beaker Street" overnight (AoR)

1100 WKYC OH Cleveland "Sound 11 Survey" Top11 + 11 Climbers, Big Jack (Armstrong) NBC owned, dropped:'70
1110 WJML MI Petoskey //FM "JML the Music Station"
1120 WBBF NY Buffalo +98.9 W255DH Buffalo 250w goes Top40:Hot98-9 hot989buffalo.com/ Begins:7-'23!
1130 WCAR MI Detroit dabbled, never successful
1140 CKXL AL Calgary "still Top 40" in 84!
1150 WYFE IL Rockford
1150 KYND IA Burlington. The "Kynd Big 11+50" had a nice printed chart in 1967 & 1968
1150 KIMM SD Rapid City
1150 WYNE WI Appleton "Y115" dropped:75 after 1970 sign on. sc:Top30. High energy Top40
1150 WEAQ WI Chippewa Falls-Eau Claire +95.9 W240DC Chippewa Falls RhyTop40. "95.9 Jamz" 3/17
1150 CKOC ON Hamilton mid60s-91
1150 WAXX WI Eau Claire certainly was Top40 in 1963. Now the station (WEAQ) is OLdies 1150
1150 CHSJ NB St.Johns in the 1960's. Now on FM as C&W
1170 KSTT IA Davenport dropped:82, returns:84! Drops for MYL in 86 as KKZX
1170 KJAS MO Jackson in 1973 has an excellent printed Top30 chart! Now KJXX & REL
1170 WLKE WI Waupun, "Lucky 11-70" sc Top40:Green on white paper. Was on mailing list for weekly chart!
1190 WOWO IN Ft. Wayne '67sc:songs varied from 22-40 weekly

1200 CFGO ON Ottawa First at 1440, then moving to 1200, then went SPOrts in 1999. Energy 1200
1210 WKNX MI Saginaw, jx:67 Pepper-Tanner "Now Sound" SC: Big 10 survey
KBAR ID Burley Top40 from 1964-67. Now, the station is Talk.
1230 WBOW IN Terre Haute
1230 KFJB IA Marshalltown still Top40 in '86
1230 WHOP KY Hopkinsville
1230 KYSM MN Mankato had a 20/20 chart in 1969. 20 Top40, 20 C&W hits ###
1230 KTRF MN Thief River Falls had a printed Top12+3 chart in 1968. 12 hits, 3 albums ###
1230 WIKB MI Iron River was Top40 in 6-'71 log by editor
1230 WUBE OH Cincinnati, Drake Top30
1230 WCOL OH Columbus a #1 Top40 thru 1978 or so
1230 KISD SD Sioux Falls, later:KKRC "KISD" sc: lips logo Top30
1230 KDIX ND Dickinson in 1966-71 had a Top30 "K-Dix" chart!
1230 WXCO WI Wausau fought w/WRIG in 60s
1240 KWIK ID Pocatello cettainly was a Top40 in mid 1990s AND had a printed Big 100 of 1967. Ah, the Top 40 graveyarders!
1240 WSBC IL Chicago. Printed chart in 71. "Fragile/These records will break" at bottom. Swiped from WOKY!
1240 WINN KY Louisville
1240 WATT MI Cadillac. In stn playlist('83)Songs of the day:#18. 1999,Prince #28.Hot Girls In Love,Loverboy #31.White Wedding,Billy Idol XTRA:Rock Of Ages,Def Leppard!
1240 WCBY MI Cheboygan 60's-early 80's//FM
1240 WJIM MI Lansing. In late 60's all jocks were "Jim ..."
1240 KWOS MO Jefferson City
1240 WOMT Manitowoc 67sc: Daytime 12, Nighttime 40, later:Top30
1240 WIBU WI Poynette late 70s
1250 WEMP WI Milwaukee 1976, by then AM Top40s were dying. Lasted 6 months
1260 WIXY OH Cleveland "Wixie 12-60"
1260 WNDE IN Indianapolis Q format vs:WIFE
1260 CIHI NB Fredericton 1978-1998. The station is now CKHJ, Country music. In station Top30
1270 WVOY MI Charlevoix FM:co-owned WKHQ would take over Top40 reigns tho did //106 in '87.
1270 WXYZ MI Detroit in mid 60's during British Invasion. Some jocks:Marc Avery, Weird Beard
1270 KWEB MN Rochester - Hitline Survey. Top12 +7 Pick Hits printed chart:1973. C.J.Stevens 3-7pm ###
1270 WRJC WI Mauston 1979
1270 CKEC NS Sydney in 1967 had the Fab 40 chart. This was around thru 1987! No longer on AM. ###
1280 KVOX MN Moorehead drops in Oct 84. Later K100FM in 87. Nice printed Top30 in 1976.
1280 WNAM WI Neenah Menesha competed in Fox River Valley w/WYNE WOSH & others "Blue 128"
1280 CHAM ON Hamilton was in a Top40 fight with 1150 CKOC. The Music Power playlist was in record stores in 1970! ###
1290 KSNN ID Pocatello. Was a Top40 for sure with a chart 1966-1973. Now KOUU!
1290 WIRL IL Peoria
1290 WOIB MI Ann Arbor weekly chart was for WOIB AM 13/WOIB FM 103
1290 KOIL NE Omaha "1290 Koil" Q formatted Top30 sc
1290 WZUU WI Milwaukee

1300 KOZE ID Lewiston. Top30 printed chart in 1977.
1300 WLOT WI Marinette now silent, but in 67...
1310 WIFE IN Indianapolis "13 Wife" Q formatted sc:30
1310 WKNR MI Dearborn "Keener 13"
1310 KOKX IA Keokuk had an in-sration Top 15 in 1969.
1310 KEIN MT Great Falls "13-Kein" had a Big Sky Music Survey (30 songs) in early70s.
1310 KNOX ND Grand Forks, in 1975 "Radio 13 Hits, 24 hr a day."
1320 WILS MI Lansing dropped:80
1320 WAKX MN Duluth, a daytimer, now deleted was Top40 in 1968. Don't know if 99Wax was on //. ###
1320 KELO SD Sioux Falls "13 KELO - The Album Station" played LP cuts vs singles, no jx but sounded good/tight. "13.2 KELO" in '86
1320 CKEC NS Glasgow had the Smart Chart in 1969. ###
1330 WTRX MI Flint
1330 KWWL IA Waterloo, would resurface as KPTY "107.3 the Party" 6-15 thru 1-20, then going to HankFM.
1330 WLOL MN Minneapolis in 1959. "99.5 WLOL-FM Fine Music 6am-Mid daily" on chart! ###
1330 WHOT OH Youngstown FM still Top40 "101 Hot-FM"
1340 KROS IA Clinton in 1969 had a Super K Top40 chart
1340 WLAV MI Grand Rapids died:late 70s vs:WGRD
1340 KYLT MT Missoula had a Top40 format in 1967 thru 1975. The Big30 chart was in-station only.
1340 KHUB NE Hastings for sure had a Top40 show at 7pm nightly. 1967. ###
1340 WIZE OH Springfield
1340 KTOQ SD Rapid City was Top40 in 1978.The "13Q" Hit Parade chart had 40 songs. Rapid city then had "Power94" (the old KKLS-FM) and still 920 KKLS.
1340 WRIT WI Milwaukee many battles w/WOKY sc:40, 30
1340 CJCM AB Cold Lake was Top40 and in 2004 moved to FM, where CRTC rules say it cannot use same format
1350 KRLC ID Lewiston in 1970 was a Top 40 station. Country music is on "Hometown Radio."
1350 WIOU IN Kokomo
1350 CHRO ON Pembroke 1989 The Valley's Radio Station. Now FM 96.7 CHVR, Country
1350 CKAR ON Oshawa had a printed chart thru the late 1980's! This is now on 1580 with OLDies at CKDO. ###
1360 KBKB IA Ft. Madison //FM went c&w in 99.
1360 WGEE WI Green Bay vs:1400-WDUZ
1370 WTTS IN Bloomington
1370 WLTH IN Gary sc:Fun1+37 jx:Now Sound ('67)
1370 KGNO KS Dodge City dumped:77
1370 WCCW MI Cadillac in late 1967 this (then) daytimer would then move to new 92.1 WCCW-FM
1370 KXLF MT Butte ran Top40 in 1967:WESTERN MONTANA'S ONLY OFFICIAL TOP FORTY CHART. In station chart. 4 djs. Home of the Happy Hearts! Now TALK as KXLF.
1380 WMEE IN Ft. Wayne Drake style, FM now Top40 "97.3 WMEE"
1380 KCII IA Washington
1380 KUDL KS Fairway many formats, Top40 briefly
1380 KWK MO St. Louis mid 80s "13.8 KWK"
1390 KKOA ND Minot noted in 80. Oldies in 87 as "Cars 1390" (KKRZ)
1390 WMPO OH Middleport 5000/120 Top40:QFM //1030 WTHQ Point Pleasant,WV +94.1 W231CY Point Pleasant WV 170w +99.9 W260DF Athens,OH 28w +103.7 W279CE Middleport 230w 94qfm.com/

