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The purpose of this page is to show that FLEA POWER stations can be heard miles away! This list contains most of the loggings of the past six months. If a power was not listed, it was not included. I cannot search everything, hi! This listing compliments our medium wave rare" listing, which lists flea powered outlets in several mid-AMerican states! These are real dx targets and they can be heard! Newest adds are listed at the top. Good luck in your dx ventures!

1260 WDKN TN Dickson 9-7 2047 Faded in (Up to Fair at some points) and out with HS Football: Dickson County Cougars vs. Brentwood. Seemed kinda loud for listed eighteen watts. EB-MI
780 WTME ME Rumford 8-26 1934 P-F noted mellow oldies type mx mixing u/WBBM phase null with C&W CFDR. ID sounded like "WCGR" and nothing listed with this format. When I tuned back a bit later I caught an "Easy 1240" slogan. A call to WTME told me that they simul WEZR 1240 in afternoons/evenings and that they were on 310 watt PSSA at the time. ME #2 and only 310 watts and one of my best domestic catches from here. NEW! NK-WI
750 WWKK MI Petoskey 1-28 2105 P in WSB null. USA nx, ads, temps for area. Calls at :06. 33w? NEW! JJR-MI 1440 WZYX TN Cowan 1-4 1800 Popped up to F w/TOH ID.66w?DH-IN
860 KNUJ MN New Ulm 12-28 1811 F-G Boys H.S. BKB ga me, St.Peter vs. New Ulm Cathedral, supposed to be 5w nites! JB-WI 1150 WLOC KY Munfordville 12-29 2004 G to non existent at times w/ local ads for Rogersville and Munfordville then jingle style ID. 61 watts. NEW! DH-IN 1500 WAKE IN Valparaiso 12-3 1641 P in WLQV-KSTP null. Calls, NOS:MYL. 25w? JJR-MI
810 WJJQ WI Tomahawk 11-27 0655 F-P Sports talk format, local ads, wx. LID into CBS nx. 13 watts. JB-WI 1500 WAKE IN Valparaiso 11-25 1730 P in KSTP null. Calls, 24hr ment, Christmas songs. More common on SRS. 25w? JJR-WI 1510 KMSD SD Milbank 11-9 1936 F then P u/WLAC with 'Oldies Radio 1510,' ads, wx, lost. 14w? NEW! EB-MI 1510 KMSD SD Milbank 10-30 1918 P -steady w/calls. ABC "Oldies Radio" feed. 14w? JJR-MI 1600 WCGO IL Chicago Heights 11-9 1949 F with Timeless Classics. 23w? EB-MI
730 WKDL VA Alexandria 10-14 2101 VP alone, w/SS:MEX mx, LID: (EE) "WKDL Alexandria VA-Washington DC" (SS) "La (?) Capital, (730?) A-M," then into more mx; listed as 25w nites. NEW! BD-WI 740 WRPQ WI Baraboo 10-8 2230 OLD AC mx., 6w?JB-WI 740 WRPQ WI Baraboo 10-27 2307 listed as 250w day / 6w BC-MI 790 WTSK AL Tuscaloosa 10-10 0335 P in the clear, w/UC gospel off the bird, ID by F: "790 WTSK the Truth" supposed to be 36w nites. BD-WI 930 WIZR NY Johnstown 10-17 2345 P with Nostalgia/AC, IDs between records. 28w? EB-MI 950 KXJK AR Forrest City 10-5 2102 F-G, dominating freq, w/OLD, ABC nx at ToH; nite pwr listed as 87 w, day pwr 5 kw. BD-WI 1080 KNDK ND Langdon 10-19 2330 and later with ID in WNWI null while looking for much needed WTIC during good eastern conditions. Listed night power is only 45w. Format is country. Never heard this late before. Also try for them Friday nights when they sometimes "cheat" with day power for HSFB. MS-MB what? hi! -ed 1150 WLOC KY Munfordville 10-11 2322 P toward south with local ads, into C&W. 61w!EB-MI 1190 KVSV KS Beloit 10-7 2056 P w/HSFB, Beloit 37 Russel 7, end 3 qtrs; lcl ads, call IDs; supposed to be 90w nites; NEW! BD-WI 1300 WWCH PA Clarion 10-24 1953 listed as 1000w day / 36w night! BC-MI 1350 WZNN NC Black Mountain 10-4 2259 F in the clear; ad or promo for catamountsports.com, LID into CNN nx, then Mike Gallagher; nite pwr listed as 56 w, day pwr 10 kw. NEW! BD-WI 1390 WKLP WV Keyser 10-28 1833 P but atop for a moment with 'Sock Hoppin Oldies, AM 1390 WKLP' into Nostalgia, lost to WNIO. 74w? NEW! EB-MI 1530 KDSN IA Denison 10-24 2136 P-F mostly under annoying WCKY w/ local ads, ac, probably //FM, 500w/13w NEW! MP-OH 1550 WIRV KY Irvine 10-11 0313 Decent catch with // of WEKY, "Tri City AM Network." Soon lost; 64w? EB-MI
