Random Act of Kindness of the Month

June 2000


North Shore Hebrew Academy
Mrs. Chassman
Teacher grade 1

Elizabeth performed an act of chesed, kindness, by traveling many thousands of miles. She accompanied her father to Israel where they donated a soup kitchen next to the Kotel. The Kotel is the holiest place for the Jewish people and thousands come there every day to pray. In donating this soup kitchen, those less fortunate can always find a very special place of comfort and nourishment. This soup kitchen was dedicated by Elizabeth's parents, in memory of her grandmothers. Elizabeth has truly taken part in an act of kindness, which in Hebrew is called performing a Mitzvah. We are most proud of her accomplishment.


P.S. 279
Terry Engelbert
Teacher grade 3

  Tara Serrano is this month's nominee for The Random Act of Kindness Award because she is helping another classmate become a better writer. Each night these two children are reading a novel together, they discuss the story, and then respond in their journals. The next day we discuss their entries. Tara is doing this in addition to her own homework and doesn't mind it at all. She loves to read, write, and most importantly she wants to help her classmate. How unselfish! Once this was discovered by the other children in class; more and more students wanted to help out. That is why I always say Class 3-208 is THE BEST!!!!!








P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher grade 3

Sharlene Ramdhanie's act of kindness was not for any specific act, but for a year long effort of being kind. She has always had certain way of looking at things that stands for being fair. She knows what's right and wrong, and teaches her classmates, and teacher, the way things should be. She is always there to help out or give advice.
They say that "laughter is the best medicine". If this were true the whole world would be quite healthy for Sharlene has the most infectious laugh in the world. Whenever you hear it, you can't keep from smiling. This is the greatest act of kindness that anyone can give! Thank you for all the smiles!


Steele School
Scott Stolzenberg
Teacher - music

Frank A. is graduating from the Steele School. He recently was a great asset at the annual Memorial Day parade. He took on enormous responsibilities by coordinating the band music and collaborating with his teachers and band members to assure a successful presentation. Frank also served as the assistant director of our school play, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. You can always count on Frank to lend a helping hand!