1400 KRPL ID Moscow -in 1970, was a Top40 tation!
1400 KIGO ID St Anthony, now on 1420 w/Spanish. Back in 1971 had a Boss 30 printed chart!
1400 WROZ IN Evansville "Rosy Radio" hrd in 70
1400 KVFD IA Fort Dodge in stn chart (Top40) in Aug'73.
1400 WHZP+ME Veazie-Bangor 1000-810 Top40/RHY Hot Radio Maine +102.9 W275CQ Bangor 250w [WCYR]
1400 WQXO MI Munising "QXO"//FM to mid early 90s. In mid 80's was "Music Radio QXO"//98.3FM
1400 WKFR MI Battle Creek "Keener 14" sister then of WKNR Dearborn
1400 WSAM MI Saginaw
1400 WTCM MI Traverse City in 1975 tried Top40 as "14-T" (think 13Q Y100) -with then 98.9 WJML and new 106KHQ coming on, 14-T in 1980 would toss the Top40 format. WTCM is now NewsTalk 580, where it has been since 1982.
1400 WCYN KY Cynthiana logged in 68, Pams jx
1400 WIEL KY Elizabethtown
1400 KLIN NE Lincoln. Nice, printed chart in 1967.Boss 40. ###
1400 WJET PA Erie noted in 70 dx w/Big Al Show at 0330!
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire FM:Z100 (WBIZ-FM)
1400 WDUZ WI Green Bay dropped:81 then sister to WDUX-Waupaca
1400 WRDB WI Reedsburg Top40 @ night
1400 WRIG WI Wausau "Big Rig" nx:55 //FM to 74 vs:95.5 WIFC w/100kw! & 98 WSPT. sc:"Big Rig Nifty 50" dropped:10-84
1400 KATI WY Casper was certainly a Top40 from 1963-1971!
1410 WAZY IN Lafayette FM to Top40
1410 KLEM IA LeMars nice printed chart, 1967 thru early 1970s. Klem-land Top 40
1410 WLBJ KY Bowling Green
1410 WGRD MI Grand Rapids Drake then Q format sc:Top30 //FM to 90 or so, off/on.
1410 WING OH Dayton mid 60s-early 70s. Dayton 14, Wing! in 70 Wing as in "jet"
1410 KQV PA Pittsburgh mid 60's to '75 when it went all-news
1420 WIMS IN Michigan City '84
1420 KTOE MN Mankato --in 1972 had an in-store chart.
1420 WVJS KY Owensboro
1420 WHK OH Cleveland dumped for c&w:78
1420 WPLY WI Plymouth tried it in 78. Then sister to WJML WMUS & KQDS!
1430 KELI OK Tulsa "14K"
1440 WIOK IL Bloomington Top40 chart printed in 67 68 69. All AMericans
1440 WGEM IL Quincy 1966-1976 had a printed in-store chart. Top40
1440 WROK IL Rockford, Billboards Station of the year:75, FM now Top40 WZOK
1440 KCHE IA Cherokee
1440 KEWI KS Topeka
1440 KKXL ND Grand Forks sounded adult, nx:20 FM:XL93 (KKXL-FM) still Top40.
1450 WCVS IL Springfield sc in 75:Top 14, killed by 104 WDBR
1450 WLYV IN Ft. Wayne "Solid Rock" jx
1450 KLWW IA Cedar Rapids vs:16 KCRG in early 70s
1450 WMIQ MI Iron Mountain excellent small town Top40 at least in mid70's-early 80's. In 1980 station was a small town hot-rockin' Top40 and I can still remember the jock at night saying "soon to be AM stereo! WMIQ" They faded out 6 miles out of town and never went stereo.
1450 WIBM MI Jackson 67sc looked like IBM keypunch card
1450 WHLS MI Port Huron 1950's thru 1987. In store record survey. Now area served by 96.9 WBTI.
1450 KBUN MN Bemidji 87
1450 KCLD MN St. Cloud mx/format to FM "104.7 KCLD"
1450 KQDI MT Great Falls in 1977 had a chart. "Super Q" had Top40 battle w/1310 KEIN "13Kein".
before that, KUDI calls with Top40 from 1963 for sure!
1450 KBMW ND Breckenrige in 1967 had a weekly "Big 30" chart. In 1969, Pams "Music Power" jingles used.
1450 WMOH OH Hamilton "Music Radio" in 1980
1450 WSNO+VT Barre Top40 "105-7 the Beat" //105.7 W289CH Barre tossing TALK in Sept'16
1450 KFIZ WI Fond du Lac was top40, with a printed chart in 1973
1450 WDLB WI Marshfield
1460 WKAM IN Goshen
1460 KSO IA Des Moines vs:KIOA
1460 WBRN MI Big Rapids //FM
1460 KYSN MO Joplin in 83
1460 KIRL MO St. Charles
1460 KRNY NE Kearney //FM in 72-78.
1460 WRAC WI Racine competed w/its own FM:WRKR in 70
1470 WBUL KY Ft Knox 84: "All Hit Radio"
1470 WYYY MI Kalamazoo in 80
1470 WOHO OH Toledo sc:Good Guys. 3way battle w/1520WTTO and 1560WTOD in 66-71!
1470 WBKV WI West Bend had SAT Top40 count down hosted by Ken Wright
1480 WTHI IN Terre Haute
1480 KLEE IA Ottumwa nice printed chart early 1970s
1480 KAUS MN Austin Top50 in station Silver Dollar Survey in 1968 5am-Midnight/5 live jocks!
1480 KSDR SD Watertown in 1968 had a Top 22 chart. 14+8
1480 WISM WI Madison "Wizzem" dropped 82 sc:Top30 sister to WIZM-LaCrosse, 1490-WOSH Oshkosh in 60s/70s
