Random Act of Kindness - January
Random Act of Kindness of the Month
January 1999


Williams Elementary School
Terry Smith
Teacher Grade 5

Our Random Act of Kindness goes to Beth Watson. I had asked kids to bring in a 3.5 inch disk. Most kids in our 5th grade don't have computers at home, so not many disks came in. Ta da! Beth saves the day. She brought in a multipack of disks and promptly proceeded to give them away to whomever needed a disk. So thanks to Beth, we're all getting better at using disks to store our own email.

P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher Grade 3

As a member of the Friendship Club we recently hosted a beanie baby named Mooster. The mascot arrived with a pin on its ear from one of her former hosts. The children in the class took turns "caring" for Mooster. When it was time to give the next child a turn to take Mooster we noticed her pin was missing. Everyone felt terrible, but we couldn't find the pin. Gizem took Mooster home and when she returned it the next day she attached a similar beanie baby key chain to it. She was kind enough to give her own beanie baby to make up for the pin we lost. Indeed it was a generous random act of kindness!

P.S. 279
Winnie Bracco
Teacher grade 4

George W. is an exceptional student who is always thinking of others. He helps his classmates whenever they are in need. What is also special about George is that he is always smiling. He is not only friendly, but also sincere. Sincerity when coupled with friendliness is a dynamic combination and George possesses both qualities. We are very proud of him and hope that you are too!

Rimrock School
Connie Arnold
Teacher grade 5

Our class is honoring Ashley Bishop this month. We had a pizza party and we brought our own drinks. One student forgot theirs and Ashley anticipated this happening so she was able to give the student a drink. Three cheers for Ashley.

David Lipscomb Elementary
Sharon Nikolaus
Teacher grade 2

Sydney's kind act was brought to my attention by another teacher. One day on the way to lunch my class got in too big a hurry when they were getting their trays. The trays were scattered all over the place. Sydney waited until everyone was gone and then she straightened all the trays to get ready for the next class. Sydney did not even know the teacher was watching her do this. She just knew the trays needed to be straightened and she took the time to fix them.

Bush Elementary
Jane Johnson
Teacher grade 5

This month I would like to recognize Jesse Rice. Jesse found a ten dollar bill in our classroom. He immediately turned it in to me to find out to whom it belonged. I salute Jesse's honesty.

PS 279 - Annex
Stacey Fauci
Teacher Computer Lab

Vanessa and James of Alert 1-129 are this month's honorees for the Random Act of Kindness Award. Both children exhibit outstanding computer knowledge and are always offering to help the other children. Vanessa and James come into the computer lab every afternoon to help Mrs. Fauci save work, print out projects and shut down the computers for the day. We're proud of you!

Central Middle School
Felicia Nelson
6-8 Social Studies

My student for the month is Juilo Fernandez. The reason I chose him is because of the way he treats his peers as while as the adults in our building. Juilo goes the extra mile in helping new students. I've watched him help new students by helping them with their lockers if they are jammed, showing them their classes,running errands, and helping others with their study habits. The thing that is so special about Julio is his smile. His smile just lights up a room. His politeness, his enthusiasm for learning, positive attitude, and his willingness to help others is my reason for choosing Julio for the month of January.

Clark Middle School
Sheila Greemore
Teacher Grade 6

My 6th grade club, 'Teacher's Pet Club' chose to help with donations of articles and pennies for pets as their community service project for the month. They have decided to continue helping our local pet shelter for the remaining school year. Many children have donated their time to go out to the shelter to walk or groom the animals. One of my club members adopted a little dog whose eye had been purposefully shot out. I want to commend these children for their love and care they have undertaken for our little homeless friends. I have approximately 40+ children in this club.

Lawrence Woodmere Academy
Scott Stolzenberg
Music Teacher

Kenzo is a 5th grader. He is a very bright and dedicated music student. He recently participated in our winter concert. Kenzo is very respectful, always has great ideas, and is an asset to our music program. In March he will perform the role of Cinderella's father in our production of "Into the Woods". He's always willing to lend a helping hand to his fellow classmates.

P.S. 279
Terry Engelbert
Teacher grade 3

I am very pleased to present the Random Act of Kindness of the Month Award to two deserving students from Class 3-208. Recently, Ashley T. wasn't feeling well and Tonia went with her to the bathroom. When the two girls returned, they told me they found $1.00 in the hallway. They knew the money didn't belong to them and that some child must have misplaced or dropped it. Immediately, they went downstairs to hand it in. Hopefully, the child who lost it was able to get it back. After they handed in the money, Tonia took Ashley to the nurse. Both girls were more concerned with returning the money than with their own problem. I am so very proud of these two girls. They are the best!!

Mountain View Elementary
Susan Elkins
Teacher grade 3

I would like to honor a third grade student of mine. A.J. A.J. is a very hard worker and he is always trying to brighten everyone's day. A.J. comes from a hard working family with little money for extras.
For Christmas this year he gave me a small plastic Christmas tree. He tied a red ribbon around it the way only a third grader can tie and wrapped it in notebook paper. While his gift was one of the smallest I received, Iwill cherish it always because it came 100% from his heart.
Thank you A.J.
I Love You!