610 KCSR NE Chadron 9-24 0559 P C&W, song "Drink, Swear, Steal, and Lie", legal id, ABC nx. w/ment of Hurricane Rita, 118 watts! NEW! JB-WI 730 WMNA VA Gretna 9-1 2243 Faded in and out with Classic Country, "Southside 730." 28w? NEW! EB-MI 740 WRPQ WI Baraboo 9-27 0224 F in CHWO null with show promo, into AC. Obviously cheating with day power, as it seemed kinda loud for six watts. (Also seemed loud for 250 watts, but anyway...) (UnID from a few days back SOLVED) NEW! EB-MI 740 WRPQ WI Baraboo 9-29 0050 P in CHWO null with AC mx, ID on hour, into nx. I still don't believe this is running six watts. EB-MI 1160 KHPP IA Waukon 9-13 2151 P-F ESPN Radio GameNite, ads, promos, legal id, SportsCenter, ex-KNEI formerly on 1140, 26 watts! JB-WI
580 CJML MB Winnipeg 8-6 1100 Back on the air with NOS format from August 6 to 20. They are running 99w.SA-MB 1290 KIVY TX Crockett 8-20 0400 Fadey, in local KKAR null with another station which usually is WKLJ-WI. ID into ABC News, "We're your news weather and sports station, KIVY 12-90 AM, Crockett... USA." 175w nights. MANN-NE
540 WJQI TN Clarksville 4-3 2009 G-F o/WFLF w/ contemporary Christian mx., ID, only 55w? JT-AL 900 WLSI KY Pikeville 4-27 0155 F with C&W mx, ID between records. 159w. EB-MI 900 WKDW VA Staunton 4-27 0200 WLSI started to become choppy and I heard the ID for WKDW on the hour after the record; apparently these two carry the same programming. 127w. EB-MI
740 KBOE IA Oskaloosa 2-22 0700 P Legal id, ABC nx w/Richard Davies, local ads, nx. spx. 229w. JB-WI
1530 KZNX TX Creedmore 12-3 2003 ESPN broadcast of Spurs/Piston game on now. "KWNX 1260 Taylor and KZNX Creedmore" station ID. CP for night power of 12w seems to be working really good. NEW! SC-IN 1580 KOKB OK Blackwell 12-8 1858 P in rubble, Oklahoma St. BKB open w/ments of sponsors, 40w? NEW! JB-WI
1350 WZNN NC Black Mountain 11-11 1630 Popped in with 'Super Talk 1350' and lost. 74w? NEW! EB-MI
740 KBOE IA Oskaloosa 10-25 1915 P-G Iowa state senate debate, C&W mx. "The Best Country Around" on "Hit Kickin' Country", presumably on day power of 229w JB-WI 790 KXXX KS Colby 10-21 2246 P u/CIGM. "K triple X" C&W mx. 24w? JJR-WI 1140 KNEI IA Waukon 10-7 1957 Vp in WRVA null, with ESPN stuff and ID on hour, and possibly APNN. Lost. 26 watts? EB-MI 1440 WJJL NY Niagra Falls 10-17 0511 P -alone w/local ads, calls, Oldies. 215w. JJR-WI
730 WJMT WI Merrill 9-10 2057 Barely audible with some sort of sports action from Jacobs Stadium; 127w? WI #30! NEW! EB-MI 790 WIST NC Thomasville 9-6 0100 Vp withdual ID into CBS nx. 48w! NEW! EB-MI 860 WOAY WV Oak Hill 9-17 2026 P at first, then strengthened to Good by :35. Local spot at :44 gave ID. Probably on daytime power (TS Ivan?) as it was kinda loud for 11w. EB-MI 940 KVSH NE Valentine 9-7 2132 P -very detailed wx, calls, 70s oldies. Not on bird, but live in CINW fadeout! 19w! JJR-WI 1010 WCSI IN Columbus 9-19 2155 P-F Talk pgm, id, CBS nx, o/u CFRB, unusually loud for 18w nite power! NEW! JB-WI 1010 WIOI OH New Boston 9-5 2201 P with USA Radio nx, ID, and MOYL. 22w! EB-MI 1060 KNLV NE Ord 9-19 2010 P-F OLD mx, wx, ads, snippet of Wm.Conrad from Rocky and Bullwinkle in sounder prior to song, quite possibly on newly acquired nite power of 23w! JB-WI 1350 WCMP MN Pine City 9-26 1934 P but clear w/calls, NOS:MYL. Alone. Rare! 52w! JJR-WI