1480 KRAE WY Cheyenne was a Top40 through at least 1974! "K-Rae"
1490 WZOE IL Princeton
1490 WNDU IN South Bend, FM/AM still Top40, though moved to 1620AM//. Calls WNDV
1490 WDBQ IA Dubuque
1490 KBUR IA Burlington
1490 KRIB IA Mason City
1490 WOMI KY Owensboro
1490 WADJ MI Adrian "Radio 15"
1490 WTIQ MI Manistique. Top40 noted:6-'71
1490 WMPX MI Midland
1490 WLRQ MI Whitehall "SuperQ" in 79. Dropped:84 for c&w
1490 KLGR MN Redwood Falls -1967 1968 in station Top 50 chart
1490 KTTR MO Rolla +104.9 K285GX Rolla. Tosses Top40:Hot 104-9 again in July'22. Was Top40 in 1960s w/printed Top30 chart, "19 hours a day"
1490 KDBM MT Dillon now C&W and still the same calls! In 1968, they were Top40!
1490 WGEZ WI Beloit AdCon -Top40 in 84, dropped 9-85
1490 WLCX WI LaCrosse canned it in 79, vs:WKBH-1410 & Z93-LaCrosse
1490 WOSH WI Oshkosh FM went top40 then oldies as "FM 104" & "Magic 104"
1490 KGOS WY Torrington (I've seen their tower!) in Sept 1968 was Top40. Songs from their Top20 included: Harper Valley P.T.A., Hush, Time Has Come Today, Piece Of My Heart & All Along The Watchtower. Imagine that todaY!
1490 CHYM ON Kitchener. I remember dx'ing this in the late 1960s! Printed sc:1965-1978. No longer on AM, sadly! ###
1500 WDEE MI Detroit short lived in early 70s. Signal problems. //Z95.5 '85
1500 KSTP MN Minneapolis dropped:79 vs:KDWB WDGY U100 in 74! "15 KSTP-the Music Station!"
1520 WSVX IN Shelbyville 260/4 went C&W, but was Top40 from 2007-Nov'2020. +96.5 W234CL Shelbyville 250w +106.3 W292FH Shelbyville 170w giant96.com/
1520 WINW OH Canton The Top15+20- chart was out in 1970 at "WIN-Wonderful"
1520 WTTO OH Toledo
1530 KLOL NE Lincoln 1966 had a Fun 40 chart
1540 WTKM WI Hartford 1967 only
1550 WAAY AL Huntsville "HitRadio 1550" dropped in 85
1550 WCVL IN Crawfordville
1550 WIRV KY Irvine
1550 KKJO MO St. Joseph
1550 KEDD KS Dodge City printed chart "Solid Rock" 1970s
1550 KQWB ND West Fargo FM went Top40 in 79 then AoR in 80 as Q98. In 75, The Top15 chart looked good! "Super Q Survey"
1550 WTTC PA Towanda +107.7 W299CM Athens 250w Top40:Valley 107-7 Top40 as of April2022
1560 KRCB IA Council Bluffs Big 15+6 printed chart 1968 69 70 "1560 & FM 98"
1560 WDXR KY Paducha sc in 67:Top15+6, swapped freq w/WPAD in 75.
1560 WTPS MI Kalamazoo in 1968 was Top40. Daytimer.
1560 KQYX MO Joplin still was in 84!
1560 WTOD OH Toledo sc:Top30 "Popometer" Songs went up and were then off sc! IE: 13-8, 30-24, after a song peaked it was offsc! Blue on white paper.
1560 WGLB WI Port Washington to 67 "put a B in your bonnet" also //FM in early 90s as "B100"
1560 CFRS ON Simcoe Nifty-Fifty chary thru 1970 or so. Long gone.
1570 WFRL IL Freeport //FM a while, great sounding!
1570 WWCK MI Flint drops Top40//FM in March 2001, sadly
1570 WKBH WI LaCrosse in 1964 had a Nifty 50 survey. DJ:Lucky Lindy
1570 CFOR ON Orillia long gone, but in 1960s-1970s...still can hear the jingle "CFOR, Orillia!"
1580 WIOL GA Columbus Top40 +104.5 W283DF Columbus 250w One remembers then 1580 WCLS vs 540 WDAK in 60s/70s Top40 war (1965-1974 for sure!) Began again Jan 21
1580 WBBA IL Pittsfield
1580 KCHA IA Charles City
1580 KXZZ LA Lake Charles DELeted 1/3-one might remember this as Top40 KLOU years ago. Lic CANCELLED 1/17
1590 WTVB MI Coldwater "16TVB". In 67 there was an in-store chart. 73:in-station 86:Automated
1590 WGRY MI Grayling (now silent) was Top40 in 1973.
1590 KCLU MO Rolla
1590 WAKR OH Akron through the 1960's. Had charts in GO magazine.
1590 KCHY WY Cheyenne in 1967, this DEFUNCT station had an All AMerican Forty chart.
1600 KCRG IA Cedar Rapids one of better sounds Top40s I ever heard. Consultant: Frank Magid, mid 70s
1600 WAAM MI Ann Arbor sc:Top16 singles, Top16 albums in 67
1600 WTRU MI Muskegon then sister to 1410-WGRD Gr Rapids
1600 WHVL NC Hendersonville went Top40 in '77 with TM Century's "Z" format, which was live assist. The station would go live until its sale in 1986.
1600 WCWC WI Ripon - late 1960s to 70's
1620 WDND IN So.Bend Top40//92.9FM WNDV "U-93", dropping SPO Sept'11, then AGAIN // IN Feb13. Dropping in Mar'16 for NOS

