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Here is a listing of TIS (Traveler's Information Stations) and HAR (Highway Advisorary Radio) stations noted from the past few years. It is everything reported by DX-midAMerica contributors, in frequency order. This list is updated on the 17th of every month. If something is logged and reported in midAMerica, you'll find it here. Thanx to all of you who made this possible. There is dx out there!

518 GCT IA Guthrie Center 3-25 2230 Guthrie Country Regional Airport 25 watt non-directional beacon. Faint but readable over the noise, with letters G-C-T in code. Searched the Net for QTH. TS-MI
530 TIS IL Chicago 4-24 1430 P mixed w/WPCC899 using LSB to avoid most WRRD slop. About 50% readable giving travel times for the Kennedy, Ike, Edens, and Stevenson expressways. This is located somewhat near downtown Chicago about 103 miles away. NK-WI
530 TIS IL Urbana No longer relaying NOAA, now with instructions for Bears/Illini football games. LOY-IL
530 WNPT254 IL Woodridge 12-27 1623 P in IDOT TIS QRM with I&M Canal information. CR-IL
530 WPCC899 IN Michigan City 4-24 1440 P mixed with Chicago TIS using LSB to avoid WRRD slop. Short continuous loop by gal who mentions Highway Advisory Radio and calls and transmitting on AM 530. I could copy the 8 and 9 from the calls and took a long drive to make certain where this was. They are located along the east side of I-94 1.3 miles south of the MI-IN border and 124 miles from my QTH. NK-WI
530 WPUS402 ND Devils Lake 11-22 1504 F w/info on the roads in and around Devils Lake.VAL-DX
530 WPUN402 ND Devils Lake 2-1 1450 F -woman giving highway info for the Devils Lake area. Now on with these new calls. NEW! MB-DX
530 WPTS992 OH Solon 11-3 2216 G o/RVC construction info NEW! MP-OH

1180 WPTJ872 WI Milwaukee 12/20 0655 P Milw Brewers TIS info:Home opener Mar 28 1:10pm. (Old joke time: Did you hear there's no beer sales this year at the stadium? The Brewers lost the opener! Ugh!) JJR-WI
1180 WTPJ872 WI Milwaukee 10/13 0645. Fair. Popped on the air @ 0645. Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers) TIS w/ mention of a Dec. Brewers event. I thought they might be off air until April. TPK-WI
1180 WPUR937 WI Kenosha 9-18 1523 F and decent copy with Kenosha info but I really need to phase out WSQR to hear this. This was easier prior to WSQR moving on channel. No trace of needed Miller Park underneath. NK-IL

1320 WPJT868 WI Milwaukee 5/22 0435 P Mitchell Int'l airport info: parking, calls. Not in 10 min earlier! Despite my closeness to airport, not common! JJR-WI
1320 WPJT868 WI Milwaukee 5/15 0506 Vp thru others. Mitchell Int'l airport info, parking, pass pick up. JJR-WI
1320 WPTJ868 WI Milwaukee 2-8 0130 Mitchell Intn'l Airport Milwaukee w/strict parking regulations. (who's carrier is on 1610 then??). JW-WI
1320 WPTJ868 WI Milwaukee 1-18 0623 P -but screwing up 1320 here. Mitchell Int'l airport TIS w/4 min loop. Reactivated TIS. JJR-WI
1350 WQOG406 IL Park Ridge 10-26 0745 G-heard on car radio driving on Rt. 53 near Schaumburg, IL. Main Township emergency information and frequent IDs. New Chicago area TIS. NEW! CR-IL