800 WVHU WV Huntington 4-16 0021 ABC nx, wx, News-Talk 800, into Coast to Coast; sounded kinda loud for 185w! NEW! EB-MI 910 WLTP OH Marietta 4-5 0250 F-P in mush, with lots of fading, and carried Art Bell. ID on the hour of "The Best Talk In the Valley; WLTP Marietta/Parkersburg." Probably cheating with daytime power, as this seemed a little loud for 61 watts. Ex-WBRJ for me. EB-MI 930 WIZR NY Johnstown 4-26 2011 P in slush with Timeless Classics, "AM 930, WIZR" between records. 28w! EB-MI 1060 WMCL IL McLeansboro 4-23 2138 Faded in and out with C&W mx, IDs. I have a hard time believing this was really 2w! EB-MI 1150 WLOC KY Munfordville 4-27 2012 Vp with Oldies, mixing with WGOW. 61w! EB-MI 1510 KMSD SD Milbank 4-18 2035 P -"Goodtime Oldies 1510 KMSD" into ads, local ad, wx, calls into OLDies. WLAC gone. Rare. 14w! JJR-WI
930 WIZR NY Johnstown 3-31 1832 VP and fading in the slush; heard calls and AC mx. 28w? NEW! EB-MI 1520 WATX TN Algood 3-10 0226 P and fading with a couple of ads, ID "Praise Radio, WATX," into Christian AC. 37w! NEW! EB-MI 1570 KVTK SD Vermillion 3-9 2227 ESPN and into ID "The Missouri Valley's original sports station, ESPN Radio fifteen-seventy, The Ticket." Great signal for 71w@ 463 miles! PG-CO
730 WLIL TN Lenoir City 12-26 1708 P tho clear "WLIL" in w/2 others. OLD C&W. 214w! JJR-WI 1290 WKLJ WI Sparta 12-18 1728 P-F Rusty Humphries, ads, WRN nx 59w! JB-WI 1360 KBKB IA Ft. Madison 12-26 1740 F to fade out w/ads. Calls, stocks. 34w! JJR-WI 1410 KGRN IA Grinnell 12-29 1740 P but clear calls til fade out. SoftAC. 47w! JJR-WI
960 KROF LA Abbeville 11-22 1943 Last heard as "Stardust." "960 The Gator" with Cajun music. Thought it might be the new FL station as they have gators there also but a visit to weareradio.com confirmed it. KROF is always strong for 95w! SC-IN 1150 WLOC KY Munfordville 10-28 0415 heard call amdst all the clutter, playing plenty of oldies - running only 61w? WH-KS 1150 KRMS MO Osage Beach 10-27 1806 sports talk, heard again at :22 (running 13w?) with calls again. WH-KS 1150 KBIStTX Highland Park 10-27 1854 Heard Greek or Turkish music in the background noise. Logs show this to be the only "ethnic" station on 1150 khz. However, were they running only 6w? WH-KS 1390 WKLP WV Keyser 11-3 0321 P w/fades and fade outs. WGCI was running OC and finally dropped that! At :21 "your home of ABC news, Paul Harvey and Mountaineer Sports - AM 1390 WKLP." NOS:MYL. 74w! NEW! JJR-WI
730 WJMT WI Merrill 10-11 0625 F Polka mx, local ads, wx, 127w JB-WI 790 WTSK AL Tuscaloosa 10-18 2221 G "Sat. Night Praise Party" 36w? PD-MO 800 WDEH TN Sweetwater 10-19 0032 P & alone w/legal id between songs. No CKLW at all. 379w. NEW! JJR-WI 970 WFSR KY Harlan 10-18 2358 P -steady o/UNID NOS stn. "WFSR news" into KY nx. 24w! NEW! JJR-WI 1060 WKMQ MS Tupelo 10-19 0258 P Art Bell, TOH ID 31w? PD-MO 1270 WKZT KY Fulton 10-24 0240 G @ 20/9 w/long wx forecast, calls. C&W. 54w! JJR-WI 1280 KDKD MO Clinton 10-13 0246 P tho alone w/"Classic 12-80 KDKD-AM" and OLD mx off bird. 58w! NEW! JJR-WI 1300 WCLG WV Morgantown 10-17 1834 Fading in and out with Oldies, "Oldies 13 AM." 44w! NEW! EB-MI 1300 WMTNtTN Morristown 10-17 1814 Religion and a ment of Knoxville. 98w. NEW! EB-MI 1350 WHIP NC Mooresville 10-24 2009 VP -ads, into HS Football, lost. 70w! NEW! EB-MI 1390 WZZB IN Seymour 10-17 1803 occasionally good with high school football pregame show, mentions of Seymour and Jeffersonville, several WZZB IDs heard while peaking. 74w! TL-IN 1570 WCLE TN Cleveland 10-24 1911 P -HS Football play by play: Cleveland vs. Walker Valler "On 1570, WCLE." 79w? EB-MI
