Random Act of Kindness of the Month - February
Random Act of Kindness of the Month
February 1999
Central Middle School
Felicia Nelson
Teacher grades 6-8 Social Studies

My student for this month is Johnathon Owens. Johnathon is very quiet and he stays to himself most of the time. The thing that impressed me the most about this young man is his honesty. A week before we took our winter break Johnathon found $13 laying on the floor in his gym class. He was the only student that spotted the money. Johnathon could have easily put that money in his pocket and never said a word. Instead, he took it to his teacher and the money was returned to the student. This is true honesty in the making. GOOD JOB!

Bush Accelerated School
Heidi Ebersole
Teacher grade 3

I would like to nominate Haley Wilfley as my student for February. Haley is a third grader at Bush Accelerated School in Fulton, Missouri. Haley always volunteers to help students find a book on our Accelerated Reader program. She doesn't feel bothered when a student asks her for assistance. She always drops what she is doing to help a fellow classmate!

P.S. 279
Winnie Bracco
Teacher grade 4
Meange A. and Melanie G. have been nominated by their classmates for this month's Random Acts of Kindness award. "Meange is always lending us pencils and whatever it is that we need during the school day", says Ayanna and George. "She is always helping me with my school work", says another.
As for Melanie G., "She is always cleaning up the lunch table so that we don't get into any trouble at lunch time", says Glenda. It is our school policy that each class clean up after themselves at lunch. Melanie unselfishly cleans up after her fellow classmates without hesitation. It is a gesture that comes from the heart.
Meange and Melanie are our winners for February!!

Colfax School
Loretta R. Sullivan
Teacher kindergarten
Jared Davis is the Random Act of Kindness Student of the Month in kindergarten at Colfax School. During the recent snow and ice storms Jared has been most helpful in assisting his classmates with their snowsuits and boots. His help is greatly appreciated.

P.S. 279
Ronnie Falkowitz
Teacher grade 5
I'm certainly a little late for January's Random Act of Kindness, but I believe one of the student's in my class deserves the Random Act of Kindness Award for this month for continually being kind to his classmates.
Khalil Saqui is a student in my fifth grade class. He is always kind, respectful and helpful to his classmates and teachers. For our holiday party, each child had to bring in something to share with the rest of the class. Khalil brought in two things. One to share with 25 of the 26 children in the class, and something sugar-free to share with one of his peers. One of the children in the class is not allowed to eat any sugar products. Khalil took this into consideration when he chose something to bring in and made sure that he brought in something that his *friend* could eat. No one else in the class has ever done that! I am very proud of Khalil for thinking of someone else's needs when it would have been just as easy to have forgotten.
Khalil Saqui, you certainly do deserve the Random Acts of Kindness Award this month, Congratulations!

Bush Elementary
Jane Johnson
Teacher grade 5

My new nominee is Myles Branch. I recently needed a strong student to buddy up as a role model with another student in my class. I selected Myles but asked him if he would be willing to change his seating arrangement and help out. His answer was "Yes" without any hesitation. Although the arrangement is still very new, the other student has told me several times that he thinks Myles will be able to help him stay focused and on task during class. My thanks to Myles for his willingness to help others.

Royal Palm Elementary
Michele Miletsky
Teacher grade 1

Last week we got a new student in our class. He was very sweet and quiet, unlike some of the other boys in class. Each and every student in my class made him feel welcome and part of our class. They shared school supplies with him and one of the girls even offered to walk him home. Thanks to all of my kind students!!

Rimrock School
Connie Arnold
Teacher grade 5
My nominee for this month is Mackay Pierce-Eiselein. Mackay has demonstrated numerous acts of kindness on the playground by asking a student that is shy to participate in recess activities. This show a kindness for those that need to be encouraged to try new things. Thanks, Mackay, your kindness has been noted.

Franklin Academy
Latrisha Sampson
Teacher grade 4

This Months new nominee is Adam McGuyrt. In my class we usually have time for students to work on writing. On this particular day the children were writing and I walked around reading and listening to stories. I noticed Adam was extremely busy. He was cutting and drawing and asking me for old worksheets. I became curious, What is he up to?? So, I inched my way across the room. I asked Adam what he was working on, He told me he was working on lessons to help his little brother, who is a first grader. I was so impressed that he was so concerned about his brother. He even had a friend helping him plan lessons.
How great to help our siblings instead of arguing with them. Keep up the fantastic job setting positive examples!

David Lipscomb Elementary
Sharon Nikolaus
Teacher grade 2

My entire class deserves the honor this month. When I picked them up from music last week, the music teacher really paid them a compliment. She said they are a class with peace. She was so proud of the way they always listen to each other's ideas and responses. She was impressed with their continual thoughtfulness toward each other. Of course this is something we work on in class, but it also shows that these attitudes are taught at home. She is right-they are a special group!

Terry Engelbert
Teacher grade 3

In accordance with Martin Luther King's beliefs, Class 3-208 is involved in an online project called The KC Challenge (Kindness Counts). The children are busy doing daily random acts of kindness. What I find so interesting is how much they are enjoying doing them and how it makes them feel while the act is being done. The smiles on the boys and girls' faces when they discuss these acts is priceless. In school, I have even noticed more and more children helping each other out without even being asked. They are being kind to each other. I am so very proud of them.
Not only are the children doing Random Acts of Kindness they are also doing Random Acts of Justice. This is where they stand up for what is right. This is more difficult to do. However, there have been times when I have spoken to a child because I felt they were doing something wrong and then someone else told me that either I was wrong or that I didn't know the entire story.
For all these reasons I am nominating my entire class for this month's Random Act of Kindness of the Month Award. I admire them and am impressed with their souls. They truly deserve this award.

P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher grade 3

Mona is the good samaritan of our class! If anyone needs help Mona is there! One day I was asking Kyle to get some paper towels to wipe up a spill on his desk. Before I finished my sentence Mona was there with the towels to help him out. She is always there to help a friend or a teacher in need!

PS 279 - Annex
Stacey Fauci
Teacher Computer Lab

Brian is this month's choice for the Random Act of Kindness Honor because he is always so helpful to his classmates. He is very knowledgeable on the computer, so is always there to lend a hand when the students need some peer tutoring. We're very proud of you, Brian!