1610 WPXQ600 GA Watkinsville 10-15 0154 F looped message for Oconee County Emergency Mgmt Agency PD-MO
1610 WPFP929 IL Naperville 12-27 1611 weak in other TIS QRM with Naperville municipal information. Heard driving in Downers Grove, IL. CR-IL
1610 WPYF269 MI Detroit 8-5 0902 TIS talking about Ambassador Bridge. NEW! EB-MI
1610 WQIV322 MI Ludington 9-1 1308 F-G with local TIS (Grafton's Milw area traffic)phased out with Ludington and lighthouse info. New this summer.NEW! NK-WI
1610 WNHC787 MI Mackinac Is. 11-22 1840 P-F w/information on the bridge and driving instructions due to high winds. ID's as "Radio 5-30 or 16-10 WHNC". NEW! VAL-DX
1610 KOP796 MT Deer Lodge 11-22 2107 P -fading. Info on the National Parks site at the Grand Kohrs ranch. VAL-DX
1610 TIS NE Beatrice 11-16 2230 P -information on the Nomestead National Monument NEW! MB-DX
1610 ------- NE Crofton 1-11 2026:30 P-F female voice rising atop phased CHHA and giving phone # for Lewis and Clark Visitors Center and then fading. QRM also from Milwaukee area TIS' and something unID from the Lakes area of MN. I can't find any info about this station anywhere and think it may be quite new. NEW! NK-IL
1610 WQIV246 ND Ellendale 1-8 1959-2000 P peaks with CHHA phased. Rising atop other TIS's and audible with a twangy male ancr with phone # and ellendalend.com ment and Ellendale City Hall ment. There are several TIS's occ. showing up with a few seconds of audio on the channel and what must be a part 15 with oldies/NOS mx. One has 515 area code phone numbers so likely Ames IA and another has a woman's voice but can't copy much, but it isn't a recognizable traffic station. NEW! NK-IL
1610 TIS OH Cleveland? 4-18 1401 F-G construction info for SR 176/I-480 area NEW! MP-OH
1610 WPQZ702 IL Petersburg 12-13 1901 P-VP peaks thru CHHA in a slight fade. Ment of "Long Nine Banquet..Aug. 3, 1837..moving the state capitol from Vandalia to Springfield" clinches this as the Menard County info stn after some research. Was audible maybe 1% of the time over a couple of hours. Quite a shocker! NEW! NK-IL
1610 WPTJ444 WI Milwaukee 12/20 0717 P traffic times I-94 I-43 I-41 2 call signs given. No CHHA,hi. JJR-WI
1610 WPZK577 WI Thiensville and Grafton 1/17 1000 No vocal messages present on the car radio as I was heading northbound on I-43 Sunday past these 2 locations. 1610 was loud though w/ various tones and buzzing noises. A repetitive thumping sound (like driving w/ a flat tire) became prevalent north of Grafton. TPK-WI
1630 NY Thruway Syncros Buffalo Area 7/26 2107-8 F peaks o/u KCJJ with computerized gal with area traffic info. Rather common on the array. NK-IL
1610 WPVW207 OH Kettering 9-28 2156 P-F local announcements "Information Radio 1610" 10w NEW! MP-OH
1610 WPVW207 OH Kettering 8-7 0305 Woman announcer with partial ID as Radio 1610 and Information radio. Seemed to asking for others to join as announcers. Got a partial phone number as 299-???? Tnx to EB-MI for help on this former unid! NEW! SA-MB
1610 WPVW207 OH Kettering 8-8 0323 Fading in and out with "Information Radio 1610," and Dayton ments; 10w, NEW! EB-MI
1610 WPVW207 OH Kettering 8-27 2114 Vp with "Information Radio 1610," local ments; is this really running ten watts? If so, they're getting out very good! EB-MI
1610 WPVW207 OH Kettering 8-13 0345 P 10w TIS id as "Information Radio 1610", local announcements PD-MO
1610 WPVW207 OH Kettering 8-13 2154 P-F with Canadian QRM, Information Radio 1610 ID and spots and info for Ketering, Dayton, and Beavercreek. Ment of OH Dept of Transportation. NEW! NK-IL
1610 WPKS940 OH Middleburg Hts 10-21 1708 P w/ short repeating ODOT message w/ ID 10w 14mi MP-OH
1610 WPYF538 OH Wickliffe 10-21 1708 P w/ short repeating ODOT message w/ ID 10w 14mi NEW! MP-OH
1610 WPUN696 PA Bedford 2-7 1115 VG -for about an hour and a half! Pennsylvania Turnpike HAR. Verified by phone. At 10w during midday, this is my best catch EVER! NEW! EB-MI
1610 WPTJ444/WPZK577 WI Milwaukee 10-8 2332 Poor signals with man repeating You are listening to WPTJ444 WPZK577 AM 1610 Wisconsin Department of Transportation. SA-MB
1610 HAR WI Milwaukee 12-29 0400 P -fading in and out with loop announcement by woman. In last 3 days before sunrise. SA-MB
1610 HAR WI ??? 11-22 1905 P -repeated loop by a lady saying " Wisconsin Department of Public Transportation Traffic Radio AM 16-10". That was all ever heard no info. VAL-DX
1610 TIS WI Milwaukee area 8-21 2042 F o/CHHA with female computerized voice with Milwaukee area traffic. NK-IL
1610 WQA661?WY Cheyenne 11-16 1845 P -HAR info for the WY CO border. Not sure on calls. MB-DX
1610.10 MO Talking House half a mile away / 24hrs a day, 7 days a week / good enough to wipe out 1610 / very local ad for home PD-MO : )
1610 WPTC509 WY Rawlins 12-6 2110 P with welcome to Rawlins information. VALDX-MB
1610 WPTC509 WY Rawlins 3-16 0615 F w/information on the Rawlins and area. NEW! MB-DX
1610 WPZK577 WI Kenosha 9-18 1526 P-F well atop Milwaukee's computerized travel time gal with a short loop by M ancr concerning area traffic and ID. Setting phasing to null southerly kills any trace of any Chicago area TIS's on 1610. NEW! NK-IL
1610 WPTJ444/WPZK577 WI Milwaukee 9-18 1528 VP u/Kenosha but good enough to tell it is Milwaukee's computerized travel time gal. I believe I am getting the station (unlisted by FCC but WisDOT may have moved a xmtr) that comes in strong in the car as you approached Milwaukee from the south. Tim Noonan thinks the xmtr is near Layton Av. Is a weird situation with Milwaukee having two call listed for several TIS's on 1610 (I'm sure not every listed tx is on as signal is weaker in downtown than further N or S of the city) and also using the same call as Kenosha which is different pgmg. NEW! NK-IL
1620 WQBR256 1-2 1444 IL Lindenhurst P steady w/Lake County info/loop over & over & over. 25 second repeat. NEW! JJR-WI
1620 WQBQ687 MI Wayne 1-5 1620 Just a notation that this is ex-WQBE525, first noted today. EB-MI
1620 WQBE525 MI Wayne 10-6 0630 Relaying KEC-63; new TIS is on the air. (First noted Saturday morning, 02 Oct.) NEW! EB-MI
1620 WNTK490 NY Mattydale 4-12 0635 F in WDND phase null with call ID, then traffic info and driving tips given. NEW! JF-ON

