Random Act of Kindness of the Month

January 2000

St. Joseph School
Debra Murray
Teacher grade 5

Dana is in grade 5 at our school and is always helping organize things. At a recent parent teacher session she operated the television and VCR so parents could watch some activities that had been taking place in her class at St. Joseph School in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. In order to do that, Dana gave up free time during which she could have been home relaxing. Dana is always smiling!


P.S. 279
Harriet Miller
Assistant Principal

I have selected 8 students who were invited to a special luncheon with me as my Random Act of Kindness honorees. These children were recognized for exercising such excellent self-control in the very challenging circumstances they face on their bus. I applaud them as achievers of high standards in cooperation and teamwork.
They will also be recognized on the school's Hero bulletin board, located in the main lobby.

Congratulations to P.S. 279's heroes - Brittney, Samantha, Ciro, Jhara, Asia, Letal, Ira, and Paul!


North Shore Hebrew Academy
Mrs. Krimko
Teacher grade 1

Joshua keeps on trying to do his best. He is interested in everyone's happiness. He is nice to his classmates, does not hurt anyone's feelings, needs no reminder to say thank you, and îs excited to help a friend. He shares his beautiful smiles with everyone around him.
Sheila knows how to be considerate and kind. She is sweet and polite to her classmates. She never would hurt someone's feelings. She does her work with pride and caring, needs no reminder to think of others, and is especially nice to her teachers. She shares her time to help a friend and is special in every way.


Ben Milam Elementary
Jennifer Opiela
Teacher grade 2

I would like to nominate Arielle, a second grader at Ben Milam. Arielle is a very kind and generous person. She is always aware of the feelings of the people around her, and is the first one to try and comfort them. She is eager to lend another student needed supplies, or to make a new student feel welcome. Her cheerfulness and bright smile are a joy to see every day in class. Great job, Arielle!


P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher grade 3

My honoree for the Random Act of Kindness is Lorenzo Brown. Lorenzo is a very conscientious and hard working student. In addition, he is a very caring young man. He is always available to help anyone in need. While we were preparing our gifts for the holidays, Lorenzo kept circling the room, helping his classmates with their difficulties. His most recent act of kindness was when we were lining up to go to lunch. He found a dollar and immediately gave it to me so I could locate the owner. Lorenzo sets an example we all should follow. Way to go Lorenzo!


Avery Trace Middle School
Cindy McCloud
Teacher 7th grade English
I would like to honor Jessica Greenway, a student in my seventh grade English class at Avery Trace Middle School in Cookeville, TN. Jessica brought a ton of food to our Christmas food drive. Jessica is also a very considerate person to all of her teachers and friends. She deserves to be put on the list.