January 2003

Random Act of Kindness of the Month

January 2003

Alton Elementary School
Julie Thompson
Teacher - grade 3

        Rheanna is our December nominee for displaying Random Acts of Kindness. In our classroom, Rheanna often performs deeds of kindness toward her fellow students. As her teacher, I have noticed her giving to those in need without expecting anything in return. Her kindness toward all students alike is evidence of her excellent character.



Claxton Elementary School
Stacey Caskey
Teacher - grade 2

       Our January honoree is Algeria. She is always a good friend to all and her smile lights up every day at Claxton Elementary.




Kelvin Grove School
Camilla Ingram
Teacher - grade 5

        When a student accepts less for himself in order to share with another student, that is truly a random act of kindness. Members of our class had been asked to bring in 2 bars of Ivory soap in order to make a project before the winter holiday. Ryan Miles a 5th grader at Kelvin Grove School in Lockport, Illinois, brought in three bars. Rather than make three projects or even two for himself, Ryan shared two bars with other classmates who did not bring soap. He was only able to make one project, but was happy to share with others so they could also make a project. The spirit of giving is alive in Ryan!

Southwest Accelerated Elementary
Ruth Kem
Teacher - Grade 4

        Mrs. Kem's classroom winners for this month are Keiley and Brandon. Students in our class said that they always followed the rules and do what they are supposed to do. They exhibit the Six Pillars of Character. They are good friends and helpful to others.  



P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher - computer lab

        At our school's holiday chorus show I was very touched at one child's random act of kindness. Anthwon, of 5-317, went out of his way to assist a child who is physically challenged. He helped her position her wheelchair in line with the rest of the group and then made sure that her chair had the brake on. What made the moment even more special is the fact that Anthwon is physically challenged himself. What an outstanding young man!




Narragansett Elementary School
Carol Batchelder
Teacher - Technology

        The January nominee from Narragansett Elementary School is Elizabeth Castro. Elizabeth is a 3rd grade student in Ms. Ward's class. Ms. Ward writes, " I would like to nominate Elizabeth Castro from my class. She is a delightful, polite, kind, young lady, who always lends a hand to anyone in class. She is also an avid "good deed doer" for her Brownie troop, too.


P.S. 279
Ronnie Falkowitz
Teacher - Grade 5

        Sammy is a student in my fifth grade class. During the weeks before the holiday break, the class was working on needlepoint bookmarks to give as presents. Sammy picked up this craft most easily and completed his project quickly. During the time that he was working on his project and when he was finished, he offered his time, service and expertise to help others. I'm lucky to have such an unselfish, responsible young man in my class. Keep up the good work Sammy!




P.S. 279
Ronnie Falkowitz
Teacher - Grade 5

        Kiara is a student in my fifth grade class. This month she was especially sensitive to the needs of others. One of her classmates wasn't feeling well when she arrived at school. She arrived at school a few minutes after the class and was overwhelmed the moment she entered the room. Kiara helped her unpack her books and put away her things. She made her classmate feel less burdened and wanted! Thanks Kiara for taking the time to be kind and caring to others! You are appreciated!



Steele School
Scott Stolzenberg
Teacher - Music

        Brian is a fifth grader at the Steele School. He was sensational in the concert playing the saxophone in the band and singing in the chorus. For the primary grades concert, he served as chief photographer. Not only did he take fantastic pictures of the children performing, but he also used my digital camera. His school service spirit was obvious as he crawled on the floor capturing brilliant photographs. Brian is a trustworthy gem and we'll always remember our holiday 2002 concert thanks to him!



Poplar Road School
Menlia Trammell
Teacher - grades K-5
        Poplar Road School of Sharpsburg, Georgia recognizes Lindsey R. who is a fourth grader who constantly does kind things for her classmates who need extra help or even an adult who comes to the classroom. She does these things without being asked. She has brought in school supplies to a student who never has anything. She helps students arrange materials inside their desk to be better organized. Her quote is: "Put your soft material on one side and hard materials on the other side."


Southwest Elementary
Kristin Clark
Teacher - Grade 4

Students from our class nominated Garrett and had these wonderful things to say about him.
"Garrett has always been there for me. He is funny. He uses the Pillars of Character, and always plays with me."
"He offers for me to be in his group whenever no one else lets me in their group."