Random Act of Kindness of the Month - October 1999


Random Act of Kindness of the Month
October 1999


Jefferson Middle School
Judy A. Merashoff
Teacher grades 7 & 8
I know I was only supposed to choose one student who had shown a great kindness during the month. To celebrate 'International Kindness Day', which is 9/25/99, my two Character Education/Ethics classes worked for the last three weeks (between hurricanes) to show how kind they are in many ways. The following is a list of all the projects they completed:

1. They made posters and banners to remind other students to always be kind to others.
2. They made get well and thinking of you cards to give to the elderly at the nursing home near our school.
3. They made and put up signs (HONK if you are HAPPY and Turn Your Frown Upside Down, etc.) along the road and parking lot to our school to remind the public and parents to be kind.
4. They passed out green and gold ribbons along with a 'Hi', smile & handshake. They asked that the smile to be passed on.
5. They wrote and presented a television announcement about kindness on our Channel 1.
6. They wrote an article for our school newspaper to remind everyone to be kind.
7. They drew smiley faces on students' hands during class changes and lunch using the new GEL pens that are the rage now.
8. They talked to students that they didn't know or hadn't talked to before.
9. They smiled at and thanked their teachers.

As you can see, there was a lot of smiling and friendliness going on this week at Jefferson Middle School. We found out that KINDNESS is catching and it gives you a WARM FUZZY!

St. Joseph School
Debra Murray
Teacher grade 6

This is Jessica McCormick. She is 11 years old and in grade 6b at St. Joseph School.
Not long ago someone driving by her father's gas station, threw a cat out the window. Her father rescued it and nursed it back to health, with the help of Jessica and her sister. Later her mom agreed to allow the cat to stay with them as a pet. Jessica shared this story with us during a class visitation by a member of the SPCA.
Way to go Jessica! Thomas (the cat) is really lucky to have met you and your family. Your kindness to animals is admirable.

P.S. 279
Terry Engelbert
Teacher grade 3

It was very difficult to select just one child for this month's Random Act of Kindness Award. We just began school a few weeks ago and all the children seem to do these acts without being asked. Sharing is going on, helping is going on, and working together is going on. So I had to think long and hard.
I am giving this month's Random Act of Kindness Award to Kerry Gertner. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to her fellow students as well as to me. When she is finished with her work she is the first to ask if anyone needs help. Children go to her when they need help and she never turns them away. It is for these reasons and so many others that I nominate Kerry for this award. Way to go!!!

Donald P. Sutherland School
Helen Schwarz
Teacher grade 4

One of the wells at the fairgrounds of the Washington County Fair in upper New York State became tainted with bacteria that carried E.coli. It was reported in local papers and on the national news, that this is "the worst outbreak of E.coli in the history of The United States." Over 1000 cases are suspected or have been confirmed. After several class discussions, the students in my fourth grade class decided to make "Get Well Cards" for the children who were hospitalized at Albany Medical Center Hospital. I would like to recognize them for their kindness.

Franklin Academy
Latrisha Sampson
Teacher grade 4
My Honoree for the Month of October is Katie Gabriel.
Katie has displayed many unselfish acts this month. She has demonstrated acts of kindness by offering to tutor another student in math. Katie writes out the math problems and very patiently helps this student understand what he needs to do. She also has offered to work in groups with students who need more guidance than others.
Katie is very giving in her time and does this because she wants to help others. Her classmates all respect her and she is kind to everyone. It is very exciting to see how she inspires her peers.

Iraan Elementary
Melanie Elkins
5th Grade Teacher
Our September honoree for a random act of kindness is Jennifer Green. While outside at recess playing soccer, she noticed another girl on her team hadn't had the chance to kick the ball very much. When she had the ball to start the next play, Jennifer gave the it to the other student, giving her a chance to participate more in the game. Thanks Jennifer, for always being so thoughtful and kind to others!

Blue Clay Colony School
Shelley Giesbrecht
Teacher grade K-9
This isn't the act of my students, but rather their parents. I work on a Hutterite colony in southern Manitoba, Canada. One day, I went out to my car, to find that someone had left me a cute little pair of knot cowboy boots. They were hanging from my mirror, and I have left them there, so that the giver can see that I love them. They are even the same color as my car!

P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher grade 3
My first honoree of the year is Jamaal Davis. He has been making a big effort to become a better person. He has been doing his work conscientiously and still has time to help others. He always makes sure the classroom is clean before we go home. Jamaal is making our environment a better place for everyone!

Merton School
Nancy M Freedin
Teacher grades 4 & 5
In schools across Canada we raise money for cancer research in honor of Terry Fox. Every year we run around our school remembering a courageous man named Terry Fox. This year one of our favorite teachers passed away. She also had cancer.
On September 27, our whole school participated in the traditional Terry Fox run. It was very special to us this year since we were also honoring our very dear teacher Marie. Terry Fox was a 19 year old who had a lot of hope in people. He was an average kid like you and me, but then he started getting very bad pains in his leg. Eventually it was necessary to have his leg amputated because of the cancer. He made a plan to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. After he started his run cancer spread to his lungs and he had trouble breathing. Three months later, he passed away.
Our dear teacher Marie passed away at the beginning of this school year. She had been ill with cancer. This school missed her very much. She was a great teacher and a wonderful friend. She loved animals very much. Marie had a great sense of humor that we all remember. It had brightened up our day even if it was a rainy day. She was always there for us when we needed her.


Youngblood Intermediate School
Amy Yager
Teacher grade 5
Within the first few days of school this year, we had a student who lost his father to a heart attack. Due to this, his mother could not afford to continue to pay for the home that they were living in and they had to move. This caused the child to have to leave our school. Before he left, a few of the kids brought things in for him. They brought cards, cakes, notes, etc. All of the gifts were thoughtful, not asked for, and absolutely Random Acts of Kindness, but one gift was very special. The child who lost his father was very close to him. They did many things together including watching football, collecting football cards, playing football and doing anything else that had anything to do with football. This Random Act of Kindness, this gift, was a stack of football cards. One of the other students in the class went home, went through his own football cards and chose a few to bring in for the student who was leaving. The thoughtfulness and caring that went into this gift were truly Random Acts of Kindness. I would therefore like to turn in James L. as the "committer" of our RAOK for this month.
PS 279 - Annex
Stacey Fauci
Teacher Computer Lab
Saskia is a new student at our Early Childhood Center. One of our computers were not working, so she offered to share with another student. She also helped another child find her lunch box, which had slipped underneath one of the tables. Good work, Saskia!

Clark Middle School
Sheila Greemore
Teacher grade 6

I have a little gal who has a sight condition that barely allows her to focus properly. I feel she is very shy of others because of her condition. I noticed one of my homeroom gals taking her own time (without asking and risking being tardy to class) to help her with her combination lock. Usually, everyone just ignores this child and no one helps unless I ask them. I am so proud of Lindsey Rump. She is a very out going, considerate little gal who actually saw the need of another child. I noticed how the other child slightly beamed as Lindsey took notice of her need. Thank you Lindsey for coming to Kelly's need and showing her your friendship.

P.S. 279
Ronnie Falkowitz
Teacher grade 5

The fifth grade student in my class at P.S. 279 in Brooklyn, New York that deserves the Random Act of Kindness Award for this month is Janissia Orgill. She volunteers often and is an active participant in all class/school activities. On one particular day last week, one of her classmates was having difficulty writing/analyzing a piece of work. Janissia stopped her work to help him. She raised some thought provoking questions that helped her peer organize his thoughts so that writing could come more easily. She also proof read and edited his finished piece. Janissia certainly deserves this award this month! I am proud to have her as a student in my class.