Random Act of Kindness of the Month

November 1999


Carthay Center Elementary School
Belinda Martel
Teacher grades 2-5

I take my 3 year old daughter to school, and one of my fifth graders, Sukhwinder Kaur, of her own volition, took it upon herself to see to it that she has food when she is hungry, and that the other children don't hurt her. Sukhwinder is a very sweet young lady with a very good heart. She is a pleasure to have in my class.


P.S. 279
Cindy Forkowitz
Teacher of Computer Technology

For this month I would like to nominate Diondre, a very caring young man in one of my second grade classes. During the first week of school, Diondre noticed that when his class was leaving the computer lab I moved my teacher's chair, equipped with a child's booster seat, in front of his computer station. When he asked about the chair, I explained it was for one of the students in my next class who was only 23 inches tall and couldn't reach the computer table without it. Diondre asked if I would let him be "in charge" of setting the station up for her. Well, without fail, Diondre has never forgotten to clear the area, move and set up her chair, and clean up so that when her class arrives everything will be set to go. Diondre has never even met the other child!!!
Congratulations Diondre, for constantly thinking of another person's comfort and feelings. I am proud of you!!!

North Shore Hebrew Academy
Mrs. Krimko
Teacher grade 1

Jacob has shown that he has a very kind, gentle feeling toward his fellow classmates. He is willing to share during "snack" time as well as work time. He is generous with his "cookies" as well as his "crayons." He is able to wait patiently for his turn during a class activity. He has begun his first grade experience, setting a fine example for other children.


North Shore Hebrew Academy
Mrs. Chassman
Teacher grade 1

Josh and Sol always try to make their friend Alex feel comfortable. Alex has a severe food allergy and must eat at a separate table in the lunchroom. Rather than have their friend eat alone, they do not eat at the class table, but make sure their friend has company. This also means that their lunch can't contain any foods that could cause Alex to have an allergic reaction. They teach all of us the true meaning of friendship.

North Shore Hebrew Academy
Mrs. Chassman
Teacher grade 1

Raphie is only a first grader, but is always there to help a friend. If a classmate is having trouble sounding out a new word or is unsure about directions, Raphie will always try to explain in a kind and unassuming manner. He is a true gentleman.


P.S. 279
Terry Engelbert
Teacher grade 3

Cheryl Luft is this month's nominee for the Random Act of Kindness of the Month Award. When someone in the class needed help with rounding, Cheryl was asked to help him. Not only was Cheryl glad to assist the boy in class but, she asked if it would be alright to work on some examples at home to bring in to him. Of course I said YES! The next day Cheryl brought in a lot of examples and the boy is now rounding numbers like a pro. I wish I had Cheryl in my class when I was growing up. I am so proud of you and Austin thanks you, too.


Iraan Elementary
Melanie Elkins
Teacher grade 5

Our November Random Act of Kindness Honoree is Ty Green. Ty is always ready to lend a helping hand. No matter the job, she is there to help....whether it be cleaning a desk, finding an answer, helping to look up information, etc. I can always count on her to be there for someone else. Thanks, Ty! We really appreciate all that you do to make learning a bit easier!


St. Joseph Elementary
Debra Murray
Teacher grade 6

This is Michelle Mac Mullin. Michelle is in my grade 6 class and we were waiting all week to get a chance to go to the school library to use the computers for some research. We finally made it and just as she say down, another teacher came in with a younger boy intending to use the computers too. Michelle wasted no time in saying,"You can use this one, it's all right." I know she was eager to do her research, but Michelle's random act of kindness warmed many hearts that day


Price Elementary
Beth Lastovica
Teacher of Kindergarten

My kindergarten class has many kindhearted children in it. This month I want to recognize Jackie. She has always been willing to help other children who have trouble doing their work. If someone needs a shoe tied, Jackie will even stop playing at recess to help them. She is always there when something needs to be done. I wish I could put her picture for you all to see her smiling face but our district does not allow students' pictures to be put on the internet.


Jefferson Middle School
Judy Merashoff
Teacher grade 7 & 8

 One of my eighth grade students, Lindsay Gollott, has shown random acts of kindness in many ways this month. There are some people who are born 'givers' and Lindsay is one of them. She always has a kind word for anyone who is having a bad day, even for me. She will always share her supplies with other students who have lost or forgotten their own. I have never graded students' papers with red ink. I always use an unusual color like purple, hot pink, or fluorescent orange. This year there are many new and exciting colors and styles to choose from. My favorite is a bronze metallic pen that Lindsay gave to me the first week of school. I got to return the kindness today by giving Lindsay one of my purple metallic pens, because hers ran out of ink. When I gave her the pen, she said, 'I Love You, Ms. Merashoff.' What wonderful words for a teacher to hear. That is our loving and caring Lindsay, who helps anyone that needs her help, without being asked. She gives of herself daily and it comes from her heart. Lindsay is a very special person and a great student, too. I not only want to give her this kindness award, but I want to say 'thank you' for all the kind things she has done to make mine and her peers' year special. I also want to tell her that I will miss her next year when she goes to the high school. I know when she leaves me her new teachers will be delighted to have her for a student. You are wonderful, Lindsay!


The Priory School
Mary Tkachuk
Teacher grade 5

Tiffany Lai, a Kindergarten student at the Priory School has been very helpful to her teacher and her classmates. She tidied up books without being asked and helped a classmate with his work! Keep it up, Tiffany!


Merton School
Nancy Freedin
Teacher grades 4 and 5

Once upon a time during recess at our school, a grade 4 student was all alone and didn't have a buddy to play with. She felt isolated and lonely. Shelby made a choice to leave the group of friends she was playing with to accompany this other girl. Now Evara feels special and is truly grateful for this kind attention.


P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher grade 3

Brittney Delpesche is a special young lady. Not only is she a wonderful student, but she's a wonderful person too!
One day, as we entered the room, her classmate Imade became ill. Without being asked, Brittney took it upon herself to copy the homework for Imade, in addition to copying her own. A perfect example of a random act of kindness!
Thank you Brittney!


Clark Middle School
Sheila Greemore
Teacher grade 6

Early one morning after my homeroom class left, my first period was ready for class to begin when one of my students raised her hand to inform me she had found something on the floor by her seat and wanted to turn it in. To my surprise it was a ten dollar bill! I greatly thanked her and saved it until a little girl in my homeroom reported she had lost her lunch money. Not too many people would have been that honest. Thank you Lisa for your honesty and kind act of reporting the found money!