940 WINE CT Brookfield 9-16 0117 F ID//1510 WPUT, NOS 4w?! NEW! MP-OH 940 WGMY MI South Haven 9-16 0114 P-F NOS, ID, ads, wx 5w?! MP-OH 1270 KGNM MO St. Joseph 9-4 0135 P w/u WXYT w/ad, calls, jx. No usual WKBF. 36w! JJR-WI
730 KSWD AR West Memphis 8-17 0350 F with quick ident.123watts NEW! JW-WI 730 KLOE KS Goodland 8-18 0250 F QSB quick "Listner supported KLOE" and CW mx 20watts! NEW! JW-WI 730 WOHS NC Shelby 8-18 0240 F with oldies and quick ID. 168 watts NEW! JW-WI 970 WGEE WI Superior 8-17 0355 P u/WDAY with ESPN programming. New calls. NEW! SA-MB 1550 WIRV KY Irvine 8-24 2305 F -mention of Tri-Cities, ID for 1340 WEKY Richmond, 1550 WIRV Irvine, 1500 WKXO Berea. Not sure of programming. Power listed as 5 watts for this time! TL-IN
540 KNMX NM Las Vegas 11-10 2255 Absolutely blasting in at times with a variety of SS music. CNN news in EE running 3 minutes behind the hour. EE ID at :03 "5-40 AM, KNMX, Las Vegas, New Mexico, it's time for CNN Radio news." If this is 25 watts they are doing very well at 297 mi. PG-CO
740 WJIG TN Tullahoma 3-1 0328 P -local ads, calls. 11w! Last logged as WCWY. JJR-WI
790 WTSK AL Tuscaloosa 10-28 1944 P but steady with Urban Gospel; 36w, Aurora! NEW! EB-MI 860 WAMI AL Opp 10-28 1840 F -weather forecast, clear ID into political ad, on nite power of 47w? TL-IN 900 WJLG GA Savannah 10-28 1824 G -political ads, ad for Toyota of Savannah, gospel music, on nite power 152w? TL-IN 920 WPTL NC Canton 10-28 2054 Faded up for station promo, lost; WPDE847 nulled. 30w, NEW! EB-MI 920 KKLS SD Rapid City 10-28 2104 Heard calls pop out of mess, then gone; 111w, NEW! EB-MI
1030 WEBS GA Calhoun 1-5 1744 Oldies 1030, fading in and out with fair peaks. Three watts, eh? EB-MI 1030 WEBS GA Calhoun 1-9 1746-1800 weak but alone with OLD music, ID at top of hour "Your home for good times and great oldies, WEBS, Calhoun", CNN News. Obviously not 3 watts. NEW! JF-ON 1030 WEBS GA Calhoun 1-9 0319 F in WBZ null. "Oldies 1030" 3w? JJR-WI
1050 KGTO OK Tulsa 2-7 2200 P-F w/oldies. "Thanks for choosing KTGO" over nulled local WLIP. 22watts?? JW-WI
1170 KOWO MN Waseca 10-27 0443 P -calls into ads. 60w! JJR-WI
1220 WSLM IN Salem 3-11 1755 strong, heard well in WHK null with Bluegrass Gospel music, old-sounding man DJ, full detailed s/off at 0000 with s/off feature. FCC site says this has a nite power of 82w but they only mentioned 5000w. NEW! TL-IN
1300 WWCH PA Clarion 1-5 2206 Radio 13/News Talk 1300; boasting about how they can stay on all night now. 36 watts. EB-MI 1330 WAEW TN Crossville 1-5 1657 C&W Gospel, heard ment of Solid Gospel's Website before I lost it to the mess. As this is the only station listed there at 1330, I'm going to say this was it. 35 watts. NEW! EB-MI 1410 WHLN KY Harlan 1-5 1712 "The Oldies Station," heard WHLN jx at 1716. For a station that runs only 41 watts, these guys get out pretty good! EB-MI 1550 KIWA IA Sheldon 1-4 1830 F peaks when KSFT's oldies would fade down with Sheldon HS Girls BKB perhaps on higher than 11 watts night power. NK-IL
1570 KVTK SD Vermilion 12-11 1824 ESPN Radio 1570, heard ment of South Dakota in ad. 71w! EB-MI 1590 KKAY LA White Castle 12-1 1932 G/P Classic C&W mx, ID. 67w! NEW! BALL-IL
1600 WMQM TN Milan 2-2 1717 Religion; 51w! NEW! EB-MI