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Random Act of Kindness of the Month

January 2005


P.S. 279
Rosalie Azzopardi
Teacher - Grade 3
        This month's award goes to Brittany Joseph because she is generous and kind to everyone. Recently, she helped a classmate with a problem. Brittany is a great role model.

P. S. 279
Barbara Borsare
Teacher - Grade 2
        Thea Thorpe is nominated for the Random Act of Kindness. She does nice things for her classmates. She shares her snacks and she lets them borrow things from her. She is always polite.

Steele School
Scott Stolzenberg
Teacher - Music

        Santa had an amazing helper this year named Danielle who is a fifth grader at Steele School. She is responsible for organizing and collecting both food and small presents for our needy families in our community. Her dedication and devotion to this school project made the holidays even more special for her family and friends. If for some reason Santa can't make it next year, just call Danielle!


 P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher - computer lab

         I would like to honor all my students for creating original postcards for the soldiers in Iraq. It was very heartening to read their messages to the soldiers. I'm sure whoever received the cards will have a little piece of home to tide them over until they are back in the U.S.A. I'm proud to say we sent close to 300 cards in time for the holidays. Way to go P.S. 279!


Claxton Elementary School
Stacey Caskey
Teacher - grade 4

        Our RAOK honoree for this month is Teresa. Teresa had to stay back from our trip and was unbelievably helpful to the substitute all week. We are all very proud of you, Teresa!


Eagle's Aerie School
Mike Hart
Teacher - Grade 6

        Our School wanted to recognize Bryce S. a 6th grader at Eagle's Aerie School in Gilbert. Bryce decided after the Thanksgiving holiday that she wanted to help the homeless. She was not asked or required in any way to do this, but she organized a spare change drive to be given to the poor or needy during Christmas time. Our class (& School) regularly discusses ways for us to become better citizens, but Bryce applied the discussions into a very good cause. Thank you Bryce for being a good citizen and having a kind heart.