Random Act of Kindness of the Month - March
Random Act of Kindness of the Month
March 1999



Keaukaha Elementary School
Kahealani Nae'ole-Wong
Teacher grade 2

We chose Kalei Chartrand this month as someone who continues to perform random acts of kindness. We chose him because he is always going out of his way to keep our class neat and clean. Kalei is always kind, even when no one is looking. We always catch him doing kind things for others. Kalei helps others carry their chairs, he lets people go before him in line, and he is always showing his affection for others with his kind words, his loving ways and his gratitude for others.
I mua! (Keep up the great work!)


P.S. 279
Terry Engelbert
Teacher grade 3

This month I would like to nominate Tracey for the Random Act of Kindness of the Month award. She is a very giving student who is always around when you need her. If there is any help needed in the classroom, Tracey is the first to volunteer. If you need a pencil, need to clean up a mess, help out another student, or even share your snack Tracey is there for you. For all these reasons I am nominating Tracey for this prestigious award. She truly deserves it.


Williams Elementary School Terry Smith
Teacher Grade 5

We usually follow a procedure of the second person in line holding the door for everyone. Sometimes that person forgets and every now and then another person steps forward, unasked, and holds the door for everyone. We have a lot fewer heads bumped by doors when people like Marshall help out.


Colfax School
Loretta R. Sullivan
Teacher kindergarten

Charvet Reaves from Colfax Kindergarten is our Random Act of Kindness Student of the Month. Charvet helped a student find her lost backpack. She took her own time to locate and return the lost item which she found on a school bus.

Rimrock School
Connie Arnold
Teacher grade 5
This month's nominee for Random Acts of Kindness is Mary Jensen. Mary has voluntarily kept the reference section of the classroom organized. She also knows the inventory of the classroom library and keeps this in order. Many times she will find a book that ties in with what we are studying and bring it to our attention. Thanks to Mary's effort the classroom looks neat and tidy.

Varna Grade School
Jan Bakewell
Teacher grade 4

I would like to nominate my entire fourth grade class because I was so proud of them. They created books of Valentine's Day poetry for residents of a nearby nursing home. They also wrote poems that were included in an anthology of poems that was placed in the nursing home lounge. In the Spring, we will be transplanting flowers from our school's heirloom garden to a garden plot on the nursing home grounds, and creating a flower garden for these residents . I think that these are wonderful acts of kindnesses.

Franklin Academy
Latrisha Sampson
Teacher grade 4

The Next Random Acts was Performed by Chris Gabrielle. Chris is a role model for my class. He works extremely hard and makes comments that are positive and encouraging to his classmates. Chris is, like most boys his age, into nature and all the things that live in nature. He has supplied our class with lizards, snakes, frogs and fish most of the year. Also, he has taken care of these creatures. I let Chris borrow a small plastic cage to catch some things. I had forgotten all about the cage until a couple of days ago. Chris brought me a new plastic cage. I asked him what this was for. He reminded me he had borrowed mine and it had a crack in it, so he bought a new one. I was so touched by him doing this. Not every child would take this responsibility. I want to thank Chris for being such a wonderful role model and for making my job a joy.

Bush Accelerated School
Heidi Ebersole
Teacher grade 3

I would like to nominate Russell Moore as my Random Acts of Kindness March honoree. Russell was playing on the playground this month when he found a dollar bill. His cousin, who was with him at the time, told him to keep the money. However, Russell turned the money in instead. Our school has a lifeskill program and the month of May is set aside to teach about honesty. I think Russell already has a head start! Great job Russell!


Sagemont School
Teresa Salafrio
Teacher grade 1

Rebecca is a first grade student at the Sagemont School in Weston, Florida. Rebecca is very deserving of this honor for many reasons. Rebecca has been very helpful with a student who is learning English. Whenever Rebecca sees that this student needs help, she goes right over and helps her. Rebecca is very aware of other student's needs and her ability to help them. Besides being a very caring person, Rebecca always uses '"Care" language. Whenever she needs something she says "please" and then follows up by saying "thank you". Rebecca is a very kind and caring person.


PS 279 - Annex
Stacey Fauci
Teacher Computer Lab

Simone from Astral 1-137 is our choice for the Random Acts of Kindness honor. When the school year began, Simone was very timid and nervous on the computer. She follows instructions beautifully and now is one of our resident experts. She helps her computer neighbors and is an absolute joy to have as a student. We love you, Simone!!!

P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher grade 3

Not only is Janelle Lambert an outstanding student, but she is a very kind and helpful one too!. She is always available to help those in need, including her teacher!.
One week I didn't have a spare moment to prepare our "Student of the Week" bulletin board. I asked Janelle if she could do it. Without hesitation she sat down at the computer and started typing the information given to her, learning how to use a new computer program in the process. Since that day Janelle has been preparing our weekly bulletin board for the entire class to enjoy.
You're truly one in a million Janelle!

Ronnie Falkowitz
Teacher grade 5
This month I decided to choose the student in my class that is least obvious for a Random Act of Kindness Award. Amany Soliman is one of the fifth graders in my class. Why you may ask is she the least obvious- because she is always doing good deeds for others, always helping others out and never makes a big deal about it. Amany changes my calendar date everyday. She was neither asked to nor does she expect any rewards for doing it. She is always there!!! Not only for me, but for her classmates as well! Amany deserves this award for doing what she does everyday because it is second nature to her! She is a hard-worker, bright, kind, considerate, helpful and always responsible! Amany thanks for sharing your kindness with me and all the people you come in contact with each and everyday! You sure are special!

David Lipscomb Elementary
Sharon Nikolaus
Teacher grade 2
Robert Lee is usually one of the first ones to my room in the mornings. When he has completed his morning tasks he takes down everyone's chairs. He seems to delight in helping others and he does it without being told to do it. Robert Lee is also very willing to hlp others on the computer when they need help. This not only helps them complete their work and move on, but it also helps me. I am proud of Robert Lee's cheerful and willing spirit as he helps those around him!

P.S. 279
Estelle Leviton
Teacher grade 4

Brittney Parris from Astral 4-309 does a great random act of kindness by escorting a mentally challenged child named Lisa-Marie to her classroom on a daily basis. She also escorts her to the bus that takes them both home at the end of the day. In addition she makes sure someone is with Lisa-Marie in the event that she is unable to be there. Brittney is displaying compassion for someone less fortunate than herself.