Cayman Islands

The editor goes down here once in a while. It's a fun, lively place with a lively night life and some of the people I've met have made excellent, long lasting impressions! Logs, when visiting, are posted in the DX-midAMerica logging sections. Can't go to Cayman without a radio and checking out the buses!
Cayman Compass newspaper, Cayman weather, Cayman Bus Routes/Schedules and friendly drivers, gas prices/Caymanian Dollar/Imperial gallon and currency converter.
Cayman Wendy's or Burger King. No McDonald's here, as there was a MacDonald's (different spelling) pre-dating the AMerican food chain. They cannot have any golden arches on the island.
Sadly, the TV station, Cayman 27 went off the air August 30th,2019, forever! Sad story!
https://dmsbroadcasting.ky/ replaces these on 1/18/20: http://cayrock.ky/ hot1041.ky/ kiss.ky/ & x1071.ky/
NEWS 10/2/21: 98.9 ZFKV George Town "Island FM" Reggae vibefm.ky/ (was Irie FM to 2017, Vibe 98.9 to 9/21) *changed 9/18/17
NEWS 6/1/21: 94.9 ZFSP George Town "Gold-Cayman's Greatest Hits!" 60s/70s/80s/90's flips from Adult HITS "Bob FM." You can listen online.
NEWS 1/5/21: https://www.caymancompass.com/2021/01/05/compass-hurleys-media-merger-approved/ "Hurley’s Media office, including the radio stations (Z99, Irie FM, Bob FM & Rooster 101) will relocate from Camana Bay to the Compass Centre on Shedden Road"
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-87.9 ZFKP George Town "Praise 87.9" REL --Seventh Day Adventists http://www.caymanadventist.org/home8/caymanad/public_html/media-room/praise-87-9-fm Website added:7/18/18
-89.9 ZFKG George Town "Radio Cayman One" News, Public Affairs, Talk, Music www.radiocayman.gov.ky/ RDS READOUT: "RADIO CAYMAN 89.9FM"
-92.7 ZFST George Town "Star 92.7" Rhythmic/R&B/Rap https://www.star927cayman.ky/ studios DT Georgetown
-94.9 ZFSP George Town "Gold-Cayman's Greatest Hits!" 60s/70s/80s/90's https://www.goldcayman.ky/ (Flipped 6/21 from BobFM) (Flipped Jan'17 from Top40 Spin FM)
-96.5 ZFKS George Town "Cay-Rock" ROCK "Cayman's Rock Station" dmsbroadcasting.ky/ Flipped from Style 96.5 [Adult HITS] in 2006.
-98.9 ZFKV George Town "Island FM" Reggae vibefm.ky/ (was Irie FM to 2017, Vibe 98.9 to 9/21) *changed 9/18/17
-99.9 ZFZZ George Town "Z 99" Top40 z99.ky/ (logo says Z99.9 tho on air remains Z99) On Air:1992 RDS READOUT: "Z99FM TODAY'S BEST MUSIC"
101.1 ZFKI George Town "ICCI FM" College, News --500 watts
101.9 ZFKY George Town "Rooster 101-9" C&W "Cayman Country" www.rooster101.ky/ (logo says 101.9, on air it's 101) RDS READOUT: "ROOSTER 101 CAYMAN ISLANDS"
103.1 ZFLV George Town Love 103.1 GOSpel music www.lovefm.ky no longer works. No Website, other *changed 8/18/17
104.1 ZFKH George Town "Hot 104-1" Reggae, Caribbean 5000 watts "Your Caribbean Connection" dmsbroadcasting.ky/ (crank this up at night -close your eyes and you are there!)
105.3 ZFKZ George Town "Breeze FM" Soft AC, Caribbean http://www.radiocayman.gov.ky/breeze-schedule 5000 watts RDS READOUT "BREEZE FM" ***goes All Christmas yearly REPEATER:93.9 at Cayman Brac
106.1 ZFKK George Town "106-1 Kiss-FM" AdCon "the At work station" dmsbroadcasting.ky/ 5000 watts ***goes All Christmas yearly RDS READOUT: "106.1 KISS FM Title Artist"
107.1 ZFKX George Town "X 107-1"Top40 5000 watts dmsbroadcasting.ky/ Sister to 96.5, 104.1, 106.1 On Air:April 2005
107.9 ZFGT George Town "Sunny 107.9" Weather Information 5000 watts (can be compared to a NOAA weather stn in US. Beautiful Cayman accents!)

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