AZ,NV,NM Graveyard Listings!

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   The purpose of this listing is just to have an accurate listing of GY (graveyard) stations in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. This listing is here because I've always been fascinated by how some station with a tiny tower could make it from some city hundreds or thousands of miles away to my radio at my dx shack. Still fascinates me, as it did when I first heard 1100-WKYC from Cleveland in 1966.

   Fast forward to hearing North Dakota or South Dakota on 1230, 1490 or 1450. Then add highway travels, going by stations along the highways, like 1450-KZZJ in Rugby, ND or how about 1490-KGOS in WY. As a child, I collected Top40 record surveys and easily can remember charts from"123-KLAV" from Las Vegas, or "123-KRIZ" in Phoenix. I've been in New Mexico and Nevada and find the places fascinating! I can certainly remember the QSL letter a local dx'er (Milwaukee,WI) received in 1968 fron 1450-KVSL in Show Low,AZ! From Rapid City,SD, I certainly remember hearing 1240-KSUE in CA! But just think: a) how many good jocks, personalities have walked through those doors or b) the dx you have heard from hundreds of miles away, when their audience was really meant for maybe 30 miles away from the transmitter! How about some of the dx tests that have been heard almost cross country from out in the middle of "nowhere?" This also is a tribute to the dx'ers and contributors who have sent to dx loggings, QSL tips and other info through three decades plus! We've had reporters from CA,CO,MT,TX and WY, as I can remember. Always looking for more! Possibly, this will be of some help or interest to anyone who reads this. Comments or corrections are always welcomed!
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1340 KVOT NM Taos 1000/1000 ND CCM:the Voice of Truth +98.1 K251CJ Taos 250w lmnocbroadcasting.com/
1230 KAAA AZ Kingman 1000/1000 ND NewsTALK talkatoz.com FOX:00
1230 -KOY AZ Phoenix SS +93.7 K229DB Phoenix 250w elpatronphoenix.iheart.com/
1230 KATO AZ Safford 1000/1000 ND
1230 KINO AZ Windslow 1000/1000 ND C&W
1240 KJAA AZ Globe 1000/1000 ND OLD:KJ Radio +106.1 K291CU Globe 250w kjaa.us/
1340 KIKO AZ Apache Junction 1000/930 ND OLD C&W "1340 AM The Bull" [Miami] bull1340.com/
1340 KPGE AZ Page 1000/1000 ND ABC:00+98.3 K252FG Page 250w SILent 12/31/22. Owner retiring. Tower site must be vacated, per city of Page. kpge.com
1400 KSUN AZ Phoenix 1000/1000 ND SS radiofiesta.net
1400 KRVZ AZ Springerville 1000/1000 ND OLD C&W "Cowboy Country 1400"
1400 KTUC AZ Tucson 1000/1000 ND NOS ktucam.com
1400 KJOK AZ Yuma 1000/1000 ND OLD C&W outlawcountry1400.com
1450 KYZZ AZ Cameron 1000/1000 ND CP:2b REL
1450 KNOT AZ Prescott 1000/1000 ND OLD:Fun OLDies 1450 +103.9 K280GH Prescott 25w
1450 KVSL AZ Show Low 1000/1000 ND AC whitemountainradio.com CP:1470
1450 KTZR AZ Tuscon 1000/1000 ND SPO:FOX foxsports1450.iheart.com/ [KWFM]
1490 KZZZ AZ Bullhead City 1000/1000 ND NewsTALK//KAAA FOX:00
1490 KCUZ AZ Clifton 1000/1000 ND ClROCK//99.1KFMM
1490 KYCA AZ Prescott 1000/1000 ND TALK
1490 KFFN AZ Tucson 1000/1000 ND SPO:ESPN +104.9 K285DL

1240 KELK NV Elko 1000/1000 ND AC + 95.9 K240AI Carlin 230w elkoradio.com
1230 KELY NV Ely 250/250TALK +//1400 KNNR Sparks-Reno,NV www.kely1230.com/
1230 KLAV NV Las Vegas 1000/1000 ND SPO:ESPN//1100 KWWN Las Vegas lvsportsnetwork.com/
1230 KZTQ NV Reno 820/820 ALT:96.1 The Zone, +96.1 K241AK Reno 250w [KJFK KSGG] was Top40 KCBN in 1960s-1970s. Nice "KHJ third-generation Type" Top30 sc too!
1240 KDAN NV Beatty 1000/1000 ND CP
1340 KKGK NV Las Vegas 1000/1000 ND SPO:FOX:Fox Sports Las Vegas +98.9 K255CT Henderson lvsportsnetwork.com/ [KORK KRAM KMTW KRLV]
1340 KXEQ NV Reno 977/977 ND SS
1400 KSHP NV North Las Vegas 1000/1000 ND IRN/USA:00 [1410] [KFMS] kshp.com
1400 KNNR NV Sparks-Reno 1000/1000 ND +//1230-KELY Ely,NV www.kely1230.com/ [KBDB]
1400 KTNP NV Tonoppah 1000/880 ND
1450 KIFO NV Hawthorne 1000/1000 ND CP
1450 KHIT NV Reno 1000/1000 ND SPO:ESPN:ESPN 94-1/1450 +94.1 K231CS Reno 152w sportsreno.com/

1230 KRSY NM Alamogordo 1000/1000 ND
1230 KOTS NM Deming 1000/1000 ND C&W demingradio.com
1230 KYVA NM Gallup 920/920 ND OLD &DG +98.3 K252FM Gallup South 250w "Rockin' OLDies" gallupradio.com
1230 KFUN NM Las Vegas 1000/1000 ND
1230 KSFX NM Roswell 620/1000 ND OLD +92.5 K223BH Roswell majesticradio.net/ [KBCQ]
1240 KAMQ NM Calsbad 1000/1000 ND ROCK +96.3 K242DB Carlsbad 250w carlsbadradio.com/kamq/
1240 KCLV NM Clovis 1000/1000 ND TALK
1240 KALY NM Los Ranchos de Albuquerque 1000/1000 ND OLD//92.7KDSK ksdk.com
1340 KCQL NM Azrec 1000/1000 ND SPO:FOX //93.9 K230AF Kirkland foxsports1340.com
1340 KSSR NM Santa Rosa 1000/1000 ND SILENT
1340 KVOT NM Taos 1000/1000 ND CCM:the Voice of Truth +98.1 K251CJ Taos 250w lmnocbroadcasting.com/
1400 KVSF NM Santa Fe 1000/1000 ND
1400 KCHS NM Truth or Consequences 1000/1000 ND C&W:Kicking Country +101.9 K270CE Truth or Consequences 250w gpkmedia.com/
1400 KTNM NM Tucumcari 1000/1000 ND C&W
1450 KRZY NM Albuquerque 1000/1000 ND SS:Jose
1450 KLMX NM Clayton 1000/1000 ND C&W ABC:00
1450 KOBE NM Las Cruces 1000/1000 ND "FM News-Talk 92.7"+92.7 K224FI Las Cruces 250w
1450 KSEL NM Portales 1000/1000 ND OLD C&W Cow Country AM 1450 cowcountryradio.com/
1450 KWES NM Ruidoso 1000/900 ND "Bear Country 94.7" C&W +94.7 K234AQ Ruidoso 250w
1490 KRSN NM Los Alamos 1000/1000 ND +107.1 K296GI Los Alamos 58w SILent
1490 KRTN NM Raton 1000/1000 ND OLD C&W
1490 KRUI NM Ruidoso Downs 1000/1000 ND AC&"1490 The Mountain" 1490krui.com