1630 WQHE741 IL Chicago 9-30 1301 G with parking info for O'Hare Airport. This a new TIS for O'Hare. Not sure if the 800 kHz O'Hare TIS is gone, since the IBOC interferance from WBBM prevents me from hearing anything on 800 kHz in my location (I am only 4 miles from the WBBM transmitter). NEW! CR-IL
1630 WPAN667 NY Buffalo 12/18 1435 “This is station WPAN997, WPQY335 and WQHY657 broadcasting on 1630 AM Buffalo.” No current traffic reports for the Buffalo-Erie Region, some info re construction, transportation and safety. All three are run by the NY State Thruway Authority on 1630 and have multiple locations with no way to distinguish individual transmitters. NEW! SC-BR
1630 NY Thruway synchros NY Buffalo area 5/18 2053 F-G noted in passing with computerized gal giving Buffalo area traffic info. Little KCJJ off the back. NK-IL
1630 NY Thruway synchros NY Buffalo area 4/26 0000 P-F peaks with computerized gal giving highway traffic info for the general area SW of Buffalo and tri-ID for WPAN997,WPQY335,and WQUQ313. Little back end QRM. NEW! NK-IL
1630 WPZV583 OH Beachwood 9-15 1155 G local information station, only 7mi away NEW! MP-OH
1630 WQEU865 OH Toledo 8/2 2100-2101 G amazing for about 45 seconds, with compu-gal giving call LID and area and I-75 traffic info. Best ever heard this one. Buffalo NY Thruway TIS noted well under as were traces of KCJJ clobbered by terminations. NK-IL
1680 WQHC968 IA Davenport 6/14 2200 F peaks almost alone with computerized female voice with area traffic info and call ID and Quad Cities, IA ment. NK-IL
1640 WQIY899 MI Romulus 11-12 1856 P with ID loop message, guess it's the new place for displaced TIS on 920 for Det. Metro Airport, which went dark in 2005! Another dx channel goes down. NEW! EB-MI
1640 WQEL350 OH Middleburg Heights 5-21 2142 VP but atop T-storm QRM and traces of Disney on peaks. Strongsville OH information station. Meant of www.strongsville.org and other local stuff. There may be another TIS or 2 mixing in at times. Almost no Disney and no trace of WTNI in the array side nulls. NEW! NK-IL
1640 WQDY411 OH Strongsville 12-14 1003 P very weak, "City of Strongsville" running loop, 10w 16mi NEW! MP-OH

1650 WPZZ656 IL Aurora 1-21 2006 F w/Chicago area weather forecast. CR-IL
1650 WPZZ656 IL Aurora 12-19 1447 Heard on car radio with Chicago area weather forecast. Since December 19, I am hearing the new Chicago area weather report TIS on the new frequency of 1650 kHz. It seems they moved here from 1690 after WRLL moved to that frequency. FCC gives the calls as WPZZ656. CR-IL
1650 "DCR" IL Decatur 2-5 0900-15+ Decatur Community Radio. From tip in Glenn Hauser's DXLD 4-021. Female host with eclectic mix of music, seguing Mac Davis and the Bangles, confirmed ID with a phone call. 40 miles on the flea power. NEW! LOY-IL
1650 WPXZ497 IL Evanston 11-4 1645 w/test loop for City of Evanston TIS stn. Never heard before. NEW! KDF-IL
1650 WPVZ711 MI Riverview 10-20 0815 // National Weather Service Radio KEC-63. New TIS is on the air; another bane to DXing. Thanks a lot, City of Riverview! EB-MI
1660 WQBW823 IL Lisle 1-21 2003 F w/Village of Lisle municipal information. Conditions very auroral this evening. NEW! CR-IL