   FM had the Top40's and the most listeners surpassing AM in 1980 or so. Where every little town had an AM or AM daytimer in 1967, this would change. The station that was Top40 with jingles, 20/20 News and a weekly record survey..."The Big 1 + 37", "Tru 30", "Big 30" would likely be c&w, AdCon or MoYL in 1984. Several stations were STILL rocking in 1984: WLS, KFYR, XETRA "The Mighty 690" come to mind. Scrolling down, we'll look at those who are/were Top40 on FM.
   Oh ya, CHR is a popular term for Top40, created by Radio & Records in the early 80s. Purposes were nobody was Top40 really. WABC had 14 (7=&=7) songs, WLS 17 (8+9), KHJ had 30 and so on. Nobody was doing FORTY! So Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) was born! To me it sounds nice, but to me it's still Top 40 or 17 or whatever.

 88.7 WLUW IL Chicago "High Energy 88.7" This in late 1980's. Jingles, Excellent Top40 presentation! Gone!
 88.7 CJOM ON Windsor -82-89,this was a Top40 station. This was the FM of CKWW!
 88.9 KTJO KS Ottawa goes Top40 in Sept'03
90.3 CFUL AB Calgary goes AMPRadio Top40 in Jume09 84-94
 90.7 WZIS IN Terre Haute Top40!Z90.7 isustudentmedia.com/wzisfm/ noticed this in 3/'23!
 91.5 KUWR WY Laramie (and AM660, carrier current) had a printed Top 20 chart w/advertising, atr shifts, etc 1973-1974. KUWR now on 91.9.
 91.9 WRLN IN Rushville 600w@302'Top40. "Rush 91.9FM" rush919.org/OWNER:Rushville Consolidated HS as of:2'18
 92.1 WSMX IA Fort Dodge, printed chart in 1970's X-tra music survey
 92.1 WNRR OH Bellevue now CLRock(&ABC), sadly dropping Top40 "92-1 the Hits" in Oct'03 after station was sold. This station was Top40 as long as I can remember!
92.1 WWSR OH Wapakoeta deops Top40 for C&W Jun'09
 92.1 WFCL WI Clintonville '84
 92.1 WYXE WI SUN Prairie 71 "Wixie"
 92.1 CHMX SK Regina now SoftAC, dropping Top40 in Oct'03
 92.3 KIMX ID Victor Top40 "iMiX" added 7-'10
 92.3 KKHQ IA Oelwein Top40 "Q92.3", dumping C&W as of 9-03! EX:KOEL-FM
 92.3 KQRK MT Ronan goes Top40 as "Power 92" in June'04
 92.3 KFRM NE Omaha -1972
 92.3 KDDR ND Oakes '86
 92.5 WDEK IL DeKalb: Early 90's."Kiss" trimulcast (WKIE-WKIF) then "Energy" Dance/Top40 in Jan'01. In 2003, station went Spanish
 92.5 WTTS IN Bloomington "92FM" '85
 92.5 KMXW WY Bar Nunn-Casper Top40 "Max 92.5" tosses C&W, KDAD calls Sept'16 [KDAD]
 92.5 W223CD WI Wrightstown //WKSZ DePere & 92.9 WKZY Chilton [Top40] "92&95-9 Kiss FM" Mar'16
92.5 CJAQ ON Toronto goes Top40 in June09
 92.7 WEXI IL Arlington Heights 67-73, WSEX 86 WKIE:"Kiss"99-01 goes "Energy" Dance/Top40. In 2003, station went Spanish
 92.7 WQTZ IL Decatur '85
 92.7 WVZA IL Herrin goes Top40 in March 2001, dumping HotAC
 92.7 KTWA IA Ottumwa '86
 92.7 KYLS MO Ironton 84:"KY93"
92.7 WHIZFM OH South Zanesville Top40 "Z92" dumping HotAC in Oct14 z92radio.com
92.7 KTRX OK Dickson Top40:Star92.7 star927fm.com goes Top40 in 6'22
 92.7 KGFX SD Pierre "KG93" in 84. Flirts with Variety Hits and HotAC returning to Top40 in Mar'13 as "river 92-7"
92.9 WLMI MI Grand Ledge-Lansing Top40 "I 92-9" tossing Cl HITS in May 2017 i929fm.com/
nbsp;92.9 KGRC MO Hannibal in 1982. Real 92 is Top40.
nbsp;92.9 KYYY ND Bismarck. Now Top40! Drops RKO automation/oldies in 74. Flips:94 to HotAC but goes BACK to Top40 in 97. AC as of 2004, but back to Top40: 9'12
 92.9 KKXL ND Grand Forks after AM dies "XL93" STILL TOP 40.
 92.9 WGTZ OH Eaton-Dayton (alive!) dumps NOS in 84! "Z93" then goes AdultSHUFFLE in Nov'07
92.9 WKZY WI Chilton-Appleton 959kissfm.com/ "92 & 95.9 Kiss FM" 1/16
 93.1 KZMG ID New Plymouth-Boise drops Top40 after 20+ year run, first as Magic93, then 93-1 HitMusic Now! Now KTIK-FM //SPO:ESPN in 1-11
 93.1 WNOU IN Indianapolis returns in 84 after AdCon stint. Dies:86 "Eagle 93" Again in 2001 as WNOU to drop for N-T WIBC in 10-07 [WEAG, WNAP]
 93.1 WDRQ MI Detroit Top40 in mid'70's-80's, goes "Lite", back to Top40 in late90's. Drops it again in early'05 for SHUFFLE format as "Doug FM" and goes C&W as "Nash FM" later
 93.1 WIMK MI Iron Mountain "K93FM" '85. In 1983 station was "Stereo 93 Country" after beginning as beautiful music. Later was "All Hit 93" in mid 80s and later went/stayed with AoR format.
 93.1 KRCS SD Sturgis Top40 //K248BT 97.5 Rapid City Went Top40 in 1990s
 93.1 CIHI NB Fredericton Top40:Hot 93.1 hot931.ca went Top40 in March2024 *
 93.3 WKZW IL Peoria 70s?- mid 90s KZ93
 93.3 WQFM WI Milwaukee '72/'73 "Sunshine 93"
 93.3 KSJM ND Jamestown
 93.3 WIZM WI LaCrosse Live:84, taped prior. WAS:WWLA!
 93.5 WSJK IL Tuscola Top40 flips in Sep'10 as WEBX then to current calls in Nov'10
 93.5 KBQC IA Bettendorf "B93" '84
 93.5 WZRK MI Hancock early 80s (co-owned w/Q107 Mqt) "Z93"
 93.5 KSCR MN Benson "SC93" in '85
 93.5 WLIH WI New London (now WGEE-FM) was printing a Top30+5 sc in 1968. Calls:We Like It Here. State slogan of the time.
93.5 CIGM ON Sudbury goes Top40 in 8/09
nbsp;93.7 KOYY ND Fargo mid 90s-NOW (except 94-95-96) "HitRadio Y94" Flipped from WDAYFM in Dec'15
 93.7 KIZZ ND Minot "Z94" mid 80s-92
93.7 CKWY AB Wainwright Top40 Hot 93.7 FM was HotAC "Wayne FM." hot937.ca/ Oct'19
 93.9 WYRG IN Lawrence-Indianapolis Top40"Energy" Jan'18 returns to Top40. Was CHR as "i94" 09-13 [WXTZ WGLD WGRL WISG WWFT WRWM] energyindy.com/ flipped to ROCK in May'19
 93.9 WLQZ-LP IN Warsaw Top40!:Z93-9 Warsaw's Hit Music! wlqz939.com/
nbsp;93.9 WTBX MN Hibbing Top40 mid 80s to 93
93.9 WBKS OH Columbus Grove-Lima goes Top40, dumping Churban in 3/10 EX:WLWD
 93.9 KKLS SD Rapid City then KPHR "Power 94" 83. Battle with "Hit 100"
 93.9 CIDR ON Windsor Top40 93.9 Virgin Radio goes Top40 in Nov'20.

 94.1 WIAL WI Eau Claire goes Top40 in 95 after Z100 goes New Rock. Drops Top40 in March,2003. HotAC.
 94.3 KTPZ ID Hazelton signs on w/Top40 in Apr'07
 94.3 WKZW IL Chillicothe short lived in mid 90s after KZ93 dropped out of format "KZ94"
 94.3 WZNL MI Norway AdultTop40 '06-'11 goes "the Breeze" in Jul'20
 94.3 KGKG SD Brookings '85:"Rock 94" but Top40!
 94.3 CHIQ MB Winnipeg as Q94 or Curve94.3 dropped Top40 after a 16 yr run in 12/10
 94.3 CJSD ON Thunder Bay -from 1986-2000 was certainly a Top40. FM of 580-CKPR, which in its day, was a good Top40! Now Classic Rock
94.5 KKEZ IA Ft.Dodge HotACd/Top40n after KXFT drops Top40 in mid2009.
 94.5 WLAP KY Lexington "Power 95"
 94.5 WKLQ MI Holland-Gr Rapids 84-92
 94.5 WKTI WI Milwaukee 74-91
 94.7 WYTZ IL Chicago earlier as WLS-FM. '85/'86/'87
94.7 KKCK MN Springfield Top40. Flips freq w/KARZ. KKCK had begun on 100.1, moved to 99.7 , then to 94.7. Longtime Top40! 4-19
94.7 KCNB NE Chardon Top40 "B94.7 All the Hits" Had been AC before that 7-'18
 94.7 KZGF ND Grand Forks "Z94.7" as of 8/10, "Y95" KYTN in 84 (thru '88) Calls flipped from KNOX-FM 2'11.
94.7 CHOZ NL St.Johns drops Top40 for ROCK in 8/09 but reverts in 2'12! "Oz-FM" tosses Top40 Oct'19.
 94.9 WYER IL Mt. Carmel '85
 94.9 KFMG-KGGO IA Des Moines. KSO's FM had the "Stereo Rock" Top30 survey. 1974
 94.9 WVIC MI Lansing "New95" in 84
 94.9 KBKC MO Kansas City 85:"B95" to "Power 95"

