Random Act of Kindness of the Month

January 2001


Union School
Merry Barbire,
Teacher - grade 7

There is a 7th grade student in our homeroom who did a wonderful act of kindness this month. His name is Jarell S. and he was a good friend to a fellow student this past week. His classmate Rob was having a difficult time typing up his letter to the Editor. Jarell offered to type it up for him since he was a faster typist. He typed it up and helped Rob to complete his project for Library class. Now that is an Act of Kindness!!! Good going Jarell!!!!! We are happy that you are in our homeroom at Union School.


Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences
Greer Williams Stangl
Teacher - grades 7&8

  Taylor Everhart is our submission for January for several reasons. He consistently recognizes when others need assistance, whether help with homework, a kind word to brighten someone's day, or assisting a teacher. Tayor's kind spirit earns him the respect of many, teachers and students!




School No. 6
Ellen Mandel-Steiner
Teacher - ESL K-5

MK arrived from the Slovak Republic in September 2000. Since September, she has made excellent progress. Not only is she learning to read and write in the first grade, but she's a terrific classroom helper. She loves to help me with classroom projects, papers and cleanup. MK also enjoys writing in her journal, and loves the computer! MK is a wonderful role model for the other students because she always cleans up after herself. She is learning how to be a responsible citizen at a young age! I am very proud of her, and I know she will progress even further!

Edison Middle School
Shelly Kakouris
Teacher - grade 6

The Edison Middle School winner of the Random Acts of Kindness award for this month is Chris C. It has been a delight to work with Chris this year. In the days of children speaking to everyone (including adults) the way they would speak to their friends, it is refreshing to meet a student who practices common courtesy and excellent manners. Chris always says please and thank you, no matter how small the gesture. His gentle mannerisms are noticed by his peers, as well. Recently, we had a special day when parent helpers came to assist with a project we were doing. According to the student who nominated him, "Chris went out of his way to thank a parent for helping out." I commend Chris for his courage to practice courteous behavior, to adults and students alike. Thank you Chris, keep up the excellent work!




J. C. Solmonese Elementary School
Wendy Quinlan
Teacher - Technology - grades 1-3

Miss Archibald, physical education teacher, nominated Tyler in Mrs. Araujo's class for a random act of kindness on Dec. 1st. While in his Gym class, Tyler chose and stayed with Christopher who is in Ms. O'Toole's class. He patiently taught Christopher how to hold and properly use the hockey stick. The younger Christopher was very happy to have Tyler as his partner and helper in Gym.

Mrs. Francis, librarian, nominated Jason in Mrs. Allen's class for a random act of kindness. Jason had a "lucky plate" in the lunchroom which means he was able to get free ice-cream. Because he already had his .50 for ice-cream, he decided to give his money to Gregory in Ms. O'Toole's class so he could get ice-cream also.

Lacie, a Gr. 3 student in Mrs. Chargin's class, has displayed numerous acts of kindness. Lacie is always willing to share a snack when another student needs one. She is always there when someone needs a pencil, extra help, or a kind word. Lacie gives up two recesses a week to help Mrs. Francis in the library. You can always count on Lacie.

Steele School
Scott Stolzenberg
Teacher - music
  Kianna, from the Steele School in Baldwin, is in the third grade. She is a wonderful student, a high achiever, and an athlete as well. Kianna, along with her Brownie troop, recently volunteered their time to visit a retirement community to bring some holiday cheer. Kianna brought cookies that she had made at home for the elderly residents. She lead the troop in singing "Silent Night" and "Happy Holidays!". What a wonderful Yuletide treasure she is!


P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher grade 3

This month my nominee for the Random Act of Kindness goes to Rachel Leeke. While we were sewing our stockings to prepare for the holidays, Rachel was kind enough to teach many of her classmates how to do it. Without her help we would have never been ready in time for our holiday party. Rachel is always ready to help whenever the need arises. Thank you Rachel, for saving the day!