All-Canada Best Bets

   Here is the DX-midAMerica All Canada listing.These are the best bets from each province. Is it possible to hear them all? With a few leaving for FM, we don't know, but we never stop trying! Good luck! If you have any additions or thoughts on this listing, please e-mail us!

PROVINCE, Best Bet(s):
Updated monthly on the 13th! * denotes NEW addition to listing!
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Alberta: 960-CFAC

British Colombia: 690-CBU, 730-CHMJ

Manitoba: 880-CKLQ, 990-CBW

New Brunswick: --

Newfoundland and Labrador: 540-CBT, 740-CHCM, 930-CJYQ

Nova Scotia: --

North West Territorries: 860-CHAK

Ontario: 530 CHLO, 860-CJBC, 1550-CBEF

Prince Edward Island: --

Quebec: 690-CKGM

Saskatchewan: 540-CBK, 800-CHAB, 940-CJGX

Yukon: ---

Sincere thanks to Neil Kazaross and Barry McLarnon for their help on this list.Any adds or comments? Contact: