Random Act of Kindness Project - December
Random Act of Kindness of the Month

December 1998

P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher Grade 3

Recently we went to our school's book fair. As I was browsing Jason stopped me and said he found something. It turned out to be a wallet. He assured me that he didn't even open it. When we opened the wallet we found identification and a lot of cash. It turned out that the wallet belonged to one of his classmates. She didn't even realize that she dropped. Jason saved the day!

Booker Middle School
Academics Plus 7/8 Team

Mrs. Childers' Homeroom

Adriana helped develop the Kindness Tree for grades 6, 7, and 8. She kept the group going by offering encouragement and enthusiasm to inspire the group to excel in their tree design.
Mrs. Puchalla Homeroom
Kelli helped another student with her science books when they were accidentally knocked to the floor.
Mr. Weger's Homeroom
Ayana showed a new student around to all of her classes when the new student arrived on our team.
 Mr. Valettuti's Homeroom
Iona helped clean up a spill by another student, got a band aide for another student when she cut herself, helped another student with her organization skills, and helped a student make friends when that student was feeling lonely.
Mr. Andrews' Homeroom
Alex cheered up a student when they were feeling sad and lent someone a pencil when theirs broke.


David Lipscomb Elementary School
Sharon Nikolaus
Teacher Grade 2
My nomination for this month is Laine. Laine is always willing and ready to cheer up someone when they are sad or hurt. She is usually the first one to lend a hand when someone needs help or just needs a friend. She truly is a friend to all.

Sagemont School
Teresa Salafrio
Teacher grade 1

Aaron is a first grade student at the Sagemont School in Weston,Florida. He was chosen to receive this honor because he is a very kind and caring boy. Aaron is always willing to share his crayons and pencils with other students who may not have any. Also, when a student comes back from the computer, he is very willing to explain what we are working on. If a student cannot find a book, he will help them look for it. Aaron is constantly doing small acts of kindness that make others feel good!

Franklin Academy
Latrisha Sampson
Teacher Grade 4
My class and a Kindergarten class are "Buddies". My students have to make lesson plans using a story book and then teach that lesson to their Buddy. Veronica had a difficult buddy. Her Buddy wouldn't talk or participate, Of course this can be frustrating. We discussed ways to handle a "Buddy" who will not participate and who may be distractible. The students came up with some great ideas. We discussed how important it is for a child's self-esteem to hear positive things and what type of things to say.
While Veronica was working with her "Buddy" I could hear the positive remarks she made and how she tried to get her "Buddy" to participate. Her voice sounded exciting and her comments were very warm. Veronica's buddy did participate more, that day.
I think it an act of kindness to see other children help others to feel good about what they are doing.

PS 279 - Annex
Stacey Fauci
Teacher Computer Lab
There are five classes in our computer lab on a daily basis. Needless to say, students leave behind books, pencils, lunch boxes, etc. Last week, one of our special education students left his lunch bag in the lab and was crying when we could not find it anywhere. Akenyele, a kindergarten student in the next class saw how upset Patrick was and put his arm around him and said, "Don't worry. I'll find it.". With that, Akenyele started his search and found the lunch bag behind one of the computer desks. Great work, Akenyele !!!!

Lawrence Woodmere Academy
Scott Stolzenberg
Music Teacher
Reggie is an outstanding chorus student! He is an asset to our music program and always full of terrific ideas! Reggie helps his classmates learn various songs and harmonies as well as musical styles and patterns. It is a pleasure to have Reggie in our high school chorus! He is certainly a talented and dedicated music student!

Clark Middle School
Sheila Greemore
I have a special child mainstreamed into one of my science classes. Josh Like willingly gives of his time and kindness helping him on computer skills and Internet skills. This mainstreamed student loves learning from the computer and Josh often asks to go ahead and assist him on his sites. I'm very proud of Josh. He treats this student with the utmost respect. They have become great friends.

P.S. 279
Terry Engelbert
Teacher grade 3

This month I decided to try something a little different. I asked the boys and girls in Class 3-208 which child they felt deserved The Random Act of Kindness of the Month award. We had many suggestions from lending a pencil, to giving up a book that someone else wanted to read, to lending an ear when someone needed it. Then Evan raised his hand and nominated Adrian.
Evan told us that Adrian is helping him organize himself. He helps me clean out my desk whenever we have time. He even cleaned out his desk and offered me space in his desk. Evan thought this was the nicest thing ever done.
When Evan told this story I was so touched by Adrian's generosity as well as his desire to help out a friend. For this reason I would like to give Adrian this award. He deserves it. I also would like Adrian to know that my desk awaits him.

P.S. 279
Winnie Bracco
Teacher Grade 4

I am nominating my entire class 4-308 as the December honorees for the prestigious award of Random Act of Kindness. I am extremely proud of my students. They always treat their peers and teachers with respect. They especially like to help one another when they don't understand something. They always work cooperatively to get the job done. Our motto is: All for one and one for all.

Broadmoor Elementary School
Vivian Brown
Technology Facilitator

Paula Dubon is a fourth grade student at Broadmoor Elementary School in Miami, Florida. She is a joy to have in the classroom. She exhibits wonderful classroom citizenship, and throws herself into the act of learning by pursuing whatever subject area it is that interests her. My particular experience with Paula has been in the area of writing. Paula loves to express herself through the written word and takes it upon herself to develop a writing piece every night. She loves to write about peace and helps others to be peaceful at school.
What it impresses me the most about Paula's self-motivation is that she is learning English as a second language. One of Paula's acts of kindness was to help a student who sits next to her with his writing skills. One day he asked Paula how to spell a word. She told him that the spelling did not matter, and to just write down his thoughts. That is what the boy did, and that is just what Paula does, always showing acts of kindness to others everyday.

Royal Palm Elementary
Michele Miletsky
Teacher Grade 1
A few weeks ago we had some rainy weather in South Florida, a tropical storm. One of the boys in class had a BRIGHT, ORANGE rain poncho. He looked silly in it but he stayed dry. Two of the other students had nothing, obviously they got soaked since we have an outdoor cafeteria. I made such a big deal out of Daniel's orange poncho and how dry he stayed that the next day he brought in two more ponchos to give to his friends "so they be dry too". How kind and thoughtful!!!!! Now I have three bright, dry students. Keep up the good work Daniel is the new saying in our class.

Ronnie Falkowitz
Teacher Grade 5
Shomar Henriques is in my 5th grade class. He is the student that deserves the Random Act of Kindness Award this month. Shomar is always sensitive to the needs of others, especially his classmates.
This month he intervened when there was a fight in the lunchroom. Shomar tried to get the "argument" under control until an adult could make their way to the conflict.
Shomar Henriques truly deserves to be recognized this month as many times his random acts of kindness are taken for granted. Keep up the good work Shomar!
Merton School
Nancy Freedin
Teacher Grade 5
Alex is a grade 5 student attending Merton School in Montreal, Canada. He has proven himself to be a very sensitive, caring individual. Alex treats his fellow students with great respect. Throughout this month, there have been many fine examples of his kind acts. Alex will seek to play with many individuals in the class and he will not be influenced by other peoples negative opinions. This gives the opportunity for many students to feel special and not left out.