1670 WQFA538 IA Des Moines 1-8 1900-2100 P-F peaks quite clear at times u/WOZN with bits of KNRO. Endless loop by computized female voice saying there are no traffic reports and ID's. NK-IL
1670 WQFA538 IA Des Moines 2-1 1929 P u/WTDY with call ID's and Des Moines area traffic. NK-IL
1670 WQFA538 IA Des Moines 3-23 2140 P but hrd "Highway Advisory Radio......Iowa Dept of Transportation" a couple of times u/WTDY and with bits of WVVM. Only 1670 in IA per http://www.dot.state.ia.us/research/State%20HAR%20Map.htm. First time I catch a 10w TIS on skip since the X-band filled up. NEW! NK-IL
1670 WQFA538 IA Des Moines 9-8 2040-2110 occasionally up to fair level thru WTDY/others with Des Moines area interstate traffic info ment I-35,I-80, and I-235. Best ever heard. NK-IL
1670 WQFA538 IA Des Moines 9-23 1940 F and clear o/u WTDY/others with Des Moines area interstate traffic info. NK-IL
1670 WD2XXM MD Frederick 1-27 1508 F+weak //WTOP traffic, wx, time checks, ID's, ads, sports NEW! MP-OH
1670 WQDC928 OH Pepper Pike 8-6 1137 G, 2 dB, testing w/ NOAA wx R., ID's every 70 sec., 10w 7mi NEW! MP-OH
1680 WQHC968 IA Sioux City 1-8 1959 F atop KNTS and other TIS's with ID ment Sioux Falls and I-29 traffic info. This and Quad Cities are the most common IA TIS's heard on 1680. NK-IL
1700 WPTC-520 MI Sterling Heights 8/2 2058 P peaks with NOAA wx. Clear ment of Detroit Metro Airport. Confirmed via phone call. Occasionally, this comes under WRCR now that I've got both antennas in the array properly repaired and the termination null almost completely kills KBGG. NEW! NK-IL
1700 WQIZ337 synchros OH Dayton area 8/5 2210 P and occasionally audible u/WRCR pest with area traffic ment 1-75 and I-675 and Ohio ment. Ment of some website by compu-gal that I just couldn't copy. www.???.com. Thx to Tim Tromp for help with this. Had to aim beam somewhat south of east to get this. NEW! NK-IL
1700 WMPI800 WI Racine 1/3 0700 P trying to rehear WRCR. Buzzing then Racine Visitors Info (open 9-5) out of nowhere! Not heard in a long time. First logged: 1998. JJR-WI
1700 WPMI800 WI Racine 1-3 1447 WI Racine Conv & Visitors Bureau info, phone #s, etc. Thought new. relog. First hrd in '98. Ouch. JJR-WI
1710 Pirate MA 9-6 2007 VG peaks (best of season) with Croele ancr. Where exactly in MA is this and does it have a slogan? NK-WI
1710 Springfield Armory MA Springfield 4/28 2158 P peaks atop other TIS' with Springfield Armory ments and directions to get there. NEW! NK-IL
1710 WQFG689 NJ Hudson City 12/23 1729 P -solid, steady, Covid info, where to get shop, ages 5+, pub transit info. In easily for 4+ hours! JJR-WI
1710 WQFG689 NJ Jersey City 12/4 1655 Poor with Hudson County, NJ Covid information. Best I've ever heard it, but quickly lost. EB-MI
1710 WQFG689 NJ Jersey City 1/25 2130-2150. Mostly inaudible but became audible to hear a male voiced looped message repeated about 4 times. “ This is radio station WQFG689 owned and operated by Hudson County New Jersey. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and continue to work on correcting the issue. Please check back to 1710 AM soon. Thank you for your patience. “. TPK-WI
1710 WQFG689 NJ Hudson City 11/22 1925 P Covid info, Hudson County references. JJR-WI
1710 WQFG689 NJ Hudson Cty 9-6 all evening and other times F peaks usually atop Radio Celestial's SS rlg. M and W with Hudson Cty info. NEW! NK-IL
1710 KID761 PA Bedford 4/26 0000 P mixed with a TIS with weather info. Call ID's heard a couple of times. NEW! NK-IL

1710 -TIS WI Milwaukee 11-9 0700 P steady w/classical mx, IRN-USA nx(!), "AM 1710 Bay View-Milwaukee" after nx. Part 15 from Souls Harbor Baptist Church (Google AM1710 Lighthouse radio) and this is easily 5 mi away! NEW! JJR-WI