Random Act of Kindness of the Month

February 2000


St. Joseph School
Debra Murray
Teacher grade 5

This is Nicholas Taylor. He's 12 years old and in grade 6B at St. Joseph Elementary School in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. My students took a liking to the program "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" and started designing Q and A for a class challenge. Nick went out and bought a couple of million dollar bills which were for sale at a local Canadian Tire store to be used as prizes should anyone win a million in the class contest. Even the virtual million Nick provided for us was a random act of kindness we all appreciated.


P.S. 279
Terry Engelbert
Teacher grade 3

This month I would like to nominate Dominique Harrison and Gregory Lawrence for the Random Act of Kindness Award. These two deserving children are always around to help me out at the end of the day. As soon as we need to clean up they get the brooms and get going. They don't even need to be reminded, and it isn't their job. These two outstanding children just want to HELP OUT! Believe me, I could use all the help I can get. I want to personally say thank you to these incredible helpers. Without them the classroom wouldn't be as together as it is. Way to go!!!



North Shore Hebrew Academy
Mrs. Krimko
Teacher grade 1

A- A special boy who is artistic and loves to learn
N- Nice to his friends
D- Does good deeds every day
R- Really enjoys sharing
E- Extra considerate and helpful
W- Wonderful first grader

S- Shares his enthusiasm for school with his classmates
O- Open to new challenges
L- Loves to learn
O- Offers his help with a smile
M- Makes sure his friends are happy
O- Obviously a wonderful boy
N- Needs no reminder to be respectful of his teachers


Cement Middle School
Dale Baker
Teacher grade 6-8

My honoree for "Random Act of Kindness" is Lyndsay Hargrove. She is always willing to give me a hand with jobs around the classroom. This past week I had a student who experienced a mild seizure. Lyndsay was the first to get up and help the girl to the front of the building to wait for the nurse. Way to go Lyndsay!


P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher grade 3

I'd like to nominate Raquel Smith as my honoree this month. A day doesn't go by without Raquel doing something to help out. She is always available to her classmates and teacher. She'll drop whatever she's doing to help out, and then get right back to her work without missing a beat. She is a conscientious student and a special person, who is always aware of the needs of others. We need more Raquels in this world!






Thurgood Marshall School
Linda Castro
Teacher grade 5

 Jennifer Rodriguez is a 5th grade ESL students who speaks English very well. Whenever a new non-English speaking student arrives, Jennifer can always be counted on to help them with everything. She helps them find their way around school, helps with homework and schoolwork, and always tries to make them feel "at home". She has helped to make many of our new students feel comfortable and at ease in their new environment


Conackamack Middle School
Joan Greenwald
Teacher grades 6-8
This month I would like to submit a six grade girl as my child of the month. Tamika is a sweet, bright child who enjoys learning and a friend to everyone. She continues to help any child that needs assistance. She was "caught" doing a random act of kindness this month as she helped a disabled wheelchair student by getting picking up some papers and books she had dropped. A round of applause to Tamika


P.S. 279
Mark Merino
Teacher grade 5

Carlos Thompson is a student in class 5-T2. He is nominated for the random act of kindness award by another teacher in the school. This morning the teacher was slipping and sliding on the ice, trying to get into the school building. She was having a lot of difficulty, when all of a sudden Carlos came to her rescue. He took her hand and guided her safely to the sidewalk. If it wasn't for Carlos, Miss Engelbert may have been teaching her class from the sidewalk outside. Way to go Carlos!

Paddock Elementary
Mary Mehringer
Teacher of Multiage (1-3)

Anthony Mann is a third grader in our multiage program. He is always honest, responsible, kind to others. He has written compliments to several people, noticing the good things they do and encouraging them to continue. He has a quiet manner in helping others. We are proud to have him in our class!


Ben Milam Elementary
Arica Thompson
Teacher grade 2
I would like to honor a super student of mine, Eddie. He continually helps and encourages others. He is very helpful and respectful to all of his teachers, as well as his classmates. I have never heard him say anything unkind or rude to the other students. He often will stop to pick up trash, to keep our school looking nice. He is always making sure that he and others are doing their best so that they can succeed. Most of all he is ALWAYS smiling and has the BEST attitude! He is a true superstar!