Random Acts of Kindness - P.S.279
Random Act of Kindness of the Month

Join us in recognizing children's acts of kindness. Let us know when

children in your class should be celebrated for going the extra distance by

being kind to one another. Too many times children's good deeds go

unnoticed. Let this be the first step in their successes!

Each month you will submit a paragraph about one student in your class who

performed a "Random act of kindness". We will post the child's act and

picture (JPEG or GIF), if you wish, to celebrate him or her. You must send

in your entry by the 25th of each month. Hopefully we will give all

children the incentive to just be nice!

Project Registration Information

Project Email Address: hstolz@aol.com

Registration Acceptance Dates: 10/12/98 to 5/25/07

Number of Classrooms: open

Age Range: 5 to 18 years

Registration Instructions:

Please register at hstolz@aol.com. Include the following:

Teacher's name

School name
email address

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