Trans Pacific/DU logs

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JUNE'19 Trans Pacific/DU logs UTC
1584 unID 6/26/19 0830 to 1050 UTC. A weak but steady signal was present w/o audio. The very possible TP signal was faded and gone for good by 1050 UTC. My LSR was 1013 UTC. Its frequency was measured @ 1584.0255 khz. By coincidence the MWLIST website has Radio Hauraki in New Zealand listed with a frequency range of 1584.025 to 1584.0266 khz. Was the unID the 1 kilowatt NZL!? TPK-WI
MAR'19 Trans Pacific/DU logs UTC
612 AUSTRALIA 4QR Brisbane 3/17 1202-4 VP just good enough to tell that the newscaster had Aussie inflections. Only DU I could claim audio on. NK-IL
OCT'18 Trans Pacific/DU logs!
972 S.KOREA Dangjin HLCA 10/29 1215 P-F clearly speaking KK. NEW COUNTRY! NK-IL
1205.96 CHINA Yanbian RGD 10/29 1217 P-F in KK. They are located near the border with N. Korea and have been slightly off freq. for years. NEW COUNTRY! NK-IL

OCT'17 Trans Pacific/DU logs!
Trans Pacific DX:
594 AUSTRALIA 3WV Horsham Oct2 1145-55 P-F peaks with M&W talk and I could hear her say," On ABC Radio". Clearly the best I ever heard this one over 9700 miles away! Other common lowbanders in but not much more than threshold levels. NK-IL
1548 AUSTRALIA 4QD Emerald Oct5 1200 P-F with big signal in heavy slop. ABC ToH fanfare into man with news. NK-IL
SEP'17 Trans Pacific/DU logs!
612 4QR AUSTRALIA Brisbane Sep29 1143-8 P peaks with interview sounding the same as 702 and 738. These 3 are the most common Aussies here. NK-IL
702 AUSTRALIA 2BL Sydney Sep29 1145-53 P-F on peaks with gal interviewing a collector of some sort. No real QRM from NZ's Magic at the time and their carrier which is slightly higher than 2BL's was considerably weaker. NK-IL
738 AUSTRALIA 2NR Grafton Sep29 1151 peaking up to P // 702 with interview. Quite a few other low band carriers/hets noted. NK-IL
1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS V7AB Majuro Sep24 1129-1134 Good peaks with choral song ending and fading as a man talks in island lang and peaking up for their NA with every note clearly audible! This has been audible at least weakly every morning that I've tried this Sept! NK-IL
1098 unID Sep23 1030 to 1210 GMT. A TP signal found hetting 1100. Some weak audio briefly in between 1100 and 1130 but there was too much 1100 splatter and lightning static to make anything out. Frequency measured @ 1098.0006. Signal lingered around to 1210 GMT, 30 minutes past LSR. Maybe V7AB Marshall Islands? A second weaker signal was sometimes around, close by @ 1098.0002. TPK-WI
MAR'17 Trans Pacific/DU logs!
1548 Australia 4QD Emerald 3/20 1153-1201 pr at my sunrise thru slop with Aussie inflected man talking and ABC nx sounder mx at ToH. Quite a few high band carriers were also noted. New! NK-IL

OCT'16 Trans Pacific/DU logs!
1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS V7AB Majuro Oct10 1058 P with about a minute of island mx audible. NK-IL
SEPT'16 Trans Pacific/DU logs!
1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS V7AB Majuro Sep25 1128 P ending a song and then a man talking in Pacific type lang, and then into instrumental NA and faded. They recently have fixed their xmtr and will drop audio at about 1130 but leave OC on AN. Best I've ever heard them. NK-IL