 95.1 WKIF IL Kankakee Top40 dropping OLD and shedding old calls!EX:WVLI Jan'13
 95.1 KTHC MT Sidney-Williston ND Top40. "Power 95" power95.net/ Dec18 from satellite AC
 95.1 KSQY SD Deadwood //AM 980 Sept 82 "Sky 95"
 95.1 WJZQ WI Kenosha "Power 95" 89-91
 95.3 WYFE IL Rockford the FM to a no longer AM rocker on 1150, which was now C&W WKKN "Kickin" --1973. Top30.
95.3 WRXX IL Centralia Top40, X-95 x95radio.com/ July'19
 95.3 WRBZ IN Rantoul "BZ95" dumps satellite in '86
95.3 KWKN KS Wakeeney Top40 --Dropped format 3/20
 95.3 WBXX MI Battle Creek, early 90s "B95"
 95.3 KCPI MN Albert Lea early 90s "I-95"
 95.3 KZGO MN St. Paul Top40/Rhy "Go 95.3" [KNOF] Tosssed REL and tossed Top40 12/20. Sold:now KNOF
95.3 KGSL MN Winona HotAC/Top40 [KAGEFM]
95.3 WXRO WI Beaver Dam HotAC 95-X[WBEV-FM] July'19
95.3 CING ON Hamilton Adult Top40 Energy 95-3 July'19 --Added in April 13 as Fresh FM
 KVOB KS Lindsborg Top40//KZUH Minneapolis -TOSSSED Apr'23
 95.5 WCZY MI Detroit "Z95.5" in 84
 95.3 WZXM MI Gaylord '86. WMGZ (oldies '87). Hits again in 90s, back to oldies in 99.
 95.5 WIFC WI Wausau since 69! STILL IS! (was WSAU-FM)
 95.7 KPKE CO Denver 83 "Hitradio"
 95.7 KDHT CO Denver Top40:Hits 95-7 began as KPTT, flipping to KDHT in 2022, Top40 in Sept'2000.
 95.7 KOSY IA Anamosa-Cedar Rapids Top40 Y-95-7 as of 8'14 dumping WMT NewsTalk //.
 95.7 KCHZ KS Ottowa-KC Dance-Top40, this in July 2003. beginning as a straight ahead Top40. "Z-95.7"
 95.7 WVKF OH Shadyside flips to Top40 in March 2004.
 95.9 WKKD IL Aurora '85
 95.9 KCMD IA Fairfield '87, dumping c&w
 95.9 KOFN MN Fairibault "KO 96" 87
 95.9 W240DC WI Chippewa Falls RhyTop40. "95.9 Jamz"
 95.9 WSKZ WI DePere-Green Bay. "95-9 Kiss-FM" lasted almost ten years. Was WJLW (J96) & C&W, flipped to Top40, heavily alternative. Dumped for HotAC as "Mix" in March,2003, but returned to format in 3-06!
 Added 92.9 WKZY WI Chilton-Appleton 959kissfm.com/ "92 & 95.9 Kiss FM" 1/16
 96.1 WQQB IL Rantoul Top40 since mid-80's. "Q96" has been DanceTop40, but now mainstream
 96.1 WQLK IN Richmond "K96FM" '85
 96.1 WSTO KY Owensboro
 96.1 KQHT MN Crookston "Magic 96" to 93
 96.1 KINI NE Crookston Top40 2'18
 96.1 KISO NE Omaha Top40 "96.1KissFM" 9-'12
 96.1 KYYX ND Williston "Power 96" 92-94
 96.1 WXYM WI Tomah-LaCrosse Top40: Mix 96-1 mixwxym.com/ checked 1/23. Was HotAC
 96.3 WBBM IL Chicago Top40 returning to Top40/Pop in Apr'12, was Top40/RHY tho pure Top40 upon start in 1983 -- Rhythmic Hot AC in Apr'23. Remains B-96
 96.3 WNHT IN Churubusco-Ft.Wayne goes RHY Top40 in Apr'04. Was Top40 earlier
 96.3 KZHC IA Pleasantville Top40 goes to format 11-11
 96.3 KZCH KS Derby-Wichita goes RHY/Top40 in June'04 as "Channel 96-3"
 96.3 KACZ KS Riley. New station signs on with Top40 in Sept'02!
 96.3 WHYT MI Detroit 82 "Hot Hits", Hitradio;85, Power96 in 86, Power 96.3 in 87
 96.3 WMOM MI Pentwater-Ludington [Top40] Began on 102.7 in '99. [102.7]
 96.3 KTWN-FM MN Edina-Minneapolis "K-Twin" Adult Top40[] Flips calls in Jan'10 and again in Jan'11 as format moves from RHY to AdultTop40
 96.3 KNOU MO St. Louis Tosses Top40 for Adult R&B in Nov'20. Was Top40 from 2015-2020. Call, KIHT before that.
 96.3 CKRA Edmonton,AB Top40 goes Top40 in Sept'03
 96.5 WKIB IL Anna goes Top40 in December 2001
 96.5 WZPN IL Farmington drops Top40 in 7-007
 96.5 WAZY IN Lafayette '85 "Z96". Reverts back to Top40 in 2001 96.5 KBYZ ND Bismarck Z96 in 86. Dead by 90.
 96.5 WAKS Akron goes Top40 as "96-5 KissFM" in Summer 2001. EX:WKDD
 96.7 WIHN IL Bloomington. Began in '73. Top40 in-store chart. "Winners"
 96.7 KDOG MN No. Mankato mid 80s-mid 90s. After Modern AC fling, reverts to Top40 on 2001, then to AdultSHUFFLE and back to Top40 as "Hot96-7" in Sept'09
 96.7 KISN MT Belgrade-Bozeman flips to Top40 in Jan'04
 96.7 WJJH WI Ashland automated/live in '85
 96.7 WAHC WI Oshkosh 83-87 "All Hit 97"
96.7 WHTQ WI Whiting goes Top40 as "Hot96-7", dropping BriteAC [WLJY]
96.7 KIMX WY Laramie reverts to Top40 Feb'09, moves to 104.5 in Nov'16, while the 96.7 moves to 96.9 and Nunn,CO and goes OLDies.
96.9 WBTI MI Lexington began in 1991. +1590 WHLX MI Marine City +92.7 W224DT Port Huron wbti.com/
 96.9 KNNS MN Grand Rapids '87
96.9 K245CM MN Morehead RHY Top40 96-9 HitsFM [98.7 KLTA-HD2] 969hitsfm.com Addded as flanker for Big98-7 to go against V-94 Fargo. March 2015
 96.9 WXQQ OH Wauseon is Dance-Top40 "Q96.9." New to the air in June,2003
 96.9 KAML WY Gilette drops Top40 for ROCK in May'05
 97.1 WGLQ MI Escanaba 82-94, 99--> "Magic 97" began Top40 format in April 1982. From notes it was live 6am-6pm and automated other hours. Began as "97GLQ."
 97.1 KHTK MO St. Louis Hot 97 was a Top40 in 1989-1992. Now Sports.
97.1 KKBR MT Billings Top40:Kiss FM, beginning as Pop Crush 97.1 July'13 - Ended in Sept,'22. 9 year run.
97.1 KELN NE North Platte Top40. Mix97.1 shifted from HotAC 12'18
 97.1 KHHT ND Minot '85-93 "K-Hit97FM"
 97.3 KHDK IA New London goes Top40 in 12-06
 97.3 WIBW KS Topeka New97 in 84-89
 97.3 WBTT WI Milwaukee "B97" HitRadio 83-85, and previously as "97X" (WLPX) REBORN in 6'10 as "97-3RadioNow" and WRNW calls and tossed 12'18 for sports
 97.3 KAML WY Gillette Top40 [96.9] [KOLL] KOLL thru 1988
 97.5 WZOK IL Rockford successor to WROK. since 80s. [WROK-FM]
97.5 W248AW IN Indianapolis Top40 "97-5 Kiss FM" 8-'19
 97.5 WJIM-FM MI Lansing goes Top40 in Sept'05 dropping OLD. 1240-WJIM was Top40 in the 60's vs 1320-WILS. Oddly, WHZZ, or WILS-FM's ("Z101.7") recent demise as Top40 makes way for WJIM-FM to go Top40. In Fall'07 "97-5 Now-FM"
 97.5 KNXR MN Rochester "97.5 PulseFM". Station was Beautiful/SoftAC since inception. 2/15 Lasted until Mar'16, tossing for Cl HITS
 97.5 KKCT ND Bismarck flips to Top40 in March,2004 as "Hot 97-5"
 97.5 CIQM ON London Top40 "97.5VirginRadio" rgoes Top40 in 8-'12
 97.7 WSTQ IL Streator flips to Top40 (voice tracked) on 1-1-'00!
 97.7 WESN IN Shelbyville-Indianapolis-Greenwood '86
 97.7 KNJY IA Clinton Y98 in station Top40 chart 1984
 97.7 KLAL IA Lamoni '86
 97.7 WHUH MI Houghton THEN WOLF. AdCon days/Top40 nights 80s-95. Remember "Stereo 98" or "Great 98" ('83)
97.7 KGLM MT Anaconda Top40 "Magic97-7&100.3" as of Sept'10
97.7 KAML WY Gillette goes HotAC dropping Top40 Aug'09
 97.9 KBOI ID Boise had a Top30 chart. 1970, "17,000 watts!"
 97.9 KSEZ IA Sioux City 90
 97.9 WGRD MI Grand Rapids //AM 1410 70-85. in/out of format, Hot AdCon "98 Rock" as Top40 in 89,90,91,92. Now New Rock
 97.9 WSPT WI Stevens Point //AM 1010 mid 60s-stand alone in 80s. in/out of format. BACK in 93, big time! dropped in 95 again, sadly. However, reverted to Top 40 in March'00. Best years: 67-71, 73-78, 93. Now is Classic Hits, after being True Oldies for a while.

 98.1 WRAY IN Princeton '85
 98.1 WKDD OH Munroe Falls-Canton-Akron Top40, was HotAC. Flipped in Apr'12
98.1 W251CD WI Superior 250w Top40:Hot98(WW1)//970 WDUL Superior,WI-Duluth,MN Flips:6'22 hot98duluth.com
 98.1 CKBD AB Lethbridge Top40/HotAC 2DAY FM July'19
 98.3 WJLI IL Metropolis-Paducha KY drops Top40 in May 2003. Was //750 for years! HotAC now. "K98" BUT reverts to Top40 as Jelli 98.3 in Dec'12 EX:WRIKFM, then dumps Top40 in late 2o13!
 98.3 KZBA IA Boone '86 stn bought from KWBG. IN 5/21 KWQW IA Boone goes Top40:98.3 the Vibe. Had been RhyOLD. 983vibe.com/
 98.3 WTWR MI Luna Pier-Monroe "Tower 98"
98.3 WQXO MI Munising //AM. In 1982 "QXO" was a small town sounding Top40 with jingles similcast on 1400AM. 1983 flipped to satellite AdCon. After that Hot Country WHCH was born then oldies to current CL ROCK as "98.3WRUP."
 98.3 KFMZ MO Columbia "Z98" in 84
 98.3 WBZW OH Loudonville & 107.7 WFXN Ironton // as "Kiss 98.3 & 107.7" in Jan 2002, dropping in Sept'05
 98.3 WZMF WI Menominee Falls. Mostly remembered as a "progressive" station, in 1968-70, they had a printed survey AND Pepper Tanner "Now Sound" jingles
 98.5 KQKQ IA Council Bluffs-Omaha,NE "Sweet 98" drops Top40 after 20+ years in March,2004.
 98.5 WJGS MI Houghton Lake '86 --station is now WUPS.
98.7 KSMA IA Osage-Mason City drops Top40 "KissFM"in Oct'07
 98.7 WVMV MI Detroit goes Top40 10/09 and flips to WDZH in 5'10 and tosses in Dec'18.
 98.7 KWTO MO Springfield mid 80s-early 90s "99 Hit FM"
 98.9 WHBF/WHTS IL Rock Island "Power 98.9", later "All Hit 98.9" dies in Feb'06.
 98.9 KZZZ KS Leavenworth "KZ99" had a Top40 chart in 1986,
 98.9 KXDR MT Hamilton goes Top40 in Dec'05, BUT goes Oldies in Feb'12, moving Top40/calls to 106.7 Pinedale,MT
 98.9 IN WZKF Salem "Kiss FM" goes Top40 in Jan 2001!
 98.9 KZZC KS Leavenworth-K.C. "ZZ99" in 84
 98.9 WJML MI Petoskey drops Top40 in '85 "JML"
 98.9 KFLW MO St. Robert goes Top40 in June,2003.
 98.9 KRNY NE North Platte "Power 99" mid 80s-92

 99.1 KTMB ID Mountain Home drops Top40 Jul'07
 99.1 KEEZ MN Mankato mid 80s-early 90s "Z99"
 99.1 WNUW WI Milwaukee as "X-Rock 99" in early 80's. Automated mostly.
 99.1 CJGV MB Winnipeg goes Adult Top40 "FreshFM" in 2'12
 99.1 CKIX NL St. John's Top40:Hot 99.1 Had been Hits99-1!
 99.3 KWAY IA Waverly, Top40 as of 9-19-03 10pm. "Y99.3"
 99.3 WATZ MI Alpena 90
99.3 KZUC-LP OK Edmond Top40:UCentral Radio https://ucentralmedia.com/radioplayer.html Noticed this:5'22!
 99.5 WQCY IL Quincy died 99....move to 103.9 "99 Q"
 99.5 W258BY IN Fort Wayne Top40 as thetwentyfm.com/ June'19
 99.5 WZPL IN Indianapolis 83
 99.5 WABX MI Detroit 83
 99.5 WYSS MI Sault Ste. Marie "YesFM" drops Top40 in Jan'04, having started as automated in '85. Has wavered tween HotAC and Top40, tho is Top40. Bird 6pm-6am.
 99.7 KPTE CO Durango Top40 as of 8-'11. Had been HotAC
 99.7 WXAJ IL Hillsboro-Springfield goes Top40 in August 2001 as "Kiss FM" then HotAC in Mar'17.
 99.7 KXFT IA Manson-Ft.Dodge . New station goes Top40 in Nov'07, but format moves to 94.5-KKEZ in mid 2009. Now AC as Sunny99.7
 99.7 WIMI MI Ironwood "99-7" starts as automated/nights in '85.Under its current "99-7 the Storm" moniker, began in early 2002, but dropped in 10-6
 99.7 KARZ MN Marshall. Was Top 40 on 100.1, then 99.7, moving to 94.7. Longtime Top40. Flips freq w/KKCK-KARZ 4-19
99.7 KKMT MT Pablo goes Top40 in Sept'06
 99.7 CKPT ON Petersborough Move 99.7 HotAC, was Top40 Energy99-7. Got killed 12/20
 99.9 WBUS IL Kankakee early 90s
 99.9 KZDX ID Burley HotACd/Top40n "Hot100fm", dropping ModernAC in Mar'12
 99.9 KBEA IA Muscatine-Quad Cities "B100" flips to Top40 in '00
 99.9 KGOR NE Omaha dumps AdCon for Top40: 'Dec 85

100.1 WLRX IL Lincoln '84
100.1 KDWD IA Emmetsburg noted with Top40 in 2000 on 1-94 in MN. "Hitradio Hot 100." Small town station thats live w/sweeps and jingles!!! Was KEMB. Died in '06. NOw HotAC "Y100"
100.1 WSHN MI Holton goes Adult Top40 in Jan 2002. Drops it in 2005
100.1 WXZQ OH Piketon Top40 [&DialGlobal] was HotAC in Mar'12
100.1 WGLB WI Port Washington "B100"//AM in early 90s and in 1967//AM 1560
100.1 CIOO NS Halifax HotAC Move 100.1, was HotAC C-100, since day 1:11/1/1977
100.3 KGGG SD Rapid City "Hit 100" 85-93
100.3 KFLL MT Great Falls Begins Dance-Top40 format in Jan'02. "100.3 The Edge."
100.5 WTCF MI Carrolton Top40 in mid90's as "100.5 the Fox". Drops for various formats. Now WSGW-FM
100.5 CIOK NB St.John Flips from AC to Top40 as "K100.5" in 11-09
100.7 WBVS IL Coal City, "100.7 the Bus" dumps Top40 in 2003. Had it 6 years, I believe.
100.7 WWHX IL Normal-Bloomington Top40/RHY hot100blono.com/ --noted as Hip-Hop:Hot100.7 ---4/21
100.7 KKRQ IA Iowa City AoR-Top40:'84 "Hit 101"
100.7 WKVK MI Honor signs on Jan 2002//106.7 WKPK Gaylord
100.7 KGMO MO Cape Girardeau '85
100.7 KBZI MO Deerfield NEW station went Top40 in 6-'00 as "B100.7"
100.7 W264AK OH Toledo goes Top40 as "100.7 the Vibe" May'11. Dropped as WWWM went Top40 in Mar'12
100.7 WRKR WI Racine 71-87, later as WHBT
100.7 CHGK ON Stratford Top40 2DayFM debuts in Jan'15. AC before that
100.9 WYJZ IN Lebanon goes Top40 "RadioNOW" after WNOU-Indianapolis drops Top40. Oct'007.
100.9 WNOW IN Speedway-Indianapolis, Top40 "Radio Now" -killed:6'22.Station sale of 96.3, thus WHHH moves here w/format.
100.9 WBRN MI Big Rapids '90
100.9 WQXC MI Otsego '85
100.9 WFXZ MI Pinniconning '84
100.9 KRRY MO Canton tosses Top40:Y101 for Cl ROCK:100.9theEagle in May'21
100.9 KXPO ND Grafton in 85
100.9 KKVC ND Valley City 84:"Double K-FM"
100.9 CKUV AB High River Hot AC "the Eagle" flips from Cl ROCK in July'15

101.1 WKQX IL Chicago "Q101" 83
101.1 WMYQ IN South Whitley AdultTop40 as HotQ101, was HotAC in Mar'12
101.1 WHOT OH Youngstown AoR to Top40:'84, as AM goes AdCon "HOT FM 101" now "101 HOT FM"
101.1 CKXA MB Brandon goes Top40 as stn signs on in 2000. Drops for C&W in Feb'05
101.3 KUUL IL East Moline goes Top40 in Feb'12 as "101.3KissFM", dropping OLD.
101.3 KDWB MN Richfield-Mpls-St.Paul 84 AoR to "KDWB FM 101" STILL TOP40
101.3 KOZYFM NE Bridgeport Top40
101.3 CJEG AB Bonnyville Top40. Hot 101.3 was HotAC as Kool 101 dot 3. hot1013fm.com/ Oct'19
101.5 KATW ID Lewiston flips to Top40 8/04: 101.5 CatFM
101.5 WBNQ IL Bloomington evolved from automation mid 80s. Adult sounding. STILL TOP 40
101.5 WJNR MI Iron Mountain ???-'94.
101.5 CKCE AB Calgary signs on in Mar'07
101.7 WHZZ MI Lansing "Z101.7" 95?-Sept'05 dropping for SHUFFLE as "MikeFM"
101.9 CHRK NS Sydney Top40: Hot 101.9. Had been 101-9 the Giant before that. May'21

102.1 KCAJ MN Roseau goes Top40 in 3-07 as "Wild 102" and tosses for AC later
102.1 WRKU WI Forestville-Sturgeon Bay-Algoma Top40:U102-1 this is Sept'21 after years as HotAC More 102!
102.3 WNGY IL Morton-Peoria Top40 "Energy 102.3" tossing their ROCK format. This on Oct14 and in Sept'16 tosses Top40 for OLD R&B/HipHop
102.3 WXLC IL Waukegan "Hot 102.3" 89-94. What a good station!
102.3 WGBJ IN Auburn goes Top40 in 9/09, but drops in 4/10 for SS. 99.5 The Twenty-FM began in June'19, but was dropped again in Sept'22.
102.3 KQNU IA Onawa goes Top40 in 9/09
102.3 WAAQ MN Big Rapids "Power 102" noted in 90
102.3 KMXM MT Helena Valley Top40:Mix102.3 mixhelena.com/ on air:2008 as KZUS
102.3 KVXL SD Volga "XL 102" in 84
102.3 WQTC WI Two Rivers "Q102" (now Manitowoc) 77-83
102.5 KRNQ IA Des Moines "Q102" mid 80s-early 90s
102.5 WIOG MI Bay City '86 "The New 102"
102.5 WZOO OH Edgewood drops Top40 for OLD in Oct'07
102.5 KZIO WI Superior 84:"HitRadio" to '94
102.5 KDWZ WI Superior as of Sept'10. Dropped format in Sept 15.
102.7 KFRX NE Lincoln 83 from AoR. Moves to 106.3 in Sep'07
102.7 KXMZ SD Box Elder-Rapid City Top40:Mix102-7 6/17 -was Hits102.7. Began 2015.
102.9 WXXB IN Lafayette goes Top40 in June 2001. Was WNJY.
102.9 KQCR IA Cedar Rapids "Q103" in 84
102.9 WRIT-FM WI Milwaukee in 67 when simulcast rules were in place was a separate Top40 from WRIT-AM. Didn't last long though
102.9 KARS WY Laramie/CO Ft Collins Top40/RHY -tosses Cl ROCK in Sept'19

103.1 WJBQ IL Macomb '85
103.1 WGBF IN Henderson //1280 83, evolved to AoR
103.3 KSAS ID Boise Top40 [103.1] moved here in Nov'13
103.3 KXJK IA Pella-Des Moines '85:"X103"
103.1 KEKS KS Olpe NEW STATION signs on with Top40 in 12-06
103.3 WKFR MI Battle Creek mid 80s, successor to then 1400-WKFR. STILL TOP 40.
103.3 KHTR MO St. Louis 82. "Power 103" in '86
103.5 WKSC-FM IL Chicago "Kiss" goes Top40 in Jan '01
103.7 WFAV IL Gilman dumps OLDies for Top40 in May'11
103.7 WDBR IL Springfield noted in 74/75? in/out of Hot AC. Goes Top40 again in '01
103.7 KIIK IA Davenport. In-station chart from 1973-1988.
103.7 WXSS WI Wawatosa-Milwaukee goes Top40 in Nov'98.
103.7 WXSS-HD3 WI Wauwatosa-Milwaukee Channel Q LGBTQ+ Lifestyle Talk Dance/Top40 7-'19
103.7 CJPT ON Brockville now Classic HITS, dropping Top40 in July 2003
103.9 WKIO IL Urbana '86
103.9 WYLT IN Fort Wayne goes Top40 in Aug'04 as "My 103.9"
103.9 WZZP IN South Bend '85 "Zip 104" and as WRBR in 1980 in a fight w/U-93 & 101.5 WTHQ! 1980
103.7 KXSS MN Waite Park "Kiss FM" 89-92
103.9 WMGV WI Oshkosh mid 80s, 89-93

104.1 KBQF MO Jefferson City. NEW station signs on w/Top40 in June 2000
104.1 KSLI-FM NE Crete-Lincoln goes Top40 as "KissFM" Dumps KKNE calls.
104.1 KQHU SD Yankton (WNAX-FM) was a Top40 in 1978. In station list. Known as "Q-FM!"
104.1 WZEE WI Madison automated Z104 begins in 73!!! STILL TOP40, live by 80
104.3 WCBH IL Casey is Top40, beginning as Dance Top40. "104.3 The Party"
104.3 KZTP IA Sibley Top40 Party104.1[KUSQ] Goves Top40 in Jan'11
104.5 KIMX WY Centennial-Albany goes Top40 "iMix" in Jan'13 ex:KYAP. Flipped calls in Nov'16
104.7 KXNC KS Ness City New Stn goes Top40:12/09
104.7 WFNN MI Escanaba "Fun 104" automated mid 70s
104.7 KCLD MN St. Cloud "Hit Music 104.7 KCLD" mid 70s-NOW!
104.7 KYRX MO Chaffee now Soft AC, was Top40 until December 2001.
104.7 WBJZ WI Berlin goes AdultTop40 "Magic104" in Apr'06, dropped Top40 as B104(stn sold) May,17.
104.7 KLQQ WY Claremont-Sheridan NEW STN signs on w/Top40 as Q104.7 in Fall2006
104.9 WYBR IL Belvediere '86
104.9 KMJM IL Columbia Top40/RHY Wild104.9
104.9 WKQA IL Pekin-Peoria 84:"Q104" (not 105!)
104.9 WINN IN Columbus Top40 "Win104.9" goes to Top40 in July12
104.9 WOKZ IN Muncie '86
104.9 WFYC MI Alma mono in '86
104.9 WAKS Lorain has brief Top40 stint til format moves to 96.5 Akron in summer 2001.
104.9 WKAU WI Kaukauna 70-71 as WVLE. WKFX "Fox 105" in 80's? "KAU"
104.9 WLXR WI LaCrosse "Hit 105" 83-92

105.1 K286BU ID Idaho Falls NOW 105-1 moved here from 32000w KAOX Shelly-Idaho Falls in May2020. Now105.fm
105.1 WQLZ MI Cheboygan 84, as WCBY AM/FM earlier
105.1 KKWB MN Breckenridge "Double K-FM" in 84 (Ingstad simulcast/network?)
105.3 KLYV IA Dubuque "Live 105"...now "Y105"
105.3 WOVO KY Glasgow goes Top40 in Feb 2001.
105.3 WHKM MI Brooklyn goes Top40 in 8/04 "K105.3"
105.3 WHTS MI Cooperville-G Rapids signs on as "HotFM" in May'06
105.3 CKBY ON Ottowa Top40 as of January,2004
105.3 CJLB ON Thunder Bay goes Top 40 as "Hot 105" in June 2002.
105.5 WYKT IL Wilmington drops Top40 in Sept'09
105.5 KKOY KS Chanute goes Top40 in Jan'09
105.5 KMGM MN Montvideo "Hit 105"
105.5 WXTQ OH Athens Cl ROCK:Pure Rock 105-XTQ, tossing Top40 in May'23
105.5 WQQO OH Sylvania-Toledo Top40, was HotAC (WWWM) in Mar'12 -REVERTS to HotAC:Q105, Sept'23
105.7 WUZR IN Bicknell Top40 from C&W. May'17 TOSSED Early2023 to revert to C&W wuzr.com/
105.7 KCNB IA Waterloo 84: "Hits 106", in 85:KOKZ "OK-FM", "Ok105.7" in 12-85
105.7 WWCK MI Flint evolved from AoR mid 80s "CK 105.5"
105.9 KZHZ IA Patterson drops Top40 in 11-11
105.9 KKSW KS Lawrence goes Top40 as "105.9KissFM" dumping KLZR calls in Feb'12
105.9 WKHQ MI Charlevoix s/on:77 (I believe) Hits 106 KHQ. //on AM in 87
105.9 WBWA WI Washburn in'85 Top40, BUT Classical 10pm-MID!

106.1 KOQL Ashland,MO flips to RHY Top40 in Apr'04. Was Top40
106.1 KLMI WY Rock River-Laramie Top40 noted in 5'10. Was SS at 106.5
106.1 CFJL MB Winnipeg Top40 http://www.energy106.ca/ NEW station as of 8-'11!
106.3 WZRQ IN Columbia City "Z106" in 86
106.3 WCJL MI Menomonee "Hits 106" '85
106.3 WMXG MI Stephenson-Escanaba signed on in March 2000 w/Top40 format. Well prodeced sweepers & jingles. Leans AoR at night. "Mix 106" Drops for ClHITS in Summer'06
106.3 KFRX NE Lincoln Top40 here from 102.7 in Sep'07
106.3 KLEN WY Cheyenne Top40:106-3 Now FM 1063nowfm.com/ went Top40 in Feb'21. Was C&W before.
106.7 KMRZ WY Superior AC:Z106 was Top40:Z106 eding in April 2024. *
106.7 KULY KS Ulysees drops Top40 in May 2017. Do not know how long they had format.
106.7 WKPK MI Gaylord "Peak" or 107KPK in '85. Drops in 2004: went SoftAC
106.7 KHTO MO Springfield drops Top40 in Sept'02
106.7 KXDR MT Pinedale-Missoula goes Top40 as "StarFM" in Feb'12, dumping OLD and KBQQ calls in Feb'12. Relaunches as Now 106.7 Nov 4, 2016 and ROCK:106.7the Rock, replaces Top40:Now106.7 7/23
106.7 KYTZ ND Walallah "Big106" is live 6am-Midnight and has been Top40 for years, beginning in 2011. Big market sound! This full fledged Top40 from died, sadly, July,2021
106.7 KBFO SD Aberdeen Top40 from HotAC. This seemed to be a gradual change. 2010.
106.9 KMZK CO Clifton-Gr.Junction Top40 added 10/11
106.9 KBGL KS Great Bend Top40 "Hits106.9" and flipped in Aug'12.
106.9 WUPM MI Ironwood. Went on the air in 1977. Has always had an adult feel. Still Top40 tho!
106.9 KROC MN Rochester successor to KROC if I'm correct. mid 80's?-NOW
106.9 KTXY MO Jefferson City Top40 in 2018, and has been since 1980's for sure. Y107.
106.9 KHTT OK Muskogee-Tulsa "K-Hit" started in '82 as KAYI "K107"
106.9 WNRG WI Brookfield-Milwaukee [Top40/RHY] This as of 9-'12. New calls, format OLDies in 4/21
106.9 CIBX NB Fredericton Move 106.9 HotAC. Was Capital FM Top40 -died 12/20

107.1 KDHT CO Bennett flips from KONN 12/09 goes to RHY/Top40 then reverts to Top40 in 5/20. Calls to KFCO and Hot 107-1.
107.1 WKRV IL Vandalia drops Top40 in Aug'05
107.1 KRQN IA Vinton-CedarRapids Top40 http:i1071.com/ drops ClHITS Sept'11. Tosses for TALK May'21.
107.1 KMOQ KS Baxter Springs goes Top40 as Power 107.1 in Dec 2000,but drops Top40 for ROCK 12-07
107.1 WIRX MI St. Joseph 89-94 now AoR "Magic 107"
107.1 WPVL WI Platteville goes Top40 in May'09
107.1 CKPW AB Edmonton Top40/RHY Power 107 www.power107.ca/ [CJNW]
107.3 KGRS IA Burlington had a Top 20 chart from 78-80. When Top40 really lousy IMHO! Just bad/1980s.
107.3 KKRD KS Wichita drops Top40 after 20+ years as CC moves format to 96.3
107.3 W297CK Sheboygan 250w //950 WCLB WI Sheboygan Top40 "Z107"
107.5 KLIZ MN Brainerd "Z107" in 85
107.5 KLTC MT Superior drops Top40 in Aug'05
107.5 KSFT NE S.Sioux City goes Top40 in Summer'06 as "Kiss107"
107.7 WMQT MI Marquette ex107.1, 107.5 "Q107" since mid 70s
107.7 KSYZ NE Grand Island 1985-87 Top40, in station chart
107.7 WBKS OH Ironton & 98.3 WBZW OH Loudonville// as "Kiss 98.3 & 107.7" in Jan 2002, dropping in Sept'05
107.9 WJFX IN New Haven goes Top40 in Jan'09
107.9 KFMW IA Waterloo "FM108" 83
107.9 WYCO WI Wausau drops Top40 in March,2004. Was Y108 and was Top40, Adult Top40 or almost RHY/Top40 in 2003. Format now:Classic Hits, after being Top40 for about 5 years.

   And that's it. I'm sure there are errors/omissions. If I can find any other info or a mistake it will be corrected. Stations are still going Top 40 today and the format has been called "cyclical" having ups/downs, but it still is the best of everything....or should be.

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